Fallout: The Tale of 119

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In the future of 2077 a massive nuclear war breaks out across the world, forever changing the planet. Radioactive fires scorch and poison the surface of the Earth, permanently scarring it. Before the bombs fell however, there was a great amount of warning that such a thing might happen. As such, the Organization known as VaultTec began constructing massive underground bunkers built into mountains to protect the local population. Hundreds of these vaults were constructed all across the nation, all built to protect the people within. However... What the people didnt know was that these vaults were never meant to save anyone. Secretly, each of the VaultTec staff that worked within the bunkers were given a task, to preform a certain social experiment. These experiments ranged from exposing the population within to hallucinogenic gasses and other substances to using white noise to try and enact a form of mind control. In any case, these social experiments often resulted in the total extermination of the inhabitants and shutdown of the vault itself. Remember, the vaults were only meant to protect people, never save them...

"This here is the story of vault 1-1-9...
Said to house 300, but their population was in decline.
Its' halls are lined with treasure that'll make a man rich,
But there's a reason no one goes there, a singular hitch.
Its' halls are haunted by the ghost of vault 1-1-9,
And all of those that seen her met their deadline.
Taller than a mutant with fingers made of knives,
it insures that all those who visit her vault wont leave it alive.
So the treasure still lays there, claimed by none,
Guarded by a red-eyed devil who kills for fun..."

That was the poem that was well known across the dusty wastelands. It was sometime played on Raider Radio, which was rather surprising. Usually the raiders recorded the various tortures they often did, playing the screams of their victims, but every so often this little poem would come up. It was as if they were warning the people of the wastes, telling them to stay away from the ancient vault known as 119. Could it be that they were actually frightened of what lied inside? If so then what could possibly frighten a group of raiders enough to actually make a poem? One that was made to frighten people away no less. Well, whatever it was, it sent a clear point across. Vault 119 was to be avoided.

However, there of course were some who could not resist the call of treasure. It was said that there was enough inside the vault to make a man rich and so there were often a few who dared to press the large button beside that signature giant metal door. Sometimes the door opened, sometimes it did not. Either way, those who ventured inside never came back out. Those who remained outside could only hear screaming from within, followed by eerie silence. Some even say they could see a pair of bright red eyes shining through the darkness as though there was a terrible creature inside waiting for them to enter. These events only reinforced the rumors of the vault, further instilling fear to any would-be treasure hunters.

Of course, perhaps if someone was just desperate enough then maybe they would be willing to enter. "Halls lined with treasure" just sounds too amazing to pass up. After all, in the wasteland you do whatever you can to survive, but you also will never know what you'll encounter...

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Gina was bleeding from where she was struck by the raiders, and she was starting to lose consciousness quickly, because of her extensive wounds. [B [I Are...are they all gone...?]] she managed to whisper with a slur in her voice, then passed out from the pain. For a while, she thought about her childhood, how she used to have a robotic dog and a Mr Handy, who was named Reginald. In the dream, she was at her home, near Vault 111, and she also remembered the day the bombs fell on the world, the freezing chambers that kept her alive for over 200 years after the nuclear fallout had happened, and when the poor family had their child stolen from them by some raiders. [I Is this where it all started...?] she thought to herself in the dream, and later, she was around 17, roaming around the wastelands, fighting off raiders, gunners, super mutants, and other creatures that she had encountered in the past. [I Wait...what did happen to my robotic dog anyway? Is he still at home, still in one piece, waiting for me to come home?] she thought, her mind wandering and thinking about her younger years.
  Gina Harlowe / SilentHiller / 1y 63d 23h 29m 5s
[i "It... Hurts. Hurts... so much. Stings... and burns. So much pain..."] These thought flowed through the deathclaw's mind as she laid there on the floor. Countless little bloody spots covered her back, oozing crimson liquid onto the floor. She wasn't use to such pain. There was hardly ever anything in the vault that could ever hurt her so to suddenly become the target of a firing squad was... overwhelming. She could hear the yelling and screaming going on around her, the loud blasts and feel a sudden incredible heat, like fire. She didn't know what was going on but... She was scared. She wanted to curl up onto a ball and hide until the pain and the bad men went away. She wanted her vault to be empty and quiet again, where no one could hurt her. She wanted mommy and daddy to talk to her again... She wanted them to tell her it was all going to be alright, but they couldn't. They are just the silent bony types now. And suddenly she realized that when things were getting bad, she was alone. She didn't have mommy or daddy or any of her other family anymore. Perhaps it would be best that she join them and became a silent bony type as well...

