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It was truly a nice surprise the moment Lily saw Colton the first time, it was truly an even better surprise the second she turned around from bumping into someone and seeing his handsome face, with his hair swept back while his hands held a glass of scotch while the other held tightly onto a hat that he seemed to guard with his life.
A cowboy, that was what he was.
A strong, masculine, handsome cowboy that could make her want to get on horse, not be afraid an ride out into the sunset.
That was a fairy-tale but a girl could dream right?

Turning around, Lily could not help herself but smile as she stared into Colton's eyes, saying hello then a comment that could be thrown off as a smart ass remark but the cowboy handled himself rather well.
[i "It’s good to see you, but yet you startle me with you always showing up when I don’t expect it.”]
[b "I like the element of surprise..."] Lily spoke once more with another little smile with a biting of her lower lip for effect only to be dragged by the hand away from the cowboy and back onto the dance floor to shimmy her body and jive the night away.
There were a few times however that while Lily danced, she was guilty of turning her head to the side on several occasions to glace Colton's way.
What an interesting breed of man. Totally different to the boys she knew growing up. Preppy boys that had sincere politeness, uptight and had no adventure.
Colton was different. Lily could feel it.

[+blue "He keeps on looking at you..."]
[+red "I think he has the hots for you."] Ruth spoke only for Lily to turn around and raise an eyebrow at her friends. [b "What are you talking about?.."] she replied, trying not to make the glancing obvious to her friends. Girls like her, did not mess around with people like Colton Daniels.
[+blue "Grant Hayes."]
[+red "So delicious to look at. Mysterious and extremely popular. His family knows everyone and everything in the town just like your family. You two are a perfect match."]
[b "You cannot be serious?"]

Turning back to see Grant, all Lily could do was laugh before shifting back and continued to dance and dance the night away. It was a good 30 minutes later that while on her second glass of champagne that she was still too young to have, that Grant touched her arm gently that made the beauty of the girl turn and give off a smile to be polite and there, the two spoke words.
Grant was a nice boy, but he was the same as the ones back in London, predictable.

Stepping back towards the fireplace, Grant and Lily spoke to one another about the finest things in life but all she could think about in her mind was wearing the hat that Colton so carefully guarded.
Would he ever let her wear something so sacred?
[b "Its nice to finally meet you. My friends have spoken to me about you.."]
[+purple "Nice things I hope.."]
[b "Of course, they would never be so rude to speak ill of you. I think they have a liking to you."]
[+purple "Let them. The only person here I have a liking for, is you."]
[b "Oh. How nice of you say.."] Lily replied, smiling slightly before raising up her glass and took another swig of her champagne.
[+purple "I'd like to ask you out. Maybe tomorrow night we could go see a movie? Go to the carnival?."]

Lily did not know why but at that very moment, Colton' face came to her mind but never the less, Lily took a moment to pause before nodding her head.
[b "Sure. That'll be nice.."]

That was it.
Lil was going on a date.

Yay. Right?

Sure Grant was handsome, but he was not the one.

Looking around the room, Grant had wondered off and she was left to herself by the fire but, taking several steps forward, Lily decide to walk away. No friends in sight Lily stepped out to the backyard where the party was still going on however down to the back rested a gate that could only open by a pin code on an electronic board.
Lily knew the password, but getting there was a challenge, walking through the crowd.

The gate leaded towards the lake, a pier and she was ready to stand alone.
Even though she was having a blast, this wasn't Lily and she was ready to go home.
  MeisjeKelly / 3y 23d 12h 28m 4s
[font “Garamond” Colton walked with as much power as he could. Inside, he was feeling his stomach tighten into a yarn ball. The tight knots were beginning to roll tighter as he had pulled into the drive. His eyes traced the landscape. It was perfectly cut and maintained…His father would kill to have a yard looking like this, but with the amount of times he has to drive the tractor on it, they could only hope for a good grass pattern in the front yard. He pressed his lips together as he could already see the amount of people pouring in and out of the house. Cars had lined up down the block and the music was bouncing through the windows. He could feel it in his chest by the time that he was standing at the door.]

[font “Garamond” Bryce was the first to welcome him with a bright smile on his face and a drink in his hand. The man was dressed in a button up shirt and his nice jeans with shiny boots. The boots hadn’t seen the dirt of the earth yet…He could tell by the way there was still some dust in the very corners of the square toe. He looked up and noticed the amount of people around him. [+red “Look who decided to show up. Man, I have drinks in the kitchen, and you are welcome to the punch, or if you’re a strong drinker, then I have some scotch and whiskey in the cabinet.”] He winked. [+red “You’re more than welcome to get feeling good. There are plenty of girls who are happy to see you here.”] He nodded his head toward the girls that had already started to gather at the sight of him. He just shook his head and took off his hat as he walked into the house, holding it close to his stomach while his fingers rubbed the stitches on the inside. Never would he set his grandfather’s hat down. ]

