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"There really ain't no believers."

I know, I know another chat.. Bleh, bleh, bleh. I promise though, that if you join this chat I'll try to make it fun... Some how :P Here you can chat, discuss RP ideas, and even if some want to we can even RP here too just to get some ideas floating around. I really don't care what happens here, just as long as it doesn't break ES rules or the rules I am about to explain to you below..


1. I really don't give a hell if you curse, but don't take it over the top. Also I don't care about romance, just please don't crap up my thread with 'dirty' stuff. TAKE ANY DRAMA OUT OF HERE, I WILL NOT TOLERATE IT.

2. NO BULLYING. NO BULLYING. NO BULLYING. If I see this, I will delete you from this thread with out a second thought.

3. If you're interested in joining, post below or PM me. If too much drama happens, I WILL CLOSE THIS SH*T.

4. Have fun, and eat cookies and stuff...

The RP below ;;

I thought I would explain this so people weren't confused.. I posted below just so people could jump in whenever. The setting is simple, it's a mansion with a HUGE garden, nearby lake, marketplace, and a forest by the garden.

I really don't care what race you are. Be weird with it... If you want to be an alien, go for it x'D ^^ Anime pics only, obviously.

The setting can be twisted, just as long as it is discussed with me first, and if I have any ideas I'll ask others first as well.^^

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