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A weeb ass story for a weeb ass couple


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[center [h3 Make Myself At Home?]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwTZKRA4mys]]

[center [b As he enjoyed the meal by her side he had raised an eyebrow at the idea of minotaur meat. As he dived in taking a few bites the question beckoned at the young man.]]

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[tangerine [size28 [center Did someone manage to.. Hunt this? How is that even possible?]]]

[center [b Was this part of the Arc's lesson James was talking about? Or something more? How could that feat be possible? How could that term even exist for real? A minotaur? Like a big hulking beast? Maybe in a video game sure but this just sounded outlandish. Yet after seeing what he had at the church... This was a well designed trick or it was the real thing. Arthur scratched at his head how could this be real? He thought of escaping earlier but how nice she seemed. Her father as well seemed grateful for everything hadn't he? People here seemed happy but he couldn't just stay. Back home his family needed him and Alvin too wait.. Alvin! What happened to him? He was back at the mess that Arthur dragged him into wasn't he? Dealing with being accused or worse. Arthur placed his meat on the plate falling silent as he took a long sigh.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/RoN8Pjb.jpg]]

[center [#ffc4da You okay sir?]]

[center [b The man had zoned out but he had shook his head and looked her way nodding. With his usual childish grin plastered across his face.]]

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[tangerine [size28 [center Huh? Oh y-yeah of course! About my armor and that sword you guys took in. Any idea where it came from? I mean... To be honest not sure how I ended up with it. Or here anyway... Earlier you had said what in Fyuria was larping and this kingdom... Your dad said it was Graces in the church. Where the heck am I?]]]

[center [b Is this the part? The main character denies he's in another world right? Ask questions and say its impossible. No Arthur was far more accepting of that he didn't question things for long. Sure the words escaped his lips but he had already realized. This wasn't Kansas anymore but he isn't exactly Dorothy.]]

[center [#ffc4da What? Silly did you hit your head? Fyuria is the world itself what the gods of old named this world. Your in Graces one of the twelve divine kingdoms. Of course there are smaller kingdoms about but I was under the impression you'd know that?]]

[center [b She wagged her tail back and forth as her ears twitched thinking about his question about the armor. She had shrugged a bit confused but she wasn't a lady to obsessed with war either. Not that she was afraid or frail but she was a smart young lass with too much brain to solve things in such a manner. Even if a bit childish and stubborn herself.]]

[center [#ffc4da I don't really know about all that stuff maybe ask my dad?]]

[center [b At that Arthur had nodded eagerly in agreement she had let out a small giggle. He sure was impatient wasn't he? So the two had made their way to the castle they could come back to the festival later right? She did like to get away from this stuffy place but she had felt she owed Arthur. Regardless if he had realized this or not he did risk his life for her fathers. As she made clearance she soon found herself in the royal courtroom with her father and Arthur. Arthur had decided to take a bow unlike earlier a bit awkward and improper.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/AiBQzca.jpg]]

[center [i Nay, Arthur stand in my presence for it is I who owes you. Royal blood cannot blind me to the simple debt I owe to you.]]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/c3/4a/fc/c34afc593892d7472a51987ba7e66e71.jpg]]

[center [+red Your majesty! With all due respect I understand but that is a bit excessive don't you think?]]

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[tangerine [size28 [center I uhh.. Are you sure? Your majesty? I-I came err.. Humbly? Is that right? To ask a few questions.]]]

[center [b The king let off a soft chuckle with his face into the palm of his own hand. As he sat upon the throne he had stepped up. Walking down a few stairs as he made his way to Arthur placing a hand on the young mans shoulder.]]

[center [b Arthur couldn't explain it but this man.. Had a power almost otherworldly feel to him. Any doubt Arthur had of a man being able to slay such a beast melted away. Perhaps it was Arthur's imagination but he felt a strange pressure emitting from the king.]]

[center [i Simon please, that is my name I am aware you have many questions as did I. See I was not trapped in there our goddess Aria had.. Spoken to me strangely enough.]]

[center [b He had started off kind but strong with a soft but tempered smile across his face. Though the smile had faded a bit as he carried on. To a more pressing tone of voice which had indeed shown on his face.]]

[center [i She had told me you have not come from here. From a realm separate from this own another world. No feat any mere Arc or even Spirit Arc could achieve the work of divinity. She had brought you here for indeed a reason and that is the true debt I owe you. Unfortunately it seems my daughter has been caught in the string of fate. If fate is what a man is to call it. I had hoped to keep her safe here in Graces for as long as a father could hope for.]]

[center [b Simon had taken a deep sigh as he looked over to his daughter. Making his way to her she tilted her head confused as he next placed two hands on her shoulders.]]

[center [i Alegra, the goddess has spoken to me indeed. For the hundreds of years she has protected Graces and even all of Fyuria. Not once have I heard a tale of her calling out to humanity for aid in kind. I fear it's not for her sake but for our own. I would ask of you and Arthur to head to the church for you two are who she has asked for. A woman of pure noble blood. We are decedents of the first disciples this gives us a connection to the deities thus we are hailed as royal blood. For this she has called upon you my dearest daughter. I know I've sheltered you and I haven't taught you much. Your mother would be ashamed if she knew how little I've done but to dote on you.]]

[center [b The man sighed as he pulled his little girl into a tight embrace his stern expression gone soft. He wasn't a stoic man of rock after all he only appeared so strong for the sake of his subjects. He was just a father who had cared for his daughter as well as the people here. Arthur thought to himself what could she be thinking? She had hugged him back and gave a nod but not much was said. Was she worried? Regardless maybe Arthur could ask for a way back. It had to have been this goddess who brought him here right? Than again though... They needed his help didn't they? With that Arthur had heard Alegra speak up to her father as she let out a soft grin.]]

[center [#ffc4da Don't be silly, mom would have thought you did an amazing job father.]]

[center [b She let out a toothy grin with one fang out flashing. Arthur had felt a chill up his spine. That little grin was.. Too freaking adorable. If Alvin was here they'd make a few jokes on how "kawaii desu" or whatever the heck it was. They weren't really THAT weeb but it was pretty funny to say. Jokes to himself aside it was pretty damn cute. Sweet too she seemed like a nice girl. Her father had let out a hearty laugh as he wiped a tear under his eye.]]

[center [i That's my little girl maybe what you state it true. Maybe it is not we'll see won't we? I'm proud of you more and more you remind me of your mother everyday. She'd be proud of you too even if pray your a bit more sassy than she was.]]

[center [#ffc4da Hey!]]

[center [b She yelled as she hit his arm playfully and pouted looking away from her father. Arthur let out a soft chuckle as he covered his mouth. James had came forward with a few guards and Arthur's sword and armor in hand.]]

[center [+red Here you are payment for your duty to the kingdom. Don't make me regret it all right kid?]]

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[tangerine [size28 [center Wouldn't dream of it sir! Not sure how to uhh.. Put all of that on though to be honest. I sorta just woke up with it ya know?]]]

[center [+red What the hell do- Ugh.. fine men tailor to the man!]]

[center [#ffc4da Oh wow too lazy to come up with a better excuse huh?]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size28 [center It's not an excuse I mean it! Come on! Besides weren't you having a heart to heart? Daddy's little girl?]]]

[center [#ffc4da Pfft! Shut up!]]

[center [b She laughed pushing at him as cute and beautiful as she was Arthur felt rather at ease around her. Girls a lot of time made him feel pressured to be charming or funny he only ever felt this comfortable with his mother and sister. Is that what she was seeming like to him? His sister? She was sorta goofy too and she was pretty into the whole acting like a cat thing. Weebs am I right? He took a bow to his majesty as they made their farewells and Arthur was suited up.]]

[center [b A few hours later Arthur and Alegra had stood in front of the church with a few guards on post. Of course they were instructed to let only her pass and within the doors was a beaming light. Things were about to get a lot weirder weren't they? Well least Arthur was at least getting used to it fairly quick enough.]]

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[tangerine [size28 [center Well this is our stop huh?]]]

[center [b The newly blonde young man had asked fully suited and armed with a large blade. Not that he felt he would have any need for such attire. He had accepted mostly to be polite to the people's offer here.]]

[center [b The princess had taken a deep breath and looked forward the door before. Regal and beautiful she had put on a strong and brave face. This was her first real duty to her people. From the way her father had spoke? This was indeed a grand trial but to what? She had always felt a figurehead a doll placed on a pedestal. Loved and cherished by her father and her people she never had the chance to repay them. A simple fairy tale life right? One every peasant told their daughters when they went to sleep. She had loved stories and loved the idea of knights and heroes but who said a princess couldn't be the hero? Countless champions of the realm her and her father have thanked in gratitude. Her father already breaking that chain he was the most powerful Arc wielder in the kingdom. Not a helpless king to rely on a hero she too wanted to prove her own worth. Though she had no idea what was in store for her. Every knight had a dragon to slay yes? What was hers? Her ordeal? Her struggle? Her purpose?]]

[center [#ffc4da I'm.. I'm ready.]]

[center [b She said gripping her small fist with newfound resolve in her eyes. She was a curious young kitten though she should be afraid she was at awe and wonder why laid ahead of her. Arthur had glanced her away before looking forward scratching the side of his own cheek.]]

[center [b She had so far seemed an adorable curious little kitten. With a cute little giggle and a formal aura all the same. Arthur was surprised to see the face of such raw determination across the young lasses face. As the light engulfed the two young individuals everything blaring white. As a low ringed pitch entered the area. Covered in white with no apparent ground beneath them. Arthur felt as if he had stepped into another realm all together. What was this place? To say it was beyond belief would be an understand rung to its truest.]]

