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[center [b "Please, we need to turn around! .. I can't leave without saying goodbye.."]]

[center Lilly turned her head only to stare out of the back window of the car that began to drive away from the home that now only resided her Father.]
[center That was the day she truly knew what heartbreak was, as there; standing by the tree on the other side of the road, stood Colton, the greatest love of her life - watching the car speed from his own world. Sure they both were young and foolish in getting themselves wrapped in the binds of love, sure, after all this, people would talk now that it was all in the open and certainly they would say that what they had was puppy love, but they were wrong. The two knew what it was. It was love. Dive infront of a bullet, die for one"]

[center [+red "You know I cannot do that, Miss. Your father told me to take you to the airport and come straight back...I'm sorry Miss, Mr Herondale's orders.."]]

[center With rejection, came anger, confusion and sometimes impulsiveness for the worse. With upon being rejected by Grant, that night on the dancefloor of the Festival, seeing his girl go to Colton; that was the last straw. It was Grant that went to Mr Herondale that night and spilled the beans on everything he knew. Everything from Lilly kissing Colton that night on the pier, to them dating them both losing their virginity and having sex more and more. That night, Lilly and her Father and a full out war of a fight and she was made to leave the town as he was ashamed of his daughter. A Herondale, fooling around with a Daniel's boy. Ashamed on now what the town would think of him if she stayed, so it was with a hard choice, the next day, Lilly was made to go live with her mother in Miami.]


[center Thank you was all Colton could speak.]
[center To be honest, it was more than she thought he would say considering on how long it had been from the two of them seeing of even speaking to one another. Lilly was surprised more than word came out of her mouth just the same but tried desperately to hold her composure - trying to make sure she wouldn't run and jump into the arms of a man who was soon to be wed. Sally came to save the day and before she knew it, she and her girls were on the other side of the steaming warm pool, undressing to reveal the suits that rested underneath. With Lilly's, nothing was left to the imagination. It was upon taking it off and turning around, her eyes didn't notice others staring at her but instead, they honed onto the man of her dream on the other side where she just stood, enamoured and still very much in love - hiding it well.]
[center [+red "Your drink, Miss..."]]
[center [b "Thank you very much. Just put it on my tab, Cabin 11..."]][center The waiter nodded and did exactly what she had told. Staying there for a week after all of this, the tab was going to be a severe amount of money. Alot of drinking would surely make her feel better about this situation, right?. Glass being brought up to her pouty lips, the scent of whisky filling her nostrils, her eyes continued to glance upon Colton only now for an eyebrow to raise. The sweater that was keeping him warm was now removed and set down. His body made a urge...a feeling swirl in the pit of her stomach. A tingle inbetween her legs to which she had to look away the moment Colt waded in the pool towards her.]
[center He was coming over. A movement that made Lilly smile in her glass before taking another sip of the matured whiskey, cheeks blushing and butterflies to form in her tummy as she placed down the drink onto the glass top table beside her. However it wasn't long that while Colt was making his was over - that another young man, handsome and tattooed, which was always nice, stood infront of Lilly and asked her a very simple and kind question.]

[center [u Hey beautiful, what brings you to Colorado?]]
[center [b "I am here with my girls for a little holi-----"]

[center Words were cut off with the coming in-betweens of the man she loved more than air. Colton made his way out from the warm pool only to wander over where she stood - making himself known to the tattooed boy who only wanted to strike up a conversation.]
[center With one asking a question of him helping Colton, the once Famer's boy replied in a way that made Lilly look down, blushing again but this time, not from a huge smile or flirtation, but now from embarrassment.]
[center Lilly remained standing - body next to Colton as he got close as the males exchanged words on now having a name on her. This was when she had enough and tilted her head up and smiled. Stepping in closer to Colton's side, pressing body against him, wrapping a single arm around his waist as she placed her free hand that was empty of a drink she really now needed, placing palm down on his chest. That body that made her want to drop onto her knees and beg for him to ravish her.]

[center [b "I'm so sorry about my best friend. He is really protective of me..."]] she muttered as she looked at the boy, speaking to him before turning her head and tilted it up, looking at Colton. [b "Aren't you?..."]

[center It was there that the stranger nodded his head, spoke on it being okay and wished Lilly a good night before walking away, rejected only for Lily to watch, forgetting that the palm of her hand was upon Colt's body, slowly moving down over his washboard abs, slowly moving down a little more to the rim of his swim shorts and it was there she realised where her hand was and moved her hand away quick. It wasn't her place to touch him like that anymore.."]

[center Stepping back just a little, eyes gazed upon him only to hold out her arms out on either side, a face of confusion.]

[center [b "What was that? ..He seemed nice and you just completely cock blocked me..."] she muttered, unable to understand on why Colton just did what he did. Was he jealous? Did he want her time and her time only? Did he still love her?]

[center [b "The old Colton would never of done that ...but the old Colton is gone, isn't he?..."]]

[center Her eyes softened from anger to wonder. Standing before her, was the man she loved, the man she wanted to marry, start a family with, grow old with.....but he looked different. A more mature boy with guts, a stubble of a beard about to grow on his face, a body that was a lot more muscular than it was when he was just a mere kid at 17. Not that she was complaining. Hair a little darker ..but his eyes and those lips she loved to kiss were exactly the same.]

[center Stepping in closer, not exactly caring who was looking or who was around that this point, Lilly bit her lower lip and raised both hands, placing both on his chest, letting fingertips gently caress his skin as she tilted her head up - looking at the man who in her mind, was still that love struck 17 year old boy - a lot taller than she remembered.]

[center [b "You, will always be that boy who rode his horse to talk to me. That boy who asked to kiss me. That boy who trusted me enough to let me wear his grandfather's hat....that boy, who fucked me good against the wall of the boys locker room....that amazing boy who always told me, he loved me. I know he is in there some where...but you don't have that right anymore to push people from me. You're getting married and it's not to me. I'm single, Colt. I just want to be loved again, like how you loved me before this other woman came into your life...."]

[center Biting lower lip, it was in that instant that Lilly stood up on her tip toes and closed her eyes - resting her forehead against Colt's own, letting her lips brush against his own - her hot ..sweet breath again his mouth - eyes closed - feeling that sizzle of a strong urge]
[center [b "Colt..I've missed you. I never thought Id see you again. When I came back to the town two days after I left to get more of my things, I saw Brent. I gave him my phone number and the address of where I was in Miami. Told him to tell you I loved you and that it wasn't over for me. For you to come get me because it was my Dad who sent me away as he found out about you and me from Grant. ...."] she muttered in a whisper only to open her eyes and stare deep into his own. [b "But you never came...."]]

[center It was the past. It hardly mattered anymore. It was just the two of them now in that very moment and as terrible as it seemed that she was letting her hands caress his body, Lily could not help herself. 6 years was way too long. [i "One in a million by Aaliyah"] played in the background. A sexy, seductive song that only made the girl step in closer, body against body as her eyes continued to stare into his own - fingertips gliding down the front of his torso slowly...]

