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Jesse knew they definitely looked the part of a couple, but he wondered, if they could ever be a couple. "You don't think we could do it?" he asked, almost challenging, but wanted to be playful, "Natural order... Well, I would be lying, if I said that I didn't want you." His eyes looked into hers and kissed her once more.
When she untangled herself and splashed him, he smiled. "Oh, you're in for it now," he said and splashed her before throwing his arms around her and dragging her underwater.


Slowly Savannah looked to him as he rubbed her back. He was the first one that ever asked such deep questions about her, wanted to know everything about her. "Well, I'm not even sure, if I can figure out fact from rumor anymore," she admitted, "I mean... I don't think I've ever truly had a 'normal' relationship. There was always some sort of press watching me." It was hard not to get confused at some point.
The perfect couple... Her head turned to the river as she thought on it before looking back to it. "I mean, I would be lying, if I said that it was easy. The gazes, everyone always watching. You feel like you are never alone, that you can't make a mistake, even if it's human," she told him and she found her head tilting to rest against his shoulder, "But... I imagine, if you are with the right person, it's possible. And you won't be an it couple forever." She didn't realize his fear.
Hearing he liked the wheel, she smiled. "Then let's go," she said and tugged lightly on his arm, "I'm sure it will be the best view of the city." She looked to him eagerly.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 75d 7h 7m 56s
They had done good looking like a fresh new couple. Embracing, check. Quiet conversation, check. Into only each other, check. Kenna knew that Phin would be pleased. "Hm, I don't think so," Kenna said with a small smirk. "It's the naurual order. When two people find that one, it's what they do. Do you want me that bad?"

Leaning in for one more kiss she untangled herself giving him a splash. There was a good chance he was right.


"It's not what I meant. I just want to figure out fact from rumor. Dating with your field is common, not that I have. I met my ex at a charity and I went from there. It was nice to not have that pressure to be a perfect couple," Carrick said before rubbing her back."is it still hard?"

Carrick thought he might be an idiot but the idea of being an "it" couple was enough to scare the crap out of him. "The wheel sounds wonderful."
  Hollywood / Faust / 75d 7h 39m 27s
The way Carrick said it made her actually sound really terrible, at least it felt like that to Savannah. She gave a soft shrug. "I mean, you get your friends where you spend your time. That just happens to be models for me, since I worked as one. Just like you probably have some surfer friends," she replied, looking to him.
She didn't see a problem with seeing David. She was meeting him for lunch, not starting her next relationship. Besides, how long was she expected to wait after all this? She deserved to have a life too. The giant ferris wheel called the London Eye came into view. "I've never actually been on there. Want to?" she asked, looking to Carrick.


Jesse chuckled. "It has, but trust me, if you intend to make this harder, then I will be having you scream all night," he mused, continuing to run a hand along her back as he enjoyed the contours. What she pointed out was strange. He honestly hadn't thought about it much more than that. "You think we would be able to survive something like that?" he finally asked as he did let go off her when she wanted to untangle, "Us two in a monogamous relationship seems like something that will explode." Nothing against them, but they were both slightly insane.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 75d 19h 44m 18s
"So, before you were whisked off to Hollywood to become a heart throb, you were younger and partying with models. Even dating a fellow model to going to movies and Julian," Carrick gave a side look to her. "Just trying to figure out the pieces to your life."

His life had already been told, he was still trying to figure hers out. It did bother him to be reunited with her ex. It didn't seem right to start anything romantic with this whole fiasco going on.


"Hasn't that been done already?" Kenna asked raising a brow at him. The open challenge made her smirk though. She would need to hold off as much as she possibly could. The thought struck her. When leaving, she had no interest. Granted she went from enjoying sex to having no interest in it because she was sick of men.

The thought of him not being interested in anyone else, was something. "Most people who get to that point enter monogamous relationships."

The images of them in a relationship was amusing. Moving her arms from his necks he took a step back.
  Hollywood / Faust / 75d 21h 21m 3s
They were an addiction to one another. It was becoming more than clear. For whatever reason they couldn't get enough of each other. It was the first time Jesse had had such a feeling. "Well, then I will work very hard, but trust me, I'll be making you scream later," he mused, running a hand down her back.
The thought made him pause. Was it possible? "Perhaps... That the reason you aren't enjoying any other men?" he asked, looking into her blue eyes, before kissing her back. Still, he wasn't about to let her go, not if she didn't untangled from him.


Carrick clearly hadn't understood the cue to drop the subject, but somehow Savannah found this sweet, even if it made things uncomfortable for her. "Yeah, he was. We did some jobs together and got to know each other outside of that," she told him, thanking him with a smile for the door, "Well, then I'll be more than happy to show you more. Everything that is my London." A stroll along the Themse seemed liked a good thing. It was dry outside.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 76d 6h 43m 37s
There was that air around them, Kenna noted, the main reason they kept coming back to each other. The other reason was as simple as they wanted domination neither willing to give up. She chuckled against her lips, "you'll actually have to work hard. And what if this....is the reason it's difficult to enjoy other blondes?"