[center [pic http://tp.lingyu.me/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/20151226043409117.jpg]]

[size10 [+teal [left It is I]]]

[right [+teal [size10 It is you]]]

[center [+teal [size10 For we are.]]]

[center [b Small disembodied voices of a women echoed through the endless void of white. Whispers that crept in but all at once felt not a shred of hostility. Instead it sounded the voices of a woman overcome with maternal worry.]]

[center [b With a flash appeared a winged woman beautiful and tear struck. Not a combination Arthur was happy to see as a soft frown invaded his face.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size28 [center Miss are you okay? Are you lost?]]]

[center [+teal Lost? Surely not for this is my home after all. I see that his majesty as came through indeed. It is I the one you seek Aria.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size28 [center Huh? What? I expected something... Bigger! With more riddles or something like that right? Angelic but kinda scary ya know?]]]

[center [b At least that was how every deity in about every Anime or game Arthur had seen. She seemed... Rather human at least close too. Sure he had seen a few silly shows here or there with a beautiful goddess stuck on Earth but this? Why was she crying? The women had let out a soft giggle as she wiped away at her tears.]]

[center [+teal Oh Arthur you are as every bit impetuous as I had expected in our first meeting. It is quiet refreshing to have a mortal man speak in such a way. To let his thoughts roam so freely around one such as I is too refreshing. Men and women may revere us gods with the sanctity of perfection but in truth? I am loathe to call even one of us a true god or goddess. Something beyond human to be sure but a god? Surely not at least that is my stand on the matter. I am sure the other deities would gravely disagree with me.]]

[center [b She had giggled again at Arthur's thoughts had she... Meant that? Finding her pretty? Arthur had blushed looking away as he whistled softly. A soft smile across her face before it had vanished and tears again grew in her eyes as she took a sigh.]]

[center [b Arthur had reached his hand out as if to begun to tell her. "Hey now don't cry it's okay" it almost off instinct really it was just the sorta guy he was. It wasn't too far off on how he had met his best friend Alvin. Though now wasn't the time to feel too nostalgic over that. Arthur's would be encouragement was cut short as the princess stepped forward taking a small curtsy to the goddess.]]

[center [#ffc4da I am Alegra heir to the throne of Graces it is my honor to meet you.]]

[center [b She gave a perky smile as she cocked her head Aria had paused a second before giving a gentle smile.]]

[center [+teal Now you child are as radiant as I've expected. Meeting like this has been something I've waited some time for you.]]

[center [b Before the princess could ask why they were summoned here Arthur had interjected rather excited. Not so eager and cheery more so surprised as he grabbed at his head confused.]]

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[tangerine [size28 [center Wait as expected? Waited? How do you know about us?! I mean... I'm not even from this-]]]

[center [+teal Yes I am aware of that I am the one who has brought you here after all come take a seat you two. I know you find yourselves wanting for answers but I have prepared this some time ago. Please try and remain quiet while I explain.]]

[center [b She closed one eye placing a finger over her lips rather playfully as two chairs had came from the white void below. Alegra had plopped herself on to one as Arthur jumped back a bit shocked before deciding to take a seat himself.]]

[center [+teal Now for to why I have summoned you here. Lady Alegra I am sure you are aware of the old legend yes? The one with the tale of Arthur? How a witch thousands of years ago had possessed a power greater than that of any Arc? This power was referred to as "magic" to rival that of divine power. That was no mere coincidence for she indeed was a divine. The world of Fyuria was known to always have twelve deities but for the longest time this was not the case. Though the few who know this story would call her the unholy thirteenth this too is not the case. She was rather the first deity to exist in the realm I may be revered for creating this world but it was not I but her. Humans to were a creation she had left behind I was but the second by her side. Her and I shared a love for mankind though I grew concerned that her love with those humans was waning. She grew tired of ideals that represented both good and evil in such regards. As her power grew and the divines came to be she had learned of other realms. A secret she shared with me and me alone. These "humans" from other worlds incapable of learning Arcs had indeed caught her intrigue. The similar terms only found in tales of fantasy? Yet a world that in her eyes was fantasy itself a world in particular intrigued her. Though we reveled in watching mankind grow in new and innovative ways to lay down the sword and to speak with ideas rather than violence. One its own past wasn't much different from our own though referred to as a "dark age" it lacked the Arc or "magic" she had possessed. Though it seemed to strive for peace it held brutal acts unimaginable to anyone. A world that scarce used the terms good or evil a world that strove to grow. She was smitten though I still not know why. After creating an order among us with rules and regulations she had disobeyed her own decree. To never enter the realm of mortality. Thus her divine light had become a darker color tainted by this world around her. This darkened power was called "magic" and her existence hidden. She had the humans worship I instead they knew only to call her what they had seen. A witch that is the real story behind the witch the rest goes fairly similar. She had grew in power surrounded by many beast the men called "Brew" though terrifying in power. She had kept them under constraints as her power began to grow and grow with the heart of a mortal? A divine in human form? She felt new passion she never before could have felt as the heart beat into her chest. Her ambition grew along with her magic immune to age but not to the death she seemed still unstoppable. Though before she was ever given a chance a grand hero by the name of Arthur had wielded a sacred sword of light. The blade had granted the young man eternal youth and so his war with the witch carried on for several years. He had struck first and true though he could not defeat her he wielded his blade to seal her. With a divine miracle from the goddess of light Aria the blade had sealed her to a dark woodland. That men who believe in such a tale call the witches lair. The blade stuck at its heart the hero had completed his duty vanishing from the pages of history. This man was a knight hailed from Graces several lifetimes ago. That is only the beginning as you may know in the teachings of the witch she had used a familiar. A mighty dragon and if the familiar born from magic is to die so is the master. The beast had destroyed its own contract from love it bore for the Witch. Right before Arthur had slayed the mighty beast this too is regarded as a common fairy tail. Tales that go beyond the facets of space or time. As you recall I said she was once a goddess this "magic" or divine power to call upon a familiar. A mortal beast granted power and potential to grow is born from her time as a deity. As such each deity has a beast serving as their familiar. Or as each temple would refer to as the twelve guardians. If a kingdom is truly every in danger this mighty beast will in it's deity name protect it's kingdom. Though even this story is not true for the world only ever held eleven guardians for I have never chose one. Perhaps it is my fickleness to select a guardian that forced the hero Arthur to fight the witch long ago. Though he had never once blamed me as he should have. That is why at the very least I blessed an artifact for him in his journey to come one that has reduced my power ever since.]]

[center [#ffc4da The blade, right?]]

[center [b A somber look appeared on her face as she had nodded looking forward as she placed a hand over her chest.]]

[center [+teal A blade to contest perhaps the truest of goddesses. One who simply existed since the dawn of time. Something I nor the others could claim. As for that women the stories would say she is stuck at the lair to curse all who enter that. That is not true only her godhood has been sealed away if she is to leave her magic will leave her but she herself can leave.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size28 [center Well if she did that wouldn't she be easy to stop? She would just be a human girl without any mana right? Oh crap I mean magic!]]]

[center [b Arthur had hit his head softly mana might be a confusing term to them. What a odd time to think about video games huh? It all seemed like a plot right out of one. Except for the fact the final boss is a caster and doesn't have any MP except out of a certain zone. More easy than most video games.]]

[center [+teal That is true but free of a familiar she was able to to finally gain a new one. One who's power now may be meek in the grand scheme of the world. It's one I'm afraid may grow to be even more powerful than the beast before it.]]

[center [#ffc4da What is the beast? A minotaur? A Griffon? Another dragon?]]

[center [b The woman had shook her head as she clasped her own hands together before looking at them both again.]]

[center [+teal No a beast that never once has been a guardian. It is a human from the world she had loved so much. She and I had harnessed our powers to examine this world as much as possible. To answer you're question earlier Arthur I have been watching you as well as Alegra. Arthur you.. as well came from this world. I knew you would grow used to terms here quickly and that you are one to accept things easily. A kind and just hero. Just recently she too has explained much the same to her own familiar. Though her and I paths will differ for you will not be my own familiar. I may have mimicked her magic to bring you here but I will not make the same choices she has. I am sorry Arthur that you have lost the name you once knew sure Arthur remains but I'm afraid this magic has a price. She had human followers at her beck and call one you may refer to as the witches cult. They had one volunteer for this price to alter ones world it must be brought to balance. They must assume the others name and face to bring that world balance. To prevent a rift causing the two worlds to intermingle. Which could be a disaster for both worlds. I know her love for that world has stopped her from risking it. I must protect Fyuria so I too cannot take that risk. I suppose her and I aren't too different thus why she was the one friend I had ever had.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size28 [center I mean.. That's not true right? This Arthur guy probably thought you were his friend right? The guy who was willing to take my place must feel the same! I'm not sure if the other guy got to keep his first name so thanks for that! Heck as nice as you're being I'm sure you can think of us as you're friends right?]]]

[center [b He said as let a beaming childish smile plaster across his face a wide and large grin. Aria had blinked as she held her stomach laughing softly as she placed her petite hand over her mouth nodding.]]

[center [+teal Mhm, I'm glad you feel that way child each of you are so very dear to me. Even if it was not I who bore this world nor do I have any connection to your own Arthur. I still see you two as my children regardless a phrase I am sure that could be found strange. I'm afraid I must continue on to why I have you two here friend. As once the goddess placed her light into a blade. We too can do this to a human a goddess to a young woman. A god to a young man it only requires they have the blood of our first disciples.]]

[center [#ffc4da The royal family so what does that mean exactly milady?]]

