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Hearing Zoe complain about school, Del sighed a little then ruffled his hair. [i "Sadly Zoe since you got turned at a young age you will have to but not forever, sheesh I'm not that cruel."] Hearing Zoe apologize, Del walked over to her then placed his hand on her shoulder. [i "Don't worry about it, I know everyone hates school, Kouta being one am I right Kouta?"] Blinking a thew times, Kouta grumbled a little then looked away "yeah yeah sure whatever." Seeing Zoe get up, Del moved out of her way then started to talk to Kouta alone.

Looking over at Zoe, Caleb was sat in the kitchen having his drink. Hearing Zoe ask why he didn't hit her, Caleb looked back at his drink. "I don't know it doesn't matter anymore so just drop it." Finishing off his blood, he pushed himself up then walked out the kitchen. Caleb walked towards the stairs to go to his room. Quickly running into the kitchen, Calem looked at Zoe with happy eyes. "Zoe did you see my brother, father wants to talk to him now but I have no idea where he went?"
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 4d 17h 17m 22s
She pouted a little when Del mentioned them going to school [#388AFF "Is it really necessary? I mean you're gonna make us go to school for eternity?"] she asked and looked up at Del. She noticed she was being a little rude and looked down [#388AFF "S-sorry I didn't mean to be rude... I just hate that place..."] she sighed and got up and went to the kitchen to get a drink, passing Caleb as she went to the fridge.

[#388AFF "Hey Caleb, I have a question. Why didn't you slap me when you had the chance? And you protected me from Sal when he looked at me and took me away"] she explains and sits on the counter, sipping a glass of blood and looking at him.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 4d 17h 43m 30s
Feeling Zoe lace her fingers in his, he looked at her with calm eyes. "Don't worry Zoe nothing bad is going to happen." Kissing the back of Zoe's hand, Kouta looked towards the door and saw Del walk in. Looking over at the two, Del was a little surprised seeing Zoe the way she was. [i "Well...this is a bit of a surprise"] rubbing his head a little he let out a deep sigh. [i "Kouta I think you know what will happen now that Zoe is the same as you right?"] Blinking a couple of times, Kouta stood up quickly "If you think I'm going to leave Zoe then the answer is no." Blinking a couple of times, Del looked surprised at his son. [i "What are you on about Kouta, sheesh you over do it at times don't you, what I was trying to say is Zoe needs to hide what she really is from now on. I'm pretty sure walking around the school with glowing red eyes would freak anyone out so she will need to wear contact lenses that's why I came here so she could pick some what matched he old eye colour."]

Blinking a thew times, Kouta sat back down then sighed deeply, "Seriously that's the reason why you came here, you do know Zoe is still not ready to be round human beings right she's still in her awakening stage and will be for a while." Waving his hand in front of his face Del sighed, "yes I know she's not ready to go back out into the human world just yet, but I thought it would be best if she tried he best to do something more human like than sit in this castle all day and night." Looking at Zoe, Kouta smiled a little at her, "Zoe do you want to do that choose some contact lenses to hide your eyes, it might be wise to anyway since by the looks of it, we aren't getting out that easily." Smirking a little Del shook his head [i "Nope you may both be vampires but getting and education is still important."] Rubbing his head a little Kouta groaned a little he knew that speech was coming up.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 5d 17h 39m 12s
Zoe had completely forgotten about Kouta's father, and she gulped. What if he didn't approve of their relationship and made Kouta leave her? She wouldn't be able to bare it [#388AFF "Uh yeah sure I'll be down in a minute"] she says before walking to the bathroom the fix her hair and splash some water on her face. She then sighed softly before walking downstairs with a soft smile on her face.

She went to the living room and sat next to Kouta, taking his hand in hers and lacing their fingers. Her eyes were still red with thirst but she was still able to manage it for now.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 5d 19h 11m 10s
Holding Zoe as they walked back, Kouta shut his eyes when Zoe said she just lost control of her body. "I know you don't want to Zoe, but being a vampires has it's consequences, one having to take blood from humans and two losing control, but I'm here for you I will try my best to help you as much as I can." Gently kissing Zoe on the cheek he smiled at her gently.