[font “Garamond” He walked in, his eyes searching over the nice décor of the house. The cherry wood sparkled in the soft chandelier light, and through the windows of the back in the living room, he could see the fire where people had gathered already in their chairs with drinks and bottles in their hands. Some were already starting to stumble and he was assured that some had come pre-gaming already in their system. He smiled as some of the guys that he saw in the locker room welcomed him in. [+blue “The man that never talks is coming to socialize? What is this?”] They laughed and he just smiled and shook his head. [b “We’ll see how it goes. Show me where the drinks are.”] He said and the guys’ eyes lit up like Christmas. Immediately they directed him through the crowd where he walked into a grand kitchen full of marble and cherry wood lining. It was hints of gray and red throughout the kitchen. Everything sparkled. Everything glittered of expensive tastes…It was soon he was holding a whiskey on the rocks in his hand and walking aimlessly throughout the house. He had nodded toward some girls, but he was still searching…]

[font “Garamond” It wasn’t until he was coming around the corner when he had become to bump into the beautiful emerald woman who stole his breath. She had looked him up and down and he felt blood reach his cheeks in hope of her approval with her look. A smile had come to her face and he immediately heard her words after he had said hi. A chuckle escaped his lips and he nodded. [b “It’s good to see you, but yet you startle me with you always showing up when I don’t expect it.”] He smirked, his brow lifting as she was soon surrounded by girls who pulled her out onto the dance floor as their dance song had come on through the speakers playing in the lounge room.]

[font “Garamond” There he stood against the crown-molding of the hallway, his glass lifted to his lips where he tasted the strong liquid burn his throat on its way down. His eyes were centered on the woman who was laughing with her friends and dancing around, her body moving perfectly. He smiled at her, his eyes never leaving her curves until he was soon tapped on the shoulder by someone else. ]

[font “Garamond” His eyes turned to see Grant, a guy that had the receiver position on the football team. Some had said, as Colton listened in the hallways, that he had his eyes on the woman who had flirted with him quite a bit over the past couple of days. [+blue “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?”] He said, simply, they’re eyes both looking at the woman who was dancing. Even as the music had come to a close, another melody had begun to play and the girls continued to dance around whilst the men stared after them. He pressed his lips together as he nodded. [b “She is.”] ]

[font “Garamond” [+blue “Well, stay away from her. She’s mine.”] He stated, looking at him. Colton didn’t even have to look at him, his eyes were simply looking at the woman. Now that someone had a claim, he found her even more irresistible. He lifted his glass to his lips and he slipped his hand inside his pocket. With his silence and a hint of a smile on his face, Grant squared his shoulders and took a long sip of his beer. ]

[font “Garamond” [+blue “We’ve been talking for a while now, before she even got back to school—”] Colton lifted his hand and looked at him. [b “That isn’t going to save you. She’ll do whatever she wants. She’s not yours until you’ve officially called her your girlfriend. Until then, she’s free game, man.”] He looked forward and took another sip of his drink. Grant finished his beer in frustration. ]

[font “Garamond” [+blue “What gives you so much confidence that she wants you?”] Colton finished his whiskey with a big gulp and set his glass down on the counter of the table beside him. [b “I could ask you the same thing.”] He said as he moved away from him, and walked back into the kitchen where he grabbed a clean glass and filled it completely with whiskey with a couple ice cubes. Nothing else lingered in the liquid courage. He was determined by the end of the night he would have her on his arm…]

[font “Garamond” Grant watched Colton walk away and he smiled inwardly. Looking toward Lilly, he set his beer down and walked to the middle of the dance floor, just in time for the music to change to something a little more sensual. [+blue “Lilly, it’s good to see you out and away from school. How’s your dad treating you?”] He asked, remembering their conversation from a week ago where she had complained about having to go back to school because her father told her to.]

[font “Garamond” He wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out, but he wanted to show her that he wanted more than just how they were talking. Some flirting had happened, but now he was ready to move to the kiss and so forth. She would be his by the end of the night…]

[font “Garamond” Colton walked back in with the fresh glass only to see Grant next to the girl…]
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What an eventful day.
School was the same, it did not get better, it did not get worse, it was completely the same.
It felt like another day, like groundhog day however the moment her adventurous side kicked in and curiosity set in, deep down Lily wished she could have the sane day over and over.
It was all because of him.
The intoxicating male farmer who took off his shirt, the male farmer that used a pitch fork and flicked the hay in the barn. Seeing this was something she could relive over and over.

Shaking her head as she walked away, Lily couldn't help but smile and somewhat laugh from the comment that Colton had made.
Interesting to be called a raccoon. Lily wasn't going to forget that in a long time, that was for sure.
Coming close to the fence, again she was taken a back and stopped in her tracks with the sight of the hoe once more in her view.
Being afraid of horses, wasn't something she wanted people to know about. When Lily was young, she fell off a horse and madly broke her arm, ever since there, horses she was afraid of and with good reason.
[i “I didn’t mean to call you a raccoon...Forgive me. All that come and visit me are pesky animals that want into the horse feed.”]
[b "I suppose that's why you called me a raccoon. I was after the food..."] Lily replied, taking a step back from the horse known as Pegasus witnessing the Adonis lift himself up and drop off the animal onto the ground.
[i “I didn’t mean to offend you. I just have a tendency to say the first thing that comes to my mind…Your giggle or whatever sound you made was not like a raccoons…"]

Lily kept quiet and raised her eyebrow the moment Colton spoke those words.
Was she supposed to laugh at this?
Silent was swept across the field, that was until Colton spoke again that made Lily smile a little.
[i "I just don’t know how to talk today…”]
[b "Yeah well. You're doing okay. Just don't go around calling people raccoon's and you'll get back on the straight ad narrow and know how to talk again..."] she muttered, smiling a little wider but that faded the moment her name was called out from the background. It was loud and high pitched and Lily knew it was her friends.
A sigh escaped her throat.

