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"And people stay in these things for hours? At least the slip makes it come comfortable," Kenna said before giving a small chuckle to him. "Mhm, sure, because it was so difficult. Thank you for the help, now I need to figure out what I'm supposed to do next."

For hair she'd go simple but sexy, half down with a braid but enough flair to make it seem like she cared. Makeup was an easy party, a smoky look would be good. Placing the golden heels on she grabbed the red bag and looked to him.

"Let's get this over with now. Now, don't speak to her unless she talks to you and act as you always do and we'll be fine."


David loved to see her like this, granted, it had been hard work to get the agent to go with him on his idea. It worked though, didn't it? He pulled out her chair like a gentleman and smiled. "Have a seat," he said before pushing her in when she sat down.

"It's been some nice changes, and very nice changes in food. There has been a lot of changes in food in the last few years," David chuckled.
  Hollywood / Faust / 71d 20h 12m 59s
Savannah was blissfully unaware of all the rumors that were swirling around about David. She genuinely was happy to see him, in no way imagining what was actually happening.
Smiling at seeing him, she hugged and kissed him back. "Hey, I hope I didn't make you wait. How are you?" she asked as she looked around, "Wow, this place really has changed a bit since I was last here." Still, it looked nice.


Jesse would still say it was sexy to watch her instigate something like this. At some point he had showered and gotten ready. When Kenna came out to ask for help he took a moment to look her over in appreciation. "I see Phin understood my look," he mused as he slowly ran his hand down her back before even going for the zipper, "Don't worry, we'll get it off, one way or another." He honestly didn't care how it came off in the end. Still with some work they got it up. "There," he said, "A kiss as a thank you?" He smiled to her, enjoying both sides of that view.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 72d 19h 22m 8s
While Savannah went to her lunch with David, Carrick familiarized himself more with BBC here and the people. It was another former co worker that loved gossip, Bianca told him a great deal of some of the rumors and going ons here. There was even some about David in there. He wasn't liking the idea.


David waited for her there, glad she was still in the dark. Get her back and maybe he could have this acting thing buried as well. She was much better to look at, anyway.

Seeing her he smiled and rose to give her a friendly hug and kiss.


It was all set up. The cameras were ready, the escort had his instructions and knew the back ways, everything that an "employee" would know. It was a good set up. An appointment was made for the next day to do a big reveal. This part always made her giddy, she was heartless like that.

The dress was the most awful thing she tried to wear. It didn't go on smoothly, she fought with it and then the zipper wouldn't go up.

The bright red was amazing, slit to her mid thigh , met with gold leafing that went to one shoulder. There was open back with the same gold leafing. It was certainly be daring enough.

"Could you zip this up? I swear...this thing better come off without ripping," Kenna muttered, knowing she'd have her hair and make up to do. So much work, it was tiring already.
  Hollywood / Faust / 72d 19h 52m 25s
Jess' eyes looked to her with a light bemusement in them. "No, I definitely didn't complain about the dinner dress and I'm not saying you don't have good style either," he mused, it being clear in his eyes that he was remembering it at that moment, "But in this event you need a big style, a Hollywood style, and I would dare say that's my area of expertise."
He could tell that she was melting slightly, but she had a damn lot of self restraint. "Oh, well, if it only goes well in a personal way, then I won't mind much either," he replied amused. Still, he made no further moves when she pulled away. He ultimately decided to put on an old movie, his guilty pleasure. There was still plenty of time to shower and change later.


What he said made her nod softly. "Yeah, that's probably for the best," Savannah agreed slowly, "No, you shouldn't be sorry. Like I said, I made it this chaotic mess. If I hadn't done some thing, it would be a lot simpler." And she still felt terrible about it. She did smile at him taking her hand.
Maybe it would be easier with no expectations. Also, they did have their trip. If something happened, it was likely then. Otherwise, they could stay good friends. "Me too, though I don't think friends hold hands," she teased lightly, not being able to resist, "I'm sure the trip will be great too. A lot of fun." She was excited to meet his father.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 72d 20h 5m 22s
"Or I could, considering it's my body and my style...you haven't complained about what I've worn since. Especially the last dinner..." Kenna gave a small chuckle. This was more fun than it should be. Despite her own objections she enjoyed the touch. "Not unless you don't want tonight to go well...in the professional way."

Touching his arm she moved it later to go and change before starting the extra work. It would be worth it in the end, one step closer to closing this.


"Then...maybe it's best if we don't even think on it. If the moment is right then it will be otherwise we will have a good friendship. I am sorry...shouldn't have gotten your expecations up when things are chaotic," Carrick looked to her with a smile and took her hand. "I guess we'll see then."

