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______ Has ruled over his kingdom for 50 years. Being only 150, he was nothing but a child when he took the throne. Now an adult, he rules with an iron fist. The humans have slowly destroyed his land without remorse.He has no choice but to go to war with the Humans, even knowing it could cause more destruction.

Alina is 110 years old, the turning age of an Elf into adulthood. Orphaned years back, _____ had taken her in to serve as an advisory to him. He could not have one of his kind roaming the woods alone like the humans allow.

Unlike the rest within the kingdom, Alina is not afraid to speak her mind to his highness, though it has gotten her into trouble at times. She dabbles in magic never really being taught. _____ takes the initiative to teach her in his spare time, leaving rumors to spread around the castle.

There relationship is a close one, however they both know their place, and both are not afraid to be stubborn with each other. How will their story play out?

Need _______. Dark Elvin King 1x1

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Alina's right hand softly clenched into a fist and was brought to her chest close to her heart. She listened to her king speak. She was moved and couldn't help but feel tears slightly forming in the corners of her eye. Shaking her head she looked down and waited for Maria to respond. She couldn't help but feel overwhelmed. The night before was wonderful, exhilarating, feeling a she never thought were possible were felt that night and she couldn't imagine how something so sweet and beautiful could cause so much harm to her.

Softly she sat down on a cushioned chair as she waited for Daeron and Maria to finish their conversation. Alina thought of what was needed to be said amongst the staff and guards who would be speaking about the woman in his majesty's chambers. Would she go along with the rumors. Pretend that he had some random woman with him? Would she act dumb or act jelouse? She didn't know. However what she did know was she needed to get put of these clothes.

Looking to Maria the young woman bit her lip. She hoped that Maria wasn't angry with her. The division they made was duel. Not one had pushed the other into doing what was done. Tentatively she spoke. [b Have I harmed my King with my actions?] Referring to Daeron as her king was more than just legality. He was hers, her King. The King she watched out for and cared for when he had no one else. He was hers and she made sure when she used his title it ment more than just a title.
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 2d 7h 1s
Maria was flustered as her eyes bounced back and forth between the two of them. She muttered words, but they weren't words... It was everything and yet nothing. She didn't know what to say, or how to say it. She shook her head as she took a deep breath covering her face with her hands before pushing them up towards her hair. [b "And here I thought you had just shown your naked body to that poor maiden, but my hell.... this is so much worse... Daeron...."] Her eyes looked upon the king as if she was his mother, [b "You know what this could cost this young woman..."] Her head shaking again. [b "You brought her in and have changed her life completely, but they could destroy it.... it could destroy her....."]


Daeron took a deep breath as he watched and listened to the woman in front of him. Silent, for he had nothing to say. He knew the consequences, they both did. Yet they were both willing take that risk. His eyes glanced towards Alina as he thought about what would happen if the word got out. She would be alone the rest of her life, like she had been before, but this time there would be no hope.
His eyes dropped to the floor before he rolled his shoulders back, fixing his posture as he lifted his head to look at his maid, who seemed to be slightly calmer about the situation. But only since she had gotten all of the words that were running through her head out.

[b "Maria,"] He spoke, just slightly louder than a whisper. He moved forward and gently grabbed her hands, placing her palms together and his hands wrapping around them both. He guided her to a chair and sat her down, taking one knee in front of her. [b "Maria, as your son and your king, I am asking you for this favor. Keep our secret, keep my Alina safe. My sweet Maria, "] He pushed his lips gently against the back of his hand. [b "I don't know what I would be without her, you of all people know."]


Maria watched the man in front of her. She wasn't his blood mother, but she had been there to help raise him and took over once his mother passed. She was taken away by the passion that flowed through his words as he asked the favor. Especially as he spoke her name, Alina. Her eyes glanced up Alina, quickly returning to Daeron.
  Seachelsita / 2d 11h 2m 50s
Alina closed her eyes and was about to make her way out when she felt herself taken by the hand. He had swiftly pulled her to him once more. A smile graced her full lips as he pressed his own onto hers. She found herself lost in his kiss. She could feel not only her own but his as well beat together against their chest. He had held her close, their bodies as close as they could possibly be without undressing. Finding herself wanting more she pulled herself up slightly on her toes before a heavy knock echoed throughout the room.

