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Looking down at Zoe with warm eyes, he just smiled a little then held her tightly. "I'm happy at least some part of me is still human" feeling his chest warm up, Kouta jumped a little when he felt a beat in his chest. "That was weird my heart felt like it beated just a moment ago," hearing Zoe say she thought she found love too, Kouta blushed deeply then smiled at her gently. Running his hand through Zoe's hair, Kouta lifted some of it to his nose, taking in her scent Kouta shut his eyes. To him she smelt so sweet and full of life, feeling his face be cupped in Zoe's hand, Kouta smiled at her again then tilted his head a little when Zoe flinched a little.

Hearing Zoe say Caleb bit her, Kouta widened his eyes a little then gently moved Zoe's hand away from her neck he had a closer look at the bite. Thankfully it wasn't deep but it would take a couple of days to heal, "don't worry Zoe, it will be ok you won't become a vampire or anything it's just his way or warning me." Sighing deeply he dropped his head down, "I'm so sorry I dragged you into this Zoe."
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 3h 56m 31s
She started to calm down as he sat next to her and held her close, wrapping a blanket around the two of them. She listened to him as he said he found love and when he kissed her cheek she blushed, holding him close [#388AFF "No Kouta... That's not weird. It's means you still have a little human left in you"] she says softly and smiles up at him [#388AFF "I think I've found love too..."] she says to him in a gentle and more calm tone as she looked into his eyes.

She stroked his hair gently and stayed mesmerized by his eyes, running her hand down and cupping his cheek [#388AFF 'I knew it... I'm in love with this man...'] she thought as she felt a little stinging feeling on her neck. She had forgotten that Caleb had bit her [#388AFF "Oh... I forgot that he bit me..."] she and holds her hand up to her neck.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 4h 16m 26s
Seeing how terrified Zoe was, Kouta sat next to her then pulled her close to him. "It's ok calm down please Zoe, nothing will happen to you I promise I'm so sorry I pulled you in more danger." Feeling Zoe grab his leg then hold onto it for life, he blinked a thew times then shook his head at her when she said he shouldn't join Caleb again. "Zoe I wouldn't do that, he's nothing but a murderer he needs to learn how to accept no for an answer..you won't ever lose me I promise you ok, I will always be here for you no matter what..in a way....I..I.." not finding his words Kouta just pulled Zoe close to him again then gently stoked her hair.

"I'm so sorry Zoe I really am, what I said earlier was just wrong, I shouldn't of said that I'm so sorry." Pulling a blanket off the sofa near them, he wrapped it round Zoe and himself, lifting her head up gently he wiped the tears from her eyes. Gently moving closer to her, he kissed her cheek gently then held her close to himself. "I...think..I have found love Zoe, is it weird hearing that from someone without a heartbeat?"
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 4h 28m 59s
Zoe breathed heavily as she sat on a corner, and whole body trembling with fear. She pulled her knees up to her chest and cried, looking around the room with paranoid eyes. It was obvious now that she had been drugged. [#388AFF "T-the walls... the walls are closing in! N-No someone please help me!"] she started screaming and panicking more, gripping her hair and closing her eyes.

[#388AFF "K-Kouta please don't join Caleb! I-I can't be alone again, a-and he'll just make you bad a-and then you'll want to kill me"] she looked up at him as she cried more and hugged his leg, clearly now going insane. [#388AFF "You're a good person! You're kind and loving a-and you have a life for you! I can't lose you!"] she struggled the breath as she cried and her body trembled more as she held onto his leg for what seemed like dear life.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 4h 53m 36s
Feeling Zoe grab his shirt, Kouta looked down at her with worried eyes. Placing his hands onto her's, he shook his head "Zoe..it's going to be ok just calm down ok.." Seeing Caleb eye Zoe up then fold his arms, Kouta flinched a little then looked back at Zoe who had backed away from him. Reaching out to Zoe, Kouta flinched when she started saying stay away from her and she didn't want them to kill her. Feeling his eyes grow wide with horror, Kouta was about to take a step towards Zoe, but was grabbed by Caleb in a blink of an eye.

[i "My my Kouta you have grown soft over these years, what happened to the blood thirsty side that took human life in seconds?"] Feeling Caleb grab hold of him, Kouta flinched then grabbed Caleb's arm. "That wasn't what I did you did that, I tried to fight this stupid curse you put on me." Smiling nastily, Caleb grabbed Kouta's throat then held him up. [i "Oh come now Kouta you enjoyed taking the blood from humans, just admit it already and come back with me."] Kicking Caleb in the chest, Kouta managed to get out of his grasp. "There is no way I'm going back with you ever I found something here and I'm not going to lose it." Grabbing Zoe's hand, Kouta ran back to the boat quickly pushing the door open he locked the door behind him.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 5h 3m 31s
Zoe was half conscious when Kouta pulled her away from Caleb. She felt something warm run down her neck and realized it was her blood. She started panicking as Kouta yelled at Caleb and she gripped him shirt, breathing heavily [#388AFF "K-Kouta! T-there was this woman, a-and she pulled me here but them she dissapeared, then before I could leave h-he was there and I-I can't remember anything after that...."] she stammered as her body trembled from the cold.

