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"You don't ever think of taking break between jobs and just doing or going places for the hell of it? You could visit your family, spots in England or wherever you want. You deserve it after this movie. I plan on visiting Da and going around Ireland," Carrick asked between swells. "Maybe you should join me."

He wanted to have some fun. Seeing a wave he slowly rose to catch it. It seemed a dream to go back home.


"So you have before," Althea smirked before shaking her head. "It's a trick actors use, envision something that makes them feel that way or something like that. I've told this that posed to think of what would give them that expression."

Going to the bed, she sat down on the bed crossing her ankles over The other. "Okay, so now what?"
  Hollywood / Faust / 62d 3h 15m 18s
The outfits were definitely not helping his cause. Well, the helped the photo cause, but not Damian's cause of not losing his composure. For someone that had had trouble posing in dresses, she sure seemed confident right now.
That thought was only confirmed by her asking that question, making him put down his camera for a moment. "You are getting far too confident for your own good," he teased lightly before sobering slightly, "If you're asking, if I had sex with a lingerie model before then no. I do try to separate the two." Though that didn't mean he hadn't had other models.
That question again. It was killing him. "The bed," it ultimately slipped out of him. He was only a mere man. He could only take so much.


Savannah chuckled. "Ah, producers. They never make up their mind. I'm sure they will take you, if they are smart," she told him truthfully, believing they would,but that was before she outright laughed, "A vacation? With our work? The only vacation we get is a day on the set of a beach show." A vacation was a rare treat.
What was she planning? So far all she had worried about was a place to stay. "I mean, visit family. I haven't seen them in a while. Maybe I'll even dare to go and surf in the cold ocean," she told him, giving him a teasing smile before arching a brow, "Is that so? You liked the costar? Any reason why?" She wondered what he would say to that.
  Damian / Hoshizora / 62d 21h 47m 14s
t ended up a mental game. It was what she told her live subjects when they posed if they hadn't done it before. The black lace still felt as if it'd fall apart any moment. There was the next one that she had purposely been left for after. This didn't cover her stomach in fact was a lacy underwear and top with strings criss crossing on the stomach and back.

"So, have you actually slept with anyone who wore anything like this?" She asked coming out. A few more and she'd be done. "Where do you want me?"

"I don't know exactly. The producer always changes things up so it gets confusing. Yes, I know, I thought I'd do light work and have a vacation.." Carrick chuckled. He owed it to her.

"What are you planning when you get back? Well, it was good. The co-star was amazing, " he gave her a wide grin.
  Hollywood / Faust / 63d 22m 46s
Savannah had to chuckle. "Well, look at it like this. It just have been a good arc, if fans were upset that you never finished it. And how does it end?" she pointed out need out with a smile.
Hearing the next part, she shook her head. "You told me to audition for a show you haven't even auditioned for yourself?" she mused, "Well, I hope you get it. It would be nice to work together again." It really would be.
Making sure the strap was secure, she nodded. "Ready," she replied, looking at him, "So how do you feel now that your first Hollywood movie is done?" She did hope it had been a good experience for him.


God, Damian was so very tempted. He really wanted to throw her onto the bed, but he somehow kept that temptation at bay. She looked so good. He hoped that he wasn't showing anything.
The question made him at least sort of snap back to the mission. Right... Where to next? "Um... Maybe the fireplace? Like lean against it," he suggested, trying to think of some good ideas that didn't involve the bed. That was hard at the moment.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 63d 1h 26m 11s
"Well, Shay and I had a romantic plot arc, never mind she's gay. It was never finished. Fans has been upset since then. I've agreed to do a few episodes," Carrick said. Though he wanted to take a break and take a long vacation. "Well, I'm glad that you tried and got it. I haven't formally auditioned quite yet."

Setting up the board he waited on her and waved a hand. "Shall we?"


The first picture in the lacy black lingerie. It covered her stomach but without the patches there would be a nipple or more there. She looked to him thoughtfully before nodding.

"Extremely," Althea said. A few shots and she could get out of this, just for another one possibly. "What's next?"
  Hollywood / Faust / 63d 2h 27m 9s
Damian chuckled. He supposed he shouldn't have been surprised that she was not a fan of the animal. "It's a classic and it came with the cabin," he told her with a shrug.
Still when she got onto the chair, he was amazed that she instantly adopted a good pose. Not wanting to ruin the moment he quickly snapped a picture. "Is that so? Just don't fall asleep on me," he teased lightly, though he did sort of mean it, "Is the chair that comfy?"