The two separated and walked away from the field.
It was hell to walk away but that was not hell, hell was what she got when Lily set foot in the car.
The questions that came.
Oh, the questions; and yet, she did not speak of Colton calling her a raccoon.
[+blue "Why were you out there?.."]
[b "I went the short cut home. I got caught. All I saw was him on the horse and without his shirt.."]
[+red "You got to see it up close..."]
[+blue "Lucky bitch..."]
[b "Oh, come on. It's not that hot...."]

Big fat lie.

The night of the party was in full swing.
Lily got permission to stay at Ruth's home by the town's lake, the perfect scene for a party.
The girls got all dressed up, beautiful.

Lily chose to wear a dress that was blow the knee.
Tight fitting that hugged her body like a second skin. Material; a deep emerald green velvet with a slit right the right thigh.
The back, backless however a string of pearls on each side of the dress on the shoulder blade connected in the middle while another string of pearls ran down her spine and connected to the dress, just two inches above her ass.
Hair up, hiding a hair donut, all pinned in tight with another string of pearls surrounding the diameter of the bun which gave it a little style and flair.
Make up natural.
Tanned skin with a shimmer glow with heels, matching the colour of the dress.

At 8pm sharp the party started.
The music was pumping.
Drinks were flowing and the guests were having a great time.

Standing in the lounge room, glass of champagne in her hand, all Lily could do was smile and laugh at the great time she was having. Taking a step back, the feeling of colliding with someone made her turn around.
In front of her was Colton.
Dressed dreamt and ...he took her breath away for a moment, she actually forgot how to breathe.
Taking a step back, Ruth and Mary stood beside Lily just as she raised an eyebrow.

[+blue "Hi Colton..."]
[+red "Hi.."]
[b "I almost didn't recognize you with your shirt on. Nice to see you again.."] she spoke, giving off a smile, lifting up her glass to Colton in a way for him to know that his company here at the party did not go unnoticed before being pulled away, showing off her bare naked back with the string of pearls back onto the dance floor in the large lounge room.
Lily just wanted to act cool and not show off the giddy little girl on the inside who was screaming up and down, happy that the guy who compared her to a raccoon was at the party.
  MeisjeKelly / 3y 30d 14h 28m 17s
[font “Garamond” Colton was not much for the romantic type. He was straightforward. He was without a doubt someone who was not supposed to dally. He didn’t like to settle. He wanted the best. His family had taught him since birth that he was worth more than what he was given. He had to work what he was worth for, and until then, he couldn’t stop. With each movement of the pitch fork, he was forced to show that he could work hard enough to earn a better life than one that he was birthed into. He wanted to show his mother he was a man worth leading a life, and a man who was worth bragging about. From a young age, he learned that keeping to himself was the only way that he could do that.]

[font “Garamond” With a deep breath, he took one last breath and one last scoop before he had skittering and a laugh. He looked up, seeing a glimpse of the girl that had been haunting his mind all day. With his reaction time being swift, he jumped on Pegasus, and despite his horse’s tendencies to be a little slow, they moved quickly through the grass to stop abruptly in front of the woman. Staring at her then, he wasn’t sure how to really talk. His throat was tight, and his palms felt clammy. She was staring up at him, questioning as to the reason why he had taken time to come out and stop her. With each word that passed through her lips, he felt a blush coming across his cheeks.]

[font “Garamond” His words were embarrassing him. His father was on the other side of the property, but he knew that only a few minutes would he have to spare. Clearing his throat as she questioned his accusation of her being a raccoon…He touched a palm to the side of his face for a moment and he sighed as she moved past him in the grass, heading toward the fence. He turned Pegasus and trotted over to where she was, walking beside her. [b “I didn’t mean to call you a raccoon...Forgive me. All that come and visit me are pesky animals that want into the horse feed.”] He said, blush filling his cheeks as his entire body felt hot.]

[font “Garamond” He was not going to be able to live this down. With any passing moment, he was going to regret whatever he said. Halting Pegasus, he jumped from his back and landed with a slight thump on the ground as he walked toward her. He knew that he was presentable without his shirt on and he definitely didn’t feel appropriate to be talking to a woman that was wearing real leather and gold on her person. He pressed his lips together as he tried to be more reasonable. [b “I didn’t mean to offend you. I just have a tendency to say the first thing that comes to my mind…Your giggle or whatever sound you made was not like a raccoons…I just don’t know how to talk today…”] He turned his head to the side, glancing and hoping that his father wasn’t coming around the corner. ]

[font “Garamond” He ran his fingers through his hair and pushed it back away from his eyes. His muscles rippled with the moment as nervousness was settling in. She was the most beautiful girl that had ever stepped close enough for him to talk to. And now that she was there, he had already messed up. With each passing moment, he waited for her to practically slap him across the face whether it be physically or metaphorically with her words. It was all a waiting game now…]

