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It was with a grab of the duffel bag's strap tightly that she pulled it up and off from the booth seat and soon took her leave.
Wandering out of the diner, a single bell ringing from the top frame of the door - Lily stepped out onto the pavement while Colton, followed behind.

The kiss they shared was truly wonderful. Something she had missed for 6 long years.
The sex - however was even better. It connected the two on a level that both thought had been long forgotten and it crazy of them just for this to be a one night and a one time thing.

Lily, while the two sat in the diner, spoke on an offer. One that Colton agreed to taking but first, he had to set all of his affairs in order. This hurt Lily but she understood that it needed to be done.
She was more than willing to up and leave town with Colton that very night. Start fresh, everything brand new. Colton however, was somewhat different.

He did not like to leave things unfinished. He had to go back and break it off with his fiancé. A woman who surely would be devastated but would be better off in the long run as the man she as to marry, did not love her the way ..he loved Lily.
Walking the pavement, Colton by her side - the pair holding hands, it was not long until the two came to a stop and they looked at each other.

[b "I am going to miss you. I just found you..and here you are, leaving again for who knows how long...."] she spoke softly, biting her lower lip - trying hard not to shed tears.
[i "I will return. I will call, every night. I'll text as much as I can until I'm able to see you again. Nothing is keeping me from you now."]
[b "I will wait for you. Please call me, every night. Maybe before 7 because I work nights.."] she replied, leaning up on her tip toes and kissed Colt's lips softly, lingering for a moment before pulling back slowly with sigh. [b "Go, before I cry..."]

Pushing Colt back slowly and gently, Lily reached out a hand and hailed a cab to which Colt soon got inside and left her side and out of sight.
Lily walked home alone.

A single block away and once inside - showered, dried herself down - got into her pyjamas and crawled onto bed and just laid there, looking out the window with eyes open wide and all she could think about was him until a good hour later where finally, she fell asleep.

The next day was filled with home cleaning along with moments of sitting, looking at her phone - waiting patiently for a message or a phone call from Colton.
Not a single text message and she started to think things in her mind that were negative.
Things along the lines of that he was not going to call, text, all he wanted was to fuck her one last time before going back to the fiance he would marry and lie happily ever after with.

Rubbing her face, she sighed and got back up - preparing her things for another night of work.
Getting naked for other men and getting money for the viewing of her body.

Why did she feel so guilty?

[b "I cant do this..."] she spoke to herself, tossing shoes into the duffel and stepped back.
Still nothing on her phone.

[b "He aint coming back...."]
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 94d 1h 58m 28s
Colton knew that it was going to be a tough journey home, one that would break Amelia's heart when he was going to be breaking off the engagement. She knew that he had been with the boys, they had made arrangements, starting paying for their honeymoon, and they were getting ready to start a life together.

It was a major turn around having Lily come back into his a strip Miami...He didn't know where she had been all these years as they were being kept separate for some unknown reason to still this day and age when they were told others had moved past it. Them two, the two that had grown so passionately in love, were still there, still struggling to survive, just trying to find something to piece together their lives and make it perfect again. But the puzzle pieces were not there...and now...staring at her again, it was there, fitting correctly into place, falling just in line how it should have been 6 years prior.

Colton smiled at her as he traced her face, kisses here and there after their dinner/breakfast. He had walked her as far as he could without getting himself lost. Her comment about being impulsive was something that made him chuckle. [b And this is why you get to have that here. That's all you boo, you give me something to look forward to every day.] He said. He had felt himself take more patience now, one that was a little more cautious with her. She was living life on the edge, pushing past anything that either of them had ever known and all she was asking for was his hand in return to be there by her side, so close to the edge, feeling the wind grazing past them from the rush. He was going to take the leap of faith.

But he needed to get Amelia out of the picture.

[b I will return. I will call, every night. I'll text as much as I can until I'm able to see you again. Nothing is keeping me from you now.] He said, kissing her once again. He had to go back to the hotel where the boys were passed out still, snoring away. The sun had started to shine through and he was starting to feel the drag after his excitement that night. It was something that he was not looking forward to, was the ride and fly back to Colorado.

Later that afternoon, he was finally getting his bags from the airline baggage claim when he started moving through the people. The small little vacation weekend was fabulous, and it had come to a desperate ending as he was excited to move onto the new chapter he had been waiting to start for several years. And now, he felt draggy, almost reluctant. It was going to be a lot of work over these next few days...

He was going to be in for a major let down...

Pressing his lips together, he walked with the boys, joking about what they could remember from those few nights, when he looked through the crowd and could see her. Her eyes, her ivory skin, and the big smile on her face. She had curled her hair, and she looked like she was full of life. However, for a split second...she was smiling not at him, but at...Brent.