She looked at Caleb with terror in her eyes, then remembered that Kouta didn't want to be close to her. She stared at the ground in shock [#388AFF 'Is... Is Kouta going to join Caleb again? Did he only use me and make me feel this way so he could lure me here?... No... He wouldn't...'] she looke dat both of the vampires with fear as she slowly backed away from them [#388AFF "S-Stay away from me.... I-I don't wanna die yet... d-don't kill me..."] tears streamed down her cheeks, but in her head all she ws thinking was why she was saying these things to Kouta. Her mouth was saying things that her brain was not thinking.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 5h 25m 53s
Looking back at where Zoe should be, Kouta looked around with worried eyes. "Zoe where are you?" pushing himself up, Kouta looked around then ran towards the forest. Pushing back branches of tree's, Kouta looked around with scared eyes, "me and my stupid big mouth I should of kept it shut." Walking through the forest, Kouta wasn't going to give up until he found Zoe and say he was sorry. Walking until nightfall set in, Kouta sighed heavily then placed his hand on a tree. Suddenly hearing a scream, Kouta flinched then ran to where he heard it.

Seeing Zoe in the arms of Caleb from earlier, Kouta just saw red then quickly grabbed Zoe out of Caleb's grip. Holding Zoe close to him, Kouta looked at Caleb with glowing red eyes. "So you did come back, I thought you ran off and died in a hole somewhere." Pulling his hood back, Caleb just chuckled a little his black hair whipped around him as he shook his head a little. [i Oh come now Kouta how long has it been 4 maybe 5 years and you bring a little treat with you too how kind.] Moving Zoe behind him, Kouta glared at Caleb angrily "touch her again and you won't have a neck left!"
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 5h 36m 27s
When he pushed himself away from her and told her he could never love her, she felt something break inside her. She stared at him with hurt in her eyes, but decided to try and lighten the mood as she exited the boat. She walked around for a bit but when she noticed he wasn't looking, she ran off to the nearby forest and hid, then sat at the base of a tree as she pulled her knees up to her chest, tears filling her eyes. [#388AFF "W-why am I even crying? I-It's not like I HAVE fallen for him.... right?"] she buried her face in her knees and let herself cry, even though she didn't understand why she was crying either.

After about an hour, she felt like someone was watching her. When she looked up, she gasped as she saw a woman staring at her. The woman covered her mouth and said nothing as she pulled Zoe deeper and deeper into the forest.

A few minutes later, they arrived at a small shack and the woman dissapeared into the air. She looked around, now cold and scared as it was nighttime and walked around [#388AFF "H-hello? Is anyone out there?"] she called, and felt arms wrap around her. It was the shadowed man from earlier. She screamed but soon was suddenly silenced.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 6h 25m 52s
Feeling Zoe run her fingers through his hair he sighed a little, hearing Zoe say she was sorry, he shook his head. "No it's okay Zoe, it does hurt a lot of the, but I'm kinda used to it now." Hearing Zoe ask if there was a way to turn him human again, he shook his head gently. "Sadly no Zoe once bitten that's it, the only reason you never became a vampire was because I never mixed my blood with yours, it's also impossible to stop craving blood it's what keeps me alive now." Feeling Zoe gentle stroke his hair, Kouta shut his eyes for a moment then pushed himself away from Zoe quickly.

"Sorry Zoe, but there's one thing I can't do and that's fall in love, I wish I could but it's impossible now." Walking up onto the deck, Kouta sighed sadly, he was having odd feeling's towards Zoe and knew what they was. Although he knew it was harsh to say he had to keep his distance to stop these feelings blocking his way. Seeing Zoe on the deck looking around then get off the boat to walk on the sand, he watched her for a moment then walked off the boat to walk on the sand as well. Seeing Zoe having fun, Kouta just smiled a little then sat on the sand.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 6h 41m 24s
When he rested his head on her shoulder, she tangled her fingers in his hair and sighed softly, kissing his head gently [#388AFF "Kouta... I'm so sorry this happened to you. I can tell it's tearing you apart, and I'll do anything to help you"] she says to him in a gentle voice [#388AFF "is there anyway that we could make you human again? Or at least make you stop caving blood?"] she asks.

She held him in a gentle embrace and stroked his hair gently. When he told her that there was no way to cure him, she sighed softly and held him closer [#388AFF "Then maybe you just have to train yourself to not want it, and maybe eventually you won't need it?"] she suggests. They arrive at the island and she gets up, letting go of him and walking above deck. [#388AFF "Wow... this is so beautiful!"] she smiles happily and steps onto the sand.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 1d 15h 40m 16s
Feeling Zoe take his blood, Kouta's face flushed a little he had never gave his blood to anyone so it was kinda new to him and felt a little weird. Hearing Zoe ask who the creepy guy in black was, Kouta moved away from Zoe then ruffled his hair a little. "Let's just say it's someone I knew a while ago." Pushing himself up, Kouta walked back up to the control room then kept an eye on what was going on. Feeling Zoe wrap her arms round him, he flinched a little she was so close and her skin felt like silk to him. Hearing her ask again about the cloaked figure he sighed deeply then looked at her with warm eyes. "Ok I will tell you but you have to promise to tell no one ok?" Pulling Zoe's arms from around him, he took hold of her hand then took he back into the living area of the boat.

