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Looking at Zoe, Kouta nodded a little then looked dead into the vampires eyes. Placing his hand on to Kouta's head, Dorian smiled a little. [i "Well if you want to be with a human, I'm not stopping you this time Kouta."] Blinking a couple of times Kouta stared with wide eyes, "w..what you..don't care that I'm with Zoe?" shaking his head a little Dorian looked at Zoe with gentle eyes. Looking back at Kouta he ruffled his hair a little. [i "Nope as long as you look after her, humans are very caring creatures you better not break her heart Kouta or you will have me to deal with."] Peeking round the door, Caleb glared with hatred in hid crimson red eyes. Of all things he would expect to hear from his father he did not expect that. Knowing Caleb was watching Dorian sighed, [i As for you Caleb, I heard and saw what you did to young Zoe earlier, I will be talking to you later on about that."

Flinching a little, Caleb quickly vanished out of sight a talk meant punishment. Moving his hand off Kouta's head, Dorian looked back at Zoe. [i "As for you Zoe, I'm putting my trust on you to look after Kouta, he's smart but also a bit stupid specially with love since he's never been in love." Turning red a little, Kouta looked away then looked over at the moon. Walking away from Zoe and Kouta, Dorian looked at Calem then smiled a little at him. Walking into the ballroom, Dorian walked over to Del then started to talk to him about certain things.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 3d 5h 32m 41s
Zoe blushed as she kissed him lovingly but blushed redder when Calem came out. Noticing the sudden alarm in Kouta when Calem mentioned his father, Zoe looked over and her eyes widened when she saw a tall, fierce male vampire approach them [#388AFF 'O-Oh god... he's really intimidating...'] she thought as she hid behind Kouta.

[#388AFF "K-Kouta is that him?"] she whispers to him and takes his hand, lacing their fingers as she looked at Kouta with alarm in her eyes.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 3d 8h 16m 37s
Feeling Zoe nuzzle into him, Kouta smiled then shook his head. "No it's okay Zoe, no need to say sorry" feeling her soft lips touch his, Kouta blinked a thew times then blushed deeply. Shutting his eyes a little he held her gently then let her go once she pulled away. Seeing Zoe look away with a blushed face he smiled then placed his hand onto the side of her face. "You didn't make me feel uncomfortable Zoe" Looking into her eyes, he smiled gently then pressed his lips against her's once more. Quickly running onto the balcony Calem blinked a thew times when he saw the two kissing. "U..umm K..Kouta it's best not to do that here.." Hearing Calem Kouta pulled away from Zoe then looked at Calem.

"Why not I don't care what they all think" tilting his head a little Calem, looked over at his father who was walking his way. "K..Kouta it's best to stop now my father is coming over." Pulling away from Zoe quickly, Kouta held her hand then stood up. "I don't care if your father say's I can't be with Zoe I will always be with her no matter what." Hearing those words as he walked on to the balcony, Calem's father narrowed his eyes a little then walked over to Kouta.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 4d 6h 34m 22s
She sighed softly and hugged him back tightly, nuzzling her face in his chest [#388AFF "It's okay... I'm sorry I over reacted and I blamed you... I'm sorry for shoving you too"] she said and looked into his eyes for a moment, then leaned in and kissed him softly, holding him close. [#388AFF 'I love you so much...'] she thought as she closed her eyes.

After a few moments she pulled away with a soft blush on her cheeks and looked away slightly [#388AFF "S-sorry if I made you uncomfortable... I-I just wanted t-"] she was cut off from the feeling of his lips against hers again, her eyes widening and blushing madly before kissing back aswell.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 4d 7h 37m 41s
Carefully listening to Zoe's problem, Del covered his mouth with his hand quickly. "Oh you mean that girl who Kouta was dancing with, sadly Zoe that was my fault, I pushed him into the dance." Rubbing his head, Del sighed a little "every time he goes to these things, he's always lurking in the corner looking constantly annoyed, so I kinda shoved him into the dance to try and make some friends at least." Pushing himself up, Del sat next to Zoe then took his jacket off wrapping it round her shoulders. "As for that Caleb I will be having a stern word with his father, he may act all tough but he's pretty much a big chicken when it comes to his father." Taking some tissue out of his pocket, Del handed it to her then looked into the ball room.

"As for Kouta he's most likely feeling like a huge screw up himself." Pushing himself up, he sighed a little then smiled at Zoe. "Wait here for a moment Zoe, I need to sort this mess out it was completely my fault and im very sorry about it, so don't blame Kouta okay?" Walking back into the ballroom, Del walked over to Kouta then pushed him towards the balcony. "I think a young lady is waiting for you Kouta and keep your eyes only on her ok she's pretty upset." Nodding a little, Kouta walked out on to the balcony then lowered his head. "Z...Zoe look I'm sorry I honestly was pushed into the dance, I had to keep my eyes on the girl since it's part of the dance I honestly didn't say a word to her." Resting his arms on the balcony, he sighed a little more then looked at the moon it was a blood moon tonight it had a faint orange glow around it. In the book in the library it's told that a blood moon makes vampires more powerful. Looking back at Zoe Kouta sat next to her then pulled her into a hug.