Colton lifted a brow and looked at them but Amelia had already turned her attention from Brent to him and came and ran up to him wrapping her long legs around his waist. He caught her and could smell her flowery perfume, one he was not too enthralled with, but he would have to tolerate for just a few more days. She gave him a kiss, something that almost felt informal...wrong, and completely inappropriate, but...they were still engaged...still living the life they had originally planned...all was normal...except it wasn't.

He smiled at her. [b Hey baby, how was your weekend?] He asked. She smiled at him, reaching for his hand. [i Mine was fabulous, how was yours and the boys? No strip clubs I hope!] She smiled at him and Colton glanced briefly at Brent who was staring down at his phone texting pretty enthusiastically. [b Nope, just hung out, you know dude stuff.] He said, a chuckle across his lips and Amelia bounced a long, going on with it.

It was only until they got home...
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 103d 6h 42m 2s
Lily had never expected to see Colton again.
Leaving Point Plains, she knew being in touch with him would be hard and it did infact deemed difficult with her Mother stopping her in more ways than one to break all communication between the two.

It all became clear now.
The love they had for each other - surely one of them would have contact with the other but her Mother and Brent seemed to of stopped it. Never did she think they would do this.

Lily opened her mouth and spoke her peice.
All about not getting anything from him, how she had just figured it all out and that she could not believe it. She spoke on loving him - wanting him and being with him while they ran away to wherever it was they could get too.

[i Where would we go darling?]
[b "Anywhere. Anywhere is better than here. I could go back with you and set up there...'] she muttered, after the two pulled away from the kiss they had just shared.
It was electric.
There was still a spark, even after all these years.

They were meant to be, there was no denying. Lily continued to stare at Colton and listened intently as he spoke words on it all not being as easy as it seemed.
It was true.
There was some truth to what he said. Back home, there was a woman waiting for him, ready to marry because her heart was filled with love and yet here he was, with Lily, kissing her.

[b "I wish you were just as impulsive as me..."] Lily replied, biting her lower lip only to look down as it sounded as if he was saying no.
Colton's hand gently reached up and grazed the side of her face before lifting her head up by the chin and again - they connected with eyesight.

[i If we are going to be together, we need to establish ourselves somewhere."]
[b "I agree. I'll fly up to you. or we could always go back home..."]
[i "I’ll get things on my end squared away…I missed you, I love you. I always have. I’ll make this work…"]

Colton was saying yes, but before anything - he had to go home to stop all of the preperations.
To break it off in a little bit more respectful manner.

[b "And what do I do? ...Sit around and wait for you to come back or call me?..."] she spoke, raising an eyebrow. [b "How will I know, you will do what you say?..."]

It was a fair question.
Would Colton come back for her? Call her?

Sighing, Lily turned her head and grabbed a pen from her purse along with a peice of paper.
On it, she wrote her number and her address and handed it to the love of her life.

[b "I love you, Colton. I'll wait for your call, like I have for the last 6 years..."] Lily muttered before slowly moving up from the booth seat and grabbed her bag that held her stripper clothes in.

Leaning down, she kissed his lips once more, a long lingering kiss before pulling back - gently caressing the side of his face before heading towards the exit door of the restaurant.

Her next stop...home, where it was cold - lonely when it should be filled with love and pure warmth.
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 159d 12h 22m 30s
Colton could tell that his words were going nowhere. She was looking at him, saying his words after him, as if she was emphasizing the points. He knew that it wasn’t easy for either of them, and they were living separate lives against their will. But he was taking his time talking and showing what he was going through at the time. her eyes had widened and she was focusing on the fact that he was getting married and it wasn’t to her.

He explained that he had tried to send her everything that he had, tried to message her multiple times, and was under the impression that she didn’t like him anymore and that she had definitely left without saying goodbye on her own choice. Instead, she had reacted like he hoped that she would. She was pissed that she had received nothing of the sort. Her eyes began to focus on him as she explained that her father was figuring this out all because the boy that he was fighting against wanted her, so he ran for her father to get him out of the picture. It was all in time that they would find themselves however…

Colton didn’t expect what was coming next. Subconsciously, maybe, but now, as she was saying it as she was explaining that they could be together…He knew that this wasn’t right. He had owed Amelia for being the one to pull him out and be the one who was there for him. He had come around, but he still never felt that he had given her all of the attention and the gratefulness that she deserved. He smiled at her as she had leaned in and pressed her lips against his.

