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Matt jumped when Calem crushed the metal on the locker door "o-okay I'll see you later Zoe!" he exclaimed and ran off to his class. Zoe sighed and kissed Kouta's cheek "I need to get to class now Kouta" she says to him with a soft tone and kisses him gently, hugging him close.

After a moment, she pulled away and smiled "I'll see you at lunch. Let's go Calem" she took Calem's hand and lead him the their first class. They had about 26 people in the class, including them making it 28. Zoe found her usual seat at the back and gestured for Calem to sit next to her "just so you know, the teacher is insane. She doesn't know the first thing about history" she whispered to him and giggled. Matt sat in the chair infront of Calem and looked back at Zoe "hey again" he grinned and she ignored him "Matt, I already told you I'm in a relationship with Kouta, meaning my heart, soul and body belong to him. Is that clear?"
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 1d 22h 1s
Hearing Zoe ask Calem if he had a crush on her he turned bright red, "w..wh..what..n..no way...I" giving up on what he was saying, Calem just gave the book to Zoe. Seeing the way Calem acted Kouta grinned a little then poked Calem's cheek, "awwh does little Calem have a crush" feeling the poke on his cheek, Calem pushed Kouta's hand away "no I don't shut up Kouta." Looking back at Zoe when she asked them if any of them had history first, Kouta took out some paper then looked at it for a moment. "Nope I don't Calem what about you?" looking at the paper Kouta had he tilted his head a little.

"Yeah I do" hearing a voice come from behind them, Kouta and Calem both glared at the boy. "Oh sheesh not him again, he seriously needs to back off." Clenching his fists a little Kouta looked at Matt with angry eyes seeing him grab Zoe's wrist he quickly grabbed Matt's hand then stared into his eyes. "Zoe is staying here with us now please go away" letting go of Matt's wrist Kouta looked at Zoe then whispered in her ear. "You can make him go away Zoe by hypnotizing him just stare into his eyes and tell him to leave you alone." Looking at Matt, Calem couldn't stand this guy he was always lurking around trying to get Zoe to go places with him alone. Leaning against the locker's Calem easily crushed one of the doors with his hand's making the metal snap.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 2d 23m 55s
She saw them walk over and waved back at Calem. When Kouta was saying that Calem hid the book so he could see her she giggled softly "awe Calem do you have a crush on me?" she giggles and smiles when Kouta held her close.

"No, I'm fine I'm not going to bite anyone, Kouta" she kissed his cheek and sighed when the bell rang "please tell me that one of you have history first?" she groaned and hugged him. As if on que Matt ran over "Zoe! i heard you have history first?? Me too! Come on, lets walk there together!" he smiles and takes her hand. She looked over and noticed that both Kouta and Calem were giving him the death stare.

"U-uh actually Matt, I was gonna stay with Kouta and Calem a little longer..." she says and pulls her hand away from him. "Maybe another time...." this entire summer Matt still had a huge crush on her.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 2d 21h 39m 12s
Nodding his head, Dorian smiled a little "I see that's very good Zoe, it means your controlling it rather well." Grinning a little when she mentioned the room he nodded a little bit. "Yeah it was thanks to Caleb that room was found, he was playing one day and just stumbled into it." After talking to Zoe Dorian went back upstairs then went into the library.

After a couple of days, Kouta, Caleb and Calem along with Zoe was now back at school again. Sighing a little, Kouta shut his locker then looked at the one beside his. For some reason Zoe's locker had been moved to the other side of the school. Running down the hallway Calem ran over to Kouta, "hey Kouta Zoe left this book at home so I'm going to go and give it her do you want to come with me?" Looking at Calem, Kouta smirked a little "more like you hid the book so you could go and see her." Blinking a thew times, Calem grinned a little "okay okay you got me, but come on can we go it feels weird not having her around."

Rolling his eyes a little Kouta nodded, "okay we can go you do know where she is right Calem?" "Well yeah I can sense he or did you forget we could do that?" rubbing his head a little he thought for a moment, "umm well yeah I kinda forgot ok let's go Calem." Walking to the other end of the school, Calem and Kouta looked around then saw Zoe leaning against her locker. "Hey Zoe!" waving at her happily Calem ran over to her then smiled "here you left this book at home I wanted to return it to you." Walking over to her as well Kouta smiled at her gently, "more like he took it out your bag and hid it so he could come over here to see you right Calem?" "No idea what you are talking about Kouta." Rolling his eyes he sighed a little then wrapped his arms round Zoe, "So how are you doing over here Zoe these people look a little smug you could always bite them you know."
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 3d 13h 26m 1s
"Well, to be completely honest, my thirst hasn't bothered me that much at all. I barely notice it sometimes" she giggles and takes a sip from a blood bag. "But I think that room is a good idea. You'll never know when you need it" she smiles and sighs.

