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"It has been good. Traveling and settling back in London has been wonderful. I hope you've been good," Carrick gave a smile before seeing the lights beginning to flicker. "I guess that's our cue to sit down. Thanks for everything, really."

Carrick gave a small gesture to Grace to join them to sit down. This was it...finding his spot he took a breath in completely nervous for this. Well, a show wouldn't be so fancy, and maybe then they could be just friends.


What party could be in L.A. without having it in a fancy house, with a pool? Hunter Cohan couldn't announce anything without grandeur. When he met their mom he made one big gesture after another, their dad didn't stand a chance. The twins had lived their lives outside of their step dad and mom until first Zach fell to temptation with a job, and Zara soon after.

When Hunter bought the studio he wanted to throw a big party to welcome. Zara leaned against the railing, bored, even the black dress couldn't excite her. It was a nice dress with the straps crossing in the back, white flowers embrodiedered in the top and on the way to the bottom of the mid thigh skirt.

"Hey...I bet we could make it from the balcony to the pool," Zach moved beside her and gave a small grin.

"Seems like a good way to break a leg," Zara replied, but gave a half grin to him. Glancing around to the party she looked to him. "Let's do it. Hunter will get suspicious if we both run off like toddlers...ten minutes."

Zach gave a wider grin before half scampering away to the back of the house. Zara smiled in Hunter's direction before moving quickly after Zach, that was before running into someone's shoulder.

"Oh, sorry...just...not looking where I'm going. Excuse me," she flashed a smile only half glancing to the person she ran into.
  Faust / 11d 21h 35m 27s
Seeing her reaction, it became clear she had more or less said it in the heat of the moment. Julian couldn't help a small chuckle considering how cute the situation was in a sense. "You did," he agreed, happy she kissed him back and wasn't just trying to take back what she said. That made him happy for sure.
It was a sweet moment and it made him decide. "I love you too," he told her between kisses, loving how nice it felt to say this to her. Wrapping his arms around her more, he drew her into a deeper kiss.


Savannah shrugged back. "I suppose we will, but even if it doesn't turn into a hit, I had a lot of fun making it and I think that counts for more," she told him truthfully. Well, mostly fun, when one considered all the personal drama that she had dragged onto the set by accident.
Looking around, she heard Carrick's question. Ready for the movie, yes, for anything else, not so sure. She saw Grace had gone to talk to someone else. "As ready as I'll ever be, yes," she replied with a nod before feeling like she should say more, "You seem to be doing good." She was genuinely glad about that, even if she wished she could say more, but it was the wrong environment.
  Julian / Hoshizora / 13d 19h 28m 19s
Althea blinked. Did that come out of her mouth? She had found herself thinking it for the last day. This time it was coming out in the most mediocre way. "Yeah, I did say that, didn't I?" She chuckled, the kisses did surprise her. He seemed happy though about that she kissed back.

While the sex would be nice, it was this moment that made her most happy. Perhaps that was why he was so happy with her.


"I guess we will now see if it was the box office hit they wanted," Carrick shrugged. He was really nervous but Grace being here helped, he hadn't stopped being her friend through her entire ordeal. Of course, he hadn't tried to have any sort of romance with her.

Right now with Savannah it was both relieving and full of tension at the same moment. "Are you ready?" he asked. Grace was busy talking to someone at the moment. Soon they would need to find their seats.
  Hollywood / Faust / 13d 20h 9m 31s
Savannah looked to Grace as she said that. "I'm sorry to hear that happened, but I'm glad you found a calling. That is impressive," she told her softly, though her words stuck with her. What we think we love just hurts. She felt at times acting did just that, though right now it made her think of David. Soon she would have the report that would give her clarity. If he had really tried to ruin her. Though either way, could she be with him when she so clearly had feelings for Carrick?
There was always something nice to the premiers. It was a huge reunion and people were always so happy and excited to see the film. "You can at least pretend to be excited," she teased lightly, giving him a teasing grin, "Looks like we're about to see how it turned out." The doors to the theater were opening and as the leads they would be one of the first to be allowed to be seated.


