The Fall of Great Coven...Never!

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-Sooooo.....Is that a yes? Aw, C'mon! Who doesn't want to be a mighty, cool leader of the Long Live Great Coven?

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"You know what...Maybe I really do want cattle farms. And maybe you are just a selfish, cruel creature who only thinks about his weird hobbies. Humans are humans. Vampires are vampires. I'm sure their government would just try to burn you down if they all realise what you are. You just shove your nose in that book, ignoring everything around you. You don't even stand for your own theories!" Umut was also on her edge. She wanted to see him angry, wild, threatening. But no. He was always calm and collected which pissed her off even more.

"I....I'm leaving you with the humans then. I will find another leader who actually cares to us. Goodbye!" The younger one marched towards the door, forgetting all about the lack of clothes and the batherobe she was in. Then she opened it and looked outside, the wind blowing her rob slightly. She looked down and noticed the disaster before growling and shutting the door again.

Stubbornly she sat at the door, hugging her knees. "I will leave immediately after my clothes are dried." Umut explained loudly, gritting her teeth together. She was getting thristy and aggressive. Then...she felt depressed. She had come all the way for a hero and in a second all her hopes were crushed. Her coven would continue to struggle and one by one...they would fall. Even she could be perished if those hunters kept advancing.

The vampire hid her sorrowful face between her knees, feeling a lump in her throat. The sun had started coming out, light poking out of the door. The exhaustion and thirst won and slowly her eyes closed, falling asleep.

[b I'm sorry for the delay and the crappy post. I will push the story further in the next post.]
  valkyira / 1y 196d 21h 43m 29s
Kier offered a little smile and looked around the room, unique was certainly a word that fit him. There weren't as many scholarly vampires as there were other types. Even before he was a vampire, as a nomad, he had not been like the others. He had heard stories of people who could read and write, use herbs to heal, look at the stars and understand them, amazing things, and he had wanted so badly to be like them. In a way, it was a relief that the vampire had bitten him so long ago. He had eventually found the opportunity to join those druids and go on to learn so much, even if the road to that goal had been paved in darkness.

"Human history is not just for the humans. I, and many others, have lived through that same history. Plenty have lived their lives in times past, and plenty of us have been a part of history in some way. The languages I learn are ones spoken by both humans and vampires. I preserve history so that all can learn, human or vampire, young or old. Learning has always been my passion, and now that I have learned so much, I have learned to enjoy sharing that knowledge as well"

He paused and leaned back, letting Umut speak. He gave her a smile in thanks when she said he was too kind, as it was a compliment to him, but as her frustration grew and she continued to speak, his face started to fall into a more passive look as he listened to her frustrations rise.

As the mug was snatched from his hand in haste, his eyes narrowed, and he quickly snatched the papers on the table away from the falling droplets.

With a slow grace resulted from years of practice, he stood up, features still stern, and with a calm yet stern voice, he spoke.

"Umut. That was rude. I sat politely and listened to you berate my way of life, I let you into my home as a guest, gave you use of my facilities, and that was uncalled for" He said evenly, while gently snatching the mug back and moving to place it back in the kitchen.

"Firstly, the mug is to keep my hands warm, as I like the sensation."

He came back from the kitchen with a dishrag and wiped up the spilled droplets so he could place the papers back on the table, and then he turned back to his houseguest.

"Secondly, we were once humans, all of us, and we still have a place in the human world. Yes, some humans kill unnecessarily, but so many create progress, and so many do good. I want to be someone who does good. I do not kill humans, because I am not above them. I take from the willing, or make deals with hospitals and blood banks. Truly, when you get to be as old as I am, a little bit of blood, no more than a sip, can sustain me for days, weeks even"

He gave Umut a hard stare, crossing his arms.

