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Colton felt his breath hard to reach at his lips. He felt his lungs strain for air as he stared at her. In the small loft with a candle being the only source of light, her hair glowed and her eyes sparkled. Her skin was delicate and soft. He could see the outline of her body through the light gown that hung on her shoulders and hugged around her waist. She was definitely a girl that boys dreamed about, and girls were envious for. The way that she stood, the way that she smiled, it was all in perfection…She was a walking goddess.

The news that spilled from her lips and the despair that he felt weighing at his heart, he knew that there was something else. There were pieces of hope begging at the chains that he held so close to his heart. She was telling him all about how she would have to show that dating Grant was where she was going to be, but her eyes portrayed a completely different story. They sparked with rebellion and her hands trembled with curiosity. A simple city boy couldn’t match a home-grown, deep-in-the-woods boy. She wouldn’t be able to see the same world with either of them, and he could see in the curve of her smile as he had moved closer that he had her within his grasp. Only people were standing between them. Only others who thought they knew what life should be like stood in the way of them being together.

He felt his breath hit another hitch as he pressed his lips so gently yet firmly against her own. The kiss gave him the urge to do more. His body had stiffened and his manhood was rising to the occasion, but he knew his place and being a man was not going to be this way. When she had pulled away saying as much as she wanted to stay that she had to go he cleared his throat and straightened out his jeans. [b “As much as I don’t want you to either, I don’t want you to get in trouble…”] He whispered.

The candle flickered and the horses made a groan and Colton lifted his eyes to the house. All the lights were out and the moon was brightly hanging in the middle of the sky. Gentle stars twinkled beside the moon, but paled in comparison. He pressed his lips together and glanced back down at the woman who said that she was glad that he was okay. He nodded, running his fingers through his hair, sure to shove his free hand in his pocket, trying to hide something that wanted to burst from his jeans.

A smile perking at the corner of his lips, he looked at her with a blush in his cheeks. [b “I want to see you again, Lily Herondale.”] He said, the deepness of his voice cracking slightly as he coughed again to clear his throat. This woman was going to probably be the death of him as he knew that his father was not happy to be sleeping on the couch and in the morning he was going to be stiff and even more of an ass than usual. He removed his hand from his hair and held the side of her cheek with his palm, looking into those beautiful eyes.

[b “Promise that you will see me again?”] He asked, almost as if he was begging to hear from her again. He ached to hear her voice, to hear those moans just once more, he wanted to deflower her…He wanted to show her something that she had never experienced before…He wanted to be more than just a guy on her arm, or the one that she called baby or sweetheart. He wanted to be the one who held her when she cried, and then made her laugh to keep that beautiful smile on her face. His dream was to be the guy who would hold her hand through the tough life set ahead, and beside when she was on top of the mountain when she graduated at the top of her class or completed her future…

More than a simple country boy…
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It wasn't everyday that a girl came over to the Daniel's farm. It certainly wasn't everyday that a girl came for Colton and his mother did not know what to do about that.
His mother had every right to wake up Colton's father but it was standing by the lounge room doorway that; with a whiskey in her hand she thought twice.

Ever since Bryan died, Colton had been very lonely. A Mother noticed these things and it was for some reason that the last few days, her son had a smile on his face and was happy again.
It was the girl.
It was best to keep this from his father for tonight.

Wandering through the barn, Lily remained quiet, did not speak out to call for Colton's name which she should of. She should of, if she did not want a gun in her face, which was what she got the moment she got up to the second floor of the barn.
[b "Oh..shit...."] she spoke with both hands up in the air. Eyes staring at a boy who puled out a gun from underneath the mattress.

[i "What are you doing here?”]
[+blue "I knocked on the door and your mom answered. Pointed that you were here… I ..uh...came to see on if you were okay and see if Brent is going to be alright?"]

He was beautiful.
Alone and ...fending for himself while shirtless and simply taking her breath away.

[i “I’m not sure to be honest. I lost my phone and no one has tried to call for me. So I’m guessing he’s doing fine. I’m doing fine though. Thank you for walking all the way out here to check on me. I can handle myself though.”] Colton spoke in a way that made Lily feel uneasy. He didn't seem thrilled to see her but then again a lot did happen tonight. Then came words after spilled the truth on her dating Grant, it made her upset to where all she could do was look down.

[i “It’s typical. A mayors daughter does not belong with the town’s farmer boy.”]

It was true.
A girl like her should never of liked or even ...felt something romantic for a boy like him but she did, it was too late.
[b "That's not true, Colton. You shouldn't say things like that.."] Lily muttered, biting her lower lip as her eyes watched through the glow of the lit candle, witnessing Colton place the gun back under the mattress only to stand up and made his way over to where she stood.

[i “I know you’re not here to pity me or just tell me that you can’t be with me because of what someone else says.”]
[b "Just because I have too, doesn't mean I want too.."]

All she wanted was to be with him.
The manure shovelling farm boy that made her heart skip a beat and made her feel alive.

With Colton's body standing up tall in-front of the Mayor's daughter, Lily tilted her head to the side due to his motion and stared deep into his eyes, both of their bodies glowing from the candle.
However giving off a smile, Lily knew what was coming next. Within seconds the two kissed one another with their eyes closed.

It was a kiss that made her tingle all over.
A kiss that made the girl reach up on her tip toes and wrap her arms around her neck.
There was no other man on this earth that could make her feel this way. It was as if Bryan made these two find one another.

As the kiss became deeper and more passionate, her hands delicately placed on his naked muscular torso; sweet little moans escaped her throat, moans that made her pull back and finally take a breath.
Opening her eyes, Lily smiled.

[b "Two kisses in one night....."] she whispered before placing a hand upon her forehead. [b "As much as I want to stay, I have to go now...."]

It was the one thing she did not want to do.
Lily wanted to lay upon that mattress in the barn and let Colton finally turn her into a woman as she was ready.
[b "I'm glad you're okay."]
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[font “Garamond” [size11 Colton stared out into the moonlight. He stared out at the tank in the middle of the pasture. He could see the wind blowing on the growing wheat fields. He could see shadows of critters crawling along the dirt patches, and he could see little animals scurrying for their life. He was not oblivious to the night life that lived around him. However, it took every piece of him to be oblivious to the mess that he had made tonight.]]