[center [b "Come back to my cabin with me?..."] she whispered]
  MeisjeKelly / 1y 104d 11h 48m 12s
[center [font “Times” [size12 Colton was a man who was going to stick to his word. Years after the broken off love escipade that he was involved in, he had vowed that he was not going to let himself fall as far as he did prior to that. The drinking...the cocaine...the other drugs that he was so blacked out when he was trying them that he didn’t even know the name of them. He just remembered the feeling of actually being able to touch her in his dreams, but then the trip would turn to hellish within a moment where she was walking away from him all over again. His heart broke every night for years until he finally met someone who was willing to put up with his bullshit and keep him on the right track.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 His path was never clear form the moment that she walked out of it. He was walking in a haze that he wasn’t sure he would ever get out of. Amelia had given him a path, something with restrictions and boundaries that he was finally able to follow. He needed structure. The structure that was Amelia had finally built him back up from the wreck that she had left him in. It wasn’t her fault though. The world at the time was not meant for them to be together. And now...looking at her, Colton was fading once again. He felt the urges try to take over him again. He needed something to keep his calm and good ol’ Brent was trying to be the Amelia of the group and keep him on the right track…]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 The track was falling apart.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [i Colton….get it together….] Brent had whispered as Colton was already moving, moving like an arrow just shot out of a bow, straight to the target. The target being the woman that he had been trying to be with or see for the past 6 years.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 And like that...with only a few steps, the arrow had hit his target…]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [u Hey Colt….] His nickname that she had given him, and many others over the years had just seemed to feel like home the moment that it passed her lips. She was amazing, her lips curled in just a way that he swore heaven had parted and they were singing down upon him. Then he was facing reality that he had put a ring on someone else’s finger, and in that moment, he honestly could not remember her name….]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [u So I hear you are getting married. Congratulations…] ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Yes...Yes he was getting married. He looked dazed and confused there for a moment as he looked at her. He was not sure how things were going to go now. He could barely move his lips to respond back as he looked at her, lost in those eyes, blinded by the glow of her skin, and lost within the waves that her hair had fallen over her shoulder when she moved…]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Married to who? He wondered…]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b Thank you…] Was all he managed to say… Very softly, not with proudness, or bluntness. He was not confident in the words, he was barely holding on to the part of him that had said it. Without a doubt, he was lost in the magic of the moment and all of the sudden one of her friends was pulling her away and she was rambling that she would see him again. And it wasn’t but moments later when Brent was standing by him. Brent had to grip his shoulder. [i You looked like a deer lost in headlights. What the fuck happened?] ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b She is actually here Brent. Lilly Herondale is actually within arms reach again…]]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Brent almost face palmed Colton’s face before clasping a hand on his jaw, forcing the man to look at him. [i Yeah,] He reached into his pocket, already with a photo pulled up and ready to go. [i So is this woman. This woman who has worked so hard to bring you back from the dead from that girl’s hell.] He said, slamming the phone in his hand so he could look at it. It was one of the photos of the engagement that him and Amelia had taken. The smiles were genuine, the love was there, but in that moment...he didn’t feel it. He didn’t feel the attachment to Amelia like he thought. He felt the guilt instead wash over him like a hurricane soaking his entire body. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b Another vodka please.] He said softly as he handed the phone back to Brent and shook his head. [b I’m so lost.] Colton whispered. So many flurrying emotions were running through his head. He was lost in sensations, memories, and above all the haze in his head again. The fog had returned, and he wasn’t sure where the light had gone.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He looked at Brent again and for a moment, he could see practically the reflection of her body within his eyes and it wasn’t a split second later that he was turning his head and there she was...unzipping the black dress that was hiding her bikini and front page magazine shaped body. His face immediately turned red as his eyes darted over the crowd, immediately seeing the faces of the other men as they had set their targets on them.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b Oh fuck no.] Colton said under his breath, but Brent shook his head and grabbed the man by his arm. [i You, my man, are not going to go over there and stake claim on someone you have no right to stake claim on anymore.] Brent said, as the voice of reason.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Colton glared at him. [b What the fuck man? Do you see the way that they are looking at her?] Brent nodded and hit him with a stab of truth right in the middle of the chest, directly into his heart. [i Yes, Colton I do. It’s the same exact look you gave her when you first saw her too. That feeling they’re getting is the one that washed over you too. Then what the fuck happened? She fucking left you.]]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 The truth hit him hard. Continued to wash over the memories and fill his head with the amount of nights and months and years to get over. Nights with random women, some promising him that they could help him get over her, and all it was that the next morning he was screaming at them to get out of his apartment...out of his bed...out of his life. And there, he would be the dick without response.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 And there she was looking at him….]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b I’m going over there.]]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [i You’re thinking with your dick Colton!]]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Colton shrugged as he was walking away drink in hand before he set it on the table, and slowly pulled off his pullover that he was wearing to cover up the hardwork that he had put in the gym all those years they were apart. It was the cocaine that kept him going and the weed that was soothing his muscles between hours of what was not rest, but was just lack of productivity.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He watched her closely, knowing how he responded to her removing her clothing, he wanted to see her reaction to how she was watching him. He stepped into the water, drink still in hand as Lucas came up to him, already a few shots in. [i girls want to meet you.] Colton was watching Lucas stumble, even in the water’s balance to reach the two girls. Colton shook his head and drank on his drink and looked at her again.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b My eyes are set on someone.] Lucas’ eyes widened. [u Colt’s got a girl! I told you this would be fucking awesome!] Colton shook his head and walked away, treading through the water again to her side, just within a few moments of someone coming up to her.]]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [u Hey beautiful, what brings you to Colorado?] The man had asked and immediately when Colt pulled up to the conversation, the man looked at him and lifted a brow. [u Can I help you?] Colt shook his head. [b By standing aside. Yeah. Thanks for asking.] ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [u I don’t see your name on her.] ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He took a sip of his vodka straight and lifted a brow. [b Doesn’t have to be.] The man looked at him. [u What the fuck does that even mean?] Colton shook his head and rolled his eyes. [b Be a man and know your etiquette. If you can’t hold yourself together in a conversation, move along. Ladies don’t like trash.]]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [u Who the fuck do you think you are?]]]]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 1y 118d 9h 28m 2s

Nah, surely not.
Out of all the places in country, out of all the states, it was just no way that the love of her past was in the same resort as she was. The same man that kept her awake at night. The very same man that she cried months and months for after she had to leave him.

The world wasn't that cruel.
Was it?

It was with Colton coming into view that Lily narrowed her eyes and stared upon the man who simply took her breathe away, a small gasp became caught in her throat.
There were similarities. His hair was darker than she remembered. He wasn't as tan as he was from all the days in the hot sun working out shirtless in the field.
A clean cut beard was resting upon the skin of his face which Lily raised an eyebrow over. A beard did a lot to a man, it can completely change a man's appearance.
However it was staring deep into those eyes that she knew it was him. The greatest love of her life, the man she wanted to be with, die of old age with, the only man she would marry - and here he was, in the same resort...getting married in 2 weeks to someone else.

[i "Holy fuck..."] words were heard, soft in a whisper but load enough to know the voice.
[b "Oh my god...."] Lily muttered, turning her head, only for her left hand to grip the wrist of Sally who was standing beside her, eye fucking one of the friends
[+green "Ow...what ?..."]
[b "That's him.."]
[+green "Who's him?.."]

By this time, Colton too was being dragged off by Brent.
Good ol' Brent.
The boy who played everything by the book and never did a single bad thing in his life. The boy who was now a man and trying hard to make Colton look away and stay away from the girl that caused his small decent into the white powder episode.

[b "Sally. That's Colton. The one who is getting married ..that's Colton. Oh my god, he is getting married...."]
[+green "Colton...ex boyfriend, love of my life..I will never love another man as much as him, Colton?.."]
Lily nodded with eyes open wide before turning her head for a quick moment to stare upon the most incredible man she had ever seen before turning back - shaking her head.
[b "I gotta get out of here..."]
[+blue "Noooo, you don't.."] Danielle muttered, grabbing Lily by the arm as she was just about to walk away. [+blue "Lily. For 6 years, you have been asking questions with not knowing the answers. There are only a few chances in life..and this is your chance to..get closure. Get the answers and close the book.."]
[+green "Dani has a point..."]
[+blue "I know you loved him. We all know, you still do but Lilly, this really has to end.."]

Lily stared at her girls and nodded slightly.
They were right.
It was time to close the book as now Colton was getting married and a man with respect and morals. He would never end an engagement for a girl he had a fling with back in high school.
Even if their love was passionate and true.

[i Lilly Herondale...Is that you?"]
[+blue "...and this is where we leave. Good luck..."]

As the girls left towards the place that was reserved just for them and the group the boys who were celebrating Colton's engagement, Lily stood in spot, tall and poised, holding the clutch in both hands infront of her body as she watched Colton wander up to her.
It was in that moment that all she could think about was the bikini underneath the dress. How could she possibly go swimming now with what she was wearing.

[b "Hello, Colt..."]

Words escaped her throat when she thought she had none to give.

Fingertips tapped on her clutch purse, biting her lower lip, trying of something else to say. A are you, would of been great but instead, no.

[b "I hear you are getting married. Congratulations..."]

Those words hurt.
It was in that moment Sally, who stared at her girl from the reserved spot, could see Lily's heart break from the look on her face.
Lily wasn't ready to face this.

Shifting from her spot, Sally wandered over and approached the two old love birds and smiled.

[+green "I am so sorry to intrude. Come on Lily, time to drink. We're waiting for you.."]
Lily nodded before smiling at Colton, tried to hide the fact she was shocked, hurt...

