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Chasing his brother around the beach with the crab, Calem giggled happily then looked over at Zoe when she swam back to shore then hid under the umbrella. Seeing Zoe under the umbrella then groan in pain from the sun burning her skin, Kouta rubbed his arms a little. "Actually Zoe my skin had just started burning to they are the lucky one's." Looking at the brothers running around, Caleb sighed. "Them being pure blooded and all they can be in the sun longer than us.

Looking at the old couple Kouta smiled a little he couldn't help but feel a little sad seeing the old couple. Unlike him they will eventually die, but at the same time, Kouta was just happy to be with Zoe and could spend many hundreds of years together.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 1d 23h 50m 48s
Zoe giggled as she watched them fool around. She swam out a bit further and sighed softly, letting her body float in a star form.

A few minutes later she gasped as her skin started burning. She swam to shore and took shelter under their umbrella, pulling a towel over her head "owwwww..." she groaned and put more sunscreen "how are you guys not burning yet? The sun hurts so bad..."

She saw an old couple laying together on the beach, smiling a bit "I hope Kouta and I are happy together forever..."
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 3d 5h 49m 54s
"Wait he was mean to you he didn't tell me that, I know I will tell him right now to say sorry." Walking over to his brother Calem pushed him over to Zoe. "Caleb you need to say sorry right now to Zoe for being so nasty to her." Looking at Zoe Caleb sighed a little then nodded "Calem is right I did treat you rather nastily, I'm sorry Zoe I was just having a bad day." Walking out to the the car, Caleb sat init then sighed deeply.

Looking around the beach, Kouta looked over at Caleb and Calem swimming around then down at Zoe when she place her head on his lap. Hearing Zoe say he was perfect Kouta chuckled a little then nodded when she mentioned swimming. "Sure let's go then Zoe hopefully the water won't be to cold even though that won't really effect us to be honest." Kissing Zoe back back Kouta stood up then gently pulled her up and walked her to the water.

Stepping into the water, Kouta just smiled a little, the sea was pretty warm. "Kouta look what I found!" looking at Calem Kouta jolted when he lifted up a huge crab. "Whoa what the hell is that thing it's huge Zoe have you seen a crab that big before?" Looking at Zoe with wide eyes, Kouta jolted when Caleb placed sea weed on his head. "What the hell don't do that Caleb you know I hate the feel of that stuff." Chuckling a little Caleb just folded his arms, "serves you right you did the same thing to me last year so I got you back."
  Midnight12 / 4d 23h 44m 28s
Zoe sighed "If he really wants to go he can, but I'm not talking to him until he apologizes for being rude and a bully to me" she says and walks out to the car.

Once they had arrived, Zoe put up and umbrella and laid under it on a towel, sighing happily as she enjoyed the heat. She saw Kouta sit next to her and laid her head in his lap "This is nice... I get to spend the perfect day on a perfect beach with the most perfect man in the world" she smiles at him and kisses him softly, when hugging him and giggling "wanna go swimming?" she asks. She looked out to see Calem and Caleb swimming around in the water.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 7d 21h 36m 22s
Coming out his room, Caleb sighed he had finished his crying episode. Seeing Zoe pass by him, Caleb shut his eyes to avoid her eye contact he felt pretty hurt inside. Sitting on the sofa downstairs, Kouta stretched a little then looked at Calem who was sat on the floor reading a book. Looking over at Zoe when she asked about going to the beach with her. Looking at one another, Kouta and Calem both shrugged "sure but we have to be careful out there Zoe, that includes you now that your a vampire your skin will burn horribly in bright sunlight so it's best to put a lot of sun screen on to avoid burns." Hearing Kouta explain, Calem nodded a little in agreement, "what Kouta says is true Zoe the sun is really dangerous for us so we made a special lotion what stops our skin from really burning."

Pushing himself up Calem walked over to a cupboard then opened it. Taking out a bottle of liquid, Calem handed it to Zoe "here you can use it first Zoe I will go and get my swimming stuff, I haven't been to the sea in a long long time." Running up the stairs, Calem grabbed his swimming shorts and a towel then shoved them in a bag. Smiling a little Kouta stood up then walked over to Zoe "sure I know Calem is really happy to be going." Looking at Caleb sat on the sofa, Kouta sighed a little "I will get my stuff Zoe will be right back." Walking upstairs, Kouta grabbed his swimming shorts and a towel then sat on the bed for a moment. Running downstairs, Calem smiled happily then looked at Zoe "I'm all ready, can't Caleb come as well he really likes the sea it makes him feel less lonely, he cried earlier for the first time in many years it really made me feel sad."
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 8d 57m 48s
A few hours later, Zoe had calmed down and walked downstairs. She was still angry with Caleb so when she passed by him she ignored him, walking to the kitchen to get some blood. She poured it in a glass and took small sips, looking outside and sighing softly.