[center [+teal As I said when you came, It is I and it is you for we are the.. Same. I would become one with you the goddess Aria would seize to be. You would inherit the gift to both learn magic and to form a contract with a familiar. Though Arthur my spell only will remain in effect if you so wish to stay. That ends when the sun indeed falls if you so choose a different destiny you could return. If not than princess Alegra I hoped would select you as her familiar. I found you to serve as Graces hero fitting if not selfish I understand it is unfair to ask this of you. Much like the hero before I put you in a rather difficult place as I do for Alegra and for that I deeply apologize. As a warning Alegra if you choose to take this mantle up whom ever you select will not be bound to listen. Their life is tied to you're own if they were to die so will you. At least that would be the case were you in the witches shoes. They will not be forced to heed but because you are only inheriting my power. Age nor loss of Familiar will ever result in your demise. Nor will your or the witches familiar ever know the sting of death unless in the broiling fire of combat. Depending on you and the Familiar anything could happen in terms of what abilities your familiar could gain. I know not what the witches has in store. I know you two have a lot to learn I am aware sir James has not taught either one of you about Arcs yes? A lesson that would only matter to sir Arthur now. For Magic is a power that surpasses that of even the greatest spirit Arc. You have a power that will only can be learned through practice and as fate would have it? The lost pages of the acult the journal of the witch. Her pages our scattered throughout the world you're father has been entrusted with a map by me. Collecting these will be a start to grow you're power as well in the journey Arthur must too grow. As James can help Arthur begin his journey I too can help you princess if you so wish to start this journey. I will not force this upon you two. The choice is yours alone as it was the witches familiar. Arthur I understand you have no real attachment to this world and one could even say I am using your trusting and naive nature to my advantage. I hate to abuse the kindness you show others but I don't have much choice left to me. The same goes for you Alegra.]]

[center [b She said as guilt invaded her tone of voice as she grabbed at her arm looking to the ground. Arthur wiped under his nose with a confident grin as he walked forward patting her head. His chest began to pound he never done anything so dorky out loud. He always wanted to be the guy who cheered someone up with a pat on head. Here was... Yolo right? She was a goddess after all and if she's been watching him? She must have seen far more embarrassing than this right?]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size28 [center Hey! Don't worry about all of that! I owe Alegra for taking the time to take me in. She already fed me I owe her right? Besides as desperate you sound it doesn't sound like you can summon someone else again huh? After this is all over I'll find a way back home! I just have one request or... I can't all right? If you were watching you saw what happened right? Can you make sure Alvin is okay? I know it sounds crazy but... Some of that magic can you make sure nothing happens to him back home? He was in trouble so... Please?]]]

[center [b The goddess looked down at her feet before looking back up with a brightened smile across her face reaching her hand forward as she nodded.]]

[center [+teal You have my word that no harm will befall your friend Alvin in the world you've left behind.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size28 [center Heh heh.. thanks that means a lot! To be honest you summoned the wrong guy. Alvin would have probably accepted without worry of anything else. I'm a bit hesitant.. I know my friends and family need me but I'll make a way back I can't just let other people die right? He'd be pretty disappointed in me. Though he's certainly the better fighter! Oh boy I'm sure he'd have saved everyone in a week I think I'd rather fight a dragon myself!]]]

[center [+teal Hey I've seen you as well your pretty tough too! Besides I had noticed him but my choice stands! If you feel better he was in the running! Only because I know this would have made him happier.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size28 [center Nah, I'm glad you chose me if I don't make it back I want him to live a full happy normal life. I know he's gonna make someone a happy lady one day! It'd be hilarious to see him as a dad! Come on kids anime every day!!]]]

[center [b She had giggled as he let out a chuckle reaching a hand as he shook her hand. Arthur was aware he was fairly trusting and maybe even naive but he hadn't had a doubt she had good intentions her and the princess. Which had her tail swaying back and forth as she pondered on the offer. She still seemed resolved and ready to step forward. Though Arthur found himself staring at her face before looking away with a blush. He gave a nervous chuckle as he looked back at Alegra as he asked her.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size28 [center At least I got a new handsome face outta of it right? Man whoever this guy was? Must have been popular with the ladies! Wait... Was this armor and sword his too? Holy crap I bet he was a badass huh? Though I don't feel any stronger... Guess no cheating huh? Awe well! So Alegra what do you say? Our you in?]]]

[center [b He said as he walked over in front of the princess giving a soft smile. A whole journey with her? As much as he worried about everyone back home.. He wouldn't deny that traveling with a beautiful kitten such as herself? Oh boy did he feel like such a flirt he really wasn't but he couldn't deny how cute she was either. Though she seemed a lot more than just "cute" she seemed more resolved than he felt.]]

[center [+teal So here forth you two will looks for the lost pages of the occult to learn of magic. To one day stop the "witch?" I can but grant you one spell to help you start off on your journey.]]

[center [b With a nod the goddess had placed her hand over the princess. As a light began to aglow between the two. The goddess had vanished and a blinding light had came. They were back in the church as the princess looked at her finger tips. It was the knowledge and name of the spell she wasn't sure how but she had felt she could.. Achieve such a feat. The spell had a rather profound name as well but she had still felt she wanted to add her little twist.]]

[center [#ffc4da Is that it?]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size28 [center I guess so? Do you feel any different? More powerful?]]]

[center [#ffc4da I'm not sure how that is supposed to feel... I suppose? I feel a bit strange I suppose.]]

[center [b It wasn't long as Arthur opened the church doors as the king stood worried. Many citizens had cheered and celebrated at her majesties return. Arthur knew what that meant, it had to be a party right?]]
  Arthur / Isamu / 4d 8h 30m 9s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Alegreya]
[youtube https://youtu.be/D5qUas_g_ZA]

[h3 [Alegreya Chapter 4: Coming to]]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/RoN8Pjb.jpg]

[Alegreya [#ffc4da "Wake up sleepy head."]

A feminine voice said in a sing-song tone. Arthur's eyes fluttered open as he looked up into the face of the princess. For a short moment he had forgotten where he was, but soon his surroundings clicked and he realized he must be in the infirmary.

[#ffc4da "Oh well look who's awake finally! Mornin' sleepy head. Come on get up we have work to do!"]

Arthur began to sit up, wincing in slight pain, but nothing he couldn't handle!

[b "Your Highness he needs to take it easy. He was injured badly. Please just rest young man. I'm sure that the king will understand if he must reschedule the festivities."]

The princess whined and stomped her foot.

[#ffc4da "But I wanted to show him around the kingdom!"]

A pout made its way onto her face as her arms crossed. Arthur studied her, still amazed by the ears that pressed onto her head as well as the tail swishing behind her. This was like a dream and it felt...awesome. He never thought he'd meet a real neko princess! It was everything a weeb could wish for! Of course the only thing that would make it better would be if Alvin were there to see it.

[+brown "Hey cheer up Princess. I'll be fine doc, I've suffered worse"]

Though that was a lie, he could handle pain well so what was a few aches here and there? The princesses ears perked up and her tail swished happily behind her.

[#ffc4da "Purfect!"]

She exclaimed, clapping her hands together and gathering the clothes she had found for him from a servant.

[#ffc4da "Your armour is being polished but i got some clean clothes for you to where. I wasnt sure if they would fit right but its worth a try right!"]

Alegra stood there smiling at the boy for a good minute after handing him his clothes. A nervous chuckle escaped his lips and he rubbed the back of his neck looking at the girl.

[#ffc4da " Oh! Right! I'll be just outside the door for when you are done and then I can bring you to the courtyard."]

The boy nodded, smiling at her before she left, along with the doctor. Arthur stood up, a bit tense but otherwise fine, and placed the clothes out on the bed. There was an off-white olden top with a pair of brown trowsers. They were a tight fit but he managed to get them on comfortably. He looked at himself in the mirror that hung in the room on the furthest wall. It was a strange sight indeed. This body just didn't feel... right. His hair wasn't this color, and his eyes weren't ones he knew. It created discontent in his mind. While he studied his unfamiliar reflection there came a faint tapping at the door.

[#ffc4da "Are you alright in there sir?"]

Alegra called through, concern in her voice as if she could sence his discontent. But that was absurd wasnt it?

[+brown "No I'm half left."]

There was a moment of silence before a bang and the uproar of laughter coming from the other side of the door. Arthur chuckled, opening the door to reveal a wild Alegra rolling on the ground, laughing so hard tears pooled in the corners of her eyes.

[+brown "Did you fall?"]

The boy asked,chuckling at the girls silly behavior, too which she replied with a nod and a wipe at her teary eyes. When she had composed herself she sat up, with help from Arthur of course. Her smile was as wide as it had ever been as she looked up at the boy.

[#ffc4da "Lets get to the festival yeah?"]

[h3 A celebration]

[youtube https://youtu.be/UcCNruHkLxw?list=RDbUxZhcpBdQI]

Festivities in the kingdom of Graces were strikingly similar to those of modern-day America, minus technical advances of course. There were brightly colored flags everywhere advertising varying food stands. Arthur walked beside the princess to the festival but not soon after she had gotten there her court lady spotted her and pulled her off somewhere. T hat left Arthur alone to walk around the field area which had been occupied with the festivities. After a while his stomach rumbled and he frown, looking around.

[i [+brown No doubt that the food will cost money. I don't have any though.]]

he thought to himself. Maybe he could ask the Princess about job opportunities later.

[#ffc4da "ARTHUUUUR!"]

a voice rang out from not to far away as a girl bounded up to the boy, gripping onto his arm.

[#FFC4DA Where have you been? Father said to find you. Ada and I have been looking all over for you.]

the boy chuckled as the girl clung to him. This really was any weebs wet dream, a cute Neko princess clinging to their arm. What coud be better than this. Again his mind wandered to Alvin and how much he would like this place.

[+brown "When you ran off I got a little lost. So the king wants to see me huh? Am I being knighted?"]

