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[center [font “Garamond” Colton’s eyes were all over the woman. The trippy sensation of the alcohol that which ran through his veins was keeping him away from realizing who was standing in front of him. Her eyes were meeting his…her sober touch was keeping the drunk man in line. As the music swayed, he was lost in the world. He was lost in the moment. Even as she was playing games with him, having him guess her name and play along, she was not having the greatest of time. This was her job.] ]

[center [font “Garamond” Deep breaths overwhelmed him as she had turned around and pointed her ass toward him. He was holding back his hands despite what he wanted to do. He only wanted to feel all of her, but he had to hold himself together. He had to hold on to what diligence and integrity of his sobriety he had running there through his muscles and in the front strand of his mind. He bit his lip, watching her come closer until she had turned around and had explained when he pointed out her scar how she had gotten it…He whispered her name…He was having flashbacks.]]

[center [font “Garamond” Every touch left him in a daze…even now…]

[center [font “Garamond” And they were just strangers…right?]

[center [font “Garamond” The drunken trip made him shake his head frantically there for a moment as he released his hands from behind his head and he ran his fingers through his hair. He was picturing her face, hair blowing in her face, the way that her dress had fallen from her body. The way that the flame’s light of the barn where they had given each other their virginity. She was nervous, his hands were nervous around her. They fell into place like the last pieces of their lives. Without it, they were completely and utterly lost…]]

[center [font “Garamond” He looked at her, repeating her name once more and she had stopped, saying that he had said her full name. His eyes widened as he looked up at her, seeing the face that has been haunting him for years now standing there in front of him. His old nickname made him chuckle as he felt his heart racing in his ears and felt it thumping in his chest. He felt every pulse as he looked at her. She spoke his name to the T, to the very curves and pronounciation of his name…she knew it all…]]

[center [font “Garamond” [b Lily…] He whispered. [b It’s been 6 years. 6 whole fucking years.] He said. His alcohol instilled self stood up from the chair and he came closer to her. He was soft in his touch as he reached for her. He held on to her cheek.]]

[center [font “Garamond” [b I’m him….I am Colton. It’s me.] He said softly. His breath was filled with alcohol. [b From the very day I saw you with your ribbon in your hair, to that final goodbye through a tinted car window as it rolled away…it’s me. ] He said. ]]

[center [font “Garamond” [b I can’t believe you have to do this…] It was as if everything was off like a light. The alcoholic daze, he was trying so hard to push it away. He wanted nothing more than for her to realize who it was. What would she say? What would she do? Call for security or claim that he was a liar?]]

[center [font “Garamond” There were so many possibilities and looking at her now, through the dim red tinted light, he was as if he were seeing her for the first time. He reached for her hair, feeling the fake strands through his fingers. [b Please tell me I’m not dreaming…]]]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 254d 21h 33m 8s
She was one on playing games.
That was her whole skit.

A stripper named after a drink that was welcomed by men and was always delicious in taste.
A woman who was every man's fantasy as she had to play that role and it was exhausting.
At times, she always favored the night when it all came to an end; where she would take off that wig, tie her blond hair up and put on clothes that werent revealing. Yoga pants and a big ass sweater that had holes in it from being worn too many times.
It was just too damn comfortable.
Another thing she looked forward too was taking off those dreadful shoes off her dainty feet.
They hurt more than they looked good.

Pain was beauty, right?

Making a man feel like he was the only one in the world, was what they paid for and the more she gave...the more they paid up.
Lily had a lifestyle to pay for.
Class to pay for.
A great education.

Before her, was a man who was intelligent, ever so smart, handsome, knew how to dress and had ambition.
A man she had always thought she would end up being with, just like her parents wanted but the man she fell for, was all the way back in Point Plains.
A man she loved with every fiber of her being.

Turning around before him, letting his eyes scan over her body and that ass; Lily backed up and slowly sat down - rested her sweet behind upon his lap and lent back.
Back resting against his chest as his shirt was half open, showing off his skin.
Her head resting on his shoulder as she closed her eyes - grinding and swaying to the music with little soft moans against Colton's ear; of enjoying the feeling of what was growing underneath.

Something he couldnt help.
Lily wouldn't hold it against him.

However it was a single word.
A name of a flower that made her slow down and open her eyes.

He guessed her name.
Lucky break or did she hear correctly?
He then whispered her full name to which she lent up and turned her head - staring at the man.

[b "What was that, you said?..."] she spoke, keeping those eyes upon him only to hear a reply on him being confused on her being someone he knew.
Lily had that kind of face, however now - little did she know - Colton was right.
He knew her.
She knew him in more ways than one.

[b "Oh..I get that alot. Yeah, Lily. That's me. What a guess.."] ...again she replied - going back to giving Colton his 100 bucks worth.

Reaching behind, Lily grabbed his hands that were following orders in being respectful and behaving themselves and gripped tight; placing them onto her body - allowing this for a one time only offer.
No one had to know.
The man who was getting married - had begged enough for it.

She motioned them - sliding his strong hands up and down her body from her legs to her stomach- keeping special areas out of reach.

What a shame.

He was still thinking.
She could feel his mind race.

[b "You're thinking again..."] Lily spoke - listening to a sigh and once more hearing his words seep from lips that looked all too familiar, just like those eyes.

These words however made her stop completely.

Moving his hands from her body, Lily turned around slowly slipped off from his lap and stood up while her mind was running, trying to think- taking a step back with a finger pointed at him.
As rude as it was, it was all coming into light.

Still naked under a red light.
She had nothing to hide.

[b "You did...say my full name before. I wasnt just hearing things..."]

Lily raised her eyebrow - staring at the man who had a hard on, under his pants, straining - while slowly, he got up from the couch and towered over the girl who was petite, looking just as confused as she.

