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"For one, she's my best friend, I can say it and she'll agree with me. And second, I worry about her, I don't want to see her get attached and then hurt. There's been enough people to walk out of her life," Phin answered suddenly serious before looking to her. "Great, we can introduce this plan to her. So, to Vancouver then...follow my directions for your own safety."

This was a terrible idea, but those eyes and that smile, it was easy. Phin didn't know how Kenna hadn't fallen head over heels with him yet.


It was three in the morning, Kenna was tired with a pulsating headache. That club had been a nightmare and it took three hours to get the decoy to work. It took a whole day looking through the phone records to find who had called her, now it was just a matter of getting to her.

When Phin texted her to meet for breakfast she was tempted to blow it off. She had only slept four hours and was still feeling that headache. Dressing in jeans, boots and a tee shirt.

Entering the cafe, she nodded the person behind the counter before moving to the normal table before freezing. Jesse. He brought the client close to her home.

"What the hell did you do, Phin? We have rules," Kenna hissed feeling the temperature rise. "Jesus Christ..."

"I was weak," Phin said weakly.

Sucking in a breath in order to not flip out right then and there. She sat down stiffly before leering her eyes at Jesse. "You did this...what the hell do you want?"


"It's been a long few days, I'm tired," Rafael answered honestly. Though there was a new flavor that he had found recently too. There hadn't been enough sleep between work and his body deciding it wanted to be wired. "A friend of mine owns this place, so I just called. He's actually in the film business but people aren't thrilled about him."

Bondage. He grimaced at that. "I'm sorry, I can't do that with you. That crosses the line even for me. I'm sure there is something here though for that."

Maybe he could find something mild but interesting here.
  Hollywood / Faust / 44d 15h 13m 8s
Jesse honestly didn't care about the consequences. He was sure Kenna wouldn't hurt him too badly, at least he would think so. "Oh, I'm not saying she won't know, but that at least you have a chance to go to some island in the middle of the ocean and be safe," he told him with a chuckle, "Such kind words about a friend." He smkled.
Listening to the plan, he looked to Phin. "The idea is good," he said slowly and buried his hands in his pockets, "Is it not my business what I want from her?" He wasn't sure what he wanted from her, but he wanted her.


Seeing Rafael, Riley found herself smiling. Even in casual clothes he was very attractive. His arm around her was nice and she leaned into his side and curiously looked around as they entered. So this was a Hollywood sex party. It was something. "And you had this on speed dial?" she asked amused as she looked around, not able to get enough of it.
It seemed clear he wasn't really interested in sex, whether just with her or in general was the next question. "I mean, I did want to try some bondage," she remembered thoughtfully, "If you really don't want to be here, you don't have to stay on my account." She didn't want to force him as she kissed his cheek happily.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 45d 1h 19m 38s
Running a hand through his short hair, Phin knew he was going to lose this one and he'd die horribly. He looked ro Jesse before placing his drink down and sighed. "No she'd still know, and there would be deaths that wouldn't look like accidents. I love her but she is a bitch."

There had been an idea he had just hadn't worked it out. "I may have an idea, that could help both cases. Go to the award ceremony, with her, that will be the hard part and someone will be bound to notice. No one dies. Why do you want to do this? Do you really like her or something?"


Arriving at the exact time in casual clothing he placed her arm through hers and lead her to the entrance. He was welcomed and ushered in. The last time he had been here was with Diego.

"Anything your interested in?" He asked curiously. He wasn't sure if He wanted to at the moment. Placing his hands in his pockets he looked to her continuing that debate.
  Hollywood / Faust / 45d 2h 37m 21s
Riley chuckled as she shook her head. "I don't think you're too old, at least not when it comes to that. It's just not your cup of tea," she mused before giving a teasing expression, "Oh and since when did I need your permission to do anything with anyone?" Still, it was flattering that he went out of his way to get her in. That was sweet.
Patiently, she waited while he did the phone call before smiling. Making sure that no one was around, she leaned up to kiss him quickly. "You are the best. I'll see you then," she said before heading off to her place to get ready. She arrived at the address on time in one of her more tempting outfits. There she waited for Rafael, wondering what kind of people she was going to run into.


Jesse gave an amused laugh. He didn't doubt Phin, it wasn't that. No, that actually sort of enticed him more. "I'm not worried about that. I'm no idiot," he mused before sipping his drink. Why go to a club, if you didn't at least get one drink?
"I don't doubt that it would be a terrible death and she probably could make it all look like an accident too. Fact of the matter is that no girl just walks off," he told him causally as he looked to Phin, "Just tell me where she is. You can stay here and when I find her I'll tell her that you only told me under the threat of torture or whatever strikes your fancy. Just tell me." He was not letting her walk off that easily. Oh no, he was not a man she simply walked away from.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 46d 2h 36m 57s
"I may be too bored and old for that. Doesn't mean you are. Do whatever you'd like when we get there," Rafael replied with a smile. If it wasn't with him, well so be it. He pulled out his phone and searched through the numbers before dialing one.

