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Oliva laughed as she caught her breath, still hand and hand with Lev she felt like she could do anything. It was worth to see her mother's face when an actual person was at the door waiting for her. She couldn't wipe the grin off her face [b "oh I am fine...I had the same nightmare I always had but other then that I slept ok"] she stated like it was normal. Olivia always had the same nightmare sense she was younger, it was always about the same thing. She was running...fast and hard from thing through a field. Her lungs always burned as she rushed though the tall grass. It always ended with her tripping and a tall black figure standing over her. She always wakes up in a cold sweat and in a state of panic like it was real.

She shivered alittle bit thinking of it, she thought it was strange to have such a realistic dream over and over again. She didn't really have anyone to talk to about it so she just pretend it didn't happen.

Walking down the street she looked up at the morning sky. The last traces of the rain from yesterday was gone, leaving the sky bright and blue. She laughed as he went on about how he got a cellphone and he didn't know how to use it. Taking it from him she smiled [+blue "it's very simple"] she stated opening it up and simply going over where he would find the text messages and the calls from. She showed him where he would find the music and the App Store if he wanted to use anything from it. Opening is contacts she quickly placed in her number. Saving it she handed it back to him [+blue "there I think you got the basics down...and now you have my number just in case you need it"] she stated with a smile.
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He totally forgot about her parents. So now there he stood outside her front door hoping it's Olivia who answers. Sadly, it was her mother. He has seen this woman all of Olivia's life. But she looks a hot mess this morning. Seeing her trying to scan him over. He was someone she has never met before. Her voice tired and strained as she said hello to him.

[b "Eh, he-."] He was cut off from seeing Olivia squishing past her mother to get to him. His face lighting up instantly as he saw her. [b "Good morning."] Lev spoke kindly to her as felt his hand being grabbed by her little hand and dragged away from the door. Doing his best to give a good bye wave to her mother as he was yanked off to follow the young woman who was holding his hand again.

[b "Well, that could have gone worse I think. How are you? Did you sleep alright?"] The dark boy grinned as they walked side by side to their school. Noticing once again they were holding hands, but he didn't think much of it. Friends hold hands right? Sure. It was no big deal. Clearly she didn't mind and neither did he.

Today being much more lovelier than yesterday. The sky clear as the sun was still rising and waking up the day. The air a mixed of that early cool and early warmth of the day. THough it was a little sticky from all the rain yesterday. But it wasn't miserable. [b "Did you miss me?"] He grinned at her and nudged her arm playfully with his elbow. Trying to start a conversation up as they walk to school. [b "Oh. So I guess I have phone?"] He held it out of his pocket and showed her. Just an iPhone like everyone else. [b "How does these work? I always saw you with yours. But, I never had one. Clearly."] That smirk on his lips as he handed his to hers. Knowing everyone has as cell phone so to blend in he best learn how to work his.
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Walking inside after school she was all grins until she saw the faces of her parents standing in the hall with there arms crossed looking at her with disappointment. She sighed knowing exactly why they were upset [+blue "where have you been?"] her father demanded as he looked his daughter over and noticed she was still wet, her hair curling from the rain and her clothing sticking to her skin. Her mother just sighed shaking her head as she walked off. Her mother had already given up on her daughter so she felt no point in arguing with her. [b "i-its not what it looks like! I swear I know I am late....b-but I met a friend after school and we went to a cafe because it was down pouring! I swear I would have been home sooner if the rain wasn't so bad"] she stated as her fathers eyes soften a bit as he sighed and nodded. He was a little understanding because she wasn't talking about her imaginary friend. He walked off [+blue "go wash up as your dirty and get ready to call it a night"] he stated as he pulled out a cigarette and lit it walking off.

