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Roleplay for me and liz_the_pistol

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Zoe giggled. She loved to see them sort of getting along together.

About a week had passed, and Zoe was currently home alone, waiting for Kouta to get back from a photoshoot. They were gonna go on a date right after. She was sitting on the couch when she heard what sounded like footsteps coming from outside. She got up and went to investigate, leaving her phone on the couch. She looked around the kitchen cautiously and gasped when she picked up the sent of a wolf coming from behind her. Before she could even react she was knocked unconscious and taken far outside of the city by Devan "she's mine. mine mine mine" Devan mumbled as he brought her to a cave and laid her on a bed, then laid beside her "no one will find you, my sweet sweet mate" Devan whispered and stroked her hair, Zoe still unconscious.
  Zoe Losse / liz_the_pistol / 302d 23h 29m 11s
Nodding his head, Kouta grinned a little "yeah I guess so..." feeling the pillow hit his head Kouta slumped on to his side. Grabbing a pillow, Kouta looked at Zoe with playful eyes, "oh your so going to get it now Zoe." Running at her Kouta threw the pillow at her then quickly picked it up and hit her with it a thew times. Throwing the pillow at the bed where Zoe was Kouta jolted when she dodged it and it hit Calem in the face. "Oh crap he's going to be really annoyed.." Feeling the pillow hit his face Calem took it then looked at it.

"Kouta what the hell was that for?" looking at Calem Kouta sighed "geez I'm sorry ok I threw the pillow at Zoe and she dodged it." Blinking a thew times, Calem just smiled "oh ok I see then its ok your forgiven Kouta." Blinking a thew times Kouta looked at Calem then got pushed right off the bed when Calem threw the pillow at him. "There now we are even" poking his head over the bed Kouta groaned "damn purebloods with their strength.."
  Midnight12 / 308d 17h 28m 53s
Zoe giggled at his story "sounds like something he would do" she smiles before swigging the pillow hat him, hitting him in the head. She squealed a bit and ran across the room, holding up a pillow and ready to attack "give me all you've got, Narako" she blew him a kiss before running at him, taking a few hits from him and landing a few hits on him aswell. SHe laughed happily as she dodged and swung, jumping up on the bed.
  Zoe Losse / liz_the_pistol / 308d 19h 12m 20s
Hearing Zoe say she forgave him Kouta let out a deep sigh, "thank you Zoe truly next time I see that mutt he's dead for sure." Hugging Zoe back, Kouta smiled happily at her then kissed her forehead gently, Kouta just loved being with Zoe it was like a big hole in his life had been filed up thanks to Zoe. Laying down Kouta looked into Zoe's eyes then thought for a little he wasn't very tired either. "Hmm I don't know is there something you want to do Zoe?" Tilting his head a little Kouta smiled a little then picked up a pillow and tapped Zoe on the head with it then grinned a little.

"Ha got you then didn't I, even vampires have pillow fights at times, even though the last pillow fight I had Calem ended up chocking on feathers. I don't know how, but he got so upset he lost, he dug his fangs into the pillow then ripped it apart and ended inhaling feathers."
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 316d 15h 21m 47s
Zoe sighed and nodded "Yes, I forgive you. And I give you full permission to rip his head off" she giggled softly and hugged him, kissing him softly before laying on the bed and sighing softly "so, what do you wanna do? We don't have any school today, and I don't really feel like taking a nap..." she sighed and pulled Kouta down on the bed with her, cuddling close to him and sighing happily.
  Zoe Losse / liz_the_pistol / 340d 21h 55m 51s
Hearing Zoe say she could go herself Caleb sighed then walked off "fine be like that sheesh." Walking downstairs he looked at Kouta, "What's with you?" looking at Caleb Kouta sighed "I just can't believe some mongrel kissed her it's just thrown me back a little." Rolling his eyes, Caleb shrugged "your girlfriend in the end" walking into the kitchen, Caleb got himself a drink and started to relax. Hearing the shower turn off, Kouta walked upstairs then looked over at Zoe who was on the bed.

