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"Most girls you tell are pretty become mean spirited wenches. You didn't turn out that way, which is amazing. Drama though...there must have been a lot before Julian," Carrick gave her a teasing grin to her. Their holiday would have pictures, selfies and all. "What sort of picture do you mean?" He asked still teasing.

So many people, he noted them, most not paying attention to them. Finally there was some other models. He was surprised when one rose and gave her a hug.

"It's been a long time, Sav," he said kissing her cheek like friends. "What brings you here?"

The male looked to Carrick confused at first before holding his hand out. "I'm David, you're the guy that's been on BBC, right?"


What did he mean by keep an eye out? Althea smoothed her hair and clothes though, returning back to work, those butterflies bouncing back and forth. Oh yes, she had fallen for the actor but was it was it a good thing?


Dinner was what she would expect, there wasn't any people outwardly taking pictures but she was sure it was more discreet. She had done that more than once. There wasn't any way she was getting him anything, this time, he'd suffer.

Leaving him without anything was a pleasure. She gone with him easily the first time, this time he'd have to work very hard for it. Lucy Merlow was the woman that she knew had hired her initially.

"This is it...this is her schedule and places she likes to go...since a lot of movies are done here, she has an office here. Her favorite escape his this over priced luxury hotel," Kenna explained to Jesse and Phin. "Which she is going to, because lo and behold there is a benefit going on."

Phin looked to her proudly before grinning. "Fool proof, well, you're doing good. I have some new leads on the setup."

"This is good progress," Kenna said with a smile. She, like others who loved their job was proud when it went well.
  Hollywood / Faust / 77d 21h 44m 21s
If he had the time, Julian would have had her right then and there. Naturally, they didn't when the door opened and he gave a small frustrated sound. Of course, they needed something. "They have terrible timing," he mused softly as he looked down at her, "Yeah, I suppose we don't really have time..."
He would probably be missed soon as well. In a split decision he did lean down to steal one more kiss quickly before straightening. "I will take you on that date though and keep an eye out," he mused, not telling her what to keep an eye out for, but he had the desire to shower her with gifts right now. Reluctantly, he did leave the warehouse though before he did do something.


His teasing did bring a small flush to her cheeks. Savannah supposed he was right. "In my defense, I didn't know about the drama. As for me, I suppose I'm the prime example of what happens when you tell a young girl often enough that she is pretty," she replied before looking to the picture, "That was actually the first picture they took of me at auditions. Maybe if you're lucky you can take such a picture of me on our trip." She meant a relaxed one. Still, it was so odd to hear him say he liked this version of her. Odd, but nice.
Nodding, she said, "Yeah, let's say hi. Wonder if they still know who I am." Curiously she lead him down a hallway to where the people that had worked with her had been.
  Julian / Hoshizora / 78d 7h 40m 41s
It really didn't take long for the kissing turn to more passionate making out. It was odd how Julian could bring this out of her. It was going to turn more before she heard the door opening. "Althea, we need that cureliean," a voice called from he door way.

Althea took her lips away from his before responding with a yes. Once the door closed she looked to him sheepishly. "I guess we don't have as much time. I should get back."

It wasn't like she wanted to leave him but maybe it was for the better.


"So you've always courted attention and potentially drama? That seems much like you, love," Carrick teased but had a gentle smile on his face. The picture was lovely without turmoil. "I like this you..."

He looked to her next before looking around. "Do you want to go say hi then? "
  Hollywood / Faust / 78d 8h 8m 54s
Like she had expected her London had changed quite a bit, but it was a city after all. Cities changed quickly, but it was still exciting to show Carrick. Savannah pointed out one thing or another on the way to the agency, a store where she got candy as a child and things like that.
It was nice that he asked these questions. That he wanted to understand and know her more. She gave him a sheepish look. "I guess... I always liked being in front of the camera and I admired the women that got to wear those nice clothes in the magazines as a child. This place had an open casting, I auditioned and got chosen. The rest is history. Thank you," she told him as she stepped inside before seeing a picture of a younger her in a nice summer dress posing for a camera on the wall not far down, "I can't believe they still have that hanging up." It had been years, but she supposed it was in a way flattering.


There were so many reasons to be drawn to Althea. She was stunning, funny, quirky and just so different from anyone Julian worked with and knew. She was like a breath of fresh air to him and he loved that.
When she pulled away he was so tempted to just pull her back against him and keep kissing her. The question was a good one. "Well, on screen shooting usually means more press, because it's not protected by a huge fence and whatnot like the studio, but I'll find a way to make it happen," he promised her and did mean it. He wanted to go on a date with her. Hoping her questions were answered, he did lean in again to kiss her.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 80d 5h 57m 24s
It was comfortable with her and back here. Discovering her would be rewarding considering he wanted to keep her as a good friend. Looking to theagency, he looked to her. "What made you want to model in the first place?" He asked curiously. She was stunning and should want to.

It was what he thought a model agency would look like clean and aesthetic. He opened the door for her with a smile.