After the quick call he walked with her to the car's. "Meet me here in half an hour. I'll get you in."

Handing her an address he smiled.


"I can tell you then we both will die horrible deaths. Kenna is very private and is actually quite terrifying. Do you think she does yoga and spinning to keep in shape? No it's kick boxing and she's good," Phin gave a dry laugh. Wouldn't she be surprised that Jesse was looking for her. "Shes working on it, I just talked to her an hour ago. You don't have anything to worry about."

Who was Phin kidding? Jesse managed to keep her attention for two solid weeks. Just with a conversation he could talk him into anything.
  Hollywood / Faust / 46d 2h 52m 11s
Damian gave a small, playful pout at hearing she wouldn't wear it again. "And here I was hoping," he mused softly, "Trust me, those things can withstand a lot. I don't think you have to worry about ripping it, but I won't expect you to wear them, if you don't want to," he told her, though it seemed obvious to him.
Running his hand along her side, he looked to her with a smile. "Can I get a picture and then join you?" he asked teasingly, though he might have been slightly serious.


Jesse was not pleased. Not pleased at all. No one just ditched him without a word. He had no idea where Kenna had vanished to, but he had an idea who might.
So it was a given to him that he showed up at the club, finding Phin easily. "No, she didn't tell me, but you know where she is, doesn't you? You can tell me," he said with a smile. One way or another he would find out where she was.


Rafael wasn't one for a lot of praise so she knew the good meant a lot to him. Riley did smile a little amused at the jacket, though she understood that. After all, it's the same thing women did.
She arched a brow at him suggesting that. "Are you okay with that? I wouldn't want you to go somewhere you aren't okay with," she asked before smiling, "But no, I don't have plans and if you are serious, then yes, I would at least like to check it out." She was curious and at least trying it would be something.
  Damian / Hoshizora / 46d 14h 52m 51s
The door was open for another sort of relationship. This time there was a lot more security net. There was no net with Julian, it was either free fall or land in a world that she was not ready for.

"I'm not wearing that sort of thing again, though...Corsets...I've worn before. That was uncomfortable, the whole time I was scared of ripping those things," Althea said resting comfortably against him liking the feel of his touch. "That lake works- but you have to join me instead of getting pictures."


Kenna found time to go back two days after that. It was a whirlwind of business between both cases leaving her barely time to breath. Going back to Vancouver was a breath of fresh air, spending time with her cousin and the kids was a good refresher.

Phin stayed behind, working deep behind the scenes to find out who had all the blackmail. The last thing he expected was seeing Jesse at the night club, approaching him.

"What are you doing here?" He asked placing the phone down. "So, she didn't tell you did she? Yeah, that's Kenna."


"Good," Rafael said before grabbing his jacket. It wasn't really needed but it completed the look today. "Do you have plans? There are places we could go that you were asking about."

It wasn't likely that he'd go deep there, it wasn't his thing anymore but he was curious about what she'd think. He also wondered how long until they called this open thing a quit.
  Hollywood / Faust / 46d 15h 40m 28s
Maybe it was time she started to look for another guy next to Rafael. Riley would admit it had been nice just having him, but she would not be the fool that stood there alone once he moved on. "Why does that sound like a threat of sorts?" she asked amused, knowing it probably was in a way. All the work from her sick days would still be waiting for her.
When the end of the workday was finally here she did feel still slightly weak from her illness, but didn't let it show. Moving to the trailer where she quite often found him after work, she smiled softly. "First day after being sick complete. I nearly finished everything on the list," she told him.


Amused Damian shook his head. "I will not argue with your pipes on that," he replied as he ran a hand along her back gently, "The lingerie wasn't my idea. What was supposed to be in the pictures was decided by my boss. I simply suggested you as a model and he agreed. I'm glad you won't complain though." At least she had enjoyed it in the end.
It was very likely he would never ask about Julian, simply because he thought she would never tell him about him so he avoided the conflict. "To that specific lake or any lake in general?" he asked before nodding, "We can go to that lake." Maybe he could get some more pictures of her more natural.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 48d 14h 48m 16s
It wouldn't be too much longer till he could go off to the villa in Spain. He had bought it for the family. Two of his cousins and one's family lived there. He would go there every chance he could and spend two or three months there. This time he was sure he would go to Italy this time.