A couple days later, school started up again, but unfortunately Zoes locker was no where near Kouta, Caleb or Calems. It was on the opposite end of the school. She sighs softly as she found her locker and started putting her books and bag away, completely ignoring the strangers around her. She didn't feel like she belonged at all.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 4d 12h 34m 55s
Looking at Zoe then over at Caleb he sighed heavily, "oh Caleb is just being himself to be honest Zoe. Ruffling his black hair a little, Dorian sat down on the sofa, "there's no need to get yourself upset because of him, anyway I wanted to talk to you about something. Folding his arms across his chest, Dorian shut his eyes then took a deep breath, "how are you doing with controlling your blood thirst so far, I know it's difficult at the start but it's been a little over 4 weeks now and wanted to check on you."

Opening his eyes he looked at Zoe with kind eyes then took a key out of his pocket. "Whenever you feel like you are going to hurt someone come straight back here ok, this key will open a special room where you can sit and relax, Kouta has used it a couple of times himself and he will show you where it is."
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 11d 12h 8m 56s
"Goodmorning, Dorien..." she sighed and watched Caleb walk off "He always does that when I'm around... he just leaves the room. It seems like he can't stand me... what did I do?" she asks and looks at him "It's hurting my feelings and I wanna make it so that we can be friends..." she sighs and looks down, pulling her knees up to her chest. 'Why does he hate me so much? Did I do something to offend him? If I did I didn't mean too...' she thought and sighed softly.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 27d 16h 24m 6s
Rolling over in his sleep, Kouta felt Zoe kiss his cheek making him smile a little. Hearing the sound of the shower running Kouta opened his eyes a little then looked at the door, dropping his head down quickly after he nodded back to sleep he just felt exhausted. Walking around in the kitchen, Caleb was getting himself some blood, he was rather thirsty and needed to feed quickly. Finished his thirst one he pulled another one out the fridge then drank it quickly. Taking a deep breath he sighed he felt a lot better now. Walking into the living room, Caleb sat down in a chair then ruffled his messy black long hair.

Hearing movement then seeing Zoe, Caleb's mood dropped instantly, he didn't mind Zoe being around but it was just how happy and playful she was what bugged him. Being a vampire meant you act like one you fight for yourself and feed when you need to. Hearing Zoe say good morning to him, he looked over at her then nodded a little. "Morning" pushing himself up he was about to walk into the kitchen but stopped then went upstairs. Walking downstairs himself, Dorian yawned a little then looked over at Zoe. "Oh good morning Zoe how did sleep?"
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 30d 16h 37m 17s
She woke up the next morning and yawned, stretching then rubbing the tired out of her eyes. She sat up and scratched her bed head before looking down at Kouta was still fast asleep. She smiled softly and stroked his hair 'he looks so peaceful when he's asleep...' she thought and kissed his cheek "goodmoring my love..." she says to him with a soft voice before standing and walking to the bathroom. She closed the door behind her and pulled her clothes off, then got in the shower.

After her shower, she pulled some clothes on and tired her wet blue hair up in a bun. She walked out of the bathroom and saw that Kouta was still asleep, so she walked downstairs and smiled at Caleb, who was sitting in the living room. "Good morning, Caleb. Did you sleep well?" she asks and opens the fridge, pulling out a blood packet and pouring it into a cup before drinking it, the burning sensation in her throat going away.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 30d 18h 53m 18s
Hearing Zoe say something about embarrassing, Kouta turned round then looked at her confused. Feeling Zoe wrap her arms round his waist then kiss his stomach he smiled a little then looked at her a little more. "So what was with Calem earlier he went bright red when he saw you?" Hearing Zoe explain what had happened then say not to beat Calem up Kouta chuckled a little. "I won't beat him up, I'm not that mean his brother though he's the mean one he would most likely beat him up."

Crawling into the bed as well, Kouta snuggled close to Zoe, holding her tightly he still had that nasty image of Sal killing her in his mind. Feeling Zoe roll over then kiss his forehead, he smiled gently then kissed her back in return. Seeing Zoe drop of to sleep, he smiled then pushed some of her hair from her face. Even though she was just like him now a vampire she still had that innocent look of her face, the look he loved. Watching her sleep for a while, Kouta yawned a little soon then nodded off to sleep himself.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 31d 12h 35m 51s
"That was embarrassing..." she sighs and sits on the bed, looking up at Kouta. Seeing him shirtless didn't bother her anymore, in face she liked it quite a bit. She wrapped her arms around his waist and held him close, kissing him stomach "did you enjoy your shower?" she asks and looks up at him, a gentle smile on her face. He asked her what was wrong with Calem and blushed faintly "w-well... I was changing and he came in to check on me... sadly I didn't have a shirt on..." she sighs 'please don't be the jealous type and beat up poor little Calem...' she thought.