He felt the spark as she kissed him and he had kissed back, letting his lips collide against hers. He knew what he wanted and it unfortunately was not Amelia…It had always been Lily, but he needed to be responsible. He reached up and touched her face and broke the kiss as he looked at her. [b Where would we go darling?] He asked, looking at her softly. [b I wish it were as easy as you say it is.]

He wanted to be impulsive like she wanted, but he needed to think about their future. [b If we are going to be together, we need to establish ourselves somewhere. And I’ll get things on my end squared away…I missed you, I love you. I always have. I’ll make this work…]

He would need to go back to straighten things with Amelia. That was the thing that she deserved.

Now it was how he was going to bring it up…
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 159d 13h 18m 27s
[i She wasn’t exactly my savior. She just pulled me out of my drunk slump over you.]

Drunk slump.
Those were his words.
To think that when she left, his drinking got even more out of hand and it made her feel hurt inside knowing that she was cause of it all.
It was complicated.
How she was too explain it all, would take a while but it was them two now, against the world.

[b "Drunk slump, huh?.."] she replied, keeping her eyes upon the man she loved and would always love even if he did choose to go back home and marry that ..Amelia.

[i "You think it was a walk in the park for me? To be without you? To think that you were ignoring all of my calls, my letters, my texts...that you weren’t allowed to even talk to me, that you didn’t want to talk to me because there were rumors that you had chosen to run away back to your mother’s because who would want to be with the weirdo farmer’s boy who couldn’t handle his own liquor?"]
[b "Hold on...what?..."]

Colton kept on going.

The coffee sitting infront of Lily going colder by the minute as she simply could not look away, but intently listened to what he had to say from all of her questions.
6 long years had gone by and there was alot to get off their chests and Colton was going for it without stopping.
Letting her have it with facts.

[b "Colton..."] she spoke after he finished and a silence fell over them. It was her turn but she did not know how to put it all into words. It took her a moment. [b "You never called. You never texted me. I certainly never got any of your lett....oh my god, my mother...."] she spoke, finally understanding it all. [b "That...bitch....."]

It all made sense.

Moving up from her seat of the booth, slowly she moved around the table and sat down beside Colton.
[b "My father, found out about you and me. He knew it all, from the party, to you taking my virginity..everything and it was because Grant told him, the night of the Festival when I slapped him for trying to kiss me.."]
It was all coming back like a flood.
[b "I didn't leave because I wanted too, my Dad kicked me out of town to go live with my mother, but a week later, I had to come back because I needed to get something signed from Daddy...and when I did, I saw Brent. Gave him my new number...where my mum lived, email address. Didn't he tell you?..."]

Keeping her eyes on him, Lily grabbed Colton's hand, biting her lower lip.

[b "My mother..did something with those letters, I'm telling you right now..."]

[b "I know Amelia means alot to you, and I'm not usually one to pull someone away from another...but it's you. It's always been you. I know in my heart, that you are the only one for me..."]

[b "I know you love her, otherwise you would never of asked her to marry you...but im here, I'm all for you. There wll never be another man for me..."] she spoke softly, leaning in and gently placing a soft kiss upon the lips she had been missing for 6 long years.

[b "Leave her. We can run away, right now...and not look back only to be happy..."]
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 189d 11h 38m 23s
Colton shook his head the moment that she criticized the timing and his wording of the phrase. He ran his fingers through his hair and removed his hands from her own. [b Of course it’s not perfect, but there is always a reason why it happened. I mean I didn’t know you were going to be here.] He said, looking at her as he slumped back into the booth, letting his hands drop into his lap. He watched her closely, listening to her as she talked…

[b She wasn’t exactly my savior. She just pulled me out of my drunk slump over you.] He looked at her, tracing her face. She was actually there right in front of him. She was watching him closely guaging what he was going to say and what he was going to do. He couldn’t imagine not seeing her now, being with her now...But had she moved on...Clearly not the way that she had touched him back at the club.

[b It was great either way. I know it was your work place, but still…] He shrugged his shoulders. [b I honestly don’t care what you do now. I am just happy to see you and see that you’re okay and doing alright...despite having to be nude for random old men.] He shrugged his wasn’t the correct response as she came back with how it felt being away from him…

He looked directly at her, listening to her, but also about to fire back. Instead though, he took in a deep breath. [b You think it was a walk in the park for me? To be without you? To think that you were ignoring all of my calls, my letters, my texts...that you weren’t allowed to even talk to me, that you didn’t want to talk to me because there were rumors that you had chosen to run away back to your mother’s because who would want to be with the weirdo farmer’s boy who couldn’t handle his own liquor?] He said, his eyes narrowed, almost seeing red at this point.

[b Do you really think I wanted this? To be apart from you?] He asked.

