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Jesse Barlow, lover of bkondes, the one that can supposedly make every dream come true. Sleep with him and you're guaranteed to be a star. What's not to love with a man like that. On top of his game and no one can bring him down. Yet.

Kenna Blake. Think your boyfriend is cheating or someone not good enough for your child, call her. She'll tempt and get the evidence needed for a good buck without batting an eyelash. Jesse Barlow, should be easy, right?

Savannah and Julian had once truly loved each other, no matter how short that was. When the love was gone they stayed together to remain the "it" couple of Hollywood. It was working until they start to find new interests.

Carrick is new on the scene of Hollywood, he worked on two major BBC shows and now has a leading role alongside Savannah. When sparks begin to fly, the truth may start to unravel.

Althea is a passionate artist that comes from a middle class house. Being a make up artist isn't fully the dream, but it's fun. Meeting and working with Julian as his make up artist comes with some complications.

Name: .Kenna McGuire 'Zoey Thomas'
Age: 25
Hair: blonde
Eye: Brown
Height: 5'6"
Hometown: Albany, New York
Current: Quebec, Canada
Profession: We will call it a fixer.
Personality: Creative, determined, unattached
History: The product of a young mother and uncaring father, she spent many years raising herself. Since 18 she's been working on getting ahead without years of dedication. She discovered her calling through a friend and has been doing it sense.

Name: Carrick Williams
Age: 26
Hair: Sandy blonde
Eyes: Hazel Brown
Height: 6'1"
Hometown: Waterford, Ireland
Current: Formerly London now Los Angeles
Profession: Actor, surfer
Personality: Funny, distracted, active
History: Raised by his hard working single father. He paid for his own lessons and was always activein what he could do. When 17 he got a break on a show that was soon cancelled but when on to two other popular BBC shows.

Name: Althea Bennett
Age: 24
Height: 5'4"
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Blue
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Current: Los Angeles, California
Profession: Make up artist
Personality: Friendly, spacey, picky.
History: Only daughter of middle class, ordinary people she always enjoyed art and did it. At fifteen she started with make up and continued from there.

Name: Rafael Viteri
Age: 31
Height: 6'0"
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Hometown: Spain
Current: Los Angeles
Personality: Charming, lucky, dedicated
History: His family comes from a long line of cleric and business people. Rafael was one one of the few who wanted something different. When he was fifteen he and his mom and two sisters moved to California. At 20 he decided to go to school to produce movies. Got married At 23 and had two kids divorced at 27 and has bew rocking a career and single life since then.

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The rest of the evening was nice and Riley enjoyed talking to Zach a bit more before going home for the evening. She had just settled in to read a bit when she got the call from Zach. There was genuine shock and she swore up and down that she had had no idea about Mia's other boy. For someone that had always lectured her on her sexual misadventures, Mia wasn't following her own advice.
Asking for his address, she took a cab to his place, a bottle of liquor in tow. When he opened the door, she gave him a small smile. "I know it's not a heartbreak, but it must still suck," she said, holding up the bottle.


His dad... Jesse ran a hand through his hair thoughtfully, not sure how to begin that topic. "He's been dead for years. Was a decent guy, unlike me, so I can't imagine anyone wanting something from him," he explained before looking at the email, "Hm... doesn't mean anything to me as it stands right now, but maybe if I look at them more closely." This was more complicated than he thought it would be.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 9d 20h 36m 48s
It was an interesting evening. It was even more interesting when they went to the apartment to find another guy waiting. Zach listened to Mia attempt to explain this only he found it amazing. It was cleaner than expected and he had more ammo other then the fact he didn't really like her. Which he told her.

Taking a cab home, he called Riley to tell her what happened. At least it was a good feeling to be free, and probably get to Riley.


"It's not someone from your past. Maybe it's time to look further or in another direction. What about your dad?" Kenna asked, hearing the phone ping. Reading the e-mails she rose an eyebrow, helpful but not, she would need to look further.

"What can you make of this?" She asked showing him the e-mails.
  Hollywood / Faust / 9d 23h 14m 58s
Jesse found it incredibly fascinating to watch this side of Kenna's work. The woman was a genius and he was enjoying watching it play out. That and he did want to know whose fault it was that he was in this mess.
Smiling, he moved to sit down beside her. "Oh, well that should narrow it down to half the people in Hollywood," he mused as he looked to her, clearly having other thoughts in mind, "So where do we go from here?" That was definitely meant in a double edged way.