[+blue “LILY!”] Screeches entered his ears and he snapped his head to the side where he saw a white convertible jaguar pulled off the side of the road. Three girls were waving frantically toward the girl as he come to know her name was Lily. He pressed his lips together. He felt like a spotlight had been shown in his direction and he felt that he was going to be caught for doing something wrong. Even when he didn’t do anything technically wrong besides committing social suicide for calling a beautiful girl a raccoon. ]

[font “Garamond” He dropped his hands to his side and dug them into his jean pockets. [b “I guess they’re calling for you. I won’t keep you.”] He said as they hollered again, as if they didn’t see them being acknowledged in the first place. With blushing red cheeks, he moved away and jumped on the back of Pegasus swiftly. Within a few seconds, he was striding away, leaving the girl to stand alone while the girls in the car yelped for her like puppies. ]

[font “Garamond” Reaching the barn, he slid off of Pegasus and watched from behind the horse the girls in the convertible. They were going to hound the girl all about her encounter with the shadow of the Daniel’s farm. Not many knew much about him, and he was still a distant from person even to those that knew him. He could only imagine the questions coming from their lips. Leaning heavily against the horse, he buried his face in her shoulder blade before the horse muzzled him softly. [b “Oh Pegasus, I am a wreck. It’s only a few more days…”] He whispered. Then he would be away from everyone in school for the entire summer…However, the party in a few days, he would have to come up with an excuse to go…though now he wondered how he was going to be able to show his face to a bunch of people who will probably know about him calling one of the hottest girls in school a raccoon…]

[font “Garamond” The night of the party…]

[font “Garamond” Colton stared into the mirror. His thin white button up surround his torso and his nice starched jeans around his waist and his boots shined up. His belt gleamed in the soft light of his lamp and he stared at himself. He wondered what others saw in him. He had always been given compliments that he was handsome, but never did he believe it. With his father in his head, he didn’t feel anything greater than the dirt they walked on. His mother was the only one that established his self confidence even slightly. Pressing his lips together, he moved away from the mirror after spraying some cologne on. Walking down stairs, he saw his mother sitting at the table with the paper in her hands. He could hear the TV playing in the background.]

[font “Garamond” [+red “Where are you going all dressed up?”] His mother looked up through her glasses. He smiled softly. [b “I’m going to hang with some friends tonight to celebrate school being out…Is that okay? I got everything done on my to-do list today.”] His mom smiled and nodded her head with a simple glance. He had been holding his breath through the entire time he was speaking to her, waiting for her response after he had spoken. With a deep exhale, she laughed. [+red “What did you think I was going to do? Say no?”] He nodded immediately and she laughed a little more. [+red “Me and your father were wondering when you were going to go and hang with friends. You’ve been a house body, and we love to have you here, but go out and have fun. You’re 18, Colton. Enjoy life, but be careful and do not do anything stupid. If you need a ride home, let me know.”] She began to whisper and he nodded his head and reached out to hold her hand.]

[font “Garamond” His father cleared his throat behind him and he turned, feeling his heart rate jump a little. His deep voice echoed through the house. [+blue “If I catch you, or hear of you being an idiot, you will regret it. You know what not to do. You know how to be and act. We’ve heard of this get together, and I’m hesitant.”] He stared at his father in disbelief. Nodding silently, his father clasped a hand on his shoulder. [+blue “We are very proud of you son, now go and have fun, but don’t stay out so late that you won’t get up for work in the morning. You may want to play, but there is always work to be done.”] Colton nodded his head and reached for his hand where they shook hands like true gentlemen. He smiled at his father and it was enough to get one in return and there he reached for his keys and walked out of the house and toward his truck. ]

[font “Garamond” There he drove to the address texted to him…]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 3y 30d 22h 25m 42s
ily was handed the silver spoon the moment she came into this world. However the world she knew, was completely different to the real world everyone was living in.
All she ever knew was the inside of a fancy mansion, literature, nice clothes and hours and hours of schooling. Never had she had any fun, but all of that was about to change.
All of her friends were dull, gossiping little rats but there were a few times that they had a few laughs and smiles were shared. More of this was to come when the party commenced in two more days.

It was wandering through the forest on her way hoe from school alone tat the sound of a horse caught her ears. The animal was close and it peaked her interest, especially when she came to a wooden fence and saw a barn, a gorgeous scarlet red with white trim.
It was a farm just on the border of town, a farm that made the rich girl raise an eyebrow as she remembered the farm outside of town happened to be the home of Colton Daniels along with his family.

The horse continued to make noise more and more and Lily became interested enough to shift one long leg over the fence then the other before standing in the field and walked closer to the barn.
It was one of the most fulfilling moments in her life. Coming t the side, Lily lent over and peered inside, seeing the boy that peaked her interest, especially now when his shirt was off.
Colton was a sight for sore eyes.
Lilly couldn't help but smile and for a brief moment, she forgot where she was and became a peeping tom but only for a second. The peeking broke the moment that damn horse neighed once more causing Lilly to rear up in realisation before turning and running off through the field towards the way she came.
The fence came closer and closer.


Freedom that was dashed with the sudden sight of a horse and a handsome man riding on top.
Lily stopped dead in her tracks and did not speak a single word as she was in shock and somewhat fear of being trampled.
[i "What were you doing?”]
[b "I uh....I uh, got...lost. I didn't mean to pry or ...peep. It was an honest mistake.."] she spoke, backing up the moment she witnessed the horse rear up.