"Hey Kouta? Do you wanna go to the beach with me? Calem can come too if he wants" she smiles and walks out to look at them, but avert her eyes from Caleb, who was sitting on the couch.

Once everyone had agreed, she got changed into a bikini and pulled a sundress on, then walked out and smiled "You two ready?" she smiles and kisses Kouta's cheek
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 8d 23h 11m 7s
Jolting when Zoe hissed and yelled at him, Caleb smirked a little as he walked out the room. Feeling his eyes water for some reason he placed his hand on his face then felt water inbetween his fingers. "Hey Caleb is Zoe...w..wait are you crying?" blinking with wide eyes Calem ran up to his brother then pulled his hands away from his face to get a better look. "Oh wow you are your actually crying, what happened to cause that?" Shoving his brother away Caleb walked into his room then slammed the door.

Hugging Zoe, Kouta nodded "yes Zoe he's completely fine, my father knows him and told me he's doing just fine. I know what you mean Zoe I felt the same way when I did the exact same thing it's not a nice feeling at all." Snuggling close to Zoe Kouta held her gently then lifted her head up to look at him when she spoke. Feeling the kiss he kissed back then pulled away gently and hugged her again.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 8d 23h 18m 14s
Zoe hissed as Caleb when he barged in and grabbed her "Get the hell away from me! If you're just gonna be an ass to me all the time then I don't wanna be your friend!!" she yelled and pushed him off of her, then watched him leave and hugged Kouta when he held her.

"You're sure that man is okay?... I feel so terrible... I don't know what came over me... I'm sorry Kouta..." she sighed and nuzzled her face in his neck "you're the only person that get's me... and I love you so much for that" she smiles and kisses him softly.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 10d 22h 2m 38s
Knocking on the door Kouta sighed when Zoe just told him to leave her alone. Pushing Kouta out the way, Caleb kicked the door open then stormed over to Zoe and grabbed her arm and pulled her up. "Shut up with the damn crying already, that guy isn't even dead he's fine and in hospital getting treatment." Letting go of Zoe's arm, Caleb sighed a little then crossed his arms. "This is the life you chose Zoe get used to killing humans your a vampire now get used to it." Walking out the room, Caleb looked at Kouta then shoved him a little as he walked past.

Running into the room, Kouta wrapped his arms round her then held her tightly. "Zoe ignore Caleb he's just in a seriously bad mood, but the man he spoke about is really ok you didn't kill him honestly he's fine just a little anemic from the blood loss that's why he passed out."
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 14d 1h 1m 44s
Zoe's body was trembling violently, her eyes wide with terror "I killed him... I killed him..." she started squirming in Kouta's arms and crying "I killed an innocent person!!" she screams and starts sobbing "I'm a monster I don't deserve to live!" She didn't know that the man was alive so she kept crying.

Once they got back Zoe locked herself in the room that she and Kouta shared, sitting on the bed with her knees up to her chest. She whimpered and sniffled softly, not listening when any of them asked her to open the door "just leave me alone..."
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 14d 2h 24m 29s
Nodding his head a little, Kouta only looked away for a second then saw Zoe bolt out the room. "Damn it, Calem Caleb I need your help right now!!" shouting loudly both brothers came running into the room then looked around. "Ok where did the pain in the neck run off too?" punching his brothers arm Calem looked at him with serious eyes. "Caleb she's not a pain in the neck so don't call her that, although Kouta where is Zoe?"

Walking to them both, Kouta looked out the room, "she ran off it's been 5 days since she last fed and..." jolting when he realized what had happened, Kouta grabbed both of the brother then ran out the house. "K..Kouta slow down already" shaking his head Kouta gritted his teeth "no the state Zoe is in could cause the secret of vampires to be opened out to the world she's starving right now and could kill humans easily." Blinking a thew times, Calem picked up his pase then ran ahead and looked down each of the alleyways in the town.

