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London was a welcoming breath. Though he did miss Hollywood for some of the foods and the intensity. Carrick was glad to be back though, it was the interviews first, then the guest appearances. Lauren was remarkable, he had missed her sparkling personality. Savannah would get back to him when she was ready, this was more important for her than him.

Changing to something casual, he stepped out to the meeting place. A nice bistro with British food, it was long overdo. There was already some reports, small though, but he didn't care. She was a friend who was going through a rough time.


Did the situation have to hit her so hard at once? Who was this person who did this anyway? It certainly wasn't her.

"They were just barely lucky not to kill themselves or each other..." Althea answered with a weak chuckle followed by a small groan. Feeling the headache coming on she touched his hand with a smile. "Are you sure it's all behind you or beginning?"

She asked carefully before leaning up to kiss his cheek. "I need to get back."
  Hollywood / Faust / 25d 16h 48m 34s
Julian watched her, trying to gauge where her head was at, which right now felt like all over the place. Still, it made him wonder, if he had had been that bad in communicating how much she meant to him? He hadn't thought so.
He did chuckle at her words. "The Three Stooges had their own kind of charisma," he told her and cupped her cheek softly, "Besides, I never said I played fair. Well, I would like you to say yes, but that's up to you. I mean it, Althea. I didn't do anything public last time, because of all that mess, but it's behind me now and I can have you without worry." And he wanted her.


Riley smiled at his words and the feeling of his hand on her side. "We do," she agreed, snuggling against him happily. It confused her then why he was so adamant about throwing away what they had. Then again, maybe it had to do with all the problems he seemed to have. Either way, she was not going to lie here and beg him to keep her around. No way.
"So when are you leaving for Spain?" she asked curiously, not that it would make any difference to her.
  Julian / Hoshizora / 29d 15h 2m 21s
Was it possible to have a heart stop and beat at the same time? Althea hadn't known that was possible for now. There had been more and he wanted her to at least date. That alone caused her to freeze in movement, words drying before they had a chance to come.

"It's bring a gun to a knife fight because you have charisma and I'm one of the Three Stooges," Althea gave a small nervous chuckle. "Really, dating me...that's...I don't know what to say."

What had she done? Oh...she had a big mess out of everything.


It was a good thing. Also it was a terrible idea because there would be a wanting for more. At least there would be a break for both of them here and maybe it'd be less strange for him.

"We do that pretty good," he mused running a hand down her side. Was it a good idea to push away the woman he trusted. Of course it was, said that small voice.
  Hollywood / faust / 29d 18h 52m 7s
Riley rolled her eyes lightly. "You just love compliments, don't you?" she mused, "But there were colors and since that seems to be the highest compliment you give, I'll take it." She grinned to him. It was a strangely comfortable feeling and maybe if they had been looking for more, it could have been.
She smiled at feeling his arms around her as she took in his body as well, beginning to undress him. This time was definitely a bang. She could honestly not remember a time that had been better. At the end of it she snuggled against him contently, giving him a kiss. "Definitely a bang," she mused softly, still breathing slightly heavy as she ran a hand through his hair.


Julian looked to her, unsure how he was supposed to handle this. He knew what dating him entailed and he could understand someone not wanting to be a part of that, but what more could he do?
"How is it cheating? All I'm saying is that I understand why you wouldn't want to date me," he replied, looking to her, though it did slightly hurt that she played off what they had with good conversation and sex, "Is that really all that our time together was? I feel like we developed more of a bond than that. I can give you a relationship now, I never denied that. I just can't give you the privacy from paparazzi. What we had was amazing and you shouldn't throw it away over that." Looking to her, he stepped closer to cup her cheek.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 34d 14h 58m 59s
"Flying colors? Well, there were some colors at least," Rafael gave a small sound with some amusement. It was strange to feel this comfortable with a woman again, and that was the problem. If only he could get through more of the story- but perhaps it was better in the closet. That closet was comfortable, his secrets all agreed to that.

Taking her in his arms he ran his hands over her body before slowly undressing her. If it was going to be a last time for right now, it might as well be a bang.

He did what he could that night to make it that big of a bang too.


Oh, not the eyes. How did she even get this far without falling for every big eyes and story. It was a good thing she was built for a slow intimate connection.

"That's just cheating, Julian," Althea pointed out. With that look, words and memories she could feel herself faltering for a moment before giving a small groan. Running a hand through her hair she sighed. "What was it exactly that we had? Good conversation and sex? That's just the unimportant stuff. I want a real relationship."
  Hollywood / Faust / 34d 16h 28m 49s
Julian wasn't sure how to feel about that admission. He almost wanted to go find Damian and wring him, but that seemed like an unwise call to make. He looked to Althea and it was clear she had no idea what to do in this situation.
Of course, it was a fair point to make. It wasn't unlikely that she wouldn't be hounded by the paparazzi and honestly he couldn't fault her, if she didn't want that, but somehow he hoped he could persuade her. "I understand where you are coming from and I know that's something that comes with dating someone like me, especially all that happen," he told her as he moved in front of her, so he could stop her from leaving, but also to take the box, "But you don't think it would be worth it? To continue to have what we had?" He looked into her eyes.


