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Ciel runs the risk of losing his demon and the life he worked so hard for, all while realizing which really matters most.

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Ciel watched quietly from his bed as Sebastian carefully folded the boy's clothes and draped them over his arm. Another chore on his endless list, it seemed; these items would be laundered and put out to dry, ready for another day's use come the next morning. While Mey-Rin washed the linens and other like objects, Sebastian refused that she wash Ciel's or his own clothes and did them himself. It was more likely that there was less room for error if the demon accomplished the task himself; linens were easy and cheaper to replace than their clothing...especially Ciel's.

[+blue "I suppose I could take a file or two,"] Ciel answered, folding his small arms over his chest. It was better than sitting in bed with nothing to do and hopefully he could cross one more task off of his list. A small frown fell across the boy's features at the mention of Lizzie, a quiet sigh sounding through the quiet room after. His fiance, though pretty, was an ever-ending source of energy and seemed to love to interfere with his work. This was also a time that he couldn't afford such interruptions as he was already a bit behind on his work.

[+blue "Maybe I'll get lucky and she'll cancel,"] he mumbled quietly, letting his small frame sink back into the pillows behind him. [+blue "I can't afford any distractions right now."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 3y 11d 4h 25m 33s
A smile appeared on the pale butler's lips as he closed his young lord's curtains "Do you wish for me to bring you your files to you until you fall asleep young lord?" Sebastian picked up the young lords clothes and placed them over his arm while he held the candle stick in the other.

He gently placed the candle stick onto the dressing table and sat on the edge of his young lord's bed "Are you looking forward to Elibath visit in a few days?" Sebastian bent down and picked up his young lords shoes and placed them on his lap as he checked if they needed to be polished for the next day.

He quickly stood up and placed them on the floor near the door then stood at his master's side "Also your hair will need a trim soon, I am sure you do not wish for everyone to see how fast your hair is growing?" Sebastian touched a few strands of his lord's hair with his gloved hand
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A sigh fell from the small chest, the exposed eye opening and looking up at the raven haired male. He knew this would come eventually as Sebastian kept a careful eye on his charge, and didn't wish for his immune system to falter and cause him to become ill. The boy could become quite unbearable in those instances, wishing to make the rest of the house share his discomfort.

[+blue "There's too much work to be done,"] Ciel protested quietly, yet relaxed a bit in the strong arms. He knew fighting and complaining would be useless, especially when Sebastian was trying to keep his health in check. He would be given a generic excuse, be dressed for bed, and that would be that.

It was something that had happened once or twice before.

Just as he expected, he was dressed and placed in the warm bed while heterochromic eyes looked up at the tall butler.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 3y 94d 4h 43m 27s
Sebastian had cleaned the mansion top to the bottom as he went around closing the curtains around the mansion, he made his way towards the study to close the curtains, he entered the room quietly not wanting to disturb his master, he walked over to the curtains and shut them quietly he saw his master with his eye shut.

"My lord are you asleep? do you wish to retire to your room?" Sebastian stood next to the young lord's side quietly he watched his young lord closely he hesitated then pulled out his master's chair and picked up his young lord and pushes back in his chair with his free hand Sebastian whispers "I am sorry my lord but I am sure you do not wish to be ill".

Sebastian proceeded to the study door he opened it slowly, he looked down at you as he carried you out of the study, and walked towards your room with you in his arms, he smirked to himself as he opened your bedroom door and placed you down on your bed.
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The exposed eye of sapphire watched as Sebastian exited after speaking a few short statements, dropping back down to the papers and folders in front of him after the door had closed. There was so much work to be done and not enough hours in the day, it seemed. Ciel wasn't sure where to start first as each paper and folder demanded his immediate attention and had to be turned in as soon as possible. Even worse, if he didn't manage to find time for a break soon, he was sure he would hear another lecture out of it. Sebastian loved to preach, it seemed, and wasted no time in "suggesting" things to his young master when, in reality, Ciel was trying to tune him out.

He knew this one would be about his health.

When the boy was stressed, he had a tendency to become ill as his immune system was down. It was never anything serious, just a cold or the like, but he became more grumpy than usual. Ciel knew it would happen, it was just a matter of time. But, he had to keep working, there was too much to do.

