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It felt even better to be out of the dress than the idea of being with him sexually. Once it was on the floor she was left in the black slip and lace undergarments. Enjoying the kissing she had started on him too. Her body really wanted him, she wanted a position that when this case ended, they could shake hands and walk away. Every one won.

Wrapping one leg around his she had missed this feeling with him. There was normally this amazing feeling with him, but now it felt more connected. It was a lovely feeling.


"That's a start to have you here for a while," David gave a smile. It wasn't enough but he couldn't give anything away. Nothing to regret he ran a hand through her hair. "I let the most beautiful girl in the world slip right between my fingers. I haven't been able to get that out of my mind."

The kissing was amazing after a minute his hand moved her her leg before moving up. "Do you want to get out of here?" He breathed into her ear after stopping the kissing.
  Hollywood / Faust / 58d 21h 8m 54s
His words were too sweet. That was both so incredibly nice and at the same time it seemed too much. After all, she had left him and he had been furious, but for now she was going for the former. "Well, if the TV show goes well, I will be here for a while at least," Savannah pointed out before thinking on the scandal somberly, "It was a lot of mistakes made, things that happened that shouldn't have... We never did figure out who was behind it all." Which was strange considering someone always wanted to take the credit. She did smile a thank you though.
"Sounds like you have been doing good for yourself though. I'm glad," she replied before pausing at his words, "David... You have nothing you should regret. You are an amazing guy and I would be lying, if I hadn't missed you too at times." It was the truth. When things had gotten rough with Julian she had thought about him. The kiss made her smile as she kissed him back, moving a hand to his cheek.


Jesse chuckled. "Don't tempt me, I might end up trying. I never said I would leave the dress in one piece during that attempt," he mused, looking her over. Still, he was more than glad that he didn't wear dresses. It sounded like a pain.
Finally. He almost mistrusted her giving into the kiss, simply because she could pull away again, but he would have it this time. This time he would finish this and he would make her scream all night. The sound made him incredibly happy and he brought his hand into her hair, grasping at the blond locks while the other ran along her back in search for the zipper of the dress. God, he wanted her out of it already.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 59d 6h 54m 4s
"It's good to have you back. Perhaps one day you'd like to come back to stay. I heard about the scandal and it's awful. Really, it'd been nice to have you back even if it's been a day," David was sincere about that, at least, mostly. If he had to find a way to sabotage Carrick he would. Only he was too clean.

"There was a few ads, some cologne commercials. Only...It hasn't been the same without you, I've really missed you and regret you leaving," David leaned in giving her a soft kiss.


"Good luck with that. It was impossible enough using the bathroom in this dress," Kenna mused dryly. That had taken ten minutes just to figure out how it worked and th dress.

Kissing him back she moved her arms around his neck. He had worked hard in he last while she would have no issue giving into this, and the rest of the idea. Leaning more into him she gave the softest of sounds.
  Hollywood / Faust / 59d 7h 12m 23s
How the hell did she just walk away from that? Jesse was damn near tempted to just pull her back into the elevator. Not that this meant that he would give up. Oh no, he fully intended on making her scream, now even more so than ever.
He followed after her and gave her a look at her teasing. "I think you already know the answer to that," he replied as he stepped over to her, wrapping an arm around her, "Careful, I might end up just having my way with you in that dress." He did know how much she wanted it off as he ran a hand along her curves before his lips moved to capture hers in a passionate kiss again.


Savannah nodded and after the peck moved over to the lounge . She did smile when he returned with the drinks rather faster, considering how full the club was. Thanking him for the drink with a peck on the cheek, she was surprised that he asked about Hollywood. He had always seemed to against it.
Leaning against his shoulder, she replied, "Hollywood is a complicated place. If you are on top of it, you are golden, otherwise it can be very hard. At the same time, however, it has a charm that makes it hard to let go. Still, you have to be careful too so that it doesn't get the best of you." Hollywood was a complex world to explain to someone who had never been there.
She did say more for a bit before looking to him. "Now tell me more on what you have been doing," she prompted before taking a sip of her drink.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 59d 18h 54m 12s

That was the wake up call, Kenna removed her lips, before straightening as if little had happened. It still meant tonight would be a little easier, but not too easy for him. Looking to Jesse, she poised herself before walking out of the elevator.

In the hotel room she placed the shoes by the wall giving a small chuckle. "You look so starved right now. Do you want me that bad, Jesse?"

She didn't need to ask but the teasing was very fun and it'd drive him even more crazy. He might even uphold his promise to have her screaming all night.


"Go ahead and sit down at the lounge, I'll be right with the drinks," David smiled giving her one last small peck. He did return with the drinks within ten minutes before placing his arm close to her and smiled. "Why don't you tell me more about Hollywood?"

