Black Butler, anyone? // Needing Sebastian

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[h3 My rules are as follows:]

[+red ♟] No god modding

[+orange ♟] I would like at least a 700 character post. If you want to post more, please go ahead! This will be the limit, so be prepared. I don't really think it's fair when I give two or three detailed paragraphs then receive a six sentence reply. Also if the thread is created and I don't receive a response to it in 15 days , the thread will be deleted.

[+yellow ♟] Please be a lit person. When I say lit, I mean proper English, full sentences and correct grammar..long story short, I don't want to have to decipher your post.

[+green ♟] I would like a post at least once or twice a week. More than that is welcomed and encouraged. If you can't, you're leaving on a trip, your spaceship is being called back to it's mother planet, just let me know. I understand that we're all busy and have lives outside of the internet and sometimes frequent posts aren't possible. I just ask that you work it out with me instead of leaving me hanging.

[+blue ♟] I will accept more than one roleplay so don't be discouraged if you see someone had already responded!

[+navy ♟] I'll be playing Ciel, so I'll be a bit of an asshole at first. Don't take it the wrong way. Also, don't be afraid to be a bit of a jerk. Sebastian's excellent at this quality.

[+purple ♟] Violence is welcomed and encouraged, throwing in the reapers or other characters is certainly welcomed. Drama between Sebastian and Ciel is also fully accepted. Truth be told, there isn't a lot I'll say no to.

[i Plots - Vague and can be embellished on during discussion. Also, some of these I have borrowed from my previous and pending roleplays. Any other ideas are certainly welcome and can be discussed.]
+ Murders increase in London, these ones taking a rather interesting theme: children's stories. The two later discover the source of the murders has a lot more in common with Ciel than they thought: the cult.
+ Ciel takes a case and becomes injured during it, causing serious damage. Realizing how close he had become to losing his master, Sebastian realizes he's developing feelings for Ciel.
+ A demon killing other demon's contracts appears in London and notices Ciel and Sebastian.
+The truth of the demon in the Phantomhive manor has begun to leak into London, Ciel is beginning to see the repercussions..everything he had worked for is at stake. During the new hell that begins to surround his life, Ciel discovers what really matters anyway: Sebastian.
+Ciel runs the risk of losing Sebastian forever and will do whatever necessary to stop it.
+ [s Ciel becomes institutionalized for a time while Sebastian becomes his orderly in order to keep an eye on him. This will probably take a darker tone than the rest of these ideas.]

[+teal If you're interested please PM me. ^.^]


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