How could he not be surprised? After all, it had been a big deal to her the way his life was and how it would work. That she was agreeing to it, to him, made Julian more happy than he could say.
He gave a soft chuckle. "Yes, we'll try to avoid that," he agreed before pausing, looking to her, not sure if he had understood her correctly, "You love me?" He hadn't expected that, even if it made him very happy and he leaned down to kiss her happily over and over.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 15d 18h 54m 46s
"Acting didn't work out, it actually lead to a really dark place, but the doctors helped. Now I want to help out more than just entertain people...sometimes we do something we think we love but it really just hurts us more than helps, you know," Grace said quietly. There were more pictures and the little reply from Carrick was not as encouraging.

There was the same drinks as he expected, the other cast members, partners and others. It was an interesting reunion. "Sure, I suppose," Carrick said nervously. Grace being there was more balancing, she had always been of comfort while Savannah was nervous since he still wanted her, just not as it was.


Althea gave a nod and a smile. The surprise on his face was well worth waiting to say her decision. This date was thoughtful and simple, even if other aspects wouldn't be. The change would be difficult.

"Mhm. I love you but I don't love scandals so let's try to avoid that," she mused before kissing back. Wrapping her arms around his neck she gave a soft sound. She hadn't even realized what she had said only that this felt good.
  Hollywood / faust / 15d 21h 18m 44s
Hearing what she said, Julian arched a brow. "Oh, you that eager to get back to the hotel?" he couldn't help teasing with a small smile before kissing her, "Really? You are truly sure? With cameras and all?" There was an adrenaline going through him now that he couldn't describe. He pulled her close into a hug and kissed her happily. He had never really thought about what the make up crew did when they weren't busy in the morning. "I could make you my personal stylist," he mused teasingly, not sure if he was serious or not.
He took her back to his room, for now making sure not to run into someone. At least for another few moments he wanted her all to himself. Her reaction made him laugh. "It's a normal room," he replied with a shrug before slowly making his way over to her and wrapping his arms around her, "I'm glad you think so." With that he leaned down to kiss her softly, but passionately. He just wanted her at this point.


Quite honestly, Savannah hadn't thought Grace was a shield. She had more thought they were more than friends, even though Carrick wasn't that sort of guy. Either way, having the other woman there hurt, even if Grace was a wonderful person. Hearing the promise did relief her slightly. "That sounds like a wonderful promise," she mused with a smile before arching a brow impressed, "A doctor? That's amazing. I could never do that." That was definitely something to be proud of.
Carrick not really answering the question didn't put her mind at ease. What would it be like to act with him again, but in this strange atmosphere? Where did they stand now? He clearly didn't know she wa still sort of together with David or he wouldn't be this jovial to her. With a smile back to Carrick they walked in where they were welcomed with champagne. "And excited to see the fruits of our labor?" she asked, sipping her drink. She knew they would be sitting together in the theater, as they were the main actors. God, she wondered how the sex scene had turned out.
  Julian / Hoshizora / 17d 18h 29m 26s
"The hotel sounds just fine," Althea nodded. There would be a some work tomorrow, but after the make up was done they were free to go for a while. The only difficult part was waiting on Julian to be done, but she was good at amusing herself. "And yes, I'd love to go out with you again. Even if that means cameras."

It really wasn't cameras it was her world being invaded but she loved Julian, this was just a part of the deal. This would be a great shock for her but with him, she would deal with it. Taking in his suite she gave a whistle. "Wow, much larger than any room I've been in ever."

Sheding her jacket and shoes she gave him a bright smile. "This has been amazing."


It would look as if he was using Grace as a shield, true, and perhaps in some way he was. It wasn't the entire case. Grace was quick to give a reason. "We worked together on the first show, two series and it was canceled. Anyway...our promise was that if either of us had a red carpet premiere we'd invite each other. Carrick only said it to make me feel better. I haven't acted in four years."

"Grace is actually working on becoming a doctor," Carrick looked to his friend proudly.

When the pictures and the questions came he rubbed the back of his neck. "I can't tell you anything I don't know, mate. Shall we?" He offered Grace an arm giving a smile to Savannah.

