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Jesse Barlow, lover of bkondes, the one that can supposedly make every dream come true. Sleep with him and you're guaranteed to be a star. What's not to love with a man like that. On top of his game and no one can bring him down. Yet.

Kenna Blake. Think your boyfriend is cheating or someone not good enough for your child, call her. She'll tempt and get the evidence needed for a good buck without batting an eyelash. Jesse Barlow, should be easy, right?

Savannah and Julian had once truly loved each other, no matter how short that was. When the love was gone they stayed together to remain the "it" couple of Hollywood. It was working until they start to find new interests.

Carrick is new on the scene of Hollywood, he worked on two major BBC shows and now has a leading role alongside Savannah. When sparks begin to fly, the truth may start to unravel.

Althea is a passionate artist that comes from a middle class house. Being a make up artist isn't fully the dream, but it's fun. Meeting and working with Julian as his make up artist comes with some complications.

Name: .Kenna McGuire 'Zoey Thomas'
Age: 25
Hair: blonde
Eye: Brown
Height: 5'6"
Hometown: Albany, New York
Current: Quebec, Canada
Profession: We will call it a fixer.
Personality: Creative, determined, unattached
History: The product of a young mother and uncaring father, she spent many years raising herself. Since 18 she's been working on getting ahead without years of dedication. She discovered her calling through a friend and has been doing it sense.

Name: Carrick Williams
Age: 26
Hair: Sandy blonde
Eyes: Hazel Brown
Height: 6'1"
Hometown: Waterford, Ireland
Current: Formerly London now Los Angeles
Profession: Actor, surfer
Personality: Funny, distracted, active
History: Raised by his hard working single father. He paid for his own lessons and was always activein what he could do. When 17 he got a break on a show that was soon cancelled but when on to two other popular BBC shows.

Name: Althea Bennett
Age: 24
Height: 5'4"
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Blue
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Current: Los Angeles, California
Profession: Make up artist
Personality: Friendly, spacey, picky.
History: Only daughter of middle class, ordinary people she always enjoyed art and did it. At fifteen she started with make up and continued from there.

Name: Rafael Viteri
Age: 31
Height: 6'0"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Hometown: Spain
Current: Los Angeles
Personality: Charming, lucky, dedicated
History: His family comes from a long line of cleric and business people. Rafael was one one of the few who wanted something different. When he was fifteen he and his mom and two sisters moved to California. At 20 he decided to go to school to produce movies. Got married At 23 and had two kids divorced at 27 and has bew rocking a career and single life since then.

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Was he? Julian honestly had to think on that. "I wouldn't be too sure about that. I mean, actor isn't exactly a stable job. That and honestly, if they have read any magazines in the last bit of time, I imagine there would be questions," he pointed out, feeling he wasn't exactly what all father's wanted for their daughters.
Feeling her sit close to him, he smiled and wrapped his arm around her before looking around at the food. He picked up some bruschetta on some bread and held it up for her to try. "This is delicious," he assured her, but truthfully, it was all pretty damn good so yeah...


While it was true that he didn't give a lot of detail, it would be enough to find that woman. After all, she could find the school he finished and look up his first jobs. Ask around a bit and Riley was sure she could find her. "How can you make it sound so easy?" she mused with a smile.
Hearing the question, she did arch a brow. "Well, I would hope not. You honestly get tired of schmoozing up to people," she pointed out with a laugh, "But I feel like I still have so much to learn before I will be ready to take over my own movie." It would happen though.
Just then their food came and she eyed it curiously. "So this is the stuff that will kill my taste buds?" she inquired thoughtfully.
  Julian / Hoshizora / 6d 17h 9m 47s
"Are you not liked by most of the parents of those you date? He likes people with a sense of humor and genuine people," Althea responded. Sitting close to him she rested her head on his shoulder. "What is it that you'd suggest first?"

The food did smell good, and the view was just incredible. It had to be right to have such a good feeling.


"Dear could be just a name that's used. Well, I toyed with it here, then moved to L.A. went to school and became what I have been. It took some small grade jobs and a lot of ass kissing," Rafael recounted, though there wasn't a lot of details in that statement. He didn't feel the need for any specifics.

