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As much as Lily wanted to stay, she simply couldn't.
The look on Colton's face when she explained that she had lost herself and needed to leave Miami only broke her heart more and for a brief moment, she was willing to remain the way she was all for the sake of him.
Lily would of done anything for Colt.

At times, she wished to go back to when they were 17.
Two teenagers without a care in the world, madly in love and not scared of anything or anyone - however now, they were grown up, both had jobs of education and medical, both helped people, both saved lives with knowledge and the other..was a god, as Lily often called Colton.
With the look he gave her as Colt stepped in closer, Lily spoke words which was the truth. For a moment, she saw him how she knew him instead of a Doctor, running around and focusing on everyone but her.

A kiss upon the lips in a way only made her smile. A kiss that was longed missed as the couple who were soon to be married, shifted back towards the bedroom and the two shifted onto the bed fucked hard and rough before gradually getting into making love.
Lily had Colton back.

But for how long?


The wedding was everything the two wanted. It was small and intimate, warm and ever so loving as it was filled with people who the two loved more than anything.
The parents flew down from their homes to celebrate with the couple with Lily's father giving her away happily.
He saw that Colton had grown up to be a firm, strong young man who would provide and keep his daughter safe and apologized for his actions back in the day.
Lily's mother sat in silence, not wanting this wedding but had to accept it.

Colt's parents were just as thrilled and welcomed Lily into the family with welcoming arms.

Colton's brother who was no longer with us, would of been just as happy as they both knew he was there on their special day.
With a lift of the veil and a kiss upon the lips that was loving - they were finally married without objections.


Moving into their new home a town away from Point Plains, Lily could finally breathe.
She felt at home and she hoped, Colton did too. The guilt of moving him was still in her heart and did not know how to get rid of it.
The house that was a two story, plantation home still had boxes inside but the majority of stuff was put away due to Lily's ambition of getting it done.

Pulling away from the iss she shared, loving hearding the name of being called, Mrs Daniels, Lily bit her lower lip and spoke on what the two of them should do.
[i well, we can go for a walk downtown, get some things to decorate the house. We can enjoy the pool in the back, or go to the lake. We could try out that new ice cream shop that opened in Point Plains and visit with family.]

So many options.

Lily smiled as she thought.

[b "I think the pool should be left for night naked swimming, dont you?"] she replied, smiling wider.

Oh she was looking forward to that.
The two of them naked, basking in the moonlight in each others arms as they waded in water.

[b "We can see the family tomorrow, I could go for a nice lick.....of icecream.."]

Lily giggled before shifting away from Colton.

[b "Oh, and I think we are just in time for the Peach Festival. It's next Saturday. Excited?..."]
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 19d 4h 21m 13s
[center [font “Garamond” Colton was among those that thought he could multitask. Thought he could focus on more than one thing. This was not the case, and Lily knew it. It was the point of most of their fights was based on the fact that their perceptions of each other were changing. From a 16 year old boy, to the 22 year old man with a med degree to the 25 year old man about to become a husband. Time definitely changes people. It never stops, it will never give up, it will continue. ]]

[center [font “Garamond” Colton’s hands were on the side of her face, focusing only on her. The weight of work was pushed off his shoulders for a moment, and he only wanted to focus on her. Pushing everything to the back of his mind, he traced her face, looked at every crevice of her face. Seeing how much she had changed, even in the small time they were being together. She had grown into a young woman, one who had a dream to teach, and a passion for learning, with a heart dedicated to the young minds within Point Plains. He knew that is what she wanted to do. Colton was a man making a home out of anything that was put in front him. From the time that he was dealt the cards after she had left to the moment that she walked back into his life. ]]

[center [font “Garamond” He knew that they were fighting their own demons, wanting their own pleasures and now, staring into her eyes, he folded. Like a deck of cards, but not because she had him wrapped around her finger, but with the realization that she was willing to compromise as long as she was able to teach in Point Plains. They would be able to enjoy life whereever they could compromise on. And he was not about to lose her over a silly fight of where they each wanted to live. Nothing was more important than the one who had never given up on him. ]]

[center [font “Garamond” He smiled, letting her lips touch his and he pulled her closer, needing her kisses, her skin underneath his fingertips as much as he needed the air to breathe. He leaned in heavily, he pressed her up against the counter, fingers moving over her clothes, his own hands removing his own as he guided her back to their apartment bedroom where he showed her how important she was to him. ]]


[center [font “Garamond” The wedding and their honeymoon were what they both wanted. Small and romantic, focused only on each other and a few close friends and family. They were without a doubt ones that wanted to keep their lives private as the amount of criticism they had recieved before were no longer understood between them. THeir probing eyes were no longer going to pierce the veil that they had between them. They were unstoppable and officially wed. ]]

[center [font “Garamond” Carrying her through the door as they were wanting to start unpacking of course in their new plantation house, he looked at his wife, hearing her say that she loved him and by his official title. It made him smile even more. [b I love you too, Mrs. Daniels] He pressed his lips against hers and ran his fingers through her hair until they were pulling away from each other looking around. It was only Saturday in the timeline of things. The sun was shining, the grass was green, and the weather was warm and welcoming back in Colorado.] ]

[center [font “Garamond” He smiled at her and took her hand, [b well, we can go for a walk downtown, get some things to decorate the house. We can enjoy the pool in the back, or go to the lake. We could try out that new ice cream shop that opened in Point Plains and visit with family.] He said, giving her some options they could do since it was only saturday and he was not just yet in the mood to start tearing up the house as they tried to deocrate the place. ]]