Walking into Zoe's room, Calem looked around with big eyes, he had never seen the guest room so clean before it amazed him in a way. Hearing Zoe speak to him about the time in the basement, he looked down a little then walked over to a chair and sat down. "W..well it's kinda hard to explain...it's like a mirror in a way..you look so much like them both." Picking up a mirror from the desk, he looked at the detail on the back. "Is it weird that me and my brother see you as the people we once loved?" Looking at Zoe with big eyes he flinched a little he felt like a complete idiot asking that question. Walking into the room, Caleb looked at his brother then Zoe. "Calem father wants you and Zoe follow me that idiot of a father for Kouta is here to see you."
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 8d 10h 5m 57s
She got up and covered her nose, letting Kouta guide her back to the house [#388AFF "I don't wanna hurt anyone Kouta... but when I smelled that blood I lost all control of my body..."] she sighed and walked in the house, sitting in the kitchen.

A few hours later, Zoe was setting up her and Kouta's bedroom when she heard someone walking in. She turned and saw it was Calem. [#388AFF "Hey. You ok? I know that our conversation got interrupted earlier. Do you wanna keep talking?"] she asks with a soft smile and sits on the bed [#388AFF "you told me that I remind you and Caleb about people you loved? How so?"] she asks.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 8d 12h 28m 30s
Smiling back at Zoe, Kouta was rather happy she liked the gift. Seeing Zoe suddenly fall straight into hunting mode, Kouta flinched then went after Zoe quickly. "Damn it I thought I told everyone to keep the window's shut this isn't good." Smelling the blood himself, Kouta shook the thought out of his head of drinking any at all. Catching up to Zoe he quickly tackled her to the ground, hearing her hiss and try to push him off her, he gripped on to her wrists tightly.

"Zoe snap out of it right now, come on your better than this!" Seeing Zoe slowly come back to her senses, Kouta sighed a little then helped her sit up and wrapped his arms round her to help her calm down. "It's okay Zoe I did the same thing as well the day I was turned it's natural you will learn to control it I know you will." Pulling her close to him, he gently kissed her forehead then looked over at the hiker who had a look of concern on his face. Rubbing his head a little, Kouta just smiled a little "Uhh s..sorry about that it's just a trick we play around here that's all." Staring into the hikers eyes after Kouta wiped his memory clean and the hiker carried on walking by. Taking a deep breath he looked at Zoe, "come on lets get back just cover your nose as much as you can ok, a lot of things will overpower your senses while out here."
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 9d 15h 36m 31s
She smiled as he put the bracelet on her wrist and nodded [#388AFF "It's so beautiful... thank you"] she smiles at him, revealing her fangs. She was about to walk to the kitchen when she caught a smell. A smell of blood. Several miles away someone was hiking and had tripped, cutting themselves. Her instincts immediately took over and she bolted out the door, her fangs baring and a growl forming in her throat.

As she was approaching the person she was ran into by someone. She growled and hissed, and was about to put up a fight until she saw it was Kouta. She stopped resisting and let him pin her down, staring up at him. She then realized what was happening and panicked [#388AFF "K-Kouta I'm sorry I didn't mean too..."]
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 9d 15h 59m 46s
Looking at Zoe, Kouta smiled a little then watched as she looked into a mirror. Hearing Zoe tease Caleb a little Kouta couldn't help but chuckle a little. Hearing Zoe ask if he was bummed out about her being in the house Caleb rolled his eyes then looked away. Walking out the kitchen, he walked to his room then shut the door behind him. Feeling Zoe wrap her arms round his waist he gently wrapped his arms round her waist then kissed her cheek.

Listening to Zoe speak he smiled a little then thought for a moment. "Well the school thing is a must since Del will kinda lecture me If I don't go." Rubbing his head a little, Kouta blushed slightly, walking over to Kouta and Zoe Calem handed Kouta a box. Taking the box from Calem, Kouta opened it then took out a bracelet with a moon shaped crest on it. Taking Zoe's hand he place it on her wrist. "Since your a member of the family you get to wear the family crest, it's a must though from now on other wise you will burn in the faintest patches of sun."
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 10d 12h 32m 48s
She drank whatever Kouta gave her and sighed with relief [#388AFF "Yeah okay..."] she says and looks in the mirror, noticing how different she looked [#388AFF "wow... My hair even went to a more greyish-blue colour... I guess you're kind bummed that I gotta stay here for a while, huh Caleb?"] she giggles cutely and looks at him, then wraps her arms around Kouta's waist.