Colton was always tall.
He grew taller and by standing there infront of her, he was showing how much he had grown over the last 6 years.

[b "Cowboy?"] Lily opened her mouth and asked in question and for a moment, there was silence until Lily shook her head and laughed.
[b "You can't be Colton Daniel's, I know. He lives in Point Plains and works for his family. I dont know what I'm thinking. He never left to find me..let alone leave his families business. That, and he promised to only marry me, and you're marrying some lovely lady, Im sure. You can't be him."]

Surely not.

This was turning out to be a trippy adventure for a good 100 bucks.

[b "Your..time with me is nearly up..."]
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 255d 17h 25s
[center [font “Garamond” [I What are you a doctor of?] She asked. He chuckled and looked at her. [b I work with orthopedic surgeons. I’m an intern.] He pressed his lips together. [b I have my Doctorate, and hopefully soon I’ll be a surgeon just like who I work with…] He smiled at her. [b Your joints and bones look like they are in fantastic shape…muscles…toned…skin…perfection…] He started drowning off as if he had gotten lost in her movements. It was the lights the colors, everything that she was doing, he was mesmerized.]]
[center [font “Garamond” Colton caught himself smiling at her. Her body was getting closer to his own. He could smell her perfume, strong but pleasant. He wanted to be near her…touch her… he pressed his lips together, still facing the fact that she was working and he was a paying customer. He tried to gain his composure but his alcohol induced self was pushing through despite his sober efforts. He was smiling from ear to ear as she told him that her name was a name of the flower…]]

[center [font “Garamond” A flower…Rose…Violet…Petunia? His mind was coming up with all sorts…His mind was clouded from the alcohol and all he could do was chuckle silly. He was having a hard time just being able to look at her straight and then all of the sudden, she was moving away from him and there…she had stood before him completely naked. In all of her glory and in every curve…and with every piece of her…]]
[center [font “Garamond” That was when he had officially seen the scar. His eyes had widened…His heart was racing in his head, he could feel his pulse suddenly in his hands and in his chest. It was pulsing in his ears, and all he could do was stare at it. His hands began to shake even as he had spoken. Asking where the scar had come from…]]

[center [font “Garamond” The image flashed in his mind. All he could do was hear her voice, her scream, her cry, the blood, and the time that they had spent together while he held her hand and she was getting stitched up. It was the time that he wanted his own hand to be able to stitch up the wounds and fix her pain…He wanted to fix people’s pain with his hand…because after she had left him standing there in the middle of the street with nothing else to say, he wanted to fix others. Because he was left wide open…and it was not pleasant….He didn’t want others to feel that.]]

[center [font “Garamond” Sitting there now, his head had been pounding with the rise in blood pressure, he looked up at her, and she was going on about how she had fallen on a bridge…6 years ago…got her thigh….not that bad. He looked at her…and she was going on as if there was nothing going on here…as if this wasn’t anything major. ]]

[center [font “Garamond” He was lost for words. She was standing here naked in front of him and all he could think about was…[b Lily?] He whispered. [b Lily Herondale…] He said her name again…He couldn’t get her face. It was shoving its way up to the front of his brain. Her face was plastered…burned there, completely tattooed to the front of his brain right behind his eyelids. She was always there, haunting him from the moment that he would close his eyes at night. She was there…and he would never tell Amelia that that he had actually been thinking of Lily some nights during their times of making love. He had never felt such a way with her…]]

[center [font “Garamond” [b Is that you?] He was still in shock. He shook his head and as she had come closer to him, he stood up, his towering figure completely overshadowing her. [b I’m going crazy. I had one too many drinks. I am confusing you with someone I knew before.] He was going on and on while he was holding his head. Behind every blink he could see her face and he looked at her once more and again all he could see was her…]]

[center [font “Garamond” Was he really going crazy or was this woman who he thought she was? ]]

[center [font “Garamond” [b Please tell me I’m going crazy…My name is Colton, and you don’t know me…right?] His body was screaming…His mind was going crazy, but it was just full of rushing emotions.]]
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There was not a time where Lily did not think about that painful day of turning her head while she sat in the backseat of the car, only to watch the boy she loved - the honest love of her life stand in the middle of the road - in the heat of summer, watching her as the car drove away to a destination he not know of.

It was her plan the night before after the fight that she would go to him and apologize for all her wrong doings and explained why, she went to the Festival with Grant without crying or getting angry.
It would be laid out bare for him to completely understand and hopefully, they could continue their love affair.

It never happened.

As the car drove away and out of town, that was the moment the two lost touch, despite multiple times of them both trying hard to get in contact.
Her Mother was a fiend and refused Lily to do anything as punishment for ruining their name with a boy who was nothing in the social status.

Living in Miami, proved to be sad and only made Lily want to grow older as fast as she could so she could get out.
Money was taken away so by the age she tried to obtain cash, she had to work.
The more she worked, the more Miami actually became her home.
The more it became her home, the harder it was to leave.

Times at night, she would lay in her apartment and stare at the ceiling, thhink about the man she loved and lost and wondered what he was up too.
Was he still a cowboy - farmer boy?
Was he something better?
Did he think of her often or did he forget her and her name?

In the red room that a warmly lit, it was the couch that Colton sat down upon - getting comfortable as she too, did the same.
Taking off the bralette - letting it fall to the ground, Lily took those steps forward and straddled the soon to be married man's lap.
Words filled her ears apart from the music that played throughout the private room.

[i "I’m still learning a lot, but I can give you an exam…make sure everything is working properly…"]
[b "What are you a Doctor of?..."] she spoke as eyes stared into his own, keeping good eye contact as her body moved - grinding - gripping his legs tight against her thighs as she arched her spine and lent back - hands of her own sliding down her body.