[center [font “Garamond” He liked focusing on just her, and it was getting to the point that he wanted to do it more often. He had already gotten patient lists for monday, as well as which areas he would be working in and who he would be working with. They were very welcoming for him and his expertise in the hands of human medicine. ]]

[center [font “Garamond” [b So you choose darling. I gave you options and I am down for any of them.] He smiled at her releasing her hand as he walked into the kitchen to get a drink for them both. After moving all the boxes he was feeling a little sluggish.]]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 36d 13h 12m 29s
Standing by the island counter in the kitchen, Lily kept her eyes upon the man she loved but knew, deep down inside she was crushing him with what she wanted.
It was hard the choice she had to make because ultimately, it would make her happy while Colton, would not be.
The last thing she wanted was to make her fiance unhappy and upset, but that was the problem.
Her whole life she was raised to make other people happy and the moment she became happy, finding the love of her life - it was torn away from her.

During the course of it all, she had truely lost herself.

[b "You were more than that back home. You were a son, a son who was loved, who they depended one. You were a boyfriend and a lover who became a man. Just because you did all that work doesn't mean you had no self worth..."] she replied, watching as Colton shifted from the spot he was standing in and wandered over to the broken girl on the other side.

Lily explained, plain as day how she was feeling.
She did not sugar coat.
She did not cut corners.
She admitted that she had lot herself and with those words, her man's sweet hands gently caressed her face, wiping her tears away.

Lily looked at him with a soft gaze.

[b "There you are..."] she whispered softly.

The Colton she knew came back as she saw the glimmer in his eye. He wasn't working. He wasn't focused on working, now he was just focused on her.

[i We can make it through it...] he replied.

Lily nodded slowly before closing her eyes and kissed his lips. A kiss that was passionate and filled with love, similar to the one they shared at 17 before making love.


Over a month later, the two were married in a ceremont that was small and intimate, just how they wanted.
It was beautiful.
Sit down dinner.
Romantic music.
Family and close friends only.

Together, they vow'd to be with one another until the end of their lives.

Holding onto her husband good and tight, Colton carried Lily over the threshold of their new home.
Only 10 miles from their hometown.
They did it, they up and left Florida to pursure a new chapter in their life and it began in the town of Avalon.
The house, strutured as a Plantation home, white with a balcont that surrounded the second story.
Forest green shutters and a red door.

Being set down slowly, Lily smiled and lent up - kissing Colton upon the lips, lingering their for a moment before pulling back.

[b "I love you, Mr Daniels.."]

The parents of both were happy they were home, closer to them.
All the better for a family, whenever the newlyweds decides to begin one, that was.

[b "So, what do we do now?. It's only Saturday..."]
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 45d 3h 43m 48s
[center [font “Garamond” [size12 [i You think, I don’t know that? I know we have a home here. I know you have a great client base. I know that…that old town only caused us heartache, but from what I remember, it was where I met you. I fell in love with you. It was where you made a woman. To me, all that, trumps the bad.]]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 Colton looked at her. She was wanting to do the right thing. She was wanting to see the right things in the people and places where they had been. Colton had many grudges. Some of those that lived in that town were another story to begin with. She was able to leave and be away from the town. He on the other hand was stuck there to forever be dragged around the farm, rummaging the cows, running the horses and feeding the chickens scratch. Instead, his silence caused her to move away from the room.]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 He followed her and spoke of what he knew. That she was always first. Her eyes had looked back at him as he asked her why she would think any differently. Her argument came back with a metaphorical slap. She did notice that all he wanted was to work, but it was more than just that. It was more than just work to him. [b Of course I wasn’t anything back home. I was a farmer’s son, one who worked the dirt until it was raw and rugged. I was the one shoveling shit all day. I was the one throwing food out to the chickens and shoveling peaches. And making sure the lines were straight. That is what I was back there. But here, I was able to flourish. I was able to make more of a life for you. I was able to create this place for us and give us a life that we can build upon.]]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 It would be hard being away from her. He had spent years from her and it was like being tortured from day one through day 1,095. [i We don’t have to live in Point Plains. We can live a town over…10 towns over. Like you, I want to be worth something…and I don’t feel like I am worth anything here….I have been so wrapped up in being someone else…] She paused. [i that I have lost me.] ]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 He stood close to her, lifting his hand to touch the side of her face. He touched under eyes and wiped the tears that were just about to fall. He let the salty tear grace his fingertips and he moved them away from her delicate skin. [b This is hard, I know. For both of us.] He whispered. [b We can make it through it.] He pressed his lips to hers, needing a kiss more than he could breathe.]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 [b I will get things figured out at work baby. Go do the interview while I get things sorted out here and then we can start getting things packed up.] He said, letting his fingers continue to caress her face as he held her close to him. He never wanted to let her go.]]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 About a month and a half later, after signing all of the documents, getting their lives packed up, connections made and jobs lined up, they were walking into their first own plantation house about 10 miles outside of Point Plains. Colton had his bride in his arms as he carried her through the threshold and set her down before kissing her lips. ]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 His parents were excited that he was back home. He was happy to see her happy about decorating her classroom, about teaching and being the students of their alma mater. He was building his own time at the hospital not too far from Point Plains that was new within the years that they were gone in Florida and he was in med school. The hospital was still taking off the ground and was in desperate need of help. It was easy, with his connections in florida as well that he was able to get in.]]]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 45d 4h 35m 3s
[i We have our established place here and I have gained a lot of different clients and patients…And there we have a lot to go back to yes, but also a lot of memories of people tearing us apart those so many years ago…]

Colton had a point.
He had a very good point.
During his time here in Miami, he had made a name for himself and had a clientle list that was just utterly amazing and it als because of this that Lily felt guilty at the fact she was thinking abuot her needs rather than his own as well.
The choice was hard and Colton was making it harder.