Quickly the young woman stepped back and ran her fingers over her lips to wipe away any smeared pigment from the rose petal. A familiar voice entered the room before she was able to see who it was. Maria. Alina said not a word. Both she and Daeron were being scolded like love sick teenagers. Though Daeron was many years her senior, the young Alina could still be seen as a child comparative to Maria.

[b Maria please... please I know it's known Daeron had a woman in his bed, but the identity is still unknown. I'll slip out like nothing happened. We can play it off as a.....as I don't know a drunken night with someone other than me. We just need your help bearing our secret. You know we won't be able to wed if it's known I'm no longer a virgin. ] Alina pleaded, with her coco colored eyes.
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 2d 13h 9m 30s
Daeron watched as she moved, a smiling quickly spreading on his lips as he watched the sheets drop from around her body. His eyes quickly taking in the view of her. For only moments later, her body was covered by the clothes that used to be lying on the floor. [b "You must go back to your room and change from that dress, the maid looked at it. I don't want anyone to have any thoughts whatsoever."] He stood up as he pulled on his clothes reluctantly, he wished to be able to stay as they were forever. Naked, free, together. He took a deep breath, running his hands through his hair to detangle it just a little.
He moved over towards Alina, cupping her face in his hands. [b "No one will ever hurt you, I will protect you completely, my love."] He whispered before he pressed his lips against hers. It was too hard to resist her.


[i "Daeron!" ] The voice came from right outside the door as a warning, before it was swung open by the most trusted maid in the castle. The door closing quickly and quite loudly behind her. [i "How dare you! You just about scarred that young maid for the rest of her life. I cant believe you would show."] She paused as she came to realize the other body in the room. [i "Oh?..... She didn't mention this part.... You two better not have..... You two know the consequences.... Oh holy mother of pearl...."] Maria was at a loss for words, for the worst came her mind.


Daeron had stepped back from Alina when he heard his name outside of his door. The time had arrived, at least they were dressed. But there was no telling what would happen next.
  Seachelsita / 3d 4h 7m 1s
Alina looked horrified. What was to happen if it was found out that she had laid in the bed with a king? She knew the rules, she knew them well. The best she could be at this point if it was found out would be a concubine. A woman of the night assigned to the king for his pleasures. Sitting up she covered her self with the cotton soft sheets. Running her fingers through her hair she sighed. [b I loved, every moment of our night together. I will not let rumors keep me from being with you, weather it be a brisk walk in the garden, or tangled in the sheets of your bed once more.] Softly she kissed his cheek before getting up from his bed. Dropping the sheets she blushed and cleared her throat before she picked up her clothing. Dressing quickly she, pulled out a fresh pair of clothing for him to adorn himself with. Looking in a silver plated mirror, young Alina fixed her hair and placed delicately ornate hair pins precisely in her hair. Plucking a rose petal from a near by bud, she rubbed the sides together to extract its pigment. pressing her lisp agaisnt the petal, rose colored tint graced her lips. softly she rubbed what was left over her cheeks for a flushed look. Smiling she looked over to her lover. [b See like nothing ever happened]
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 3d 9h 22m 8s
Smiling to himself as he felt her moving slightly. He waited patiently for her to speak first, for the fact that it was possible for her to fall back into a deep sleep again. Daeron had done it plenty of times. The feeling of her finger tracing his scars made him shiver a little, fore not many have seen them, let alone touch them so gently. His smile grew as she spoke the three words, he whispered in return, [b "And I love you, my dear."] Returning the kiss, he allowed their lips to dancing together for a moment before he broke the kiss by pulling back ever so slightly.

He had to tell her, at least warn her about the rumor that will soon be spreading through the castle. He didn't want to, he didn't want her to leave or hurt his chance of having her in his bed again. Though at the same time.... the thought of her getting hurt by him.... again.... was so much worse.

