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Tonight, after a bit of persuasion she'd give into that. It'd work well with what she was thinking. Perhaps she had missed that, as well, even if it hadn't been a lot of days. Like a camel she could go weeks without sex and not miss it. That was not the case with Jesse, however, the mental games kept the game fun.

Giving him a strange look she shook her head. "God, no, it's disgusting. I wish I didn't need to," she said before giving a small laugh. "Absolutely not, I work for my money not sleep for it."

The kiss was great though, she wrapped her arms around his neck. Feeling her phone buzz, she took a pause to look at it. "Her flight was canceled and she'll be staying till tomorrow. We can ambush her then. Can we go?"


"Is that a bad thing?" David asked with a smirk. This reunion was bound to make some paper. They could be the it couple again, that was what he wanted. As long as Julian didn't make a splash, he could do this. That smile never left his face though.

"That sounds like a plan," he said before leading her to the bright bar. This was going great, she was happy and that did make him happy. As long as she remained happy nothing would go wrong.
  Hollywood / faust / 5d 18h 52m 12s
"This is so like you," Savannah couldn't help muse as she saw the car, "Very nice." She had always known he liked his cars expensive and that he was probably using his most expensive one right now was something she could appreciate.
When they arrived at the club she pushed all thoughts of Carrick aside. She wanted to enjoy this and smiled at his arm around her. The club was impressive. "It's really nice. Must say, they did a good job. Drink and then some dancing?" she asked happily. She would enjoy herself tonight.


Jesse arched a brow with a chuckle. "Oh, so is that something that turns you on?" he asked curiously, kissing her temple. While he couldn't outright have sex with her, he could move his hands over her body and kiss her as he pleased. He would say he was happy with that.
"Disneyland?" he repeated, keeping his arm around her, "I can give you the money for that. Consider it a bonus for all the hard work. We shall though." Looking around, he found some people they hadn't talked to yet.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 6d 17h 31m 26s
Even though Savannah was here with him physically, David could feel her mind elsewhere. It was like the situation with Julian all over again. What did these actors do to create such a distraction for her? David could feel some irritation rising in his chest but he kept a good face on.

Being the man he was, he took his own expensive car to the club. It was really was trendy. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder leading her in. "Well, what do you think?" He asked. It had everything a club needed, lights and trendy music.


"Mmm...nice try...just in case they end early, or something doesn't go right, we need to remain diligent," Kenna answered calmly. She would need to double check on the progress. Somehow making sure people had sex, and watching if she had to, became a part of the job.

"We can just mingle more. I might find more clients here...I've been wanting to take the kids to Disneyworld...Shall we?"
  Hollywood / Faust / 6d 19h 35m 7s
Savannah hadn't heard any of these rumors. Perhaps former coworkers didn't want to slander her ex, but she would have taken these rumors seriously, if anyone had told them to her.
It was always nice to get a compliment and she smiled. "Thank you," she replied as she closed the door behind her, "We shall. You look quite dashing yourself. Lead the way. I can't wait to see this club." She was excited about all this, even if there was still a thought on Carrick.


Jesse almost made a game of it, trying to see if he could pick out the people that Kenna had ruined and why. It was actually quite fun, if he had to say so himself.
He saw the two leave when she spoke. "That's good," he replied with a nod and smiled before kissing her back, his hand resting on her lower back, "And what shall we do until then? You seem to find this all very boring." He could think of a few things to do.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 7d 17h 37m 13s
It seemed that the rumor mill was thick. When meeting another former co star for that dinner there was more stories. Including a boyfriend from hell, he would ask more, there was bad feelings and rumors. Carrick wanted to do more but thiswasn't all his place.

"You look gorgeous," David kissed her cheek. Wrapping an arm around her shoulder he smiled. "Shall we?"


It was odd being the trophy. Most of her clients didn't know her, the people she ruined didn't know her but was behaving well. She played along with all of it. The charity was also boring. Lynn the target was enjoying the escort, posing as a waiter. Watching them go off.