[font “Garamond” [size11 He had stabbed his father in the chest verbally, and he was sure that he had fallen for the right girl at the wrong time, and his mother’s heart was broken through it all. What kind of man would be able to stand next to his father, or even look a woman in the eye that he cared so much for when he had nothing really to stand for…]]

[font “Garamond” [size11 The wind blew over his skin, giving bumps to rise over his arms, back and chest as his shirt was laying on the ground behind him. He was sure that tonight was going to be the night that he could be someone different. One where he could be the confident man who would be able to sweep the girl he liked off her feet. Instead, he made a mess of things, his best friend was in the hospital, and the girl was somewhere off probably sleeping her happily little head on a satin pillow while he laid in the harsh hay stuffed bed. ]]

[font “Garamond” [size11 Moving away from the barn window, he crawled onto the bed, and laid heavily chest first with his arms gripped around the pillow. It wasn’t until the silence gave way to the slamming of a door did he look up, worried for what happened. He could hear the barn door opening and soft steps echoing up the stairs. Was it his mother crying again? Was it his mother coming to him for safety? Or was it something else?]]

[font “Garamond” [size11 He pushed himself up and reached for the shotgun hidden expertly under the mattress and there standing in the door way without a few seconds, he found his heart again, beating heavily in his chest. His chest heaved subtly as he stared at the woman who stood so beautifully in her night gown and she didn’t even have to try. His body shifted uncomfortably as he set the shot gun down on the bed, hearing it creak underneath its weight. [b “What are you doing here?”] He asked. ]]

[font “Garamond” [size11 [+blue "I knocked on the door and your mom answered. Pointed that you were here… I ..uh...came to see on if you were okay and see if Brent is going to be alright?"] ]]

[font “Garamond” [size11 Colton took a deep breath and ran a hand through his hair. [b “I’m not sure to be honest. I lost my phone and no one has tried to call for me. So I’m guessing he’s doing fine.”] He looked to the side, his chest exposed to showing he was struggling to breathe in her presence. [b “I’m doing fine though. Thank you for walking all the way out here to check on me. I can handle myself though.”] He said, closing up like quick clam. ]]

[font “Garamond” [size11 It was sure to see that he falling for the girl at the wrong time when she began to speak, saying that she had to see Grant instead of him when all she wanted to do was be with him. He felt his chest tightening and he nodded softly. [b “It’s typical. A mayors daughter does not belong with the town’s farmer boy.”] He said, shifting his eyes to the gun where he moved it back underneath the mattress, sure not to set it off. His muscles rippled as he moved the piece of machinery underneath the feather filled pillow. ]]

[font “Garamond” [size11 He was finding his courage to speak to her, to come closer to her fading. He was without the will to move forward in trying to pursue her, but his heart told him otherwise. Immediately after setting the gun back in its place, he bit his lip for a moment, hesitating. [b “I know you’re not here to pity me or just tell me that you can’t be with me because of what someone else says.”] He said, his heart beginning to race faster than he had ever felt in his life. All it took was seconds and he was in front of her, reaching behind her neck to crane her head in just the right angle for his lips to hit hers in just the right spot. There, he found peace, a calm to his storm when their lips touched. He wasn’t going to let her go. She would be his…]]
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Lily had indeed had fights with her father, to be honest she had fights with him all the time but they were harmless and the two of them were soon in each other's arms hugging it out but this...this fight felt different.
Lily often thought that her Father was one who loved his people, a Mayor who went above and beyond for his community but when it came to the Daniels clan, he just did not seem to care for them. This was shown the moment Lily listened intently to her father speak on his daughter being forbidden to see or even associate herself with Colton Daniels and that Grant Seville was the boy she would go on dates with.

He was not the boy she would go steady with.
Not after the display Lily witnessed tonight and knowing what a man Grant really was, but then again, she could no defy her powerful Dad.

It was laying on her bed, staring up at the ceiling that she decided to get up and off the mattress, place her long dressing gown onto her body over her thin nightdress and open up her window.
Outside, it was not going to be easy. Biting her lower lip, slowly Lily lifted one leg out to the exterior of the house and rested upon a branch of a large tree. The other leg followed and before long, Lily was climbing down the tree only to jump onto the ground at a safe distance down and within moment she was on her away towards the house that Colton lived in.
Wandering in the dark, Lily was afraid but she persevered and finally made her way to the Daniel's farm.

On the porch, hand into a fist; it was there she knocked once and stood back, waiting patiently for the door to open and when it did, eyes landed upon a older woman who held a glass firmly.
[b "Hello, is Colton home?..."] Lily asked nicely to a woman who raised her eyebrow, somewhat unimpressed that a girl was calling at their home at this time of night.

The woman did not say a thing.
Instead of speaking, she downed the drink and pointed towards the barn to which Lily turned her head and looked through the darkness to the red building on the farmland.

[b "Thank you.."]

There was no denying on the Mother know who the girl was.

Taking a step back, Lily gave off a smile and made her way off of the Daniel's porch and wandered across the land to the barn, walking through the door and kept quiet.
Looking around, it was the flicker in an area on the second floor that slowly Lily made her way up the stairs, hand upon the bannister and finally made her way up and stood at the top, seeing Colton as he turned his head to see the intruder.

Taking a step closer, hands in front of her while she breathed in; all she could do was bite her lower lip.
[b "I knocked on the door and your mom answered. Pointed that you were here..."] she muttered, taking another step forward. [b "I ..uh...came to see on if you were okay and see if Brent is going to be alright?"]

This was going to be hard.

[b "Before you speak, I ...have to let you know that I ...cannot go out with you. I have to go to the carnival with Grant and it hurts me so much to say that to you but ....I'm just not allowed All I wanted to do was go out with you..."]
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In the car ride home, the wind passed around him. Leaning against the side of the bed, he felt the cool breeze freeze him to the bone as he wrapped his arms around his knees. In the cab, his father hadn’t even glanced backward to check on his son. With every fiber of his being, he knew that the boy deserved to feel the chill of the wind to sober him up and help him realize what shit he had done wrong.

However, Colton knew what he did wrong from the moment that he pulled into the driveway of the party. He knew his place and it wasn’t there. It definitely proved to him that his place was not with the popular crowd. He was meant to be alone in this world until college. Only being away from home could he have enough freedom to see if he was cut out to be something to someone. No matter his feelings. Hardened and stone cold, Colton stared blankly out at the forest trees as they drove back to the house.