It was better to ask than act as if he still hated losing her to Hollywood. She was here now, and with him, and that was how he wanted to keep it.
  Hollywood / Faust / 59d 22h 31m 42s
The kiss wasn't bad. It felt like old times, which was nice considering how crazy everything was right now. Still, she couldn't help comparing it to Carrick's, the one which made her heart race and feel all tingly with a light kiss. It was no comparison.
Savannah gave a soft sound at him holding her tighter and his hand moving to her hair. She didn't break the kiss for what felt like quite a while, her arms wrapping around his neck. "Why don't we get another drink?" she suggested when she finally pulled back. The dance floor was getting really crowded and them kissing were definitely in the way now.


Curious... If Jesse was honest, he would have thought that she would have continued to deny ever having feelings for him or anything else. Instead, here she was almost melting like butter. That was definitely an ego stoke.
Keeping the kiss going, he moved his hands along her curves, enjoying the feeling of them under the fabric. When his hand found the slit of the dress, he slipped it in to feel the skin of her leg, moving it up and down. God, if he could he would have his way with her right then and there.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 60d 19h 36m 0s
To say the least, David was pleased as punch that his plan was working as well as it was. Some drinks, conversation and reassuring presence was working quite well. Those pesky rumors of him was annoying but not true according to him. Kissing her was heaven, he moved his arm around her tightly. He was not going to let go for any reason.

There wasn't a wall, but he moved his other hand to run through her hair. How perfect this felt and for the first time in a while he felt completely happy.


It wasn't her mind that betrayed her, no, it still wanted to make him suffer for a while longer. No, it was her body, for the first time in her life it went against her will. Jesus, how was she supposed to achieve what she wanted if her body was working against her?

Letting out a soft sound at the kissing of her neck she moved her hand to his arm, before kissing back. It was entirely possible that at this point she wanted him almost as much as he wanted her.

This was bound to leave to flames and disaster, possibly something worse.
  Hollywood / Faust / 60d 21h 58m 59s
If nothing else, Jesse was stubborn and didn't take no for an answer. Not in business and in pleasure. Kenna was the type of woman that could drive him wild. That and he knew that Kenna loved that. He was more than willing to oblige since the payoff would be amazing.
In the elevator he did give her a minute to strip off her shoes before he wrapped his arm around her to pull her close so he could kiss her neck. "Sure I can't persuade you?" he muttered against her neck as he slowly worked his way up. Finally he reached her lips as he gently pinned her against the wall of the elevator.


It was fun to do this, even a little freeing. In Hollywood there were always paparazzi around. Here there were none and she was just like anyone else. Plus side to normal people thinking that a celebrity would never show up in a normal club.
Savannah would be lying if she said that there wasn't some interest in David. He was a good guy from what she knew. When he wrapped his arm around her she looked to him before he kissed her. Yes, there was definitely that old spark there, it was hard to deny. Maybe if she hadn't gone to Hollywood back then, they would have stayed a couple perhaps. Kissing him back, a hand moved to his hair as she gently arched against him. It did feel good to do this.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 61d 7h 6m 54s
Kenna gave him a look somewhere between amusement and a smirk. It was actually endearing that there was this side, little else drew her in so much. Even as much as he had seen her bitchy and manipulative side he still wanted her. That was something. For the briefest of moments there was a smile on her face.

In the elevator she took off the heels, and quickly threw them by her bag in the as quick as she could. How long would it take for him to grab her up? She wondered curiously.


Somewhere between the third or fifth song, he couldn't truly tell it apart, David went in for the move. He wrapped an arm around her waist before leaning in for a kiss. He though He saw the signals there. There had to be some signals that seemed like she was fully interested
  Hollywood / Faust / 61d 7h 23m 11s
It had never been Savannah's desire to be an it couple. She just always sort of ended up sliding into it. It wasn't bad, but she did enjoy other things than that, such as what she had with Carrick.
She was aware that David didn't leave her side and she didn't hate that. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that she was used to his presence from before. Still, she was glad he seemed to like the idea of dancing and gladly followed him onto the dance floor. Much like she remembered he knew how to dance, no question, an attractive quality. Happy to let go and enjoy this night, she began to dance in time with the music.


Jesse chuckled. He didn't envy women in that regard. While they looked fabulous when they got dolled up, he didn't want to imagine what it had to be like to walk around in those shoes or wearing that dress. "I'm sure my reason is in there somewhere," he mused as he began to guide her out the door, "Of course not, you had to say I had to work for it. Trust me, once we are alone I'll work even harder." He gave her a smirk as he looked to her. The topic of money was dropped, but he wouldn't argue with her about it so he let it be.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 61d 7h 47m 51s
To David it was just logical. They were both beautiful and a power couple. Why she didn't see it annoyed him. David never stopped being close to her physically, instead lingered close to close to her. Hearing the offer of dancing he flashed a bright look. "Of course, I would love to dance with you."