"It's working. In about two hours we should have our leverage," Kenna whispered and kissed him.
  Hollywood / Faust / 7d 18h 52m 59s
Jesse chuckled slightly as he listened to her. "Well, wouldn't a camera phobia make sense with your job?" he inquired with a small smirk, "Oh, I do love cliches." He gave her a grin, signalling that he was joking.
Naturally, she turned down his offer, as she so often did. It was a little frustrating, but also made him want her more, ironically enough. "It should be. I do wonder how they will react to seeing you," he mused, wondering, if he could guess who had been her client and who not. With that he steered her to the first group of people. He would make sure to show her off though.


Savannah supposed she should be happy that Carrick was okay with her meeting David, but at the same time a small part of her wished he would tell her not to go. Since that naturally didn't happen, she got ready. Opting for a backless, dark green halter dress that went to almost to her knee, she saw no reason to be skimpy nor overly revealing. With make up and her hair in place she was ready.
When David knocked she opened the door. "Punctual as ever. I'm ready," she said as she closed the door behind her, "Lead the way." She was excited to go out and hit the town.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 8d 17h 17m 1s
"It's something weird I picked up, I don't know. You're free to use cliches with me because they just may be true," Kenna said with a shrug. Daddy issues, abandonment, it was all true. "Mingle then. I know a quarter of them through jobs. It should be fun."

Also, they wouldn't have to talk too deep, that was a plus for her. She did like it here and the dress was stunning. Looking to Jesse she gave a practiced smile but he did look amazing.


That night, David picked her up at the hotel she was at. Carrick wished her luck and went along with his own business of meeting people he used to work with. He didn't know that David was responsible.

Knocking on the door David waited patiently.
  Hollywood / Faust / 8d 18h 9m 38s
Savannah gave a soft shrug. "I could use a good time to get my mind of some things," she replied, the whole Julian thing still really cast a shadow on some parts, "Well, you always were a lot of fun to hang out with." She naturally enjoyed Carrick's company too, but it was a lot more... down to earth. Maybe she needed a night out at the club where no one would follow her every move.
She ate contently when the food came. "They have improved their cooking since I was last here," she mused softly, "It's a plan. Tonight we go out." She had no idea where this would lead, but they would see. She and Carrick were back to being just friends so no conflict there, even if she wished it was different.


Jesse looked to her. "I did not know that," he mused before shaking his head lightly, "Though you will find I don't take selfies every five minutes either." Though that was because he liked his privacy too much to do it every single time.
He nodded at what she said. "Hm... socializing. Is that another thing you prefer not to do?" he asked curiously as he looked around, "There is enough people I know we can talk to, but I could also think of something else we could do." He gave her a small grin, wondering if she caught his drift.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 9d 17h 36m 2s
"I'm glad that your calendar is free for me. It really does seem like you need some good time and with someone fun, too," David gave her a bright look. When the food came he ate slowly and contently. "That sounds like a plan, then the night out."

If he had it his way than he would have her in his bed and remain with him for the rest of the time. For this to work, he'd have to pull everything out.


Kenna let out a small, dry laugh. When someone looked at her they thought that it would be her doing a selfie or waiting to take a picture with someone. "It's a legitimate phobia, at least it's not selfies every five minutes."

"So, the charity will officially begin in half an hour, once it's over he's in place, and then I will check. It's not the best part of the job but well, it's what I have to do," she said keeping close to him. "I believe that leaves socializing."
  Hollywood / Faust / 9d 17h 49m 8s
To be fair any sane guy in the room would want her right now dressed like that. She was easily the most stunning woman here and she was his. Jesse would make sure that he had her tonight, no doubt in his mind. "I'm glad I could inform you," he mused, smirking once more.
She really seemed to hate cameras. "You almost seem to have an allergic reaction or something to cameras," he pointed out softly, "Why don't we get a drink?" As if on cue a waiter showed up and handed them a drink. "To a good night," he toasted, looking to her. He was curious to see how these operations worked.


Savannah nodded. "Tonight is perfect. Since I just got here my social calendar is very free," she mused, though she didn't really mind. It was nice to just relax for an evening. Still, she was most excited about seeing Ireland and in her mind nothing could stop her from seeing that.
She looked to him thoughtfully. Truthfully, she was a little surprised that he was being so nice to her. Were there still feelings? "Right now?" she asked, sipping her tea, how she missed proper tea, "Why don't you show me what great new thing London has to offer." She knew he had connections and it was always interesting to see where they ended up.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 9d 18h 9m 36s
"Oh, well, that's very good to know," Kenna returned the smirk to him. Oh, he wanted her bad, and that was a good position to have him in. Though she found herself thinking would be good.