As she went on, her words sounding pessimistic then swerving right around to the optimistic side of the field, he looked at her genuinely. [b It definitely changes things. But who is to say that you don’t have someone waiting for you at home either.] He said, his eyes staring at her as he began to lean forward again.

[b Amelia means a lot to me. She does. I want to be with you. You strike the biggest part of my heart, but she deserves someone who will stand up and admit what is going on. I can’t just text her and say things are over, good bye. ] He rolled his eyes. [b What do you expect me to do? This all new territory. I thought I was going to have to live life without you due to the lack of being in touch and the lack of ability to be able to find you. Even on social media I wasn’t able to find you.]

He was going to let her have the floor...Let her speak….let her breathe. They were both going through things, and they had both missed each other. It was just time they grew up and realized how to make it work together or work apart...
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 189d 12h 38m 25s
He reached forward and grabbed her hands.
It was a kind gesture as Colton knew that Lily was somewhat nervous about this meeting.
Truely was odd, she went from a Stripper knowing exactly what she wanted to overcoming nerves and making love to her Ex in the red room to now...unable to help herself by feeling somewhat responsible for the actions they both did.

It took two to tango, no doubt about that but Colton reassured her that he did not feel guilty.
Perhaps she shouldnt of either.
Lily was never a home wrecker but seemed as so.

Colton had indeed gotten away from his crew and Lily smiled - laughed a little with a nod upon listening to his speech on getting glitter off.
"We do love our glitter.." she spoke - looking at Colton before turning her head - seeing Jerry come over with 2 cups and a jug of freshly made hot coffee.
Cream and sugar on the table already.
"Thank you, Jerry.."
"On the house." He replied - somewhat seeing a look on Lilys face he had never seen before but did not asked. Jut simply walked away back to his duties.

As the two continued to hold hands for a moment, Lily let go as much as she hated too and started to make her coffee.
Listening to Colton speak words

"The timing is perfect? We just fucked in my place of employment....with me knowing full well you are getting married to someone else who isnt me. How is this timing perfect?" She spoke, no longer stirring her coffee and stared upon the man she loved but no longer had.
Colton sat there for a moment in silence before speaking once more of her name. A name she didnt care to hear...that along with her saving him from being consumed in alchohol.

"And you fell in love with your Savior? sweet.."

Not the nicest thing to say.

"You wanted to talk, let's talk. For the past 6 years...I have been begging for you. Crying for you. Hell, all I ever wanted was to see your face just to know that you were okay...."
Lily moved her cup to the side, kept her eyes on him.
"You found me at my lowest point, dancing for money because my not want to help me love my dream because I ruined theirs by falling in love with someone they do not approve of. I dont care. I never regretted that and I never will.."

"I got to fuck you one last time though. Before you marry...Amelia. Please tell arent going to go through with that now..."
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 211d 12h 9m 3s
[font “Times” Never had he thought that he would see her again. Colton had been lovestruck since the moment that he had laid eyes on Lily. She was unique and perky, she was a spark and funny, and she was genuine. During school, she was not one that would be caught in the middle of pettiness but in the middle of bringing people up. She was there who was as bright as could be with the heart on her sleeve. And he had the chance to experience, to make love to it, and to be there with her as she had lived through her journey of senior year together. Having known each other for some time, it had been easy for them to fall into a groove, something that fit almost like puzzle pieces.]

[font “Times” Now…years later, completely two different people, but there, the fire was still burning, he had been finding himself a little more sober and standing outside of the strip club waiting her. Wiating on the woman who he thought would never in her life be a stripper. Parts of him were torn, some with Amelia had given him thoughts that this was all wrong, and other parts, his younger side, his past side had been fighting to be with Lily again, to feel that fire. To fill the void that had been completely missing during their time together. ]

[font “Times” It was a rough battle.]

[font “Times” He looked at her now, smiling as she addressed him back. [b I did get away. It wasn’t too easy though, everyone wanted in the bathroom while I showered to get the glitter off.] He winked at her as she finally encouraged them to move forward. ]

[font “Times” It was their first time together in 6 years. First tiem walking side by side, let alone being in the same city for 6 whole years, and now here they were and they were walking through the streets of Miami to a small little diner to talk about what the course of the nights had been made of. And he was having a blast already.]

[font “Times” When they walked into the diner, immediately she was set at home, people knew who she was, but did nothing to think any less of her. She was treated like family, and even there, it was because despite what she did for a living, she was making a character name for herself. The hardworking student name for herself. He smiled as he watched them eye him, as if they were worried that he was going to hurt the girl.]