Being alone with the client was something that often happened.
Being naked - was somewhat rare however with this man, she was funnily comfortable.

[i "I want to touch you..."]

If only.

For a stripper, Lily hadn't been touched by a man in a senual way in a long time.
Just alot of ass grabbing.

Colton then asked her name.
Took her by surprise but she lent up, sat straight and ran her fingers through his hair - tugging the strands tight.

[b "I have a name of a flower. Can you guess?..."] she replied, tilting his head a little down as she shifted up and off him, standing before him as she slowly removed her lower half peice of clothing.

Leaving her completely naked.
Not bad for 100 bucks.

[i Where did you get that scar?]
[b "My scar?..."]

Lily tilted her head down and stared upon the mark that she had for the longest time.
Something she actually forgot about, like a tattoo on one's back. One would often forget.

[b "Oh, that. I fell on this bridge about 6 years ago. A piece of wood got my thigh. Wasn't bad.."]

The pain from that wasn't.
The pain of losing Colton was.

[b "Do you really want to talk about this or you rather guess what my real hair color is?."]


[b "Come on baby... let's have some fun....."] Lily replied. [b "How can I distract your mind?..."]
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 255d 20h 34m 24s
[center [font “Garamond” Colton was not one who would go looking for trouble. At least while he was sober. Drunk Colton, High Colton, or completely Wasted Colton is a completely different story. He found himself in so many different situations. Some nights, he would wake up in the sheets of another girls’ bed, some nights he would wake up fully clothed on his own couch, and then there were even some times that he would wake up near the toilet or in his front lawn, until Amelia had come along.]]

[center [font “Garamond” There was something about her that made him want to straighten up. He wanted to be able to face his demons without the courage of drugs, alcohol or the seduction of another woman…It was something that he had been facing since the moment that she was no longer in his life…From the very moment that she had been driving away when he was standing in the middle of the summer heat, watching that beautiful black carrier car drive away with her in it. She was not to write him per against his wishes. His mother was trying to keep him from facing that heartbreak when it only made it worse…She had tried to call…she had tried to write him but all he would get is the words from his mother saying that there was nothing…]]

[center [font “Garamond” So many letters had been burned that last school year and even after the 5 years past that, they were still nothing. He couldn’t face the fact that they had so much to be met with cold. Ice cold, and with the ability to survive the drastic summer heat, it was nothing. It was like being burned in so many ways at the same time. He felt the pain in so many forms even then, he tortured himself with it even years after. Thinking that it was all his doing. That it was because of him that all of this had happened.]]

[center [font “Garamond” He never let it go. Parts of him never let her go.]]

[center [font “Garamond” Presently, his eyes were looking upon a female in a way he used to look at women when he wanted to face his demons…He could hear her voice in his head…]]

[center [font “Garamond” He could hear her moans in his head and immediately his body started to stiffen. His mind moved onto the next one and it was during the time that she told him not to. Being drunk, his motions were exaggerated. He held his hands up and crossed his fingers behind his head. [b I’ll be good baby.] He slurred as he gave her a sly smile. He was a bad boy when it came to when he was under the influence. ]]

[center [font “Garamond” It was during that time that she was undoing her bra and letting it fall. Her breasts were beautiful…He wanted to reach out, but he wanted to be good for her--]]

[center [font “Garamond” [i So you’re a doctor? Tell me more. I like it when you talk. A doctor who is getting married. She is a lucky lady…” ] She spoke. He smiled at her and nodded. [b I’m still learning a lot, but I can give you an exam…make sure everything is working properly…] His words faded off as she came to touch his shoulders and straddled his waist, putting her body close to his…]]

[center [font “Garamond” [b I want to touch you….] He said, almost sounding like a whisper with the music around them. He wanted to reach around her. He wanted to touch her more. His eyes were tracing everything, despite his alcohol induced stuff. [b What is your real name…?] He asked, a lazy and sneaky smile rested upon his face. ]]

[center [font “Garamond” [b You don’t have to tell me…since you have to hold on to the whole Cognac, attractive and seductive chick here…]]]

[center [font “Garamond” Then he saw it…the jagged edge on her thigh. The immediate flashbacks overwhelmed him. He felt his head just filled with different images…From that day…To that moment to helping her. To hearing her cry in his ears…To feel her tears when she had cried out from after falling on the bridge… ]]

[center [font “Garamond” [b Uhm…] He dropped his hands and felt his heart start racing in his chest. He was overwhelmed just then…He was completely and utterly shocked…[b Where did you get that scar?] He asked…]]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 255d 21h 7m 31s
He honestly did look familiar.
Had she dreamed of him before?
Had she seen him in the club once before but barely took notice?
Little did she know, it was much more than all that. Over the past 6 years, the both of them had changed whether it was the appearance or the friends they hung out with.

Lily was still that blonde bombshell that was now often covered with different colored wigs due to never ending hours at work.
She desperately wanted to be a lawyer and with the classes, the tuition, she was on overdrive - working her ass off for the buck.
The thing that hurt her the most was the fact she couldnt be herself, Lily, kind hearted - warm like she often was with Anton.
At work, she was Cognac. A girl who was seductive, lustful - one who took off clothing and danced for money.

Every man's fantasy - and yet, there was only one man she ever truly wanted.

[+green "If Cognac wasnt here, this place would be empty. Take good care of my girl..."] Brandy spoke to the Bachelor before shifting over to all his friends - leaving the man behind to enjoy the sights of the girl in periwinkle blue.

Straddling waist, Lily felt his muscular hands upon her hips, a motion that she had to swat away.
No man could touch. It was the rules of the house and yet she found herself wanting him to touch her more.