[b "Alina,"] He spoke softly, looking into her eyes. [b "I'm afraid someone already knows. They don't know it was you, but soon everyone will know I had a woman in my bed last night. A maid came in, I threw the covers over your head, but she saw your clothes and..."] He paused, chuckling softly at the thought, [b "And well... my whole naked body."] He took a deep breath as the serious look in his face returned. He knew it was only a matter of time before his right hand maid was in the room asking questions, like the mother to him she was. He didn't know how long they had.
  Seachelsita / 5d 9h 12m 12s
Hearing the door close Alina began to stir from her slumber. Crisp cotton sheets were pulled over the couple. Her face was hurried in his smooth strong chest. Hos arms wrapped tight around her body, pulling her close to him. His long silk like ebony hair draped over the couple. She smiled feeling at peace in her surroundings. She lay comforted by her lover, the king. The night before had been wonderful, if she could she would live that night over for entirety. Their bodies together as one brought about a feeling one could not explain in words. Their magic flowed constantly through them without effort, but physically she had never felt anything like it before. He had taught her well and she happened to slip into a deep sleep just after finishing. Her king had taken great care of her throughout the night and Alina woke to him again, keeping her safe in his protective arms. Opening her eyes she looked up at the man before her, their eyes locking into one another. A bashful smile graced her lips as she looked down. Both were still naked, tangled together in twisted sheets. She never wanted to leave. Looking at his body, her fingertips ran down raised scars. [b I love you] she whispered to herself with a soft sigh. [b No one can ever know...what we have done] she brought up her hand to his chin. Running her thumb over his fuller lower lip she leaned in and kissed him.
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 6d 7h 56m 34s
If only he could turn back time. Replay the last moment of his life over and over again. He would. Or better yet, he hoped to do it again and again with Alina. The night was wonderful, better than he had imagined. It felt so real, so true. He smiled to himself as he removed his gaze from the ceiling and looked at the woman who laid naked in his arms, snuggled in. He kissed the top of her head. [b “Oh Alina, how lucky I am to have you.] He whispered not wanting to disturb her sleep.

His gaze wandered a bit. He hadn’t been awake long, just enough to be aware of his surroundings. He looked from the window, the sun shinning brightly outside, towards his empty and dark bathroom. Towards his closest, also empty and dark. His gaze instantly looking at the door to enter his room as there was movement. [I “I swear I locked that.”] he bought to himself as he pulled the covers up to hide the body next to him. She couldnt be seen here, not like this, not till they were married. Pulling himself out from under her, hoping not to wake her. He stood up from the bed. The maid entering gasping as she saw the naked king standing beside his bed.

[b “Oh my Lord, I beg forgiveness. I will return later.”]. The maid glanced around the room, noticing the clothes on the floor before closing the door and leaning against it in the hallway, clutching her chest. Fore she had just seen the complete naked body of the king, only his closest maid had seen that fore she is the one that raised him.

Daeron sighed as he allowed his body to sink down onto the bed again. [b “That was too close.”] he muttered to himself, if they were caught by the wrong person they would never be able to get married. Having her be a commoner was already hard enough, but to have her not be a virgin. That would destroy everything. She would be looked down upon by everyone. He couldn’t trust anyone with this secret. He ran his hand through his hair, taking a deep breath. He pushed himself onto the bed more, turning his body to face her again before slipping under the covers and cuddling in with her again. Pulling her close and kissing her forehead. Pulling the covers over top of their heads.
He just wanted to disappear with her. No more rules. No more duties. Just her and him. Alone.

But Daeron knew how hat would never happen in his life. Never.
  Seachelsita / 9d 2h 46m 16s
As he took her to the bed, Alina could not help but think of what would happen between them. She knew well what was going to happen, however she knew not of how, or when she would need to move. She would leave it up to him to teach her. As she sat straddled above him, her eyes looked down into his. Her heart pounded wildly into her chest. The corset which binded her made it hard for her to breathe. Yet, his eyes and his touch made it so she didn't need to, she didn't need to think. It was just her and her king. Closing her eyes, she leaned in and kissed the soft warm lips of the man she loved. [b I love you]

Minutes to to hours, and hours lasted till late morning. The young woman lay cradled in the arm of her Lord. Her hair down and relaxed. Blankets covered the two as the sun shined through the crack of the think curtains. Clothing was tossed across the floor and the sheets were twisted around the bodies of the two lovers. They had broke an essential rule, and now it was up to Daeron to keep his lover safe.
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 9d 8h 4m 44s
Smiling as his hand lifted to meet hers, quickly wrapping his fingers around her hand and pulling her body close to his. His arms wrapping around her waist as he gently lifted her off the ground. He moved to his bed with her in his arms. He sat back onto the bed, making sure that her legs fell to the side of his, straddling his lap. [b “I love you.”] he whispered as he pushed the stray hairs away from her face and behind her ear, looking into her eyes.