[font “Times” He looked at her as they found her assigned booth and he leaned back, letting his hands fall into his lap as he sank into the leather of the booth. She was biting her lip for amoment before she spoke. He felt himself stiffen just from the innocent gesture and there she had started talking. [b I don’t feel guilty…] His face started to fill with blood. [b As bad as that sounds, I’m not guilty.] He said, reaching across the table for her hands, unsure if she would give them to him or not.]

[font “Times” [b I ca’t believe it’s you either. It’s why I’m here, away from the boys, in the middle of Miami unknowingly that I would have ran into you.] He said softly. [b Nothing is perfect. But the timing is always correct, despite the awkward circumstances…]]

[font “Times” [b Amelia is her name though.] He said after a moment of silence. [b She had been the one to pull me out of my alcoholic slump when I went to college. ] He shrugged his shoulders.]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 211d 12h 40m 4s
The two of them together, felt right.
It had been 6 long years and that night, it was 6 long years of showing how much they truly missed one another.
Colton had learnt new tricks over the years, just like she did. Lily was not single for the last 6 years but did have a partner.
A man who did love her and almost became engaged, however things just werent meant to be.

It was both of their fault.
Lily always compared him to Colton which was not a good thing but one couldn't help still wanting the Cowboy from Point Plains.
Looking at her reflection in the mirror, Lily saw herself - free from looking like a painted whore and just stared.

Perhaps she was a whore.
A homewrecker.
She had fucked a man who she loved but was getting married to a woman who did not deserve him.
She did.
She loved him.
Knew everything of him.
A part of her felt disgusted but the other half, celebrated the fact she finally saw him again.

During her time on the poles, she did witness the boys leaving, knowing full well that Coton would try everything he could to come back.
And he did.
He waited against the brick wall against the Club, waiting patiently and moved - the moment Lily opened the back door and wandered out.

He spoke on a greeting and mentioning the word gorgeous that only made her smile wider.
All the doubts in her mind, flew out the window as she approached him.

"Hello again. You actually got away..." she spoke coming to a stop - standing infront of him - staring at the boy who had grown up into a man who got even more beautiful.
"Shall we?.." again she spoke, slowly walking towards the strip with Colton by her side - not knowing on what to say.

She was speechless.

Simple held onto her backpack and remained quiet as the pair wandered the strip towards a diner that was lit up like christmas.
Jerry's was the place she went too everytime she finished work.
A wind down place before the bus ride home.
Coming to the diner on the corner, Lily pushed open the door and heard a bell ring before stepping inside, being greeted by Jerry behind the counter.

"Right on time, Lil.."
"As usual..."
"Your booth is ready. Menus?..." he spoke as he glanced at Colton. A new comer. He will get it all from Lily on Monday.

"Two menus, please Jerry.." Lily replied, walking to her booth and slowly sat down next to her bag while Colton sat opposite.

Lily still kept her mouth shut but bit down on her lower lip - trying to come up with something to say.

"I want to apologize for earlier. I dont know what came over actually I do know..I just couldnt help myself. The last thing I want is to ruin ..your engagement and make you feel guilty on what you did..."
Lily kept her eyes on him.
"I still cannot believe it's you. You really dont know how long I've waited for you and...this moment and....I guess I had a different setting in mind. You sweeping me off my feet single like me. I still love you Colton. I always will..."
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 213d 14h 37m 2s
[font “Garamond” Colton was high on this alcoholic trip…He had seen the girl that had been driving his mind crazy. Haunting him since she had left. She was always there, watching, taking note, and making compliments or comments on his actions. There in his head, she was there, despite her being right there in front of him now. Everything was right again. She was no longer a fiction of his mind. She was standing right there in front of his body, within reach.]

[font “Garamond” He had wanted her so bad, had dreamed of this moment since the moment that she had left. Not the strippers, nor the fact that they had been apart for 6 years, but he had dreamt of the time they would be back together. Since then, they had each learned the anatomy of the opposite sex. While internally reluctant to find another mate, each had desires and needs. Each of them were learning and making mistakes without each other only to make it that much better when they did find each other. It was magical. Despite this coming from a man, this woman made him romantic. She had a piece of his heart that he would always care for and the one that knew how to make him change his mind…how to influence him into the correct decision.]