Those words did warm her. She still wasn't sure why he had picked her, but she cared for him, as well. Happily she moved one hand to his cheek to his hair. This was a good feeling. Pulling away on the kiss she thought on that.

"We have the on screen shooting in two weeks. Is there a way to do a date without all the press?" She asked hopefully. It was worth trying.
  Hollywood / Faust / 80d 6h 17m 37s
Julian chuckled as he looked to her. "I never said I was," he pointed out as his fingers kept going. Again he could see that divide in her. Her body seemed eager, but her mind always seemed to need some extra persuasion.
What she said seemed fair. "I know and I don't expect anything else from you. Just know that I truly do care for you, even without the lust. You are an amazing woman," he told her truthfully. Still, she did surprise him when he kissed her, but he didn't waste any time and kissed her back, one hand moving to her hair to gently grasp at it while the other stayed around her. He was so happy right now.


Savannah smiled at him. It did sound like a lot of fun. "Well, then I would be happy to join. True, I haven't met Lauren yet, even though you've been raving about her for quite a while," she mused and was curious about her. The lunch was delicious and was happy that no press had followed them.
The suggestion made her arch a brow. It was a strange idea. "You realize how many years that was ago? It might not even exist anymore," she pointed out, though the more she thought on it, the more curious she got, "Okay, I'll show you. Seems only fair. You are going to show me your Ireland and I'll show you my London. Just don't expect anything exciting."
Still, she smiled and got up. "Shall we?" she asked eagerly. Maybe start with showing him the agency where she had started her modeling career.
  Julian / Hoshizora / 80d 6h 40m 49s
"You're not a subtle man, Julian," Althea chuckled. He was also persistent which was a good thing for her, since that wasn't in her. Her body already was ready for it, her mind was slow to decide. "If we do, it's not a real answer, you know. I want to be with you for true feelings not lust, and you the same with me."

Moving one hand she stroked his cheek before leaning up to kiss him softly. This could be an indicator for her on some level. What wasn't said, until she decided she wasn't doing anything else with them till then.


"Not at all. It might be good for you, too. A Hollywood a lister making this trip. You might be working with Lauren some timein the future," Carrick said. After lunch he was content, no press either. "Why don't you show me your London before you left?"

He was curious about her in every way, though he knew her in almost every way at thus point.
  Hollywood / Faust / 80d 6h 57m 0s
It was strange to be excited about callbacks. After all, back in Hollywood she had just had to walk through a door and she got the part. It was actually a little nice to work for a part. "Thanks," Savannah replied with a smile. She still felt bad about dragging him into her relationship troubles, especially when the rumors were that he was her rebound after Julian, which wasn't true at all.
Her brow arched at the invitation. "You sure? I wouldn't want to impose. I mean, I'm sure your fans will be more thrilled to see you than me," she pointed out before nodding, "But yes, I would really like to join." She had always loved charity work and hospitals were always something special.
She had to laugh at what he said. "And you mock the green stuff," she mused, "Does that mean you are ready to jump into the icy surf?"


Her behavior was really all over the board. She hugged him, but at the same time wasn't sure. What was a man supposed to do? In a way Julian did understand her reservations, but he wanted her for himself and Damian out of the picture.
Her question made him chuckle slightly. "And here I thought you have been with me enough time to know when I am seducing you," he mused teasingly, but did look into her eyes as his wandering hands stayed around her, "But yes, I am and would love to very much." It wasn't a lie, but he wouldn't force her, if she refused.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 80d 7h 7m 16s
"A call back is great," Carrick smiled warmly to her. He knew that there was rumors of them being involved, though he believed there could be friendship without more. It wouldn't be that he wouldn't mind, just saw her as someone who needed time.

"Luckily there's a lot to do. Lauren invited me to a charity event where we are going to a children's hospital, maybe you'd like to come tomorrow?" Carrick asked before smirking. "No, California turned me harder. Must have been all the green stuff."


To say she wasn't sure and make this into a hug was a bad idea. Althea couldn't help it though, his arms and smell was welcoming to her. It really would be easy to say yes right now, but there was some thought to put into this.

"I know," Althea said lifting her head with a quizzical look. "Are you trying to seduce me right now?"

Of course, and it was strange considering she had bee with Damian this morning.
  Hollywood / Faust / 80d 7h 46m 4s
Of course, Julian understood that, but at the same time it was hard, because he remembered her so happy with him and it felt like she didn't remember it as vividly as he did. "I know you don't," he replied softly and wrapped his arms around her, kissing the top of her head, "Well, what more can I say than I would hope you can decide soon."
It felt so good to have her in his arms again and god damn it, he wanted her right there and now. He found himself wondering, if he should try. His fingers lightly explored her sides where they rested in the embrace. He kissed her once more, but this time her temple. No one was here and they had some time.