"Will you forgive me on my mistake, I didn't mean to hurt you, I didn't even see Caleb grab you he will pay for what he did trust me Zoe he really will."
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 4d 8h 26m 14s
When he asked her what was wrong, she teared up and looked away [#388AFF "I... I don't know what's wrong with me... I-I saw Kouta dancing with that girl, a-and I didn't know what to do. He was completely distracted while Caleb grabbed me and threatened my life. H-He told me he was always gonna be there for me, yet once he charms another girl it looks like he forgets my existence"] she covered her face and sat down as she cried softly.

[#388AFF "Th-this was supposed to be fun. Sure everyone is nice once you get to know them, but the entire time I've been so on edge I forgot to have fun... a-and Caleb isn't making me feel better... if anything I wish he would stop terrorizing me... does he want my attention that bad?"] she sighs and looked up at the moon. The light from the full moon made her watery eyes sparkle and made her skin look lighter and flawless. She tucked a stand of hair behind her ear and sighed softly [#388AFF "Sorry.. you probably didn't really wanna hear about my problems..."]
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 4d 10h 8m 7s
Being pushed away, Kouta blinked a couple of times. Seeing Zoe walk off, he sighed deeply, he knew something like this would happen. The whole thing was a huge mess up, if it wasn't for Del pushing him into the dance, he wouldn't of ended dancing with that girl. Catching a glimpse of Zoe on the balcony, Del looked over at Kouta then shook his head. Walking out on to the balcony himself, he looked at Zoe then looked at the moon. "It's rather a strange feeling isn't it, being in a room full of vampires?" Hearing the howls come from the forest, Del sighed a little. "Looks like the wolves are out on their midnight hunt as always, silly dogs they act all tough but are nothing but puppies."

Sitting down on one of the benches, Del looked back into the ballroom. "So what happened with you and Kouta you seem a little upset, what did my numb skull of a son do now?" crossing his arms across his chest, Del looked at Zoe with interested eyes, if Kouta had done something to hurt her feelings, then he was going to get punished.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 5d 3h 37m 39s
Zoe pushed him away and pouted, crossing her arms [#388AFF "You got distracted by another girl while Caleb was telling me he would love to drain my blood from my body as you watched... I'm getting some air"] she sighed and got up, walking outside onto a balcony. She sighed deeply and looked at the moon, then jumped when she heard howling [#388AFF "Are there werewolves here too?"] she thought aloud then shrugged [#388AFF "I guess if there are vampires there are werewovles too..."]
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 5d 4h 1m 42s
Wondering the halls with Zoe, Kouta looked at the pictures on the walls, stopping for a moment he looked at one of the pictures then chuckled a little to himself. It was a painting of Caleb and Calem both looking like china dolls dressed up in noble clothing. As the evening got later, Kouta let Zoe greet other guests at the ball, while he was talking to Del. Looking around for Zoe when the music started, Kouta was dragged into the dance with another young female.

Glancing around the ballroom, Caleb smirked a little when he saw Zoe looking around lost. Seeing her get bumped into he quickly grabbed her hand then wrapped his arm around her waist. Looking deeply into her eyes, Caleb smirked a little when his eyes drifted to the mark he left on her neck. "So Kouta was foolish enough to bring a weak little human with him, how typical he was always a mistake, one my father should regret." Pulling Zoe closer to himself, he took in her scent then sighed a little. "If I had the choice right now, I would make Kouta suffer and make him watch as I drain you dry of your sweet blood." Feeling a strong tug on his collar, he snapped his eyes to look at Calem. "Ughh what do you want brother" looking around at everyone Calem held his hand out Zoe. "Well brother if you haven't noticed we need to switch partners." Growling a little, he looked over at his father who was sat on a golden throne looking chair. Letting go of Zoe, Caleb walked off taking Zoe's hand, Calem walked her over to a sofa.

"If you wait here I will get Kouta for you" quickly running over to Kouta, Calem walked back over to Zoe. Seeing Zoe, Kouta sat next to her then pulled her into a hug. "I'm sorry Zoe I didn't mean to get distracted, Caleb didn't do anything to you did he, if he did I will tell his father straight away."
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 5d 4h 19m 49s
She smiled softly at him and nodded, taking his hand [#388AFF "Wanna explore with me? This place is huge"] she giggles and walks up some stairs, wandering the large hallways while holding Kouta's hand, lacing their fingers.

Later on in the night, Zoe had become more acquainted with the other vampires and they began to act nicer towards her. Soon music comes on and the crowd fills the dance floor, everyone grabbing their partner. Zoe go separated from Kouta and couldn't find him anywhere. The ballroom was huge! And there were so many people there!