He was fighting to stay.

[b "You think, I don't know that? I know we have a home here. I know you have a great client base. I know that..that old town only caused us heartache, but from what I remember, it was where I met you. I fell in love with you. It was where you made me a woman. To me, all that, trumps the bad.."] she replied.

Lily didn't focus on the bad in that town.
It was far more enjoyable than Miami. Miami was the town she was banished too, a town she already cried in, longing for her lost love. A town where her Mother lived that did not care about her daughters heart.

Lily left the room, shaking her head, knowing in the back of her mind that she was being a child and being the selfish one.
Colton's voice called out to her and he soon followed her, leaving his desk and his work behind.
[i You know I’m always going to choose you. Why would you think differently?]
[b "Why would I think differently?.."] she repeated, standing behind the kitchen counter. This was the first fight the two had. Well, more a deep disagreement. [b "Colton, all you do is work. Work, you favor - that's what it feels like to me, so of course Im going to think you would choose that. You have made it out to be your quest in life to be something because back felt like you werent worth anything. You are worth ..everything to me. Doesn't that matter?..."]

Ongoing, Colton spoke on her going back home to do the interveiw. He would remain in Miami.
This wuld be the first time they would be apart ever since they split up all those years ago.

It was hard.

[b "We don't have to live in Point Plains. We can live a town over..10 towns over. Like you, I want to be worth something..and I dont feel like I am worth anything here...I have been so wrapped up in being someone else..that..."] she spoke, looking at Colton with tears in her eyes ... [b "...that ive lost me...."]
  MeisjeKelly / 49d 2h 8m 14s
Colton knew that the moments and over time that the woman in front of him would want to see the world and travel. However, he didn’t know that she would want to move back to the place that which they had met. It was a place full of memories and full of the people that tried to tear them apart. From the peach festivals, to the nights hanging out and the bonfire parties, he knew that they were in for a lot of trouble going back there with knowing their history. He didn’t even realize that he was holding so much stress until he released a breath and looked at her, removing his computer from his lap and setting it on the couch cushion not too far from him. He wrapped his arms around her and let her speak her words.

He knew that if he didn’t let her speak now, she would close him out again. Pressing his lips together, he nodded. [b It will be a hard choice….We have our established place here and I have gained a lot of different clients and patients…And there we have a lot to go back to yes, but also a lot of memories of people tearing us apart those so many years ago…]

They both had good points, they both had their point of views and feelings about the situation. It was clashing, and his face was starting to feel hot from the amount of emotions passing over him in waves. It was during that hesitation when she moved herself away from him and said that she was going to decline the offer however he didn’t have time for her anymore because all he did was work. He lifted his brows, completely slapped in the face metaphorically from her words. [b I don’t have time for you.] He whispered. [b You really think that I want to be away from you for so long?] He kept the soft tone, just repeating her words back to her to make sure if he had gotten it correctly.

[b You want me to make a choice with work or you? When you know there is no choice at all? You know I’m always going to choose you. Why would you think differently?] He was curious as to what was bringing this to her attention. He could understand that she missed part of her family and some of the things back home, and he had missed his parents too, but still…this was where they had decided. She had voiced her opinions of the place prior and even during his time being here, but listening to her now, it was like she didn’t think that she listened at all.

[b Don’t decline the offer because you think I don’t want you to.] He said simply, looking at her, slightly frustrated that she was focusing solely on herself at this time and place.

[b If you want to go, if [i you] want to go and do an interview and go back home for a few days, let me know how it goes.]

This was difficult. In every meaning of the word. He could see her side, wanting to get away from her mother, wanting to get away from florida and things that she had been surrounded with. She wanted something new, something where she felt closer to who she was meant to be. It was the same for him. He finally left. He was finally free of the place where his parents had trapped him in doing summer after summer work on the farm. He remembered the days where he said that he would never go back. And now she wanted to go back, and he was facing her exact problem with staying here. There were butting heads, they were clashing thoughts and points, and it was all about who wanted to escape their past the most.

She was already moving away from him. She was already walking away having said that she was going to decline the offer. He subtly rolled his eyes knowing that she wanted this and knowing that she was more than likely going to get what she wanted. However, there were going to be some conditions.

[b Lily, stop. Talk with me on this. Don’t just assume that I don’t want you to take the job.] He pressed his lips together. [b I’m sure that I can get transferred to somewhere near there, but do realize, there is not a hospital in town. There’s one in the next town over, but I’m not sure what you were thinking about there. We have to discuss these details. Where are we going to live that benefits us both. I have a history with that place just like you do here darling. I face the same struggles and thoughts you do here with the thought of going back there. So trust me, I see where you are coming from. But talk with me on this. Let’s figure something out together. I don’t want you to be miserable here, and I don’t want to be miserable staying in the same place that I was held down for so long in.]

He took in a deep breath, unsure as to what she was going to do with that information or if she was going to give him an answer at all besides just slamming the door in his face and going to bed. It was only a matter of time before she would say something and react, but he was very nervous as to how it was all going to turn out.
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 61d 2h 49m 42s
There were times that Lily sat home, alone or even with Colton in the next room - working as he always did where she sat on the couch and watched tv.
Yes, her eyes were on the screen but her mind was always somewhere else.

1. How much she hated Floria and wanted to leave.
2. Colton had seemed to forget the importance of spending time with the woman he loved.