Pulling in on the gravel, Colton bounced a little and glanced to the side, already recognizing where they were. Scents of manure and sunflowers hit his nostrils and he felt his stomach drop farther than the ground. His mother had been with his father and had driven her son’s vehicle home. She stared out the window, watching her son freeze in the wind. Yet, she knew that her husband had a reason for what he did, and she didn’t dare overstep her boundary. She couldn’t protect him having seen his state when they picked him up.

Never had she seen her son in a state such as the one he was in now. She was worried and sick to her stomach thinking that her son could grow up to be a rebellious child and one that caused terror rather than be useful to the world. Her heart had clenched when her husband pulled in and slammed on his brakes to cause Colton to fly against the cab wall. She pulled in slowly beside them and turned off the truck, not ready to hear the spews of curse words that were going to fly from her husband’s mouth.

[+blue “What the fuck were you thinking?”] He screamed as he slammed his truck door. Colton climbed out of the bed, barely making it to the ground on two feet. He leaned heavily against the side of the bed and shook his head, unable to speak for his actions. [+blue “You know what this is going to do to your mother and me? I trusted you to be by yourself and make the right decisions and look at you. I get a call from the police that you were involved in an altercation, and were drunk. How in the hell am I supposed to let you go do stuff on your own when you can’t even take care of yourself when we aren’t around?”]

Colton glanced up and looked hard at his father. [b “Don’t you dare yell at me about taking care of myself.”] He said, a menace in his voice. [b “I work hard for you every damn day of the week. I pour my sweat over this land as much as you do. I pour myself into my school work to make you happy and proud of me. But the one time I mess up, you’re all about tearing me apart…But the moment I walk across the stage, I know I still won’t impress you.”] He started walking away when his father grabbed him by the arm and slammed him against the truck. His hip hit the side and he was pinned by his neck as his father held him up by his forearm. [+blue “And who gave you the right to speak to me like that? I gave you the food in your stomach, the clothes on your back, and the money for your damn education. Ungrateful son of a bitch.”]

Colton smiled sarcastically…oh how the alcohol was coming on strong. [b “I gave myself the right the moment Bryan died and you beat me to the point where I couldn’t move.”] The hurt in his father’s eyes shot him directly in the heart. Bryan had been his older brother, one killed in a car accident coming home from college 60 miles away. The perfect child was gone and colton was left alone to pick up the mess.

His father punched him in the face. [+blue “You ungrateful—”] His mother stepped in. [+green “Rick, stop! That’s enough. Both of you stop!”] She screamed as she forced herself in between father and son. Rick barely took a step back when he was staring heavily at his son and Colton held his jaw, glaring at his father even more now.

[+green “Colton, sleep in the loft in the barn. Rick get your ass in the house. If you’re going to act like little boys, I’m going to treat you both like one.”] Rick stared at his wife, seeing the fire in her eyes and he shook his head before walking away. Colton did the same stumbling. She held her hand to her forehead and felt tears escape her eyes as she walked into the house where she slammed the bedroom door in her husband’s face. Locking the door, he pounded on the door for a minute before walking away. Shaking, she crashed on the bed, unable to breathe…

An hour or two later, his mother unlocked the door and came out to get something to drink in the kitchen. On her way, she saw her husband asleep on the couch and she felt her eyes stinging from the rawness of wiping them. Her heart was breaking with every step and it wasn’t until she was standing in the kitchen with a glass of whiskey in her hand, she heard a knock on the door. She opened it slowly to see a girl in a night gown and jacket. Her breath was harsh against her lips and she wondered what the hell a girl would be standing on her porch in the middle of the night.

Her question caused the woman to raise her brow as she simply pointed to the barn. She recognized the girl to be the mayor’s daughter and she slammed back the glass of whiskey. Nothing in this house was perfect and this girl was going to find that out the hard way…

Colton had the light on in the loft as he climbed on the bed, hearing it creak and groan from his weight. Ever so often he would sleep out here during his arguments with his dad, and it was his place away from the house as well as his reality. Horses below calmed him throughout the night, and there as he stared out the window, looking at the moon as it was setting, he heard footsteps coming up the stairs. He braced himself for what was to come or if it was just the barn settling in the night…
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 2y 318d 21h 41m 38s
It was truly a night like no other.
Never had the daughter of the Mayor ever think she would be attending this party, hating it to the point all she wanted was air only to be sitting on the pier that hovered above the lake with Colton by her side.
He was nice.
Easy to talk too, easy on the eyes, brutally honest but often fumbled on his words which made Lily smile knowing that he did try but his shyness kept on being in the way.
It was cute.

Never in her years had a boy been so forward in asking for a kiss. With Colton asking, it showed Lily that he was a gentleman, asking for permission to steal a kiss rather than forcing himself onto her and taking a gesture so pure and intimate.
Lily nodded.
The Mayor's daughter gave permission for Colton to shift forward and place his lips upon her own.

Within moments, seconds, the two teenagers on the pier under the stars and the moonlights, kissed one another with both of their eyes closed, feeling the warmth and tenderness. Sparks flew. Lily gently raised a hand and caressed the side of Colton's face before placing it on the back of his neck as the kiss deepened with each passing moment. It was truly wonderful.

As the kiss begun to slow down, the two pulled apart from one another and Lily couldn't help but smile, blush, laugh a little and look down now becoming shy.
[i “I never thought that I would have the chance to kiss you, or even have a conversation with you. And I had both tonight. I think my entire life is made.”]
[b "I think both of our lives are made..."] Lily replied, feeling she was just about to say the words Colton did, but he beat her too it. Thoughts ran through her mind on running away into the forest and just getting away where it was all desolate, quiet and total privacy, but on the pier was good enough. No one could see. No one could hear, or so she thought.

Within minutes of the kiss, a yell from a woman came from the house, a yell that got both of their attention and Colton got up and ran as fast as lightening. The two had broken apart, Lily tried to catch up to the cowboy but with the heels on her feet, she lagged behind and got to the scene of a fight just as the moment Grant opened his mouth and spoke words that made Lily push through the crowd and stood in the middle of the circle where Brent laid and Colton protecting.
[+red “You moved in on my girl, Colton."]
[b "I'm not your girl, Grant..."] Lily replied with eyes like daggers.

It was on.

Colton had a gutful. Speaking to Grant how it was, trying to make him see reason and make him know full well that the one who hurt Brent was going to hurt just as bad, perhaps even more so.