They were liable to not be happy with anyone else after this. Giving one last kiss she ran a hand through his hair. Kenna was very attracted to him, just wanted to be more than an easy mark.


"Was he before Julian?" Carrick asked. Missing the cue to get off the subject he opened any doors for her. "You can show me more. I wasn't in London much for Fangs. That was mostly in Somerset and three other locations."

He thought of finding his ex, they parted as friends, but lost contact. It was better not ro.
  Hollywood / Faust / 76d 6h 53m 55s
"Tomorrow. See you then," Savannah agreed with a nod and kissed his cheek as well before turning to move back to Carrick. The question was awkward or at least how she was going to to answer it. "That obvious?" she asked, slightly embarrassed, "Yeah... it was pretty good. Meeting him tomorrow."
Somehow she felt like she needed to explain. "We were together before I went to Hollywood. I broke it off when I left. It didn't feel right to keep it going," she explained as they made their way back out, "So... want to see more of my London or want to do something else?" Maybe she was hoping to get him off the topic of David.


Jesse smiled to her, his eyes twinkling as he looked to her, keeping his arm around her. "But not in this very hot bikini," he mused, running a hand causally along her side.
Her attempted kiss did make him give a slight look. "Well, who said I am not that good?" he asked with a small smirk, "Oh, don't worry. I'll get you either way." When she did kiss him he moved a hand into her hair, keeping the kiss going for a bit longer. His hand tightened lightly. "I will make sure of it," he whispered, stealing another quick kiss.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 76d 7h 33m 30s
"Tomorrow then, I look forward to seeing you again," David kissed her cheek again. He had this chance and he'd do it. First maybe a job that'd have them work together again and go out for dinner.

Carrick waited by the water fountain. Looking to the pictures, he was lost in those thoughts when he saw her approach. "Did you have a good talk with your ex?" He asked curiously.


"You must be bored at this point, you've seen and had it all," Kenna said wrapping her arms around his neck. Leaning close as if to kiss him she gave a smirk. "Yes, I do want you to suffer. You've had it easy for so long, it's about time."

Going in for that kiss knowing people would watch and their publicity stunt. She did want that kiss, too.
  Hollywood / Faust / 76d 7h 44m 37s
Oh, she was trying to get under his skin and he would be lying, if he said it wasn't working. Watching her, Jesse gave an appreciative whistle. "Truly a sight to behold," he mused as his eyes roamed her body.
The question of if he was joining her made him smile and he simply sat on the edge of the pool before letting himself slip in. "I'm all in," he replied as he moved towards her and wrapped an arm around her waist, "You realize you have every man in this place watching you?" Not that he minded. No one expect for him was touching her.


Julian hadn't been the reason she originally took the job. Savannah really had wanted to try her luck with acting and things with Julian only happened later. David hadn't believed her though, at least back then, but she had been the one to break it off so she supposed he had a right to be angry,
Hearing the news of the pub, she shook her head. "Of course, it had to move. Well, I guess I'll just have to see, if I still recognize it," she mused as she accepted the number, "Thank you. You still look amazing as well." David was still charming and attractive as ever. Should she try again? It seemed a bad idea, but maybe a short revisit might not be bad. "I should probably get going. Don't want to keep you from work and I still have more of London to show Carrick," she said as turned to look where her costar had run off to.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 76d 19h 52m 15s
Even though Kenna really hadn't been serious with anyone, nor did she really do public displays, she knew how it worked. To understand how those she hired worked she asked for one of the head escorts to show her exactly how it was done and every trick. It was more than a sharp mind that made her what she was, she was thorough.

Kenna remained close to him, giving him that smirk before taking off the cover before giving him a look. "What do you think?" She asked before starting towards the pool.

Stepping in she let out a content sound, perfect temperature for it being an indoor pool. The weather here didn't make great outdoor pools. "Well, are you coming in?"


How had it taken so long for the news to break that it was a fake relationship? Honestly, David didn't understand. It hadn't been his issue for her acting instead she had been taken so far way. Julian hadn't realized that she wasn't his to take, Savannah was his.

"I like surprises," David answered with a cheerful smile. "It's still there. There's a few new buildings but much of it's the same. The pub did move, however, it's in this trendy center of London now. All of the hipsters go there. I did change my number, here is the new one."

Writing down the new number he handed to her with a charming smile. "You're as radiant as ever."
  Hollywood / Faust / 76d 22h 4m 7s
Savannah saw no reason not to see David. He was acting civil, seemed to be past the break up and she did like talking to him. Also she didn't need to have any qualms about Carrick, even if deep down she sort of did, because he had willingly made himself a friend and nothing more.
Watching Carrick walk off, she turned her attention back to David. She did smile at his compliments. "Thank you. It means a lot coming from you, but don't think flattery will get you any spoilers. It's against my contract," she replied, teasing him slightly, "Our old haunt sounds perfect. Has it changed as much as the city? You have to tell me how your modeling is going." She did want to know about how his life was going.