"So, not just an assistant the rest of your days?"
  Hollywood / Faust / 6d 19h 38m 53s
It was clear from Rafael's reaction that they had gotten a long way from when they first met. Back then he just would have been aggressive and told her to go work on something that took all day. Now he was chuckling, a rare sight.
"It is for one anyone wanting to buy that house. I do want a life at some point," she mused, shaking her head. What he said about the woman wasn't surprising. Still, she knew some things and with some digging, she could find the rest. As long as she didn't tell him, she would be fine. "I would never," she replied in a played hurt tone, "But glad to see that I still qualify as dear." She gave him a small grin.
Still, she could try a different route. "Fine, then tell me how your career started. You never told me," she pointed out, knowing she could work with that.


It was amazing to see that smile that was only for him. What more could a guy want? He took a sip of the drink after the toast before listening to her talk about her dad. "That is very beautiful. And why would your dad love me?" he asked curiously. Though he supposed it took a special person to go after Althea.
He began to spread out the food, all high end dishes from the restaurant. "I hope you like it," he said, since he honestly hadn't been sure what she liked and what not.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 8d 17h 5m 56s
While aggravation was the go to emotion, this wasn't the case this time. Someone he had considered a friend was put back in place, and he was going to have authentic food. Now the questions only made him chuckle. "It would be, that's not such a bad thing," Rafael said before making a soft tutting noise. "That's prying, dear. I give you information and you'll go and seek her out."

Things happened to people for a reason, and they both had made choices, no there isn't looking back. Riley had luck getting information out of him as she had been, now it was time.


One of the first initial thoughts was those poor people who wouldn't be able to enjoy the beach. That was just how she was wired. She was delighted though, settling on the blanket she gave a smile. This was actually perfect, thoughts of her in this. THat meant more than anything else.

"To our first date," she repeated toasting with a smile. This really was amazing. "You know...my dad would love you...I get a lot of my ways from him. He waited till he was 35 to even think of marrying someone. He saw my mom when she was working on someone's yard, covered in dirt and yelling at one of the workers because the tree was two inches off. He knew that he wanted her as a life long companion. Not partner, but companion."

She gave a soft smile after recounting that, it was because of that story she had been okay with being slow.
  Hollywood / Faust / 8d 18h 44m 33s
Julian chuckled. It was clear she was more than a little overwhelmed by all this. "Good to know," he mused and squeezed her hand back before leading her to the blanket.
It was quite adorable how she couldn't seem to find her words right about now. "The whole beach," he confirmed as he sat down and opened the basket to produce a bottle of wine and some glasses. Filling them, he handed one to her. "To our first real date," he said with a smile to her.


Riley gave a wistful smile. "Yeah, I think I need several more centuries of work before I could buy that house," she replied, though she really did wish she could buy it. It was a beautiful home, but Hollywood was just too damn expensive.
With a thoughtful expression, she looked to him. "Spain is still a long way from anywhere California," she pointed out before pondering, if they really did want to talk about it, "Yes, you wouldn't have told me and expected me not to ask. So where did you meet?" She wondered, if maybe he had subconsciously wanted to talk about it, since he had told her.
  Julian / Hoshizora / 13d 16h 42m 3s
"Interesting seems a better word compared to terrifying or...I don't know. It's will be interesting though. Of course, I will...I want to be with you no matter what you do or anything else," Althea gave a squeeze of his hand before letting herself be led to the blanket.

It really was a perfect notion, an intimate picnic on the beach. "This really is amazing...the whole beach...wow." She wasn't doing amazing at her verbal skills thus far but she would get there.


"I wish you did too, but even if it's not a mansion it's still a high end neighborhood. Most of the places are nowadays in that blasted city," Rafael lamented before giving a small chuckle. It was only a matter of time before she'd bring it up. "She's not in Hollywood, though. Last I heard they moved and I wasn't in Hollywood when we met. It was another part of California."

There had been a time before Hollywood and he wished sometimes he never entered. "That's what you want to talk about right now?"
  Hollywood / Faust / 13d 19h 34m 31s
It was so very clear that Rafael was relaxed as he could be here. It was nice to see and it made Riley smile. "Oh, so you allowed me to trade laundry for... other favors," she mused, clearly hinting at their escapades. Not that she believed that, but it was amusing.
There was a bit of surprise at hearing him say that he might not return. After all, Hollywood, for her, just wouldn't be the same without him there. "Then I wish I had that kind of money to buy it. Plus, I would have a really cool vacation destination, if you did. Also you look so happy," she replied before deciding to slowly approach the topic, "It would be a loss for Hollywood though. But... it would be a shame, if you gave up on her after so long. You've loved her for so long and now you just want to walk away?" She didn't see how he could do that now how he would react to this.