Riley had to chuckle. "Well, either way I seem to have passed that test with flying colors wouldn't you say?" she mused as looked into that twinkle in his eyes. She did enjoy that, because it showed what really went on beneath the mask. Those were the glimpses she enjoyed so very much.
Giving a sound at his hand on her leg, she kissed back just as hard. Her body arched against his as he pressed against her, her hand still tight in his hair. The other hand began to find the buttons of his shirt. It was clear they were going to make this an unforgettable time.
  Julian / Hoshizora / 36d 15h 17m 43s
"Yeah, it's him," Althea nodded, before shifting uncomfortably. It was more difficult than it should have been. Granted anyone that knew her, also knew that she wasn't good at these sort of decisions. It was a big world for someone as unsure as her.

"If this died down soon. What would we do? Continue this in private or, dare I say, a couple? It'd be your crazy world with people reporting everything, and movies and...I don't know if I could do that," she grabbed the box that was needed before looking to him. "I'm sorry."


"Actually, yes, it's all a test. Nothing to do that I'm a demanding, asshole boss, which I am," Rafael said seriously, but the twinkling in his eyes said otherwise. It was the truth, he was all that. He might not be a complete asshole but there was some degree that he was.

It was now show time, he moved a hand down her leg kissing her harder. Pressing her softly against the wall, this time it'd be something to remember.
  Hollywood / Faust / 36d 16h 46m 39s
Riley gave him a smile. "Well, thank you. Oh, so it was by design that you tried to get me to drop dead from too much work," she teased lightly with a chuckle, "And here I thought that it made you more irritable, considering I didn't let you touch me until fairly recently." She had truly tried not go to bed with him at the beginning.
Dinner was a little rush, but that didn't mean she didn't enjoy it anyway. Still, she wanted to touch him now. Feeling him kiss her, it felt like there was no way this could be the last time. Eagerly and passionately, she kissed him back, a hand finding its way into his hair, grasping lightly, while the other explored his chest. His hands moving lower rewarded him with a soft sound as her leg lifted slightly to rub against his.


She looked like a bundle of nerves. Julian wasn't sure what to make of it, but somehow he had the impression that it was because of him. Was she nervous, because she was still afraid that the media might realize it was her on the picture?
Hearing the comment of the coworker, he arched a brow. He knew Althea and that she didn't go with men easily. So it had to be Damian. That made a knot in his stomach appear. Watching her hasty retreat, he thought for a moment before following her. "So... you and Damian hit it off?" he finally asked, wishing he could just pull her into his arms and kiss her hard. He didn't want to imagine Damian's hands on her.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 37d 14h 57m 38s
"You're welcome on both accounts. If it accounts for anything I didn't expect you to last a week. Of course, your flirting helped things go smoother," Rafael gave a small chuckle. Dinner was a rushed affair. They both knew with this arrangement ending that it was likely the last time.

Feeling her arms he knew it was that time. Wrapping his arms around her Rafael kissed her passionately. Okay, so maybe they still could do this, just without the openness.

Moving his hands lower he was enjoying this.


It was a terrible situation and most unlike herself. Going from one male to another. There had been two weeks to think on the first situation, all the while entering a form of relationship with the second. How the hell had she done this to herself?

Seeing Julian paused her resolve, she hated seeing him so poised and handsome without being able to not touch him. She wanted to so bad...

"Hey," Althea said, hoping she didn't appear anxious. Maybe he wouldn't notice.

"New guy still treating you good?" One of the co workers teased while passing.

Well, there goes that...she gave a blink before deciding on a hasty exit. "I need to go get some supplies."

Starting towards the side door, she knew they needed some anyway. This might get complicated.
  Hollywood / Faust / 37d 16h 7m 3s
Julian was honestly miserable. The scandal had been pretty bad, but things were slowly dying down. It helped that Savannah was leaving the country to do international films and he truly didn't feel like having women right now. At least, there was only one he was really interested in, but couldn't see.
He was eagerly awaiting the resuming of shooting after the break. It meant he could see her again. Walking past the prop department to get to his trailer, a detour actually, he finally saw Althea and smiled. "Hey, how are you?" he asked. She looked radiant and truly seemed to be glowing.


"Please, don't flatter me too much. My ego might blow up like a balloon," she replied sarcastically before becoming more serious, "Well, I'm glad you chose me. I learned a lot from you." It was sad that the movie was nearly over. She had enjoyed their working together a lot.
When he served the food, she kissed his cheek as a thank you before digging in. She would miss this. His food and the talking. It almost felt like something romantic, even if it wasn't. Once they were done she moved to wrap her arms around him from behind, holding him to her. "Now, how should we make this last time memorable?" she whispered into his ear with a smile. They may as well go out with a bang.
  Julian / Hoshizora / 38d 2h 7m 26s
It had became more, Kenna wouldn't admit it outloud. Maybe if it wasn't for what she did, or her in general, she would consider him. "To a point, yes. Considering anything but what we had would be a terrible mistake." Kenna went to the locker room to shower and change. This would be interesting.


