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"You cannot say that I have not learned something from you. Just that alone means I have learned something from you," Rafael chuckled before taking a step towards her and took her hand. "I'm deeply sorry if I hurt you, cutting you out like that. I like you. It's just that...I didn't feel that way and got scared. I'm a coward in that department. I'm sorry."

It felt good to apologize, maybe even tell her what happened before he gave a nod. "I do, but what if she's still happily married and I come in and ruin things? I can't do that..."

There was an idea...in avoidance of his issue he thought of an idea. "Should we go back in and maybe have him walk bow legged for days?"


Placing the solitary bag down she took everything in. It was a smaller hotel room, good clean bathroom, nice TV and everything. There was even the roses there. She gave a small chuckle before hearing the knock. Answering the door, she looked to him with a small chuckle.

"Did it ever occur to you that I don't have room for all those flowers?" She teased before opening the door all the way for him. It really was the most amazing feeling.
  Hollywood / Faust / 42d 22h 20m 10s
Julian honestly hadn't thought of how much space any of the things he sent her would take up. It didn't matter to him anyway. He wanted to prove he loved her and this seemed a good way. Grabbing his bag, he didn't need much since most of the time he would be in movie clothes anyway.
The hotel was nice. It was obviously not his first time staying at a five star hotel and he was used to it. He had already unpacked when her text came. Naturally, he had already inquired which room would be hers and placed more roses in there. Making his way to her room, he knocked, knowing she should be there now. His entire body tingled at the thought of seeing her again, alone.


Riley was able to forgive a lot of things, but being used to commit adultery was not one of them. "I'm pretty sure having a woman start crying here would not have been a pretty sight so a good call," she pointed before she followed him out to the patio, "Oh, trust me, I want to." No one tricked her like that.
Nodding at him pointing out she had heard more, she listened as he went on to explain things. It was an interesting side to see and explained so much. Why he couldn't settle on a woman and so much more. Slowly, she shook her head. "It's not pathetic," she replied truthfully as she gently touched his arm, "It's sweet. You still love this woman. Any woman would want to be loved to that extent. Is there no chance at all?" How could any woman have ever said no to him?
  Julian / Hoshizora / 43d 19h 45m 11s
More roses? He did realize that Althea had only some space in her studio. The flowers was already taking up her counter space, and her table held her art items. Eventually she'd settle on a bigger place where she could actually have space.

Shaking her head she did smile before grabbing all of the items needed. One case was all she needed for a few days, she was a low maintenance woman.

The on site location was actually quite nice, still in California but it was not as polluted and crowded. Althea hadn't actually stayed in a five star hotel before, it was a nice feeling.

[i I'm here with the others.]

She texted him before grabbing her bag to go up to her room.


"I was half considering bringing her here, but, even for me that seemed a dick move," Rafael chuckled before looking to her. He hadn't ever seen that look on her beautiful face. He took her hand, leading her to the patio. "You can strangle him in a moment if you want. Suppose, you heard some of that, too...I didn't tell you everything."

This part was equally difficult to muster up but it was better than it sitting on his chest. "Before I married, I met this woman, she was beautiful, smart and great. I was deeply in love with her but she married someone else, despite everything, and I wasn't direct. I did marry my ex a year after, which was a mistake...I told him about that thinking I could trust him. Some part of me still is and...it's pathetic, really..."
  Hollywood / Faust / 43d 20h 58m 3s
Rafael genuinely looked sorry for having her overhear what he had said. Riley supposed she should be feeling flattered, but right now all she wanted to do was pay Diego back. She did feel a little sadness, there probably would be a lot more when she was done being angry with him.
Him touching her arm and nodding was all she needed as her lips pursed angrily together. She listened to him as he went on to explain. "I believe you. I don't think you would do that intentionally," she told him truthfully, but right now her thoughts were on Diego, "Well, now I'll ring his neck for the both of us and make sure he never has a lay anywhere in Hollywood again." Her eyes were fierce and determined. She might not be a Latina, but she was a woman scorned and those were just as dangerous. If this pulled her name down with him, so be it. She looked around and when she spotted Diego slowly began to move towards him. Her palm was already itching to slap him.


It was the type of man Damian was. He took his time, made a woman feel special and all that, but now he was questioning that. He would be pissed for a few days, but would come around on being friends at some point. She was a good girl most of the time.
Julian was meanwhile on cloud nine. He was constantly sending Althea small gifts, from a dozen red roses to other things. The packing was done and he was as eager as could be to see her at the set. He finally got a date with her.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 45d 19h 17m 23s
It hadn't been what Rafael wanted her to hear nor for her to know. Yes, it was protecting because he cared about her, even if he didn't have romantic feelings for her. Rafael reached out to rub her arm before giving a nod. Right now Diego would need to watch out if he wanted to keep his testicles.

"Yes, I was visiting a colleague when he mentioned that he got married. There were these rumors before and I went to the residence, and there shew as. She's beautiful and unaware..." Rafael gave a large sigh. "I swear I didn't know when we had that time. If I had I would have ringed his neck."