He chuckled and Alegra giggled, swishing her hand as if to say "Oh you are silly." As they began walking his stomach rumbled, attracting the girls attention.

[#ffc4da "Ngh Are you hungry?"]

She looked up at the boy with concern lacing her face.

[+brown "Nonononono I'm alright, don't worry about-"]

before he could finish his sentence the princess ran off, dragging him behind her. They walked up to a stand with a small fire pit.

[#ffc4da "Two please!"]

she said, smiling at the man working the stand. He took two kabob out of a pan on the fire and handed them to Alegra and took twelve copper coins from the girl. She handed the food to the boy, whose mouth watered as he took it, waiting for hr to take the first bite. It smelled like heaven. She took a bite of the meat on the stick and moaned.

[#ffc4da "These are soooo good. It's been years since I've had one. Ada says the are not ladylike to eat."]

she wiped her mouth with her hand and giggled. Arthur raised the meat to his own mouth and took a bite, chewing a bit. His eyes widened in shock. It had smelled good but he hadn't expected it to taste this good.

[+brown "What is this?"]

he asked, devouring the rest of the kabob. The girl looked at him curiously.

[#ffc4da You've never had minotaur meat have you? Well this is some of the best quality in the kingdom. Marinated in the best spices from around the world, cooked for hours to ensure tenderness. It's a bit pricey for most people but everyone saves up for them. I used to get one every year but then I got bigger and I had to be a proper lady.]

she smiled at the boy, taking her last bite as they approached the castle. Arthur hadn't even noticed they were already there. It was time to see the king. What would this meeting be about?]]
  Story / Sekushi / 3d 12h 28m 51s
[center [h3 Chapter Three/Continued]]

[center [+red That sounds...]]

[center [b With that the princess herself had intervened with a chipper voice tilting her head. From the way she smiled at the stranger it was hard to tell if she was naive and trusting or.. A good judge of character. James could never tell either way she was always so brash and stubborn.]]

[center [#ffc4da Wonderful! We could always use more help right? That way I don't have to be bored in James lectures by myself. The name is Alegra! As James already shouted, what's yours? And what in Fyuria is larping?]]

[center [b Arthur had stood up from his knees with a grin. As he rubbed the back of his head the two began to walk as James walked between the two. James would not fight her authority but would make sure she was fine. As a royal family member she was allowed to assign a set amount of men the title of knight or squire. Still this seemed foolish all the same.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size28 [center Arthur is my name! Wow you have a really pretty name I like it! Oh larping? Ehh forget about that I musta really hit my head hard good thing I'm thick headed at least.]]]

[center [b He had spoke casually to the princess as she let out a soft giggle. No one had spoken to her in such a laid back manner save for her father at best. James had growled eyeing Arthur before looking ahead as he lead them to the courtyard. He figured she just wanted company so she wouldn't be bored at this lecture. James could tell by the way Arthur held himself his guard lowered. He quickly reached for a dagger as he slashed at Arthur stopping right at his neck as Arthur fell backwards on his behind.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size28 [center W-Whoa are you trying to kill me!?]]]

[center [#ffc4da James that wasn't very nice!]]

[center [b The man let out a deep chuckle before putting his dagger away with a shrug. It was apparent this boy had no real combat experience he had never seen a battlefield. His eyes screamed new blood the way he held himself in a strangers kingdom. He was just as trusting as the princess it seemed. James still didn't like the idea of a ruffian sharing a lesson with royal blood but alas he had no choice.]]

[center [+red Don't let him distract you too much okay? I'm about to start the lesson all right? So pay attention got it?]]

[center [b Though before James could begin his lesson Ada had came in to interrupting the auspicious day. Today was the day James had planned to teach the princess what she had needed to know what better day? Than on the Day of Light? Graces had believed it was Aria alone who had made the world and it's people. Ada began to pant her hands on her knee's as she had looked up at the princess.]]

[center [#3fbfff Milady it is you're father he is in grave danger! He went to hold today's celebration at the holy cathedral! His majesty lord Simon hasn't returned from the catacombs beneath! Any who try and enter are burned by a holy light. It isn't a Spirit Arc or even a Sealing Arc we aren't sure what it is. Even are Spirit Arc experts cannot decipher what is the problem.]]

[center [#ffc4da Take me there now Ada! Please.]]

[center [b An Arc? What the hell was that? A holy light they were crazy right? Nothing like that could exist these people were just having a show right? Ada had taken the princess by hand as James ran in front of the two. They had too taken off this was Arthur's chance to escape sure or even take a few things. Though his mind hadn't even crossed that bridge he instead followed them toward the holy cathedral like a church in olden times. As men tried to run through the front doors it had burned them as James flung his hands fire circling around his fist. As he ran forward to punch the blinding light only to be thrown back. The princess's face with worry over James and her father she had began to run forward too. Despite the danger she would not stand by and let her father be trapped alone. What goddess would do such a thing? Allow such a thing? Arthur had stepped forth placing his arm in front of her as he gave her a warm comforting smile.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size28 [center Hey hey now princess let this be my first test okay? Taking lessons was never my strong suit anyway.]]]

[center [#3 fbfff You're a fool you should wait for the holy knights! Till they return we must be patient!]]

[center [+red Yes it's as Ada speaks you can't hope to--]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size28 [center Sorry about that but waiting is another one of my weakness's. I'll be back in a jiffy!]]]

[center [b The princess had nodded softly as Arthur pushed past Ada and James running into the light. As the light began to burn at his body he had grunted and pushed through but the light.. Softened as he entered. He had heard a voice in his head... One he had heard before coming to this world to begin with.]]

[center [+gold I've been waiting for you.]]

[center [h3 One Hour Later]]

[center [b As time passed everyone waited staring at the lights as the princess grew tired of waiting. She herself was ready to brave the same light seeing as the light engulfed Arthur maybe he wasn't alive anymore. Though before the princess was able to Arthur had came out with a man at his side. Arm around Arthur's neck as the newly blonde boy gave a tired smirk he seemed childish as ever. Even if his appearance changed that childish sparkle in his eye was the same.]]

[center [#3fbfff No way... It can't be it's the the king! What in the Fallen Star is going on?]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/AiBQzca.jpg]]

[center [i Take this man to see his injuries are tended to!]]

[center [b The king spoke to the guards of Arthur. Arthur couldn't help but smile the king's way sure he should show more respect to the man but... He seemed a kind man. Despite the serious face he lacked ears and tails like his daughter maybe it came from her mother? The men cheered and hollered as they took the king from Arthur's arms. He gave a chuckle as thoughts flooded his mind. What had happened in that light... Had shown him this land? Fyuria? That it was indeed real after all. With that the laid back "knight to be" had collapsed to the ground. . As the last rings he heard were the yells of cheer for their king. He must have been a good king to be loved so dearly. This was the beginning of a new chapter in his life whether Arthur realized this fact or not.]]
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[center [h3 Chapter Three]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRD7WylAfkw]]

[center [b Arthur looked over and saw the princess had a look that screamed upset. Arthur had crossed his arms tilting his head softly a bit confused.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size28 [center Hmm..]]]

[center [b He wasn't the best at social interaction at least not in more serious situations. Though he had other things to worry about such as a day of the goddess? Aria? Last he checked no religion had built castles and dressed up as cats for some god called what? Birth of the world? Was this a larping fair or some cult? Still he couldn't help but feel bad for the girl in had hurting her though he wasn't sure how he was.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size28 [center So is this like a larping affair? I love that kinda thing!]]]

[center [b He said as they took and stripped his blade he chuckled with a wry comment. As he placed a hand on his head stating he wasn't sure where he got that from. That was strange... His own appearance his blade and armor as they held the massive blade aside he stretched his arms. It was heavy sure Arthur was in shape Alvin always dragged him around for his exercises but Arthur enjoyed it. Alvin and him loved to play around go a round or two either with fist or sticks. Strange hobby for a simple otaku but he could understand these people love of larping. If that were the case but... Arthur may be dense but he wasn't so dense. He knew something was up but... How could it be? How could this? He said his mom was waiting for him but how long would she be waiting?]]

[center [b The princess looked at him rather confused as he placed his hands on her shoulders with a worried expression on his face.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size28 [center Where am I? What is this place? Those seriously look attached... I'm not in Kansas anymore am I? No I'm dreaming aren't I...]]]

[center [b He laid against the stone behind him as he took a deep breath. Than a soft smile looking at the floor he had to stay positive his mom had always taught him. A positive attitude can change a negative situation not the deepest way to teach a child something but... It always worked rather well. The princess had wagged her tail curiously as she placed a finger under her chin.]]

[center [#ffc4da Well, you're in Graces silly! Did you hit you're head? To answer that ridiculous question yes they are real!]]

[center [b She said in a rather poutful tune as a man came to approach the two a scowl on his face. It was the regent of his majesty lord James a man who's been there for all of her majesties life.]]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/c3/4a/fc/c34afc593892d7472a51987ba7e66e71.jpg]]

[center [+red Graces of Fyuria young man and that right there is a member of the royal family! Our lady princess Alegra!! I do not care if you are even a knight from another kingdom you cannot come unannounced and address her highness in such a way!!]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size28 [center K-Knight?! I-I'm just plain old Arthur! Arthur... Arthur....]]]

[center [b He couldn't remember his last name instead another came to mind but that wasn't it right? It made no sense that wasn't the name he was grown to be used to. Even though Arthur was for sure the man had crossed his arms in anger raising an eyebrow looking back to her majesty.]]

