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Him saying that made her smile. Rafael was too sweet at times. These were the moments when she felt so taken care of for the first time ever. "Thank you, Rafael, I'll keep it in mind," she said, looking to him, "Please don't take it the wrong way, but... I want to try on my own first." She couldn't stay under his wing forever, as nice as it was there.
Her brow arched at what he said. Was that smart? Was one last night really one last night? Still, she could see the twinkle in his eyes and it was so very tempting. She bit her lip lightly. "Is that really a good idea?" she asked as she leaned against the counter, but her body gave clear different signals. Her body arched as she looked to him. Rules weren't her specialty either.


Jesse took the helmet and gloves she gave him, putting them on before looking to her. It was interesting to watch her like this as she was clearly ready to beat him up.
He nodded. "Sounds good. I do have some below the waist action planned for later," he mused, his eyes making it clear it was with her, "Fierce is a good look on you." He signaled that he was ready whenever she was. He wouldn't want to hurt her.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 41d 5h 6m 52s
"Well, good. There are several others I know that would hire you. You have my reference and if you need help, I'm here," Rafael said before ing on the food. It was a more simple dish but it was enough. Catching that look he gave a smirk. "There is always one last night."

Though his usual composure was kept there was a tinkling in his eyes that spoke otherwise. He wasn't on for rules anyway. Perhaps it time it'd be an occasional thing.


Finding some helmets and gloves she handed them to him before casually placing it on. She didn't face people often but she knew she would win this. The fact that he was still her with her personal interest was something. with full gear on they were ready.

"First one to three points win, any blow above the below the waist. No head shots. Sound good?" She asked curious to see that he was liking this so far.
  Hollywood / Faust / 41d 5h 25m 53s
Jesse gave a chuckle. It was a rare thing that he found someone that was able to match his wit and it was a treat. Maybe that was one reason he kept coming back, but either way, she was to die for at this moment. In the worst case, that might be literal later.
"But often, though I recall times when you weren't walking either," he mused before arching a brow. She was serious and seeing her this natural was something else. It was like honey to him and attractive as hell. "I do have a policy of not hitting women, but I assume you will call me a pansy and make me get in the ring anyway, so we'll skip that talk and get to it," he told her as he followed her to the ring. That and he would not say no to getting close and physical with her.


"I am aware that friends exists," Riley replied amused, simply having meant that now that they had gone back to friends that meeting up like that would lead to more, though that wasn't something he were unfamiliar with so she supposed it didn't matter.
Listening to his plan, she nodded as she followed him to the kitchen. "That sounds great. So you're off to Spain. Lucky. Enjoy your time," she mused before shrugging, "Not quite. Still in the application process for a few. I suppose it's not quite as draining to be an assistant as it is to actually produce it. Trying to diversify my genres." That and she didn't have the luxury yet to not take a job, if she got offered it. Bills needed to be paid.
Even now, she wished she could have him. Something about Rafael cooking had always been very sexy to her, but she was not going to beg for attention when he had clearly moved on.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 41d 6h 2m 0s
It confounded Kenna how Jesse had still wanted her after she had lied for two weeks. After that she had been rather pissy. There was that look in his eyes spoke otherwise, even while she was gross and basically kicking and punching things around.

"Not always," Kenna smirked, before looking to the ring. "Alright, let's see what you've got, Hollywood."

In a way it felt good to drop any act she had done. She wasn't who he thought she was, but he was going to find out. Of course, she still wanted him again, too. But she was working for him right now.


"There are such things as friends. Afterwards, it's visiting family and then the villa for a while. Some go back to back but that's the best way to burn out. Do you have another project lined up?" Rafael asked before rising to go to the kitchen to cook.