The idea of the cameras made her skin crawl. Once the pictures was done and they could mingle among the obscenely rich. "Oh, god...cameras..." she rubbed her arm trying to recover.

It was a legitimate fear for her, that and relationships.


"Why not tonight?" David asked with a smile. Inwardly, he was not happy with the idea of her going to Ireland. He'd just need to find a way to stop her. Maybe if they could get some of that old flame back.

"It's good to have connections and know what's fun. Is there anything you'd like to do?"
  Hollywood / Faust / 9d 18h 51m 48s
It was tempting to get back out there or at least to go to a club. Savanna hadn't really for a while and it seemed nice to go out. "Well, I'm only in London for a bit. Then Carrick and I are touring Ireland, but yes, that club does sound very nice," she agreed with a nod, "I can always go to those museums later. If the show goes well, I might have something that makes me stay here for a while." It would be interesting, if she stayed here. She didn't think she could go back to David, but who knew.
"So when do you have time to show me this new club? You always were on top of all the newest and most interesting places," she mused as she remembered him taking her to all kinds of places.


Jesse gave her a smirk as he looked to her. "You have an ass worth grabbing. Besides, you are my girlfriend. Am I not allowed to make the other men jealous that they can't have this?" he asked amused, giving her a look. Wrapping his arm around her, he led her into the event.
It really was much like any other event he had visited in the past. While Kenna was smiling, he could tell that she was clearly uncomfortable with all this. Leaning into her ear, he gave it a gentle nip and whispered, "Relax, it's okay." There were a lot of cameras, but that didn't mean they were all pointed at her.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 10d 18h 12m 36s
"Depends on if you want to get out in the world again. There's a brilliant new club on the East End," David looked to her with a smile. "Would you like to go? There's always new museums and entertainment. Music vendors..."

Anything to keep her here, he didn't like Carrick. He worked hard for this, so why would he let some other male whisk her off. Now he needed to find a way to get her to stay.


"Oh, so grabbing asses in public? Very classy, Jess," Kenna smirked to him. When in public she wrapped her arm around him. They probably looked like the it couple there. Both dressed swanky in expensive clothing, but appearances was deceiving.

The room it was held in was a high end room. Everything about it was expensive and grand, almost immediately there was cameras. Kenna smiled but inside she felt as if her insides was withering.
  Hollywood / Faust / 10d 19h 22m 21s
Jesse gave an amiable shrug. "Guilty as charged. Though I'm just saying I am a very hands on kind of guy. I would assume that people would find it weird, if I suddenly weren't that anymore in a relationship," he pointed out to her before smirking, "Oh, I will make the best of it." He had no intention of doing anything else.
Nodding at what she said, he kept his arm around her waist. "Let's go then," he mused and kissed her once more before moving her out of their room and to the event. He would be curious to watch what happened.


Savannah smiled at what he said. She had forgotten how charming he could be when he wanted to. "Is there any other place to go in London?" she replied amused as she too decided on her order, "You missed me that much?" She looked to him curiously. After all, she had hurt him badly. Were there still feelings he had for her? Sure, she had thought of him at the beginning, but it had been years. Still, she smiled as he rubbed her hand and she entwined her hand causally with his.

He reached out to rub her hand giving her a warm smile.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 11d 17h 38m 14s
"Oh, you're just saying that because you want to have your hands all over me right now. Tonight you mean to make the best of it," Kenna mused towards him. Chances were he would have his way, and if so, that just meant it'd be her Plan B. Not the day after pill, either.

Checking her cameras again on the phone she looked to him. "Everything is in place. Let's get this show on the road."


"Well, London is happy to have you back. Are you going to BBC?" David asked. There still would be acting, but she was back. He gave a smile, having already decided what to order. "It's really wonderful to see you again, I can't tell you how much I missed you."

He reached out to rub her hand giving her a warm smile.
  Hollywood / Faust / 11d 19h 23m 38s

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