It truely was a wonderful thing when one saved another persons life; even it was just curing them of a cold.
Colton spent all his time working. If he wasn't at home, he was at the hospital. If he wasn't at the hospital, he was in his office.
Lily's job was that of a teacher, she wasn't as busy and on call as he was.

Work was his life. Nothing had changed as Colton on the farm, that was his importance.
Lily missed him.
Lily loved him.

It was there, sitting on his lap that Colton pushed his computer back and made room for the fiance and kept all his attention on her.
With his arms around her, Lily truely felt at home.

What she had to say, scared her and her voice was shakey. Colton knew it just as much as she did.
Speaking to her Father, there was an opening at the highschool where Colton and she first fell in love. The highschool where they snuck off and had sex in the locker room and this position was perfect for her.

Breathing out, Lily looked at Colton and explained the siutation. That she had been offered a job back in Point Plains and that she wanted to take it.

[i When were you looking to go back to that place...When did you start? Why did you start?]
[b "Honestly, I started to look when I got home from Denver all those months ago. Before you even found me. I don't like Florida, Colton.."] she replied.

Colton then looked down to which Lily knew he wasn't taking this well. She could tell from his face.

He wanted to stay.
She didn't.

Then he spoke words that made her sigh, breathe in deep.
He had every right to speak of this in the way he did.

[i I have my patients, my relationships with good clientelle and good staffing. I mean they’re quirky and I have to get on to them a lot, but still….I have a foundation here. And a good step up with the hospital…. ]
[b "I know you do, Colton and believe me when I say, this is a hard choice to make..."]
[i What I mean is, why do you want to go back?]
[b "I hate it here. I hate the constant hot weather. I hate the fact that everytime I walk out of the house, all I see is my mother, stopping me from being with you all those years ago. Florida, has nothing but bad memories for when when ..back home, its where the best times of my life were, even if it was for a short while. I felt home..."]

Yes, this was her home.
Yes, this was where Colton was and they made a home together their in Florida...but the contact bad memories before he arrived was stuck.

[b "Wherever you are, I'm home so please do not think anything less of that. I want to be happy too with work..and im just not. I miss my Dad. I miss the changing seasons. I miss the country. I even miss the damn peach festival...."]

Speaking, Lily could see Colton's face change to a face she hadnt seen before.
It was as if he was diappointed.

[b "You know what? ...forget I even said anything. I shouldn't be pulling you from a job you love. I just feel you dont have time for anymore. All you do is work. Even during this conversation, youve been looking at the computer screen. Some times I just want to say with either me ..or work...."] she muttered, moving from Colton's lap and wandered around from behind the desk and started to walk away.

[b "I'll decline the job offer."]
  MeisjeKelly / 75d 5h 50m 33s
[center [font “Garamond” [size12 Colton was a man of many things. He had worked in many hospitals throughout his time outside of college. During the years that he wasn’t with Lily, he had worked hard to get his medical degree and make something of himself. It was when he finally had found his way back to Lily after all the drama with Amelia and the lies that were shared for 2 years, he finally found his place in life. It was within the hospital with a goofy and loveable staff and one that he had called home. It was one that he had finally been good to be a part of.]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 The months had passed after his engagement and the thrill of getting married and getting engaged had started to slow down and the guys and women at work had finally been able to get off his back and stop picking at him, he was finally getting things back together again. He had made a life with Lily in their apartment, all while saving up for their wedding. They were planning everything down to the very last detail together as they were apart for so long that they didn’t want to miss another one’s chance to have a deciding factor. It was only a matter of time before they were to say their I do’s and then they would be able to continue their beautiful lives together when he moved his life to Florida for the woman that he loved. ]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 Now, finally getting back into the swing of things, Colton sat with his computer on the desk in front of him. The various colors of different appointments he would be seeing the following day displayed on his screen while a stack of medical notes and tips of patients was sprawled in his lap and a pen hung from his mouth as he looked through the different files he had and compared to the rechecks that he had coming up the following day. His eyes were glued to the screen that he didn’t even notice the love of his life enter the room. He was so taken up by his clients and patients that the one person who he needed to pay the most attention to was standing right in front of him. He heard her voice and immediately looked up, pulling the pen from his mouth as she climbed into his lap. He pushed away the computer, saving his eyes from the blue tint glare and smiled up at her as he set some notes aside and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close to him.]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 Her voice was shaky, and that wasn’t like her. She was usually so full of joy, full of everything, full of life and energy, but now she was insecure and shaken up by something. His eyes searched her face, reading the body language that she looked sort of closed off before she finally opened the full lips to produce that she had gotten an offer to teach at a school...their school. Back home...Where her dad was the mayor still and his father was still the main farmer of the town...Back where their roots began and the water was plenished and derived and paved through for their lives now…]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 He was a little taken aback. His eyes searched her face and he hesitated.. He had to breathe a second.]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 [b When were you looking to go back to that place...When did you start? Why did you start?] He asked, completely taken aback by the entire situation. He was under the belief that she liked it there, and that they were going to continue their life in Florida since her mother had gone away. Her friends were there. At least that was the impression that he was creating in his head. He knew there were parts of Florida that she was not a fan of, but over all he thought she was happy. ]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 He looked downward, facing the fight within himself. [b Have you been interviewing?] He asked. He looked to the side, seeing the computer screen still lit up with the schedule and all of his patients. [b That’s amazing….] He said, trying to be supportive while fighting everything in his head. [b I’m glad that you are able to take this opportunity and that you seem pretty hopeful about it… But I’m skeptical….There is so much baggage there...I thought we were wanting to get away from that? I mean, I have my patients, my relationships with good clientelle and good staffing. I mean they’re quirky and I have to get on to them a lot, but still….I have a foundation here. And a good step up with the hospital….] He was wandering on and on but looking into her eyes….he didn’t want to be separated from her again. He wanted nothing more than to be with her.]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 [b What I mean is, why do you want to go back? ]]]]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 83d 2h 30m 46s
Lily had a secret.