Then, suddenly, she felt a soft pinch, barely noticed it really, and then all the pain seemed to fade. It wasn't gone exactly but... felt really far away. She felt... Better. She could hear someone's voice as well. A soft feminine voice, unlike the loud yelling ones she heard before. Could that be... Her new friend? She wondered and slowly forced her eyes to slide open. It was! There was Gina, kneeling right beside her. She sounded scared too but... Not of the dangers around her. She was scared for the deathclaw girl. She had forgotten what it was like to hear someone worry about her. How nice it felt...

Suddenly, as the girl laid there gazing at Gina, she witnessed someone come out of nowhere wielding a metal bat and smashed Gina in the side, knocking her away. It was one of the bad men... More of them were coming into the vault now. Gina had tried to fight them off but now there was for too many. They were going to hurt her, she could feel it. Then, suddenly, she felt something else as well. The thought of that made something inside her stir. Something in the middle of her chest began to twist and shake. Her breathing became shaky and it felt like blood was surging to every corner of her body. Her hands twitched against the metal ground, flexing and itching like they were dying to be used, to sink into something! Even her eyesight began to change, as if a red tint had been passed over the world. She felt... Angry.

The man with the metal baseball bat loomed over Gina, her flamer and P90 being knocked away from her. The man smiled down at her, raising his bat high above his head to deliver the final blow when a set of massive claws was shoved though his back and now stuck out through his sternum. Blood erupted from his mouth, his body quickly going limp yet stilled held up by the monster standing behind him. The sweet looking death claw girl now looked... different. Every muscle in her body was flexing, her eyes looking intense and blazing. Her mouth was pulled back in a massive snarl, revealing many of her multiple sets of dagger-like teeth.

As more men turned the corner and witnessed the scene unfolding, the girl whipped her head at them before flinging the corpse she held in their direction. It was a distraction for the moment that body left her claws she bolted off that them like a speeding bullet! She made itw to the group before the corpse even hit ground, her speed beyond inhuman. With a bone chilling roar she swung her massive hands through the air, her claws ripping armor and flesh like paper! She torn into them with brutal violence, her instincts completely taking over that moment and telling her to kill the only way a deathclaw can, with savage ferocity. She watched as blood and gore splattered through the air, the girl becoming a living blender as she reduced that raider team to bloody scraps in seconds! They didn't even get the chance to fire their weapon...