Ciel groaned a bit, allowing his frame to fall back against the chair and his eyes to close.
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 3y 118d 2h 28m 9s
Sebastian leaned over your shoulder and frowned a little, "My lord when will I get your attention to discuss the changes that are going to happen in the mansion?, Surely you wish to decorate?" Sebastian then stood up straight, My lord I must be on my way to deal with some business in town, are you sure you will be okay while I am gone?" Sebastian then placed a hand on your head "I shall see you when I get back, I will make sure I am back in plenty of time to prepare your dinner".

Sebastian then proceeded to the study door, he opened it slowly and quietly not wishing to disturb his young master, as he shut the door behind him, he looks at his pocket watch "I should have just enough time to clean up the mansion for the young lord" Sebastian went on to clean everyone apart from the study, as he returned to the kitchen to check on what food he could serve to his young lord he sighed.

Sebastian poured himself a cup of tea "My nightly rounds can wait for another evening, this evening I must stay here to ensure my master is safe, he reached into his trouser pocket and pulled out a scrunched up letter he read it once more then set it on fire in the kitchens fireplace, over the years this demon has seemed to grow more attached to his young lord.

Probably even if he had a pure heart things would be different for him and the young lord, but stated somewhere it the contract, it stated that nor demon or human could develop feeling for each other, due to the fact it may effect the contract, Sebastian begun to place away the dishes he made sure were sparking clean after all his young mater had standards.
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Ciel sighed quietly, looking up at his butler as he made his requests. He didn't mind the demon doing nightly runs as he himself was sleeping and had no need for him then. It was probably best that he do his errands in the dark of night in order to free himself the next morning for whatever the young master required him for.

[+blue "Very well,"] he answered, leaning back into the chair as he watched Sebastian pour the tea. It was one of his favorite blends and something he very much needed at the moment in order to keep him moving. All of this would catch up to him at some point, he just hoped he could get everything he needed accomplished finished by then.

[+blue "Unfortunately, I haven't the time,"] he responded to Sebastian's second request, running a hand through his hair before picking up the now-warm porcelain and taking a small drink. [+blue "This case demands my attention right now and I can't afford to take a break."]
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Sebastian opened the oak door slowly as he entered study he walked in slowly and shut the door behind him "My Lord how is your reading coming along, sorry about earlier I was called away on a very important matter" Sebastian bowed to his young master he walked over to his young lord's side and placed a plate of sandwiches in front of his young lord.

He proceeded to pour his master a fresh cup of earl grey, Sebastian looked around the study and saw a few books laying around, he walked around the study making sure everyone book was in It's right place, he then returned to his master side, "My lord if you do not mind after I have put you to bed, I need to go out and do errands in the city, if that is okay with the young master".

Sebastian placed his hands on the young lord's shoulders and begun to message them, "I hope you do not mind me touching you in this manner, you seem to look like you need a break from all this paperwork, would you like to rest on the leather sofa in the living room?".
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Death. It wasn't an unfamiliar concept to anyone, let alone him. Plenty of times he had locked eyes with the reaper of death only to watch him dance away with the promise they would meet again. As strange as it was, death was a comforting thought to the small earl. It was consistent and something that could be counted on. Life, well, that seemed to be the harder of the two. Living in this world was a cruel fate, one that the young man thought he had squelched earlier on in his life. That fateful day when he met the demon with those eyes of red, when he sold his very soul to him for vengeance, he imagined he had given himself a few simple years left to live. He didn't imagine he would continue to breathe three years after.

Whenever the two had talked about his future, Ciel simply scoffed at the demon butler and reminded him of their contract. That it wouldn't take long for the two of them to complete the terms and the boy's body would lie in a rosewood box, sunk into the ground next to where his parents had been years before. There would be no marriage, no one to carry on the Phantomhive name...all that would be left was a legacy.

That was alright with the young master.

The late afternoon found the master of the house in his study, the large windows open behind him to allow the fresh summer air inside. The small breezes were certainly welcome as they took some of the heat with them for a moment, causing the folders and papers on his desk to rustle briefly before settling again. A small hand reached over once the breeze had stopped blowing, pulling a folder closer to his small form while another similar hand picked up a nearby cup of tea. It seemed another case had been assigned to him from Her Majesty, the idiots of the Yard proving themselves again unworthy of solving a case. As the exposed eye of sapphire flickered over the notes and photographs, Ciel sipped at his tea until the cup was empty.

Judging by the notes that had been taken, this case would be much more difficult than the others.

[+blue "Splendid,"] Ciel groaned quietly to himself, setting the cup down with a quiet clink. [+blue "Another rough case is exactly what I don't need right now."]
  Ciel Phantomhive / SolemnYuki / 3y 198d 6h 6m 54s

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