"Would you have a world with no humans, then? Or perhaps cattle farms? Our kind would stagnate even further without the progress of humanity, and we would end up killing each other over petty squabbles. There would be no entertainment, no travel, no scientists to cure bad blood"

Kier had met his fair share of vampires like Umut, as well as vampires more like himself, and he knew he shouldn't react so testily, but his patience was wearing thin, and it did leave him a bit peckish.
  CreativeRed / 1y 234d 9h 11m 29s
Placing the papers back in place, Umut cleared her tone before speaking up. "Uhm, wow. You indeed are into cultures and stuffs like that. Is it because of age or you're just unique yourself? To be honest, I don't thinks any human would care what the far away past held within. Yet, you insist on helping them not forget their history." She sat back on the couch, shrugging. "You're just too much nice. Almost nobody knows you and I don't think they'd like you if they know who you really are. So, what's the point of...caring too much?! Nobody's going to be really knowing you. You'd always be hidden in shadows...So what's the point is sharing your ancient knowledge with those who'd forget it anyway?!"

Letting out a frustratrd sigh, Umut continued in annoyance. "They're mortals...they'll die soon and the next generation wouldn't care about the culture. What's the point in your futile struggles?! Why don't you help vampires...who won't age and will always remember you and respect you? can just come to us...! You...can express your ideals there and I'm sure many would obey your wishes. It's a shame somebody like you is living like a mere human, reading these useless forgotten stories about stupid...human...stuffs." Umut stood up, not understanding his ways at all. Her fists were clenched as she tried to continue. "What's in us...that you trully hate. Every animals kill for survival...humans kill each other for...wealth and power. So what is new in killing? So what's your problem here? I can't believe you feel attached to them.You were ONCE a human but that was a long time ago...So yes. They might look like cattles to us. You shouldn't feel anything for them because you are NOT human at all. So stop acting like one...WHAT'S WITH THIS LITTLE HOUSE?! Paying humans for a little flat? And..and..." Aggressively she snatched the cup of hot water in his hand. "What's with this?! You try to look like a human?! Face the truth...I am certain you too love the smell of human blood. So stop denying the facts and join us! You can NEVER be trully accepted in them unless making up cheap must always keep a distance from them so that they'd not find out your true identity...isn't it hard?! You can always get close to your own kind!"
  V / valkyira / 1y 267d 13h 26m 59s
Kier patiently listened to what Umut had to say, and he did admit that she was true in regards to wanting to be a part of something, especially a group of your own kind, but he was still firm in his belief that covens were not something that were needed. They focused on the old ways that were always much too barbaric and truly, it was because of those old ways, and vampires who still practiced them, that there were vampire hunters.
He even had his own run-in with a particularly obstinate vampire hunter, but after some conversation and a lengthy and unnecessary battle to avoid being murdered, the hunter had seen the error of his ways and went on to applying to the American Central Intelligence Agency, where his skills at defense had come in handy.

He sighed, and then spoke again.
"I don't support violent practices. Killing humans and treating them like cattle? That's why our numbers are declining. We can't-"

He was interrupted by his question, and subsequently the knocking of several papers onto the floor. He bent down to pick up the ones that had fluttered near him, and took a look at what he had picked up.

"Yes, some of these are in greek. There are many languages to translate" He said, placing the papers back onto the table. Luckily he had been organized enough to number the pages of his translations, so it would be easy to put everything back together.
"I am a scholar, always have been. I learn everything I possibly can, including languages now lost to the world. When you get to be as old as I am, not only do you know so much already, but you start to get bored. My little projects help pass the time, and oftentimes it leads to more learning, and furthering advancements in different aspects of humanity. I am the sole remaining speaker of several dead languages, and it would be such a waste to let the culture die out"

Kier started shuffling the papers around to better organize them, and then glanced around the room.
"I'm sorry for the clutter. I wasn't expecting company" He said quietly.
  Kier Novok / CreativeRed / 1y 267d 18h 25m 22s
He looked lost in his paperworks at first but then he paid attention to her presence. Umut was surprised at his offer of washing her clothes. That embarrassed her immediately as she cleared her tone and looked away shyly. If she was still a human, she would have blushed crazily."N-no. Thank you. I...washed them myself. No big deal." kier just confirmed to be a weird one. Where did that ultra kindness come from?! Now it was hard to tell Novok was an ancient vampire.