[center [+red Milady you cannot be serious this ruffian could be here to kidnap you for ransom or worse we cannot trust him. Allow me to call our guards a few swift Spirit Arcs and he can be dealt with rather easily. ]]

[center [b Arcs Arthur thought to himself? What the hell was he talking about? What? Though the "princess" here had her ears twitch and tails wag as she the man herself.]]

[center [#ffc4da James what is that? A Spirit Arc? Nuu! He hasn't done anything wrong come on James you're always like this!!]]

[center [+red Princess... As for the Arc, yes well you are of age now that reminds me. It's time to begin you're formal training. If you are to one day lead this kingdom you must undergo some training. I must educate you of Fyuria and it's world. Spirit Arcs as well as Blade Arcs the spirits themselves the other gods and goddesses. Blessed gifts or more crudely put in some small towns "Blessed Gear" an item used in black marketing too often. As well as Sigil's of honor and other foundations of education that will pertain to you're job as both highness and future chief of military you will lead our forces one day. Graces has many enemies that would love to see our great castle gates fall.]]

[center [b So basically in video game terms this was lore tips right? This could help Arthur couldn't it but it seemed he wouldn't get that far if he was going to be killed here and now. Not a fine how do you do for sure still what had he done to upset this man? He couldn't help but rub the back of his head and let out a nervous yet soft hearted chuckle. Strange any other person would be terrified but Arthur instead simply gave the man a smile. Fyuria? So was this... Another... Like in every anime Alvin's showed him like ever? Another world? If this were Alvin he'd be thrilled sure Arthur LOVED anime but he also loved his life. Not that Arthur thought Alvin hated his life he just knew he always talked about how cool seeing a new world would be. Arthur had a mother and a sister that needed him and loved him. As well as a best friend... Alvin where was he now? Was he okay? Was he hurt? Hopefully Serah and Vincent don't try and get him in trouble he needed to hurry back and help him. If he was worried about anything it was if his friend was okay or not. He could felt a warm hand place itself on his shoulder a phantom almost... No a sensation? He couldn't explain this feeling but he took a deep breath and looked up and knelt on the ground. If he was to survive to make it back he had to play along. Question everything later right now he needed to survive.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine]
[tangerine [size28 [center I-I mean I'm not a knight yet but I wish to be... A squire here in Graces I asked where I was to make sure I was at the right place! This is the princess forgive my rudeness! You are right many could want to hurt this place so umm.. I wanted to sign up and enlist to help Graces! I'm afraid I suffer from head injury I don't remember much at all... About whatever you brought up. If I could learn I'd offer my services for any price at all no matter how cheap.]]]

[center [b Yeah play it off maybe they'll reject the idea and let him off. Off where? He was lost out there alone but still better than being killed. Also what services? He's never used a real sword and nothing that large he never killed a man. Hell Alvin was always the more vicious one Arthur liked to solve things with kindness he only ever fought to protect someone else. Alvin was strong and vicious enough to punch anyone who threatened him and Arthur respected that primal strength. Though Arthur himself had let himself be beaten up a few times if the fight involved only himself. He got in so many less fights than Alvin he was better at getting along with others even if he himself was blind to that fact. He always thought he was just the dork or the class clown he never saw himself as really popular but he was well liked. Despite that he also felt he was never taken... Wait this wasn't the time to be dwelling on high school hardships. Warrior or not he just had to fake it long enough to escape or even find a place to stay at the least get an idea what's going on here. Arthur always thought of himself as stupid but this wasn't actually that bad of an idea. At least... It was a start.]]
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[center [youtube https://youtu.be/XU0Am_qkPcE?list=RDbUxZhcpBdQI]

[center [h3 Chapter two: Enter The Princess]

[pic http://i.imgur.com/RoN8Pjb.jpg]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Alegreya]

[size15 [alegreya Thought the citizens of Graces would gravitate more to the center of the kingdom, one rather small female would spend her time on the outside, reveling in the fact that for once she could leave her home without being bombarded by adoring fans. Not to say that she wasn't thankful for her citizens, she was. She just wished for some time to wander her own kingdom as any normal person would. She skipped out from behind a bush she had hid herself in at the kingdoms wall, giggling. Her tail swayed happily behind her and her ears twitched.

Suddenly another girl rushed towards her, panting, her brown tail flicking angrily behind her.

[pic http://i.imgur.com/wf5235e.jpg]

[#3fbfff "Lady Alegra I must ask you to stop hiding from me. If your father finds out I let you out of my sight I will get in a lot of trouble. You know it is dangerous to be-"]

[#ffc4da "Oh don't be such a sour-puss Ada! I'm just having fun."]

The dark-haired girl frown. She was Lady Alegras' Court Lady, being close to her mother as a child. The two had grown up together and when the queen had given birth Adagio- or Ada as the princess calls her- was appointed to the job, which proved to be quite the difficult task, as the young girl had a mind of her own and refused to follow rules. Never the less as Ada gae her a stern look her ears went down and she pouted her lip out, following after the older woman away from the wall and back to the festival.

As the pair walked away a guard could be heard at the wall, dismissing a visitor. The girl looked behind her, back toward the woman, and then back towards the wall. Her ears stuck up and she smiled mischievously.

[#ffc4da "Adda I dropped something important at the wall, I'll be right back yeah?"]

Her words earned a curt nod from the woman. The princess smiled and waved as she turned around and dashed back behind the bushes at the wall. Her light hair flowed behind her as her tail swayed. Behind the bushes she was completely covered. Ada couldn't see her and she ran behind the bushes to the source of the noise.

[h3 Our heros meet]

[youtube https://youtu.be/FUZSrpbw8aw]

[+brown "Whoa whoa! I have no idea what you are talking about! Is this some weird larping fair? "]

She looked up at the guard post and called up to the man

[#ffc4da "Is everything alright up there?"]

The man looked down at her and bowed respectfully with his fist over his heart.

[#71f442 "Yes milady. We just have a straggler threatening to ruin the celebration."]

Alegra smiled kindly and began climbing up to the guard post, her tail swishing as she climbed. As she got up she looked at the boy who stood in front of the gates.

[#ffc4da "Hello Sir. Welcome to the kingdom of Graces. I hope you can forgive me for this but you will have to seek refuge somewhere else. You see we are having a very special celebration. It is the day of the goddess Aria. See we are having a festival to celebrate the birth of our world. Surely you understand why we can't let you in our walls."]

She smiled down at the boy and tilted her head to the side. The boys blue eyes tilted up towards her and he looked at her as if she had lost her mind, or maybe he thought it was he who had lost it. Nevertheless he was thoroughly confused.

[+brown "Listen dude I'm not sure whats going on but I just want to know how to get back to the circus. I'm not sure how i even got here but my mom will expect me home soon probably."]

The girl giggled and leaned against a rail.

[#ffc4da "While I don't know of any circus around here sir perhaps I could ask my father if we can help you search for it. However you will have to give up any weapons before entering the kingdom. We don't want you hurting anyone in the kingdom."]

[#71f442 "But Milady are you-"]

She princess cut the man off with a stern look. She wasn't on to turn away someone in need of help. Always a generous princess. he man nodded and bowed again, climbing down from the post to check the boy for weapons. There was the obvious sword hanging on his back but it was customary to check for any more weapons, especially around royalty.

[H3 Realization]
[youtube https://youtu.be/BLryJH8Lulk]
Alegra climbed down after the guard had signaled that the boy was safe and walked up to the boy, curtsying and smiling. Her tail swished behind her as she straightened up, attracting the attention of the boy, whose eyes widened.

[+brown "How in the world did you get your tail to look so real. It even moves. That's so cool!"]

The girls ear twitched and she frown, as it was her turn to be confused. The boys jaw dropped and he looked at her ears more closely. They didn't seem to be attached to a headband. They were....real?

[+brown "Whoa, dude...are those things really attached to you? God I must be dreaming. This isn't real. No way."]

The girl looked at the boy as if he had slapped her. Did he not know who she was? Surely he couldn't, or he wouldn't talk like that to her. She was a princess after all. No one in their right mind would talk as he did in her presence. She looked at the boy and frown. How did she even begin to address the situation?]
  Story / TimeBomb / 135d 3h 43m 23s
[center [h3 Chapter One: Arthur Knight]]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/71/8e/20/718e20a57294f6ec45531536cbaad3c9.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZ5qQLA2NS0]]

[center [b Autumn flowing hair gorgeous green eyes and a beaming smile. Arthur was a man born with a lot going for him wasn't he? Though he wasn't very vain of these aspects he was grateful for everything he had.]]

[center [b Parents who loved him dearly and a younger sister he was more than proud of. As the young man walked under the starlit sky looking into his phone as he placed it in his back pocket.]]

[center [pic http://cedehm.com/i/2017/01/anime-sky-wallpapers-wide.jpg]]

[center [b As he stared up at the gorgeous starlit sky he loved it here in Los Angeles everyone was celebrating the new year.]]

[center [+brown Twenty-twenty huh? What a pretty number everyone's pretty pumped huh?]]

[center [b He smiled as he pondered about the tweets he shared with his friends. Should they go to the carnival coming to town? Or was it a circus? It wasn't really Arthur's idea but they seemed eager to do so and he loved to hang out with his friends. It didn't hurt there was going to be a lot of pretty girls there! He wasn't exactly flirtatious but he was friendly! He may have kept it to himself but he did love to see a pretty girl smiling. He had a few crushes of his own actually not counting his favorite two dimensional waifu's of course! Something his friends would surely judge him for.]]

[center [b Though he wasn't that direct he wasn't exactly anti social either he was a bit of a spaz. A dork a goofball who always found a way to make others laugh he's been through his fair share of friendships and relationships. He was just as social on obscure websites on the internet he loved to talk to anyone he wasn't afraid of strangers. Sure he was a bit nervous at first but give him enough time and he was a chatty cathy.]]