Rolling hips against his lap, Lily continued to dance, arching her back only to let her hands slowly glide down her body - listening to the man talk.
He spoke on him liking Cognac.
He spoke on himself being a Doctor which was a great feat in itself. It was clear the man had brains but he couldnt hold liqour from his hiccups that only made her smile.

[b "A doctor huh? I'm going to school to be a lawyer..."] she replied be cut off from speaking again when Brent, another face familiar came closer and placed a crisp 100 dollar bill in her waist band.

Colton needed a little more entertainment.

Looking at the friend then back to the Bachelor, Lily gave off that smile of hers. One that was her own and not Cognacs.
[b "A private dance in my room, it is..."] she spoke - slowly shifting up and off Colton. [b "Money like this..the clothes come off. Lucky boy..."] - reaching out, Lily grabbed his open shirt and made him stand up slowly off the chair. [b "Come with me..."]

Wandering through the large room that was filled with men, cheering, music and podiums, it was on the other side that Lily pushed open a mahogany gloss door that was lit red.
There was some light.
It wasnt dark anymore.

Stepping in, facing the Doctor - Lily pulled him in and watched the door close by the Guard who stood by and kept a close eye on the private area.

[b "You can look, but you cant matter how hard you want too.."] she muttered - pushing colton onto the couch and started to remove the clothes.
One piece at a time, beginning with the bralette - unclasping and letting it fall to the ground as the music sped through the speakers.

The thing however with the red lighting, scars were obvious.
They shone like stars and with most trying to hide, Lily never hid hers.

[b "So you are a doctor?...tell me more. I like it when you talk. A doctor who is getting married. She is a lucky lady...."] Lily spoke, once again - straddling waist with both her hands on his shoulders.
Getting close.
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 258d 21h 46m 12s
[font “Garamond” Colton was letting the alcohol flow through him. His mind was going in 5 different directions and none of which were in Amelia’s favor. Per the influence of alcohol, his eyes were traveling everywhere, but his mind kept going back to Amelia, but something stopped him. It was her…lily who was as if she was standing right there in front of him. In her outfit that she had worn the night of the peach festival. Her eyes were sparkling, but were only shiny due to the tears after the fight that they had had. She was smiling at him this time. He wondered what it was all about…but then she vanished from his mind and it was the time that the stripper who was talking to him was walking away and he was forced to look up at the women who were dancing on stage.]

[font “Garamond” He was pushed forward up to the stage, the woman catching a glimpse of his pin when she smiled at him and crawled over. Laying a few dollar bills down, she came and crawled just in time to run her fingers through his hair. [I Just for you sugar.] She giggled and continued with the song as her hips swayed and she was moving away to look at the other men around the table. Some groups had come in with some women who were enjoying the attention and making the other men jealous. It was all in good charm and a good time.]

[font “Garamond” Colton leaned back, letting the alcohol just sink through him. His toes were numb and his heart was pounding in his ears, or that could have been the music, but now as they were sitting there, Brent came up behind him. His hand warm on his shoulder. [u I can get you a dance if you want me to.] He said with a chuckle. Colton just shook his head. [b I’m okay right here. ] He nodded and tapped his shoulder, moving to the other guys. He was watching the lights move around, easily moving on to the next target with his people watching. Couples were fighting in the background, other dancers were trying to get away from handsy men, and then there were some girls who were just dancing to dance and were sore…The heels were high…]

[font "Garamond" He was soon turned around and was face to face with the girl again, only to be accompanied by a woman who had the most beautiful shape he had ever seen. Amelia was toned, and he was grateful, but this one was built for dancing…built for having been working for quite some time but young enough that it was tasteful. He followed her legs, built, toned…ready to spread…Her stomach…wanting something to kiss it…Her breasts were pushed up in the bralette and there wasn’t much else to hide. She was gorgeous. The hair on her head looked slightly fake but he wasn’t going to say anything as she had whispered saying that he looked like fun. He smiled up at her, his hands instinctively touching her hips as soon as she had begun to straddle him, her hips moving to the music. ]

[font “Garamond” He smiled at her, sure to not get too handsy on the woman as she was grinding on him. [b I like Cognac.] He said, his words slightly slurred from the alcohol rushing through his mind and his body. He smiled. [b It was my favorite drink back in college…I’m a doctor now.] He said, his mind rambling on and on. ]

[font “Garamond” Looking at her, his mind immediately went to something…Her eyes. He knew eyes like that, but he was trying not to say anything. He would just let her be. [b Doctor says, one dance each day from a pretty girl like you…] Hiccuped. [b Keeps the doctor away.] He chuckled and continued to drink. He was having a good time and feeling the girl grind on him. ]

[font “Garamond” Brent came up behind them. [u Girl, he is having a great time with you.] He tucked a $100 in the latex of the waist band. [u Show him all you’ve got. I mean he’s getting married!] The boys whooped and hollered. ]

[font “Garamond” Colton, being the respectful guy that he was, hiccuped and shook his head. [b You don’t have to do that…I liked her dancing…] He said. [b I am too drunk, Brent…] He chuckled since the alcohol was starting to really get to him, but he was having a grand ole time. ]

[font “Garamond” [b But if you want to just get away for a while, I can be quite entertaining.] He hiccupped again and chuckled. She was fucking gorgeous and he didn’t want her to stop…Now she was waiting for her next move. ]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 259d 21h 37m 28s
Anton truely was a kind soul.
A man who was elderly and ever so lonely and it was just by chance, one night that Lily was indeed working but not dancing at the Club.
If short staffed behind the bar, she would make sure she was there and that night in particular, she was and made friends with the lovely Anton.