"Zoe I'm sorry about tonight, I was just thrown back a bit "that damn mutt will pay for what he did to you especially kissing you." Clenching his fists he looked out the window at the forest. "I will rip his damn mouth off if he tries that again, I'm the only one who is allowed to kiss you." Looking back at her, Kouta sat behind Zoe then gently pulled her close to him. "Will you forgive me and my brother for saying you smelt earlier, being a vampire our noses pick up smells rather quickly and the scent of the wolves is really strong and makes us feel sick."
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 344d 20h 53m 14s
Zoe rolled her eyes as they told her that she smelled bad and groaned when Caleb pushed her upstairs "Okay okay! I can walk myself" she said and went to the bathroom, slamming the door to express that she was clearly offended "stupid boys..." she mumbled to herself as she pulled her clothes off and turned on the water in the shower, waiting for it to warm up before stepping in the shower.

Once she was finished showering, she walked out in a towel and went to her and Kouta's room. She took her towel off and pulled some clothes on, drying her hair and sighing as she laid on the bed and reading a book 'I'm not gonna talk to them until they apologize... Kouta didn't even acknowledge the fact that the wolf kissed me...' she thought and pouted, crossing her arms.
  liz_the_pistol / 345d 14h 28m 19s
Feeling Zoe touch his back, Kouta winced at the smell of the werewolf leaking from Zoe Kouta clenched his teeth together making his fangs bite into his lip. Hearing Zoe Explain, Kouta looked up at her then rubbed his bottom lip a little to get rid of the blood. Hearing Zoe gag, Kouta sighed a little then pushed himself up.

Looking at Zoe, Kouta placed his hand onto her face then looked into her eyes. "I know your telling the truth Zoe, don't panic okay...but..to..be.. honest..y..you kinda need a path you smell pretty bad of dog." Covering his nose with his free hand, Kouta smiled a little then moved away from Zoe. Walking into the house Caleb covered his nose quickly, "ughh gross what's that nasty smell?" walking over to Zoe, Caleb sniffed her then winced and put his hand over his nose. "Oh god Zoe you reek seriously go and have a shower!" Walking behind Zoe Caleb pushed her up the stairs gently this time.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 349d 16h 56m 11s
Zoe ran to his side as he punched the floor "Kouta please... calm down..." she said calmly and rubbed his back, but the scent of the werewolf forcing himself on her and kissing her still came from her body and her lips.

She noticed the smell and gagged "I almost forgot, that guy kept trying to kiss me... but please believe me Kouta I didn't kiss him back you believe me right?" she asked with alarm and looked into his eyes, tearing up a bit "I would never betray you I swear..."
  Zoe Losse / liz_the_pistol / 349d 21h 18m 3s
Hearing what Zoe said, Kouta glared at Devan with glowing red eyes. "She belong's to me you mongrel!!" Seeing him turn into his werewolf form, Kouta looked back at Zoe when she cried out she wanted to go home. Being distracted, Kouta was jumped on then started having Devan snap his jaws at his neck Kouta grabbed his mouth then squeezed it hard. Not enough to break his jaw but just enough to give him a warning.

Pulling Zoe back, Calem looked at Zoe, "don't worry Zoe Kouta will be ok he's dealt with werewolves before. Rolling around with Devan on him, Kouta had enough and threw him at a tree then grabbed Zoe and ran back to the house. Locking the door, he slid down the door then sighed heavily before punching at the stone floor harshly cracking it. "Damn stupid mutts need to learn there place round here!"
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 355d 19h 49m 16s
"Get your hands off my mate" Devan growled and walked over slowly. Zoe held Kouta close and teared up "I wanna go home Kouta... he keeps saying he's my mate and he kept trying to kiss me" she explains and Devan growls more. "Let her go!!" he growled and turned into a werewolf.