It was a long week. There was enough money to replace, but when offered to model something not as awful. She agreed. It was a local designer that had some fashion that she loved. While there was nothing official with Damian it was good, she liked him, his company and the sex was good.

"I'll see you late tonight, there's a lot of work to catch up on," Althea kissed Damian lightly, There had already been a time this morning. Leaving his place, at work, she placed the bag down ignoring the glowing comments. It was a mess but she was feeling more comfortable in her skin.


"I was forced to accept you. They would not let me go without an assistant. I'm glad they did though. No one has been more competent than you," Rafael mused before going to serve up the food. It was nice to cook for someone, he'd miss it.

He was tired and hungry enough to eat all of the food. He did so with light talk. Cleaning up the plates he knew that soon they'd start again.
  Hollywood / Faust / 38d 2h 29m 13s
Riley shrugged lightly innocently. "Case in point being a bit. If I had been really flirting, you wouldn't say a bit," she mused with a chuckle, "Also, let's be honest. You didn't choose me, because my resume was the best out of everyone's." While he had never clearly expressed it, she would assume it had partially been because of her looks.
Chuckling, she looked up to the alarm. "That's probably a good idea. That had been quite a coitus interuptus," she replied, smiling at the memory, "Though is it my fault you look simply irresistible while cooking?" Her hand touched his arm for a moment before moving to get some plates. Chances were they wouldn't finish their dinner completely, but oh well, it would be worth it.


"For a while and then it became something else," Jesse pointed out with a smirk. After all, she had graced his bed not too long ago. He was very demanding in his pursuit of her, he supposed, but that was the way he was.
Placing his things back as well, he looked to her. "Then I'm sure Phin will have a plan by the time we are out of here," he mused before nodding, "Very well, let's go then." He would probably be done before her and wait by the entrance on her.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 40d 15h 6m 20s
"Is that what you call not flirting? It looked a bit like flirting from where I was sitting," Rafael smirked. It hadn't been the reason that she had been hired. Some had been because she was pretty, the other part was because he was forced to have a new assistant.

"Maybe we should wait till after. The last time it took a long time to get that fire alarm to stop," Rafael gave a grin.


"That was so I could finish another client's work and make my escape. It worked for a while," Kenna answered honestly. Placing the equipment back when they were done. This guy just didn't stop, it was both annoying and fascinating.

"No idea, this is Phin's department, I just ruin people through many devious ways," she said, without any signs of remorse. Tonight, which probably meant dinner and him trying something.

"Yeah, that works. I'm going to shower and change now," she nodded.
  Hollywood / Faust / 40d 15h 44m 14s
Jesse chuckled. "I would think we have already gone a lot further than mixing business with pleasure, wouldn't you say?" he mused, knowing he was right. He would be the first to admit he didn't fight often nor much, let alone with a woman.
It was clear that she took it easy on him and ultimately had mercy on him." And if I hadn't, you would have said that I shouldn't beat up women," he pointed out, "I don't enjoy hurting women. Is that a bad thing?"
Hearing that he and Phin were right, he smiled. "That's all I ever wanted to hear from you," he mused, "So, miss expert, how do we start? We have to be seen together. Maybe we can start tonight?" He would gladly take her to dinner and then have some fun afterwards.


It was good to know that he understood where she was coming from. That she wanted to grow on her own. Riley nodded at what he said. "Will do. Though you act like I flirted with you when you gave me the job. I distinctly remember not flirting with you," she mused, "Oh, so you're saying if I survived you, I can survive anything else?" She smirked to him.
He was right there. This whole thing was a bad idea, but when had that ever stopped them? "But aren't bad ideas always the most fun?" she mused, moving closer to him as she looked to him. She couldn't help that he was irresistible in the kitchen.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 41d 1h 53m 21s
"Hm, too bad I don't mix business with pleasure," Kenna smirked. While Kenna could have outright destroyed him, she actually paused to help with the positions. It could hurt him if done wrong. This was too easy, so she ended it out of boredom.

"You took it easy on me," Kenna pointed out annoyed. "You didn't have to be. The only sensitive part is my partial protein intolerance. That's what it takes for this job."

Her mind was more clear now, she knew they were right. Most people she ruined didn't even know anything about her, she was a puppeteer. Even the agencies she went through had no idea.

"Alright, you and Phin are right. Its a good plan even if there are cameras involved," Kenna said painfully. "Let's do it then."


"Well then, do the applications . Go to the person immediately, flatter them but never any sexual undertones. Know and love their work and be earnest. Most of them are nicer than i am," Rafael told her with a nod.

Her asking about that made him smile, "this whole thing is a bad idea."
  Hollywood / Faust / 41d 2h 8m 10s

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