Umut then looked back at him as Kier continued. After a hot bath and feeling like a dear guest, she had calmed down a lot. Something that rarely happened in the Great Coven. Umut listened to his opinion about the covens through history. This didn't please her though. She still couldn't accept him even though he was way more experienced and his logic seemed true. Her gaze shifted down thoughtfully as her hands clenched on the bathrobe tighlier. There was a slight fight inside her as she started speaking out again with now an uncertain tone.

"You...might be right about...unnecessary massacres. Yes..hunters are more alarmed now. Yet...A Coven is a Coven. Like a family, right? No matter what path they choose you should always support it for your own kind.'ve been living on your own for ages...I don't think I could make it alone like you. When...when you're with other feel relieved...not odd and demonic..." Her tone started shaking as her shoulders were dropped in depression and fear. "So..I ask you" Now her voice was more like a whisper when he invited her to stay for a day. Blinking, Umut looked up at him then at the nearby clock.


It was too late.

Not sure how to react to his sweetness, Umut nodded some and awkwardly reached for the blanket to cover up her body for a nap. "Uh...what are these papers for, sir? Do you have a job or something? You look pretty busy."

Curiously or in other words, nosily, she extended a hand towards a pile of paper which ended up scattering them on the floor. "Ah, dammit!" Umut got on her knees, picking up the papers and looking at them in confusion.

"Are these...some sort of ancient greek myth or something?!"
  V / valkyira / 1y 268d 23h 19m 42s
Kier waited patiently, hot cup of water in hand as he read over some of the documents on the coffee table, making notes here and there. Another reason he had come to London was that he had been eager to work on a translation project he had started recently. Being as old as he was, he knew quite a few dead languages. In fact, his mother language was completely gone. The closest anyone came to knowing the language was the old Gaelic some Irish elders still spoke. Even then, it was a huge variation. There weren't even any vampires old enough to remember the language. At times it was a harrowing thought, being the only one to know a language, not even the eldest of your kind could speak.

But it was that language that had driven him to take it upon himself to master all dying languages. The cultures might wither in time, but he would remember them. He would cherish them, and maybe someday teach the old languages to a new generation, so the cultures could be revived.

And that was what he was doing now, translating ancient text to a more readable English. The British Library had even contacted him with texts of their own, after a friend of his had heard of his plight. The friend had put a good word in for him, and he now had photos and photocopies of the text in his living room, cluttering up the place.

He could hear the girl approaching, but only looked up from his work after she had sat down.

"Where are your clothes? I can wash them for you." He questioned, noticing that she had not brought them out yet.

He offered a kind smile to Umut when she introduced herself.
"And I am Kier, although if you sought me out, I'm sure you already knew my name. And to go into detail about my answer to your question... Truthfully speaking, there are no places in the modern world for covens of vampires. At least, not in the way covens have been throughout the centuries. Covens are cults, honestly the same as any organized religion. They are from a darker time, when it was acceptable to kill." Kier paused for a second, a look of distaste washing across his features from both the mention of religion and violence "Not only am I a pacifist, but I am a man of the modern times, and in these times, violence is not something we need to do, nor should we want to do such things. It won't do to have our kind brought to the attention of the media of the world. The last time we were brought into the light, many of us were killed. Vampires are pop culture, but we are considered fiction. And it is good that way. And truthfully... I abhor the thought of death as a means to sustenance. We don't need to kill. I haven't killed a human in more than three thousand years."

There was a silence for a bit, and Kier glanced around the flat.
"You can stay, if you'd like a place to rest. There isn't much left of the night."
  Kier Novok / CreativeRed / 1y 269d 7h 42m 25s
Umut's eyes widen at his generous offer. After all she had said, that was his answer. Unsure of what to do, she slowly raised up and decided to take a tour in his flat. It was better than staying wet for days, after all.

Quietly Umut followed him, looking around alarmed and curious. It'd been years since she lived in a proper place. Most of her life was spent either in caves or abondoned ruins of a peasant house. She left wet footprints on the stairs but she minded them not.