[i “I heard you laugh before you disappeared. I could have sworn you were a raccoon…“]
A raccoon? Really?
Did Lily sound like a raccoon when she laughed or made a noise? It was definitely not compliment, more of an insult.
[b "Do I look like a raccoon?..."] Lilly replied, raising her eyebrow and remained silent for a moment nodding her head. [b "Okay well, thank you...for that. I best be going now."]

Stepping off to the side, Lily wandered through the field, through the long reeds towards the fence being somewhat annoyed of being compared to a raccoon
  Lily Herondale - / MeisjeKelly / 3y 31d 20h 5m 52s
[font “Garamond” Colton had been working hard since the moment that he was brought into this world. Practically, his father had handed him a pitch fork, feed for the horses, and a bucket to put all the shit in. He was without a doubt a farmer’s son, and everyone around him always thought of him as sweet, compassionate, and well mannered, but only a few knew of the dark secrets that lay within the wooden walls of the Daniel’s home…]

[font “Garamond” As the bells of school had rung and he was getting his stuff, he had heard giggles behind him and he saw Bryce once more before he left school grounds. Again, the guy was pushing to get him to come to the party the following day. On the way home, he was thinking about what he could do having a little freedom from the house, away from his father’s tight schedules and long to-do lists. He could imagine the beer he could drink and finally let his mind sway from this rough world. He had worked hard to be able to do half of the things he did now like participate at the gym at school, or be able to drive the old truck. While other guys at school had been given new trucks with brand new technology, he was stuck with the traditional mechanical, big steering wheel, and rough suspension truck. Some would call it a classic, but he felt it a death trap waiting to happen…]

[font “Garamond” Driving down the dirt road, hearing echoes of the gravel road in his ears, he looked at the landscape. Dust flew behind his truck, and with windy turns, he finally saw his father’s fish mailbox and he turned into the driveway. His mother was working another shift at the hospital so she wasn’t going to be home until later, and his father was already mowing the acreage they were trying to keep up. Grinding the dirt for the following planting in the spring, he pulled up in his assigned spot and he sat there, letting the metal box rattle a little more in idle. Leaning heavily against the head rest, he closed his eyes for a moment, wishing to feel the breeze of the ocean on his face, or the wind blowing on his face as he road through the fields on his horse Pegasus. Pressing his lips together, he was interrupted when he heard the sharp whistle. ]

[font “Garamond” His eyes snapped open and he shut off the truck. He was already to get started. No daddling. He grabbed his bag from the bed and moved toward the house. His father was already fuming from ear to ear. [+red “Were you sleeping in the truck? How long has that been in idle? I’m not paying for your gas to sit there and waste it.”] He heard his father’s starting bickering. He rubbed his head as he moved up the stairs. [b “I’m sorry father.”] He whispered as he set his bag on his bed before he moved to shuck off his boots. From there, he ran downstairs to come out side to put on his working boots that were so neatly placed next to the door. With a mud ring sitting around them, he picked them off the ground and pulled them on his feet before coming up to his father’s side as he walked up next to the tractor. ]

[font “Garamond” [b “I can work in the barn. I know it needs to be mucked if Patrick hasn’t returned…”] He said. His father grunted in response. He took it as a [i good thinking boy] and moved his way along to the barn. With the rising temperatures, it didn’t take him long to shed his shirt, leaving his muscles taut and able to swell with the heat. Each movement caused his arms to ache from the prior workout in the morning. Each swing of the pitch fork to clean up the horse manure was getting harder and harder to do. He had heard a soft sigh within a few moments and soon he had seen a shadow move out of the corner of his eye. Immediately, he thought it as a squirrel or a raccoon getting into the food, but he was soon taken a back as he went to the edge of the barn where he could see the girl running away…]

[font “Garamond” She was the same beauty that he had seen walking the halls. Her beautiful structure took apart his will to even keep a cool feel. He was the quiet one, but she made him want to become more outgoing and talk more. He wasn’t that quiet. Around his mother he could talk for hours without having to take a drink of water. Over board games he could shit talk and joke around, but the moment that his father walked through the door or the moment that he was out of the farm, he was a turtle hiding in its shell or a crab ducking into the sand.]

[font “Garamond” [b “Wait!”] He called. She wasn’t getting too far without him wondering what she was doing on his land. He knew the fence wasn’t far, but he grabbed Pegasus, jumping up and angling to ride as comfortable as possible. Taking a hold of his mane, he heeled the corner of his ribs and the horse flailed slightly before taking off in a dead sprint. His father at this time was already half way to the edge of the property, too far away to really tell what was going on by the time he actually paid attention. He was coming up to her heels when flew past her and came to a stop in front of her. [b “What were you doing?”] he asked.