[font “Garamond” Colton had nodded as she spoke of a diner. [b That will work. I’ll make it back to see you when you get off.] He said, leaning in for a kiss after they were already dressed. He was going to meet her…despite his major alcoholic buzz, he was going to make it his priority to be standing at that door because he was not going to lose her again. ]

[font “Garamond” They came out, smiles on their faces and the guys were all too drunk to realize what kind of faces they were making. It didn’t take them long to get them back on the bus and back to the hotel where most of them had went straight to the bathroom of their suites and passed out after vomiting into the toilets or passing out on the floor barely making it to the bed. Colton continued to act drunk for Brent until he was making himself coffee claiming this will help his headache…]

[font “Garamond” [I Are you sure man I can’t help you?] The slurred words were so sweet and caring, but Colton only laughed as he drank on his coffee. [b I’ll be okay. I’m going to run down to the stores and get some meds for in the morning.] Brent didn’t even bat an eyelash. It had been a while since they had partied. It was during Colton’s phase where he would just passs out like the rest of them that it was weird that he was straightening himself up. [I Amelia really did a thing on you didn’t she?] He asaked as he was leaning back against the pillow. Colton nodded. [b Yes sir, she really did.] He lied softly. He smiled and then started to frown. [I She’s a good lady.] He said as he started to snore and there he was out like a light. ]

[font “Garamond” Colton smiled and finished up his coffee, feeling somewhat sober again before he grabbed his jacket and walked down to the lobby of the hotel. Hailing a taxi, he hitched the ride to the club, despite the driver saying that it was closed. He had only smiled. [b I’m meeting one of them.] He had laughed at him. [I Oooo you’re a rich dude.] He said and Colton just shrugged his shoulders, letting him play the rich man off.]

[font “Garamond” He tipped the guy and walked to the back of the building where he had leaned up against the brick wall despite the amount of security that was there. He walked to the door and waited for her to come out. He was going to do something about this. He couldn’t just leave without talking to her fully and with a sober mind. ]

[font “Garamond” He had watched her come out, hair tied up, yoga pants on, and a sweater. She was absolutely strikingly beautiful. [b Hey gorgeous.] He said, a smile on his face.]

[font “Garamond” He hoped that they could talk this through and would come to a decision…]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 213d 15h 18m 37s
Colton explained it all after the moment Lily opened her mouth and spoke on him being two young to get married.
1. They were supposed to get married. It was written in the stars already since they were 7 only to make it more so when they were 17..
2. He was supposed to be enjoying life. Finding who he was and what he truly wanted out of this special life.
Lily was somewhat mad that he was throwing this all away for a woman...a woman who was not her...

Then again, she had no right to say any of it but yet, he was kind and explained all that she already knew.
"Yeah but you did find me.." was all she could respond with.

The moment her legs wrapped around Coltons waist and her lips pressed against his own to where they kissed passionately like 6 years of missed out time, Lily truely felt like she was home.
She felt safe.
She felt as if she was untouchable..that she could of done anything and that everything was right in this world again.
It took alot for her not to shed tears of joy and pure happiness but it was simply too each for the moans of pleasure to fill the red room.

In private, the two made love.
Coltons shirt unbuttoned down, pants and his boxer briefs down around his ankles and showed his word on how much he missed her.
Lily did the same. Showing that he was her world and she too missed him.

Positions they did and tried.
Movements that both made them sing out, Lily speaking dirty telling him not to stop and to keep hitting right there..until ..with both legs on his shoulders - she finished as did he.

Breathing heavily, keeping relaxed, all Lily could do was smile and returned the kiss Colton gave her and kept in silence for a moment before he spoke words.
She agreed.
The last thing they both needed was his crew to come in - finding him having just fucked the Stripper.

Getting up - Lily found her teeny outfit and put it back onto her body - looking at the man who too was getting dressed asking her what time she got off work.
" an hour...." she replied - clasping her bralette back up and again - put on that fetched wig to hide who she really was.
Panties back onto her body - she was no longer naked.

"Talk? ..well..there is a diner called Jerry's..down the strip and on the corner. Or my apartment? Can you get away from your boys?. I exit from the back..not the front door....." she spoke on her case he chose it.

Fixing herself up to look a little respectable, it was not long until she and Colton wandered out of the private room and returned back to the party.
Lily having to go on her merry way and entertain others by dancing on poles to make her money - often looking at Colton.
Loving him.

Wanting him to be hers.

With an hour up, bag packed of her strip clothes and wig, Lily sat infront of the mirror and took off her clown make up.
She looked like herself again.
Lip gloss on her lips that she did get done just a little.

Hair up in a ponytail.
Yoga pants, sweater and Nike sneakers on her feet only to exit from the back door with all she could think about...was him.

Colton was getting married and there was no way she could stop it.
Only he could.