Savannah hadn't told him how her further plans were going or at least she had wanted to surprise him with them. "Really? An old mate's show? You sure are getting famous. Don't let it go to your head," she teased lightly and nudged him playfully. She was still a surprised that he met up with her, despite all the rumors it was surely causing.
Taking the board from him, they paddled out into the ocean. Just sitting out there on the board was nice. "I could almost get used to this," she mused softly before looking to him, "You remember that job you told me about? Trying your costar? Well... they gave me the part. Looks like you are stuck with me." She was curious what he would say to that.
  Damian / Hoshizora / 63d 2h 45m 42s
Althea looked to the animal before looking to him with a flat look. "Uh, no..." She shook her head before settling down in a comfortable chair. Smiling contently she moved both legs over the side of arm of the chair. Contently crossing them she gave a content sound.

"This is amazingly comfortable. It's really comfortable here," she said with a content look. Despite Why she was here it was quite nice.


"Right on time. Sure you don't want to come with me to London? They asked I do a cameo on an old mate's new show. Think I might be asked to join," Carrick grinned. There would be a time he'd do another movie but dividing time between the UK and here seemed like it would work.

Handing her the board she had been using he gave a grin.
  Hollywood / Faust / 63d 3h 54m 42s
It was pretty bad. Even weeks after the initial scandal, Savannah was still hounded by the paparazzi front time to time. She wished it would just stop, but she knew that that wasn't really going to happen and that she had brought this upon herself.
She had protested when Carrick hat first wanted to teach her how to surf, since she didn't want him to be caught up in the scandal, but at some point she gave up. It was too much fun and she needed that at a time like this.
Knowing it was probably going to be the last time, she got Herr things and smiled when she found him on the beach, like she had presumed. "Waiting for me?" she asked with a teasing smile.


Damian couldn't help chuckling slightly. "A charming man then," he mused, not sure what else to say about that, "Wow, your aunt sounds very fierce for sure." She seemed to have a few of these relations where you wondered if these people were for real.
While she got changed, Damian set up his camera, but also the set itself so she could have pose better. After that, he just stood there, waiting. When she finally came out he would dream of saying anything. Not that he really could. He found himself drawn in and simply looked at her. "I wouldn't dream of it," he replied and gestured towards the set, consisting of a fireplace, bed and a fake animal skin on the floor, "Why don't you just get acquainted?" It seemed like the best way to start.
  Savannah / Hoshizora / 63d 15h 25m 25s
The scandal had broken out only a few weeks before the production came to an end. The chances of being called in a again was there but not extrodinary high. Eager for his home again he was preparing to leave, but first the last surf until he came back.

He wondered if Savannah would come. He had taught her surfing here and there, not caring about rumors or anything like that.


"No, he mostly used that for his affairs. My aunt found out before the divorce and had it infested with bugs, before winning it and calling it an exterminator. It was actually really amusing," Althea mused. Keeping her mind distracted might not make this so awkward.

"Alright," she said slowly. It took fifteen minutes to actually get it on. First the pads was awkward to place on. Second, nothing seemed to go where it should and she felt as if she'd rip the lace. There was three of them. Coming out flustered with the last of it she looked to him. "Not a word."
  Hollywood / Faust / 63d 18h 10m 18s
If she accused him of setting this up, he would have to point out he couldn't have broken the pipe, even if he was damn pleased about it. It was the perfect place to make a move for sure.
"It does? Well, I'm glad," he replied with a smile, "Did you spend a lot of time there as a child? At your uncle's cabin, I mean." He did want to know more about her.
Hearing her answer, he nodded. "I will need a few minutes to set up the camera. Why don't you get ready and call me, if you need help?" he suggested, "Choose whatever outfit you want first. If you need help with hair or make up, I'm your man." He gave a small grin, but he would own being able to do that.


He seemed very relieved. Riley honestly would have thought he would be more upset, but then again would he admit it if he was? She doubted that.
She did pout slightly at him denying her to work. "But it's really busy at the set and I got medicine," she protested, not wanting to miss this, but knew he wouldn't let her, even if she tried, "Fine... But at least call me tonight and tell me how things are going." She accepted the kiss before reluctantly getting into the car to drive home. She would probably sleep like a log the whole day, but she kind of hoped he would come by at some point.
  Damian / Hoshizora / 64d 1h 16m 39s
This felt like a set up. It was nice being in the woods,the cabin was nice. She almost forgot that she was doing these pictures. These were the ones men drooled over and she wasn't that sort of women.

"This reminds me of home," Althea smiled. "I almost forgot how I love the woods. Not that They had a log cabin. My uncle does though."

Thinking on the question she took a breath. "Lets, uh, get it over with." She had done some research and brought what they used at work so nothing really showed.


"Good," Rafael Saud relieved, before walking her out. He walked her to her car before looking to her. "No, you're going home, you should rest. Come back when you feel better."