There were no eyes. No distractions nor interruptions. They were alone and they were together.
  Seachelsita / 9d 12h 18m 58s
Alina stood by the doors as he frantically searched the room. The tall white doors behind them locked, only being able to be opened from the inside with a key. Excitement rushed through her body. She had an idea of what was going to happen, yet she had never experienced anything remotely close to the act they were about to partake in. As he finished checking the large suit, he body turned to hers. His eyes searching her over, studying, and retaining every curve. Goosebumps lifted from her skin as she followed where his eyes lay. Her breath was heavy, her chest rising and falling in rapid susesion. The thought of being together made blood rush to her cheeks as they flushed red. He was beautiful and he was hers. Stepping forward she reached out slowly for him to take her in his hands.
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 11d 7h 43m 2s
A soft growl echoed from his throat through the empty hallway as he forced himself to pull away from her body. Allowing her feet to find the floor again. Grabbing her hand again as he took off towards his rooms once more. He knew she was right, time was limited before someone would realize they were missing. Someone would start searching for them.

It seemed to take forever to get to his room. But the smile that formed on his face as they got there and he was able to close the doors behind him and lock them. Doing a quick search of his room, assuring that none of his staff had been locked in his room with them. He didn’t want any interruptions. Once all the possible hiding spots were found empty he turned, faced the woman he had just brought to his room. He looked her up and down, in awe of her beauty. His heart beat louder and faster as he forced his breath to be slow.
The time was now theirs.
  Daeron The Passionate / Seachelsita / 11d 11h 23m 14s
Suddenly the tension broke. The King had taken her hand in his and passed through one of the kings many secret passage ways. These hallways originally built to help the royal family separated from the castle staff. As they both ran threw the halls, he quickly stopped, turning to her again and picking her up. The sound of fabric rustling from her dress echoed through the empty halls. Their lips tangled together in a passionate dance. Her arms wrapped around his neck and cradled his head as her fingers laced within his smooth black hair. Then their was their magic. Rays of energy pushed and pulled through them, bands like a force field kept their auras entwined. She wouldn't help it. She wanted him. Bitting his bottom lip gently she held tight to his body. Memories of their first encounter filled her mind. How was it they got to this moment? Her heart pounding she quickly pulled away. [b your room...] she whispered. [b before they find out were missing] she smirked. This forbidden act filling her body with adrenaline and desire.
  Royal / LunaLucisCaelum / 13d 7h 1m 54s
The feeling of being overcome with her magic was a new sensation. It was relaxing, yet thrilling. Calming yet exciting. It was everything all at once and it was amazing. He took a deep breath as he searched her eyes as she spoke, giving him permission. Before he could say anything their lips were pressed against each other again, a smiling forming on his lips as they kissed.

It wasn't too long after that he pulled her inside, taking one of the secret hallway to get to his room. He didn't want to take the chance of being slowed down by any of the workers. He wanted her and he wanted her now. She was his and he couldn't wait any longer. Pausing within the hallway he turned back towards her, grabbing her hips and lifting her up, his lips easily finding hers. He wanted to feel her magic rush through him again. He wanted that closeness, it was a desire he couldn't hold back.
  Daeron The Passionate / Seachelsita / 15d 3h 38m 39s
The young woman closed her eyes as his lips began to wander. She could feel his magic flow through her. It went through her like a wave, pushing and pulling. Her own magic pushed through her to envelop him in a euphoria unique to the elvan race. Hearing his words, Alina's cheeks blushed red. Her heart beat rapidly within her chest. Bitting her lip as his lips traced down her neck. She thought about his proposition. Smiling she looked into his eyes [b If you wish to break a rule, break it...I won't tell] leaning in she brought his lips back to hers. She wanted to be his. She didn't want to have to hold herself back because of etiquette. She knew she wasn't of royal blood. She knew it would be easier for them to be together if she was. However, she knew her king would find a way for them to be together and have their people accept it.
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