[#388AFF "I'm so happy now... I get to spend eternity with you, Kouta"] she smiles happily and kisses him softly [#388AFF "This is the best thing that could have ever happened to me. No more school, no more evil landlord, no more aging... and I get to be with you all the time"]
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 10d 12h 56m 16s
After a day passed, Kouta was helping the brothers sort out some clothing. Del had been round to drop over some clothes for Zoe since she didn't really have that much. Hearing someone call his name faintly, Kouta turned round then looked at the room Zoe was in. Hearing the faint voice as well, Calem looked at Kouta "Zoe's awake Kouta you better go and see if she's ok." Putting down the pile of clothing he was holding, Kouta saw Zoe stagger into the kitchen. Walking after her, Kouta placed his hands on her shoulders. "I'm guessing your thirsty, come on we will get you something from the store room." Walking in to the kitchen as well, Calem looked at Kouta and Zoe, "Is she okay?" looking at Calem Kouta nodded a little, "she's ok just hungry, is there anything in the store room she could have?"

Walking over to another door, Calem pushed it open then pulled a golden bottle out the room. "She can have this, it's what our father gave you Kouta when you was turned it calmed you down straight away." Taking a glass from a cupboard, Calem poured some of the dark red gloppy liquid into it then handed it to Kouta. Holding the glass to Zoe mouth, Kouta gently tipped the red liquid into her mouth. "This will help you Zoe ok, it's going to be a while until you can go back out into the world so whenever your hunger hits you drink from that bottle ok?"
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 11d 1h 57m 29s
About a day later, Zoe opened her eyes slowly and looked around. She noticed that all of her senses were enhanced. Her vision, her hearing, her smell. She heard voices in the other room and tried to speak, but when she did she felt the overwhelming thirst for blood. [#388AFF "K-Kouta..."] she croaked and slowly sat up, walking to the kitchen.

Her eyes were no longer blue. They were crimson red. Her skin was much paler and she looked weak from the lack of blood consumption [#388AFF "It hurts... I-I need it..."] she croaked and groaned.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 11d 3h 47m 26s
Seeing Zoe twitch and flail around, Kouta quickly picked her up then took her inside. Placing Zoe on to a sofa, he looked over at Calem and Caleb. "Will she be okay?" looking at Kouta Calem and Caleb both nodded. Standing up, Caleb walked over to Zoe then placed his hand on her forehead. "It's nearly finished she will be a bit dazed for a while." Removing his hand from her forehead, Caleb looked at his brother. "I'm going to tell father what has happened" Flinching a little, Kouta grabbed Caleb's arm "w..wait Caleb what will happen" pushing Kouta's arm off his, he sighed. "Nothing will happen, she will just have to stay here for a while until she's got used to being like us."

Sighing a little, Kouta looked at the floor "okay but if she's staying here I am." Sighing himself, Caleb nodded "fine but you will be on constant duty looking after her." Nodding his head Kouta walked over to Zoe then sat on the floor beside her. Walking into his father's room, Caleb explained everything to his father, then walked back to the room.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 11d 14h 25m 21s
She gasped as Kouta suddenly took her arm and drank her blood, but she wasn't scared by him. She let him feed then kissed his cheek [#388AFF "I want this Kouta"] she smiled.

When Calum came over and mixed his blood with hers, she didn't feel anything at first, the she only felt pure pain overwhelm her body and she began to screaming in agony, her body falling to the ground and twitching violently. She cried out and breathed heavily and felt someone pick her up and rush her inside. She felt herself being placed on the couch and she gripping the cushions, sweat dripping down her forehead.

She looked around the room and only saw Kouta, Calem and Caleb crowded around her. She eventually blacked out and breathed quickly, sweat still dripping from her body.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 11d 14h 40m 17s
Looking back at Zoe with shocked eyes, Kouta shook his head multiple times. "Wh..what Zoe no I can't do that to you..." Hearing Zoe explain everything, Kouta gripped the side of the pool making the tiles crack. "I just can't Zoe I really can't do that to you, I'm not going to be the one to change your life to this nightmare." Seeing Zoe's arm in front of him, Kouta could feel his thirst acting up quickly, "Zoe p..please...d..don't" looking away from her arm, he bit his lip to try and calm himself down. Hearing Zoe say more about being a burden, and that she didn't want him to go through what Caleb and Calem suffered. Kouta looked back at Zoe.

Feeling his throat frob with pain, Kouta soon ended grabbing Zoe's arm and bit into her flesh. Taking her blood, Kouta pulled away then looked at the pool. "I can't turn you into a vampire Zoe I'm not a pure blood." Hearing footsteps behind him, Kouta looked at Calem. "Kouta if Zoe want's that let her choose that path" biting his own wrist Calem took Zoe's arm then let his blood drip into the bite mark on her arm. "Zoe it will hurt a little as your body changes." Letting go of Zoe's arm, Calem looked at Kouta, "Look after her Kouta she will need you a lot more now."
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 11d 14h 55m 2s

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