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"He is lying uncle Johnny." She said looking up sadly. "His voice says so."
  JohnnyWolfe / 29d 22h 46m 50s
"Sara babe please it's no use. I'm fine." Staz said with a shaky voice and Jhony pulled her away.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 30d 18h 46m 11s
Sara ran to Staz and fought with the coffin lid again. "He is still in pain!"
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 30d 19h 5m 42s
Staz Was curled up in a ball facing the door. As Jhony walked in the room there was a screen.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 30d 19h 18m 27s
She took his hand and walked up the stairs with him.
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 30d 19h 55m 9s
"Come with me and I'll show you." He said as he held out his hand.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 30d 20h 5m 43s
Sara grumpily sat at the foot of the steps. "Why won't he let me back in? I wanna snuggle with him."
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 30d 20h 21m 53s
"I don't need him to open it Sara. I need to check the monitors and if he's in the type of coffin I think he's in then I will be able to see inside his body." He said as he bounded up the steps.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 30d 20h 36m 26s
"He won't let anyone open it." She said quietly still pouting
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 30d 20h 38m 27s
"Sara there's probably a reason for it." He said as he started walking.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 30d 21h 14m 29s
She immediately got pouty and angry. "He locked himself up in his stupid coffin and won't let me in."
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 30d 21h 22m 40s
"Can you take me to him? I think I know what your talking about." He said as he looked at her and smiled.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 30d 22h 1m 32s
"Its twins." She whispered quietly. "And I guess Staz has some sort of Hereditary diseases and doesn't want the little ones to get it." She answered shuffling her feet slowly in place.
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 30d 22h 22m 29s
"Is there something your not telling us?" He asked as he went to her and put his hands on her stomach.
  Staz Blood / Zaida / 30d 23h 49m 30s
"No He didn't hurt me." She said. "He is sealed in the coffin and told me to check the baby's for any issues."
  Sarah / JohnnyWolfe / 31d 12h 41m 26s

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