[b "It was really good seeing you again. Well, we will see each other again, I mean.... your group and my group are hanging, I guess we will be seeing more of each other.."]
Ramblings of a crazy woman.
Lily sighed and wandered off with Sally, moving past Colton with a hand upon her forehead.
She just made a complete ass of herself and soon, she was about to give a view of ass with the bikini she had on, thanks to the only one she brought as Danielle threw out the polka dot one before they left Miami.

Finding her spot, Lily put her clutch down onto the seat and stood there.

[+blue "You're not going to swim?.."]
[b "No, because thanks to you, the bikini I'm wearing, I am now too embarrassed to wear.."]
[+blue "You're single. There are boys around ...and...your ex so if its time to show off, its now. So stop being pouty..take off your dress and have some fucking fun..."]

[b "Fine... geez..."]

Undoing the zip of her black Gucci dress, her own hands began to push the dress down her body. Over her chest that grew in the last 6 years, bigger than Colton had remembered that was covered in white material, tied behind her neck and around her under bust.
Down past her flat, tight stomach that had a freckle upon her skin, one that she was born with, one Colton should of remembered due to how many times he kissed it, then finally, the dress dropping down onto the ground around her feet.

The bottom half left nothing to the imagination.
The bottom half, was a thong. Perfect for Miami attire.
A bare ass with a little tattoo of a horse shoe, in memory of her home town and ..the man who she just made a fool of herself infront of.

Danielle whistled and laughed.

[b "Don't Dani...come on....."]

[u "Can I get you something, Maa'm.."]
[b "Yeah...double whisky. No ice...and keep them coming..."] she spoke, as Lily stood there, not knowing what to do but drink.

She was afraid to turn around, but she did, moving her long hair to the side of her neck and looked at Colton, biting her lower lip - waiting for the whiskey.
  MeisjeKelly / 1y 131d 2h 24m 2s
[center [font “Times” [size12 Colton had dug his hands into his pocket, adjusting for the keys and the amount of clothing that he was wearing. The texas man was not ready for the cold that Colorado had given them for temperatures. It was beautiful though. The mountains were covered with snow, they were finally filling out the snow banks with the fresh drop from the clouds. The day was slowly turning into night as the men had made it into the resort and were about to go on their first adventure.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Colton was no longer the lanky and muscled football man that he was back in high school. His beard had finally filled out, yet he had just trimmed it up and it was growing back. The darkness of his hair had slowly darkened over the years. His shoulders had trimmed out and his core was still just as tight as when he had known Lilly...He had grown a slightly bit taller, but was not as tan as he was those summers when he was working in the fields. His time with studying all the medical terminology in the dark areas of the library had taken a toll on his tan skin. Instead he had started to lighten up, giving him a different look than what the high school knowing female would recognize him as.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Lucas was walking beside him for a moment, the main man in question was right there on his heel. [i Okay, I say that we hit the pool first, do some relaxing, drink a few whiskeys and then we head up to the bars down in the streets of Denver!] Colton rolled his eyes and shook his head. [b Its all because you saw girls down their earlier, huh?] Lucas slowly nodded. [i Dude, it’s your last hoorah. Amelia will be okay. You will be okay.] He was starting to not like this idea.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b Lucas, you promised me that there wasn’t going to be too many females, or females trying to get on me.] Lucas was now the one who rolled his eyes. [i Trust me bro, will you? I’ve taken care of you before, right?] Colton slowly nodded and within seconds, he was talking about the plan with the rest of the boys before a female popped up right in the middle of them.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Apparently her name was Jess...and she was here on a girl-cation with her and a few friends. Lucas, a single man himself, was already falling for the accent that the girl had. It was almost as funny as girls falling for a guy with a hick accent. Oh how the roles were reversed.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Pressing his lips together, he watched the two flirt, telling each other what they were here for and their plans before she was suddenly pulling on Lucas. And the minutes began to tick by.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Later on that night, Colton and the boys had went to go change into their board shorts to go swimming as supposedly there was a party going on and the boys were already started to go and get relaxed with a few shots. Colton had taken a couple, feeling good, but stopped there. When they arrived, the pool was filled with music, lihts were going in and out in color waves, and the pool was lively. He wasn’t sure how things were going to play out, but he was there for the ride.

[center [font “Times” [size12 It didn’t take long for Lucas to find the group of girls that he was trying to talk into coming over. Watching them, Colton shook his head and started taking off his jacket, removing his shirt, leaving him in just his board shorts as he walked into the steaming pool as he was going to look out the infinity edge of it when he had heard Lucas calling his name.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 The other boys had climbed in already too, some of them already with girls beside them. Only a few had to say they had girlfriends, but it was nice to get some attention. He ran his fingers through his hair as he came up to the stairs as Lucas had introduced everyone in the group, leaving him for last to point out that he was getting married in two weeks and thats when it happened. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 His eyes met hers.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 She looked oddly familiar, the same twitch of hazel eyes. Her skin was not as light as it was. She was not as fragile as the years before when he had to be careful with her against the wall. No...this woman wasn’t who he thought she was right?]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Jess had perked up and began to introduce the girls to the boys when the name came across the table like it was a bowling ball...straight into his stomach.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 After introducing the boys to the girls, Colton’s eyes were still fixed on the beauty at the end…[i And guys, this is Sally, Danielle, and Lilly!] She had immediately looked at Lucas. [i I am so excited you invited us--] Everything bean to blur. Lilly? The shots were coming on a little strong now, but he resisted the urge.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b Holy fuck.] Colton whispered, unknowing it was coming through his lips. Brent looked at him and lifted a brow, but knew exactly what was going on. [i Lilly...Lilly Herondale?] Brent asked before Colton could.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 She was beautiful. The black dress had clung to her curves like anything else. It was as if she had just thrown it on and everything else was falling into place. He could have sworn that the world stopped spinning in that moment. For a moment, the world had stopped and his mind completely cleared of anyone else in the world for that moment. It was just him and her.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b No…] Brent immediately pulled Lucas from the water, pulling him away from the crowd and away from the woman that had ruined his life and Brent had to watch it all. [i Get it together man.] Colton shook his head. [b What the fuck man? She’s here! 6 years later and she’s here. Standing right there, sexy as hell. What the fuck?] He repeated and kept glancing toward her.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [i Get a grip. Talk to her. Tell her how awesome your life has been. You have Amelia now. Amelia’s great--] Colton was already walking away while Brent was talking about how great Amelia was.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b Lilly Herondale...Is that you?] Colton said again.]]]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 1y 131d 9h 49m 14s
[b "Danielle, I seriously cannot find that swimsuit..."]
[+red "You better find it. There is no way we are going on this vacation with the girls only for you to wear that hideous red polka dot onesie.."]
[b "I don't even know why you hate it so much. Its cute.."]
[+red "It makes you look like you have the measles..."]

Lily rolled her eyes and shook her head as both of her hands were digging into the drawers of her elegantly set out dresser, throwing the pieces of clothing over her head to land onto the floor behind her, one at a time.
[b "I'm going on this vacation Danielle because this is what us girls do every 6 months. We take a week off and go to Colorado. It's a girl-cation. I'm not going there to hunt for men."]
[+red "Maybe not you, but I do..and I wont pick up any men with my best friends looking like she has a disease..."] Danielle spoke to which Lily stopped moving and sighed, seeing her best friend shift and park her ass on the end of her bed.
[b "I just don't ..feel like hooking up with anyone.."]
[+red "You really need to get over your last relationship. Hell, you really need to get over your very first relationship. You know, the one you had when you were in Peach Loving Town.."]
[b "I know. You keep telling me. It's been 6 years since we broke up but it still feels like yesterday we went apart. It'shard, you should that better than anyone.."]
[+red "You're right, I do. Lilly..."] Danielle spoke as she shifted from the bed and knelt down beside the girl who was drenched in a sea full of clothes and stared at her - deep in the eyes. [+red "I did lose Henry, and I thought I would never..ever get out of bed or ever be myself again. I laid there day and night, refusing to get up and then just one day, I realised I couldn't live like this anymore. I was losing myself..and it was all because of a boy. A boy, Lil, when all I needed was a man. It's been 6 years since that ...Colton or whoever that boy was. Its been 4 months since your breakup with Markus, time to move on, have fun with your life. It's the only one you have. Get drunk, take chances, sleep with men. Life is too short..."]