Looking to her apprehensively he waited on the response.


The gifts had been amazing, Althea didn't remember feeling more special than she had those moments. While it was possible Julian was attempting to woo her and then dump her after he got what she wanted, she wouldn't believe it.

Althea bit her lip looking after Damian knowing she just lost a friend. It seemed puzzling to her that he had taken his time and mostly after Julian came into the picture.

"Okay, see you later," Althea said rising. She'd need to pack before going on scene for a few days. It was actually kind of exciting and she needed it after all this.
  Hollywood / Faust / 45d 22h 14m 4s
Did she really think he wanted to hear this right now or that it made any difference? It really didn't. She had chosen Julian, end of story. "Thank you for telling me that," Damian replied, trying to keep up the more happy facade, "I should probably get going. I hope it works out well with him." With a small smile and a nod he turned to leave. It hurt, naturally, and maybe it was a good time to go to a bar in the middle of the day or something.


Riley was surprised when Rafael came over to them. The whole interaction was strange and over in a second before Rafael almost seemed to drag Diego away. Confused she looked at the two before moving through the room.
As she did she overheard snippets of conversation and while a lot of it was in Spanish, Riley had gotten better at it, a side effect from two flings with Spaniards. Or at least good enough to understand words such as Diego, married and wife. While she didn't show it outwardly, she was fuming. If this was true, how dare he!
Moving back closer to Rafael and Diego she caught more of similar talk from the two. When Diego had walked off, Riley moved in from another direction, keeping Rafael from moving on. "Is it true? He's married?" she asked, her lips a thin line as she clearly was furious.
  Damian / Hoshizora / 46d 19h 31m 10s
"It really isn't you...or him...it's me, truth be told. Most people are okay just with light attention and going to the next. That's not what I can do. So if there wasn't the interest before it doesn't likely happen," Althea awkwardly explained. "I'm glad to have had that time with you though. I know you'll make someone happy in many ways."

She rubbed his arm, though she knew he'd be upset. "Thank you for helping me expand my world and comfort zone. I really appreciate that."


Rafael wasn't sure what to say or do, and that was strange. Once he had failed someone he loved and failing Riley felt like it was a doomed history. Walking over to Diego he gave a half smile. "It's been a while. Why don't we go over here and catch up, I feel as if I need to give you a congrats." Looking to Riley she gave a nod. "Surprised to see you here."

Diego gave a slow nod. "Yes, let's go over here."

To the side Rafael walked close to Diego, half pinning him by presence to the wall. "Congrats on getting married, she's beautiful. Don't suppose that was why you were visiting and we had that fun...and you were married."

"I didn't want to, it was to save my image. It doesn't matter, anyway. You never stopped talking to her when you were married," Diego hissed.

"Talked, but I was faithful until the divorce. You spineless man. Fix your mess or I will," Rafael gave him a small push before walking away.
  Hollywood / Faust / 46d 22h 5m 18s
Diego was a rebound, plain and simple. He was a fun one, but a rebound. Riley needed something to keep her mind off of Rafael and he did the trick. The plus side was that alone he was fairly decent at sex and was willing to experiment. The suggestion of going to Spain seemed insane, since she had never been outside of the country, but ultimately she agreed and it was a stunning country and a lot of fun.
The event they went to was nice. Hearing what Diego said, she arched a brow before seeing Rafael in the crowd. These were the things that annoyed her about Diego. Had he not even considered that it might be awkward for her to meet her former flame? She suddenly felt a little cheap, but she reminded herself that this was her right. Rafael had ended things with her and she was allowed to see whoever she wanted. "We should. Don't you want to greet your old friend?" she replied with a nod, taking a sip of her drink. She could do this, she told herself.


Jesse chuckled. "Just fulfilling a promise. I did say I would make you scream all night," he mused as he laid down next to her to kiss her. He was very happy with this as it was.


Damian had an idea of what was coming. She had been acting weirdly for a bit now and the location of a park combined with a kiss on the cheek only more emphasized that point.
Hearing what she had to say, he nodded. It was as he had thought. He had never had a chance with her, because she had always been hung up on Julian. "It's okay. This is your life and you should live it like you wish. I hope he makes you happy," Slowly he gave her a kiss to her forehead before stepping back. Now he felt like a drink was in order or something.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 47d 19h 17m 37s
It was a week after Rafael left that Diego ran across Riley. Without Rafael in the way, Riley seemed to be open and ready for him, and it was a great time. There was a great deal of sex involved and it was fun. She was easy to get along with, went along with a lot of the fun experiments.

When there was a few days free from her work Diego flew her off to a friends Villa in Spain.


The new girl lasted all but a week, before he was bored. It was time to just go without that distraction. Instead he focused on the scenery and if he needed to, find a one night stand. When visiting some other friends in the industry he heard Diego's name, and oddly, the mention of a wife.

It took of persuasion but he met the wife, Estella, and she was a beautiful young thing unaware of what he was doing. Rafael felt very guilty and took her to a nice lunch.