She bumped into someone and before she even had a chance to fall they caught her and her face was centimeters away from his. It was Caleb [#388AFF "o-oh Caleb... s-sorry I didn't mean to bump into you..."] she stammered and remembered the scar he had left on her neck, clearly visible from the way her hair was styled.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 5d 5h 34s
Hearing the other vampires in the room, Kouta gritted his teeth a little then glared at the one's saying Zoe was a snack. Backing off, the other vampires walked away then carried on talking with each other. Looking at Zoe, Kouta wrapped an arm round her then sighed a little, "Sorry Zoe I didn't think they would act this way." Pulling Zoe into the corner of the room he sat down on a sofa then sighed. "Seriously wish they wouldn't be so nasty to others." Looking at Zoe Kouta smiled a little then pushed himself up. "Anyway lets get going shall we Zoe" holding his hand out to her he tilted his head a little.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 5d 6h 6m 17s
Once they entered the room, almost every vampire in the room darted their gaze towards her, looking at her hungrily "Hey look, Kouta brought a snack" one of them sneered.

"Yeah, I bet she takes delicious~" another one snickers. Zoe looks around nervously and cling to KOuta's arm, hiding behind him.

[#388AFF "K-Kouta? I-I'm getting scared..."] she says and makes eyes contact with Caleb, breathing slowing as her heart started racing. She looked to the floor and struggled to calm herself down, holding Kouta's hand tightly.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 5d 7h 13m 3s
Looking at Zoe Kouta blushed a little, then smiled happily at her. "You look very pretty to Zoe" making sure he had everything he needed, Kouta looked out the window at the limousine then back at Del and Zoe. "Well the limo is here time to go I suppose." Letting out a deep sigh he walked to the door then opened it. Once Zoe and Del was inside the limo, he looked back at his place one more time then climbed inside himself. Looking out the window as they drove to the ball, Kouta shut his eyes for a moment then looked at Zoe.

To him she really did look beautiful, wrapping his arms round her, he nuzzled her neck a little then shut his eyes. Hearing Zoe ask him what was wrong he looked at her with slightly worried eyes. "I'm just a little nervous that's all, I just don't want any of them hurting you." Looking back at the two from the fron of the limo, Del smiled a little to himself, he was happy that Kouta had found love at long last but was also a little of the worried side to.

Hearing the car come to a stop, Kouta looked at the window then sighed a little. Letting go of Zoe, he unclipped his seatbelt then pushed open the door. Walking round to Zoe's side on the car he opened the door for her then held his hand out to her. "Well here we are I hope everything goes okay." Peeking through the crowds of people Calem happily smiled when he saw Kouta and Zoe, quickly running over to them he smiled at them happily. "Kouta you actually came and you brought Zoe to." Nodding his head a little, Kouta looked at Calem's clothing. "Kinda on the old fashioned kinda scale aren't you Calem" looking at his clothing he sighed a little.

"Oh yeah fathers orders, it's itchy as hell but what father says goes I guess." Looking over at his brother, Kouta and Zoe Caleb smirked a little. Caleb knew far to well how much his father hated humans, he could only just stomach the being around Del but with Zoe there to, it was not going to be a fairy tale ball.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 6d 2h 51m 26s
Zoe walked past the room as she was fixing her earrings, the sound of her heels clicking on the floor being heard. [#388AFF "Hey, are you guys ready yet?"] she asks as she walks in, then smile softly at Kouta [#388AFF "Kouta... you look amazing"] she said with a soft tone.

Her blue hair was curled and pulled up into a high bun with curly stands hanging from her bangs to frame her face. She wore a long black dress with silver heels and a black jacket over top. She also had on silver earrings to match the necklace Kouta had given her several says prior.

Once they were in a limousine she blushed softly as she felt Kouta wrap his arms around her protectively, his face nestled in her neck [#388AFF "Kouta? What's wrong?"] she asks and kisses the side of his head, smilingat him lovingly.
  Zoe / liz_the_pistol / 6d 5h 17m 12s
Smiling a little, Kouta looked at Zoe with gentle eyes. Wrapping his arms round her, he chuckled a little when she nuzzled his face. After a couple of days passed by, the night of the ball had finally showed up. Del was sat on the sofa in Kouta's apartment waiting for Zoe and Kouta to finish getting ready. Pushing himself up from the sofa, Del pushed open Kouta's door then sighed heavily at his son, he was a complete mess. The buttons on his shirt didn't match, his hair was a mess he looked more dead than he actually was. [i Oh come on Kouta, sheesh you get so lazy at times] looking at his father with glanced over eyed he sighed a little then rubbed his head. It had been days since he had slept, he was on constant look out duty for Caleb just in case he showed up.

Letting out another sigh Del picked up a pin from Kouta's desk, pricking his finger he held it up to Kouta who instantly woke up then covered his nose. "What the hell don't start stabbing yourself and letting you icky blood stink out my apartment." Being a male vampire Kouta could only intake female blood, male blood to him smelt like puke and tasted like gone off milk to him. Wrapping his finger in some tissue Del smirked, [i Well you should wake up I mean come on Kouta look at the state of you, do you think looking like that would empress Zoe?] Hearing Del say Zoe, Kouta blushed a little then straightened himself up making himself look more smart and elegant.
  Kouta Nakaro / Midnight12 / 7d 1h 48m 18s

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