Taking her hand, he lead her to the dance floor before he began to move with the music. It was too soon to make a move but he would soon.


"I have been too for other reasons," Kenna answered, a bit dryly. It was starting to stick and the heels hurting. There was something to being complete eye candy, though she wasn't sure about the trophy part since she was the complete package.

"This isn't a guarantee, Jess," she reminded but knew better and it would work out. The idea of taking more money from him was dropped. It wasn't as if she didn't have money, she was just more careful.
  Hollywood / Faust / 61d 8h 8m 5s
Jesse shrugged when she gave him that look. Could she blame him for the conclusion? There were people that were turned on by this. He chuckled at her reply. "Some people like it," he simply pointed out before shaking his head, "I'm not giving it to you for the sex. I would be giving it to you for all the hard work you put into my case." To him it made sense and he saw no reason not to give her the money. After all, he had enough money as it was.
Smiling at her wrapping her arms around his neck, he moved his around her waist, drawing her closer. When her phone interrupted them, he was a little disappointed before smiling. "Yes, we can. I've been waiting to take this dress off all night," he mused as he placed his hand on the small of her back to lead her out. God, he couldn't wait.


Savannah chuckled. "Not a bad thing. I just remembered how much you enjoyed your cars," she mused, since even back then he had dreamed of fancy cars. In a way she hoped they could keep out of the papers for a while and just have it be the two of them without having the pressure of being an it couple hanging over them.
Smiling at being led over to the bar, she ordered her drink. Once they had their drinks, she looked to David. "Well, to old times," she toasted with a smile and took a sip, "Shall we dance?" She had missed dancing in clubs. It was hard as an A list celebrity.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 61d 19h 28m 30s
Tonight, after a bit of persuasion she'd give into that. It'd work well with what she was thinking. Perhaps she had missed that, as well, even if it hadn't been a lot of days. Like a camel she could go weeks without sex and not miss it. That was not the case with Jesse, however, the mental games kept the game fun.

Giving him a strange look she shook her head. "God, no, it's disgusting. I wish I didn't need to," she said before giving a small laugh. "Absolutely not, I work for my money not sleep for it."

The kiss was great though, she wrapped her arms around his neck. Feeling her phone buzz, she took a pause to look at it. "Her flight was canceled and she'll be staying till tomorrow. We can ambush her then. Can we go?"


"Is that a bad thing?" David asked with a smirk. This reunion was bound to make some paper. They could be the it couple again, that was what he wanted. As long as Julian didn't make a splash, he could do this. That smile never left his face though.

"That sounds like a plan," he said before leading her to the bright bar. This was going great, she was happy and that did make him happy. As long as she remained happy nothing would go wrong.
  Hollywood / faust / 61d 21h 1m 36s
"This is so like you," Savannah couldn't help muse as she saw the car, "Very nice." She had always known he liked his cars expensive and that he was probably using his most expensive one right now was something she could appreciate.
When they arrived at the club she pushed all thoughts of Carrick aside. She wanted to enjoy this and smiled at his arm around her. The club was impressive. "It's really nice. Must say, they did a good job. Drink and then some dancing?" she asked happily. She would enjoy herself tonight.


Jesse arched a brow with a chuckle. "Oh, so is that something that turns you on?" he asked curiously, kissing her temple. While he couldn't outright have sex with her, he could move his hands over her body and kiss her as he pleased. He would say he was happy with that.
"Disneyland?" he repeated, keeping his arm around her, "I can give you the money for that. Consider it a bonus for all the hard work. We shall though." Looking around, he found some people they hadn't talked to yet.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 62d 19h 40m 50s
Even though Savannah was here with him physically, David could feel her mind elsewhere. It was like the situation with Julian all over again. What did these actors do to create such a distraction for her? David could feel some irritation rising in his chest but he kept a good face on.

Being the man he was, he took his own expensive car to the club. It was really was trendy. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder leading her in. "Well, what do you think?" He asked. It had everything a club needed, lights and trendy music.


"Mmm...nice try...just in case they end early, or something doesn't go right, we need to remain diligent," Kenna answered calmly. She would need to double check on the progress. Somehow making sure people had sex, and watching if she had to, became a part of the job.

"We can just mingle more. I might find more clients here...I've been wanting to take the kids to Disneyworld...Shall we?"
  Hollywood / Faust / 62d 21h 44m 31s

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