Olivia nodded and hurried up the stairs to her room. Walking inside she gathered her things and took a long hot shower to rinse off the dirt from the day. After everything was done she settled in for the night dreaming of Lev and hoping he kept his promise.
The next morning Olivia woke up to the light of the morning sun coming in from her window. She stretched and yawned running her eyes as she got up and got herself ready for school. With her school outfit, she threw on her hoodie and brushed her hair. Heading down stairs she was at the bottom of the steps when her mother answered the door looking like she was nursing a hangover with her cup of black coffee in hand. [+red "hello?"] the older woman asked blocking her hand from the morning sun as she looked Lev over.

Olivia walked beside her mother and grinned big. She was so happy to see him that she squeezed past a very shocked version of her mother [b "bye mom! Heading to school now"] she stayed as she giggled grabbing Levs hand and walking off.
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[b "I'll see you tomorrow. Okay? I promise. There they were now, walking down the street hand in hand to her place. For his time for the day is almost up. The sky is bright and clearing up with the sun starting to set and everything all wet around them from the storm. Though Leverett's favorite part was them holding hands as they walked. Both smiling and just talking among themselves. Now and then Lev would take a big step into the puddle to laugh at the sound it made and not seeming to care that he was getting wet. But now and then he would glance at her, to catch her just, watching peacefully and smiling. Causing him to smile back with his cheeks pink from a blush.

It was obvious if someone was to just take a quick glance at him, then her. People would obviously tell her she can do better than that typical rowdy boy. But it seems neither of them cared.

When she mentions she will miss sleeping with him next to her he sighed heavily and had this, lost in his thoughts look. Trying to think of something to say to that. Not really minding what she said or taking it as anything else than what she said.

[b "Well, I never really slept. I sort of just, floated around in your room to watch over you. I am feeling...I guess....drained? Is that tired?"] He looked to her as they continued on their walk to her place.

Sure enough, it didn't take long for them to reach her new home. He hasn't seen this one and it felt weird not following her inside. But his time was ending soon he doesn't have time. Then he felt her hold his hand tightly and he squeezed back too. He couldn't tell her. Just how scared he was. Going to have to go back. The kiss on his cheek shocked him a bit and he blinked a few times seeing her lean back down on the flats of her feet and then letting go of his hand slowly. Lev wanted to grab hers again. FOr her letting go mean he really did have to go back.

[b "I'll see you tomorrow. Okay Olivia? Right here, seven thirty to walk to school with you. I promise."] He gave her that grin, that confident grin of his that seems to catching everyone's eyes today. [b "It's not goodbye, it's see you later."] The raven haired boy was doing his best to let her feel better. Though both heard the clock and with her back to him. That was it. He was gone. Just like that. For the night.

A long night it was indeed. Leverett thought it would never end. But when it did, it was worth it. The boy was able to transport back to the mortal world. Now standing inside his little home, he stood there gripping at his chest huffing and puffing with wide golden eyes. [b "That's...going...to take some time getting use too...If I can.."] He huffed and looked up into the mirror in his room. Running his fingers over his face and checking out the rest of himself. Everything was okay.

So with that, he put on a clean school uniform with his own flare of course. He still had time till he had to get her, so he figured he would take this time to just see what he can do with his half ghostly half human like body. Playing with things around the room. [b "HE did say try to blend in and start acting more human. So I don't stick out like a dumbass."] He thought to himself so he ran around and ended up turning on a radio. Loudly. Some Smells Like Teen Spirit started playing and it being the first song he heard, he liked it. He played around the house more and he discovered he liked couches and bed. They were comfortable.

But playing was over, he shut his eyes and huffed, trying to remember where Olivia lived. Once he remembered he opened his eyes and saw he was outside her gate. Causing the boy to stand there shocked and looking around to see if anyone saw him just poof like that? Did he poof? [i The shit was that? I can do that!?] He laughed and ran up to her front door, almost running right inside. But he cant do that. He stopped and cleared his throat and knocked on the door. Then he remembered, her parents might answer the door. [b "Fuck."] He gulped not sure how to deal with, parents.
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Olivia turned deep red as they walked down the street. She loved the sound of that...her and him, against this hatful world around them. She subconsciously held his hand tightly not wanting to let him go as she was scared he will disappear forever this time. She really felt this was a dream and once she woke up he would still be gone, but she couldn't do anything about it and didn't want to think of tomorrow right now.