Savannah had to chuckle at what he said. "Did Hollywood make you soft?" she asked teasingly with a smile, "The weather is something that's going to take some getting used to. I've really grown used to not needing twenty layers each day." Still, in a way the cool weather was nice too. She wasn't sure she could call it home, but she supposed it was the closest thing to a home city she had.
"The audition went well. They would get back to me so we'll see, if I was convincing enough. What about you? How are things for you going?" she asked before thinking on it, "Well, I visited my parents, that uncomfortable situation didn't change one bit so... yeah. Other than that I don't have any real plans yet. I guess I have time to wander the city, pondering life." Naturally, she was teasing, but maybe she would do that.
  Julian / Hoshizora / 80d 19h 46m 40s
"I don't make quick decisions, Julian. Doing what I did in these weeks is nothing short of a miracle," Althea said softly before approaching wrapping her arm around him in a hug. "It did mean something to me and I am considering it. This is just bigger than most other decisions."

Of course, there was her guilt over the situation. Resting her head against his chest she gave a soft sound. It should be an easy yes, but it still was something she needed to decide.


"Not long at all. So, no rain today, but still quite cool. Almost miss the heat especially the warmer water...Hollywood did make some mark," Carrick chuckled. It was good to see her coming back to her home, it seemed to do her some good. "How did the audition going?"

If she did well, she could land in a great series. It was just as big here as it was in the US, luckily for both of them. "Have any other plans while here?"

He couldn't leave for another week due to other business but was glad to have more time in London before going to Ireland.
  Hollywood / Faust / 80d 21h 40m 30s
Savannah had almost forgotten what London was like. She supposed she shouldn't be surprised, considering how long she had now been in Hollywood, but the weather was still as crappy as she remembered it.
It was almost strange seeing her family again, considering how many years it had been since she last saw them. It was almost slow and surreal. They still didn't seem to happy about her career choice, but that would probably never change. At least it was over soon and she went to meet Carrick for food. She did feel bad slightly, because she had seen some reports already and she didn't want him caught up in all that. Seeing him, she smiled. "Hey, were you waiting long?" she asked before seeing the bistro, "You really are making good on the fattening up promise." That was almost amusing.


Julian couldn't quite understand where her reservations were coming from. She had been happy with him, at least he thought so, but now that didn't seem to be the case anymore. "Still charming," he replied, looking to her, "It's behind me. Savannah even left the country to do some international films. Nothing will get in the way." At least he didn't think anything would.
He didn't want her to leave. Gently he took her hand, but not hard enough that she couldn't easily pull away, if she wanted to. "Don't you have some time left?" he asked, slowly as he tilted his head.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 81d 19h 46m 23s
London was a welcoming breath. Though he did miss Hollywood for some of the foods and the intensity. Carrick was glad to be back though, it was the interviews first, then the guest appearances. Lauren was remarkable, he had missed her sparkling personality. Savannah would get back to him when she was ready, this was more important for her than him.

Changing to something casual, he stepped out to the meeting place. A nice bistro with British food, it was long overdo. There was already some reports, small though, but he didn't care. She was a friend who was going through a rough time.


Did the situation have to hit her so hard at once? Who was this person who did this anyway? It certainly wasn't her.

"They were just barely lucky not to kill themselves or each other..." Althea answered with a weak chuckle followed by a small groan. Feeling the headache coming on she touched his hand with a smile. "Are you sure it's all behind you or beginning?"

She asked carefully before leaning up to kiss his cheek. "I need to get back."
  Hollywood / Faust / 81d 21h 32m 50s
Julian watched her, trying to gauge where her head was at, which right now felt like all over the place. Still, it made him wonder, if he had had been that bad in communicating how much she meant to him? He hadn't thought so.
He did chuckle at her words. "The Three Stooges had their own kind of charisma," he told her and cupped her cheek softly, "Besides, I never said I played fair. Well, I would like you to say yes, but that's up to you. I mean it, Althea. I didn't do anything public last time, because of all that mess, but it's behind me now and I can have you without worry." And he wanted her.


Riley smiled at his words and the feeling of his hand on her side. "We do," she agreed, snuggling against him happily. It confused her then why he was so adamant about throwing away what they had. Then again, maybe it had to do with all the problems he seemed to have. Either way, she was not going to lie here and beg him to keep her around. No way.
"So when are you leaving for Spain?" she asked curiously, not that it would make any difference to her.
  Julian / Hoshizora / 85d 19h 46m 37s
Was it possible to have a heart stop and beat at the same time? Althea hadn't known that was possible for now. There had been more and he wanted her to at least date. That alone caused her to freeze in movement, words drying before they had a chance to come.

"It's bring a gun to a knife fight because you have charisma and I'm one of the Three Stooges," Althea gave a small nervous chuckle. "Really, dating me...that's...I don't know what to say."

What had she done? Oh...she had a big mess out of everything.


It was a good thing. Also it was a terrible idea because there would be a wanting for more. At least there would be a break for both of them here and maybe it'd be less strange for him.

"We do that pretty good," he mused running a hand down her side. Was it a good idea to push away the woman he trusted. Of course it was, said that small voice.
  Hollywood / faust / 85d 23h 36m 23s

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