He had lost his wife a year ago.
He didn't want that sort of companionship, just someone he could talk too, greet, someone who wouldn't make him feel so lonely.
Lily was that girl and it was an honor everytime she saw him.

[b "Hello you.."] Lily spoke as she wandered out, giving Anton a hug before leaning back - smiling wide as his hand outstretched, passing her another rose.
[b "You are too sweet to me, Anton..."]
[i "A little something for talking with me the other night. How is school?.."]

Good question.

Lily took a seat down beside him, pointing to the man as she looked at Tommy behind the bar who simply nodded, knowing Anton's order.
[b "School is school. Im getting by, it's getting harder though.."] she replied.
[i "You shouldn't be working in a place like this, Lily. You are better than this.."]
[b "I know, but the money is good and it's helping me get through my studies."]

Anton's smile faded.
He didnt want her working there and she knew it all too well.

The two continued to talk for a little while longer until it was time for Anton to leave.
Bedtime was early nowa days and he assured her he would come by again soon to which she crossed her fingers and said her sweet goodbye's.

As he left and out of sight, it was Tanqerey who wandered up to her and grabbed her hand.
[+blue "Phil said I had to leave the Bachelor Party and to get you. They are all yours hunny. Brandy is making them happy..for the moment..."]
Lily laughed and nodded.
[b "I bet she is..."]

Turning back, Lily wandered from the exit doors - through the hallway and back through the curtains to the main room.

6 podiums being used by beautiful women, working to make a living.
Men surrounding the stages, handing out cash willingly, while one podium was surrounded by younger men, laughing - drinking and having a good ol time, one boy in particular getting a nice close dance by Brandy.

Breathing in deep, Lily had to hide herself and let Cognac persona out. Walking up slowly to the group, walking passed the man in the chair behind Brandy, giving him a nice look in her eye.
A look of pure seduction.

It was her job right?

Shifting behind the chair, infront of the crowd of boys cheering their mate on to keep on having a good time, Lily lowered herself down behind Colton and slowly slid the palms of her hands down his chest, opening up his shirt by unclasping the buttons.
Lips against his ear, Lily breathed against him, nails gently clawing at his skin as Brandy looked on.

[+green "Cognac, likes you...perhaps, I should attend to your friends..."] she spoke to Colton as Lily lent up and slowly sauntered around to the front, eyes on the Bachelor for the time being before he got married and gently straddled his waist.

[b "He looks like fun."] she muttered to Brandy before turning back to the man ["Don't worry. You're girl doesn't have to know."]

The moment her eyes glanced upon him, it was as if she had knew him.
He was oddly familar.
She had seen him somewhere before but she just couldnt put her finger on it.
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 260d 17h 40m 47s
[font “Garamond” Colton had taken a breath. The flight had been somewhat long from the northern states down to Florida. It was evening when they arrived. It was for the bachelor party…the one free fling before the ring and he was a taken man. His thoughts circled back to the woman who had been there through his bullshit for the past few years. Amelia was one whowas there with him through the entire thing…Waking up…She had been there next to his side ever since. ]

[font “Garamond” He took in a deep breath, feeling the humid air fill his lungs as they walked out. The boys were all laughing as they were grouping together after getting their bags. Brent came up and wrapped his arm around Colton’s shoulders. [u Come on Man! I’m so excited to get this party started!] Colton laughed and shook his head. [b Don’t kill me. And no strippers per Amelia. ] He laughed and Brent just shook his head. [u Man, there are no restrictions! Anything can happen!] They continued to laugh and together they walked to get their rental car and headed up to the hotel where they were staying for the weekend.]

[font “Garamond” Colton had grown tall over the past few years since he had been in high school…since the last time that he saw the female that had been haunting his dreams had seen him. She was always there, always in his mind, always in every motion that he made. Both good and bad choices. At this point he knew that she would always be in his mind, always there in his head…it took him years of pushing her out to just realize she was there to stay…She wasn’t going anywhere…]

[font “Garamond” When Amelia had come around that had slowed down. He was no longer seeing her face hidden in things or around on people’s faces…She was jus here and there and only a few nights she would be in his dreams…]

[font “Garamond” As they all showered and got ready, it was after sharing 3-4 shots that Colton was feeling good and loose when they headed toward the elevator. On the way down, Brent started handing each of the boys a few dollar bills. Colton lifted his eyes to Brent and quirked a look at him. Brent just laughed and shook his head. [u This is just a surprise for you. The boys and I have decided something that we all pitched in for your bachelor party. We are going to have a great night, and it is about you Man. ] There the doors of the elevator opened and they walked out into the lobby and in front of the hotel sitting there was a party buss. They were driving to an unknown location, but the drinks continued to flow and they were cracking jokes, talking sports, and some of the men had worked with Colton in the hospital, so some were discussing the past cases that were bugging them until they were stopped by Brent. [u Absolutely NO work talk here!!] ]

[font “Garamond” Colton finished his drink and immediately was handed another. His mind was starting to cloud and he was starting to get a little woozy, but he was holding his own as they made it to their destination. He laughed as they walked out and there were a girls on the sign. The Venus Club…of course a strip club on the stirp. He shook his head and glanced at Brent. [b I told you no strippers!] ]
[font “Garamond” [u And we don’t have to tell Amelia. Just as long as you come home STD free and without hickies, we will be fine. ] Colton shook his head. [b Brent…] The boys came around him and walked in with him. He started to loosen up as they were walking in and immediately were greeted with some of the girls. Dancing was already happening on the stage and he was watching the skimpy outfits they were wearing but as he watched more, he could see their bodies just slip and fold around the bar. He was having more and more of a good time the longer that they sat there. A girl had come up to him and wrapped her arms around his arm. [I So you are the handsome man getting married?] She asked. Her voice was sultry and deep, something that he was completely shocked by her tinier frame. Her bosom waspushed up in a corset and she was holding herself in a way where it was pressing everything against him. ]

[font “Garamond” He looked at Brent and Brent nodded his head. [b I am the man getting married. Here to just have a good time. ] She smiled at him. [I Well that is what my job is here…to give you guys all a good time. Especially you.] She winked at him.]