Lily gave off a little smile and lent in - hugging Danielle close and hard. She was right.
It was time for Lily to scrape her knees, get dirty, have an adventure and let all the past go.

It was 2 days later and with all bags packed, found bikini and the measle onesie in the trash, the 4 best friends were on the flight heading to the resort they loved in Colorado.


The way the two broke up was the hardest thing she ever had to do.
After the Peach Festival, the fight did in-fact put a strain on their relationship. Lily's father found out about the little tussle and the intimacy's of the couple because of a certain popular boy who was rejected and it was because of this, Lily and Colton never had the chance to get back together, to apologize or to talk it all out. Lily was on the next flight out of town to live with her Mother.
Lily remembered that day.
It was stepping out of the house heading towards the car that her eyes met upon Colton who stood on the opposite of the road with his heart breaking. Tears fell from her eyes, she mouthed the words on loving him always and again, like she was a child - a gust of wind blew a ribbon out from her hair, a ribbon again she could not sav as she was ushered into the car and exited his life.

The world was dark from then on.
Up until she met Danielle and the 2 other girls that would make her life smile again with laughter.
And Markus of course.

But that love was over.


Upon reaching the destination, the plane landed, the cars that waited became full of luggage and they set off to the resort that called their name for a holiday of fun and mistakes.

[b "Lily Herondale, checking in.."] she muttered as she reached the counter, patiently waiting as the woman behind the desk did all the checks - took a copy of her credit card before passing the room key and information booklet on the activities the resort had to offer for the upcoming week.

It was grabbing her bag that she met up with Sally and Jessica who already had checked in, waiting for Danielle only to notice Sally give a nod behind Lily.
[b "What?"]
[+green "She has already started.."]

Turning around Lily smiled and laughed. [b "We haven't even been here 5 minutes.."]
[+blue "She's lost her touch. She usually gets a guy in 3 minutes flat."]

The women laughed as Danielle approached them.
[+red "What's so funny?.."]
[b "Who is he?.."]
[+red "Lucas..something....He is here with a group of boys. His best friend is getting married."]
[+green "How exciting.."]
[+red "And ..he has invited us to go to the bar club by the pool tonight to drink and have fun with his friends.."]

Here it goes.
The girls agreed, including Lily with a little nudge and it wasn't long until they were settling into their cabins - opposite another group several metres away and relaxed a little bit before it coming time to get ready for a night of letting hair down.

Tanned skin.
Long hair.
A body not like when she was in high school but now fit and filled out, Lily looked t the bikini for a moment before putting it on.
A simple, white..string bikini that left nothing to the imagination. Danielle's choice. There was just no saying no to that woman.

Heels upon her feet tat were well manicured like her nails, Lily placed on a little black Gucci dress - grabbed her purse and wandered out of the room, meeting the girls and wandered towards the pool area where the music was already playing and voices flowing as the part had already begun.

Heels clinked upon the ground and it was with turning a corner, Lily raised an eyebrow and stared upon the scene.
It was night time but the different colored light shone. People danced to the music while holding drinks in their hand, people were swimming in the pool, it wasn't long until Danielle and the girls were approached by the man who invited them earlier.

[u "Hey! girls made it!.."]
[+red "Here we are..."]
[u "I'm Lucas..."] he spoke towards Lilly, Jess and Sally.

Each of the girls said their names before being ushered towards the sidelines of the pool, in a very cozy set up area but nothing would prepare her for what she was about to witness in the seconds to come.

[u "I want you girls to meet the boys. That's Matthew, Brent, Alan, Jesse and Colton. Colton is the one getting married in two weeks!.."]

  MeisjeKelly / 1y 131d 16h 4m 38s
[center [font “Times” [size12 Colton could remember the argument and watching her walk away like it happened 2 minutes ago and he was still sitting there. As if he was still standing there under the haze of alcohol running through his veins and the urge to fall apart and not want to get up. He could remember the numbness when it turns out that the next year was empty without her as she had left.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Senior year was lonely. Lily Herondale did not make a show for anything after she left that summer. He was left in pieces and he had to focus on everything to get the fuck out of that stupid town. He didn’t stop, he kept studying, moving in every direction and doing everything he could to keep his mind busy and off the female that drove him crazy. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Years of school passed, as he finally made it into Stanford, which was thousands of miles away from the town that was tainted. His father was finally proud of him and his mother was encouraging him the entire way. He knew his brother was with him the entire way, pushing him to work hard. But it wasn’t all what it was cracked up to be. There were still nights when he had gotten a little crazy with the medical students. Drugs were everywhere, he had fallen deep within a depression and his mind was lost within the white powder...The white demon...the last doorway where he could feel and touch the woman he let get away…]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Until he met Amelia.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Her bright blue eyes were ones that saved him from the dark hazel eyes that haunted him. The soft touch that he remembered was then replaced with touch that was purposeful and secure. The hold that he felt wasn’t failing, it was strong and willing.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 The night that he had met her was in the lowest points of his life. Bright lights were flashing in his eyes. They were making sure he was still alive in the middle of the party’s dancefloor. Her dark hair was stark to her pale skin and her bright eyes woke him up from the nightmare that he was in. He couldn’t feel his face, his limbs, or his skin around him. He was so far away...and she brought him back.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 It was the next morning that he was waking up in sheets that were silky against his skin. He was stirring and someone was laying beside him. His eyes widened as he hoped that he hadn’t did anything he wasn’t supposed to. He moved slowly, looking at the female laying next to him. It was the girl that woke him up from the nightmare the night before. It was coming in glimpses here and there and he slowly freaked out, moving away from her and she stirred.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 She had whined a little bit before her eyes blinked open and those beautiful eyes looked at him once more. He was struck with paralysis as he met her gaze and she only smiled. [i “We didn’t do anything, in case you were wondering.”] She said softly. [i “I’m a nursing student and I was in charge of making sure you were okay all night.”] She said. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b “So do you sleep next to all your patients during your night shifts?”] He asked. Her cheeks slowly turned red as she shook her head, sitting up in her loose tshirt and panties hugging her hips. [i No sir, not at all as to what I meant…] She said, and he only smiled. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b Thank you for taking care of me.] He said and she slowly took a deep breath out and moved a piece of hair behind her ear and nodded. [i You’re welcome. I didn’t mind at all.]]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 And thats how things began…]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Movie nights, goofing off at the mall, holding hands at the winter formals, and cheesy romantic pictures next to the waterfalls during spring break. It was a dream come true that Colton never thought it would happen again.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 It was a couple of years later full of their adventures when Colton purchased a diamond ring that sparkled just as bright as the girls’ eyes did when he woke up from his nightmare to enter the daydream that was Amelia Stone.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 It was in the middle of campus, next to the tree that many different couples before them had had their proposals before, as it was a dream of hers to be proposed there, he got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage and to become his wife the night of their 3rd anniversary together. She had said yes and their future was beginning…]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Graduation came along and they were on their way to becoming Mr. and Mrs. Daniels.]]]

[center ---[i 2 weeks before the wedding]---]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [i Colton, have you seen my scarf?] Amelia asked from the bathroom of their apartment. Colton was packing his clothes as he was setting out to go on the bachelor party with him and his mates when he stopped and grabbed it off the back of the door to the bathroom. He carried it softly in his hands and wrapped the scarf and his hands around her shoulders. She was looking in her drawers in the closet within the bathroom and going frantic. She immediately calmed down at his touch and touched his hands. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [i What would I do without you?] He only chuckled and kissed hte top of her head before she turned in his arms and wrapped her arms around his neck. [b You would be without a scarf, until you bought a new one.] They laughed together and he kissed her tenderly before he pulled away. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [i Remember what we talked about.] She warned, and Colton smiled back in the doorway as he laid a hand on the door jam. [b No strippers this weekend, I know baby.] She smiled, beaming.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Later on that day, they were landing in Colorado. It was to be fun at the resort with him and just the guys. His main man had everything planned out and they were to be traveling within the forest and hitting up the city life to get the best of both solitude and city life in the same weekend. He was looking forward to it as he threw his carry on over his shoulder and shrugged his jacket on a little tighter. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 The guys were hoopering and hollering before they were walking together goofing around as they made their way through the airport to pick up their vehicle for the weekend. Driving in the escalade to the resort, they pulled up and immediately their bags were taken to the cabins to the side of the building. Men were split up into the rooms and colton was left to have his own room in case he was to have a visitor, supposedly. He would only shake his head, he was there to have fun witht he guys, anot spend it fucking someone else and getting an STD was his argument.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Little did he know that his biggest part ofhis emotional life was walking in the same resort…]]]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 1y 131d 20h 11m 38s
Perhaps, it wasn't nice and kind to act that way.
Perhaps there was another way of explaining how she felt and, showing that she was hurt but within that moment, the moment up there at the peach gathering, it was what she felt was right at the time and boy, did she let Colton have it.
Perhaps Lily had let her anger take over and treated Colton a bit more harshly than Grant, but, she had nothing to prove to Grant, she did not love him, she loved Colton with every fibre of her being.