Kier showed her the bathroom and she poked her head in. Bathtub and several hair care products. This was weird for a guy in her point of view but when she eyed his long hair, Umut just realised the reason. Keeping a long hair was absolutely a hard job. That was why she kept her hair short and simple. Then again he led her into another direction. This time he showed her the kitchen which didn't pick her interest because the Kitchen was probably more like a nuisance. The living room shocked her though. There were many books and papers there. She smelled the air, blinking at the scent. It was pleasant. Who was he?!

Umut realised he was speaking to her and she immediately looked up at him. He trully was a gentleman. A small smirk played on her lips.

"I didn't mind a used rob. Now that I think about it I never had a bathrob...I guess that's why you never used it..." She quickly went to the bathroom for a refreshment. Maybe she would change his mind. Why did he like to live in such a cramped place?! Umut pushed aside these unnecessary thoughts and locked the door behind...common sense. With a sigh, she turned on the tap and let the water fill in. Happily she started taking off her wet, heavy clothes. Carelessly she let them fall on the floor. For a brief moment she gazed at her body and at the symbol on her stomach. She wouldn't let them down. Umut was thin yet not skinny. As a former rural girl she had some womanly muscles. She let her body sink into the water and sighed gladly as its warmness took away her tiredness to hell.

Then she reached for a random shampoo and didn't bother reading its scent. She just poured it on her head and started washing her hair sternly.

After half an hour she was done and ready to leave the paradise. Girl, she had started liking this vampire. Only if he had accepted...

After some drying, she picked her clothes up and threw them in the tub. She didn't expect clothes from him so she started washing them with hands.

Umut was not scared of house chores.

Slightly she opened the door and reached for the said rob. Tightly and securely she covered her body with it and stepped out. Her wet feet made sound as she looked for him in the living room as he had requested her.

"Thank you, sir." Was the first thing she said before moving over to the white couch to sit on. Her hands kept the rob closed. She was not the one to make scenes.

Barbaric yet shameful....thankfully.

"Ah...I'm have."

  V / valkyira / 1y 269d 10h 17m 13s
Kier had to take a measured breath before he could speak. True, his disdain for such barbaric practices was strong, but his nature was one of peace. He had studied with the Buddhist monks in many regions of the world, learning and adopting their ways, incorporating his own beliefs as a druid, his studies had led to the native American tribes, where he had grown his connection with the earth, as his respect for all things living had grown as well.

Above all else, he had a girl sitting outside his house, no doubt wet from the puddles, and he could feel a few drops falling from the sky. He very well couldn't let her stay outside.

"Come inside" was all he said in response to her ranting. "You can take a warm bath, and after you are in dry clothes, I will respond to all that you have said"

He opened the door to his flat and led her in. I'm order to get to the actual flat, they had to walk up a short flight of stairs, and through another door. The second door opened to reveal a bedroom with the door partially closed, and a hallway to the left. He led her through the short hallway and indicated the bathroom, which had a modest bathtub and shower combination. The room was lightly furnished, and there was a bar above the bathtub, as if a curtain had been hung before, but now it was gone.

"There are towels in the cupboard, and any product you might need on the far ledge of the tub" he instructed, pointing first to the cupboard under the sink, as then to the tub, where there were quite a few various oils, shampoos, and other body products. "I.apologize for the sparse decor, I'm redecorating. This door will lock, though, to give you privacy."

Kier then indicated the next room over, which was a kitchen that opened up to a living room. The kitchen looked a little bare, but could otherwise pass as a normal kitchen, and the living room was full of stacks of books, boxes, artifacts, papers, and many other things. There was a coffee table covered I papers, and a dining table in the same state, with the inclusion of a lazily burning sick of incense on an intricate holder, filling the room with a hazy rose scent. The only surface that didn't have anything unusual on it was a large white L- shaped couch. It had a blanket draped on one outs the says, and a handful of matching throw pillows.

"I will be in here. When you are finished bathing, come find me. There should be a bathrobe on the door of the bathroom. It was a gift, never used."

Now that he had explained everything, he left the other vampire alone, and went about preparing the electric kettle. Obviously he couldn't drink tea, but he did enjoy the feeling of having a warm cup in his hands.