Jesse shrugged amused. "Perhaps, but then again you are the woman with the peculiar job," he pointed out and hearing Phin had her covered on dresses, he smiled. He gave the guy a look, wish he hopefully understood as get the the most sexy, drop dead gorgeous dress possible. He sure as hell would, if he didn't.


The place was nice. It wasn't anything he wasn't used to so he supposed that was why he wasn't all over it. Though he did want to be all over Kenna, especially in that red bikini. "It's pretty nice," he agreed as he looked around, wondering what she saw though her eyes, before chuckling, "Well, it depends. Though I have to say I'm more of a jump in the pool sort of guy. Care to join me?" He looked to her, his eyes almost daring her to say yes.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 77d 6h 35m 59s
Carrick felt the oddest sensation to stop her and stop David from seeing her. He couldn't though, it was unlikely. He had willingly just been friends and needed to stick by this. Carrickspied a water fountain and went to it.

"Of course, I love any pictures and yours is the best. This new one sounds promising," David meant that meant that. Her returning meant that they could be together again. That had been some of the point though. "Would you like our old haunt?"


Kenna looked ro him with a chuckle. "I'd call you strange but thank you, that seems fitting," there was a pause about the charity. "I really don't own any dress for anything like that but yes."

"I have you covered, go and act like a couple and it'll be delivered," Phin said.

"Alright," Kenna nodded.


It was a nice place, she had to find her nicer clothes just to get in. The first thing was on her list, it wasn't hard to convince Jesse. In a red bikini with a red cover. "This is like a magazine. Hm, I ruined her husband just last month," Kenna smirked at seeing some former clients here. "So do you guys just go jump in a pool or lounge first? "
  Hollywood / Faust / 77d 6h 53m 27s
Jesse smiled to her, finding this all very fascinating. "Have I ever told you how sexy it is to watch you plan another person's demise?" he asked, truly meaning that, "Well, then I suppose I should book us a nice room. How does the imperial suite sound?" He had the money so why not use it to pay for this.
"But we will still go to the benefit though right?" he inquired, "Seems like a shame to go there and not enjoy that while we can." That and he wanted to see her in a beautiful evening gown. Sue him.


Savannah supposed she would have to explain this to Carrick later. Though right now she felt strangely protected by him standing beside her and she didn't mind that. If she could have, she maybe would have linked hands with him, but instead simply stood there.
Her brow arched surprised. "You have?" she asked slightly surprised considering how much he had hated the idea of her leaving London for Hollywood, "Well, I'm glad you like them. Yeah, lunch would be great. Has your number changed since then?" Hers had, since obviously when her career had really taken off she needed to change it. Still, it would be nice to catch up and he didn't seem mad anymore.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 77d 7h 22m 17s
"I don't believe she's the one that set up the target on you, that she's a middle woman. The whole day actually, there are some nice pools there, and I need to do a set up," Kenna answered casually. "I never get my hands dirty. She has a clause in her prenuptial that if there's cheating everything is lost, I'm going to have a male escort take her to a room with a hidden camera for leverage. That will get her to talk, I have back up plans just in case."

There was some amazing pools, too. She wanted to have at least a few hours to relax even if ir was with with him. She meant to torture him as much as she could.


Carrick knew it was more than that, it was like they had dated. He state by Savannah, almost protective like. "Nice to meet you, David," he nodded to him. He was something, tall, good jawline he normal model.

"I've seen almost all of them, you're good, I can't wait to see what else you do," David smiled. "Well, it'd be great to catch up again. Maybe we could do a lunch or something."
  Hollywood / Faust / 77d 7h 32m 26s
Savannah arched a brow lightly at what he said before she looked to him. Did they? "So I suppose I should be glad I just became a spotlight hog," she mused teasingly as she thought on it, "Nothing really big. I suppose the normal amount of drama." But then again, maybe she was just used to more than what he would call normal.
Hearing the teasing, she rolled her eyes as she elbowed him lightly in the side. "Ones of me relaxed," she replied before deciding to turn the teasing around, "Unless you want different ones." As expected there were a lot that didn't recognize her anymore, but it had been years. The model industry moved fast.
She was surprised when she saw David. Wow, she hadn't thought of him in years. Their end was still awkward to her. "It has," she replied with a smile as she too hugged and kissed his cheeks, "I needed a break from Hollywood. I'm probably going to do some filming here. So you are still a famous model as ever?"
Having the two meet was awkward as could be, but she tried not to let it show. "David, this is Carrick, my costar in my latest movie. Carrick, David, I modeled with him way back when," she introduced them, though somehow neither description did them justice.


Julian simply gave her a mischievous smile before walking off. There was no rule about showering her with gifts.


Jesse was a little frustrated, he would admit it. Here he had the most stunning woman to go to dinner with and she refused him. It made him itch to have her even more and he would have her, no doubt about that.
It was impressive however how much the two were able to gather on a person so quickly. He listened to everything. "So... does that mean we are going to that benefit?" he inquired, looking the pages over, "Seems only naturally that we show up there, if we want to rattle her." At least to him it made the most sense, but what did he know?
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 77d 19h 41m 5s

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