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that would be nice
I know some occasionally float around

I hope everyone is doing well also!
  kshahidx / 12d 7h 28m 59s
oh!! christmas!

it would be so nice to see everyone who used to talk here. i hope everyone is doing well.
  belaya / coffeecup / 12d 10h 34m 31s
its always christmas in the boondocks
time to put the tree up as well
no grinches here !
  kshahidx / 13d 3h 33m 53s
wait what are you doing it isn’t even Halloween yet stop stop it put those away
  The Master / K / 39d 12h 50m 1s
beep boop
beep boop
miss the old days
good times

christsmas is coming up
*starts to untangle the lights*
  kshahidx / 40d 10h 11m 51s
Jesus it was bound to happen
I too am not a fan of the aging tho
  SincerelyLily / 1y 27d 8h 6s
yeah, we're getting fuckin old.

and i don't like it.

  Diedrich Voxus / leonconnors / 1y 27d 9h 4m 39s
"speaking of christmas lights"

i like how there has been two christmases since we were speaking of christmas lights
  The Master / K / 1y 30d 2h 45m 6s
just a few

just a few ;)

speaking of christmas lights - it's almost about that time again, isn't it?
  Diedrich Voxus / leonconnors / 1y 30d 9h 10m 13s
dubba dubba wub wub

i guess it's pretty empty but there are still a few ghosts hanging around
  belaya / coffeecup / 1y 62d 13h 36m 0s
wubba lubba dub dub

is this a ghost town now?
  camille / SincerelyLily / 1y 124d 5h 51m 6s
i left the christmas lights up for three years i think youll be okay
  tyler listen / SincerelyLily / 3y 129d 22h 31s
Kite's gonna kill me when she sees I left the lights on.
  The Master / K / 3y 142d 12h 47m 40s
It took me a while to post because I didn't know what to say or maybe just the fact it didn't seem long enough
  salima de fleur / Sincerelylily / 3y 142d 13h 38m 17s
it's beginning to look a lot
like christmas

  HEAD ES FORMATTING QUEEN / KITE / 4y 351d 44m 22s

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