It was a crazy secret, however she was never the one to tell it. It was all in the past and honestly, if she told Colton about it now, there was no point.
When Lily was 17, she honestly felt that the love the two had, was the real deal.
It came towards hard and gave her a nice slap in the face and she knew even then - early on that he was the one.
Waking up in the barn after making love to the Cowboy, she knew he was the one she was going to marry and it would be her asking him.

That was the secret.
Lily was going to ask Colton to marry her if all went well perhaps months down the line, perhaps weeks.

She left before she could ask.

It had been 10 years later, 10 years and 6 months later that the two stood on the bench, older - wiser and knew exactly what they wanted.
Colton went down on a bended knee and presented a ring that was truely one of a kind.
A ring that was sought after, made by his heart and given to Lily with a very special question.

A question that was made on the beach on a date night by the ocean in sunset.

Lily smiled wide and said yes.

Oh her heart was feeling giddy, beating fast and fluttering away the moment the ring slipped upon her perfectly polished finger.

Wrapping her arms around Colton the moment he stood up, the two hugged tightly and kissed each others lips in a sensual matter but hard just the same, sealing the deal.

[b "I love you ..."] she spoke the moment they pulled apart and her ears perked up, listening to his words that spilled from his lips.
[i "No one else really helped us get here. Others kept us apart. It was us who wanted was us who got us to be together again, and it will still be us at the end of this crazy beautiful life we will live."]
[b "Others kept us apart because they were bored with their own life and they wanted to destroy others for fun and for sport. We were always meant to be with each other. It was iron clad when we saw each other when we were 10, really..."] Lily spoke with a smile only for it to vanish the moment her eyes looked over a woman coming over with a camera in hand.

The whole time, they were getting their pictures taken.
Colton had arranged this all and it was listening to their conversation that Lily turned back to her fiancee and laughed.
[b "You planned that too? Oh my god, I probably looked awful!...Why didn't you tell me..."]

Another laugh came out before saying thank you as she congratulated the two of them on this joyous moment.

The two kissed.
Eyes closed as Lily placed her left hand upon Colton's check ever so gently, letting the diamond sparkle as the picture was taken on the phone.
To be sent to her girlfriends.

Did she want too though?

Sally, for sure as she supported them both.
The other girls were somewhat skeptical of it all. They believed the two of the mgetting together so fast wasnt the right thing. That and also Colton came to her the moment he knew the bitch was cheating on him.

They often said that if he really did love her, he would of left the bitch before the wedding for her.

In the car, the two held hands and the smiles could not be removed from their faces.
That night, the engaged couple made love for hours. They took their time as they had their whole lives.

3 months had passed and Lily was in full swing of planning their wedding.
They had told their friends who screamed with excitement. Colton told his parents who were very happy for him...even though this was his second engagement, however his father for the first time told Colton that his Brother who had passed, would be very proud of him.
Lilky told her Mother who didn't take it too well, but her Father finally accepted the two were in love and all he wanted was his only daughter to be happy.

She was happy.

She was marrying the love of her life.

[b "I'll tell him Dad, but I dont know about this..."] Lily spoke on the phone and sighed as she sat by the table, a hand upon her forehead. [b "It's a great thing, but our life is here in Miami, I dont know.."]
[+green "Just tell him sweetheart..."]

Finishing the phone call with her Father, Lily stared ahead for a moment before moving from the kitchen and wandered through the house to the Study where Colton sat, reveiwing appointments - doing his work whilke she knocked on the door softly.

[b "Hey hunny..."] she muttered softly, stepping in..

[b "I just got off the phone with Dad and ..."]

Standing in the study, Lily looked at Colton who was giving all his attention too.
She was nervous.

[b "Ive been offered a job. A great teaching oppertunity at a High School. It's in Point Plains, our old high school and I'm actually thinking about taking it..."] she spoke.

Point Plains.
Their home town.
The place where they fell in love.

This was a hard choice to make.

His whole life was in Miami and all Lily wanted to do was leave that place.
She hated Florida.
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 108d 3h 40m 7s
[center [font “Garamond” [size12 It was captured in that moment that she had said the single word that would begin their life. Photos captured the moment that he spoke of asking her the question that would open up the world they could now create for themselves. That they were meant to create for themselves since they were young and in love...even before they knew what love was. The photographer was snapping away as he was smiling so much and together they were laughing as he slipped the ring on her designated finger.]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 He hadn’t told anyone about the engagement plan that he was having because this was their thing. It was their time to be together. It was their date night, and anything different it would have set it off and she would have known. It was their time to have that special moment, and it was in their time that no one else was going to be apart of. He smiled at her and he wrapped his arms around the love of his life and picked her up as he pressed his lips against hers. The photographer was still snapping away at their moments. ]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 [b I love you so much.] He said, in between kisses as he held her against him. He chuckled and after a few more kisses, he set her down, touching the edges of her face. SHe was going to be his forever. They were never going to be split again. Things were going to be how they were supposed to be and now it was all falling into place. Smiling at her. [b I am not sure how you pictured this, but I wanted it to be just you and me. No one else really helped us get here. Others kept us apart. It was us who wanted was us who got us to be together again, and it will still be us at the end of this crazy beautiful life we will live.] He chuckled, wiping his own happy little tears away. ]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 He pulled away from her after fixing a stray hair from her face and looked up toward the bushes were the photographer was hiding. He smiled at her and waved her over.]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 Cara, the photographer, pulled herself out of the brush and walked out, holding her camera and smiling. [i Congratulations guys!] She smiled at them. [i I have a lot of great shots, and I’ll get those edited tonight Colton, and I’ll have them sent over.] Colton smiled at her and lifted his right hand and they shook on it. [b Thanks Cara, I appreciate it. Before you leave, can you take a picture of us on my phone?] She took the phone from him and he pulled Lily against him. [b Since I know all of your girlfriends are going to want to see what happened tonight.] He chuckled, knowing that she was close to her friends, and he never wanted to take that away from her.]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 Cara took the picture and he had sent it to Lily and before long, they were cleaning up their date night and headed home. In the car, he laced his fingers through hers and smiled at her. [b I love you baby.] He said another time, like he had the million times before that night.]]]