[center [b He was already thinking about which friend he was going to play video games with afterwards. Serah? Alvin? Vincent? Or which girl he'd try and spend some alone time with... He was a bit girl crazy he wasn't eager to stay single for very long. Though he always had stayed single for quiet some time.]]

[center [b Would this trip change that he wondered. He was a bit tired of the flirtationships or playful banter. Though he'd never have the backbone to tell anyone that. He was pretty bad at talking about his feelings.]]

[center [b Though regardless or not he got to spend time with any cute girls he would have fun! He might even meet new people fellow otaku's! It was hard having so very few friends dork it out with him. Sure he called them "nerds" but to him they were the coolest people he would ever know.]]

[center [b "Thinking of which" he was out here to meet a friend of his hopefully they'd get to spend some time together! Hang out it was Friday night after all it was hard for seniors to get some down time.]]

[center [h3 Alvin Newman]]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/b6/c6/fa/b6c6fae8423a1539488048e88dcf84bf.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRftKDyDjLg]]

[center [b Alvin had been sitting on a bench for some time as he swayed his feet back and forth. He was waiting for his friend Arthur they were going to go out and eat and play some video games at his house. Alvin was too shy to text him again he didn't want to annoy him and despite his meek and timid appearance he was excited for tonight! He was roaring to go he always dominated against or even with Arthur but he wasn't very cocky about that. If anything Arthur was the talkative one Alvin was a bit jealous of that.]]

[center [b Arthur was always so funny and full of life people loved to spend time around him. Despite being very jealous of the man he was like the brother he never had. Alvin did have a younger brother but they hardly hung out he spent more time with Arthur than anything. Arthur was always talking about meeting a nice girl and settling down at such a young age would they hang out as often when that happened? Alvin was a sucker for a pretty face too he was a hopeless romantic but he couldn't admit that to Arthur. Arthur was never afraid to talk to a pretty girl or.. Anyone really. Alvin was a bit socially anxious.. Arthur showed him a few places online he could open up and he made some friends.]]

[center [b Alvin sighed as his shoulders slouched when he was alone his thoughts always wondered. How alone he was how online people were mostly rude to him despite his attempts to help others. How he was so disconnected with others as a whole. His luck with love was anything but good and his distance from his brother growing made it only harder. He felt with his poor grades and lack of motivation he found himself depressed rather often wondering what his purpose was in life. Did he have a purpose? Or did he simply exist... To exist? All he did was shut himself in and entertain himself.]]

[center [b Hopefully this trip to the circus would change that.]]

[center [+green Arthur come ooonnn..]]

[center [b He muttered softly to himself rather bored as he felt a tug on his shirt. And a rather familiar and cheerful chuckle.]]

[center [+brown Oh come on dude! I wasn't that late! Okay I am thirty minutes late.. I slept in you shoulda texted me to wake my sorry ass up!]]

[center [b Alvin laughed as his stress and worries melted away a bit his brain always did turn off when he was having fun. This is where it started where they would have a good night! With that both of their phones had gone off as they flipped them open scrolling through their text Arthur couldn't help but gleam in a bright smile. Alvin was... Anxious but excited all the same.]]

[center [+green They..]]

[center [+brown Set it for tonight! I and Serah isn't grounded anymore! Man her father can be strict AF huh? Wow! Maybe Vincent can show up too? I'm so freaking pumped man!]]

[center [+green Y-Yeah!]]

[center [b Alvin stuttered a bit as he smiled as the two began to walk across the town it'd take a bit to get there. Almost... like a journey to start! Alvin loved to think of things in a strange ways perhaps it was because he was such an otaku. He was always comparing life to anime and sure Arthur loved it too but Alvin... Well he constantly wished he was born in a different world. Every anime had a main character who was an otaku hated life and than... Boom! Fantasy world! Pretty girls! Crazy adventure! The awkward otaku always found a way to brave it through. Sure some anime even went through the aspect of it's realism or how hard it really would be. Alvin wouldn't care if it meant risking his life he'd rather die in a fantasy world than in this stupid world.]]

[center [b Alvin was an anti social rather depressed young man who's thought of suicide more than once or twice. Sure it wasn't for no reason either a tough break up or losing a close friend he just found it hard to maintain a meaningful relationship with anyone. He was a guy who even managed to lose his own flesh and blood. His mother was the only constant in his life one could call him a mama's boy in that aspect. He always wanted a cause he could throw himself to or a purpose despite his lack of skills. Something that... He could be proud of.]]

[center [b When Arthur was around he noticed how reckless and careless Alvin was. It was apparent he didn't care if he lived or died. He did care... HOW he died he wanted it to be something people could remember him for. Something... Heroic something that meant something maybe saved someone else. Was an out? A way to escape? Sure maybe he didn't mean it maybe he's just been upset lately. These thoughts have crossed his mind but still he felt the same regardless.]]

[center [b As Alvin walked side by side Alvin had turned the volume up on his phone playing a song from one of Alvin's favorite anime. Well.. Come to think of it Arthur loved it to didn't he?]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgPfeGn1Mbo]]

[center [+brown Man I love this video I always call it a song but it's.. More like a OST right? It's pretty cool.]]

[center [+green Y-Yeah.. I really enjoyed that one... T-The anime I mean.]]

[center [+brown Oh god yeah it was fucking emotional roller coaster haha oh my god it was crazy. Pretty as heck too!]]

[center [b Alvin smiled a bit awkwardly as the two had a rather peaceful walk to the circus. What Alvin hadn't realized at the time was how today. This moment and this simple Friday out would change the rest of his life. Would he have gone? Would he have ran away? Or only been more so eager? Regardless this is his story the choices he made than can't be reconciled now.]]

[center [b This was the beginning this was... Chapter one.]]

[center [h3 Arthur's Comrade]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nExDuA42fAI]]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/b6/c6/fa/b6c6fae8423a1539488048e88dcf84bf.jpg]]

[center [b As time passed Arthur and Alvin had made their way to the circus it was a strange festival indeed. They had a few attractions available before and after the show. Arthur and Alvin paying for their tickets a man wearing a long robe had given a sly smile welcoming them to the attraction.]]

[center [+brown Oh their going for one of those creepy things huh? That means the girls might have to cling to us huh? Haha kidding kidding!]]

[center [b Arthur chuckled scratching at his cheek as the two waited at the entrance. Alvin offered a weak but friendly smile he could feel himself getting a bit sweaty he was anxious. Maybe he should have asked his friend to stay home and play video games he could feel himself sweating more and more. He took a deep breath as he held onto to his own scarf in the cold. As he let out a breath of cold air he could hear people entering laughing and giggling as well as screaming from some of the attractions followed by more laughter.]]

[center [b The noises and air all began to fill his head as he found himself daydreaming. Though it wasn't long before a small group approached Alvin and Arthur... Oh it was Arthur's friends. Alvin was "friends" with them as well but... He kept to himself mostly.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/jGqN4J5.jpg]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/0NOtEdc.png]]

[center [+brown Hey Vince! Hey Serah how are you two lovebirds doing?]]

[center [b Alvin said as he let out his usual dorkish laugh as Vincent rubbed at his neck giving a casual shrug as he smiled. Serah had playfully rolled her eyes at him as Arthur laughed at his own humor. So they were still dating huh? Not that it bothered Alvin sure he was a tad jealous but it was sweet all the same.]]

[center [+blue Hey Arthur hey Alvin so we invited a few friends from one of our science class that cool?]]

[center [+pink Yeah I'm sorry I promised I'd go with them too hope it's not a problem guys!]]

[center [+blue Besides their both pretty cute thought you two might like that!]]

[center [b Vincent said as he nudged Arthur he had let out a somewhat awkward laughter as he rubbed at the back of his head. Alvin gulped he had hoped Vincent didn't make them sound... Unsavory.]]

[center [+brown Haha well we don't wanna lose them we can just talk here to pass the time and wait here. How have you two been? Up to anything much?]]

[center [+blue Not really I guess just looking into colleges Serah got a new part time job though. It's at the movies it's pretty cool she says.]]

[center [+pink Yeah it's pretty easy actually I'm not gonna lie. How about you guys?]]

[center [+brown Oh? Me? I guess nothing too much same old same old!]]

[center [b Alvin had looked up at the two as he blinked a bit he had mumbled looking away from the two.]]

[center [+green I.. Umm.. Just s-studying..]]

[center [b That was of course a lie catching up on the new games of the year and some more anime. Same old same old but they'd judge him for doing nothing productive like getting a job or looking into education. He was a NEET through and through yeah he was a STUDENT but he hardly felt like it at times. When people asked how is life was it really hit home how little he was doing with his life. Why? Why did he have no motivation to do anything? Lazy? Lack of passion? What was it?]]

[center [b As the three had idle conversation the atmosphere lightened up a bit. Alvin even added a piece here or there but he kept silent for the most part as he listened to them talking. Adding a word here or there. Though as two girls entered the entrance Serah had waved frantically at the two as they paid at the front. They made their way over one was rather bright and cheery with a smile. The other? Seemed a bit more slow shy and reserved she even hard darker hair to match. Though Alvin had noticed instantly Vincent wasn't lying they were... Adorable. Arthur was already checking them out but he hadn't met anything strange by it just admiring how pretty they were.]]

[center [pic http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/animal-jam-clans-1/images/9/94/Anime-anime-girl-cute-anime-cute-girl-Favim.com-2397344.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20160808085658]]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/72/55/46/725546130f0bae1a1b029e80d13cfe4c.jpg]]

[center [+pink Hi guys! These are my friends I was talking about! So I guess here's a chance for everyone to meet each other?]]

