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[size9 idea is Bloody_Eve's autheticity. Do not steal... Or I will find you]

[size15 [center There's a few things you really need to know about Ayakashi...] ]


[size10 [center Ayakashi are land-trapped souls, manifested through pain and turmoil, growing in power of unforgotten past in which they experience forever... Their pain is your pain, and if you let it kill you, your past will be your undoing.]]

[size10 Of course, it never really seemed... it's so untrue, that it's simply impossible. They excused it as ancient folklore, that it ONLY exist as Japanese folklore. But, my, oh my has it grown]

[size10 Because people didn't see fit to leave it alone, excavating ancient burials and priceless jewels of the era, they somehow managed to latch onto the Good 'ol American way, and gave certain locations a name for themselves. That's not all. One spirit had somehow attached to a family... A family that lived in turmoil and still came... Hope]

[size15 This particular family was a struggling family, The Larling family. This family is very particularly interesting, especially when superstition is at play. Unlike the good 'ol vamp/wolf bit, it's a little more complex than original. You'd think it would be meta human. In fact, this is true... A human bred after first experimentation of ancient practices. This one in particular has been a mixture of wolves and demons, an odd combination because the lines were incompatible. They found to mix into human blood would stabilize the dramatic effects... In infant form... After which, had been crystalized by breeding. ]

[size10 The Larling family had been a recross . The metahuman fell in love with a human upon escaping this science lab at a young age, and adapted to American life. At that time, a certain Ayakashi attached to the human Man, a regular college student named Thanos Larling. This boy shown no sign of promises at first... But with the Ayakashi and him attached and coexisting in one body, it developed a certain power that even boosted hers. With the Ayakashi human falling in love with the Meta, The girl became a Mrs., and it helped solidify the pure creation that is Petrahuman. Pretty interesting to say, this created a human unable to see one plane alone. This includes seeing different planes and being able to step into any with little to no effort. But, it also affects the earthly abilities in place. As wolven blood within it, the activation method of which the Petra shapeshifts into the first wolf in existance, will the abilities of foresight and speed, acute itself, and further detach reality and other planes, therefore able to move more effectively. Because the soul and the Meta created a Petra, this Petra has the ability to transform in all planes. The Power developed can be beyond reckoning if tapped into without proper practice]

[size10 They named her Ay-kashi, for when she was born she was as pale as the dead, but beautiful in every way... Beautiful Death, her father would call her from time to time, and for seventeen years, they taught her human life . For some time, they taught her the ablilities she possessed, too. She grew up knowing she was a Petra, but also human. But, on her eighteenth birthday, her family had been kidnapped by the Ayakashi, using the Meta's power to expand and create demonic entities to make Earth bow to their law.]

[size10 Ay-kashi, escaping the attack of the Ayakashi Demons, found that one had escaped from it's horde... This particular Ayakashi had found a host, and sought her out while she was in hiding. He was called Mononoke... But he preferred others to call him 'The Medicine Seller'. He decided to help Ay-kashi defeat the demons, using his abilities to draw them and make them tangible with her abilities . As a spirit from the feudal era, he knew a thing or two about the developments in American soil. His aid was flawlessly needed]


[size10 There comes in the beginning to this crazy adventure. This Petra has been in hiding since the Ayakashi had snatched away her parents. They were seeking her, for she is the strongest out of all, and with it... You get the picture? Being found by a horde of demons, Mononoke manages to step in... Quite the gentleman. Here, they meet, on the battlefield of Midtown, Georgia. Ay-kashi's not gonna like today...]


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[size10 Ay-kashi had been hiding for a good six years. She needed time... She needed time to regroup, maybe come to terms with the situation... But, how did they all came to be?! The Ayakashi were supposed to be at rest. Maybe, some souls just couldn't be moved]

[size10 In spite of it, she needed to gain Intel without leaving a trail. She had made sure getting downtown in Georgia would make it simpler. But, as always it only attracted something else... Demons, irreversible damage critical of the time. Ay-kashi managed to get away simple enough, but those damn bastards always seemed to get in her way. She really didn't like "pop -goes-the-weasel" as a kid, imagine now. Her senses were on fire. Her acute hearing could pinpoint where they were.. And, they seemed to be growing in number. The stench of possessed humans nearly choked her, but she surpassed it. It had to be a reason they we're so adamant on finding her now. She was so wrapped up in coming up with a plan , she hadn't realized that they were trying to corner her. Luckily, she had training. She never gets caught in a corner without good reason . This wasn't one of them.]

[size10 Ay-kashi had been planning, observing, and finally perfected to where she stood a chance. But, with these bastards trying to corner her, she saw fit to get them away. She trailed them until she was in midtown, and when one launched an attack, she took to action. She managed to counteract the attack with speed, and dodged the claws. She huffed to herself. They had been slacking. She would've appreciated a good fight. Left and right, she dodged and parried, and when she grew bored, she'd simply lose them. But, today, they seemed to catch on. They caught uo, and managed to corner her in Midtown. Frustrated, Ay-kashi simply prepared for a fight. But, there were too many. By her count , she'd have to make sure her ass was safe. So, she transformed into a magnificent wolf, using the power that came from it to add time. Only if she could record this for references...]
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