Lily continued to stand in the middle, the girls who apparently were good friends shifted in and grabbed the emerald beauty and pulled her back to the side lines.
This was bad.

An ambulance was called in urgency, Grant again opened his mouth and spoke again on Lily being his and that was when Lily lost all control. From a girl starting to walk away as Brent was being tended too by professionals, hearing those words Lily turned around and pushed through the crowd headed for Grant and she pushed him, she pushed him back and hit him hard.
[b "I am not your girl! ...I am not some prize to be won! What makes you think I'll ever go for a boy like you, one that king hits someone innocent because he dared to stand up to you! I'm not your girl and I never will be!!...."] Lily screamed only to be pulled back still kicking and fighting.

That was all she remembered, that and watching Colton be dragged out form the party by his Father.
Even being dragged away he was gorgeous.

As the two separated and went their different ways, Lily went home and was lectured, screamed at by her father.
One for drinking, two for getting into a fight and three....for kissing a boy.

[b "Dad! ... It was one glass of champagne. Grant started that fight... and I kissed a boy because I like him.."]
[+blue "You are my daughter. You are underage! do you think this makes me look."]
[b "Always about how you look!"]
[+blue "Im the Mayor!"]
[b "And Im your daughter. A boy got hit by Grant Seville because he hated the fact that this nice ....kind boy kissed me because I let him! If you think I'm going to go steady with Grant or go to the carnival tomorrow, forget it."]
[+blue "The Seville's are prominent family. They are friends of ours and you will go to the carnival with Grant. That's an order young lady."]

Lily glared at her Father and walked out of the office without a single word being said.
Slam of the door, she walked out and went to her room and screamed into a pillow.

As the hours passed, Lily was still awake, dressed in her nightdress and all she could think about was Colton and Brent.

With an idea in her mind, it was within seconds that Lily managed her worm her way out of her window, down the tree and jumped onto the ground before running through the backyard and into the forest towards the house where Colton lived.

Over the fence and through the field she stood and looked at the house.
What was she doing?
What window was his?

[b "What the hell am I doing?..."] she muttered to herself, biting her lower lip.

It couldn't hurt.
Lily wearing a night dress with a jacket over the top wandered through the field and came to the porch of the house and rung the doorbell. Such a pretty girl. Not dressed appropriate but, she ran without thinking.

[b "Hello, is Colton home?..."] she spoke as the door opened.
  Lily Herondale - / MeisjeKelly / 2y 352d 20h 36m 12s
[size12 [font “Garamond” Colton looked at the face of the woman sitting in front of him. She sparkled. Her eyes were magical and hypnotizing and here he was, completely mesmerized with how she looked, how she acted, and how she was. The way that she spoke, the way that she sat there glancing around them ever so often to look at the view. He could see something in her that gave her excitement just to show her his world. He wanted to share his world with her, he wanted to give her a little taste of something that he was sure that she had never even been a part of before. Pressing his lips together, he felt the soft ache to touch them with her own and he wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity when there was a lull in the conversation…]]

[size12 [font “Garamond” Asking her was the polite thing to do. Actually moving forward on a woman to kiss her when they weren’t even dating, he wasn’t sure what to think. He had heard stories of girls that went all the way before there were dates involved. They were all about between the sheets instead of the roses and fine dining. In a way, this cowboy wanted to spoil the girl sitting in front of him, and do more than the guys his age was.]]

[size12 [font “Garamond” With a simple nod, the kiss was pushed forward and their lips touched just soft enough to make him want more. Her hand, as soft as he imagined, touched his face, her nails gliding just softly along his jaw before finding a spot right at the crook of his neck. His own heart was racing very hard in his chest. The girl that had all the guy’s eyes was within his arms and kissing him. He felt more intoxicated than ever, but it wasn’t from the alcohol running havoc in his system, it was the girl sitting in front of him with a scent that drove through his senses. When the kiss had come to a slow close, he was sure that his own face was just as red as he gave a soft chuckle. ]]

[size12 [font “Garamond” [b “I never thought that I would have the chance to kiss you, or even have a conversation with you.”] He said, running his fingers through his hair. [b “And I had both tonight. I think my entire life is made.”] He chuckled again and smiled at her.]]

[size12 [font “Garamond” The smile was goofy, and he couldn’t hide it. His drunk mind was stung with her presence and it was driving him to crazy mode. He was on cloud 9, and she was going to know about it. With a simple turning of his head, he looked at the water and glanced at his watch. In the reflection of the moonlight, he could see the time and it was starting to get late. He didn’t want it to end though. He wanted to race through the forest with her and find a quiet spot where no one could ever see them…]]

[size12 [font “Garamond” Brent looked out the window, watching the scene play out on the dock. Colton was finally coming out of his shell. However, the guy standing next to him wasn’t too happy about it at all. Grant looked at Brent. [+red “He’s moving in on my girl.”] He growled and Brent lifted a brow. [+blue “Dude, you missed out. You were expecting to move in on the girl that you barely took two seconds to talk to more than just asking her to go out on a date. Colton actually takes his time with girls, and girls like that. You messed up. Not him.”] The words caught him in the chin when a fist hit him hard. His head bounced against the glass, causing it to break into shards. Grant stood over the guy with his chest moving. [+red “Don’t you dare take his side.”] He growled again and moved away from him as Brent was holding his head, feeling the blood run down his fingers. With too much adrenaline, he jumped up and came up behind Grant, throwing him against the wall. The fight began and blood was splattered.]]

[size12 [font “Garamond” Elise saw the fight, having heard what was going on. Knowing where Lily was, she ran, and as fast as she could before anything big could happen. [+green “LILY! Brent and Grant are fighting! Colton! It’s because of you!!!”] She hollered. ]]

[size12 [font “Garamond” Looking up at her, Colton immediately felt on edge. Brent took a hit for him? Why? He got up, helping Lily up before he ran as best as he could up to the house where he could see the crowd beginning to form around the two guys fighting. Punches were thrown. Curses were spewing from their lips and some were saying they should call 9-1-1 because of the blood coming from Brent’s head. ]]

[size12 [font “Garamond” [b “BRENT!”] Colton pushed his way through the crowd and came to stand in front of Grant and next to Brent. [+red “You moved in on my girl, Colton. I know you have one friend here, but you have no one else. And you have no place here. She’s better than you will ever have.”] Grant growled, taking a step forward. Colton didn’t falter as he looked down at Brent, seeing how he wasn’t doing so hot.]]