In his mobs, he thought perhaps he could help her understand, and maybe she could leave the cult she was in and act for herself, instead of for a coven.
  Kier Novok / CreativeRed / 1y 269d 14h 22m 39s
Wait. What? He rejected her? Without a second thought he turned her request down like being a Head was a burden. What was his problem? Wasn't he a vampire too? So why was he defending the humanity all of sudden. A frown appeared on her face as Umut made a step forward, not minding his stare due to her developing anger.

"Excuse me? Threat on their lives? Wow. They're already killing themsleves. I don't think hunting down some fleas would be an unfair thing. Murder? They're our preys! If we want to maintain strong...we need some sacrifices!"

Her hands went to her waist as a habit whenever she was challenging someone and she stood on tiptoes to make herself look taller as she bent towards the ancient vampire slightly with narrowed eyes.

"So you're saying that you do care about some...some...humans but you don't care about the Great Coven?!" Lost for words she held up her pointer finger, shaking it threateningly."You hide in here...with with...whatever it is and just ignore your own kind who are fighting each other?! I thought you're wise, I thought you would understand..." Her tone started fading as she felt exhaustion taking over her after such an unexpected failure. "I searched everywhere for you...everyone said y-you are hide your wisdom and power...for yourself or maybe you would only share it with these stupid lowlives?!"

Her legs gave up and she just sat on the pavement with a splash since yuck, it was puddle she sat in. Umut only cringed slightly at the wetness but folded her arms stubbornly and stared down.

"I don't care. I didn't come here for nothing and I'm NOT letting my Great Coven face a downfall so I'm sitting here until you change your mind. I don't know...maybe even drainig your dear Landlord if pays a visit. Because I'm a vampire for devil's sake and so YOU are!"

The childish vampire kept sitting cross legged in that uncomfortable situation.
  V / valkyira / 1y 269d 16h 37s
Kier studied the young vampires reaction to him for a second, before he heard the words come out of her mouth, and he couldn't help but close his eyes and let out a small sigh through his nose. He was about to protest her insistence on violence, when he was startled by her next words. 'Great coven?' He thought to himself as his eyes snapped open. He placed his delicate fingers on his temple and let out another sigh.

"I thought the ancient notion of... covens... had been eradicated from existence over a hundred years ago..." He muttered, not at all liking this situation. He was firmly against covens. They tended to be wild and violent, thinking themselves gods among the human populace. He had long since learned to not only blend in to human society, but to appreciate it as well.

How in the world was there still a coven left in the twenty first century? Tue, some vampires occasional formed groups and called themselves a coven, but it was the covers of old that had truly been a problem. They were more like a cult than anything else, sms their reckless behavior had brought vampires into the light, and inspired several writers in the 1800's to wipe about the species. Luckily, the majority of the world thought it was only a fictional story.

To imagine that one was still around, one that called itself great... And going off of the young vampires words and actions, he knew this coven would be just like all the others.

"I don't want any part of that" he said firmly, leveling tree girl with a pointed stare. "And I would advise you to refrain from making threats on the lives of humans. Most living beings don't take well to threats of murder"
  Kier Novok / CreativeRed / 1y 269d 16h 27m 10s
She was hearing his footsteps...oh and how calm and graceful those steps were! Umut couldn't breathe properly anymore. Finally the younger one could meet the unique vampire of all. The door creaked open and Umut rose up her head eagerly to have a good look at the elder's face. Well, what the excited one saw wasn't what she expected. To be honest, he wasn't like her superiors back in Great Coven. He lacked something...wildness...or something like that. Only calmness radiated from his staring eyes. This surprised her slightly as the grin on her face started fading. Then she started feeling odd and small under his gaze as she looked away at the wet pavement shibing under the lamps. He scolded her about the scratch which confusrd her. Raising up an eyebrow she looked back at him questioningly. Didn't he know about the Cult? What was wrong with scratching?! And wait, landlord?! Charge? What the hell?!

"Who the hell is a landlord. If it bothers you I will gladly kill it. Who dares charging a mighty vampire like you? Uh...anyway I'm sorry...I'll paint it myself! But wait...I've come for something important!" Umut stepped away from him, clearing her tone before standing straight and speaking quietly as he has asked her. He was an elder and Umut knew she must respect him.