It could be easier on them, especially if there wasn't any expectations on their end. "I am very happy to have you as a friend though."
  Hollywood / Faust / 72d 20h 36m 31s
It was complicated all of the sudden. Like a misunderstanding that neither of them knew how to resolve. "Carrick... You have nothing to be sorry about. It's just... a complicated situation and mostly that's my fault for what happened with Julian. You are the sweetest guy and you should do it how you feel most comfortable and not something, because you think it would make me happy," she told him and wanted to touch his arm, but didn't dare with the way he looked right now.
With what he said it sort of felt like the bridge between the two of them had taken a crack. They had always been so uncomplicated and now it was this... "Yeah, I'm sure it will be," she agreed. Maybe it was a good thing she was meeting David. A good talk of things not Hollywood related would be nice.


Jesse gave a pout at hearing he would have to wait. "I disagree. I am escorting you and I want to show you off. I would think I am the best person to decide how to show you off best," he mused, thinking that was very true.
What was a man to do while his woman worked? Not being able to resist he wrapped an arm around her again from behind and nuzzled her neck. "Sure I can't tempt you away from work?" he asked with a small smile. He doubted she would agree, but he could try.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 73d 7h 3m 45s
Of course, Carrick should have thought this. Savannah would sent the big chase and expect more. It wasn't fair to either to expect her to keep waiting as she had been. Sighing, Carrick rested back running a hand through his hair. "Of course, I'm sorry, Savannah," Carrick answered before keeping his eyes out to the city. "It is nice. I'm sure the rest will be enjoyable, too."

As long as they stayed away from that subject and didn't try anything else. Perhaps it was a good time to even think on it.


"Actually, you can wait for tonight. It's my approval that matters, not yours. Now I need to do some work and make sure it's all set up," Kenna smirked towards him pulling out her work phone. Burners sucked but she didn't leave finger prints, as much as she could avoid.

Grabbing her day bag, She went to change, as well. There was time for fun but now it was time for work.
  Hollywood / Faust / 73d 7h 16m 35s
Public display of affection was easy for Jesse. He enjoyed affection and saw no reason to hide it. After all, everyone did it at some point, so why not in public? "I'm not doubting it will be amazing, I'm just doubting whether or not it's what I asked for," he mused as he looked to the package, wishing he could look inside, "We shall." Keeping his arm around her, he escorted her to the elevator and then together they were transported up to their suite. "Well, put it on," he urged her, wanting to see it.


Oh, she was doing a terrible job at this. Savannah could hear the annoyance more than clearly. "No, no, of course not," she replied as she tried to think of the words that would fit this situation, "I think it's good the way you are doing it, I really do, and I enjoy it, but you can see the divide for me, right? How am I suppose to believe that you are romantically interested when all we do is be friends? No guy has ever been like this to me, if they were interested so I guess I have to learn a bit." She hoped that made some sense. Gently she did squeeze his hand.
Softly she nodded. "I will," she assured him before looking out, "Yeah, it's amazing. You really do have a great view of London." Whether this was as friends or more, she was happy with the time they spent together.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 73d 20h 5m 5s
Jesse was a perfect natural at the public display portion of this. Of course, he wanted her incredibly bad. Kenna was actually found that to be a compliment, though she wanted this strange attachment gone.

"I wouldn't doubt him, he's amazing," Kenna said, at the front desk there was the package waiting for her. Taking it carefully, she looked towards Jesse. "Shall we go up?"

It looked as if the dress would be nice, and expensive.


"Do you want me to be all over you and saying all these things with a wink? I'm sorry, I want to treat this with respect and be your friend, not just have you on the back burner for when it's right," Carrick said, keeping his rising annoyance to himself. The kiss seemed to help a little. "Don't wait or worry...this is your life, do what you think."

He smiled softly before looking out of the glass. "This is an amazing view."
  Hollywood / Faust / 73d 21h 3m 45s
This seemed a terribly complicated situation. Carrick was different from any guy she knew and the whole rubble of her relationship with Julian was still right behind her. How was she supposed to explain this? "I... It's not that I doubt you. You don't really seem capable of deceit," she finally tried to explain, "You just... don't really give of the air of a guy that's interested." That was probably the easiest way to explain it. Sure, there was a touch from time to time, but other than that they only ever really hung out like friends.
Confused she looked to him when he took her hand and was completely surprised when he kissed her. That was honestly the last thing she had expected. She replied the kiss for a moment before he pulled back. Feeling her cheeks flush slightly, she looked back at him. "I understand," she replied, her voice barely more than a whisper, still slightly shocked as she gave a nod. She knew most of those loose ends were hers.