[size12 [font “Garamond” [b “You know, a guy that wants to stand up for his girl shouldn’t be punching guys out just because he couldn’t get the girl. All you could have done was talk to her and I mean actually TRY to get her attention.”] He said, taking a step forward to match Grants. He wasn’t even paying attention to the words that were coming out of his mouth and he knew this. He was just testosterone filled and wanting a fight. He was a better man than the boy standing in front of him was.]]

[size12 [font “Garamond” [b “Brent are you okay?”] He said as he knelt down to look at Brent. He nodded, still holding his head. [+blue “I’m getting light headed.”] Colton knew this wasn’t good and he looked up around him. [b “We need an ambulance. You’ve lost a lot of blood Brent.”] He shook his head, but it was too late, he was already faltering. The adrenaline rush was wearing off. [b “Call 911!!”] He said and people were already on their phones before they were leaving quickly. Once he was notified that the ambulance was on its way, he stayed next to Brent feeling his mind sobering up. ]]

[size12 [font “Garamond” [+red “You’re not going to get away with this, Colton. She’s mine.”] Colton nodded. [b “I’m not going to fight with you. You’re not worth her time anyways. Or mine.”] He said, trying to keep Brent awake until the paramedics showed up to an empty house besides a few handfuls of people wanting to know what was going to happen to Brent. Police showed up and immediately they were tested and since Colton was 18, his parents were called his father came grunting up the steps to pick his son up because he couldn’t drive. ]]

[size12 [font “Garamond” Glancing around him, he saw Lily and he could feel the pain on his face as he was immediately hit up side of the head as he was dragged out of the house by his father and he wasn’t able to look backwards as he was practically thrown into the bed of the truck. His father was pissed.]]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 2y 353d 22h 38m 31s
[b "Your presence is a lot different to the people am familiar with. My whole life has been involved with people who ..well....are like people in there..."] Lily spoke as she continue to stare out in front of her knowing full well that Colton was near her and laying down with his head in her ap. It was somewhat of a risky move for him to rest with her like the way he was, but Lily did not mind it.
Not at all.
[b "You are different, I mean no one would ever have the guts to say I look like a raccoon. Well, thought I looked like..."]
[i “I’m a weirdo. And I’m never going to be able to live that comment down am I?”]
[b "I'm never going to let you forget it, no..."]

She was never.
It was not every day that she was spoken to and called at s it was something that was going to stick with her for a long time.

The atmosphere around them was indeed beautiful.
At night the animals came out and they made noise, mating calls as they too wanted a companion.
Right now, Lily had a friend in Colton and she was enjoying herself, she was not scared, did not fear but more she was comfortable and quite content.
Music blared in the background from the party but it was somewhat muffled, quiet enough for the two to speak to one another without any hassle.

As Colton sat up, Lily too managed to sit up and made herself a little more comfortable as she managed to look away from the lake and kept her eyes on the handsome cowboy as he looked afraid.
There he spoke words that gave off a smile on Lily's face.
Colton wanted to go on a date with her, he wanted to go on a date with her now...
[i “Only if you would want to go on one with me at this point. Or would you want to be good and say goodnight? I mean…I would love to continue spending time with you, I feel a little crazy asking so much. My mother didn’t raise me that way. I am so sorry…”]
[b "It is getting a little late... but since we are already out, I guess we can hang out a little more ..."] Lily spoke, giving off a smile as her eyes witnessed Colton slowly undo the buttons to his shirt.
This caused the rich girl to raise an eyebrow before looking away.

This was a moment she would not forget that was for sure. Here she was sitting on a pier of a lake with the cowboy that people found mysterious and some girls found quite sexy to admire.

More Colton continued to undo the buttons of his shirt, this time Lily couldn't help but noticed and stared.
It made her feel a little...excited to see this.
Colton had muscles, he was ripped unlike the men she knew in her life.

[b "Um.. well.. um, we should maybe"] she stuttered just by taking in the sight of him.
He was the most beautiful man she had ever seen.

This was not how it was supposed to go. Lily, a rich girl was supposed to go out and date men who were in the same circle.

[i "Can I kiss you?.."]

So forward.

Lily did not speak, all she could muster up was a nod of her head while her eyes said yes....yes, yes a million times.
The rich girl gave the cowboy her permission.

Within moments, Colton shifted his body in closer and Lily closed her eyes as their lips touched.
It was soft.
It made her get butterflies in her stomach.
It was magical, an explosion of fireworks.

Raising a hand, gently her fingertips caressed the side of Colton's face as the two continued to kiss under the stars by the lake.

However when the kiss broke, Lily pulled back and looked down, blushing and smiling.
A biting of the her lower lip made known that she all of a sudden became shy.
  MeisjeKelly / 3y 2d 10h 32m 44s
[size12 [font “Garamond” Crickets chirped, bullfrogs groaned, and fish hopped out of the water every few minutes while they sat there on the pier. It was like a concert and they were sitting front row to the show. Yet, despite the beautiful nature scenery around him, he was lost in the pair of eyes who would look down at him for a moment before flickering to another spot. He watched the curve of her face deepen as her smile grew with his words. It was impossible to have his heart racing faster than it was in that moment. He was looking at a girl that drove him crazy. She was the type that only came around once. She had standards, she had class, she had the entire package and she was sitting right here and she was gracious enough to let him rest his throbbing head on her lap. ]]

[size12 [font “Garamond” And she didn’t even seem bothered. ]]

[size12 [font “Garamond” [b “Well I’m flattered that my intoxicated presence is worth more than those that are at the party.”] He said with a soft laugh. And sure it was an ego boost for the guy who was falling for the girl who held him up. Yet, the liquor had started to wear off. He wasn’t as intoxicated as he once was when he was falling out there. Surprisingly he wasn’t in the water. The heat rising from his skin in the warm weather was almost unbearable. He turned his head to glance at the water when he had complimented her on her beauty. He wanted to say more, he wanted to be more of a man that she wanted in her life, yet she had come back with a loud laugh, saying that she was surprised for him to be calling a raccoon beautiful. He laughed along with her and shook his head as he slowly lifted himself up to sitting position and he looked back at her. ]]

[size12 [font “Garamond” [b “Well, I’m not like the others, I guess.”] He laughed and shook his head, touching his hand to his forehead for a moment. [b “I’m a weirdo. And I’m never going to be able to live that comment down am I?” He said, chuckling slightly as the embarrassment flooded through him. Heat was rising and he wasn’t sure if it was between them, or if it was just him sitting in the long sleeve button up and jeans. ]]

[size12 [font “Garamond” The drunk mind that he had was bouncing all over the place. And the words that he spoke made him lift a brow at himself. He wasn’t sure where the question had come from, but he didn’t try to take it back as he was hoping down in his gut that it would actually help him get closer to the girl that everyone so desperately wanted to be. To say that he wanted to be the one to hold her hand, kiss her cheek and make her laugh was an under statement. Just to even think that the girl sitting there next to him would actually want to be there made him go crazy on the inside. And to hear the secret spill from her lips made him physically smile. His eyes brightened, his mouth opened as wide as it would, and his chest just seemed fuller with the encouragement to be closer to her.]]