[center [font “Garamond” [size12 It was their time now…]]]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 111d 13h 4m 57s
Colton was aware of the relationship she had with her Mother.
It came the moment when the two finally ended up together after Colton found her, that Lily spilled everything that had happened.
Together, laying in her bed under a single sheet that Lily spoke on her family.
How she grew up.
Why her Mother left.
Why she was sent away before returning to Point Plains where their story began.

Lily's Mother was..different.
She often believed that she was born for the finer things in life, having a man that would wait on her hand and foot and she did marry well. However when Lily's father became Mayor, it was his work that had his time and Mother felt cheated and alone.
Even more alone when they sent Lily who became an age that she began to become naughty to the finest boarding school to make her a lady.
Only for Lily to come back and fall in love with a boy who was opposite from her lifestyle and did things that would prove she was not being a proper lady.

Colton did infact meet the Witch.
She had heard about him from her ex husband when they dicussed Lily moving to her and she was not going to have her daughter become a harlot so she accepted.

Sitting opposite Colton in the gazebo that was warmly lit and having a romantic feel, the two enjoyed their meal as they spoke about their work, how they were feeling as both of them admitted to being tired, but Lily could never imagine what Colton went through every day at the Hospital.
Looking after people who were sick, forming bonds with patients only to have then leave this earth behind.
Seeing death.
Witnessing miracles.

Holding the champagne flute, the glass was brought to her lips and Lily took a sip as she kept her eyes on the man she loved and listened carefully what he was speaking.
He was good story teller.
Lily smiled as she continued to listen to his words of the sponge bath, only for it to fade when she heard that his wife was no longer around and the condition the older gentleman had.

[i 'It made me realize how grateful I am to have you baby, I love you. And our time finally being together.']
[b "You always had me. Even the time we were apart, you did..."] she spoke.

Shifting up and off from her seat after a request of Colton, Lily took one last sip of the drink and gently placed the glass back onto the table before taking Colton's hand and together, they shifted from the gazebo, removed their shoes and stepped onto the soft sand of the beach.
Every time they were here on a date night, they would do this.

It was what she looked forward too the most.

Both would stand close side by side and just walk.
Speak of love and their past and how happy they were as at times, at home, they wouldnt speak of that due to the work load.

In the distance, hidden away in plain site, a photographer clicked camera and took pictures of the couple by the light of the sunset, Lily having no idea.
It was all the same and she did not expect a single thing.

[i "I missed you today"]

Coming to a stop, Lily turned and the pair stood infront of one another close as she tilted her head up, looking at the tall, handsome as hell Cowboy he would always be and smiled.
[b "I missed you too"]
Then came a nervous laugh.
This worried her a little.

[b "Are you okay?.."] she spoke, smiling as she refused to glance away from him, still holding his hand as Colton gripped a little tighter.
Silence crossed between them.
Lily wasn't going to lie when she could of sworn her heart started to beat really fast and her whole body started to become hot.
Something was going on.

[b "Colton, tell me.."]
[i "From the moment I met you, from the moment we were separated and reunited, I never wanted you to leave my side again. I want to be with you forever…"]
[b "Oh my gosh, Colton..."] she whispered, completely in shock as her eyes witnessed Colton shifting down before her onto a single knee. Knee digging into the sand as he let go of her hands to pull out a box, flipping the top open slowly only to show off a ring that simply took her breath away.
Just like the moment he did when she first laid eyes on him at the age of 17.

[i So, Lily Herondale, will you be with me forever as my wife and marry me?]

Listening to those words, Lily's eyes closed and the moment she did, tears of pure joy and happiness fell. It was only for a quick moment by her heart skipped and fluttered only to open her eyes once more.
It wasn't a dream.
Colton was truely infront of her, kneeling down asking for her hand.

[b "Yes.."]

A single word never meant so much.