[font “Garamond” His naked chest heaved as he was a little taken aback by the girl standing in front of him. She was sight to see, and he knew that many guys had had their eyes on her with social media and such. She would post about the foreign places, so sophisticated and humerous saying, he found her quite pleasant, but he had never really spoken to the girl. His dark hair blew slightly in the wind and his black horse teetered a bit as he watched her closely. [b “I heard you laugh before you disappeared. I could have sworn you were a raccoon… “] He said, blush filling his cheeks as he didn’t like the fact after he said that he was comparing her to a raccoon. ]

[font “Garamond” Embarrassing.]
  AWritersLove_ / 3y 32d 22h 47m 12s
[b "You man to tell me, out of all the people here, he does not speak to anyone?"]
[+red "Well, he does talk to people.."]
[+blue "He just doesn't hold the conversation long enough.."]
[b "So you know a bit about hi, and you like to observe him in the field. Who are you girls?..."] Lily spoke with a smile, giving off laughter which was joined seconds later by her two friends who knew more than Lily expected.
It was a long time way from her home indeed. Things had changed from new stores to be opened to new people arriving in town and yet, she was born and raised in the south and knew nothing of this boy that went by the name of Colton. Was he a new comer as well or did he too grow up here and Lily never noticed?
[b "I honestly, do not know why I am getting schooled when there is only three days left of the school year. It's like my Father wants my head to grow big with knowledge. He just cant give me these three days to enjoy being back home.."]
[+red "No one can say no to your Father. Even you Lily."] Ruth spoke and she did indeed have a point. Lily always followed the rules and never said no. Perhaps she wanted to keep her Father happy to which he would let her stay here for good and not send her away again.

As the bell rang, Ruth and Lily left Susie and ran down the hallway with there books clutched to their chests, laughing as they knew they were going to be somewhat late to their class.
Opening the door, the two girls stopped their laughter and silenced, giving the teacher faces of sincere apology and made way to the seats that were available.
Lily sat two rows in-front of Colton, to the left which caused the rich Mayors daughter to turn her head to the right and took a quick glance of the boy that peaked her fascination.

It was to be a party like no other. A somewhat party for fun and also one to welcome back the VIP's daughter.
Everyone was invited. No parents of course and Lily could not wait. This was exactly what she needed, not going back to school.

Again, Lily turned her head to the right and took a glace at Colton before turning back, biting her lower lip and regained focus on the board.

As the bell rang, more classes ensured and when school was over, Lily said her goodbyes to the girls and made her way through the woods, the long way home as she wanted to stretch her legs, smell the sweet air and to see a dear friend she played with when she was young.
Within minutes, there it was. A large tyre swing, hung on a thick branch her father put there for her 10th birthday.
A smile grinned upon her face and all memories came flooding back. Memories of her Father pushing her while her Mother prepared the picnic. Every memory came flooding back until the house of horses made them vanish.

[b "Horses?.."] she muttered, raising her eyebrow and took feet forward closer to the horses until she reached a wooden fence, a picturesque barn behind it with the doors open and hay being flung like confetti.
This was the only farm and Colton worked on a farm. It was his families?

Raising her eyebrow once more in curiosity, Lily hiked up her skirt and climbed over the fence and made her way closer to the barn to which when she approached, head turned the corner and saw Colton with a pitchfork.

He was hot. Handsome, rugged, wasn't afraid to work hard.
Lily bit her lower lip and smiled, being a little too cocky now with her hiding hear the horses neigh once more which caused the rich girl to gasp, stand back, breathing heavily she ran the way she came.
  MeisjeKelly / 3y 44d 15h 37m 39s
[center [size12 Colton walked forward through the hall. From feet away, he could already smell the locker room. Guys who had just gotten done working out already were walking in before him, reeking of the mud and dirt of the football fields. He found himself a little late for practice, but just enjoyed the free period to workout before classes were to start. His eyes had dragged away from the beautiful girl who had been standing there, talking to the girls who he had watched come near the farm not far out of town. ]]

[center [size12 They had interest in watching him working in the field, but never had he spoken to them. He was to keep to himself. Flashes of his father getting mad and slapping him came across his mind and he blinked, pushing back the memory as he walked into the locker room, stepping past some guys that were groaning as they were starting to change. One had looked up, giving him the nod. [+red “Hey Colton, why don’t you ever workout with us in the field?”] He asked. Colton shrugged his shoulders and moved his bag into the locker before slipping his headphone in one ear. [b “Not interested.”] He said simply, turning his head away from the guy as he walked by, slipping his other head phone in as he was scrolling through music playing on his phone. ]]

[center [size12 Through his head phones he could hear the small whisper of words that the guy had been screaming at his back, but he didn’t pay attention. Ignoring the annoying sounds of the guy behind him saying words that didn’t matter to him, Colton walked out of the locker room and walked slowly into the workout room. The choice of days was biceps and his back. Between sets of pull ups and curls, he was scrolling through the school’s website page, seeing a flash of the girl who he had seen in the hallway. Her smile was bright…just as much as her laugh was light. He turned his head to the side and glanced in the mirror. He had already shed his shirt as he couldn’t get cooled off enough as he was working in the sets. He had to keep it quick and keep it measured or he wouldn’t get the results that he wanted. ]]

[center [size12 After his workout and showering, he pulled on his button up and tightened his belt around his waist. His worn cowboy boots echoed as he walked through the tiled hallways to the class. A book in his hand and a pen in his pocket, he walked with a luring purpose, barely looking at anyone. He had no point in paying attention anyone any mind…He had learned years ago that the people that he would talk to now would not matter years from now. Letting his worn blue eyes look to the side as he walked into the class room. He shifted downward to set himself down in the seat, letting his long legs stretch out just slightly as he opened his book and spiral up. There, he wrote the date before sitting back into the chair, his arms feeling like jelly. ]]