Would he?
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 214d 14h 34m 28s
[center [font “Garamond” She was beautiful, and something that he had not seen in years. It was refreshing to have her in his arms. She was there, right there in his arms and within breathing distance. He smiled at her, trying to get over this alcohol induced loopiness that he held in his head. She was right there and as they were realizing what was going on, as they realized who each other were, things were starting to fall into place. ]]

[center [font “Garamond” She came back at him, eyes on him as she was speaking about getting married at 23 and they were supposed to be selfish…finding themselves and traveling the world. He agreed, but he nodded. [b I thought I wasn’t going to be able to find you again. I didn’t know where you were or what it was going to take to get to you.] He pressed his lips together, feeling her close. Her warmth was addicting and he needed more than what she was doing, despite her movements to cover herself up. He shook his head. [b Don’t cover yourself. You’re covering up your beauty.] He smiled cheekily and leaned in, whispering that he had missed her before that.]]

[center [font “Garamond” She leaned into his hands and there she put her own hand around the back of his neck as she leaned into his kisses…Their lips touched and it was as if he was back at home again. He had found what his heart had been missing, that small piece was now in it’s place and he was back in where he was supposed to be…And who would have thought that would have been found on the Miami strip at Vegas club…]]

[center [font “Garamond” He wrapped his arms around her when she came close to him and there she had jumped into his arms. He held on to her, feeling the uneasiness in his legs as he held her just because of the alcohol induced weakness that he was feeling. He stepped backwards and found the couch where he turned and set her down. [b I want to show you how much I missed you.] His mouth was watering at what he was looking at…and from there he wanted to have her shaking underneath him…the alcohol was wearing off slowly and he was enjoying every minute of coming to…]]

[center [font “Garamond” From there, they made love…in the red room of the vegas club…The two were finally reunited and he couldn’t be happier. However, as he came to, and things had ended. He was on a high. He was holding her close to him in his lap, he wanted nothing more than to stay there, but he knew that they couldn’t stay. He moved her slowly and kissed her lips. [b I need to get dressed before the guys come plowing in here wondering where I am.] He said, wanting to get her dressed as well. [b And I don’t want them seeing you this way either…] He said softly…[b When do you get off?] ]]

[center [font “Garamond” They needed to talk, he needed to hear her voice when he had had some coffee in his system and he wasn’t trying to fight a headache from the alcohol wearing off. [b We need to talk and talk this through…]]]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 214d 21h 13m 12s
[i "Studies…you’re doing this to put yourself through school?"]
[b "I've had many jobs. None can compare to this job and the money I make. You should know the tuition fees, I mean.... youre becoming a Doctor.."]

Lily still could not believe it.
Colton Daniels actually got out of Point Plains and became something of himself. A man who helped people that stemmed from that moment she fell on the wooden bridge.
He was there, holding her hand as she got stitched up, but they did not speak on the fight.

Lily wished they did have.
Perhaps, she would never of left the way she did and they would still be together. Fight for each other harder instead of just abandoning all hope.

But that was years ago.
Both had grown up. Found respective partners, well - Colton did and they both seemed to be happy.

Tilting her head down, away from his hand - Lily looked at herself and realised she was still naked - and tried to cover hself up with her arms and hands.
It was embaressing for her ex to see her in this kind of way. Lily refused for Colton to lose respect.

In that room that was shining in red, a private room where it was just the two - the pair looked at each other and both went back to 6 years ago.
Feelings flooded back.
Memories took over.
The laughs and the smiled - the happy times they both had and both refused to think of the times - their hearts were hurting.

[b "You have no idea, how long I have waited for you.."] she spoke in a gentle manner.
Cognac, the seductress - no longer in the room but the warm hearted Lily.
And within moments, there came lips upon her own.
Lips that belonged to her soulmate, the man she loved - giving her a soft kiss before speaking words that she had dreamt to hear for 6 long..years.
[i "Baby let me have you…let me show you how much I have missed you… "]

Oh how she wanted too.

It made her think.

[b "You're getting married. Damnit, are getting married at only 23! 23 is when you are supposed to finding yourself, travelling the world before settling down.."] Lily spoke, keeping those eyes upon him, somewhat now - getting mad at the fact that he belonged to someone else.

[i "I missed you so much…"]

He knew just what to say.
He knew how to hold her hand.
He knew on how to make her feel as he knew her better than she ever knew herself.

Even though she knew, the two would part after this night and perhaps never speak or see each other again, Lily smiled and watched - felt Colton's lips upon her hand before stepping in and lent up.
[b "You found me..."] she whispered.

A single hand pressed on the back of his neck, Lily pulled Colton in close and kissed him hard, passionate knowing it would be the last time.

Hoping it was not, the last time.

Would he end his engagement?
Would she let him?

A kiss that made her arms and hands uncover her naked body and jumped up - wrapping her legs around Colton's waist, unable to help herself in kissing him with her eyes closed with feeling of love.