Smiling so much, her cheeks began to hurt.
Lily held out her hand, palm down and watched, felt the ring fit onto finger perfectly.
It was meant to be there.
  MeisjeKelly / 125d 6h 26m 11s
[center [font “Times [size12 Colton had been waiting for this moment from the second that his eyes had met hers. From the second they were a pair, a couple, a pair of heroes that could take on the world, he was scared. He was scared for the fact how much of an effect that she had on him. She had created such a perfect world for him from the moment those beautiful curls hit her face to even the teenage years where they had explored parts of their bodies for the first time. It was all in due time that they were supposed to be together… And people around them knew it. From the moment they met. ]]]

[center [font “Times [size12 Now, as they stood at the beautiful gazebo near the ocean, their food was already on the table that he had packed and made himself. He was so nervous, but even more so now as she walked up. She was as beautiful as ever. It scared the hell out of him now. Her beautiful curves, her beautiful smile, and even more so beautiful eyes. She was standing there, a goddess in his presence, and there he was in his normal attire of a button up and shorts since it was warmer. His tanned skin had only gotten darker with the sunkissed days that he spent on the beach with this beauty. She was magical to see, intelligible to talk to, and absolutely adorable when she wanted his attention. She had him wrapped so tightly around her finger and all he wanted to do was give her the world. ]]]

[center [font “Times [size12 With the velvet box in his pocket and the wind blowing in their direction, she came and sat down across from him and together they dug in. He was aware of her relationship with her mother. He could only smile at her words, not entirely the situation. [b Absolutely flawless, huh? My actress strikes again. Where are the cameras?] He laughed softly and he continued to eat. His palms were sweaty and he was dying from being able to ask the question. He had to act normal...He had to act like this wasn’t going to be the biggest night of their life. ]]]

[center [font “Times [size12 As they ate, he started talking about the hospital, hoping to calm his nerves. He pressed his lips together. [b It was funny today, I was making my rounds, checking on patients, and there was this old man that was yelling at the nurse. I could hear his cursing from down the hall and when I walked in, he was just yelling at her because his wife wasn’t the one scrubbing his back for the sponge bath.] He smiled. [b I assured him that his wife was on her way and the nurse was going to make him look good for his wife when she got there. His eyes just lit up and he let the nurse finish her job, but when I walked out the head nurse told me that his wife had passed a few years ago. I smiled and had shaken my head, I read this man’s chart. His memory loss keeps him in 1964 when his wife was still alive and well and having to give him sponge baths after his lost his legs.] He smiled and looked down at his food for a second. ]]]

[center [font “Times [size12 [b It made me realize how grateful I am to have you baby, I love you. And our time finally being together.] He smiled and reach across the table to hold her hand. He said things like this all the least that he could remember. He smiled nervously, but he squeezed her fingers and tried to calm down a little more as the weights were beginning to get a little more heavy on his shoulders. ]]]

[center [font “Times [size12 They finished up their meal and he could see the photographer peeking at him, he reached for her hand again and smiled. [b Wanna take a walk with me?] He asked, smiling at her, hoping to distract her. He pulled off his shoes so then he could feel a little more steady in the sand. He didn’t care that he was going to be getting more sand in his jeep, but it didn’t matter. After tonight, things were going to change, and he was looking forward to it.]]]

[center [font “Times [size12 He walked through the sand and the sun was beginning to set as he laced his fingers through hers and together they walked down the beach side. He was sure that the photographer was getting shots of them walking while trying to hide at the same time as well. He presed his lips together and slowly came to a stop. He smiled down at her and held her cheeks in his hands as he kissed her lightly. [b I missed you today.] He whispered and kissed her again before he pulled away. He let out a nervous laugh as he let go of her hand. [b So I have had this thought on my mind for the past couple of months...well for a longer time than that but that doens’t matter. ] He was rambling on, but he focused again. ]]]

[center [font “Times [size12 [b From the moment I met you, from the moment we were separated and reunited, I never wanted you to leave my side again. I want to be with you forever… So, Lily Herondale, will you be with me forever as my wife and marry me?] He said as he slowly lowered down to one knee. His nerves were now topped off for this moment. He felt the weight as he looked up at her as he had pulled the ring out of his pocket and flipped it open to produce the silver sparkling diamond with hints of purple and blue as decorations on the band, just light hints. It was the sun hitting them just right in reflection of the night sky that was developing around them.]]]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 125d 13h 47m 18s
It felt completely surreal the moment Lily opened the door and her eyes rested upon the man she had loved since she was 17 years old.
For seeing him weeks before in a place that was completely random unexpectedly to right now, him standing in her doorway, there had to be some fate at play.
Lily let him inside and immediantly he removed his coat and shirt for reasons, she didnt ask.
Colton was wearing a suit, a damn nice one at that only for her too remember that he was getting married, well he was married but yet he was here, in her apartment.
Again, she didnt ask.

Colton said words that dazzled and dizzied her mind, words that were exactly what she needed as minutes before, confusion and contimplation reared her in her mind. Lily needed to find home, little did she know, home was on his way to sweep her off her feet.
Colton carried her into the bedroom as they continued to kiss with passion and hot like fire.
What came next, was 6 years too long.
Lily could always picture the two of them as kids in her mind, making love but over time she forgot what it felt like.

It wasn't long until she was moaning pleasureably under his dick where she finally, caught up and remembered.


Months had passed and from the moment Colton entered her home, he didnt leave.
Lily didnt want him too, but he only did to get his things from New York, to orginize his life so he could live with the woman who made him happy.
Those moment when he was away from her, were the worst.
Lily didnt know what to do wth herself and wondered if he was okay, all the time.

Everytime he came home, opened that door, Lily ran and jumped into Colton's arms with a squeel of happiness and refused to let him go.
The days where she would be working, coming homew - there Colton would be, in the kitchen trying to make something for dinner.
They just...worked meshed well together.

[+green "6 months together, who would of thought?..."] Ruth spoke as she sat by the countertop, looking at Lily who stood on the opposite side, stirring coffee while pinching a spoon inbetween two fingers with a smile on her face.
[b "I knew. I knew since I was 7, we were supposed to be with one another."]
[+green "Ohhhhh..that's so cute. So you have a dress? Nails are done, I see.."]
[b "Ruth, its just a date. We do this all the time..."]