He still wanted her, like right now, only he was bored and needed something fresh. He even was done with that other girl. Riley would do jusr fine.
  Hollywood / Faust / 41d 6h 25m 52s
This was awkward to a degree. It really did feel like a break up, even though they had nothing to break up from technically. Uncomfortably Riley shifted slightly, though Rafael seemed completely fine and she would figure out this slight sadness later, refusing to show it now.
"You don't think dinners and hanging out will complicate things now that we have ended things?" she mused teasingly, but then did nod, "I don't want to lose you either. So dinner for now. What are your plans after the movie is done?" She had never gotten around to asking and maybe something other than breakup talk was a good start.


Jesse watched amused as the bag holder hurried off before he was recruited for another round. Sweating like that, she looked even more amazing in his opinion and god, he wished he could have her right now.
"I do agree that women should know how to defend themselves," he agreed with a nod, though he couldn't resist adding softly, "Though I seem to recall that I have put my hand on you on several occasions and I'm still walking." He gave her a small grin as he listened to her question. "As a sparring partner or to hold the bag?" he asked before stepping on the mat, "I might not beat up bags, but I don't have these muscles for show either." He could hold a bag, if that was all.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 41d 17h 28m 54s
"Well," Rafael shifted in attempt to cover some awkwardness. This was feeling more and more like a traditional break up instead of an open system. That was a strange feeling. Riley didn't look as if she was going to cry but that was visibly upset. "Well, we did form a friendship, that we can keep. Sex just helped make it more complicated. So there can still be dinners and hanging out. I don't want to lose you as a friend."

That was asking a bit but he had faith in them. Besides that long vacation he was going on should clear his head and other parts up.


The person who had been holding the bag was glad to scurry away. Normally the bag wasn't that beat up. Today was different. Kenna gave a small groan, before going for a drink. Seeing him like that was nice though.

"Self defense is required. Men think it's okay to just put their hands on women. With me they don't walk right for at least a week," Kenna answered placing her water bottle down. Cocking her head to the right she gave a curious look. "Do you have what it takes?"

So, it could be a test, but if he insisted in getting in her space, there was a price.
  Hollywood / Faust / 41d 19h 15m 9s
Jesse listened to what Phin had to say and took the address with a smile. "Well, let's see if we can't break down those boundaries a little," he mused looking down at the address. Naturally, he hadn't brought any workout clothes, but nothing a quick shopping trip didn't fix.
Thus, he was at the gym by the time Kenna arrived and he admired her outfit, wanting to rip that off of her body right then and there. With amusement and awe he watched her pretty much beat up her partner. It was quite impressive and maybe he would gladly like to see that fire in the bedroom more.
When once again the partner was knocked to the ground, he clapped slowly. "Very impressive. Phin is right to say you are dangerous," he mused, wondering how she would react to seeing him. His guess, not well.


Riley knew he was right with everything that he said. They both came into this saying it was open, but there had been a time it had been mostly each other. Nodding, her head tilted into his hand as she looked to him. "Yeah, it's probably for the best. I also enjoyed your friendship and companionship. Oh, and the food. Still saying you could become a cook instead of a producer," she told him with a slightly teasing grin, "But yes, I'll miss all of that too." Maybe a little more than she cared to admit.
They were sweet words, but ultimately that's all they were, sweet words designed to make this easier. "I still believe you would make a good man for someone one day," she told him truthfully, cupping his cheek for a moment before thinking on it, "Dinner sounds good. Have to get all the good food I still can." She gave him a small grin.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 43d 16h 52m 18s
"She goes to the gym after this, does some business and usually goes home sometime in the afternoon. She likes her schedules and boundaries more than any person should," Phin told Jesse before writing down the address and gave it to him. "That's the address of the gym. Good luck."

Phin rose grabbing his bag. "I'll leave you to it, I have another case I'm working on right now."


After dropping the two kids off at grade school, she was off to the gym, then the normal routine. Shedding the normal clothing for the sports bra, a tank top and work out pants she started with the stretching before finding her way to the kick boxing area.

"I'm sorry for the extra beating you are getting today. It's just one of those days," Kenna patted her favorite one. It really was a combination of spinning, pilates and kick boxing. Straight up kick boxing would create those freaky muscles.