Zoe pulled on his sleeve "Kouta lets go! I don't want him to hurt you!" she cried and Devan lunged at them, pinning Kouta down and trying to attack him "KOUTA!!" she screamed and was about to jump in the help but felt Calem grab her and hold her back.
  Zoe Losse / liz_the_pistol / 355d 21h 48m 27s
Nodding his head a little Calem sighed then smiled a little. "Really you think, I hope it was not many normal wolves roam round here it's normally werewolves." Looking at the flowers Calem picked one then smiled at it then jolted when Zoe was being yanked away by a werewolf. "ZOE!!!" trying to grab her arm Calem stared with wide eyes as the werewolf took her off. Running into the house, Calem started tugging on a rope near the door ringing a large bell through the house.

Hearing the bell, Kouta grabbed his clothes then got changed and ran downstairs. "Calem what the hell is going on where's Zoe?" Coming down the stairs as well, Caleb and his father looked at Calem. Walking towards his son, Dorian placed his hand onto his head then read his thoughts. "I see we need to leave now, Zoe is in danger a lot of danger." Jolting Kouta looked at Dorian with wide eyes, "what do you mean?" looking at Kouta Dorian stared into his eyes "she's been taken by a werewolf, and if this wolf is part of that monsters pack she's dead Kouta." Grabbing his jacket, Kouta ran outside instantly, following after him Calem looked around with sharp eyes.

"The werewolf dragged her through this area the scent is still here but it's pretty weak." Coming to a stop Kouta looked up at Caleb who was looking around from the trees, "Caleb any sign of her?" Looking at Kouta, Caleb nodded "yeah dead ahead outside a cave with some guy no idea who he is but he reeks of wolf so he's most likely a werewolf." Nodding his head Kouta ran dead straight then quickly kicked to creep right of Zoe then helped her up. "You ok Zoe?" pulling her into a hug Kouta stood in front of her to protect her when her heard growling come from behind him.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 356d 17h 55m 3s
"Calem I'm fine okay? I think it was just a normal wolf" she sighs as he checked her arm and smiled as they looked at the flowers together.

Moments later, a werewolf came and grabbed her arm, pulling her off. She screamed and tried to get away "Calem help me!" she cried and soon dissapeared into the night. She was carried through miles and miles of forest until they stopped at a cave. The wolf dragged her inside then let her go, them transforming back to a human. "Who the hell are you??" she yells and gasps as she's cut off by a kiss. She freaked out and pushed him away, wiping her lips.

"I've finally found you! My mate!" he smiles and hugs her, nuzzling his cheek on hers.

"G-Get off of me you creep! I already have a mate, so I can't be yours!"

"Oh, but you are! My senses tracked you down! You have to be my mate!" he smiles.

"No, I belong to Kouta Nakaro, not some werewolf who kidnaps me!" she exclaims and he shakes his head.

"Oh, my name is Devan Wood. You're Zoe Losse, right?" He smiles and Zoe blinks, looking at him with disbelief.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 359d 16h 59m 30s
Walking around his room, Calem sighed a little he couldn't sleep for some reason. Walking over to his window, Calem looked out then spotted Zoe sitting in the flowers. Smiling a little, Calem ran out of his room then jolted when he got to the backdoor and heard a howl come out of no where. Running outside he ran over to Zoe then looked at her with worried eyes. "Zoe are you ok it didn't touch you at all did it?" Grabbing one of Zoe's arms Calem checked her skin for bite marks then sighed deeply when he found none. Letting go of her arm Calem sat in the flowers with Zoe then looked around.

"Wow the garden has bloomed out really nice tonight, I guess the full moon helped the flowers really well." Looking down at all the flowers, Calem smiled then placed his finger gently onto the petals of a blue daisy.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 362d 18h 33m 4s
Later on that night, when everyone was asleep, Zoe found herself restless. She got out of bed quietly so she wouldn't wake Kouta and snuck out the bedroom door. She walked downstairs and wandered around the house, exploring it since she had only seen a few parts of it.

She explored the basement, the library, the attic, Del's laboratory, and soon found herself wandering in the gardens. She sighed softly and sat in the flowers, loving how the moon showed their true beautiful colours. She laid on the grass and sighed happily, but soon her body jumped when she heard a howl come from nearby. It was a werewolf. She wouldn't have made it back to the house in time, so she stayed perfectly still and prayed they would go away, unaware that the werewolf was friendlier than most other werewolves.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 362d 20h 25m 5s

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