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Sara snuggled up closer to him wrapping her arms and legs tightly around him.
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 148d 8h 17m 44s
"I just need to sleep." He said as he hit the bed and curled up in a ball.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 148d 8h 20m 9s
"Promise everything is okay baby?" She asked worriedly. "I don't want you to be in pain if I can help."
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 148d 8h 24m 50s
"IT's going away." He said with a sleepy look in his eyes.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 148d 8h 32m 11s
"Your in pain baby." She said worriedly. "How can I help?" She asked quietly
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 148d 8h 34m 10s
"Yes I promise." He said huffing trying to catch his breath. The pain killers where kicking in on full blast.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 148d 8h 38m 54s
Sara looked up and smiled blushing softly once again. "Promise?"
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 148d 8h 42m 50s
"Baby come back, I'm not mad I'm happy." He said out of breath now.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 148d 8h 45m 24s
She backed up a little momentarily misunderstanding the mood. "I'm so sorry I kept it from you." She said
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 148d 8h 49m 48s
"Twins? Oh my god, Twins?" He wasn't mad at all he was really happy.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 148d 8h 51m 54s
She blushed looking down in his lap. "I love you." She said looking innocently
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 148d 8h 54m 20s
"Why would I freak out? Wait twins?" He asked as he sat all the way up putting his hands on her stomach and the his ear.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 148d 8h 57m 56s
She placed a hand lightly on her stomach. "Promise that you won't freak out?"
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 148d 8h 58m 46s
"I know that's a wolf thing, but you don't have to do that." He said as he laughed a little when he felt a light kick. "Sara there's an extra heart beat in the room and I'm not sure where it's coming form." HE said as he sat up a little bit.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 148d 9h 1m 39s
She smiled taking a huge breath. "I'm ok now baby. Its just I'm still new to that trick so it still takes a lot out of me." She said fully taking in his scent. She pressed her head under his chin as a sign of surrender.
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 148d 9h 3m 37s

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