Riley gave a small laugh. "I wish. I mean technically I should, but people always come to me. I'm more accessible and not as scary as some big mean producer so I end up doing everything," she explained before shaking her head, "No need to thank me. As for being put on the spot, don't worry about it. The only problem with that idea is she is more likely to believe that I charmed you than the other way around." That would seem very telling to him, she supposed. So far he didn't know all things she had done.
Mia approached with a smile and kissed Zach. "So many people. It's always so nice to talk to them. I see you and Riley are getting acquainted," Mia said, wrapping an arm around him. Watching this, Riley did feel a little guilty.
  Jesse / Hoshizora / 10d 22h 56m 36s
The woman was a wealth of information. Once someone knew of the illict night she had her tongue was as loose as she was. Kenna was almost bothered by how easy this was, at least it was puzzling about who was involved.

Returning back to Jesse, she took a piece of food before sitting down casually. "The woman who hired me initially was hired by someone else. Someone who has a lot of money and married to someone powerful. She says that she has more info she'll send."


"But you only cater to those who are in charge of these actors, right? At least that's step up. Thanks for all the advice. I'll give you a call...this might put you in a spot, I'm sorry. If she asks then you could just tell her that I charmed you into telling me this."

With Mia approaching, he kissed her cheek, he would tell her when she dropped her off. Just get it over with, that was a good point.
  Hollywood / Faust / 10d 23h 26m 13s
"Aren't there usually a lot of those? I know what you mean though. It's the same with bad actors that somehow think a good producer and director could make them look good. That's why nepotism sucks," Riley mused before giving a small chuckle, "Well, you have the hair for it. I could see you swinging from a vine or two." On a whim she touched a strand of his hair.
Ah, that made sense. "I will be the first to admit I don't understand all these ploys and maneuvers," she admitted before thinking, "For her, somewhere private, maybe even her place so she doesn't have to go anywhere when she starts crying. For you, somewhere in the open, because she might throw something. Either way, somewhere where you can talk in peace." Wasn't she a terrible friend for helping her friend's boyfriend break up with her? It left a bitter taste in her mouth.


Somewhere his mind was rationalizing that this was just meeting up to eat between colleagues. There was nothing wrong with that. Another part of his mind knew it wasn't that simple. Still, she accepted, so it couldn't be all bad, right?
Damian smiled. "Later tonight works perfectly," he agreed before chuckling, "We probably should." There was always something to do around here and his desk had a pile of work that needed to be done. Taking the card, he nodded. "Come by any time," he mused as he watched her walk off. Oh boy, he was in trouble.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 12d 23h 24m 46s
"It's really fun, except when it comes to the people wanting to sound better than they are. personally I'd be happier if I was Tarzan in the jungle, only the outdoors and vines," Zach gave a grin. He wasn't lucky enough to find his calling like his dedicated sister.

"I think its the whole I'm going to ignore you until you come to me gag. So annoying. Now where is the best place to break up?" He asked curiously.


Well, wasn't this making a deal to screw up their lives. She gave a smile though before feeling herself in. "Great, maybe later tonight. I don't have a giant social schedule. Maybe we should get back to work, we might attract attention."

She took out the new cards that was given to her before writing her number on it. "I look forward to seeing your work."
  Hollywood / Faust / 13d 3m 38s
Her laugh. It was beautiful and Damian smiled, glad to make her happy. "Indeed. I will admit I don't know all of them, but I know a few," he told her truthfully. He wasn't some kind of old movie fanatic, but he enjoyed them.
His brain was screaming at him to be sensible. Dating his boss' stepdaughter was a sure fire way to get fired. Of course, nothing had to happen. Friends could meet up too, but who was he kidding? He supposed they would have to see, because the next words were already rolling off of his tongue, "I know a good place or two to eat and as a photographer a gallery." Mentally he was slapping himself, wondering what brilliant idea this was supposed to be.


Riley had to laugh. She remembered how she had cursed the traffic when she had gotten here, though now she had grown accustomed to it. That probably wasn't good. "Then why are you a sound technician? You don't sound like you enjoy it... Sorry, totally overstepping," she asked, sheepishly realizing it wasn't her business why he had or didn't have that job, "Probably, but that's so we can cover the burnout bills when we are 30." It was a very stressful job.
The outburst made her look to him and then her. It seemed clear he was pretty fed up. "Isn't that socializing in its essence? Talk as shallowly as possible to talk to everyone? Not my way of talking either," she pointed out before shaking her head, "No need to be sorry. I can't say I'm a fan of it either. Still, I'm surprised that she isn't talking to you now. I would use the chance, if I had it." That had probably sounded all kinds of weird and wrong so she gave another sheepish look.
  Damian / Hoshizora / 14d 23h 28m 13s
Zara gave a laugh at the lines, finding it all welcoming. This had been the reason she had wanted to sleep with him in the first place. There was nothing like having a connection and easy conversation. "Nothing like classic movie lines...and classic movies..."