When all was said and done, she stood over a mound of broken corpses, her hands entirely coated red along with much of her vault suit. She breathed deeply, her body still trembling with rage.
[i More... Must hurt... Rip and tare! Kill and mutilate! Eat and... What?] Her mind went blank, the deathclaw forgetting what she was just thinking about as she finally calmed down. Her body language seemed to completely change, making her now look a bit more timid. She jumped at the sight of her hands and clothing, not use to seeing so much red. She nearly stumbled back when she saw the bodies, taking several steps back. She had no memory of doing any of this now looked frightened. She slowly backed herself away from the ghoulish scene and instead went to go check to see if Gina was alright.
  Deathclaw? / allion / 1y 67d 42m 24s
Gina hid in another room, and heard the raiders talking, but one sounded familiar, as if he was an old friend. [I I need to find a better gun than my P90...] she thought to herself quietly, and remembered seeing a gun in a case down the hall, which happened to be a flamer. [B I need to get that gun...] she said quietly, and when she had the chance, she took off down the hall, making sure to stay out of sight. Along the way, she had to take cover from the raiders, slowly taking out any nearby enemies quietly with the combat knife she had hidden in her jacket. [I I can see it, all I have to do is bust open the case...] she thought, and made sure the coast was clear. Finally... she said, bashing open the glass containing the decent sized weapon, and pulled the hulking gun from the box, then she took a canister of fuel from the ammunition crate next to it and inserted the canister into it. [B You better start running cowards!] she shouted, and she started to hunt down the raiders like a lion does its prey. "She's down there! Let's get her!" one of them shouted, but the shouts of rage turned into screams of agony as the flames enveloped each of the raiders, scorching their flesh and destroying their armor. Afterwords, she dropped the gun and hurried to the deathclaw, then started to rummage through her bag for a stimpak, and when she had found it, she quickly inserted the needle into a patch of the girl's soft skin, and slowly injected the fluid into her. [B Don't die on me, you aren't supposed to die, not for a long time...] she said with a shaky tone, worried that her friend was dying.
  Gina Harlowe / SilentHiller / 1y 71d 1h 7m 46s
The girl tilts her head to the side hearing Gina ask for something that would make it easier to carry around some of the cram. For a moment, she was a bit reluctant about giving away a portion of her food but then she remembered mommy's words echoing through her head.
"Sharing is caring. Never forget that..." Her mother use to say. A shiver of warmth ran through her body as she recalled those words. With a calming smile, she nodded her head to Gina, turning herself back towards the storage room and began rummaging through the old cans again. Her large muscular tail swung back and forth behind her as she searched, eventually pulling out an old dusty cloth satchel. An ancient bony hand was still holding onto the strap, obviously belonging to the previous owner. The deathclaw girl simply shook the bag until the hand let go and handed it to Gina.

She was always happy to help though Gina's next question suddenly made her become very quiet. She took a step back, watching as something got her guest's attention and made her run off for a moment. She did not like this question. She did not like this "Outside." When the great door first opened two visitors had entered the vault. She of course greeted them with the greatest of hugs, though unfortunately one of them seemed to be allergic to them. He ended up falling to pieces in her claws. The other ran away yelling. She had attempted to follow to apologies for his friend but the moment she when through the bright light everything went bad. Her eyes stung as she was blinded and it felt like every part of her body was burning! She immediately returned to the vault, scared to ever leave again...

As Gina returned, the girl had a uncertain expression on her scaly face. Part of her wanted to say 'no' and remain within the safety of the vault. However, another part of her kind of liked this girl. She had never had a visitor who wanted to stay for so long. Usually they scream the moment they see her, yet this girl did not. She was friendly and nice... Maybe is this girl could find a way to protect her from the burning then maybe she would like to-- *BANG*

A sudden gunshot went off from behind the deathclaw, a bullet flying through the air, striking her in her back and ricocheting of her incredibly thick hide. The creature let out a pained hiss as she stumbled forward from the shot, a huge clawed hand immediately flying to her back and pressing against the injury. When she brought her hand back, a small red splotch lied in the center of her palm. Her scaly skin was strong enough to deflect the bullet, but now without it causing damage.

A small growl came from her as she turned to face her attacker. All the way down the hall was a small group of thickly armored raiders, all of which were armed with various firearms and bladed weapons. They aimed their ranged weapons towards her preparing to fire. Immediately, the deathclaw looked towards Gina and shoved her out of the way. Well, shoved is a bit of an understatement. It was more like she was flung through the air into a side hall as a barrage of bullets ripped through the air. All the creature could do was hold up her gigantic hands to protect her face as countless shots bounced off her armored hide, each one causing some amount of damage. Eventually the girl could no longer withstand the shots and fell to the rusty floor below, her body unmoving and covered in bloody welts.