She soon crawled into bed with her back facing Kouta. She closed her eyes to fall asleep but gasped when arms wrapped around her and she was pulled close to him. She turned her head to look at him and smiles gently, kissing his forehead "Kouta, don't worry. I'm not going anywhere okay?" she whispers to him and turns, hugging him close and soon falling asleep.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 31d 13h 51s
Looking at Zoe when she asked if she could stay in his room, Kouta smiled kindly. "Of course you can Zoe" holding her tightly, Kouta took Zoe into his room then shut the door behind him. Walking into the bathroom to wash himself ready for bed, he sighed a little then looked at the mirror for a moment. Washing his hair he shut his eyes while in the shower, the only thing he had in his mind at the moment was the thought of Zoe being killed by Sal. Gripping his head tightly, Kouta shook his head then carried on cleaning himself.

Still feeling worried about Zoe, Calem placed his ear against the door, he couldn't hear anything so he knocked on the door then opened it sticking his head inside. "Umm Zoe are you ok?" Turning deep red when Calem saw her without a top on, "Whaaa I'm so sorry!!" quickly shutting the door then placing his back against the door, Calem had to take several deep breaths to calm himself down. Smacking himself in the head a couple of times he tried to get the image out of his head quickly. Sliding down the door he jumped a little when it opened again to see Kouta looking down at him with dripping wet hair and no shirt on. "Calem what are you doing you should be in bed by now." Blushing deeply when he saw Zoe again, Calem nodded then pushed himself up "I wanted to see if Zoe was ok that's all." Looking at Zoe then Calem again he sighed "well she's fine now so go back to your room before your father catches you out of bed."

Nodding his head, Calem looked at Zoe one more time then quickly ran to his room. Shutting his bedroom door, Kouta looked at Zoe for a moment then picked up another towel to dry his hair.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 31d 14h 6m 23s
"G-guys I'm fine, really. Don't worry" she smiles wearily. She was obviously shaken up by the whole Sal thing. When Kouta hugged her, and hugged back tightly and nuzzled her face in his chest "Can I stay in your room with you?... just for tonight?.." she asks quietly and looks up at him with gentle eyes.

A few minutes later Zoe was setting herself up in Kouta's room, fluffing up a pillow and letting her hair down, then began to change into her pyjamas. She heard a knock on the door and went to tell them not to come in when she turned and saw Calem poking his head in. She didn't have a shirt on "C-Calem don't look! G-Get out!" she exclaimed and quickly pulled a shirt on, blushing with embarrassment.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 36d 10h 21m 34s
Nodding his head a little Calem looked over at the stairs, "y..yeah we are I'm going to go and see if he's ok." Running up the stairs, Calem opened his brothers door then shut it behind him. Looking at Zoe when she asked him if they would ever be alone, Kouta looked at their hands then back at Zoe. "We will Zoe don't worry ok, as soon as you get control of your thirst we will."

Looking around the library, Dorian was the only one awake, he had a strange habit of sorting the books out at night he found it calming. Pulling out some old books he placed them on the table then heard a noise come from the landing. Looking out Dorian saw Zoe walk downstairs, walking out onto the landing he was a little concerned about her so followed after her quietly. Seeing Sal in the window Dorian growled a little he knew why he was there. Seeing him pounce on Zoe, he grabbed Sal by the scruff of his neck and yanked him away from Zoe. "I believe you just broke your own rule Sal, attacking a member of my family is out of the question." Looking at Zoe, Sal held his hand out to her, "Zoe are you ok he didn't hurt you did he?" keeping a tight grip on Sal Dorian opened the front door then threw him outside. "Your not much of a leader Sal if you attack a young girl who chose to become a vampire, if your father was still alive I would be having serious words with him." Shutting the door, Dorian looked over at Zoe again then looked at Kouta who had came running down the stairs.

"D...Dorian what happened?" looking at Zoe with fear in his eyes, Kouta wrapped his arms round her tightly then looked in her eyes. "She's okay Kouta maybe you two should stay together from now on, I need to have a word with that stupid Sal." Walking Zoe back up the stairs, Calem came out his room then ran over to Zoe and Kouta "Kouta what happened?" Looking at Calem Kouta shook his head "Sal came to try and kill Zoe" blinking a thew times, Calem hugged Zoe gently then quickly went to wake up Caleb.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 45d 15h 38m 9s
[#388AFF "Wait what?... you're gonna be attending the same school... as us?..."] she sighed softly [#388AFF "Kouta, are we ever gonna get to be alone anymore?"] she asks and looks up at him, taking his hand in hers and lacing their fingers.

That night, Zoe was restless. She couldn't fall asleep. She was in a new house, with her own room and her own bed. She was so used to having Kouta next to her that she had forgotten what it felt like. She sighed and sat up, quietly walking downstairs to get some blood. When she got to the kitchen, she was shocked to see a figure in the window [#388AFF "W-who's there??"] she asks and looks at them with caution.

Sal turned around to face her, but the only part of his body she could make out was his glowing orange eyes. "Hello Zoe. It's nice to see you again" he sneers and turns into his wolf form, then suddenly pouncing on her and going for her neck. Zoe screamed like bloody murder as she tried to fend him off of her.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 49d 11h 22m 5s

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