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"I promise... Hey are you okay?" He asked as he looked at her.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 96d 10h 4m 49s
Sara took a breath not realizing until now that she was getting light headed. "Promise that is why?" She asked softly
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 96d 10h 5m 34s
"Because I can't lose you." He said as he pushed the glass door open and sat up letting the oxygen run into the room.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 96d 10h 11m 34s
"You didn't know that before." she retorted. "What other reasons can you come up with?"
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 96d 10h 14m 48s
"Your pregnant, that's why." He said as looked at her.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 96d 10h 21m 35s
"So you will let her go after him but not me?" She retorted. "Not fair."
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 96d 10h 23m 11s
"Because he could hurt you. And mother is taking care of it. When she touched your arm she saw who did this." He said as he looked around the room.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 96d 10h 26m 55s
"Why won't you let me go after him?" She asked crying in his shoulder.
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 96d 10h 28m 30s
"I know your upset love, buy you need to calm down your making his heart race." He said as he pulled her closer.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 96d 10h 30m 9s
"And what if you were dead right now?" She asked with tears in her eyes. She knew a lot of these feelings were mood swings but she couldn't stop herself.
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 96d 10h 32m 8s
"It's a boy."He said frozen looking out the glass top.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 96d 10h 35m 44s
"Then you know exactly why I am so angry?" She asked. "He could have taken you away from not only me but our child." She said quietly
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 96d 10h 39m 36s
"Sorry babe it's a vampire thing." He said as he continued to smile and he laid his head back down.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 96d 10h 42m 8s
Sara blushed and looked back up at him. "But I wanted it to be a surprise for you."
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 96d 10h 43m 44s
"Your pregnant? I can hear stuff like that." He said as he put his hand on her stomach and smiled.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 96d 10h 46m 32s

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