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Savannah laughed, shaking her head amused. "You really think I'm that skinny?" she asked, knowing you couldn't count her ribs by looking at her so it wasn't that bad, "Also, am I not relaxed right now? I will look forward to that history lesson though." It was amazing to see the pride he had for his country. She didn't think she had that for any country.
Hearing the last part, she felt herself flush slightly. A hand ran through her hair. "I... wasn't wondering. I thought you weren't interested in me like that," she finally replied after a moment of silence, "Though I do think this is the first time someone announced they would attempt to court me at a later point in time." She wasn't sure how she felt about all this now, but in a way it did feel good.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 57d 14h 27m 29s
"Fatten you up, get you to relax, and share all my knowledge with you of Ireland and feel proud. Though most of it is giants, fae and the sort...then the castles are usually 'those bastards' or we won," Carrick laughed. She would have some idea being from England, though the big city people never understood the small town people.

"And if...you were wondering why I'm not making any move...I'd like to sometime in the future. Right now, I'm enjoying seeing you get some legs back. You don't need me or anyone right now."
  Hollywood / Faust / 57d 16h 22m 25s
Savannah chuckled softly as he spoke. "So you just want someone to come along so you aren't lonely," she teased lightly before arching a brow, "Are you saying I'm too skinny?" He would be the first person to say she should be gaining weight, not that she thought she looked too skinny, like an anorexic or something.
Thoughtfully she paused with a fork to her lips, looking to him. "You are too sweet at times," she said softly with a small smile, "It wouldn't be too awkward, no. I mean, we know a lot about each other from filming the movie. As for everything else I'm okay, truly. You don't have to worry about me." Possibly to slightly reassure him she placed her hand on his free one for a moment.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 58d 15h 11m 57s
"Save you? I just want some meals that stick to the ribs, nice scenery and good company. It's up to you what you take from it, Sav," Carrick gave her a wide grin before digging into his food. He might make it more than Ireland, there was always Wales or Scotland...That seemed like fun.

"It wouldn't be too awkward, would you? I know you need to recover and all from the last while." He was concerned about this.
  Hollywood / Faust / 58d 16h 49m 57s
Somehow she had the feeling he thought that she had been swept along by Hollywood. Maybe in a way Savannah had, but she had still been the willing participant. It had been her decision to do all those things. She couldn't blame Hollywood for everything, as easy as that was.
The touch was a surprise, there had been few times he actually touched her and she gave him a soft smile. "Thank you," she replied, "And you think you can help me find myself by touring through Ireland?" Was that place a cure all for everything? She was curious.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 60d 15h 20m 51s
Giving her a knowing smirk. Once before all the qunoia, flaxseed and whatever that grass was, she had been a Brit and ate differently. Savannah was beautiful without even trying. There was so much about her that was merky under the drama that she and Julian created for themselves.

"I'm glad you're coming. You've been through a rough time and probably lost yourself somewhere back there," Carrick said. Hollywood had been strange enough to him, somehow he navigated his path. Rubbing her back in support he smiled before going for his food.
  Hollywood / Faust / 60d 16h 20m 58s
Savannah chuckled. "Oh, so you are a strict traditionalist. Ever consider that it might taste better with something else. Maybe not pepper, but whatever?" she suggested teasingly as she watched him strip out of his suit. She couldn't deny that she still loved that sight, though somehow she had sort of given up on anything happening. He just didn't seem interested. So he was a good friend.
After she had changed she joined him on one of the stools. "Next week," she agreed with a nod, since she had been planning her move for a while now anyway before trying a bite of the food, "Okay, this is pretty good." She smiled to him.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 61d 1h 38m 48s
"The cook, I gave her the recipe online, It took two tries to not have her add any pepper to it," Carrick mused. Strippingout of the suit, he placed on a shirt before sitting down. He didn't mind some stools being wet. He was sloppy by nature.

"So we leave next week?" He asked hopefully. He was glad to habe this time with her, and in time he'd be free to try something with her.
  Hollywood / Faust / 61d 2h 23m 19s
Did she have any idea how long he had been wanting to kiss her? Too long for words was the answer. Still, she didn't seem to be opposed to it as she kissed him back, which was a damn relief. If she had refused him no, he would have gone up the wall or something.
Feeling her legs move around him, he gave a soft sound into the kiss, running a hand down her leg, enjoying the skin under his touch. He kept kissing her, growing in passion as it progressed happy for this. "You are so beautiful," he whispered against her lips.


"I bet. With how close you two are according to you, he would be the first to know. It's sweet that that's the case," Savannah mused softly before rolling her eyes playfully, "Use the right spices and it tastes just fine. As for English breakfast, you realize that I haven't had a proper one in over a decade. I've been in this country too long." In a way she did miss it.
When they were done surfing they headed back to his house. Seeing the food, her stomach answered for her, growling softly. "A little. Surfing makes me hungry," she told him, blushing slightly, "Who made all this?" It looked amazing.
  Damian / Hoshizora / 61d 3h 4m 19s
It felt more intimate than spontaneous. Kissing back she moved the one hand to his cheek, the other moving down his arm. This did feel good like pieces connecting. Romantic was another story but she might as well enjoy herself. Was it a possible mistake, she didn't know. Moving her legs more around him, she wasn't sure what was even coming over her.