A cheer broke out among the raiders, their yells echoing throughout the vault.
"Its down! We did it!"
"We took down the ghost!"
"The vault is ours!"
They all cheered out. It would seem that after seeing Gina go in and then hearing no scream after told them that she might have lived. If so, then maybe they could as well.
"Don't get so excited. Theres still suppose to be dat girl in here. Find 'er, and bring back whatever loot you can find too..."
  Deathclaw? / allion / 1y 83d 17h 28m 16s
[I Strange...] she thought to herself, not sure of how she was able to slightly understand what the creature was trying to tell her. [I at least there wasn't any Assaultrons...] she continued to think, and she looked at the girl. [B Do you have anything that could make it easy to carry some of this food?] she asked the girl, and while waiting, she looked around and found a few pistols and some ammunition for a .357 revolver. [I This should be useful later...but first I need to figure out how to get out of here.] she thought again, considering attempting to convince the creature to go with her on a journey. [B How would you like to see what is outside of this place?] she asked the girl, and she thought she heard something skittering around in the area farther away from the two. [I Great...Radroaches...] she thought, and she started to look around, after telling the creature to stay there, and after a few minutes, she returned after finding nothing. [B This place is so strange...but it is where you grew up...] she said to herself, referring to her new "friend".
  Gina Harlowe / SilentHiller / 1y 92d 56m 6s
The deathclaw girl had taken her empty bottle and carefully placed it among the others in the various piles littered around the place. She always seemed to do this whenever taking care of her trash. "Mommy always said to take care of your garbage." She growled out, remembering the things her parents taught her. However, when taking care of her trash, her mother would simply take the garbage away somewhere, never actually showing her how to dispose of it. As a result, the girl decided to handle things her own way, which would be stacking up the trash in little piles.

The deathclaw girl turned from her little stack of bottles and cans when she heard Gina ask her a question. She turned to the visitor who was interested in the pictures on the walls. The strange mutant slowly walked her way over, examining the ancient pictures drawn in crayon. She shook her head to the question.
"Not me. Must have been them." She says, her words still nothing but growls as she pointed to the few smaller skeletons laying along the hall. Obviously these bones did not belong to full grown adults though the deathclaw didnt seem bothered by this at all. Mainly it was because she had never seen a child before. In her mind the bones simply belonged to adult like her parents that were just tinier.
  Deathclaw? / allion / 1y 95d 16h 12m 59s
Gina smiled, carefully taking the bottle, then she used an old bottle opener on the floor to take off the cap. [B [I Here's to a good day of exploration...]] she thought to herself, and started to drink up. The bottle was soon empty, and Gina looked at the label, which was a Nuka Cola Quantum, one of the rare bottles of Nuka Cola. [B Not bad...not bad at all...] she said out loud. As she looked around, she looked at the creature that had shown her the food and drinks. [B I need to write this down...] she told herself, then wrote down the details of the encounter, and even got in a sketch of her new companion, whom she nicknamed "Clawdia" because of her Deathclaw features. [B [I I hope that this is not the only time I can be inside here...]] thought the woman, who was examining the drawings on the walls. [B Did you draw these on the walls?] she asked, not knowing if the girl knew what she was saying or talking about in any way. [B [I She seems very playful, but she doesn't seem to know what she is either...]] said another thought in her head.
  Gina Harlowe / SilentHiller / 1y 101d 23h 56m 55s
[i Play... Play... Play!] Was all that ran though the deathclaw's head, the strange girl bouncing her hips from side to side eagerly waiting to see if the visitor would do something. She could barely remember the last time someone had visited her vault, the last person being a large looking man. She was so excited to see him that she immediately jumped at him and gave him a great big hug! Unfortunately, he must have been allergic to hugs or something as he fell to pieces right after she wrapped her arms around him. Real shame too... He barely made it past the vault door and she was so badly wanting to show him her home. Oh well... Maybe she could show this new girl her home instead! It does get awfully lonely inside the vault. Mommy and daddy stopped talking to her a while back. Now they are just the silent bony types, though their loving looks are always enough communication for her.

Still happily waiting for the next game the new visitor wanted to play, the deathclaw curiously tilted her head to the side when she say the girl pull out a small container of cram instead. Her tail continued to swing back and forth behind her though, watching at the girl placed the can on the floor before backing up a bit.
[i "Oh! Is it snack time? I haven't eaten in minutes!"] The deathclaw shouted, though to Gina all she heard was an assortment of growls and snarls. Even though she might look somewhat human she seemed to lack the ability to form actual words.