Pecking her cheek he straightened smiling, thank God she didn't get pregnant by the likes of him.
  Hollywood / Faust / 64d 1h 34m 12s
If she wasn't as sick as she was, Riley would have realized how big of a deal it was for Rafael sharing a bed with her, at least when she was this sick, but she was too exhausted to realize in that moment.
That he actually took her to the doctor was another thing, but this time she realized how big of a deal that was for him. It would change his world, if she was pregnant. It made her nervous as well as she was examined and she finally did have an answer.
Now she felt horrible for ever having said anything about possibly being pregnant. She had gotten his hopes up and now she would be the one to crush them.
Once they were outside of the doctor's office, she looked to him. "I... have a pretty bad stomach bug," she finally admit, it written clearly on her face how terrible she felt about all this, "I'm so sorry, Rafael. I shouldn't have said anything until I knew with absolute certainty... Let's go to work." She still planned on going to work. After all, she had her part to play like everyone else and it would help her distract herself from the mess she made.


Damian chuckled, but nodded. She was right. "Can't I like more than one thing about you?" he asked jokingly. As for her reaction to the lingerie, he supposed it was better than expected. She didn't call him a pervert. "It was worth a try," he simply replied with a shrug before following after her to get coffee.
However, lady luck did shine down on him when he heard the news of her pipe breaking. Of course, it was bad, but at the same time he was a little happy. Since it was in the cabin, they were on their own. He didn't need help photographing and could help with hair and make up in the worst case. He wasn't Rosa, but for lingerie a tad of messy hair actually worked pretty well.
Nodding in agreement, he placed down his bag. "It looks nice. Would you rather settle in and go straight for the shoot or take a look around first?" he asked, looking to her. She would look amazing in here.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 64d 14h 58m 35s
Rafael took her to the doctor the next day, finding himself wishing that there was the chance. There was no way she'd be coming into work anyway in her condition. He had let her sleep in the same bed, in the same breath was paranoid, actors and his position couldn't get sick. They had a demanding job.

Waiting, he thought he'd make a check up with his doctor as well. If there was a change, then perhaps he'd consider a change in his life.


"You like me because we can talk art, set up and technique together. Agree to disagree on elements. We have to stick together here," Althea nudged him before. Following after him she looked to the thin piece of fabric, it wasn't even fabric, most of it was lace.

"You'd think...I wear that? That's funny. Let's get that coffee."

The next day the apartment above hers had a pipe break, damaging the living room portion of the studio. They'd fix it but she still would have to get more stuff with no money.

Calling the guy who was paying for the shoots, she worked out an agreement. The best part was it would be not in the city, it'd be going to a cabin. She could bear the lingerie for a few pictures in order to get new furniture.

Placing her bag down, she looked to the wood cabin impressed. "This is a good setting. Maybe he doesn't just want the catalog pictures anyway."
  Hollywood / Faust / 64d 17h 39m 1s
Damian chuckled. "Because you aren't an anorexic stick? I quite like that about you, if I'm honest," he told her truthfully before smiling at hearing that she wanted to get coffee, "Good, I'll try to collect some more points then." He would be more than happy to.
His brow did arch when she agreed to look at the other clothes. Nodding, he motioned for her to follow him. It was lingerie, but it was tasteful. Nothing would be seen, while at the same time being sexy. Curiously he looked to her, wonder what she would think. It really wasn't much worse than the dresses.


Riley chuckled at that. "As if you could do that, any of you for that matter. You would be lost without us. I'm pretty sure you don't even know where I get your favorite coffee," she mused teasingly, though she wondered how vital she really was to his work.
Hearing her options, she did smile softly. Maybe it had to do with the fact that you didn't really want to be alone when you were sick, but this was good. "I'd like to share the room," she told him, truthfully before yawning, "Though I think I'll go to bed now. I'm exhausted." Being sick sucked.
  Damian / Hoshizora / 65d 15h 19m 8s
"Mostly because I was distracting myself. Food worked quite well, I'm failing as a model already," Althea gave a laugh before looking to him with a bright smile. "That earns you points. Alright, let's do that then."

What he wanted to show her...she was scared but now curious. "Fine, show me..." Althea said, in her head it was ten times worse like leather bondage.

What would Julian say? That would be interesting.


"It's not as bad. Well, it's bad, but not as bad. It just means we have to find our own coffee and somehow keep organized," Rafael responded. Becoming sick had become a phobia and generally kept healthy and up to date on his flu shots.

"There's a spare room that has a half bathroom in there if you'd like," he said, missing most of that point. "You could share the room with me if you'd like."
  Hollywood / Faust / 65d 15h 45m 3s

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