The offer of drinks subtly hinted at more, at least to her. "I really don't drink often...maybe if you know good places to eat. Or galleries..." And that sounded so open.


"Good God, driving here is impossible...Ah, yes I am. Sound technician...it's not amazingly fun. It's not even for main stream people. It's a job though...yours is probably more exciting and pays better," Zach mused. Looking to Mia, she seemed so oblivious. It would be tonight he'd end it.

"How can she socialize so much but never have anything to say? I'm sorry...she's your friend."
  Hollywood / Faust / 14d 23h 50m 47s
Riley gave him a comforting smile. "I mean, you can't be held completely responsible. After all, when you met, it was only meant to be a holiday fling," she pointed out and placed a hand sympathetically on his shoulder, "But I get it. Trust me, my last relationship was a complete screw up." If becoming a homewrecker was a screw up.
Oh, she shouldn't be feeling as flattered and happy about hearing that he was looking forward to seeing her, but she was and it showed in her smile. "Driving? Like exploring the city?" she inquired curiously before smiling knowingly, "Ah, so you are also in the business of making other people look better. A very rewarding and stressful one, isn't it?" There was definitely an urge there to just grab and kiss him, but that seemed a terrible idea, especially considering that Mia wasn't that far away.


Truthfully, Damian didn't want to involve other people and why should they? They were both consenting adults and had enjoyed themselves. Nothing illegal about that. Though he wasn't sure her stepfather would see it the same way.
Hearing the quote, he rose an eyebrow before a small smile appeared on his lips and he couldn't help quoting back, "I heard a story once - as a matter of fact, I’ve heard a lot of stories in my time. They began with the sound of a tinny piano playing in a parlor downstairs…" He gave her a grin. It didn't really fit into their situation, but who cared. For a moment he had thought about doing the kiss quote, but that seemed to blatant.
Nodding, he replied, "I do too." Still, looking at her, he felt like he would kick himself, if he didn't say something. "Maybe... we could grab a beer or something after work one of these days," he finally said, curious what he would say to that.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 16d 23h 14m 38s
"This is the last time I just go off of and try to have something casual with a girl I think looks good. This time...it turned out horribly wrong...and no way to fix it," Zach muttered darkly, before giving a smile. "I've been looking forward to seeing you again. Other than driving, no, mostly getting settled into the music field. Not a musician myself, I'm just a technician."

And of course he was looking forward to seeing her again. She was beautiful, smart and fun. The idea of not looking where he lept was certainly there.


Why was she even relieved he wouldn't say a thing. Honestly, she couldn't care less what that conservative Hunter thought. At the same moment they both needed money. She gave a small chuckle. "Of all the towns, of all the cities, you walk into my bar," she attempted to do the classic movie quote. "That's an off quote, but yes it is. Not exactly a bad thing, either."

There was was only one hour until the appointment and it seemed she already had work to do. "I really do look forward to seeing your work."
  Hollywood / Faust / 17d 1h 50m 59s
Damian wasn't sure if interesting was enough of a word for this situation. Quite honestly, he wasn't sure if there was any word that would be enough for this situation. "That's one way of putting it," he mused softly, looking over to her. He couldn't help wanting her again, but at the same time he wondered, if that was a bad idea.
He did notice her reaction to asking about her mom. "Very well," he simply replied, not wanting to agitate her with unneeded inquiries, "No, we aren't. I don't think... it has anything to do with our work." Still, it would be a lie, if he said that he didn't want to try more. "There is some irony in this. Meeting again, but under these circumstances," he mused softly, looking to her.


Considering that Mia hadn't yet whined about Zach breaking up with her, Riley knew they were still together. It was a strange dilemma she found herself in. In a way she wanted Zach to break up with Mia, but in another she obviously didn't.
Still, she happily accepted the invite to eat, though she feeling slightly guilty when she realized that she was hoping to see Zach. Keeping her distance and talking to whoever was free, she was happy though when Zach did come over. That three days was a record apart was a little scary. Actually it seemed downright insane. Had they been attached at the hip or something?
"Sounds like a plan. She doesn't seem to suspect anything," Riley replied softly before smiling, "It's good to see you again too. Getting settled in Hollywood? Any more dangerous stunts like at the party?" She grinned at him, still finding it very amusing what he did.
  Damian / Hoshizora / 17d 23h 11m 34s
"This is...this is interesting...to say the least," Zara said honestly running a hand through her hair. Despite the situation she just wanted to have him again now. Resisting the thoughts she gave a tight smile at the mention of her mom. "I don't really want to talk about that...we aren't going to say anything, right?"