[center [b The bright haired girl with a brimming smile seemed social and direct enough as she stepped forward extending a hand out.]]

[center [+orange Hi! My names Vanessa! It's nice to meet you guys!!]]

[center [b Arthur's smile had weakened a bit but not too much as he eagerly shook her hand. His smile returning to it's usual state as he introduced himself with a cheery tone himself.]]

[center [+brown Arthur it's nice to meet you! What's you're name?]]

[center [b He asked the second girl as she looked down for a second before looking back up. As she clung to her sleeves her voice meek sweet and soft.]]

[center [+lightblue My name is Emma nice to meet you.]]

[center [b Alvin had fidgeted as he considered to shake their hands but he wasn't sure. It wasn't long before Arthur had shaken her hand as he patted Alvin on the shoulder softly.]]

[center [+brown Yeah what is you're name man? Kidding kidding! This is Alvin we go way back! He's a bit shy but don't worry you'll grow on him quick he's super friendly! He deals with my ass after all!]]

[center [b Alvin let out a soft sigh of relief Arthur was always their for him wasn't he? It was moments like these that made Alvin wonder why he always had a pity party. Well.. one day Arthur would grow up get a job have a life have a passion and Alvin would be doing what? Could they still be friends? Most likely not.. So why not get a life? Not so hard right? It was hard to explain that feeling... The feeling of wanting to close yourself off the world. Alvin hated being around others having to talk or socialize with others and yet? Here he was hoping to have a good time to maybe change that. It always... Well it never ended well for him really.]]

[center [+blue Okay now that's outta the way I want to show you guys the real reason I wanted to come here! Their is an attraction called the Witches Broth and yeah it sounds cheesy as hell. Though I saw some shit that made it look pretty creepy! If not we can just make fun of it. I'm kinda curious ya know?]]

[center [+pink Yeah me too babe we can do it alone before the show if you guys don't wanna come?]]

[center [b Though despite her offer it was apparent they had all wanted to stay as a group. As they talked it out they had found the attraction as a man wearing a dark cloak wearing a top hat and holding a cane welcomed them in.]]

[center "My mistress has been awaiting you."]

[center [b As they laughed at the cheesiness even Alvin found himself with a small smile. Though being the last one to walk in the man looked at Alvin with a devious smile and staring into his eyes.]]

[center "Certainly you young man."]

[center [b Well clearly it was part of the show. At haunted rides and such they always singled Alvin out for being so quiet he seemed to be a weak link. Though this sort of stuff never really creeped him out to be honest. Though he.. Was happy to finally get out of the house at least well partly anyhow.]]

[center [b As the six advanced forward they found only cheesy jump scares and attempts to scare them. Bad actors pleading for help as the "ghouls and gobs" murdered them. Serial killers and this whole theme that a witch was controlling them. "A witch get's what she wants" it was kinda silly they were a bit old for this huh? Well it wasn't directed at kids anyhow but it was silly.]]

[center [b As they began to laugh and make fun of the event Alvin had found himself making a joke to himself. As he mumbled softly in all the racket.]]

[center [+green If she gets what she wants why not ask for a better show..?]]

[center [b Though he had spoken louder than he had wanted Emma had overheard him. She had looked over as she giggled softly into her sleeve she wasn't the only one. He had managed to get a chuckle from everyone actually.]]

[center [+brown Haha wow man harsh don't you think?]]

[center [+blue Savage!]]

[center [b Alvin smiled weakly but as they continued on that joke making more he found himself laughing a bit. They were being friendly weren't they? That was nice to say the least he found himself looking over to Emma a few times. She had looked over and than away a few times. She was... Beautiful it was hard not to notice that much was for certain. As they ventured forward their split multiple baths in a dark corridor as another man dressed the same as the first stood there as he bowed. Taking his hat off as he placed it back on his head he began to explain this part of the attraction.]]

[center "Ladies and gents for this part of the journey the witch implores you to find self discovery! Intimate discovery of others! As we delve into the human mind! I ask you to split up into three groups of two and select a path!]

[center [+brown Well I don't mind who I go with I'm sure Serah and Vincent will pair up right?]]

[center [+blue Yeah but you shouldn't go with Alvin! I'd like for him to try coming out of his shell a bit.]]

[center [+pink Ya know? I honestly was gonna say the same thing about Emma you two are so quiet! Maybe you two should go together?]]

[center [+purple A-Ahh! You're so embarrassing I'm not five! Sorry for being so quiet!]]

[center [+orange I agree we can go together okay Arthur?]]

[center [+brown Oh um.. Sure sounds good I think!]]

[center [b And with a bit of flustered arguing from Alvin and Emma it wasn't long before everyone had chosen a path. Alvin had began to walk beside Emma as the two looked away they wandered deeper as the lights began to dim. Alvin had pulled out his phone has he used it as a flash light. Though she had looked at it noticing the background was an anime wallpaper.]]

[center [+purple Is that..?]]

[center [+green Oh I it's uhh...]]

[center [+purple I.. I love that anime!]]

[center [+green Wait... You do? Really y-y-you've seen it..?]]

[center [+purple The main character was my favorite oh and the main girl? It's been awhile but I really liked it, it was kinda creepy too. The demon maid was pretty cute!]]

[center [+green Y-Yeah and the way he introduced himself? "I'm unemployed and broke beyond belief!" I-I was like same though!]]

[center [b Alvin laughed it was a silly scene people don't scream that kinda thing when they meet someone. Though as he turned around Emma's smile faded perhaps that joke.. Came out kinda awkward? He didn't land that the best way he had wanted too... The trip was followed by even more awkward jokes. Alvin was trying his best to sort have save the trip but instead he had ended up being rather quiet instead.]]

[center [b Did she not like his sense of humor..? It was a leap for him to even talk this much really... Now he was sounding like a spaz. Arthur must have been doing a better time right? Alvin had began to sweat and sweat as he began to walk faster. He needed a way to avoid this situation to regroup with the others and with Arthur. ]]

[center [b As Alvin began to walk faster it was apparent Emma was keeping pace. He couldn't lose her... not like that right was he really doing this? Trying to escape from a little girl? This felt so tense and she was giving off.. "Yuck" sorta vibes. Damn it this path was going forever no jump scares or nothing just a dark corridor seriously?! So as time went by Alvin found his finger sliding to the side of his phone. As an idea struck him like lightning all at once.]]

[center [+green Emma I think my batteries dyin--]]

[center [b Cutting himself all at once he went to turn the phone off as a man bumped into the two. Another fancy man wearing a top hat as he gave a bow.]]

[center "Now that the witch has learned how you are with another she wishes to see how each of you strive on you're own. I commend thee bravery for ongoing such a valiant task from this point forward. The two of you must select a path on you're own."]

[center [b Saved by this crazy show as Alvin looked right and than left he gave Emma a small wave as she smiled with a wave back. It seemed friendly enough as Alvin took the right path as he began to walk into the almost... No it was pitch black void. It gave him a sort of eerie feeling but he was mostly relieved to be on his own for the most part.]]

[center [h3 Inside]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVHOoM4WIpk]]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/b6/c6/fa/b6c6fae8423a1539488048e88dcf84bf.jpg]]

[center [b "Now what?" Alvin thought to himself it didn't matter the walk wouldn't kill him. A long silent walk wouldn't hurt it was times like these he could let his mind drift and wander. Though it wasn't too long before he had felt a hard corner stab into his side.]]

[center [+green Ow!]]

[center [b He grunted it was a table right? It was hard to see but before he could see or say anything he heard a woman's voice. A hushed whisper as her voice felt barely audible. All the same it was as clear as could be it sent shivers down his spine. Perhaps it was just a bit creepy he couldn't see her at all in the dark.]]

[center [+purple How quaint a man to walk life trending in darkness. To stumble blinded here I was sure you'd see just fine.]]

[center [b Oh great it's one of those get in your head spooks huh? What is this a show where a woman shows ESP? No magic? They did sign up for this but it was too cheesy for Alvin to take seriously. Though... This woman had sounded dead serious she was a good actor he would give her that. It didn't change the fact how awkward and weird this whole situation made him feel.]]

[center [+green I-I.. Umm...]]

[center [+purple Don't cry not now]]

[center [+green E-Excuse me?]]

[center [b As a light began to glow from the table the woman showed a soft but crooked smile across her face. As a black coat concealed her eyes and forehead from Alvin's forehead. She seemed.. rather beautiful from what he could see.]]

[center [+purple Don't fret little one and don't run. Stand now and realize your purpose in life. Never again feel unsure for I the witch will always stand by your side.]]

[center [b Alvin tilted his head rather confused don't fret? How does she know he wants purpose? No it's one of those guessing games isn't it right? She's just presuming what issues he may have. A messed up little game than isn't it. Don't run... Strange he was just running wasn't he? As she lifted her hand and pointed rightward she whispered a word. Two letters... "Go" he could see her lips but barely hear anything. As the light vanished he heard a stumble and the table was... No way gone? What the hell?]]

[center [b If Alvin wasn't so stressed about socially embarrassing himself in front of Arthur's friends yet again. Like he had always had before he'd admit that was a cool trick. It even stole a small smile though as Alvin walked it wasn't long before a woman had grabbed him from behind small in stature. As she turned Alvin around she had laid her head into his chest.]]

[center [+lightpurple Is that... How you feel...?]]

[center [b That voice was that.. Emma? She caught up with him but what was she going on about? She seemed a little out of it though Alvin couldn't really see anything. As she fumbled her hands trying to find Alvin's face she finally placed her hands around his cheeks. His face began to blush as Emma pressed her nose to his own. As her lips planted themselves upon the corner of his mouth. She had missed but it wasn't long before she let her lips flourish and hit it's mark. Alvin had stood their wide eyed as he leaned in closing his eyes. He didn't know the woman but.. She... Was pretty right? She had a soft voice and she... Right here and now? She had acknowledged him came to show how desperate he was for attention wasn't he?]]