[b "Oh, god. How could I of been so stupid..."] she muttered to herself, leaning up from the bridge, upon her knees only to sigh out upon feeling a pain.
A pain upon her knees to which Lily adjusted her body and sat down upon the wood and looked at the dress, seeing it torn from where she fell. [b "Great..."] whispering to herself as she lifted up the material of her dress and stared upon the scraped caps of her legs.

It was while touching the scrape that she sighed once more before hearing a voice that was all too familiar, a voice that dared to follow her, a voice that were stars in her ears.
A voice, she loved more than anything.

[i I'm sorry...]

Turning her head, looking with her emerald eyes at the end of the bridge, there she saw an angel, the man of her dreams, but a man who made her mad, searing with anger.
However, it was turning back that Lily placed her dress back down and placed both hands onto the wooden planks and pushed herself up and off from the wood to where she finally stood once more on both feet.

[i I'm sorry..."]
[b "I heard you the first time..."] Lily spoke, facing Colton as she backed up against the railing, keeping her eyes on the boy. [b "I told you to never come near me again. You don't listen.."]

Oh god, why did she say that?
The moment it slipped from her lips she regretted it.

Tilting her head down - Lily closed her eyes, kicking herself t the words she just spoke for a moment before glancing back to a boy who still stood there.
[i “I don’t usually do this…I’m not used to these feelings of jealousy and envy. I’m not used to having feelings for someone who is wanted by so many other people. I didn’t know how to react and I know it hurt you as well as myself.”]
[b "You think, I'm used to these feelings? I don't know what these feelings are but all I know is that I cannot bare to be without you. I love you.....Who that was tonight however, I don't know who you were.."] Lily spoke, keeping those eyes upon Colton who took a step forward, closer as he spoke words that made her raise an eyebrow.

[b "So now you are drinking? Is that where you went today, to go drink? I cannot believe you..."] shaking her head, Lily laughed just a little to herself. [b "Who are you? ..first you think I actually went to the festival with Grant because I wanted too, you leave me along in a road as your sped off without letting me explain, now youre drinking ...a little too much so I can smell. I honestly do not want to do this right now. I'm going home. I cannot speak to someone who is half cut....."] she spoke softly, upset as she turned and began to remove herself from the bridge, heading towards the other side in the direction of her home, that remained desolate and cold due to her Dad and help, being at the festival.
  MeisjeKelly / 1y 225d 13h 27m 59s
Colton was not a man to do things out of spite, they were all things well thought out…logically. It was all strategizing and playing the part of the farmer boy who worked hard in school and on the farm until he was to leave for college one day. He was the boy who was turning into a dedicated man with a determined heart and focused mind. However, that had changed the moment that he had laid eyes on her…Miss Lily Herondale, the daughter of the mayor.

The way that she moved, the way that she laughed, it was as if that he was seeing an Angel walk among them. Other females paled in comparison, their eyes never meeting with the deep green levels that hers did, or the smile that seemed to make his heart speed up in unhealthy ways. It was being next to her and the spell that she cast upon him that made him into a mad man, one that longed for her touch and affection, only to face the fact of politics and how the world could be so cruel to the young ones who wanted to be together.

It was only a matter of time before someone would see their chemistry, feel the connection between them and want to destroy it. Whether it was coming from her father, or it was coming from other guys in school, it was bound to happen. Mixing alcohol and the latter together, it was only just moments away from falling apart. Everything they had fought for and made together in such short amount of time, withered to dust in the middle of the field where everything was dedicated to the delicacy of the peach…

In the middle of that dirt dance floor, in the arms of another girl, he was face planted metaphorically the moment that she came up to him, her eyes filled with tears. He was lost in a trance, still feeling the liquid flowing through him like a poison that made him do stupid things. She spoke down to him, degraded him in front of a crowd, and all for the sake of what was going on behind the scenes. Immediate anger struck him. He was taken back, betrayed, and above all, he felt guilty.

His eyes bore into hers as she spoke, the words stabbing him in the chest worst than anything he has felt before. The female in his arms tugged on his wrist. “Come on dear, let’s finish our dance.”

He watched the female who had his heart walk away and he still felt the tug. Within moments he was shaking his head, lost in the spell, feeling the trance overwhelm him as he was pulling away from the brunette, leaving her mouth dropped to the floor. Brent didn’t try and stop Colton as he left, more of played the level ground and kept the brunette from chasing after him, trying to stop him herself. “Leave it be.” He said, barely catching her by the waist. The brunette pushed herself out of Brent’s arms. “Get off of me.” She grunted and walked away with her friends. “This is a mess…” Brent whispered to himself as he caught a glimpse of Grant who was moving off the dance floor, over to the group of guys. He wasn’t about to chase after a crying girl. She’d come back, he thought in his mind.

Colton had lost track of the woman, trying not to stumble as he waved to his dad before leaving the festival grounds. He was out the gate, finally catching sights of her through the trees, but he was far behind and she was already on the ground on the bridge crying by the time that he had caught up. He slowed when he saw her, his rage still in his throat, but it was already fading as he watched her crumble.

He faltered, the soberness catching up to him like fire, it was burning at his skin, at his heart, at his mind. Colton’s eyes fell upon the girl, tracing her sobbing figure and he slowly took off his hat and walked slowly up to the bridge.

He didn’t know what to do, the man was completely lost in knowing how to soften the blows they had made on each other that day. However, he knew he had to try if he wanted to save what they had.

“I’m sorry.” His mouth opened. He said. He didn’t want o sait was burning at his skin, at his heart, at his mind. Colton’s eyes fell upon the girl, tracing her sobbing figure and he slowly took off his hat and walked slowly up to the bridge.

He didn’t know what to do, the man was completely lost in knowing how to soften the blows they had made on each other that day. However, he knew he had to try if he wanted to save what they had.

“I’m sorry.” His mouth opened. He said. He didn’t want to make things worse, he didn’t want to say things out of spite to make things worse. It was to get better. It was through an apology. “I don’t usually do this…I’m not used to these feelings of jealousy and envy. I’m not used to having feelings for someone who is wanted by so many other people. I didn’t know how to react and I know it hurt you as well as myself.” He paused for a second. “Like I’m pretty sure my liver is dead.” He said softly.

A smile crept on his face as he knelt down and leaned against the bridge wall and opened up his arms. “I understand if you don’t forgive me…”
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 1y 226d 2h 59m 36s
It was pure torment.
The whole festival, a gathering of people wanting nothing but enjoyment and satisfaction along with a good night out in celebration ..only left Lily in more pain and sorrow than she was hours ago.
Not only did she have to attend one of the most respected festivals alongside a complete and utter moron, she also had to wear a dress that had more puffs than the marshmallow man, enjoy the company of her "friends" ... who loved the fact that she was miserable....and the biggest heartache, losing the love of her life.

It was standing infront of Grant, her eyes looking behind the boy that held her by the waist. A touch that made her cringe and feel sick in the gut.
Looking straight ahead - a blank stare, a stare that didn't blink, a stare that was empty as her eyes were now lifeless, they had no sparkle as the sparkle of her life drove off in a truck only to leave her in the middle of the road with exhaust fumes in her face..

"It is...truly a wonderful evening. Don't you think?.." Grant spoke.
It was hearing his voice that made her face scrunch up for second before going back to beauty, leaning back and looked at the boy.
"The music is nice, that's about it ..." she replied, breaking eye contact and looked away and turned off her hearing, going back to swallow the heartache.
However it was during Grants reply that Lily's eyes caught sight of the man she loved.
A man so handsome.
A man that took her virginity as she did his.
A man who showed her exactly...what love was, dancing with a beautiful brunette - a girl who smiled as she longed too.