It wouldn't hurt her as bad as it would hurt him. Either way she was interested in trying more but if it was prudent was another manner. That was a question she wouldn't ask.


Zach had managed to wrangle something up, there was a few days free of her. Then he suggested going to to eat with some of the friends, hopefully including Riley. Mia was busy with talking socially with some of the others that Zach had time to go see Riley.

"So, I plan this weekend to break the news for her. There was three days without seeing her. That's actually a record..." He muttered before smiling. "It's good to see you again, though."
  Hollywood / Faust / 17d 2h 2m 20s
It seemed clear to Riley that Zach was miserable. Whose fault that was was the thing she didn't know. She couldn't imagine it was only because of Mia. Either way, she tried to make the evening as good as she could, which was damn hard.
When Zach slipped her his number she honestly didn't know what to do. Her bad idea detector was going off. This could only end badly and she would be the cheating party again. Still... there was a draw to Zach, something she couldn't quite explain. She looked to him, her mind still debating between kissing and slapping him. "Yeah, maybe we could hang out," she replied, her gaze not yet shifting away from him, "But only if you talk to Mia first." She would not be the affair or anything like that again.


Her stuttering and falling over her words was adorable. It took all he had not to ruffle her hair and lean in to kiss her. "Hopefully. We'll be running into each other a lot," Damian said with a small smile, hoping that didn't seem too familiar. God damn it, why did the one one night stand that was stuck in his head have to work here as well, not to mention be the boss' stepdaughter.
Her mom's appointment? Naturally, he had no idea what that was about, since apparently sick mother's didn't make for great pillow talk, but he did want to know. Waiting until she moved to her desk, he moved to the elevator where she would obviously have to go to get to the lobby. When she joined him, they were luckily alone. "So... I guess fate wanted us to meet again...," he said slowly, wondering if she even wanted to see him again, "Is your mom okay?" He hoped it was nothing serious at least.
  Riley / Hoshizora / 19d 23h 25m 49s
It was an awful evening. Between Mia and Hunter, he couldn't count down the hours as quickly as possible. It was Riley that saved the evening. There was a draw to her that he couldn't resist. He discreetly slipped her the number to contact him at. "I'll talk to Mia, first. It'd be great to see you again."


"I, uh, look forward to seeing you. I mean your work. I'm sure it's great," Zara shook his hand, unable to forget those hands on her body. She withdrew back before looking to Hunter. "So, is that all? I'd like to get started before mom's appointment."

It wasn't a great time in her life but she was making it work.
  Hollywood / Faust / 20d 20m 14s
Damian honestly didn't care what his desk looked like. Then again, he would rarely be there anyway due to shoots and whatnot that it could have been at the worst place in the world and he wouldn't have cared.
Today he was at his desk working. Well, more spacing out thinking about that woman from the party. He hadn't been able to forget about her.
His boss had been talking about his stepdaughter that would be joining the company, but he hadn't really paid attention to that until he saw her that morning. It was Zara. This seemed like a cruel joke and he was damn close to slapping himself. Instead he resisted the urge and waited until she stood before him. It was clear they both seemed to be in slight shock. Not that he could start something with his boss' stepdaughter. He would be mutilated.
Instead he simply reached his hand out with a smile. "It's nice to meet you too. I hope we work together well," he replied, hoping that not everyone in the room could see that this was slightly awkward for them.


Riley did have to chuckle at what Zach said, while Mia gave a small pout, though not annoyed. Still, Riley was starting to see the cracks. It had probably started physical and Mia had turned it to more when he moved here and was willing to overlook a thing or two that frustrated her, while Zach wasn't.
"That is a genuine problem. You always run into someone you know. It's cliche, but it really is who you know in this industry," Riley replied with a smile before thinking of how to describe the set, "Busy. It's like... when family comes over for a holiday. You know everyone and in a way it's fun, but also super stressful, because everything needs to be coordinated and prepared and whatnot. It's no wonder producers and such have burnout." Rafael being completely exhausted sometimes came to mind.
"And you didn't mind meeting all those people either," Mia reminded him with a teasing smile as she rested her head on his shoulder. Maybe Riley was imagining it, but was her friend marking her territory?
  Damian / Hoshizora / 21d 23h 25m 28s

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