[center [size12 Even taking a drink, his arms quivered just slightly from the muscles aching. His shoulders throbbed and his back was tense as he looked forward at the teacher, waiting for the class to fill up to it’s normal capacity. His eyes traced over the different couples that had walked in together. Their hands linked, and their eyes never leaving one anothers, as if they couldn’t live to see a moment without their partner in it. He sighed heavily and ran his fingers through his hair as he then looked at others that walked in. Some were too shy to say anything, and others like himself just wanted to get away from everyone. He didn’t have any friends. He was just going with the flow like most. ]]

[center [size12 [+red “Colton, did you ever hear what I said?”] The one who had caught him in the locker room came to sit beside him. It was completely unnatural. Colton took a sideways glance toward him as he shifted his body to feel a little more comfortable as he looked at the guy. With a shake of his head, he answered honestly. [b “Sorry, my music had been turned up a little loud.”] Bryce rolled his eyes. [+red “Well, either way, if you work out with us or not, there is a party this weekend at my dad’s ranch and all the hot girls from school are going to be there. You should come. I mean, I’ve invited you a couple of times, and every time you’re a no show, what gives?”] ]]

[center [size12 [b “To be honest, it sounds like fun, but usually I can’t get away. There’s a lot to do on the farm, and most of our help has been sick lately.”] He said and Bryce simply lifted his brow in disbelief. [+red “So you’re going to ditch me again?”] Colton was weary of the situation. ]]

[center [size12 [b “Why are you so interested in having me there?”] ]]

[center [size12 [+red “Well to be honest, one of the girls I’m talking to insists that you be there. She hasn’t told me the exact reason, but I’m thinking its for her friends.”] ]]

[center [size12 [b “I don’t get why I should be there. I don’t talk to anyone.”] ]]

[center [size12 [+red “Exactly, get out of your damn comfort zone and show up, and I’m sure you’ll have a good time. There are a few girls who have been holding out just for you. So I’m sure you’ll get something good while you’re there.”] ]]

[center [size12 [b “We’ll see. Thanks for the invite, Bryce.”] He said, turning his head as the bell began to ring, echoing through his ears.]]

[center [size12 Bryce moved to his normal spot which was way ahead of him and with completely different people. A few stragglers made their way in and he noticed the girl coming in a little late. He wondered who she was. Many of the guys, like himself, took time to watch her as she made her way to her seat. So much of him wanted to say something to her…]]

[center [size12 Later in the day, he walked around the grass, kicking the dirt that had dried up from the drought happening throughout of Cali. He prayed and he prayed for rain, but none had come. Not even a lick of clouds were painted across the sky. He was left with clear blue skies and a broken heart as he knew that his father would be cursing the land as much as him. He looked around, feeling the heat beating on his bare shoulders. He could feel as the sun beat down on him the freckles were beginning to peek out from their winter hiding. It was no longer cool and the sun had begun to show its face. ]]

[center [size12 He walked through the dry dirt in his boots and jeans with no shirt toward the barn. He could hear a whistle from his dad on the porch and he glanced to see what he was being beckoned for. His dad was motioning toward the land and he automatically knew what was going on. [b “Gonna have to water it again .”] He called. With a shake of his head, his father walked back into the house, leaving him alone again. He looked down at the ground, wondering if he would even have the chance to go to the party. ]]

[center [size12 It had been bugging him all day. Bryce had mentioned it one time before he saw him leave and he still didn’t have an answer for him. Colton knew that he would have to come up with an answer within the next couple of days, but he wasn’t sure what his father would have in mind…]]

[center [size12 Walking toward the barn, he started moving hay again…]]
  AWritersLove_ / 3y 44d 20h 15m 30s
It had been a long trip home and yet, Lily was itching to get back as the excitement of seeing her father and her friends that remained pen pals throughout the years she had been away was almost close to exploding.
Born Lily Herondale, a daughter and the only child of Mayor Richard Herondale and Minnie Wray, she came into the world already holding a silver rattle.

It was a great life. A life filled with smiles, laughter and the greatest of friends one girl could ever have but yet all that changed when she turned 12 and was sent halfway across the world to obtain the finest education money could buy right in the heart of London town.
Lily knew it was coming.
The school system in the south did not please the Mayor.

Five years later, it was time to come home.
During her stay in London, Lily grew up while learning about history, etiquette, the French language and the art of painting. "Talents a girl could use possibly in the future." one teacher would always say which made Lily roll her eyes every single time as it was a load of baloney.
The Mayor had made arrangements that his daughter would not waste any education time and would attend the remainder of the school year, three more days until finally, summer break would come around and she would be free to do whatever she pleased.

[+red "We are ready to land, Miss Lily."] the hostess muttered as she wandered past the beautiful girl only to witness Lily nod in confirmation and put on her seatbelt.

Hours later, with the greetings of her family and friends, all celebrations over; it was time for Miss Lily to go to bed, sleep off the jetlag and to wake up the next morning, ready for 1 of 3 last days of education.

