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This is just another rp. I've been bored lately. And *cough*groundedagain*cough*. But, I'll be okay.

The sypnosis of this role play is kind of a horror anime type thing, much like the game Corpse Party, minus the crazy yandere ghost girl with scissors and school, because that would be like... Copying the whole plot.

This can probably take place in a hotel, or IDK. Use your imagination, guys. Or help me out.

There are thirteeen murderers in total, and they can kill people however you want. However, don't kill off characters that the other person wants to keep alive, or if they're op.

YES OP CHARACTERS ARE ALLOWED FOR GOG'S SAKE. You can have them as a murderer or a victim, or something relevant to the plot.

Bio Sheet
Ethnicity/Inhuman Race:
Victim or Murderer:
Looks :

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