Walking she realized she was holding his hand, but he didn't seem to mind so she didn't let go. It was comforting like a warm blanket on a cold day so she really didn't think much into it. [b "it's ok...I understand that it would be different this time, to bad though I will miss sleeping next to you at night"] she said laughing a little. She hoped that didn't sound to strange, as it just kind of fell out of her mouth.

Turning a corner to saw her house in the distance. [b "not much like I said..."] she shrugged [b "mom put me into another therapist and basically stated this one has to work this time..but that was just this morning before I left"] she stated as she stopped by a large black Iron fence with a tall Victorian style home in the background. She squeezed his hand alittle [b "well here we are....I really don't want you to go though"] she said [b "I feel like I am saying goodbye for real this time..."] she said chokingly as she bit her lip and looked up at him. Lev really was her everything and her heart hurt thinking of him leaving...but she let go of his hand and gave him a smile as the town clock struck 6 exactly. She reached up and gave him a kiss on the cheek as she opened the gate [b "see you tomorrow Lev....I don't want you to get in trouble"] she said closing the gate as she begun to walk up the path to the house.
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Lev had sat back down after making it clear to that other guy his rude eyes were not welcomed. It seemed Olivia though, didn't get why Lev did that. Now he sat there, next to her. Blinking his eyes and his face grew more hot red. How does he explain he saw that guy looking at her chest? With out sounding, well, crazy?

[b "H-he..was...looking at you wrong. I..I didn't like it... I'm sorry.. I know it's exactly that temper is what causes drama and trouble for you. I'm sorry. I just...he was staring at your..your.."] The raven hair male clears his throat and sticks his nose up some. [b "He was staring at your chest, obviously. I'm not stupid. I'm a male myself."] Then he gulped hearing his words and shoved his face in his hands. [b "Not that I was staring at yours! I just, oh geese."] Now he couldn't bring himself to bring his face up. Hiding it from her gaze. Not wanting to see her glare at him.

Though he looked up at her slowly, and saw her going on about how her mother is now. How she looked so sad suddenly. Like always, it pained him to see her like that. Her mother has gotten that bad since he left? He knew that woman was unstable, but to fall that fast?

Before he could ask anything about her mother and her, Olivia was up on her feet and taking his hand. That shut him up rather quickly as he held her hand tightly and got up with her. [b "Yeah, okay. I'll walk you home."] His smile was gentle, to help her calm down the best he could with just his smile.

Now outside, he was thankful it wasn't raining. With the sun setting and their clothes still a bit damp. It was pretty cold. Not that it was bothering him. He was so impressed to actually feel the coolness of the night. [b "Us against the world. I like that. A lot. We can totally it on."]

The smile glanced down at her, realizing they were still holding hands as they were walking. This was so confusing to him. But he liked it. Was it normal? Was it weird that they were holding hands? Leverett didn't know if she wanted him to let go or not.

[b "I'll see you tomorrow morning okay. I'll be there. I'm sorry that I have to leave at night. It...sucks. I know."] It really did suck. That he didn't get to tell her everything. Not that he had all the answers. But the ones he did have, he wasn't really allowed to talk about. Plus, he thinks her finding out about the Grim Reaper himself. Was enough to take in for a day or two. He'll let that wrap around her head for a while. For that alone had probably opened so many new questions.

As they walked to her place he found himself like holding her hand. It meant they were good friends. Right? That she was comfortable with him? Trusted him and liked him? He was clearly new to this, human stuff. [b "Olivia, fill me up. What else have I missed over the last four days?"] Once again he was smiling. Trying to lighten the mood and to get her smiling too. Hoping to help pass the time from the walk and to fill the void of silence on the walk.
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she sighed and said the only thing she could think of left as Lev said it all. [b "I know...its ok now, I am just happy your back and here actually talking to me"] she stated her heart beating fast as she stared up at him warmly. she didn't understand the feeling and decided to ignore it as she felt that it wasn't to important. She noticed the rain had stopped and was about to say something when she noticed Lev get up and glare at the waiter who looked somewhat scared of what Lev would do to him.