"It was a great time. There was a point of getting serious. That's not something we both want in our lives right now. It's better to do what we want to do, which is fuck who we want without worrying about the other. Your friendship and companionship was wonderful though, I'll miss that," Rafael said honestly before running a hand down her cheek. "Someday you'll find that something you're looking for. It's just not with me."

It was not possible to be with him. There was just too much from his past, and he didn't want to be tied down whatsoever.

"Do you want some dinner for the last night or go and celebrate the new freedom?" He mused, somewhat darkly.
  Hollywood / Faust / 43d 19h 6m 44s
He had been the one to pull back first and Riley was not one to wait for any guy. She was not going to force herself on a guy that wasn't interested in her anymore. It was the way that things went, she knew that, but she would miss him.
The phone call was a surprise, but she was fairly sure why he wanted to talk. The hug and the kiss made her smile, though the sober look was no surprise. "It was a good time, yes. Well, it's likely, unless you want to keep me around for work," she agreed with a nod, "I suppose not. So we say that it was a fun time while it lasted?" While she had done this before, she did feel a little pained, though didn't show it. It was strange, considering that had never happened before.


"You don't like a lot of things," Jesse pointed out with a small, teasing smile, "Oh, so if I wasn't a fling, I could meet the kids?" He couldn't help a small amused smile.
He looked after her as she hurried off. "Well, that went really well. We're both still alive," he mused before listening to Phin, slightly surprised, "I never would have thought she was a kid person. Oh, and where is that?" He definitely wanted to talk her without Phin around preferably.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 44d 4h 41m 40s
All open relationships cracked, eventually there was something more interesting or jealousy would rip it apart. Rafael knew that she found someone else, and it had been fun. It was time to end this.

Calling her, he waited, invite her over or go somewhere and break it off. They had fun for the last few months but it ran it's course.

Upon seeing her he gave her a hug and and kiss before looking more sober. "This has been a good and fun time. The movie is almost over and you'll probably go on to another, which you'll have my recommendation.Its time to end this though, it's not really that open anymore."


"Yes, cameras...The things I really, really don't like," Kenna answered in a smaller voice.sipping The coffee she placed it down shaking her head. "Sorry, no potential or formal flings around the kids."

After making a hasty exit Phin finished the food. "The kids aren't hers. Its her cousin's kids, but she loves them like her own. If you want to talk to her alone, I know where."
  Hollywood / Faust / 44d 4h 55m 41s
They were both very sexually active, but there was something about her that made Jesse want her more. Whether that was affection for her or something he couldn't quite say, but he desired how her.
Jesse simply listened to her object, deciding it was probably best to let Phin handle this. "Cameras, yes, but it might work and I thought you always finished what you started," he said, maybe trying to goad her a little, "I think Phin is right. It would definitely offset whoever is doing this."
Kids? His brow arched. Hers or someone else's? "Need help with that?" he asked, looking to her. He had come all the way here and didn't really have anything to do.


Riley nodded. "Okay. I just want to give it a try," she explained. She didn't expect it would become a thing, but it was something that she itched to try. So she disappeared in the crowd.
They were starting to drift. Actually, they had drifted. Aside from work Rafael and her rarely met anymore. He had a new flavor and she was not about to wait for him, begging for attention. So instead she found her own new person to have fun with, but it wasn't quite as nice as the Spanish temperament that Rafael had. It would do for now though. She was just heading home from work, debating on if she maybe she should stop somewhere for a drink and something to eat, listen to some music. It was better than a night alone for sure.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 44d 5h 19m 57s
That was fairly open to interpretation. It could just mean sex, which was likely, but he could have found anyone like her sexually there. Possibly more was also possible, though she found the idea impossible. She had met her match here. It would be interesting to see who comes out on top.