Waking the next morning, tired than she ever felt, Lily was bathed and dressed in the finest of clothes and sent on her way to school, smiling with her friends as she entered the main gate of the school and stood in the main hall getting all papers together.
It was a joke as she was only here for three days but anything was possible because her father was the most important man in the town and in the South.

[+blue "We are so glad you are back.."]
[b "I know. Writing everyday started to lose its appeal. I missed you girls so much..."] Lily replied, leaning in and wrapped her arms around her friends as much as she could for a moment before pulling back, still smiling that now seemed to be imprinted, never to leave.
However all that changed the moment she turned to head towards her first class and her eyes fell upon a boy who was ...completely different to her in every single way but peaked her interest.
Eyes locked for a single moment before she looked down and the smile faded from a large one, to one that was small and flirtatious, shy even.

[+red "Colton Daniels. Farmer. Lives with his family on Balconnen Farm. The Daniels family supply all the produce for Vandergelder's hay and feed. We like to go down there now and again and watch..."] Ruth spoke, smiling along with the other girls.
[b "Watch what?..."] Lily asked with an eyebrow raised as she continued to walk with her friends in the opposite direction of the Farmer Boy.
[+blue "There are certain days during the week where Colton is out in the field. Working and ...if its a nice day, he just...takes off his shirt..."]
[b "You spy on him?!"]
[+red "No. Observe..."]
[+blue "He doesn't talk to anyone, just comes to school, goes home and works. He is strange, sexy as hell but strange....."]

Lily smiled and laughed before turning her head as she walked to look behind her, seeing Colton once more for a moment before turning back and continued to class like a good proper girl was to do.
Everything was by the book. Everything was already written for Lily.

It was a dull life.
  Lily Herondale - / MeisjeKelly / 3y 51d 12m 8s
The air was crisp and cool. Dew had sunk into the grass, soaking it to the root, and leaving a white cover that would soon be stomped out by the moving cattle. His eyes traveled over the land through the window’s glass. Buttoning his tucked in shirt, he sighed heavily. On his watch, the time read [i 5:36AM] and he was getting ready for the morning’s duties before classes.

As he slipped on his socks and finished straightening out his clothing, he was finally ready to head downstairs. Glancing back, he looked back at his room. The bed was unmade, rockstar posters were scattered over the walls, and he saw his computer on his desk dead from being left on without being plugged in. Clothes had begun to pileup in the corner and he knew that he needed to laundry later that night.

He closed the door quietly behind him. In the hallway as he made his way past his sister’s bedroom, he could hear stirring downstairs and the scent of coffee had begun to make it’s way to his nostrils. His father was reading the newspaper as he took on the last step, entering the kitchen with the next.

[b “Good morning.”] He whispered, scratching an itch on his forehead as he walked toward the fridge to grab a quick glass of water.

[+red “Good morning, son. Pal fouled last night, so pay extra attention to feed this morning, shall you?”] He said as he flipped to the next page.

Colton’s eyes shimmered a little bit from the news. [b “I’ll go and check it out.”] He said, finishing his glass and set it down in the sink before heading out the door to grab his mud boots that were on the porch. After slipping them on, he walked hastily toward the barn where the flood lights were already on. His father had already been out here this morning as he could see the steps in the dew leading up to the barn and back.

Pulling the doors open, he could hear the soft murmuring sounds of the foul as he walked closer to Pal’s stall. The paint horse looked up at him and practically smiled as he entered the stall with her and her foul. The small animal looked up at him with wide eyes, full of curiosity, feeling nervous as he flicked his small tail back and forth. Colton reached forward to let the small animal smell him and with a small nudge from pal Colton was running his hands all over the foal to get it used to being touched and handled.

It was a good long time before Colton left Pal to get her feed as well as feed for the rest of the horses before he would check the cattle roaming around. Throwing out a few buckets of cubes and checking the hay in the feeder, Colton checked the chickens and collected the few that had dropped in their nests before laying out laying pellets in their feed troughs.

With sweat already building up on his brow, he headed back inside of the house with the basket of eggs in his hand. Standing at the sink, his mother glanced at him with her hands already deep in soapy water. [+blue “Good morning baby, how many did you pick up this morning?”]

[b “I got about a dozen. Pal fouled this morning. The colt is beautiful.”] He said, a smile pulling at the corner of his lips as he set down the basket next to the sink for her to wash them. She nodded through strands of her grey hair and worn features. [+blue “That is what your father told me. She’s been due for a couple of days, I’m happy that she’s finally dropped. I was getting worried I would have to call Scoot to come and check on her.”]

He rubbed his head and wiped off the sweat from his brow. [b “Scoot should be coming today anyways, but I’m going to go and change before class.”] He said. She kissed him on the cheek and he moved away to head upstairs for a shower and change.

Half hour later, he was grabbing the keys and saying bye to his mother as he headed up in his beat up 1955 chevy. The school wasn’t too far as he drove down the same back roads, the same way and same speed as he did every day. This small town didn’t change much and it would be a big thing to hit the newspapers if something ever did change.

He pressed his lips together as he pulled in next to the gym in his workout clothes. Throwing his gym bag over his shoulder, he walked in through the main doors, noticing someone different standing there in the main area.

She was beautiful…
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 3y 66d 14h 36m 35s

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