Crouching down, she picked up the metal container with one hand before slicing the lid clean off with the other, revealing the freshly preserved meat inside. She always opened all the containers like that as her claws were usually too big to use the little tab. And even if she did manage to hook her claw through it she often ended up ripping the tab off completely instead of the lid. Well with the container now open she was free to chow down on the delicious exposed contents, pretty much stuffing her face into the small can and eating noisily. In seconds, it was empty, the insides practically licked clean as she used her long forked tongue to lick up any stray pieces of meat from around her lips.

[i "Mmmhm! Cram is always yummy! Bit salty though... Could use something to wash it down. I'll bring you something too! Come on!"] She spoke out, again her voice coming out as nothing but an assortment of growls. She then ran off, placing the empty tin down on one of her neat piles placed around the vault and motioning for the girl to follow.

It would seem this strange deathclaw had been living here for quite some time. These empty piles of empty cram containers were placed all over the place, more continuing on the deeper they went into the vault. Eventually, the creature led Gina to one of the large metal doors, the top of it labeled "Storage room". Bashing the large button on the side panel the door opened to have several radroaches scurry out, all of which seemed to ignore or maybe evade the deathclaw girl. She didn't pay them any mind, even as several of them scampered over her feet. Inside the room was a treasure trove of food and supplies with shelves upon shelves lined with cans of cram, nuka-cola, and an assortment of other preserved foods. Cram just seemed to be the most common. The girl simply grabbed two glass bottles of nuka-cola before leaving the room, passing one of them to Gina.
[i "Here! Mommy always told me sharing was caring."] She growled out playfully, taking her bottle and quickly biting off the small cap with her razor sharp teeth. She then put the bottle in her mouth, tilted her head up vertically, and swiftly chugged the contents, letting out a small burp to show she was finished.
  Deathclaw? / allion / 1y 132d 17h 20m 17s
Gina was startled by the strange towering female, as she was probably the result of a freak experiment. The fact that it did not attempt to kill her was surprising, but then again, she wouldn't complain, as life is a good thing. Multiple thoughts went through her head, then she remembered the can of cram she grabbed that wasn't opened, and she carefully held it out, offering it to the creature, hoping that would be enough for Gina to be trusted by the beastly woman. She didn't dare speak, as it could alarm the deathclaw girl. [I I need to be very careful while she's with me, or she might end up hurting me, or worse, killing me...] she thought to herself, then slowly placed the can of cram on the grimy floor. After placing the can down, she slowly backed away, but stopped after three feet, waiting to see what the deathclaw girl would do and what would happen after she ate the cram that Gina had put down on the floor for her to eat. [I But at the same time, I am interested to see what she is able to do and if she can understand what I say...]
  Gina Harlowe / SilentHiller / 1y 137d 14m 51s
The unnerving entity came closer and closer to the open door, its bright shining red eyes the only real thing visible through the inky black darkness. It stopped at the edge of the shadows, watching the girl within begin to panic about, searching for a weapon, though there was none to be had. Well, aside from the P90 assault rifle she held at her side. It would seem that in her panic she had completely forgotten it. This was fortunate for the creature, but unfortunate for her...

The monster was about to take another step forward and reveal itself in the light but before it could, the girl suddenly took off out of the room, fleeing away from the shadowy phantom. The creature didn't move at first, instead standing there and staring as the girl ran swiftly down the hall. It tilted its head from side to side, as it contemplating on what to do. Finally, it straightened its head and a large fang-filled smile shined through the darkness. The entity then crouched down low, an eerie growl coming from its throat, before it bolted off from where it was standing, surging after Gina with inhuman speed.

For being a "ghost" its body was shockingly heavy. With every step it took a loud stomp echoed through the halls. Its heavy steps easily drowned out the sound from Gina's panicked running. Unfortunately, this also meant that she could very clearly head that monster rapidly gaining on her, catching up to her in seconds! In no time the beast was right behind her, so close that she could actually feel the vibrations from its heavy stomps. Suddenly, the beast crouched down mid step and leaped through the air, its huge arms outstretched wide for a full on tackle.