[font “Garamond” She went to go and get more ladies to help her and there Colton was forced to sit in a chair, and they put a lovely tag of “Bachelor” on his chest and there he was to sit and let the girls dance over him as the music continued to rock over the facility. It had started to fill up and there were plenty of stages that many men were sitting around. He watched them, people watching them as he took his drink in his hand, continuing to let the alcoholic poison his body and influence his behavior the more that the night continued on.]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 260d 19h 52m 11s
The Venus Club, was Miami's biggest club scene on the strip.
There were times, that people would say that the Strip in Miami was the place that never slept and it rarely did., just like New York.

Oh, New York.
A city that Lily wanted to always see, but never could get there as now, she was stuck in a job that was paying for the job she had always wanted.
Her Father wanted to set an example of responsibility with Lily, and refused to give her the money for school, showing his daughter that she had to work to make a buck.
Her mother, well - that was another story. She was just a bitch who refused to help her daughter and still held the grudge of Lily ruining the Herondale name by falling in love with a country boy with no title or money, let alone the whole town finding out that little Lily Herondale, the Mayor's daughter lost her virginity to him.

Jobs she had.
Jobs she left.
The one job she stuck with, was a job one of her good friends did and the money was quite good, considering what had to be done to obtain the bucks.
Exotic Dancing was something Lily never thought in her dreams she would do.

Being a stripper was terrifying, but the more she did it, the more she became a natural.
It was degrading but the money was really too good to give it up and throw in the towel.

It was a Saturday night.
The streets filled with people, the heat of the Summer nights made people wear less than they would in the summertime.
Walking in through the entrance at 6pm, Lily smiled and placed a hand on one of the Guards shoulder to greet him and wandered down the dim lit hall, through the curtains and saw the girls - her friends, dance on the podiums for men who were still there or who had just arrived.

Music loud.
The crowd was't that big.

Not yet.

[+green "Thank god, you are here. Phil, is going crazy. Tequila, didn't show up, Tia Marie called in sick. We're two girls down.."] Midori spoke, walking next to Lily as they both entered the back room where she would get ready.
[b "He needs to calm down. He will give himself a heart attack if he doesn't relax."] Lily replied, taking a seat at her station. placing down her bags.

Speaking a little more, laughing and cheering to a good night, Lily looked at herself in the mirror and started to get ready.
Long blonde hair up under a wig cap before putting on a wig, that of a golden brunette, long in length - thick and full - curls with the ends of the hair tickling her lower back.
Contouring the face to slim it down a little more and red lipstick as her customers lusted over the colour.

Stripping down - all nice and clean, upon her body she placed on a periwinkle colour lingerie two peice, that might as well be nothing upon her skin at all.
Along with heels upon her feet that would hurt her all night.

With all the girls being named off Alcohol, Lily was given the name of Cognac.
Seemed fitting as she did enjoy that drink at least one or two times a night to keep her going.

[+blue "A group of boys just showed up. Wallets are open. Brandy, go get them. Cognac, first, Anton wants too see you. Go now then meet Brandy until then, I'll get Tanqurey...."]

Finishing touches - Lily lent up after fixing her shoes and nodded to Phil.
[b "Alright Phil, keep your pants on. We're going..."] she muttered before smiling - wandering passed Phil, giving him a kiss on the cheek. [b "Chill out.."]

Anton was an older gentleman.
Who came in every second day to give Lily a red rose, as she was hid favorite.

He was kind, respectable and the two spoke about alot of things and was not perverted in any way.
He was just lonely, and Lily provided company.

Walking out from the back, Lily smiled towards her favorite customer and sat down at the table with him, unknowing the love of her life, the one who slipped her from life was in the club, being forced to enjoy the ladies of the night.
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 260d 22h 16m 47s
As much as Lily wanted to stay, she simply couldn't.
The look on Colton's face when she explained that she had lost herself and needed to leave Miami only broke her heart more and for a brief moment, she was willing to remain the way she was all for the sake of him.
Lily would of done anything for Colt.

At times, she wished to go back to when they were 17.
Two teenagers without a care in the world, madly in love and not scared of anything or anyone - however now, they were grown up, both had jobs of education and medical, both helped people, both saved lives with knowledge and the other..was a god, as Lily often called Colton.
With the look he gave her as Colt stepped in closer, Lily spoke words which was the truth. For a moment, she saw him how she knew him instead of a Doctor, running around and focusing on everyone but her.

A kiss upon the lips in a way only made her smile. A kiss that was longed missed as the couple who were soon to be married, shifted back towards the bedroom and the two shifted onto the bed fucked hard and rough before gradually getting into making love.
Lily had Colton back.

But for how long?


The wedding was everything the two wanted. It was small and intimate, warm and ever so loving as it was filled with people who the two loved more than anything.
The parents flew down from their homes to celebrate with the couple with Lily's father giving her away happily.
He saw that Colton had grown up to be a firm, strong young man who would provide and keep his daughter safe and apologized for his actions back in the day.
Lily's mother sat in silence, not wanting this wedding but had to accept it.

Colt's parents were just as thrilled and welcomed Lily into the family with welcoming arms.

Colton's brother who was no longer with us, would of been just as happy as they both knew he was there on their special day.
With a lift of the veil and a kiss upon the lips that was loving - they were finally married without objections.