The feeling felt good though, she enjoyed letting go. Some part of her still wished it was Julian, it was small though.


"He would be the first to know if that was true. It may be healthy but it taste like chewing on rocks. Don't you miss England's food, and Irish is more amazing," Carrick laughed. After surfing he brought her to the house where there was Scottish eggs , Irish pancakes, and orange juice.

"Hungry?" He asked. He'd get her to relax yet.
  Hollywood / Faust / 61d 3h 24m 56s
"Oh, and what kind of message would they get? They going to think you're bringing home a girlfriend or even a fiance?" she asked, giving a teasing grin, "They run a rehabilitation center for celebrities that work too much?" Naturally, it was good natured humor.
Rolling her eyes, she said, "I will have you know that quinoa and flax seeds are very health, but that sounds like a plan. You might have to put up with some whining, but otherwise you'll be okay." She was mostly kidding on that part.
The business with Julian was a long thing to explain. "You really must live under a rock or at least not look at magazines or not watch TV," she mused before sobering slightly, "Julian and I have given an official statement that we have split up. No comments on anything else." That seemed like the best thing for everyone.


There was something about her. She had changed slightly. Damian wondered if it had to do with Julian. Either way, he was now in bed with her, more figuratively than literally, and he would use this chance.
The click was a sign that he could finally do more. Leaning down, his hand still in her hair, he kissed her softly, but passionately. God, he couldn't even say how long he had been wanting to do that. It felt so good.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 61d 5h 21m 23s
"Great. They might get another message but when I say you're too busy for avacation he'll understand," Carrick laughed. "First London to audition and then to Ireland. Are you ready to not have fancy hotels andfood without quinoaor flaxseed?"

Hollywood loved those foods, he was wanting what his sis grandma made. Hehoped that she was good here. "Is all the business finished with Julian?"


What was wrong with her. A week of essentially an affair and she was inviting this. She knew him very well and that meant she was attracted and liked him. Moving one hand to his hair, she gave a content smile.

He did look amazing, she hadn't expected him to be in that amazing of shape. Hearing the click. "There we go..."
  Hollywood / Faust / 61d 5h 30m 16s
If he didn't know her better, Damian would have said she was a confident as a could be, though there were just the tiniest hints of insecurity here and there, not that that wasn't completely normal for a first time.
With a sigh he shrugged. "Can you blame me?" he finally asked. Did she have any idea right now how much he wanted her right now? The demand for a picture with her before a kiss was something he hadn't expected.
Thinking for a moment, he nodded as he set the camera to go off on its own before moving over to her. Since it would have been weird to have him fully clothed next to her in lingerie, he stripped off his shirt and then moved so that he was sort of on top of her, but not burying, looking into her eyes lovingly as his hand caressed her cheek. He just wanted this tiny fabric off of her.


It wasn't that she didn't want to, Savannah was just surprised. Sure, they were costars in a movie, but she didn't think she had ever met any of them, aside from Julian's obviously. That Carrick would invite her just like that was a surprise.
Finally she slowly shook her head. "No, not presumptuous," she ultimately replied, "Just surprised... I would love to meet your father. You talked so much about him that I now have to meet this great man, if I get the chance. As for the touring of Ireland, it looks like you got yourself a travel buddy. I hope you as a local will show me all the hidden secret spots." With a smile she nudged him happily before going to take the next wave.
  Damian / Hoshizora / 61d 14h 11m 27s
This was the most nervous that she had been for a long time. It was out of her comfort zone, so she adapted what one of the actresses told her. And it was working, yet it made her feel like someone else.

"No, just a statement. Which means you have. Very naughty," Althea teased. She had little care about his sex life and what he did. Somewhere in the corner of her mind she wondered about Julian, though.

After the pictures, with the different stupid poses she looked to him curiously. Pressing a finger to his lips she looked to him thoughtfully. "Take a picture with me before a kiss."


"You wouldn't have to visit him if you didn't want. Really, it's a small place. It's not close to big cities, just towns here and there. Several castles around. Does that sound presumptuous?" Carrick asked puzzled.

He thought it seemed good, she needed a break, she'd work herself to crows feet at this point. "No camping, though there are nice spots. What do you say?"
  Faust / 61d 17h 29m 3s
Savannah gave him a small look, playfully trying to indicate that he was crazy. "Vacation? I know how to spell it, but that's about it," she told him with a chuckle, "I've seen so many places in the world and I don't have anyone to travel with. No one said being a celebrity made not lonely. I haven't seen my family in a while though." She only sometimes had the time to call them most of the time.
She was surprised that he would ask her to join him on that trip was crazy. Sitting there for a moment stunned she watched him catch the wave. It was always impressive to see him do that. When he returned to her side she looked to him. "You want me to join you on your visit to your dad or just the trip?" she asked to clarify before smiling, "I mean I would like to see Irland, don't get me wrong. It's supposed to be beautiful. Please tell me it's not camping."


Damian shook his head. She was too sassy at times. "I plead the fifth," he finally said, running a hand through his hair, "I guess it pays to work with actors then. You are definitely sassy today." What else could he say to that?
He watched her move over to the bed and god damn it, she was driving him crazy. Still he took the photos before he looked to her. Thinking on it, he moved over to her to brush some hair out of her face. "Do you have any idea how tempting you are right now?" Slowly he leaned in to kiss her.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 62d 2h 14m 13s

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