Those large arms completely wrapped around her body, the creatures heavy weight now being thrown on top of her and smashing her to the ground. All she saw was a blur of white and blue before the two of them rolled across the floor due to the phantoms powerful momentum. After all the commotion Gina ended up being thrown onto her back, her body banging against the hard metal floor as the monster itself now sat on top of her, its impressive weight pinning her down and preventing her from escaping.

Surprisingly, her life wasn't ended right then and there. Instead, the thing on top of her just seemed to sit there, keeping her pinned down. With how dark it was, it was difficult to see what the thing was exactly, however, every so often a flashing light from above would illuminate the area, just enough for her to see the true face of this so called "Ghost".

[pic http://orig11.deviantart.net/790f/f/2016/222/a/7/deathclaw_girl_by_drunkfu-dade5l3.jpg]

Shockingly enough, it wasn't a ghost at all. It was a... Girl? Well, sort of. The first thing Gina saw was the face of a young girl with pure white skin. In fact, nearly her entire body was completely sparking white. She had large, bright red eyes that almost seemed to glow in the shadows and a swirl of dusty white hair grew atop her head. She almost looked kind of pretty. Well, that is until someone noticed the rest of her body... On both sides of her head were two huge curved horns that curled upward past her hair before curling back down and stopping at a point beside her cheeks. A tiny red ribbon was tied along her right horn. Going down further, the main section of her body was strangely covered by a Vault 119 jumpsuit, showing that she could have been an actual resident of the Vault. The suit looked incredibly stretched over her large body, making it look like she hadn't taken the outfit off since the day she had it put on her. The sleeves and leggings of the suit were shredded to pieces, either from age or her own doing.

The next thing a person would notice besides her face and her suit, was most likely her hands. A set of long, partially scaly arms ended with a pair of huge armored hands, each one adorned with a set of five razor sharp claws. Gina was extremely fortunate that one of those finger knives didnt impale her during their tumble as there's no doubt that it would have ripped through her clothing like it was paper! A pipboy was tightly clasped around her thick wrist. The girl's legs looked surprisingly normal, aside from them being pure white like the rest of her body and also partially covered in thick scales. Her toes were equipped with sharp looking nails, though they were no where near as long as her fingers. Sprouting from the base of her back was a large, thick, scaly tail that extended nearly three feet. It waved wildly back and forth through the air.

The strange girl let out a chilling growl as she pinned Gina down, staring down at her with a large toothy grin. However, the growl didnt seem aggressive. If anything, it sounded almost like the girl was... giggling? Yes, laughing almost. It was strange, but this weird creature was acting as if it was playing a game. This was further verified when she carefully crawled off of Gina, letting her up and then stood beside her, wiggling her hips excitedly. Her tail continued to wave back and forth wildly though the air, like a dog waiting to play again. With her now standing up, Gina got a full view of her body. The creature stood at nearly 8 feet tall, towering over the young scavenger and every part of her body besides her eyes was a pure white color. She was an albino deathclaw, but a human one. Leaves someone to wonder: What exactly happened in this vault?