"What are you staring a---...Oh...." Grant spoke, turning his head in the direction of Lily's stare "Well. Already moving on. Clearly..he doesn't care about you. Already with another girl. Pitiful..."
"I thought..that....he..."
"Loved you? Thought he'd come and save you?" Grant spoke, laughing as he shook his head. "He is just as pathetic as the farm he came from."

Lily turned her head and stared deep into Grant' s eyes. "What?"

"What do you see in that guy, huh? He is a worker. A dirty farm boy with no money, no class. He shovels horse shit, for Christ sake. You have a real man, right here..." Grant replied, leaning in and planted a nice hard one on Lily's lips. A hard one to which Lily couldn't back away from as Grants arms held her body tight.
However, finding strength, the girl pulls back with a growl and eyes dark as night in anger only too raise a hand and slapped Grant hard across the face.

"He may have no money and he may shovel horse shit for a living but at least he has aspirations and dreams. At least he is a decent person who thinks of others ..unlike you."

Thank goodness everyone was preoccupied.
Thank goodness, no one..including her father who was doing his rounds was witnessing this fight.

"I dont want either of you..." Lily spoke.

Looking at Grant and then Colton, still with the girl in his arms, Lily walked towards them - pulling the puffy sleeves of her dress off to make her at least..prettier, letting them fall onto the ground.

"I went with Grant, because he shut down your farm and tell my Father about us if I didn't go with him. I went with Grant because I could not..see, the love of my life and wonderful, hard working family lose everything. I dont care if my Father knows!... If you think that I went with him because I rather him...than you....then you don't know me at all and i thought you did. All I see a man, being a boy, getting close to a pretty girl out of spite. I thought you loved me. I can see now, it was all a mistake. I dont want either of you.." .... Lily spoke, tears glistening in her eyes looking at Colton..then Grant..then back to Colton again.. "I went to this bullshit festival, wore this bullshit ugly..fucking dress, danced with that vain boy....for you. And what I get...." Lily looked at the brunette beauty for a moment before turning back to the Cowboy. "Don't you ever...come near me again. Both of you..." ...

Tears fell from her eyes.

With a broken heart - Lily moved passed Colton - wandered through the crowd before running out of the festival alone.

Running towards home, it was coming to a bridge that she ran across only to trip and fall onto the wooden planks - staying low for a moment before lifting herself onto her knees and cried out her little heart.
Whatever pieces that remained.
  MeisjeKelly / 1y 264d 12h 20m 56s
As the day began to carry on. The water was feeling even better against his sore muscles, as if he wanted to be carried away. His head was swimming with the thoughts and soon he was hiccupping. The full half gallon of Tennessee whiskey in his hand was completely empty and he was jamming out to the heartbreaking songs that he had on his phone. He sang to the empty air and to the creatures that were frightened of the tall male walking through their areas. When the riverside got a little too rocky, Colton sat down, completely swishing back and forth on his feet, feeling the stillness. He needed to move otherwise he would vomit over the water.

He stood up, his world spinning more as he heard voices around him. He was feeling good when his eyes landed on Brent walking up through the trees, turning off his truck and turning off the music. His face turned from a smile to a grimace as the music quit and Brent was shaking his head at him.

“Brent! You quit the party I was having…” Colton grumbled as he walked up to him.

Brent held out a hand to steady the male as he leaned against him a little too much. “Man…what have you been doing out here?” Colton lifted his bottle and smiled brightly, “Dude! I’m having a drink.”

“You’re doing more than having a drink baby doll.” Brent laughed and Colton shook his head. “I’m no baby doll. I’m a man! Men drink whiskey!” He screamed a little too loudly. Brent shook his head, feeling disappointed in his friend. He had watched and heard the entire conversation between Lily and him that afternoon. He hadn’t seen him all afternoon and he wondered where the guy had gone before he was driving home and heard the blasting music.

“Men don’t drink alone. You should have called me.” Brent said.

Colton shook his head. “I wasn’t going to drag you down with me while I was sad over Lily…”

“Fuck lily!” Brent said, having watched the female wreck this man’s life right in front of him.

Colton giggled. “I did….in the locker room.”

Brent smiled for a second before shaking his head. “Keep up with the point. Forget her.” He knew what he was saying wasn’t true. He had seen the way they looked at each other, but he knew that if she was going to throw him away so easily, it wasn’t worth his time, but who was he to control fate?

“Okay man. Let’s go.” Colton whispered.

Brent walked him up to the truck and gave him some water. “Drink this and gather yourself and then we shall get you dressed and we can go show Lily what a fucking mistake she made.” He said.

Colton nodded and went with him, leaving Colton’s truck there at the river side.

His parents were already at the festival when they arrived at Colton’s house. He walked upstairs and continued to drink the water that Brent had given him as he made his way to the shower. It was cold and it drenched his body, trying helplessly to rid of her perfume…of her touch, of everything she did to him with very little luck.

After the shower, Colton got out and was drying off when he was feeling a little more stable to go. His heart was getting more and more control of his emotions, but he still continued to build the wall to control his emotions. He was blocking all that hurt him in that moment. With the courage of the whiskey still running through his system, he pulled on his button up, slipped on his alligator boots, and brushed his teeth to get rid of the whiskey breath he had rolling off his lips.

Brent, already changed as his house was on the way to colton’s house, stood at the foot of the stairs. “Come on bud, let’s go kick ass.” Colton smiled as the guy clasped a hand on his shoulder. “Yes sir. Let’s kick some peach ass.” He chuckled, already popping some advil just to ensure he would not get a headache from the music being played.


Pulling up to the festival, he felt his heart drop as they got out of the truck. He could hear the music, he could hear the people talking, he could hear the people laughing and having a good time, but all he wanted to do was hide in a hole. The whiskey was wearing off slowly and surely. He was downing water like he needed it to breathe until he walked in on the fair grounds. He could see the mass amounts of people and soon he was being surrounded by his mother.

“Hey baby!” She said, already a few drinks in like himself. Something she needed to lighten up, and it was the only day in the year that his father allowed her to drink. It was their celebration. To get rid of the peaches they grew.

“Mom, hey.” He said, and she immediately knew, even with her drunken state. “You’ve been drinking too.”

He nodded and she clasped him tighter. “It’s okay baby. Just be careful.” She said. Brent came up and nodded his head. “I’ll take goiod care of him.” She smiled and gripped his hand. “Thank you.”

They walked away and soon they were facing the dance floor in front of the stage that held the live band. And there she was…in the peach colored dress in the arms of Grant who held his prize so close. His heart was beating ferociously. He wanted to rip him apart, and Brent could automatically feel the tenseness as his own eyes laid upon the female.

“Colton. Forget her.” He said, knowing it was much, much easier to say than to actually do.

“I need a drink.”

“No, we need to get through this and then we can do whatever you want.” Brent said and Colton glanced at him. “She is actually with him.”

“Yes sir, she is. And look at you. There are about 5 girls at this moment right now that are checking you out and wanting your attention.”

In that moment, he could feel numb, he was using these words and those emotions to build the wall higher to his heart. He didn’t want to feel anything but the numbness. He nodded and a few minutes later from moving away from the dance floor and walking through the park, he wa tapped on the arm by a beautiful brunette, one that had the most piercing green eyes. Her smile sparkled up at him, and he let her words wash over him with her country, almost Georgia peach accent. “Hey darlin, you should come dance with me.” She said.

Colton glanced at Brent and Brent nodded his head, pushing him in the direction of the girl.

He smiled and nodded his head. “Okay.”

She reached out her hand and there, he held it tightly within his own and together they walked over to the dance floor. It was a Dustin Lynch, [i Red] that was playing. A fast paced song that helped with the bricks slowly building up. He had to breathe as he swung the female around the dance floor. Spinning her was easy, it was easy to fall into step with her. Her body, her curves melted into his and right at the hit of the song, he swung her out and back in only to dip her lightly. The fire was hot just like the song and together they were making the rest of the crowd circle as they made their way around the dance floor.