[size12 [font “Garamond” [b “Oh my gosh…Be cool.”] He said and touched his hand to his mouth as he cleared his throat as well as any drunk man could do. And with a deep breath, he looked to the side. [b “I have a secret too. I really want to go on a date with you. But, this drunk mind of mine is thinking that it should be out of the ordinary. And I want it to start now.”] He said, looking at her. He was thinking crazily. He was thinking way out of proportion, but he wanted to be with her as long as possible. The cowboy inside of him wanted to respect her boundaries, and he knew that it was getting late, but looking up at the moon, it was just too good out here to end the night so soon.]]

[size12 [font “Garamond” He caught himself and he looked at her. [b “Only if you would want to go on one with me at this point. Or would you want to be good and say goodnight? I mean…I would love to continue spending time with you, I feel a little crazy asking so much. My mother didn’t raise me that way. I am so sorry…”] He had begun to ramble more and more. Until he just stared at her face and there he came to a complete stop, only without a single breath to keep him going. He was breathless at the sight of her. ]]

[size12 [font “Garamond” He felt so nervous at the presence of her. He felt so over heated that he had started to unbutton his long sleeve to leave his stomach exposed. [b “I’m hot and being around you isn’t helping. I needed to cool off. Please pardon my distasteful clothing opening.”] He said softly, rubbing his hands through his hair. He hoped that he wasn’t a sweaty pig sitting in front of her, but he wanted to look into those eyes and feel the curve of her lips on his…]]

[size12 [font “Garamond” [b “Can I kiss you?”] He asked, looking at her, biting his lip slightly. ]]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 2y 353d 23h 9m 2s
[i “That is if I’m able to leave the farm this summer. We need rain. Crops are becoming dust, and the grass is drying up so we have to purchase food for the cattle.”]
Colton was trailing off.
Speaking things she did not exactly need to know about but now all Lily could feel was worry as a farm with no water, was a town with no supplies. Not to mention Colton's family would be in despair.
She had to do something about this.
Maybe if it came to a point where they needed rain, Lily could use her good hearted father, the Mayor of the town to maybe allow water to be syphoned from the lake to the Daniel's farm.
It was an idea, but she remained quiet but still continued to listen to his words.

The girl could listen to him all day.

[I “I am so sorry. I’m not good at this flirting thing when I’ve had alcohol in my system. I can’t talk right…I can’t think right…All I’ve gotten correct tonight is falling down on this pier and ending up with you beside me.”]
[b "I have to admit, I'm having more fun here than I was inside at the party. Well no sorry, I lied. I had fun at the party when I bumped into you and saw you. It got boring after that when you weren't around.."] Lily spoke, admitting a little tiny secret that was sure to boost a man's ego.

What came next made her cheeks flush red.
Colton had enough courage built up to speak on her beauty, that he did find her beautiful and that he never lied about that.
[b "I never thought you considered raccoons to be beautiful.."] she replied, laughing out - trying to cut the blushing and the shyness that would seep down and was trying too but the girl hid it well.

[i “What is one secret you’ve never told anyone?”]

Sitting up straighter as the head of Colton Daniel's rested on her lap, a move that made her a little shocked but still comfortable, the turn of conversation became exciting and all she could do was smile. Seems tonight all she could do was smile and now her face started to hurt.
A secret.
A secret she has never told anyone.

Turning her head up from the sight of the cowboy laying down, Lily tilted her head upwards - looked at the sky and thought long and hard, playfully as it really wasn't that difficult.

[b "A secret that no one knows? ...Hmm well, if you were to ask me out on a date, I would say yes.."] Lily spoke softly, taking a nice little view of Colton once more, wanting to see his reaction.
  MeisjeKelly / 3y 22d 18h 15m 24s
[font “Garamond” Colton could see that she noticed his uncomfortableness, but he didn’t dare move from his look, mostly because his drunken mind wouldn’t allow him. He was showing his emotions and he felt vulnerable. The liquor wasn’t working for him like he thought he would, but he was proud of himself for seeming like he was turning the tables to his favor…He pressed his lips together and stared at the hat, feeling nervous, but feeling like a man on his first date with a girl…And yet they weren’t on a date, just seemed to always meet up. Now if only he could actually get the balls to say something that he wouldn’t regret later…]

[font “Garamond” [i “Well, even if we did not see each other again tonight, we would be bound too again. We both live here.”] She was right. They did live in the same down and attend the same school, but it was officially summer time. And that meant that she had the opportunity to hang out with anyone that she wanted, whether that be him or not. Oh, the many scenarios that played in his mind at that moment. [b “That is if I’m able to leave the farm this summer. We need rain. Crops are becoming dust, and the grass is drying up so we have to purchase food for the cattle.”] He said, looking to the side, letting the words just fall out of his mouth. This was supposed to be romantic…his eyes widened as the realization hit him.]

[font “Garamond” [b “I mean, yes, we would be bound to see each other again. I would like to see you every day if I could.”] He said, feeling the blood rush to his face. He shook his head slowly and touched his fingers to the bridge of his nose as he did so. [b “I am so sorry. I’m not good at this flirting thing when I’ve had alcohol in my system. I can’t talk right…I can’t think right…All I’ve gotten correct tonight is falling down on this pier and ending up with you beside me.”] He said, letting his hand fall as he pulled his knee up and rested his elbow on his knee. Leaning on his free hand, he looked at her. He was feeling the tingling feeling in his body and he knew that it was more than just the alcohol in his system that was making him feel this way. It was her…it was the way that she smelled, the way that she smiled, the way that she looked at him, but the moment that he brought up what Grant had implied, she leaned back slightly and away from him…]

[font “Garamond” [+blue “He said that? He said that I was a prize?”] She had said, looking surprised that a man would think of her as a prize. He nodded softly and looked down at the water. [b “I wanted to warn you before he started sweet talking you. I know a man like that.”] He said softly. [b “But I don’t expect you to believe me.”] He said, yawning slightly.]