The deathclaw girl continued to stand there, excitedly awaiting for Gina to do something else. For the moment, she didn't seem very hostile.
  allion / 1y 138d 23h 31m 36s
Gina shuddered at the sound of the claws scraping the steel walls of the vault, and she quickly turned around to come face to face with a pair of glowing red eyes that were approaching her location. [B [I What is that...?]] she whispered to herself, feeling both surprised and horrified as to what the being with the red eyes was, or who it was, if it was even a person. [B [I Who are you, or what are you?!]] she asked, her hands shaking as the eyes continued to close in on her position. As anyone worth their salt would do, Gina quickly rummaged around the room for something to get the being to leave her alone, but all she found was empty 10mm bullet casings, broken weapons, and one unopened can of cram. [B [I Oh boy...this is not how I hoped I would end up inside of a vault...]] the woman said to herself, grabbing the cram and frantically looking around for another exit, and finding none out of the hatchery that would allow her to avoid the creature that was watching with intent that Gina couldn't imagine. Finally, after recollecting herself, she bolted to the door and kept running opposite the way that the creature pursuing her was in.
  Gina Harlowe / SilentHiller / 1y 139d 22h 12m 53s
The inside of Vault 119 was, like most of the other vaults that had fallen, in a poor state of disrepair. Its ancient walls had severely last their original bright chrome shine and had now been covered in a solid layer of rust and grime. The entrance of Vault 119 had been opened not too long ago, the gigantic gear-like door having now rotated away from the opening and allowing a person to simply walk right in. However, there were quite a few things to dissuade someone from wanting to enter. One of which was the decapitated corpse of a large looking man laying just inside the vault. His body was partially decayed, meaning he had died some time ago. He head in question was strewn across the entrance area and had been mostly eaten by the radroaches. His head was severed with a clean cut as there was no signs of flesh ripping, meaning what whoever or whatever killed him was using something incredibly sharp.

Further inside the vault the few grime covered lights that worked cast a brownish shade within the halls. The skittering of roaches and who knows what else can be lightly heard throughout the area, adding to the unnerving feeling throughout the place. Several ancient skeletons laid scattered about here and there, many of them still wearing the vault 119 jump suit. Others were wearing various lab coats. Seems that these were the previous residents of the vault itself. However, there was no way to tell how they died, now how long ago they had been dead. Along with the many skeletons were an incredibly amount of cans of cram. Cram was a sort of potted meat similar to Spam that was meant to last countless years before expiring. From the sheer amount that were thrown about the rooms and floors, this could be the vaults "Treasure" that many had heard about. An unlimited supply of food did seem pretty nice. Several of the discarded containers were piled up here and there, some in neat little pyramids, others in simply lazy piles. Strangely, all of the cans seemed to be torn open instead of pulled open with the easy to use tab. Either someone was just extremely hungry or it wasn't a person that was eating all these...

The further the girl walked about the vault the more unusual things seemed to be scattered about. More of those neat piles of cram cans were dotted around all over the place along with quite a few empty bottles of nuka-cola. Some of the bottles even seemed recently emptied, as if someone has been living here, possibly implying that whoever this person is could be the so called "ghost" of vault 119.

On one of the higher floors of the vault seemed to be a medical room with a very disturbing sign placed above it. To any adventurer, seeing this sign would surely send a terrified chill down their spine. It read "Deathclaw Hatchery", in large bold letters. Now why on earth would a vault, or anyone for that matter have a room dedicated to hatching those vile monsters. Deathclaws were some of the most deadly creatures in all the wastes. They stood at over 8 feet tall with monstrous foot long claws capable of shredding through even the toughest armor like paper. These creatures were to be avoided or killed on sight with extreme prejudice.

Fortunately for the girl if she looked through through the scratched up viewing window, she would see that the hatchery was completely empty. Not a single living creature was inside, not even any of the roaches. It was as if they avoided that room. The door to it was open if she chose to enter, the inside being very strange. The room was actually rather small, containing a singe desk with a still operational terminal, a partially shredded rug along the floor and a table in the center. A single large egg laid atop the table, cracked open and long since hatched. It looked larger than a human head and the egg shells were still scattered around the room. Below the table was a sort of nest like structure composed of several pieces of scavenged clothing. Along the walls were banners that showed the A, B, C's as well as a few basic numbers. If anything this room looked more like a classroom than a hatchery. Still, very weird how there was just one egg. Against one of the other walls here two skeletons cradled in each others arms. Both wore vault tec lab coats and one was holding a 10mm pistol. These two, like the other skeletons had been dead for a long time. Their bones lacked any sort of scratches or damages whatsoever, leading a person to believe they died of natural causes.