Olivia rolled her eyes and was about to scold Lev when she noticed he was flushed like he was embarrassed. she giggled at his react [b "I don't know how he would have bad behavior for picking up our dishes, but its all good"] she stated smiling big as she threw on her backpack and stood up stretching slightly as she looked out the window once more. she was a little sad that there little outing has come to an end, but she didn't want him to get in trouble with Death. she looked back up at Lev [b "we better start heading for my house then before you get in trouble for staying out so late...plus my parents are going to be wondering why I am not home by now"] she stated with a sigh as she looked down her sadness showing on her face. Its gotten worse....mom is a nervous wreck all the time and has started popping more pills and dad drinks more. I feel its more my fault as we had to move so much...b-but now that your here everything is going to get better right?] she asked even though she knew he wouldn't have all the answers to her questions. Even if no one understood, Lev has gotten her through so much and has helped her not to fall into the bad crowds or even turn into a rebellious girl who got in trouble all the time. though she ended up being a lonely who everyone thought was crazy...she wouldn't have it any other way.

she grabbed lev's hand softly and started tugging him towards the exit. [b "no more saddness or saying sorry....what's done is done and I am ready to move forward like we always have...just the two of us against the world"] she said smiling big as she held his hand tighter and exited the cafe, heading down the street once more.
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Her expressions were shocked, confused, and a mixture of mind blown when he mentioned the Grim Reaper himself. Lev sort of just grinned nervously and rubbed the back of his head. [b "Yeah..him."] He added one last time. But her expressions changed once again when she started to talk about how he left and it hit him hard. The raven hair male's face frowned and his head hung low. He did it to help her. But he doesn't blame her. He understands her feelings.

[b "Olivia, please...it..I did that to help. I was scared of losing you. You told me you never wanted to see me again."] He didn't raise his voice, he didn't get flustered. It seems she was the only person who would never be at the end of his rage. [b "I did what I did, for you. How could have told you? I couldn't speak. You were so upset with me.. I did this for you."] Now he was staring down at his hands as he fiddled with his fingers nervously. Wondering, if she approves of this. If this will help her at all. They were friends after all, surely she must really like this more. She's too old to have an "imaginary friend" any more. This has to be better. [b "Still, I know you must have been scared..I apologize. That wasn't my intention."]

Just then, she scooted closer and he felt everything get hotter suddenly. Not entirely sure what the hell that means. So he didn't think on that too much. He was too busy locked onto her eyes anyways. The beautiful blue green they were. How could he look away. [b "We have a few hours left. I apologize. But I will be there for school with you tomorrow. I should be back by place by six. When it stops raining I can take you..."] He stopped when he saw that waiter come back to take her cup. Lev was pretty sure he had given stern looks at the counter for this guy to watch where his eyes were wondering. Leverett quickly stood up, not appreciating that wink he gave her either.

[b "You have a death wish or something? Watch where you're looking and go do your job."] He grit his teeth and glared much more threatening this time. Not pleased with this guy at all.

Soon sitting back down with her on the couch. Now his face was flushed a bit as he looked back at her. [b "S-sorry...he's a pervert. I don't...approve his behavior."] Lev chuckled and then glanced to the window to see the rain had stopped and the sun was starting to peek through once more.
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Olivia watched him taking it all in, [b "the grim reaper? Like the one in lore and stuff?"] she really didn't want to be believe him because it was so far over her head to think the grim reaper was real in anyway, but if Lev was finally here in physical form then anything was possible she supposed. She did have to admit that going to school was a lot easier when everyone could see him, she for once didn't feel like a freak walking around talking to herself. For once I her life she felt what it was like to be normal.

