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Jesus it was bound to happen
I too am not a fan of the aging tho
  SincerelyLily / 275d 3h 24m 13s
yeah, we're getting fuckin old.

and i don't like it.

  Diedrich Voxus / leonconnors / 275d 4h 28m 46s
"speaking of christmas lights"

i like how there has been two christmases since we were speaking of christmas lights
  The Master / K / 277d 22h 9m 13s
just a few

just a few ;)

speaking of christmas lights - it's almost about that time again, isn't it?
  Diedrich Voxus / leonconnors / 278d 4h 34m 20s
dubba dubba wub wub

i guess it's pretty empty but there are still a few ghosts hanging around
  belaya / coffeecup / 310d 9h 7s
wubba lubba dub dub

is this a ghost town now?
  camille / SincerelyLily / 1y 7d 1h 15m 13s
i left the christmas lights up for three years i think youll be okay
  tyler listen / SincerelyLily / 3y 12d 17h 24m 38s
Kite's gonna kill me when she sees I left the lights on.
  The Master / K / 3y 25d 8h 11m 47s
It took me a while to post because I didn't know what to say or maybe just the fact it didn't seem long enough
  salima de fleur / Sincerelylily / 3y 25d 9h 2m 24s
it's beginning to look a lot
like christmas

  HEAD ES FORMATTING QUEEN / KITE / 4y 233d 20h 8m 29s
mhmm well i get paid this sunday
so just let me know if we pool in
and all c:

it does suck.
but now maybe things will only improve
for the site > >
  sincerelylily / 6y 92d 22h 45m 20s
Ninjai. Of all people.

Didnt know nekoscythe was able to still
plague this place after so long LOL

God. The whole sotuation sucks.
Thank you for telling me.
  HEAD ES FORMATTING QUEEN / kite / 6y 93d 6h 10m 19s
It was Ninjai, although the post from three years ago that Adsense latched onto was Nekoscythe.
  K / 6y 93d 6h 14m 53s
Urizen and I both agreed on a certain amount
last time. Maybe we can do that again.
Yknow, a joint effort of donations.

Even a month or so of relief woulf be great.

Also consider yourself lucky.
  HEAD ES FORMATTING QUEEN / kite / 6y 93d 6h 19m 56s
hello Ciel ^_^ <3
i have mula
i donate
must rid of ads *cries*

i didnt even know there were mods :o
  SincerelyLily / 6y 93d 12h 31m 35s

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