[center [b As the the two pulled apart Alvin had softly uttered her name as she jumped back.]]

[center [+lightpurple Vince-- Wait.. No Alvin is that.. Is that....]]

[center [b And at that the lights had turned on the man from the entrance again showing himself as he took a bow. With a rather cheeky grin.]]

[center "I do hope you enjoyed the our humble show now step this way as the real show is going to begin very soon.]

[center [b Emma's eyes flared up as her nostrils did the same as her eyes began to narrow.]]

[center [+lightpurple What the hell is wrong with you?! If you knew it was me... Why didn't you stop me? Are you really some sicko? You'd take any chance wouldn't you? You haven't stopped staring at me since we started this. You'd let a stranger kiss you because what... She's a girl?!]]

[center [+green N-N-No I...]]

[center [h3 Meanwhile]]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/71/8e/20/718e20a57294f6ec45531536cbaad3c9.jpg]]

[center [b As Arthur and Vanessa entered their section Arthur had looked over and given the small girl a smile.]]

[center [+brown This is kinda creepy huh? If something goes wrong you'll protect me right?]]

[center [b The girl giggled as she continued to walk by his side she shook her head playfully.]]

[center [+orange Oh your such a charmer to let a lady do that I can't say I'll be able to do much. I have arms like limp noodles boy were screwed something goes wrong.]]

[center [b Arthur laughed he liked that this girl got his sense of humor. He loved to joke around he even had a bad habit of making jokes when things were serious.]]

[center [+brown Think Emma and Alvin are getting it on now as we speak? He's the real charmer! Haha, I'm just kidding he's pretty harmless.]]

[center [+orange Yeah? Are you? Oh and by the way I don't see it happening Emma she... Kinda already has a crush. Course that guy already has a girlfriend ya know girl drama and all that jazz.]]

[center [+brown Oh I get it in fact my type is married women in their thirties.]]

[center [b Arthur pointed at himself with a grin as the two laughed again. Yeah this going perfectly pretty was nice but Arthur was more in tune with... Can a girl get his sense of humor or have one at all. She was pretty funny and the way she brought up girl drama? Sounded like she wasn't into that she wanted to lay back take life easy. That was the vibe he got anyhow. As the two talked and laughed at the silly little jump scares this show through at them. It was a bit disappointing but fun all the same right?]]

[center [b Though as they got to the end of path way they had met up with Vincent and Serah. As the four walked a little further ahead they could hear a voice.. Screaming? Was it part of the show?]]

[center [+orange Guys that's.. That's Emma.]]

[center [b The normally chipper girl said in a worried tone before the others reacted Arthur had ran ahead. It sounded serious like she was upset and the others took a moment before following in suit. As Arthur entered the fray he saw the woman tearing into Alvin as he was backed into a wall as she yelled at him.]]

[center [+brown What... Happened?]]

[center [b Emma turned around panicked as she looked at the ground than at Alvin. Alvin began to answer but she defensively cut him off.]]

[center [+lightpurple H-He tried to kiss me in the dark! I don't e-e-even know this guy!]]

[center [b She teared up as Alvin's eyes popped up with terror and shock as the others came in just for that last bit. Vanessa put her hands over her mouth a bit shocked herself. As Vincent walked over to Alvin.]]

[center [+blue Alvin I know I said they were cute but I meant wait a little longer than that! Also I was kinda just teasing.. That's not all right you scared Emma.]]

[center [+orange I don't wanna be a bitch but Vincent your being a bit too soft on Alvin. Emma has had guys force themselves on her and this is a bit traumatic for her. What if they were alone how much farther would it have gone?]]

[center [+green N-No she thought I w-w-was... Vincent! T-Than she k-kissed me...]]

[center [b Everyone looked in horror as they looked as they stared at Alvin and than Emma unsure of who to believe. As Vincent spoke up.]]

[center [+blue Alvin I know your Arthur's friend so you gotta be a good guy right? I know you meant no harm but you don't have to lie. Emma's a harmless fly she's not exactly the girl who'd go after a taken man. Her and Serah are like best friends.]]

[center [+brown I..]]

[center [b Arthur had spoken up grabbing at his arm what happened to not having teenage drama? This isn't exactly Arhur's idea of fun but.. Now his friend was in trouble and no one believed him. Alvin began to tear up as he grit his teeth he began to ran for it. As Vanessa grabbed him with a stern look.]]

[center [+orange Whoa you can't just do that!]]

[center [b Alvin panicked and under in distress pushed her away as Vincent grabbed his wrist.]]

[center [+blue Alvin you can't just do that we have to talk about this.]]

[center [+green M-M-Make me!]]

[center [b Alvin growled in a defensive and yet... Angry tone as he pulled his arm away. Vincent had a look that screamed he felt rather challenged. Not to mention attacked Vincent turning the smaller male around as he plowed his fist into Alvin's cheekbone. As Alvin slid back standing his ground as he took a deep breath curling his hands into fist. As he pulled his arm back before throwing a haymaker he let out a quick jab from his left hand to knock Vincent off balance. As his hay maker connected striking Vincent's temple. As Alvin through a hay maker again from the left with all the force he could muster knocking Vincent right on his ass. A lot of brute force was behind the punch.]]

[center [+pink Alvin what the fuck!?]]

[center [b Serah screamed as Arthur stood shocked Alvin took the chance to run away. Before anyone working here would intervene and it wasn't long the host was already over. Alvin delving back into the dark path they came from as Arthur decided to give chase. It was his friend? Yet... He was too afraid to defend Alvin in front of everyone. He believed Alvin but... Why didn't he speak up?]]

[center [h3 Our Story Begins]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnkDuwTd8jw]]

[center [b As Alvin ran through the path fettered by fear and regret consumed with anger. A childish anger he felt this whole situation was stupid and so pointlessly over dramatic. Is this what his life would be? Video games? Anime? Imagining a life with greater meaning and greater purpose. Every time he tries to socialize this? Him messing it up?]]

[center [h3 Back To Our Hero]]

[center [pic https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/71/8e/20/718e20a57294f6ec45531536cbaad3c9.jpg]]

[center [b Arthur was rather confused he had managed to enjoy his time the girl he was left with over. Now this? No Alvin would not have done this right? It made no sense right? He was scared enough talking to others this wasn't like him as Arthur began to chase after Alvin he had yelled out in anguish and pain his name as he ran beside with worry. Serah grabbed out for him as he yanked away.]]

[center [+pink What the hell are you doing?]]

[center [b She asked as Arthur gave the girl a soft smile as he continue to ran they gave him rather scornful looks. As Arthur shrugged and said with a warm voice despite the following statement to be a bit bold.]]

[center [+brown I'm sorry to say but you're friend has to be lying Alvin isn't that kinda guy. I know he was just cornered he never wanted to hurt anyone I'm sorry guys if that means you'll hate me.]]

[center [b He had promised to always stand by the side no matter what he would always be there for him. As he ran through the darkness he looked around this was the path Alvin came from? The side he went had randomly stopped being so creepy it was strangely filled with cheer bright lights and a fit of tunes. Strange but the boy followed Alvin anyway as he saw the boy hit a wall falling over Arthur himself trying to stop slid falling over slamming into the wall himself. As he looked over at Alvin blood dripping from his forehead he heard a strange voice a echo in his mind.]]

[center [+gold Don't fret child]]

[center [b With that Arthur had felt a warm glow and before he knew it the lights were out.]]

[center [h3 Our Story Begins]]

[center [pic http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-D-ZD2m5DdkI/Uwu5VgjVVuI/AC8w/t4RP-ekxwCg/s1600/849_large.jpg]]

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OK-45nUlc_I]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine][tangerine [size28 [center Alvin!]]]

[center [b He yelled out as he reached his hand in front of him. As he saw to be in a strange out of date... Bar? No a tavern faced with a mirror across from him. What was this? This had to be a dream he looked down to feel a cold metal pressed against him a large hunk of metal on his back. Blonde hair? Blue eyes? He touched at his own face this couldn't be him could it? A large rather angry looking bar tender with an attire that seemed rather out of date approached Arthur as he picked him up with the help of a friend due to his armors weight tossing him out of the tavern.]]

[center I don't care if you are a knight or whatever! Come back when you can pay we aren't a free inn to sleep in! We aren't like those cats in Graces! Goddess help me can I find one paying customer today?]

[center [b The man went in the tavern as Arthur stood up dusting at his legs as the loud clanks could be heard. This... He had to be dreaming right? No way this could be real could it? Arthur began to walk forward as he saw a trail that led to a large town. Farther in the distance he saw a castle? The town surrounded by a massive wall of brick and stone. As he walked forward several archers had began to place shots at him ready to take aim. Didn't the tavern say the cats here were nice? Cats? What kind of term was that? Wait... Did some of them have... A tail?]]

[center Halt! Today is a most sacred day in graces! We have no time for strays!! Begone!!!]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Tangerine][tangerine [size28 [center Whoa whoa! I have no idea what you are talking about! Is this some weird larping fair? Those arrows look pretty real... This has gotta be a joke right? I mean come on!]]]

[center Has the Witch cursed you deaf? Go or you be struck down either by Arrow or Arcanist it matters not!]

[center [b Arcanist? What was this man talking about? The Witch? Like just a single witch? Wait like with the black cats and broom sticks? Were these guys crazy Arthur had chuckled nervous has he rubbed the back of his head. Oh boy he had gotten himself in it now but what was he in exactly? Could someone explain to him what was going?!]]
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