She needed to feel him.
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 216d 12h 38m 19s
[center [font “Garamond” Colton smiled as she had leaned into him. [I You got tall.] She had said. Their eyes were meeting, they were back in each other’s arms. She was within his arms and everything felt alright again. Everything, every piece of his life had been on edge and he was surprised that he was still standing there that day to say things to her, to speak to her at all. Everything was a dream at that point, but holding here there, feeling her skin under his fingertips, she was all there…]]

[center [font “Garamond” It was not a dream at all.]]

[center [font “Garamond” [b Studies…you’re doing this to put yourself through school?] He asked.. He was worried about her. [b I can imagine you getting good money here…look at you…] He said softly, looking down at her. She was beautiful in every single way and he could see why many men would pay her a lot to just be in her presence. The way that she moved, the way that she played, the way that she led you to believe everything that she could do would match your ultimate dreams…She had always been that way…and was completely and utterly mesmierzing.]]

[center [font “Garamond” When he ran her fingers through the wigs hair, she had moved back and pulled the wig off, letting that beautiful blonde hair fall down her shoulders and there she was, the beautiful Lily Herondale that he held onto in his memories all these years. He smiled at her and pulled her close to him. She had reached up and held his hand on her face as she said that it was her and that they weren’t dream. Neither of them were dreaming, but both were standing in a dream. It was as if nothing else mattered in that moment. It was nothing else that mattered in that moment, that he was promised to someone else, or the fact that she was a stripper and that she was standing in front of him naked, but simply lost in each other’s presence.]]

[center [font “Garamond” He smiled at her and leaned in, pressing his lips against her own. He was taking this on and he wanted to feel her again. [b Baby let me have you…let me show you how much I have missed you…] He said, wanting to rip her apart in orgasms….He was going to hold his own and wouldn’t even come close to her if she wanted to say no and leave knowing that he had been promised to another woman beside her. ]]

[center [font “Garamond” [b But I understand if you don’t want to.] He said softly, watching her carefully, watching her reactions, her movements and the way that she was playing him. The alcohol that ran through his veins were keeping him from knowing exactly what she wanted, but he was going to make for damn sure that she would remember him if she let him…Parts of him wanted to call Amelia and call everything off, but he wasn’t sure if she had found someone else oto. If this was their one night to be back together without the world tearing them apart again, he was going to make this moment as perfect as it could be. ]]

[center [font “Garamond” [b I missed you so much…] He whispered against her skin, holding her hand in his own as he kissed her palm. He wanted to show her more than what they were given…They were given a certain amount of time and he wasn’t sure if she would allow him to make the best of what they were doing…of the time that they had left…]]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 216d 12h 59m 48s
Colton was never the one to leave Point Plains.
When his Brother died, it was up to him and his Father to maintain the land and provide Vandergelders with the hay and feed. Eventually, his Father wouldnt be able to work the earth so it would be up to Colton.

Colton loved the town, or so she thought with the time she had spent there with her Dad.

It was truly an odd feeling.
With other men, Lily was cautious and ever so careful; but with this man, it was the feeling of being safe.
Perhaps that was the reason why she took off her clothes for a mere 100bucks and let his hands roam her body, welcoming it.
It was a big no no for the men to touch the girls but in this case, Lily didnt care.

She wanted it.

She needed it

Lily remained standing with a finger pointed at the male who too stood up and shifted infront of her, knowing full well he was erect.
He said her name along with how many years it had been.

How did he know this?

Words the split from his beautiful mouth which made Lilys eyes widen completely in utter shock
Out of all places in the US, he was a strip club in which she worked.
If she wasnt embarrassed then..she was now.
Colton spoke his name and began to spill out events to make it believable enough for Lily to understand..the man in front of her was indeed her ex, her love when she was 17..and still the love of her life.

"Colt? You got tall..." she spoke softly, keeping those eyes upon him as he shifted in closer.
The action made her feel flutters in her stomach.
"I cannot believe this...its really you...." again she spoke, reaching a hand up and gently touched his cheek..just making sure this was not a dream and he was not an hallucination.

He was handsome.
Tall and completely independent.

A little bit drunk.

"I never thought I'd be working here I am. The money is good helps with my studies.."

It was within moments that Colton reached up and gently caressed the fake strands of her hair.
An action that made her sigh and slowly..she removed the wig - letting that blonde hair fall passed her shoulders in loose curls.

No more Cognac.

Standing before him was Lily with a wig tossed onto the couch.

As she stood, she listened to his gentle words and nodded slowly.

"Its me. You're not dreaming. " ..she spoke, holding his hand against the side of her face and turned her head, meeting his palm - lips brushing against.

She wanted to savor the moment.

After all, after onight....he would be gone again and become a husband to a woman that was not her.
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 216d 13h 34m 5s

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