[font “Garamond” When she started speaking again, he looked back at her again and felt his stomach tighten again. By the time that she finished he was groaning until he realized what she was saying. [b “Are you telling me that you would even consider going on a date with me?”] He said slurringly. Through his words he was smiling like a child in a candy shop. Never had he been so excited since the day he got his truck and his grandfather’s hat. He touched his face and fell downward on the pier until his head was resting in her lap where he could look up at her.]

[font “Garamond” [b “You are very beautiful, darling. Never lied about that.”] Okay maybe the liquor was helping. He felt a little more confident to be close to her. He was comfortable with the woman that he was leaning against., mostly pushing himself into her zone, but he wanted to be closer…to feel her warmth and maybe push forward in their relationship…]

[font “Garamond” [b “What is one secret you’ve never told anyone?”] He said, glancing up at her, staring at the curve of her cheek and the sparkle of her eyes. The pout of her lips made him ache to kiss her, but he was going to take it slow…He knew that not many girls would be seen with him…He wasn’t the preppy, rich kid that most of the guys were at school. He was a guy that had to fight for his place, and work for whatever he wanted in life. While others were handed the good life, he had to earn it, one day at a time…]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 3y 22d 21h 29m 46s
[i “And I was wondering when a beautiful girl like you would come back into my life again.”]

It was while sitting down, legs crossed at the ankles that Lily could not help herself but raise an eyebrow at the comment Colton had made.
It was very forward, honest and perhaps a mistake.
Keeping her mouth shut, inside she laughed before turning her head and eyes away from the water and looked at the cowboy, seeing him somewhat uncomfortable.
Definitely word vomit.

[b "Well, even if we did not see each other again tonight, we would be bound too again. We both live here."] she spoke softly, trying to keep calm even though deep down she was jumping up and down, screaming in happiness that this handsome man thought she was nothing short of beautiful.
With the hat resting between them side by side, Lily looked down at stared upon it, hearing from Colton that this was his grandfathers hat.
That was nice.
No wonder he held onto it for dear life. Lily smiled at the comment, thinking it was really nice that Colton had it. His grandfather would of been honored and proud for having his grandson wear it.

However the happiness soon faded with a comment made about Grant Hayes.
Way to put a damper on things.

[i “You’re going to go with Grant Hayes, aren’t you? He had told me that you were the prize of the night.”]
[b "He said that? He said that I was a prize?..."] Lily spoke, raising her eyebrows in disbelief. A perfect match her ass. Grant was exactly like the boys back in London. Foolish of her to think different for a moment.

That rat bastard.
How inconsiderate.

[b "He did ask me out and I did say yes. It's just a movie and a trip to the carnival tomorrow. Harmless, besides I don't see anyone else asking me on a date...."] Lily replied, looking at Colton listening to him speak once again.

[b "Yeah well, calling girls raccoon's isn't exactly the best compliment. You implying that I am beautiful just before...makes me forgive you."] softly spoken.
Silence soon swirled over them and it was looking up at the moon in the sky, Lil bit her lower lip. Even though there was a brief moment of silence, it was nice she felt comfortable.
  Lily Herondale - / MeisjeKelly / 3y 23d 11m 6s
[font “Garamond” Colton was not much for parties, was not much for being a person who would be the life or even the center of attention. He kept quiet and to himself most of the time. Growing up, he was yelled at for speaking too much, for saying too much, for running around too much, for not being still enough, and the list would go on and on. He was a rambunctious child…He had barely come with a warning label. His mother would try so hard to keep him in line, but his free spirit kept him running free. It wasn’t until she had met his current father figure did he not move a single step. He got his chores done, he minded and listened, and he didn’t fight back. Now, with his age coming to the point where soon he would be moving out and going to college did he feel the wild spirit come back. He wanted to ride free on his horse and just run for miles, but never did he have enough time for that. ]

[font “Garamond” Colton sat, staring at the moonlight. The waters reflected the light and the shape of the moon as he looked out. The music from the party was still bumping in the background, but now the main show was turned to the grasshoppers, bullfrogs, and birds chirping throughout the night. He felt at ease…remembering all the calm times he had rode his horse in the middle of the night despite his warnings given by his mother. He felt invincible as he laid against one of the posts holding up the pier.]

[font “Garamond” He played with the rim of his hat, staring down at the worn stitches. There he was lost in his mind, listening to the words replay…His grandfather had been his pride and joy. [+blue “There are few things in this world to rely on, son.”] His grandfather had spoke…[+blue “But one thing you can always count on is that ‘Love never fails in the hands of God.’”] He would say before watching Granny walk in with a walker. He would just smile with delight before going to help her as best as he could. It was within that moment that he had seen something true. It was without a doubt something that he wanted in the future. He didn’t want to go one day without it the moment that he found it. However, just at the young ripe age of 18, he had plenty of time to find it, but he was getting weary…]

[font “Garamond” He turned his head at the sound of feet beside him. He could feel each step across the wood as his fingers stretched out and his eyes lifted to see the beautiful curve of her smile. It sparkled and made him even more weird at the sight. He felt his stomach tighten again and feeling good as it was, he held his chest as he spoke. [b “And I was wondering when a beautiful girl like you would come back into my life again.”] He said, stumbling just slightly. ]

[font “Garamond” Realizing what he had said, he pressed his lips together and covered his mouth with his fingers as his eyes widened. His sober mind was far away from the shape that it was in right now, but he was still trying to regain composure in front of the girl now sitting beside him. He could feel her warmth next to him, even with the cool breeze blowing between them, he wanted to get closer and feel the heat that she radiated…to feel the happiness that just flowed from her lips. She was beautiful definitely, and he wanted to be .]