He wanted her and she looked as if she was close to her own feet again which was great.
  Hollywood / faust / 17d 21h 7m 56s
Savannah knew she had promised Carrick she would be careful and she was. While she was together with David, she had asked for an investigation of him and into the woman that Carrick had mentioned to her that night. Carrick... she shouldn't be thinking about him, but she couldn't stop herself and all she wanted was to be kissed like that again the way he had done in the hallway that night.
With things coming to an end with the movie she was often busy with that, but then there was the premier in London, where she knew that Carrick would attend. Knowing how much the two men disliked each other, she had decided to go alone to save the peace and her nerves.
Seeing Carrick made her a little more anxious than it should. Him being there with another woman was hurt. "Thank you. You look great yourself," she replied, hugging back, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Grace. Thank you." Was it just her or was Carrick blushing at his friend's question. Well, Savannah had tried to look her best, which was pretty damn good.
Nodding, they made their way to the red carpet, where a lightning fest of flashes went off. Here and there they stopped for pictures. Just then a reporter yelled, "Is it true you two will be working together on a TV show now?" That made her turn to Carrick surprised. The studio hadn't told her officially who she would be working with. If they were going to costar in it, things would surely get awkward.


Julian was happy with how everything had turned out. Althea also seemed happy, judging from the way she had kissed him, which had turned to making out. He gladly obliged that as he held her in his arms.
Luckily for him mosquitoes didn't really like him, but they seemed to like her all the more. Hearing the question, he looked to her. "Well, not planned. We should slowly go back to the hotel. There is another long day tomorrow," he replied, though he clearly wasn't saying that they had to end the night here, wondering how she would feel about that. Packing up the last of their things, he took her hand in one and in the other the basket, quite content with this as they walked back to the car.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 18d 18h 21m 49s
It was nice in Ireland, he liked being home. Instead of the week like planned he stayed in Ireland for a month. Taking his parents traveling around like they always talked about, it made it feel like the money was worth something. With some of the earnings he made large donations to different places.

The only issue was the magazines. He saw her with David, and it burned him, he was bad news. She had made her choice to bet on the wrong horse, that wasn't his business anymore. There was to be a premiere, though. It was going to be in London. So he slowly made his way down, dreading each second of knowing he'd go back to see them.

Maybe he should have asked her out, but he was tangled as it was and he didn't want to be stuck more. Luckily, another former co worker agreed to attend with him.

Seeing Savannah he gave her a light hug and a smile. "You look stunning. Oh, this is my friend, Grace, I worked with her in the first show. Grace this is Savannah."

Grace gave a small giggle and shook her hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you. You are so much more beautiful in person. Isn't she, Carrick?"

"Er, sure..." Carrick gave a small flush. "We should go face the firing squad of cameras."


It was an amazing evening, the food was amazing, the background of the beach was romantic. Somewhere to the end she had kissed him out of sheer happiness, which meant there was some making out. Not that she minded. Chances were she'd end up in his bed anyway.

When it got too cold and the misquotes found new live bait, it was time to go back. She rubbed her leg before smiling. "So, is there anything else planned?" She asked flashing a smile. Hopefully he knew that she'd be willing to go to bed with him again. She had missed that with him.
  Hollywood / Faust / 18d 21h 57m 23s
Was he? Julian honestly had to think on that. "I wouldn't be too sure about that. I mean, actor isn't exactly a stable job. That and honestly, if they have read any magazines in the last bit of time, I imagine there would be questions," he pointed out, feeling he wasn't exactly what all father's wanted for their daughters.
Feeling her sit close to him, he smiled and wrapped his arm around her before looking around at the food. He picked up some bruschetta on some bread and held it up for her to try. "This is delicious," he assured her, but truthfully, it was all pretty damn good so yeah...


While it was true that he didn't give a lot of detail, it would be enough to find that woman. After all, she could find the school he finished and look up his first jobs. Ask around a bit and Riley was sure she could find her. "How can you make it sound so easy?" she mused with a smile.
Hearing the question, she did arch a brow. "Well, I would hope not. You honestly get tired of schmoozing up to people," she pointed out with a laugh, "But I feel like I still have so much to learn before I will be ready to take over my own movie." It would happen though.
Just then their food came and she eyed it curiously. "So this is the stuff that will kill my taste buds?" she inquired thoughtfully.
  Julian / Hoshizora / 25d 20h 4m 0s
"Are you not liked by most of the parents of those you date? He likes people with a sense of humor and genuine people," Althea responded. Sitting close to him she rested her head on his shoulder. "What is it that you'd suggest first?"

The food did smell good, and the view was just incredible. It had to be right to have such a good feeling.