"Good sir. I'm from the famous Great Coven. As you've SURELY heard, our Head has passed away. So, unfortunately the whole Coven has fallen into chaos and only YOU can bring back becoming our new Head!"

Hopefully, Umut waited for a 'yes'. She was already worn out and he legs were shaking slightly fro tiredness of all the adventures she went through.

The only thing which kept her on her feet...

Was Kier's powerful presence.
  V / valkyira / 1y 270d 3h 48m 15s
Kier had left his home in Ireland some time ago, after having spent a good few years in a beautiful town, reconnecting with his homeland, and making friends with the locals. It had been a blissful time, and his intent had been to live a normal life, day to day, as just immerse himself in a land that had changed so much. Nothing was ever the same as it was four thousand years ago, but he had taken plenty of trips throughout the ages, watching the country flourish and grow. He had found himself a small house, in the northern part of Ireland, with a beautifully tended garden in the front, and a carefully fixed and remodeled design. As with all his homes, he had poured a great deal of effort and love into the entirety of the abode, and it showed. It was charming, as older style with grey trim and a light blue exterior that was so light, it almost liked white. There were little sculptures and lawn ornaments, all hands crafted and intricately made, and a few perfectly tended plants.

It had been sad to leave the place, but he had entrusted keys to a neighbor he had befriended, and she took care of the garden for him. He had been getting restless and knew he needed to move on. It was on a whim that he decided to take a tour through the British isles, and he spent a good deal of time in old and dusty castles far younger than himself, reliving their history, and sometimes learning something new as well. He had stayed in a small castle- turned-hotel during his stay in northern Scotland, and although it was a drive from town, he had enjoyed the place, as well as the town urself, Inverness.

After through many towns, including Glasgow, Edinburgh, and York, he found himself in London, England. He hasn't been to London since Mod was a style, and he recalled even less of that, as he had emerged from am ancient underground library at the time, after spending the better part of a decade holed up. He had taken a flight to America shortly after emerging, and hadn't been back since.

Now he was eager to see how the culture had shifted, and was currently hooked up in a flat in Crystal palace, a short train ride away from the centre of the city. The flat in itself was small, with one bedroom, one bathroom, and a living room and kitchen combination. It was full to the brim with sorted books, as he had practically raided the local bookstores when he arrived. Compared to his home in Ireland, it was small, run down, and drab, but he liked the location, and he could always fix it up if he felt the need to extend his stay.

Kier had been inside the flat, incense burning, candlelight the only source of light as he sat in near darkness, hunched over a book. It was an old Russian manuscript, a new addition to the many books in his possession. That's when he heard the mosses outside. He had long since learned to tube out outside scents, knowing that he had no threats to his well-being, and he found it off putting to identify another nonhuman by their smell, like a bloodhound of some sort.

Kier had almost decided to ignore tree presence entirely in favor of the book, but he sounds of scratching got his attention, as with a sigh, he went to see who was bothering him at such a tone with congratulations of some sort.

At the door, there was... a somewhat ripe vampire, most likely the cause of the sound of scratching.

He gave her a long stare, slightly put off by the scratching. Who in their right mind would scratch at a door like some animal?

"Don't scratch at the door. You've scratched some paint off, and now I'll have to fix it before the landlord sees this and charges me for damages" he said pointedly, before glancing around at the neighboring flats. Luckily no lights were on, so hopefully the nose hadn't woken them up.

"And do refrain from speaking so loudly. I'd rather not wake anyone. Now, how can i help you?"

