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"Are you alright love?" He asked holding her close to him.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 148d 14h 8m 55s
Sara collapsed as soon as the wound completely healed and she collapsed into his chest taking in his scent.
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 149d 5m 55s
Staz was starting to fill better as the medication and what ever Sara was doing seamed to help and put him to sleep.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 149d 20m 30s
Sara climbed on top of him straddling either side softly running two fingers down either side of the cut concentrating hard as the wound sealed itself.
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 149d 39m 7s
Staz nodded. He was down for anything right now. His side hurt, his head throbbed and for some reason there was an extra heart beat in the room.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 149d 48m 4s
"Want me to try something that Johnny taught me baby?" She asked quietly
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 149d 57m 48s
"The stab wound." HE said as he closed his eyes and took in a sharp breath.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 149d 1h 10m 5s
Sara ran a hand softly and lovingly over his chest. "Where do you hurt baby?" She asked quietly
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 149d 1h 35m 17s
"Alright yes." He said with a sigh and twitched a little. "It's not working."
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 149d 1h 38m 39s
"If you don't want me to be mad." She said quietly. "Then don't lie to me. Your in pain. Your bracelet tells me so." She glared.
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 149d 1h 49m 59s
"I'll be fine." He said as he looked at her and closed his eyes waiting for the pain meds to work.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 149d 1h 53m 20s
Sara looked down at it worried. "Baby your lying to me." She said looking up at him. "You are in pain."
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 149d 2h 3m 10s
Staz nodded and slowly laid down his bracelet blowing a brighter red then before
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 149d 2h 7m 50s
Sara snuggled up in his arms closing her eyes and laying her head on his chest. "Then sleep with me baby." She said quietly
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 149d 2h 11m 7s
"Just need some sleep." He said looking at her. He lied, it wasn't just that he needed sleep. He was in a lot of pain.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 149d 2h 22m 51s

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