To Julian it was just a car. He didn't really think on it, but the way she phrased it made him a little more aware of it. That she was so different from him, but he also loved that.
"Interesting? That's the best word you can come up with?" he asked amused before nodding, "Change isn't easy for anyone really, but maybe together we can get you there."
He was glad that he could surprise her. It made him smile as he accepted the hug and the kiss. "Well, I'm glad I could surprise you. There have to be some perks to being able to rent out the entire beach," he mused, "I did bring the restaurant to us, but that's only a small detail." He motioned towards a blanket with a basket on it as he took her hand to lead her over.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 14d 16h 28m 41s
After Riley sat down, he sat down, content. The looks and smells lulled him to a relaxed state. He wasn't openly smiling but his facial expressions was calmed as he gave a small chuckle. "Well, you shouldn't be in this job if you don't do laundry," Rafael teased her. It wasn't in the normal job descrption but every producer was different.

The man opened his mouth to answer but instead closed it. "I don't know. I think after everything...it would be better to just sell that house and come back here."

He was miserable there half the time and was getting bored of the normal grind.


This was the nicest car she had even seen in her own eyes, even more to sit in. Althea sat carefully feeling out of place. She was just the artist girl from Portland, Oregon who was moderate in almost everyway except for colors.

"We may be more ordinary, but the situation isn't. It's...interesting..." she chuckled. "Change isn't my strong point...it's really like my weakest point..."

She had expected the restraunt but instead there was the beach. She gave an astonished look before smiling to him. "This is incredible...I love it...and I have it's usually just been too crowded to enjoy it. This though, it's amazing."

She gave him a hug and kissed him softly.
  Hollywood / Faust / 14d 18h 27m 32s
Riley rolled her eyes at the teasing good naturedly. He was impossible at times, but that was something she had grown to like about him. Still, the inside of the house was nice and there was something where you could just see that this was not just some dingy tourist place, but a place with heart. Her Spanish was still terrible though as she tired to follow what Rafael said to the waiter.
The question made her smile. "I have. Hard not to with your glowing recommendation. You should have added I don't do laundry," she mused teasingly, definitely enjoying the atmosphere, "And you? Already know when you are coming back and working on your next film?" She was tempted to ask about the woman, but she had to bide her time.


Julian tilted his head. "Nervous? What for?" he asked confused, but was happy she was happy and he took her to the car. There he helped her inside before going to the driver's seat.
The drive wasn't actually too long, because they were a bit outside of the city already. When they stopped they were at a cliff where some stairs made their way down to a beautiful sandy beach where a pick-nick blanket was spread out for them with a basket on it. The beach was empty. "I was planning a fancy restaurant, but you had said you had never been to the beach here, so I thought why not bring the restaurant here," he explained as they walked through the sand.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 15d 16h 34m 27s
"Your taste buds? More than likely..." Rafael gave her a sly smile. It was natural teasing since she was not used to this food. It was the normal style here, warm and welcoming, it felt like it was a good home. He opened the door for her before entering himself waiting to be seated. Talking in Spanish he followed the waiter before looking to her.

"Did you find another busy producer to work for?" He asked curiously. He wasn't sure how he felt more at ease with her. It was just a nice feeling.


It was hard to wrap her head around that this relationship would go public sooner or later. There would be pictures taken, and they were just two ordinary people who liked each other. It was only the fact that Julian was famous. Giving a happy smile she kissed back, telling herself it didn't matter who looked.

"Thank you, Julian," Althea gave a happy look. "Nervous, but yeah, I'm ready. Let's see what you have planned."
  Hollywood / Faust / 15d 17h 15m 34s
Julian was happy about the time they spent together. The after work bonding was nice and he had enjoyed it, even if there hadn't been any sex. He was quite happy with this so far.
The day of the date he was practically skipping. Finally the day was here. He did get out one of his nicest cars, a convertible sports car and parked it in the garage of the hotel. Going up, he knocked on her door and smiled at seeing her. "You look stunning," he mused and happily gave her a kiss, "Ready?" He couldn't wait for this and he wondered, if she would like what he had planned.