No matter how put out he was, Kier was a man of infinite patience and social grace. He obeyed the laws of hospitality, and was pacifistic in all regards. He would not start something, and the only way he would finish a fight was with conflict resolution and compromise. He would listen to what this person was so insistent on saying...
  CreativeRed / 1y 269d 19h 31m 21s
The moment he dropped the bowl, his opponent was alarmed. His suprise attack faced a failure but it was still the beginning. Aggressive hisses, groans and crised echoed in the dark, cold place as the two battled for possible future Head. They weren't alone. About ten figures were staying in the shadows, avoiding the fight. They were trying to guess who would be perished this time. In other words, which one will be a threat in the future.
The higher ranks were standing tall and proud in the front, amused by the cursed blood which was being splattered on the stone walls and painted the horrific symbols of their cult and coven. The bloodshed excited the members for more killing. Some had left to please themselves by some hunting. Those poor preys had no chance against them...And why they had taken over the world has been always a mystery to the 'Ruler Of the Night'.
In an unnoticeable corner, was standing our young vampire. Umut. The female was watching the battle with slight shakes in her legs because it had been her first time seeing a duel like that. As long as the previous Head was alive, none of this continued for so long...but now that the Head was gone...
One of the fighter stumbled backward for the last time in his sinful life and soon regretted it as his opponent's claw pierced through his chest directly into his dear heart.
A quick death.
Umut's hand went towards her newly wet face and wiped it some before looking at her red palm.
Wasn't right.
Weren't they all Great Coven?
They shouldn't fight...! They...

"[b Get out of my way.]" A whisper halted her movement as Umut stepped away without looking back.

Of course wherever it smelled like blood...

Ge would come.

"[b Now. Stop this stupid silence everyone...who dares to face this good ol' lady?]"
"[b Such big mouth you have..even though we all saw how you pathetically escaped from the Shrine Hunters...]"

And then another fight began...Umut felt the atmosphere sickening. The smell of Vampire blood only stressed her out...

It was nothig sweet like human blood.

The young one took her leave out of the cave. It couldn't be helped. These strong vampires were powerful yet hot headed...thanks to the hunters there weren't any ancient and level headed vampire like the deceased Head around.

Umut looked up at the nightsky. She could easily spot the stars...How she loved to ask them what the future holds for the Great Coven but none of the vampires knew Astronomy...Ah, well. Except one she heard about from the Head....

Her eyes widen at the crazy idea which just popped into her mind.

Why the hell not?!

She would absolutely save the Great Coven from chaos!

It looked easy at first. Find him and drag him here then give him the crown and yaaaaay happily ever after under the shadow of the great Devil.

The first problem was, where was he?

To find it out, she had to leave her Coven be and begin her investigation through the large amazing country of China. The tiny problem was that she was well a vampire and unfortunately there were some Shrine Hunters who could easily detect her presence. Umut was still young and naive so she was an easy target. But hopefully the Hunters would expect her in night so if she just travelled during was a torture but she could pass it with the hats and extra dressing. This way of searching really slowed her down. Yet...she was stubborn.Aside from the Great Coven, there were alone vampires too who lived for themselves. Umut didn't like the idea of being lonely among the humans...that just reminded her...nevermind.

However, those vampires came in handy since they had heard about the wise vampire. It seemed like her ideal Head had travelled through the world.

He really was one unqiue guy. Why didn't he come to them? Beats her.

ONLY two years passed until she finally realised his whereabouts...

Really...England? Couldn't get further from the Great Coven....

You might ask isn't two years...too late? The answer is...for a vampire, Nope. Normally a selection for a new Head might even take about 50 years because hell it's about ruling over the whole Coven for like...hundreds of years...

That's why the death of Head was too much for the Great Coven.

Europe...How classic. It also made him look even more mysterious and respectable for Umut.

A simple plane was a shortcut to the place.

Umut didn't relax a single muscle during the flight, pressing her lips together as the chatty fat lady beside her never shut her mouth.

Oh, well. Umut couldn't just kill her in front of everyone...all she could do was giving ignored glares and rude replies. weak...yet so annoying.

It took Umut two months to find out his exact address, thanks to that drunk Hunter.

And there she was...exhausted yet happy in front of the wooden door...She could smell the ancient vampire and she was sure he is also smelling her...stench. Our crazy vampire refused to take a shower for a month...wandering in endless streets of the rainy city restlessly. But now she could relax...her Great Coven was saved...

The savage vampire forgot her manners out of excitement and clawed on the door like the way her Cult does whenever visiting a place.


Too much drama but it's okay from someone who's been searching like crazy.
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