Moving into their new home a town away from Point Plains, Lily could finally breathe.
She felt at home and she hoped, Colton did too. The guilt of moving him was still in her heart and did not know how to get rid of it.
The house that was a two story, plantation home still had boxes inside but the majority of stuff was put away due to Lily's ambition of getting it done.

Pulling away from the iss she shared, loving hearding the name of being called, Mrs Daniels, Lily bit her lower lip and spoke on what the two of them should do.
[i well, we can go for a walk downtown, get some things to decorate the house. We can enjoy the pool in the back, or go to the lake. We could try out that new ice cream shop that opened in Point Plains and visit with family.]

So many options.

Lily smiled as she thought.

[b "I think the pool should be left for night naked swimming, dont you?"] she replied, smiling wider.

Oh she was looking forward to that.
The two of them naked, basking in the moonlight in each others arms as they waded in water.

[b "We can see the family tomorrow, I could go for a nice lick.....of icecream.."]

Lily giggled before shifting away from Colton.

[b "Oh, and I think we are just in time for the Peach Festival. It's next Saturday. Excited?..."]
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 311d 22h 22m 29s
[center [font “Garamond” Colton was among those that thought he could multitask. Thought he could focus on more than one thing. This was not the case, and Lily knew it. It was the point of most of their fights was based on the fact that their perceptions of each other were changing. From a 16 year old boy, to the 22 year old man with a med degree to the 25 year old man about to become a husband. Time definitely changes people. It never stops, it will never give up, it will continue. ]]

[center [font “Garamond” Colton’s hands were on the side of her face, focusing only on her. The weight of work was pushed off his shoulders for a moment, and he only wanted to focus on her. Pushing everything to the back of his mind, he traced her face, looked at every crevice of her face. Seeing how much she had changed, even in the small time they were being together. She had grown into a young woman, one who had a dream to teach, and a passion for learning, with a heart dedicated to the young minds within Point Plains. He knew that is what she wanted to do. Colton was a man making a home out of anything that was put in front him. From the time that he was dealt the cards after she had left to the moment that she walked back into his life. ]]

[center [font “Garamond” He knew that they were fighting their own demons, wanting their own pleasures and now, staring into her eyes, he folded. Like a deck of cards, but not because she had him wrapped around her finger, but with the realization that she was willing to compromise as long as she was able to teach in Point Plains. They would be able to enjoy life whereever they could compromise on. And he was not about to lose her over a silly fight of where they each wanted to live. Nothing was more important than the one who had never given up on him. ]]

[center [font “Garamond” He smiled, letting her lips touch his and he pulled her closer, needing her kisses, her skin underneath his fingertips as much as he needed the air to breathe. He leaned in heavily, he pressed her up against the counter, fingers moving over her clothes, his own hands removing his own as he guided her back to their apartment bedroom where he showed her how important she was to him. ]]


[center [font “Garamond” The wedding and their honeymoon were what they both wanted. Small and romantic, focused only on each other and a few close friends and family. They were without a doubt ones that wanted to keep their lives private as the amount of criticism they had recieved before were no longer understood between them. THeir probing eyes were no longer going to pierce the veil that they had between them. They were unstoppable and officially wed. ]]

[center [font “Garamond” Carrying her through the door as they were wanting to start unpacking of course in their new plantation house, he looked at his wife, hearing her say that she loved him and by his official title. It made him smile even more. [b I love you too, Mrs. Daniels] He pressed his lips against hers and ran his fingers through her hair until they were pulling away from each other looking around. It was only Saturday in the timeline of things. The sun was shining, the grass was green, and the weather was warm and welcoming back in Colorado.] ]

[center [font “Garamond” He smiled at her and took her hand, [b well, we can go for a walk downtown, get some things to decorate the house. We can enjoy the pool in the back, or go to the lake. We could try out that new ice cream shop that opened in Point Plains and visit with family.] He said, giving her some options they could do since it was only saturday and he was not just yet in the mood to start tearing up the house as they tried to deocrate the place. ]]

[center [font “Garamond” He liked focusing on just her, and it was getting to the point that he wanted to do it more often. He had already gotten patient lists for monday, as well as which areas he would be working in and who he would be working with. They were very welcoming for him and his expertise in the hands of human medicine. ]]

[center [font “Garamond” [b So you choose darling. I gave you options and I am down for any of them.] He smiled at her releasing her hand as he walked into the kitchen to get a drink for them both. After moving all the boxes he was feeling a little sluggish.]]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 329d 7h 13m 45s
Standing by the island counter in the kitchen, Lily kept her eyes upon the man she loved but knew, deep down inside she was crushing him with what she wanted.
It was hard the choice she had to make because ultimately, it would make her happy while Colton, would not be.
The last thing she wanted was to make her fiance unhappy and upset, but that was the problem.
Her whole life she was raised to make other people happy and the moment she became happy, finding the love of her life - it was torn away from her.

During the course of it all, she had truely lost herself.

[b "You were more than that back home. You were a son, a son who was loved, who they depended one. You were a boyfriend and a lover who became a man. Just because you did all that work doesn't mean you had no self worth..."] she replied, watching as Colton shifted from the spot he was standing in and wandered over to the broken girl on the other side.

Lily explained, plain as day how she was feeling.
She did not sugar coat.
She did not cut corners.
She admitted that she had lot herself and with those words, her man's sweet hands gently caressed her face, wiping her tears away.

Lily looked at him with a soft gaze.

[b "There you are..."] she whispered softly.

The Colton she knew came back as she saw the glimmer in his eye. He wasn't working. He wasn't focused on working, now he was just focused on her.

[i We can make it through it...] he replied.