Jesse arched a brow at her. Oh, she was really trying to get him to just throw her over his shoulder and take her to bed. A damn appealing thought too. "We'll see about that," he mused before nodding, "We shall. I am curious what dress Phin chose." If it didn't fit the taste he wanted, he had someone on speed dial. He wanted to show her off properly.
Kissing her neck, he began to lead her upstairs by the arm around her waist. He would get her to admit she wanted him.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 74d 6h 52m 6s
"Do you really doubt that I mean it?" Carrick asked before looking towards her.it might been easy to doubt when they only hung out. He'd just need to prove a point here. Carrick reached for her hand and leaned forward and kissed her softly.

Pulling back a second later he looked to her softly. "I don't want to rush anything. It's not for a lack of caring. I'm not ready and there are so many lose ends."


Bait was set, Kenna knew she'd have to stay on her top game for this. She leaned into him before smirking, it came so naturally. "Yes, I know I can," Kenna looked to him with a calm expression. "The dress should be coming soon and I have some other work to do. Should we head up?"

This could be a fun game.
  Hollywood / Faust / 74d 7h 4m 21s
Naturally Jesse let her up for air, not wanting to actually hurt her. It was just fun. He did chuckle when she splashed him. Her words made him look to her with a smirk. "Is that so? You really think you can quit?" he asked, his eyes light. Somehow he had his doubts whether or not they could get away from each other.
He let her get her drink while he as he swam a lap or two before following her. "So... still saying you can quit?" he inquired, wrapping an arm around her.


Savannah gave a shrug. "Oh yeah, the press interviews of who are you dating or who am I wearing are very deep," she mused sarcastically before sobering a bit, "To the extend that you are right now? Not many. I mean Julian did, but he was my boyfriend. Maybe one or two friends. Other than that probably not." No one ever said the life of a Hollywood star was all glamorous.
She felt her face grow hot at what he said. "I was...," she began, but then gave up as she looked to the side. Who was she kidding? Carrick seemed to be able to read her like a book. "I suppose that's a good thing," she finally replied, not sure what else to say.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 74d 7h 32m 44s
And then it hit her, that was how to get rid of him. Scare the crap out of him with the idea of a relationship. She was scared to death of relationships and even more of having a family. It was brilliant. He'd get the sex he wanted and then back away. Kenna was glad that she thought of this under the water because she was getting a bright expressions.

Rising out of the water she did a few splashes before looking to him calmly. "Of course not, we can quit each other whenever we want. I'm going to get a drink."

Set up the bait, make him feel as if he won, and then try.


"Really? I doubt that, you are an amazing actress and person. There just have been friend or people interested," Carrick said in disbelief. The idea of a relationship was a joke. He had little interest in one at the moment. "Relax, that's a joke, I have no interest in dating right now."

It was good to see her bothered but not in the same moment.
  Hollywood / Faust / 74d 7h 43m 54s
People didn't want to know the truth. They wanted scathing, crazy rumors, not the bland reality it actually was. Slowly Savannah shook her head. "No, it's okay. Ask away. It's almost nice... I don't think anyone has ever invested this much time into my person before," she told him and truthfully, it was nice that he wanted to understand her.
Somehow him mentioning being snagged away by an actress made her smile falter for a second. She really didn't like the idea of Carrick being taken away, especially when had said he wanted to pursue her. Did he not want to anymore? Still, she tried not to let it show. "I'm sure you'll do fine. You don't really care for press and just do whatever you want anyway, which seems to be the right thing," she assured him with a small smile.


His point exactly. They enjoyed the sex together, but other than that they did enjoy being free more than anything else. "We enjoy who we are to much to give it up, right?" Jesse asked amused. He honestly wouldn't even know how to act to a girlfriend.
The playfulness did help male him forget all this. Laughing, he kept splashing and try to pull her underwater, naturally only playfully and not too forceful.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 74d 19h 50m 51s
What was more ridiculous? Someone who hated the idea of his life not fully being his or with someone who was watched. He was enjoying getting to know her more, there was always some rumor but knowing the truth. There were few people noticing completely.

"I'm sorry about all the questions. I really like you so I want to know you," Carrick said before considering those words. "Well, I hope it's not all that bad then. Eventually some actress will snag me."

Hell, he could be known as the golden boy. How amusing would that be?


Kenna wanted to answer no, but she paused. It was a serious question, and a more than solid possiblity at this point. How could they though? Enjoying sex was one thing, sharing a life was another.

"I don't think we really could," Kenna answered after a moment before returning the smirk. The idea of them going beyond sex, it was just too strange.

The playfullness did wonders for placing those thoughts behind. Giving a laugh she swept her leg behind her to get him. At least they were fun together.
  Hollywood / Faust / 74d 22h 54m 37s

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