[font “Garamond” [b “And this is my grandfather’s hat…”] He stared at it, rubbing his fingers across the old stitches for a moment before his drunk mind turned to a different subject. [b “You’re going to go with Grant Hayes, aren’t you? He had told me that you were the prize of the night.”] He stumbled through, barely keeping his words from being slurred. His drunken mind was definitely making him feel confident enough to speak, more and more this man talked…just like his childhood days…]

[font “Garamond” [b “I knew a girl like you would never go a man like me. I mean look at me. I’m a boy who flicks manure everywhere and calls girls raccoons.”] He chuckled softly before keeping his eyes down and holding the hat a little tighter in his hands. He wasn’t sure what to do with his hands, so he was grateful that the hat was there to keep him busy.]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 3y 23d 32m 8s
Sure the parties were fun.
Sure her friends were there, enjoying themselves, talking, dancing and some making out with boys that again were just too predictable but there came a time where all Lily wanted was quiet, peace and quiet and perhaps a man to hold her.
This became one of those times.

Shifting through the crowd, it was coming to a gate with a pin code that she stared at it, growing hesitant to exit the party as her friends would wonder where she was.
Turning head, those big eyes watching the party goers and she smiled for a moment before retracting that smile the moment she witness Grant and her friends walk out.
Lily could not put her pin code in fast enough. Seeing them, she actually kind of freaked out and felt she needed to leave so following her instinct that was the first thing the girl did.
Pushing the buttons, Lily pushed the gate forward and she soon stepped out, closing the gate behind her. A nice little walk would do her good. Juts to get out to silence without the thumping of the music pulsating in her brain would be heaven.
Wandering through the garden with a hand out, Lily's fingertips gently guided along the leaves that headed out towards the pier of the lake.
Coming out to the clearing, it was there that her eyes set upon a person, a single person sitting down under the moonlight.

The moment Lily got closer, the easier it was too see the shape of a hat, a hat that was clutched close by a boy inside the party.
A large grin ended up on her face followed by a bite of her lower lip.

[b "Nice hat..."] she spoke softly as she took a step closer, lifting up her dress a little before shifting her body down and sat down beside the gorgeous cowboy.
Legs crossed at the ankles as she sat up under the moonlight by the lake.
[b "I didn't see you at the party. I thought you would of went home..."]
  Lily Herondale - / MeisjeKelly / 3y 23d 1h 44s
[font “Garamond” Colton held the glass tightly in his hand as he was already threatened to like a woman that someone had a hold on already. He wondered how true it was when the guy had spoken about them talking. The girls stared at Grant…and immediately they started whispering to the Emerald beauty. He bit the inside of his cheek as he moved away from the sight with a little frustration. He could already tell that this wasn’t going to go as he wanted, just like Grant didn’t take time to move in on the girl the moment that Colton was out of the room. With little respect, he wanted the man out of the room before he was to ask the girl out on a date, so then, by the time he was to show up again, she was claimed…]

[font “Garamond” Oh how Colton didn’t see it coming. He had walked in with another full glass of scotch in his hand before he saw her standing next to Grant, a smile on her face, almost like the one that she had given him. Immediately he felt his stomach drop down to his feet and he automatically knew that he was not supposed to reach out or pull his hopes up so quickly. He downed the scotch and resisted the urge to break the glass within his fingers. He calmly set it down and went to the kitchen. The trash can punch was supposedly strong and he was going to test how strong it was.]

[font “Garamond” Gorging on the trash can punch, it was after 3 cups that he was starting to feel the world start to spin. The lights seemed to brighten and he could smile a little more while his heart was beating faster in his chest. The music seemed louder and he felt looser than he was before. The hat in his tight grip, he walked as straight as he could before he was walking outside. If the girl that supposedly liked him was going to treat him like that, he was going to find someone else. ]

[font “Garamond” It didn’t take him long before he found a pair of ocean stars staring back at him. He smirked and let his eyes bring in the girl where she flirted close enough to be near him. Her perfume was almost drowning him and he felt that this wasn’t right, but never could he look away from the low cut shirt that she wore. [+green “Everyone says that you’re mysterious…that no one knows anything about you…”] She had said, her voice a little too high pitched for his ears. He barely paid attention as the liquor began to talk through his lips for him.]

[font “Garamond” [b “And I think a girl like you is into all the darkest secrets of the school.”] He spoke, and immediately he felt a slap come across his face. [+green “What the hell does that mean?”] She said with a scowl on her face. Colton held his cheek and just stepped away, turning around. The entire crowd had seen the episode and he felt blood rush into his cheeks as he stalked off. Bryce had come to save him as he looked at him. [+red “What the hell happened?”] ]

[font “Garamond” [b “Coming here was a mistake Bryce. If you wanted me to come just so then you could embarrass me, then you’ve done it. I’m getting the fuck out of here.”] He walked away, walking toward the gate that he saw. Bryce followed him, grabbing his arm. [+red “What do you mean? I didn’t ask you to come here to embarrass you, I remember the night that we had gotten drunk together and it was fun. I remember when you used to let go. What the hell happened to you man?”] Colton did nothing but laugh. ]

[font “Garamond” [b “I grew up.”] Bryce stared at him and shook his head, entering in the pin for him and Colton dipped out to see a pier standing just 2 feet above the water. It was calming him already as he stumbled toward it. A few minutes later, he was coming to stand on the pier, watching the water dip and swirl, and crash around him. Though he knew it was calm and the water wasn’t actually moving, he moved to sit down in the middle of the pier. The world was spinning as he had come to a complete halt. Pressing his hands to his head, he tried to regain composure as he didn’t want to hurl into the lake. It would be gross and people would know that he couldn’t hold his liquor.]

[font “Garamond” When he was younger, he used to not worry about what people had to say…They used to not whisper about his family or talk about how his father was an uptight bastard with a child that wasn’t his…He used to let it slide right off of him as he used to remember hearing his mother have to hear the rude gossip of her being a whore. She would just drag him away, and he would just let it go like that. But now, everything that people did to him, everything that was said to him, he took it very heavily. He pressed his lips together as he finally gained his sight and was able to look at the moon and the reflection in the water. The quiet was stabling him and he felt his nausea finally pass. ]

[font “Garamond” The rest of the punch had begun to hit him and he felt really good, but he didn’t move. He just stared out and let his mind reel through the different scenarios with the girl that had his mind captured. His mind also let the dark side sink in as he pictured Grant with her…He shook his head slowly as he stared out into the darkness, only to soon have company…]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 3y 23d 3h 5m 47s

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