"Of course, good luck," Rafael said with a nod. Perhaps tonight they might resume that, he had a break that he needed from near monogamy. There was always those places she had asked about.

Once the work day was over, he'd offer that.


"I don't know," Althea smiled. Feeling physically satisfied she rested contently against him running her hand down his chest. Such good lines. "That was your idea, too. The pipes above my studio agreed with it. I don't think I'll complain at all."

And here they were, pressed into each other, quite naked and content. She gave a smile wondering when he'd ask about Julian. "Well, when we want to get up...I think I saw a lake not too far from here...It's been too long since I've been there."
  Hollywood / Faust / 48d 17h 49m 50s
Damian was more than happy with this. He would be crazy not to be. It had taken him a whole year to get here and it had been worth the wait. Happily, he ran a hand through her hair.
Hearing what she said, he gave a small chuckle. "Is that a good or a bad thing?" he asked amused, kissing her forehead gently, "It was never my intention to do this with you here. It's just you in that lingerie..." What sane man could resist that?


Riley was well aware that this was what she had signed up for when she had agreed to being open. They were free to see whoever they wanted and she meant that. What confused her more was that he hadn't ever really checked in with her at all. Maybe it was time she found someone else too.
"I would hope I've been missed. It would be a sad world, if I hadn't been," she mused with a smile before nodding, "And the fun starts again. Very well, give me a list of things to catch up on and I'll work it off." In a way, it felt really good to be back and needed.
  Damian / Hoshizora / 50d 14h 51m 35s
The track record thus far? Come to Los Angeles, date a crummy guy for a year and a half, land in huge fiancial debt thanks to that crummy guy. Find a job doing something she didn't mind, but didn't love, and sleep with an actor that she liked. After a story breaks, sleep with a person who has been a friend for a year.

That wasn't quite like her. But it was nice to pretend she had this wild side and could handle it.

Resting her head on his shoulder she curled to his side with a content sound before smiling. "Well, I wasn't expecting that," Althea mused. Hearing the faint thud of his heart beat.


The definition of open was there was other people. They weren't exclusive. She found someone else then that would be just fine. It wasn't a real relationship either, they just enjoyed sex with each other and other people, and had good conversations.

"Didn't need to come in until later, you've been missed," Rafael gave her a smile. "Meetings in half an hour, and there's a lot of work to catch up on. I need to go see about a set now."

It was work, there wasn't personal time, maybe later.
  Hollywood / faust / 50d 18h 35m 57s
Her sickness had kept her away from work a few days longer than Riley had originally cared to be away from. Well, if it had been up to her, she would never have been away at all, but Rafael insisted.
So today she was finally back. What she had noted though that Rafael hadn't really ever been to visit her. Not that she was expecting daily visits, but even his messages were becoming less. It was confusing. When he returned to set that afternoon it was becoming more clear. He was seeing someone else. Of course, it was his right, they were open like that, but it still hurt.
Moving over to him, she smiled. "Hey, you are looking happy," she said, not wanting to place why she thought he was happy.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 52d 15h 32m 15s
The blonde did a good job. With his ex wife out of the picture, the kids with the grandparents, whom were actually good and responsible. There was some progress on the story. It was complicated, going back at least a year, that's what Kenna had told him just this morning.

Rafael had almost lost the life he worked so hard for. He knew it was time for a fresh body, at least until he got back some of his footing. After an afternoon with the model, he returned back to the set on his schedule, feeling fairly carefree.
  Hollywood / Faust / 52d 18h 55s
Perfect... Savannah felt she was far from perfect herself, but to hear someone say that... She didn't know what to say. "You become quite vocal when it comes to food," she mused softly, "Maybe humans also eat seeds, because they hope to fly one day." She gave him a grin.
If it's right. What did that even mean? Didn't everyone have a different definition of right? She supposed she would have to see what happened. "Sounds about right," she agreed and continued to eat her food, "Well, I can't wait for Ireland." She smiled to him, wondering what it would be like to be in his home country.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 55d 13h 39m 3s
"I think you're perfect. All those healthy craves is eating seeds like we're birds, damnit, we aren't birds and this is the good shit," Carrick laughed taking a bite of the Scotch eggs before. Looking over his shoulder to see her blush he gave a grin.

"If it's right, I'd love that. This world moves too quick. If you're single people think you're sad. Maybe it's the best place to be. Though a relationship is great."

With those plans set, he was feeling on top of the world.
  Hollywood / Faust / 55d 17h 15m 9s

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