Each turn was precise and full of accuracy. Loose and easy movements made their arms entertwine as he pulled her body into his rigid frame and she melted into his embrace, folding and bending in which way he led her to do so. She followed expertly and it wasn’t until the fine drum beats of the song came to a close where he leaned her back, letting her long dark hair graze the floor…
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 1y 267d 3h 25m 3s
[i “I thought it would be implied you were going with me? When did this happen?”]

This was heartache.
This was what heartache felt like and it was the worst feeling one could ever imagine.
Colton and Lily belonged with each other. They were soulmates. The good Lord made the two together.

[b "It was implied. I had every intention on going with you, Colton but I cannot. I'm going to the festival with Grant..."] she spoke, looking down at the ground and her feet for a single moment as she couldn't look at him. The look on Colton's face that went from the most happy too complete devastation, she could not see.
Closing her eyes for a moment, it was not long until her emerald hues glanced at the man that she loved more than air.

A hand slipped from her shoulder and the moment he was no longer touching her, came the moment she knew - her choice...on making sure his family were still in business and not threatened was the wrong one. Lily should of told Grant no, she should of told Colton; Grant's plan but it was too late.

[b "I'm sorry..."]
[i "You aren't sorry.."] Colton replied. Lily took a step in, arms outstretched for Colton to shift into her arms for a hug but he backed off that caused the girl to begin the tears that swirled in her eyes - ready to fall.
[b "I am sorry Colton. I am..."]
[i “Couldn’t have let me down any easier, but it looks like you’ve made your choice. I can’t stop you. Go with him and leave me the hell alone.”]
[b "Colton, please..."]

Lily watched as the man walked from her life, the school grounds completely as heartbroken as she was.
[b "Colt, please don't walk away..."] she called, but it was too late.

Closing her eyes quick - tears fell from her eyes before backing up - turning and began to wander into class.
However it was seeing her friends that made her stop in her tracks. Grant smiled at her. Mary waved her over and patted the seat next to her.

Spinning on her heel, Lily turned and began to run through the school in the way Colton went.
Across the oval.
Through the shelter of the cafeteria - to the parking lot to which she saw Colton in his car.
It was standing in the middle of the road with the exhaust fumes colliding from her body, eyes watched as Colton drove away - leaving her in the middle of the street with only her tears and her broken heart.


[+blue "Lily. Hurry up. You'll be late for the festival!..."] her Father called from downstairs.
Tilting her head, Lily stared at herself in the mirror. Upon her body rested a disgusting chiffon ruffled dress, peach colored with a white lace sash around her waist.
The look of hatred spread across her face.
Shaking her head, Lily look away and took a step towards the door - grabbing her purse, putting on her heeled shoes and wandered out from the bedroom, down the hall and down the stairs where Grant and Mary waited along with her date for the festival.

[+blue "Awww hunny, you look so pretty..."]
[b "I look like a frumpy apricot."] she replied back to her father as she wandered down.
[+green " Well then I MUST look like one too then, huh Lily?.."] Mary spoke as she too wore the same outfit.
[b "I honestly don't know what you were thinking. This is an awful dress.."]
[+green "Its supposed to be fun! .. .come on..lets go... "] she muttered.

It wasn't long until the 4 left the house and made there way to the festival.
A festival all for Peaches. All about peaches.

Lights shone.
People gathered and smiled - laughed and enjoyed themselves while Lily remained with the group - heartbroken and feeling not like herself.

She should of been with Colton.
His date.
Or with him - wherever he was.

Upon the speakers, dancing began to start.
Foreigner - Waiting for a girl like you; Grant offered his hand to which Lily sighed and took it only to spin around onto the dancefloor with the rest of the folk of the town.
Coming in - Lily pressed up against Grant's body and all she wanted to do was cry her little heart out.

Where was Colton?

Would he even show up?

[+red "You look so sad..."]
[b "I'm here with you. That's why I'm sad..."]
[+red "Oh come on. I'm not a bad person, Lily. I just don't want you to get hurt. That Daniel's boy will hurt you. His family are very unaccepting."]
[b "You don't know his family.."]
[red "Neither do you..."]

She didn't, but she wanted to know.

The look on her face was one of being unhappy.

Sighing - she spun around once more and continued to dance with Grant, even though - she wanted to be sick.
  MeisjeKelly / 2y 5d 22h 36m 57s
As Colton was moving through the halls, feeling like he was on cloud nine, everyone else was busy thinking about the festival that would be coming up in this small little town. IT was the most prized possession that this small town had to offer. Everyone was apart of it, there would be food, games, music, and places to dance. It was romantic, it was the time where they could act like they all got a long as a town before going back to normal enemies the next day. Many people looked forward to this weekend all year. A lot worked on their clothing choices, and others thought of decorations. This year it was going to be “Sweet as a peach”. It was going to be something special food tastings that all had different flavors that peaches could hold.

However, it wasn’t completely surrounded by the peaches just because. It was the towns most precious delicacy and his father was a big competitor in the amount of peaches given to the festival each year from their orchard. They always made a big scene and his father was very proud to be apart of something that would get their name out there especially now in the middle of this crisis with the lack of rain coming down, it’s been harsh having to water them with their own hose as much as possible.

Colton moved toward the door of the gym, carrying his head a little higher and his shoulders a little straighter. He felt like a man, and the woman that made him feel this way was only a few minutes behind. He leaned comfortably, not even paying attention to anyone else, but waiting to see the certain bright face that he had made give faces of pleasure only the half hour before.

His body was still thrumming, and his mind couldn’t get wrapped around the feeling that she gave him when she was wrapped around him in more than one way. His body had changed, his heart had never felt this way before. Heart strings thrummed in his chest, producing so many songs in the splitting seconds before he saw Brent come down the hall. They clasped hands. “Hey bro.” He said and Brent nodded.

“Hey man, looking forward to this weekend as your debut with Lily?” Brent said.

Colton smiled and nodded. “I’m looking forward to being apart of it with her beside me yeah. Have you found a date yet?”

Brent nodded and he mentioned a girl that he had been talking to off and on from another town. She had never experienced the festival and Colton smiled. “Well this should be fun to bring her.” He didn’t catch the name of the girl that Brent was bringing, but he wasn’t too worried. He would meet her soon enough. It was in the time that Lily was rounding the corner, the face that she was making wasn’t exactly happy. It was white like she had seen a ghost and lost her own life in the process.

“Hey babe, what’s up?” He said, reaching out for her.

She didn’t exactly reach for him back. He raised a brow as Brent walked away from them, leaving them alone. “So, I wanted to ask you about the fest---”

“I’m going to the festival with Grant.”

He was taken aback. “What?” He said, in complete shock. “I thought it would be implied you were going with me? When did this happen?” He asked, completely confused about what had changed her mind. Was she faking the entire time in the locker room? It didn’t feel like it when she looked at him, looked into his eyes telling him that she was his, and then she pulls this shit?

His hand dropped from her arm and he clasped his jaw. “You’re not sorry.” He stepped away from her and shook his head.

“I guess this is one sided.” He was feeling his heart strings break one by one. And it wasn’t helping when he saw the smirk on Grant’s face as he walked by ever so lightly.

“Couldn’t have let me down any easier, but it looks like you’ve made your choice. I can’t stop you. Go with him and leave me the hell alone.”

He said, his own heart breaking into a million more pieces with every step as he was already carrying his bag that he was going to put into his locker. He didn’t even bother going to class. He walked straight out and walked into the parking lot to his truck. Starting it up, no one stopped him and he left in the middle of the day. Nothing to say, nothing to do. He drove. Drove far, down in the deep woods of what not many people even knew where to find him.

It took him about an hour and a half before he finally stopped at the side of the riverside. It was quiet and bubbly as the water crawled over the rocks at a steady pace. He tore off his shoes and clothes except for his boxers, he climbed into the deepest part of the water for a moment. He enjoyed the quietness, knowing that nature would keep him sane, but at that moment, all he could do was think that she was still the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life…Nature didn’t have the glow or impact it used to have on him…. He sighed heavily and moved from the water to go to the passenger side of his truck on the shore and there he pulled out a bottle of whiskey he had taken from the corner store. He didn’t care anymore.

And there, he sipped the pain away, enjoying the cool of the water on his body as he warmed it up with the Tennessee whiskey.
  AWritersLove_ / 2y 9d 13h 3m 45s
[i “One after the other would be better.”]