"Dear could be just a name that's used. Well, I toyed with it here, then moved to L.A. went to school and became what I have been. It took some small grade jobs and a lot of ass kissing," Rafael recounted, though there wasn't a lot of details in that statement. He didn't feel the need for any specifics.

"So, not just an assistant the rest of your days?"
  Hollywood / Faust / 25d 22h 33m 6s
It was clear from Rafael's reaction that they had gotten a long way from when they first met. Back then he just would have been aggressive and told her to go work on something that took all day. Now he was chuckling, a rare sight.
"It is for one anyone wanting to buy that house. I do want a life at some point," she mused, shaking her head. What he said about the woman wasn't surprising. Still, she knew some things and with some digging, she could find the rest. As long as she didn't tell him, she would be fine. "I would never," she replied in a played hurt tone, "But glad to see that I still qualify as dear." She gave him a small grin.
Still, she could try a different route. "Fine, then tell me how your career started. You never told me," she pointed out, knowing she could work with that.


It was amazing to see that smile that was only for him. What more could a guy want? He took a sip of the drink after the toast before listening to her talk about her dad. "That is very beautiful. And why would your dad love me?" he asked curiously. Though he supposed it took a special person to go after Althea.
He began to spread out the food, all high end dishes from the restaurant. "I hope you like it," he said, since he honestly hadn't been sure what she liked and what not.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 27d 20h 9s
While aggravation was the go to emotion, this wasn't the case this time. Someone he had considered a friend was put back in place, and he was going to have authentic food. Now the questions only made him chuckle. "It would be, that's not such a bad thing," Rafael said before making a soft tutting noise. "That's prying, dear. I give you information and you'll go and seek her out."

Things happened to people for a reason, and they both had made choices, no there isn't looking back. Riley had luck getting information out of him as she had been, now it was time.


One of the first initial thoughts was those poor people who wouldn't be able to enjoy the beach. That was just how she was wired. She was delighted though, settling on the blanket she gave a smile. This was actually perfect, thoughts of her in this. THat meant more than anything else.

"To our first date," she repeated toasting with a smile. This really was amazing. "You know...my dad would love you...I get a lot of my ways from him. He waited till he was 35 to even think of marrying someone. He saw my mom when she was working on someone's yard, covered in dirt and yelling at one of the workers because the tree was two inches off. He knew that he wanted her as a life long companion. Not partner, but companion."

She gave a soft smile after recounting that, it was because of that story she had been okay with being slow.
  Hollywood / Faust / 27d 21h 38m 46s
Julian chuckled. It was clear she was more than a little overwhelmed by all this. "Good to know," he mused and squeezed her hand back before leading her to the blanket.
It was quite adorable how she couldn't seem to find her words right about now. "The whole beach," he confirmed as he sat down and opened the basket to produce a bottle of wine and some glasses. Filling them, he handed one to her. "To our first real date," he said with a smile to her.


Riley gave a wistful smile. "Yeah, I think I need several more centuries of work before I could buy that house," she replied, though she really did wish she could buy it. It was a beautiful home, but Hollywood was just too damn expensive.
With a thoughtful expression, she looked to him. "Spain is still a long way from anywhere California," she pointed out before pondering, if they really did want to talk about it, "Yes, you wouldn't have told me and expected me not to ask. So where did you meet?" She wondered, if maybe he had subconsciously wanted to talk about it, since he had told her.
  Julian / Hoshizora / 32d 19h 36m 16s
"Interesting seems a better word compared to terrifying or...I don't know. It's will be interesting though. Of course, I will...I want to be with you no matter what you do or anything else," Althea gave a squeeze of his hand before letting herself be led to the blanket.

It really was a perfect notion, an intimate picnic on the beach. "This really is amazing...the whole beach...wow." She wasn't doing amazing at her verbal skills thus far but she would get there.


"I wish you did too, but even if it's not a mansion it's still a high end neighborhood. Most of the places are nowadays in that blasted city," Rafael lamented before giving a small chuckle. It was only a matter of time before she'd bring it up. "She's not in Hollywood, though. Last I heard they moved and I wasn't in Hollywood when we met. It was another part of California."

There had been a time before Hollywood and he wished sometimes he never entered. "That's what you want to talk about right now?"
  Hollywood / Faust / 32d 22h 28m 44s

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