She understood that he wanted to go and fix the problem that he caused. She knew he most likely felt guilty for all that he caused her, she could see it on his face as he talked about it [b "you could have told me you know, yeah I was angry, but you could have at least gave me some warning...but instead you just left, no warning...and after that huge fight we had...I thought I have lost you forever! And that was a very scary feeling"] she stated softly as she took another drink of her coco holding it close. Her clothing was starting to dry which was a good sigh, she looked up at the clock when he stated he had to leave at six. She started to grow panicky with the thought of him leaving her again.

She relaxed though with his words of saying he will always be here for her. She laughed scooting closer to him and leaning against his shoulder. She sighed smiling big up at him [b "yeah I will admit I loved having you actually here...for sure"] she said as the guy from earlier came and took her empty cup and winked at her, looking down at her chest which was still wet and see through. Olivia really didn't notice what was going on and just smiled back before looking back up at Lev. [b "I understand you have to leave though...I can walk myself home if you want to leave for where ever your heading at 6, we don't have to stay to long as I know you can't really tell me much"]
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His eyes saw her scoot a muffin over to him and he licked his lips once again and leaned in to take a bite of it himself. Loving it! It was so sweet and fresh! His eyes rolled up a bit as he smiled from ear to ear enjoying all these new things he gets to experience.

But the fun was cut short. For she got right to it. Her questions being big and important right off the bat. Not easing into the big questions. She wanted to know where he was for four days. A question he wasn't sure he could answer. How does he explain to a mortal? About, realms? He sat his coffee on the table in front of him and leaned forward. A long heavy sigh leaving his lips as his elbows rested on his knees. Where does he start? How does he start? To make things worse, she looked so. So sad. It was killing him! He never wants to see her sad! Never! Not Olivia!

[b "Olivia.."] He started and turned himself some on the couch to face her. One leg tucked on the couch his other foot flat on the ground. [b "I...I'm so sorry for hurting you. For leaving like I did. But when you said those things. Those hurt me too. I saw the stress I was causing you in that other form.."] Levi was speaking hushed, so not just anyone could really hear him talking. [b "I, knew I had to fix what I did. To stop making your life harder than it needed to be. I left, to help you. You have to admit. It's a lot easier this way. Isn't it?"] He put a smile on his lips and gave her knee a soft little rub.

Another deep sigh left his lips, coming to the tricky part of the question. [b "Where I was....I...I was with...HIM. The one in charge of....people like me. The darkness. Death. I guess, you humans call HIM, the Grim Reaper or a Death God of some sort. The master of souls. I was in...the Real of End. As in, where you all go at the end. Bad, or good. We, all go there. Sorry for those who believe anything else."]

He felt like he managed that, okay? Like that wasn't too confusing. Maybe a bit to take in. But not confusing.

[b "And...how I became...this..I.."] He frowned and hung his head again. [b "I..I cant answer that one. I cant. I'm sorry. You cant handle that. Okay. Just, don't worry about it."] His voice was so, true sounding. As if he was putting on a brave face.

[b "There...there is something I have to tell you though."] He looks up and looks at the clock on the wall. It was just past three. [b "I have to leave at six. But, I will be back in the morning. I have 12 hours here, in this world. Then 12 back in mine. It's...my price. To be..well this."]

That was the nice way of putting that, and he sips his coffee more. Licking his lips once more, before looking to her. [b "Don't worry too much okay? I'm here Olivia. For you. Still. Always will be."] This charming smile on his lips as he sat there next to her once again. Both feet on the ground once more and was sitting a bit closer. [b "I will add. It's amazing to actually be here physically. With you. In person. We can do anything Oliva!"] He got a bit excited and said that last part a little loudly.
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Olivia blew on the top of her hot coco causing the steam to blow away from her. She was chilled to the bone and was glad for the warmness the hot coco brought to her hands. She blushed thinking of Lev with her and touching her like he did, even though she didn't say it out loud she did notice he was staring at her. She thought it was kind of cute the way her got awkward how he looked away because he realized that he was staring.