Colton was right.
Because of their situation, the couple had to be careful, extra careful in not getting caught. Colton was the boy on the wrong side of the tracks. Lily was upright, prim and proper and he was NOT the kind of boy she was suppose to be attached too.
However, one could not help matters of the heart and the two, found love.

It was during sex, Lily with her back against the wall - eyes closed with her mouth open moaning out - trying to keep quiet as she could with her long legs around Colton's waist that she spoke on loving him.
He was her world.
He was the air she breathed.
Never had she felt this before.
Colton - with his hands firmly grasping her ass keeping the girl up as she pushed in deep while groaning in pleasure against her ear that to replied and let her know that he too - felt the same.

There was no going back.
The two were meant to be and the big man upstairs, smiled and weeped knowing that the two soulmates had finally found one another.

As Lily fixed her attire, she looked down - clearing her throat til she felt fingertips under her chin and she looked up - staring into Colton's eyes, hearing words on her ..being his to which she smiled and nodded.
[b "And you are mine..."] she replied back softly, giving off a smile before kissing his lips once more.

Clearing throat, hand grabbing her bag - Lily grabbed Colton's hand for a single moment before letting go - placing one foot in front of the other and wandered out of the locker room trying hard not to make eye contact with anyone.
People stared.
Some people whispered as too why Lily was in the locker room that wasn't the same sex as she was - however she just continued to walk the halls towards her locker - coming too it - opening it up and placed several books away, ones she no longer needed - all the while..trying to keep the huge smile off her face.
It didn't work.

Words seem to fill the halls the moment Colton wandered out moments later.
Great plan.

[+blue "Okay so, the festival. I was thinking we dress in the colors that the Event team have chosen..."]
Closing the door, Lily looked at Mary her best friend and raised her eyebrow...
[b "White and peach?. Are you kidding me? ... "] Lilly muttered, making a face of being disgusted before laughing as the two girls walked towards the gym.
[+blue "What's wrong with peach?..."]
[+green "Aint nothing wrong with peaches... damn juicy things... huh, Lily.."] Grant spoke as he wandered up to the girls with his boys - winking at Lily who just rolled her eyes - turning away..unable to look at the boy that made her sick.

Wandering through the school - it wasn't long until the group headed onto the grounds and it was in the distance, her eyes latched onto Colton - standing there at the door of the gym ..waiting for her.
Again she smiled - biting her lower lip.
All Lily wanted to do was run and jump into his arms and never let him go.

Coming to the door of the gym, Grant knowing Colton was standing there - quickly grabbed Lily by the waist and stared at her.

[+green "Still going to be my date for the festival, Lily?..."] he spoke, to which Lily placed hands upon his chest, pushing away from him.
[b 'No. I am not going to the festival with you. I was and never will go to any festivals with you...'] she spoke, stepping back, holding her bag - eyes staring upon Grant to which, he cleared his throat, licked his lip and lent down - whispering in the girl's ear.
[+green "I think it would be a great idea ...if you do, Lily. Otherwise...daddy dearest will find out about you and the lame ass farmer boy. You think I don't know? You look a little flushed. 7pm, tomorrow night. Be ready..."] he spoke, leaning back - smiling at her before turning and wandered into the Gym, looking at Colton.

Lily stood there, watching Grant enter the doors.

Turning her head, she gazed upon Colton and her heart flew, but her Father couldn't know about any of this ...

[b "I'm going to go to the festival with Grant..."] she spoke as she stood infront of Colton. Her heart breaking.

This was a sacrifice.

If her Father knew about this, he would make sure his family ...had no more business.
No money. The Daniel's family would be ruined.

[b "I'm sorry..."]
  Lily Herondale - / MeisjeKelly / 2y 17d 1h 17m 41s
[b “One after the other would be better.”] He spoke, giving her another few kisses.

His adrenaline was pumping, his good mood was carrying on and he was ready to take on the rest of the day. The words they spoke between each other were hopes of promises to love one another until the rest of time. Love had a tendency to show them who they really were in both a fixed and broken shape. This love had drove him to the edge, pushed his boundaries and clearly pushed more than just his own thoughts and beliefs.

It was only a few more days of school.

Then he could look forward to the days where they could be resting on the hood of his truck near the creek or riverside wherever they decided to go. They could sneak away from the crowd during party seasons and escape the wandering eyes and jealous hearts that wanted what they had. It was a never ending list of things they could do and what he wanted to show her in this small little town that she had probably never seen before.

From the back roads to the very small canyon trail that he had taken his dogs on for hikes long before his father really acquired him to be on the ranch and take care of the livestock. He was able to be free there for a little while, but now his father was using every ounce of his energy to get his son to work and work until he could barely remember what the light even was or even what other people or human beings looked like.

He wanted to use all of his son’s strength before college would snap him away.

Colton smiled at the girl in front of him, his fingers traced her chin before he gave her another lingering kiss. He would have her again. He would show her the world that he was able to be a part of, and he would call her his. “You are mine.” He said, a smile on his face. ‘You can walk out first, and I’ll follow behind. Meet me at the entrance of the gym and I’ll meet you there and we can walk to our next class together.”

He was not going to hide it anymore. He barely could contain his already immediate feelings for the girl right then and there. He restrained himself from walking out with her hand in hand right there, but he knew that would raise immediate red flags if he was to do so. And he couldn’t get kicked out of school just yet, and he wasn’t about to hear the wrath of his father and the principal hounding him for disobeying simple school rules.

Oh…how the boundaries were being pushed.

It was tension that was rising and the pressure was increasing between them and the world around them.

A few minutes passing after she had left, he grabbed his gym bag, acting as if nothing was wrong as he walked. Some eyes looked at him, other guys smiled at him, and he just went on about his business. Guess the rumors were started. His eyes carried over the crowd as he walked toward the gym entrance. It was starting to fill up from athletic people. He was one of them, but his next period would be in the gym working out with the rest of the football and basketball players.

As he walked toward the entrance, his eyes looked for her, waiting to see her frame, waiting to feel the immediate attraction between them. Oh how innocent neither one of them were anymore…
  AWritersLove_ / 2y 43d 22h 32m 50s
The boys locker room was far from romantic.
However, this perhaps was the safest place to hide away from prying eyes.
This was how it had to be. Both of them knew the consequences of being together, this just happened to be one of them. Hiding away in a smelly boys locker room.

Clicking her fingers, Lily looked around and tried not to breathe in - biting her lower lip before tapping hands against the sides of her legs - waiting patiently for the boy who took her breath away and it was not long until she finally did.
Colton walked around the corner and their eyes met.
No words needed to be said.
It was grabbing her bag and his hand that a wide smile spread across her lips and a giggle that escaped her throat, a giggle she tried to mask with her hand - looking around to see if the coast was clear.

It was just them.

Dropping the bag onto the ground once more - back pressing up against the wall - Lily bit her lower lip as Colton took a step in and before long - lips collided.
A hard, rough...passionate kiss that made up for the lost time of 3 hours since their last one.
Raising a hand, gently Lily caressed the side of Colton's face as the two kissed - tongues gently gliding against each others own for a single moment until he pulled back and spoke words that made her heart skip.
He wanted her.
He needed her.

[b "Then have me ..."] she muttered softly as she pulled her hand back - fingertips tugged and pulled on her dress until it fell around her ankles on the floor. It wasn't long until Colton lifted Lily up into his arms - legs around his waist and together they fucked each hard in the boys locker room for the third time.
Screams of pleasure that exited Lily's throat echoed through the room, loud that Colton had to hold a hand over her mouth to muffle the sounds.

After getting satisfaction, Lily placed a hand onto her forehead - smiling wide, giggling as Colton lowered the girl back onto her feet. Together they got dressed, pushing panties back - placing the dress back onto her body and zipped up while Colton, placed his pants back on along with his briefs.

[i ”I don’t want to hide that I have feelings for you…”]
[b "You think I want too? ...Colton, I want nothing more than to show my feelings for you, I'm in love with you. But you know what'll happen..."] Lily muttered, smoothing down her dress following by her hair.

[i “I’ll do anything to call you mine….”]
[b "Colton. I am already yours..... if you want me..."] Lily spoke, keeping her eyes on her...boyfriend?

Grabbing her bag, Lily swung it over her shoulder.
[b "Shall we walk out together or after the other?..."]
  Lily Herondale - / MeisjeKelly / 2y 73d 21h 39m 28s

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