As the girl explored the little classroom, she did not seem to notice the pair of large bright red eyes that shined through the darkness down the hall from the room. Heavy footsteps began to slowly creep their way closer. As it got near the hatchery the sound of claws scrapping against a metal wall could be heard, the sound alone enough to send chills down a persons spine...
  allion / 1y 149d 17h 17m 54s
The air reeked of burning chemicals and radiation, which was not common in the wastelands. The landscape was barren and decrepit, from the bombardment of nuclear bombs and attacks that had plagued it in the past when it was healthy and fertile, but that was the past. [I I heard something on the radio...something about a Vault 119...] The red vested woman thought, her P90 loaded and ready for any necessary shootout that came her way. [I If what they say is true about that vault, then it must be worth exploring for its loot...] she thought to herself again, not stopping unless she was thirsty or hungry, which was not very often since she had quite a bit of training from the military as a foot soldier. The last stop was an old town that had been ruined by the Raiders that had warned others before her about the dangerous ghost that supposedly haunted the halls of Vault 119. [B "Where are you going to?"] asked a Raider, his armor in poor shape, and his weapon in almost perfect condition. [B [I "I'm heading towards Vault 119 to see if the tales are all they're cracked up to be for myself..."]] Gina informed the Raider, who sneered then gave her a warning. [B "I'd turn around and get far away from this place if I were you..."] he said, and in return, Gina laughed. [B [I "I didn't come all this way to be discouraged by a Raider to explore an old abandoned vault!"]] the woman shouted, hurrying along her way. [B "Fine...but don't say that I didn't warn you...the Ghost hates intruders in its vault..."] the Raider shouted after her, but Gina paid no heed to his words. [B [I "Ghost my ass...I don't even believe in such stupid bullshit..."]] Gina muttered to herself, annoyed and eager to find out what exactly was in Vault 119.
  Gina Harlowe / SilentHiller / 1y 150d 23h 53m 49s
An empty howling cry echoed through the capital wasteland as the wind swept across the sun cracked ground. Ancient burned trees dotted the brown landscape and small birds circled over head, searching for their next meal. To the eastern section of the wastes lied an open vault, its door having been opened fairly recently, yet very few ever came hear it. Strangely, around the same time the door opened, an odd song began to play along the raider radio, telling of the riches and the dangers contained within that underground bunker. They say that when the vault was constructed it contained an unbelievable amount of food, water and other supplies, it purpose being to support a population of over 300 indefinitely. However, through some sort of even within the vault most likely resulting from the hidden experiment, the entire population of the vault died out, leaving the place hauntingly empty...

Well, maybe not completely empty. The raiders tell of a "Ghost" of some sort that now wanders throughout the halls of the dead bunker, killing whoever enters its ancient home. It sounds like a load of nonsense but apparently it was enough to make raiders warn others to stay away. Just that thought alone was enough cause for alarm. Some thought maybe it was a trick and the raiders had actually set up inside, using the song as a way to lure people away. However, as some wastelanders who wandered inside quickly found out, it was no trick. They say a pair of piercing red eyes shine through the shadows of the vault and if these eyes lock onto you then it is already too late. Rather these eyes belonged to a creature or a person was unknown but either way, running into them would almost always result with the persons head rolling along the floor.

Thanks to those stories along with that little song, many people avoid that place like a disease, not wanting to fall victim to the "ghost" that wonders within. There still was that one person every so often though that chose to make the mistake of walking inside. The call of treasure was hard to resist, especially for the intense unforgiving world they live in.

The vault itself had fallen into intense disrepair over the many years, mainly becoming a shell of the livable environment that it once was. Rust seeped along every wall inside that place, giving it a reddish appearance. Radroaches were extremely common within that place, most likely due to the abundance of food it was said to possess. From the years of neglect, the vaults generators had slowly begun to fail, making the lights within the place flicker and turn off occasionally. Darkness was just a abundant as the roaches it would seem. On top of all that there was the "ghost" as well. The raiders described it as being taller than a mutant which made it over 7 feet tall, well over that of a normal human. No one really knew what the creature was exactly but one thing for for sure, it was deadly and it was dangerous.
  allion / 1y 151d 53m 53s

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