Olivia pushed a blueberry muffin towards Lev and bit off the top of hers. She groaned loving the flavor it brought. She took another sip of the coco and looked at him getting nervous as she looked down. [b "where have you been for four days Lev?....she just left me out of no where and it hurt me more then you hurting that one guy."] she stated looking down at her hands causing her hair to fall in front of her face hiding her sadness from remembering it. [b "and how did you become human? If you are human that is"] she muddered the last part as she took another drink of her hot coco. Her long dark hair was sticking to her face so she pushing it behind her ear and looked up to her with big blue eyes.

She missed him so much and let out a slight sigh [b "I kind of feel this is a dream...like your really not here and I am just going to wake up back in this nightmare I call reality"] she clutched her cup thinking of her parents talking about her this morning, and how they are finally stating if she doesn't clear up her act and grow up they would send her to a mental hospital...which is by far the scariest thing she ever heard of. That and going back to therapy.
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Once inside the little coffee shop, he let her slide down his back to get onto her feet. There he shook his wild raven locks and splashed her a little extra. Laughing at her reaction and just stood there, smiling down at her with his eyes half lidded. THe way her hair stuck to her face was just simply adorable and his hands moved on their own. Reaching up to her face and gently tucking her hair behind her ears. The young man, unable to look away from her. Till he caught on that he was staring at her. That's when his face flushed and he quickly tucked his hands back into his now soaking pants pockets. Lev stuck out his bottom lip some as he looked the other way to try and paly off as nothing. To not, well, be awkward. She makes him do weird things he's noticed. Things, that he doesn't totally hate doing.

Her little laughing as she agreed that they would have still been out in the rain if he hadn't picked her up. THey both got a laugh out of that. So he glanced to her again, and noticed how the white of her blouse was more, skin toned. His golden eyes widened as he quickly he held a fist to his lips and did a little cough and turned to face the counter. To not stare or to seem as if he noticed.

That's when he noticed the young man who was taking her order, his eyes were wondering. Down to her chest. Leverett glared daggers as he stood behind her, his face being above her head. The other guy saw Lev's glares of death and quickly took her order and kept his eyes off her as he handed her things and told her to enjoy. Leverett on the other hand ordered just a large black coffee and slid the money on the counter to the boy. Eyes still narrowed on him and didn't say anything else. Taking his drink to go join her at a table.

The little love couch she picked for them to sit on was rather perfect. Allowing them to sit rather close next to each other. There he sat, his left leg swung up on his right knee, left arm on the arm rest and his other holding the hot coffee cup in his right hand. Watching her join him and get right to it. Telling him they can finally talk now. This was it.

He was going to try answer most of her questions. Knowing there were some things, he just couldn't. Not, now anways. But the obvious ones he would be to. He thinks? It depends on what she asks really.

[b "Yes, now we can finally talk. Ask away. I'll do my best."] He said and sipped the burning hot coffee. Licking his lips and loving the taste. It warmed his body and he grinned a sharp toothy grin enjoying the bitter taste. [b "Mmm."] He said taking another sip. [b "Go ahead, what's on your mind? Ask, and I shall answer."] Leverett was curious as to what she may have been thinking about. Probably the obvious one, like. Why are human? Are you really human? Things like that? He's kinda excited to tell her these things and to see how she will take it.
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Olivia saw it was starting to get her more heavy as she walked with Lev towards the cafe. She held on to her back pack as she tried to move as fast as she could even though she was having a hard time seeing in front of her. She looked up to see Lev in front of her tell her to hope on to carry her. She really wasn't wearing the right shoes to be walking In the rain, so biting her lip she hopped into his back and wrapped her arms around his neck tightly as he walked off.

He was walking fast and she gave him the directions to the cafe they were heading to. She would laugh and giggle every time he would splash in a puddle as she thought it was fun, like she was a kid again. She playfully slapped him but would quickly grab ahold him as he walked. She loved being able to be this close to him and finally do normal things she always wanted to do with him.