It was hard to imagine a Hollywood without Rafael, at least to Riley. He had become a friend and good mentor, if nothing else. Thoughtfully, she listened to what he had to say. "I will be the first to admit that Hollywood would be losing someone great, if that came to pass. I did not, but that's an interesting thought. No way to figure out who they are?" she asked curiously, "You just want to do more sexual scenes." She gave him a teasing smile.
Curiously, she looked at the building. "It looks so... normal," she said, wondering what this place was as she stepped out, "And here they ruin taste buds for a living?" She gave him a teasing smile. It definitely wasn't a tourist place.
  Julian / Hoshizora / 16d 17h 15m 25s
It was different spending time at a hotel and also working. Even more interesting was casually hanging out with Julian later that night. She didn't tell him this but it wouldn't matter how big the date was, this was more important to her considering how special it was.

On site shooting was more tiring than the commute back and forth, but there was the date was a good motivation. Dressing in a red and white maxi dress, she felt comfortable knowing that it would work unless it was something upscale. Then he was screwed.

Now just to wait on the date.


"Maybe it's time to leave Hollywood. It's difficult to produce those pictures according to those standards. Did you know all those American guidelines by this group has the power to take a good portion of money away from the film? We don't even know who they are so we have to substitute words and can't have some sexual scenes," Rafael explained, partially aggitated, he would have much more freedom out here. He missed his roots to a point as well.

Pulling in front of a white building with the slanted red roof, he stepped out and opened the door for her. "This should be a good place to go."
  Hollywood / Faust / 16d 20h 21m 10s
Riley had to chuckle what he said. "You're right. I should know better after you two," she mused teasingly and smiled a thank you when he opened the door for her. She did enjoy these small gestures. Maybe it really was time to try a relationship. This open thing really only bite her in the butt as of late. Still, for now she gladly soaked in the country as they drove.
She gave a nod. "I don't know. I think I saw it once or twice, but yes, you do look very at home here," she replied, seeing an ease to him she hadn't in Hollywood. It was good to see. Chuckling, she replied, "Well... I would like to still have them at the end, but what would going into another country be, if I still had them afterwards." Adding a confident smile, she was curious to where he would take her. Though him doing this for her, especially when he didn't have to, made her smile and she found herself thinking she should find this woman for him. He clearly wouldn't, if she didn't.


Julian supposed she had a point. Hanging out had not really happened. It had mostly been sex and cuddling afterwards. Well, and that awkward street art date with Damian, but he wasn't counting that. "Then the evening is all yours," he mused and took her hand to give it a squeeze, "I would love to spend more time with you." He was glad there was a plan forming and that it seemed like they would be spending all the time off set together.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 18d 16h 41m 57s
Rafael gave a wry chuckle. "You doubt my people, senora," he mused before walking to the rented car. Opening the door for her he went to his side. It'd be a short ride to town, he could show her more. Though it would easily fall into the classification of a tourist tour.

"You've seen me relax, it doesn't really happen. I am glad to be close to home regardless," he said before driving into the town. There would be a place there to eat. "So, how much do you want to have your taste buds?"


"I don't mean the date, silly. I mean casually hanging out for a little while and enjoying each others company," Althea gave a small chuckle. "It would be nice to actually have that time with you."

Before had been amazing, they were good in bed together and got along great. To Althea she liked the quiet, down time just as important as in between the sheets. "I'd really like that."
  Hollywood / Faust / 18d 18h 14m 45s
Julian was happy to hold her close and to see that smile on her face. This made everything worth it to him. He rolled his eyes. "You know exactly what I mean," he replied, tickling her side in retribution lightly.
Truthfully, she truly could wear anything and he would be happy. That was the kind of man he was. Shaking his head, he replied, "No, but shooting is going longer tonight. I thought it would be nicer, if we had more time, so we wouldn't feel rushed." It seemed good reasoning to him.


Riley smiled as she watched him cool his injuries. They may not be whatever anymore, but they were definitely friends. This had been a strange bonding moment, in a way. The weather was hot for her, but she enjoyed it mostly.
Her brow arched at the offer. She hadn't expected that. Truthfully, she had been ready to take a flight home earlier. The thought of exploring Spain made her smile. "Well, I never say no to food, as you know. You sure you want to do? Didn't you come here to relax?" she asked, but ultimately nodded, "If I'm not intruding, then yes, show me everything. That and with you next to me no guy will approach me." This seemed like a good time to not be with anyone and figure out what she wanted and needed. At some point she would definitely bring up the woman, but not until they were somewhere where Rafael couldn't abandon her with a good conscious, since she could imagine his reaction.
  Julian / Hoshizora / 20d 16h 57m 25s

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