Her expression sobered, but also became more withdrawn. Taking the coffee she kept her eyes on him with some caution. "Sure," Kenna said. Before taking a drink she heard that and stopped. "Absolutely not...there's cameras and lots of them...and my entire operation is discretion."

"Actually, it'd be more complicated than that. It'd be a series of appearances, small things so it looks like a relationship then the event," Phin watched them amused. "This person is calculated and spurned, this would be unexpected and chances of a hasty mistake."

Kenna felt as if she was in physical pain. "Cameras, Phin...I need to go get the kids. Let's talk this over more for dinner. Tell that idea to Julian. Its really good."


Rafael was bothered with this idea. He knew that it wasn't a good sign, still he kissed her back with a smile. "Go have fun, you're welcome," Rafael said before wandering to a lounge. Greeting his friend he waited while talking casually of pictures and how it worked.
  Hollywood / Faust / 44d 5h 53m 57s
Riley had to chuckle at the thought of Rafael taking a catnap in the middle of all this. "Then go take your nap. I'm sure that there is a bed somewhere around here. I'll find you afterwards," she mused and leaned up to kiss him, wrapping her arms around him for a moment, "Thank you, this is amazing of you."
There was the thought of the other woman that he was sleeping with and that was starting to irk her in a way. That confused her, as she never before had this. Did she have feelings for him? If so, that was bad, really bad. Neither of them wanted to be tied down right now. Maybe being tied up by a random person would help. With those thoughts she made her way to find the right place. Afterwards, she would find Rafael.


"I never doubted that you didn't have this and that's not why I am here. I have complete faith in you on the business side," Jesse replied, cool as a cucumber as he looked her over, "I told you, I wanted you close again." She could take what she wanted from that.
Smiling, he moved on of the two cups of coffee in front of him towards her. She hadn't spent all those mornings at his place for nothing. "You are coming with me to the award ceremony," he told her with a smile. The thought of her in a beautiful evening dress was something else.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 44d 16h 45m 36s
"You should do what you like, I can wait here or find something to amuse myself with. Though it'd likely betaking a cat nap. Maybe Ican find the other directors..." He mused knowing what he'd mean.

He liked her, he really did, and that was what was wrong.


"I told you how it works. I do my work, update you or ask questions, and get the job done. I was up till three this morning listening to dance electronica for this case," Kenna seethed, it showed in her eyes and body. "What are you doing here? Really. I've got this..."

"I had an idea," Phin interjected. "Something with him and you to lure out the people. On both cases."

"Fuck...Just get me adrink and tell me," Kenna needed more than coffee right now.
  Hollywood / Faust / 44d 17h 7m 25s
Jesse did smile at how Phin described their relationship. It was cute, if nothing else. "I'm following her into another country. Is that something someone does when they intend to walk out on someone?" he pointed out before being very happy that he got his way, he always did, "Sounds perfect. We can take my private jet. It can be ready in half an hour." He wasn't one for patience or long crowded airplane lines at that.
Vancouver was a charming place. Somehow he could see Kenna fitting in here. When she entered the cafe she was a sight to behold, even in just jeans and t-shirt. Her reaction made him chuckle. The leering was impressive, but he was not about to back down because of that. He had come this far, hadn't he? "I did. Don't blame him. I threatened him with torture, if he didn't oblige," he mused before shrugging, "Well, you just suddenly disappeared and I wanted to know where you were and have you close. Is that not a good reason?" He looked to her calmly.


Riley gave an understanding nod. She knew work was demanding, especially when she hadn't been there and she was pretty sure he had entertained another. That took a toll on his body, she remembered.
"Just the fact that you have friends on speed dial for this is crazy," she pointed out with a shake of her head, but was clearly impressed. She had expected that reaction about bondage. It wasn't that she wanted to hang from the ceiling or something crazy like that, more light. "I know, we talked about it once. That's why I want to try it out here. If you want, I'll join you for something else first," she told him, though she had the feeling he would decline that offer.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 44d 17h 25m 46s

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