When they finally got to the cafe he let her down and she just stood there with a huge grin on her face. She was soaked from head to toe and her dark hair was like a vail around her. The top of her white school blouse was see through now and all you could see was the top of her breasts which she didn't notice as they were up next in line. She laughed at his comment [b "this is very true...as it's getting worse"] she stated smiling at the young guy that was clearly looking at her breasts. She ordered two blueberry muffins with some hot coco, she wanted something warm in her system as she was starting to get cold.

Grabbing their order she walked over to a empty table over by the window. It had a love seat that looked very comfortable and a nice coffee table to lay food on or a good book. She sat down and sighed loving it's comfort as she sipped the mug of hot coco. [b "well we are here! Let's talk"] she stated smiling as she looked at him with bright blue eyes.
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The rest of the school day, went, great. If he was to say so himself. The two had every class together. He would toss little notes to her and make silly faces when the teacher wasn't looking. Art class was interesting, he did this amazing sketch of a lonely dead tree with a single old tire swing on it. It looked gloomy, but homey at the same time. It was a weird combination and the art teacher ate it up. Praising his talents too and he just blushed and rubbed the back of his head.

But when the day was over he walked with her to her locker, hearing that she was ready to just talk and he nodded. [b "Me too."] He said, a little worried like but wasn't going to chicken out.

They both noticing it was starting to rain and he just stood there under the dark clouds with eyes closed and letting the drops fall on his face. [b "I...feel like...I've felt rain before. But not in a looooong time...it's weird."] He laughed confused at himself and just smiled back at her and followed her lead to this little café.

But it started down pouring and he laughed louder and turned his back to her. [b "Hey! Slow poke! Hop on! I'll get us there!"] He grinned from ear to ear. His once spikey raven hair now in his face as he shook his head like a dog to get it stick out in all directions, for only just a second. When she got on his back, he held onto her thighs and followed her directions to get them there. Running and splashing in puddles on purpose. All to just hear her giggle and laugh. To feel her hold onto him as he jumped. The little slaps on his head she gave him. All of it was so worth it and he would do anything to hear her laugh and feel her holding him. This girl, something about her. If he knew it or not.

At the café they ran in laughing and dripping wet, but oh well. He didn't care. [b "Alright! We are here."] Leverett set her down carefully as he followed her more to the counter and waited in line with her till they ordered something. [b "We would still be out in the storm if I didn't carry you."] The raven boy grinned at her and couldn't take his eyes off her. It was hard for him. He's starting to notice this.
  Leverett / Papa_Death / 1y 46d 1h 39m 25s
Olivia sighed softly closing her eyes and leaning into his hand that cupped her check. His hand was so soft and warm, so familiar yet she has never been able to touch him let along feel his warmly. It was comforting and his words made it all better, as he spoke of never leaving her again. That thought alone smile as the bell rang signaling that lunch was over [b "ok sounds good to me"] she stated excitedly as she got up and threw away her trash. Did she like this school? She thought about it as she waited for Lev to throw out his half eaten lunch. She kind of liked it so far, it's a fresh start with new faces that didn't know her and now Lev is actually here people won't think she is crazy for talking to herself when she wasn't. [b "I really like it so far....it's different and new plus no one here knows who I am and my reputation for being a crazy, and plus you have a tendency to attract trouble"] she stated laughing a little giving him a wink as she throw her bag over her shoulder. Together they walked to there next class.

Through the rest of the day, they didn't run into anymore problems from any other students which was good. For once Olivia was smiling and happy, glad to have Lev back even if she didn't understand how he came to be physically here. As they walked out of there final class, Olivia walked to her locker and put her books away. Turning to Lev to smiled big at him [b "so ready to head out and talk? I saw alittle cafe not to far away that I heard had really tasty muffins"] she said biting her lip and pushing a stray hair behind her ear. She didn't want to show it but she was excited to actually do something after school for once, instead of heading straight home. Walking outside she noticed it started to sprinkle. Putting up her hood she headed out, leading the way to the cafe.
  Olivia / Serlight / 1y 51d 21h 4m 59s

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