Yanking his arm away from Kouta, Caleb punched Kouta in the arm rather nastily. "Sheesh you and that damn girl are always getting us into some sort of trouble." Running to catch up with his brother, Caleb pushed Calem a little when he saw him looking down an alley. "It's Zoe...but..we got here to late...she's killed someone." Running over to both brother's Kouta looked at Zoe then all the blood. Walking over to her, Kouta knelt down then pulled her into a hug. "Zoe it's ok...calm down we can fix this everything will be ok I promise."

Walking over to the body, Calem checked the males pulse then smiled a little. "Kouta this guy is ok, but his pulse is really really weak he needs to get to a hospital and fast. Caleb your the fastest can you get him there quickly and I will take care of this blood." Sighing Caleb picked the man up then was gone in seconds, placing his hand on the ground, Calem shut his eyes then said some weird words and watched as the blood began to soak up into his hand. Even the blood what was all over Zoe got soaked into him. Finishing quickly, Calem opened his eyes then looked at the tiny red cube in his hand. "There all done, I haven't done that in a long long time." Nodding his head a little, Kouta picked Zoe up gently then held her close to him and went straight back to the mansion.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 14d 22h 12m 18s
"F-five days?? For real??" she asked and suddenly her vampire instincts kicked in and she shot out of bed, dashing out of the house. She hadn't fed in 5 days, so her body was craving any kind of blood she could find, and sadly, she was headed straight for town.

Her vision was red, and she stayed in the shadows so no one would see her. She heard the boys approaching her and she ran, pulling a man into a dark alleyway. "W-What the hell are yo- AGH!!" he screamed as she sunk her teeth into his neck and started drinking his blood.

She couldn't stop. Her body was craving it so badly. Blood was everywhere. On her hands, her face, her clothes, her lips, her hair. Finally, when the man was completely drained she stopped. She came back to her senses and watched in horror as his body laid lifelessly on the ground "what have I done?..." her hands started shaking and she started crying. "I killed him" was all she was able to speak, and kept repeating it as Kouta, Calem and Caleb approached her.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 15d 13m 15s
Watching the priestess mix the ingredients, Kouta, Caleb and Calem watched with curious eyes. Seeing Zoe's body start to calm down Kouta looked into her eyes then back at the priestess when she said her eyes would stay blue from now on. Seeing Zoe slowly fall asleep Kouta gently picked her up then carried her upstairs.

After several days, Kouta came back every hour to check on Zoe. The next day Kouta woke up to see Zoe awake and looking around. "Hey how are you feeling Zoe you have been asleep for 5 days, I was getting pretty worried about you."
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 15d 53m 45s
"Yes, she will be fine" The priestess took the ingredients and mixed them together, then fed them to Zoe.

After a few moments, her body went back to normal, but her eyes stayed blue. She feel asleep and breathed softly. "She's fine now, she just needs rest. Her eyes are blue again but she is still a vampire, so there is no need to worry about that" The elderly woman explains and soon she leaves the house with Del.

Zoe woke up a few days later in the bed that she and Kouta shared and looked up at him "Kouta?... How long have I been asleep?" she asks and rubs her eyes.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 18d 5h 29m 7s
Feeling Zoe fall back into his arms, Kouta looked at her with worried eyes then looked at Del. Gently laying Zoe down, Kouta kissed her forehead then looked at Calem. "Right let's go Calem faster we get there the better. Nodding his head a little, Calem took the key his father handed to him then left the room quickly with Kouta following him.

Sitting down in a chair next to Zoe, Del kept a close eye on Zoe then looked at Caleb as he walked into the room. Hearing the old woman say he needed to stay close to Zoe, he walked over to her then grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes. Hearing Zoe speak, Caleb rolled his eyes then knelt down. "Sheesh shut up already will ya, I find you annoying as hell...but your family so I need to keep an eye on you."

Smiling a little Del placed his hand on Caleb's shoulder. "In a nicer way I think Caleb was trying to say he see's you as a sister Zoe, and doesn't want to see you die." Rolling his eyes a little Caleb sighed then looked away. Running down into the narrow alleyways, Kouta and Calem reached the vault then unlocked the heavy door with the key. Walking inside, they both went on a frantic search looked for the blood and tear. Finding them both, they quickly left the vault then came running back. "We got them both.." breathing heavily Calem walked over to the old lady then handed her the tear and blood. "Will this really save Zoe we don't want her to die."
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 19d 18h 12m 27s

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