Sitting her down on the sofa he sat next to her then shut his eyes, "the person who rammed into us was the person who turned me into this thing. His name was Caleb and I thought he was a friend of my family, but I was wrong he was nothing but a blood thirsty monster who wanted to get his way with my sister." Pushing himself up, Kouta picked up another clean shirt then pulled it on. "I only became this way to try and stop him hurting my family, so I made a deal with him he could take my humanity away and do whatever he wanted with me. After that he ran off and said he would come back when he needed me and I guess that was his way of warning me to get so close to you." Rubbing his head again, Kouta slumped back on the sofa "just wish I could be normal again and not be stuck like this." Sighing deeply he rested his head on Zoe's shoulder then shut his eyes for a moment.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 2d 9h 3m 16s
She sucked the blood on his hand and laid on the bed, looking up at him [#388AFF "What do you mean? Who was that Kouta?"] she asks and kept the shirt pressed against her head, blushing faintly to the sight of his body.

Soon enough she was healed and cleaned off the shirt, still trying to get Kouta to tell her who the man was. [#388AFF "Kouta, why won't you tell me?"] she asks [#388AFF "are you hiding something from me?"] she walked up behind him as he drove the boat and wrapped her arms around his waist [#388AFF "I promise I would never judge you. Or doubt you"] she said to him with a gentle voice and closed her eyes as she held him close.

She had put on a long t-shirt over her bikini and her wounds had all healed. She nuzzled her face in his back and sighed softly [#388AFF 'he's so warm... and his skin is so soft...']
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 2d 9h 37m 57s
Feeling the boat rock then see Zoe get smacked into the window, Kouta went wide eyed then went to run to Zoe but was stopped when the creepy guy in black got on the boat. Widening his eyes, Kouta stared with wide eyes. Clenching his teeth together showing his fangs, Kouta went running after the figure but got slammed back and had Zoe come flying towards him. Catching her he flinched when he saw her smack her head on the ground. Seeing the other boat drive off, Kouta clenched his fists then looked at the puddle of blood on the deck it was coming from Zoe.

Hearing Zoe as if he was ok, he shook his head, "Zoe I'm fine your the one who got hurt your bleeding." Pulling his t-shirt off he screwed it into a ball then held it to her head. "Just keep that there ok" picking her up he walked into the living area then placed Zoe on the bed. Not knowing what to do Kouta did the only thing he could, biting his hand he held his hand to Zoe's mouth. "I know it's gross but it will help heal your injuries ok so just relax and drink, it won't turn you into a vampire either." Making sure Zoe took the blood, Kouta sighed a little then looked back at the deck. "I knew he would come back one day..."
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 3d 7h 26m 26s
[#388AFF "So uh... what did you wanna ask me this mo- AH!!"] she screamed as a speed boat came out of nowhere and slammed into them, sending her flying and hitting the wall, and loud groan escaping her mouth. The boat rocked violently and the person on the speed boat got on their boat and grinned evilly. The being was in all black, and they looked as if they were a demon. He ran and got back on the speed boat and crashed into the again.

[#388AFF "Kouta look out!"] she exclaims and falls on him, whimpering as she hit her head on the ground. It started bleeding and she was only inches away from him. The other boat soon drove away and had somehow only left a few scratches on Kouta's boat. Zoe laid there a blood dripped down her face, aswell as down her arms. She had fallen against the window and broken it, cutting up her arms. [#388AFF "Kouta? A-are you okay?"] she asks and looks at him, with zero concern for herself.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 3d 7h 41m 19s
Smiling back, Kouta nodded in agreement with Zoe, "yeah I guess so best to keep an eye out though sometimes the weather does change quickly round here." Seeing Zoe stare into his eyes then blush a little, Kouta blushed a little too then looked out at the island she pointed out. "Oh that place, sure we can go there" taking out a compass from his pocked he moved the needle to match the direction of the island. "I think it might take less than that Zoe, this boat is pretty fast so it should take about 15 minutes."

Walking towards the control room, Kouta smiled happily at Zoe then stood behind her while she had her hands on the wheel. "Okay I guess I can teach you, first you push that button there to turn the engine on." Placing his hands on top of Zoe's while she was holding the wheel, Kouta gently turned the wheel right. "No you keep an eye on that monitor there what shows the side of the boat." Once away from the dock, Kouta let Zoe take the wheel on her own. "It's pretty hard but you will get used to it the more you use the boat" leaning next to Zoe Kouta checked one of the monitors then moved away quickly when he saw how close he was to Zoe. Seeing Zoe laugh then blush he blushed to then moved over to window. Placing his hand onto his chest he sighed a little, even though he had no heart beat he could swear he felt something in his chest acting up it felt warm and alive.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 3d 8h 7m 29s

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