Lily nodded slowly before closing her eyes and kissed his lips. A kiss that was passionate and filled with love, similar to the one they shared at 17 before making love.


Over a month later, the two were married in a ceremont that was small and intimate, just how they wanted.
It was beautiful.
Sit down dinner.
Romantic music.
Family and close friends only.

Together, they vow'd to be with one another until the end of their lives.

Holding onto her husband good and tight, Colton carried Lily over the threshold of their new home.
Only 10 miles from their hometown.
They did it, they up and left Florida to pursure a new chapter in their life and it began in the town of Avalon.
The house, strutured as a Plantation home, white with a balcont that surrounded the second story.
Forest green shutters and a red door.

Being set down slowly, Lily smiled and lent up - kissing Colton upon the lips, lingering their for a moment before pulling back.

[b "I love you, Mr Daniels.."]

The parents of both were happy they were home, closer to them.
All the better for a family, whenever the newlyweds decides to begin one, that was.

[b "So, what do we do now?. It's only Saturday..."]
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 337d 21h 45m 4s
[center [font “Garamond” [size12 [i You think, I don’t know that? I know we have a home here. I know you have a great client base. I know that…that old town only caused us heartache, but from what I remember, it was where I met you. I fell in love with you. It was where you made a woman. To me, all that, trumps the bad.]]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 Colton looked at her. She was wanting to do the right thing. She was wanting to see the right things in the people and places where they had been. Colton had many grudges. Some of those that lived in that town were another story to begin with. She was able to leave and be away from the town. He on the other hand was stuck there to forever be dragged around the farm, rummaging the cows, running the horses and feeding the chickens scratch. Instead, his silence caused her to move away from the room.]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 He followed her and spoke of what he knew. That she was always first. Her eyes had looked back at him as he asked her why she would think any differently. Her argument came back with a metaphorical slap. She did notice that all he wanted was to work, but it was more than just that. It was more than just work to him. [b Of course I wasn’t anything back home. I was a farmer’s son, one who worked the dirt until it was raw and rugged. I was the one shoveling shit all day. I was the one throwing food out to the chickens and shoveling peaches. And making sure the lines were straight. That is what I was back there. But here, I was able to flourish. I was able to make more of a life for you. I was able to create this place for us and give us a life that we can build upon.]]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 It would be hard being away from her. He had spent years from her and it was like being tortured from day one through day 1,095. [i We don’t have to live in Point Plains. We can live a town over…10 towns over. Like you, I want to be worth something…and I don’t feel like I am worth anything here….I have been so wrapped up in being someone else…] She paused. [i that I have lost me.] ]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 He stood close to her, lifting his hand to touch the side of her face. He touched under eyes and wiped the tears that were just about to fall. He let the salty tear grace his fingertips and he moved them away from her delicate skin. [b This is hard, I know. For both of us.] He whispered. [b We can make it through it.] He pressed his lips to hers, needing a kiss more than he could breathe.]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 [b I will get things figured out at work baby. Go do the interview while I get things sorted out here and then we can start getting things packed up.] He said, letting his fingers continue to caress her face as he held her close to him. He never wanted to let her go.]]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 About a month and a half later, after signing all of the documents, getting their lives packed up, connections made and jobs lined up, they were walking into their first own plantation house about 10 miles outside of Point Plains. Colton had his bride in his arms as he carried her through the threshold and set her down before kissing her lips. ]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 His parents were excited that he was back home. He was happy to see her happy about decorating her classroom, about teaching and being the students of their alma mater. He was building his own time at the hospital not too far from Point Plains that was new within the years that they were gone in Florida and he was in med school. The hospital was still taking off the ground and was in desperate need of help. It was easy, with his connections in florida as well that he was able to get in.]]]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 337d 22h 36m 19s
[i We have our established place here and I have gained a lot of different clients and patients…And there we have a lot to go back to yes, but also a lot of memories of people tearing us apart those so many years ago…]

Colton had a point.
He had a very good point.
During his time here in Miami, he had made a name for himself and had a clientle list that was just utterly amazing and it als because of this that Lily felt guilty at the fact she was thinking abuot her needs rather than his own as well.
The choice was hard and Colton was making it harder.

He was fighting to stay.

[b "You think, I don't know that? I know we have a home here. I know you have a great client base. I know that..that old town only caused us heartache, but from what I remember, it was where I met you. I fell in love with you. It was where you made me a woman. To me, all that, trumps the bad.."] she replied.

Lily didn't focus on the bad in that town.
It was far more enjoyable than Miami. Miami was the town she was banished too, a town she already cried in, longing for her lost love. A town where her Mother lived that did not care about her daughters heart.

Lily left the room, shaking her head, knowing in the back of her mind that she was being a child and being the selfish one.
Colton's voice called out to her and he soon followed her, leaving his desk and his work behind.
[i You know I’m always going to choose you. Why would you think differently?]
[b "Why would I think differently?.."] she repeated, standing behind the kitchen counter. This was the first fight the two had. Well, more a deep disagreement. [b "Colton, all you do is work. Work, you favor - that's what it feels like to me, so of course Im going to think you would choose that. You have made it out to be your quest in life to be something because back felt like you werent worth anything. You are worth ..everything to me. Doesn't that matter?..."]

Ongoing, Colton spoke on her going back home to do the interveiw. He would remain in Miami.
This wuld be the first time they would be apart ever since they split up all those years ago.

It was hard.

[b "We don't have to live in Point Plains. We can live a town over..10 towns over. Like you, I want to be worth something..and I dont feel like I am worth anything here...I have been so wrapped up in being someone else..that..."] she spoke, looking at Colton with tears in her eyes ... [b "...that ive lost me...."]
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