When invited to a mutual friend, Maria and her husband, both directors and producers. He came, before hearing Diego with a blonde. Could it be? Of course it would be, it was what Riley would do.


Diego spotted Rafael and gave her a small sound. "Well, here he is, I thought he would be here. Should we go greet him?"


"More times? Someone is very ambitious tonight," Kenna chuckled moving to lay on her back contently. This would work out, she was happy with this part of the arrangement, and later on it'd work for what she wanted to do.


This was the hard part, Althea knew it would be the most difficult part. So she decided the public park would be good, of course,he would have an idea since she wouldn't go further than a kiss on the cheeks.

"When we...happened...I was running from my own feelings for Julian. There's an on location shooting and he's taking me out on a date," Althea said quietly. "I'm so sorry, this is very new to me and I've made some big mistakes and I dragged you with me."
  Hollywood / faust / 47d 20h 43m 54s
Savannah listened to what Carrick had to say, a small smile appearing on her lips. "Your dad is very wise. Maybe one day I can meet him," she told him, though that day wouldn't be in the next few days. It was better like that.
She gave a thoughtful look. "I guess, it just has to do with the fact that I have nothing else to give. I don't mean it like that, but I'm been in so many movies, magazines, pictures online, what is there that is still definitely mine?" she tried to explain, "I will try though." In her hope for love she ended up giving the one thing she had that was only hers.
"You too, Carrick," she said softly before she retreated back into her room. Her heart definitely ached, but she knew it was for the best, even if she wished there was more. She would see him again at some point. If she had known when and how she might not have been so hopeful for it.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 48d 19h 23m 1s
"My da said there was affection first, dedication, and love. They weren't united though, had different dreams, and then drifted apart and then I was born...I suppose it all starts with the same but it's something deeper. Another thing he's said with my step mum...they aren't romantic, but they are dedicated..." Carrick spoke softly. "I think I can wait till I feel and see that, maybe you can hold on a bit longer before handing your heart out. It doesn't make you a bad person."

Carrick nodded before taking a step back. "I reckon I will see you around. Be careful, okay?"

It felt good to have that cleared. They both wanted something else, and needed some time.
  Hollywood / Faust / 48d 21h 14m 28s
Quite honestly, Savannah had expected a lot of things that Carrick could have said, but she hadn't expected that. For someone buzzed he really could talk. "I wanted a relationship with you, because I felt like someone genuinely cared about me, but I suppose I probably misunderstood your kindness for feelings of affection," she said slowly, looking to him from the opposite wall before nodding softly, "I understand that. What happened with your mom was terrible, but don't let it control you. I'm just saying, don't pull yourself out. There is never a hundred percent secure relationship. Wait for that and it will never happen. Just... some advice from someone who keeps thinking she found the real thing..." She had had that happen too many times.
His words made her smile softly. "Thank you, Carrick. You are the most genuine person I ever met. Don't ever let anyone change you," she told him before slowly moving over to him, "I'll try. You do the same. Have a good trip and say hi to your dad from me." What she did next was definitely the wine speaking. She hugged him, despite his state of undress and without thinking gave him one of the quickest and softest kisses before stepping back. "See you around," she said softly before entering her room. Only there did tears start to roll down her cheeks as she pulled out her phone to ask the team what they had found out about David.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 50d 18h 47m 4s
"I believe that I wanted to rescue you from yourself, not let yourself do that...You wanted a relationship with me and I couldn't give you one. It doesn't seem like a good ground for a friendship," Carrick said softly leaning against the door frame. "I can't give you that relationship. It may be keeping doors closed, but the window is always open. After my mum left I didn't want to put another person, or god forbid, a child in that position. So...when I do...I will love that person and be mostly sure the ground is solid. No one needs to be hurt."

Carrick felt odd explaining this, "you're an amazing, gold hearted person...I believe it's best though that we go separate ways right now. Just...be safe, okay? I don't want to see you hurt again."
  Hollywood / Faust / 50d 20h 34m 6s
Savannah did stand there for a while, but she didn't hear anything from inside and honestly what would she say, if he did open the door? That she was sorry? She wasn't though. She stood by the mess she had made.
Finally, she gave up as she grabbed her bag and was fumbling to find her own card to open her door when his door suddenly opened. There was clearly surprise on her face as she just stared at him, it being obvious that she hadn't expected he would talk to her again. There were two reactions going on inside her. One, powered by the wine, wanted to kiss him again, feel him, the other just wanted to run and be angry with him.
What ultimately came out was a half assed attempt at both. "What happened to us?" she finally asked. At one point they had gotten along so well and now they were all over the board.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 51d 20h 8m 49s
Taking breaths inside, he told himself not to do anything because he'd have to pay for it. Again with the same reasons, save face, save the career...going straight in the shower. He hoped that would work and maybe some sleep.

There was the voice to go talk to her but he wasn't going to budge on this. He wasn't going to play best friend and knight. After the five minute shower he placed on a towel.

Fine, open the door and see if she had left. Slowly he opened the door. Though he wouldn't speak.
  Hollywood / Faust / 51d 20h 19m 8s

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