It was true.
The two of them did. It was something they did to reconnect as at times, with Colton being busy with the Hospital and Lily being busy correcting work from the Students, they times were seperated.

It was one of her favorite places to be.
The surroundings were always beautiful. The sound of the ocean near by, the abiance of the stringed fairy lights casted a warm glow.
The gazebo always decked out nicely with flowers along with candles upon the white linen that draped over the table.
Not the mention the food.

Lily went out and bought herself a new dress as a girl always liked to have new things.
An emerald green dress that was almost similar to the one she wore when she when 17 and seeing Colton again for the second time at the party, the night of their first kiss by the pier on the lake.
Hair down in loose curls that danced in the breeze.

Everything was just as normal as it usually was when it came to date night.

Stepping onto the base of the gazebo, heels clicked against the floor as she approached the table and sat down slowly, smiling at Colton who took seat on the opposite side.
Wine was poured, a very nice Sav that always made her warm on the inside and it did just that when Lily took a sip.

[b "Oh, I forgot to tell you. As if this day couldnt get any better. My witch of a Mom, is moving to California. I spoke to her today and I swear...the performance of complete utter devestation, was flawless..."] Lily spoke before giving off a soft laugh only to again, take another sip of the wine. [b "Oscar worthy..."]
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[center [font “Times” [size12 Colton was lost in translation. It was the movement from being in the cold weather of New York to the bright sun and heat of Florida. It was nice, muggy at times, but definitely worth being in. The temperatures were warming and stable. He liked the consistency already. He was only here a few short hours before he was standing at her doorstep, watiting for that beautiful door to open to expose the wonderful woman inside. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He was ushered inside and there he stood there, his hands caressing the side of her face. His fingertips grazing her skin, feeling the warmth under them. He needed this. It hadn’t been the same with Amelia. That was not his place, not where his home was...where his heart was. But he could see it in her eyes. He could see his very breath coming from his lips in the reflection of her eyes. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He said the words, the words that both of their hearts needed to hear in that moment. And what she uttered next was the final go. He wrapped his arms around her and together they were off in the bliss and passion of love.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He had waited far too long. He was under a spell of another, thinking that it was finally the vitamins that he had needed. His body was finally reaching the nourishment that it needed. It was the feeling that was only a facade. It was now...staring in her eyes that the real drug was right there in front of him. The real feelings of love. The true intentions were back and surrounding him...He was among the clouds…]]]

[center ---]

[center [font “Times” [size12 It was months later. Colton had moved from the brisk and cold of New York to be with Lily in Florida. It was their time to be together. He had gotten a job at one of the major hospitals and he was working as much as he could while still trying to be at home with her. He was going to make a life, and he wasn’t going to have her walk away or be forced away from her ever again.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 His parents had heard of the news, they had seen the messages from him as well as heard his voice. Colton was doing great now. The problems of his past were gone, and was just that, a thing of the past.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 It was now, shifts at the hospital, giving words of hope and wisdom while listening critically for his patients. He worked closely with them, making sure they knew exactly that they weren’t alone. No matter how big the problem seemed to be, there was always another day, always another option, and always another face that would help them succeed if they so chose.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Sometimes, there were days where he had come home drained and exhausted. Lily had always welcomed him with open arms and a warm kiss to keep him happy. Other days where they were both on their last leg, it was a struggle to push through and to continue on, but they knew they were in the right place. They knew that they weren’t leaving each other again. This was the real world, and they were making it, one step at a time. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 And it was staring back at him now...the glisten of the raw cut diamond. It was surrounded in silver, sure to be striking next to her tan skin. It curved in such a way, but was not big enough to over take her hand, but not small enough that you could mistake it for a thin line. He knew from the moment that she allowed him back into her life that he was going to do everything in his power to keep his place. And He wasn’t going to allow anyone else over step his place.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 It didn’t take him long to purchase the ring. He had known her ring size before as she had shown him some of her new rings that she had purchased for the many outfits that she had bought as well. It was a gesture that he was very curious about always. It was life living in a dream.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He had everything planned, everything was set up. He had the photographer placed, the beautiful lights and everything. Many a time he had taken her to this specific place. It was a large open area with a gazebo not too far from the ocean. They were able to feel the breeze but not be interrupted. They had had dinner nights there before. She had said that she was going to have her nails done and was purchasing a new dress just to be a little more comfortable. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 It was like any other night. It was as if everything was like normal…]]]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 132d 6h 6m 36s
Florida was indeed nice.
The weather was often sunny, people hustled and bustles along the strip wearing bikini's and swimshort while roller skating, while others enjoyed heading into bars when at night, the buldings shone up like stars and the drag queens took over for a night of sing song.
This was the place Lily moved too, after all the bullshit at Point Plains. Living with her mother proved doomed to fail the moment she stepped into the door of her Mother's home and was forced solitude becuase of her "wicked" ways and shaming the Herondale name with a boy of no status and who shovelled manure for a living.

Quite honest, Point Plains was where she was most happy despite her Father, but he wasn't so bad. He loved her, unlike the witch in Florida.

Ruth was like a Mother to her.
The day Lily moved in, Ruth came over with a bottle of wine and two glasses and they spent the day chatting, getting to know one another while Lily tried to unpack.
A girl needed her toiletries and bed linen.

She was happy, finally.

She became unhappy again upon breaking with with the parner of 2 years and again unhappy when she said goodbye to the man she ever loved but however somewhat confused the moment her eyes latched onto his own the moment she opened up the door and saw him again weeks later.

[b "Come in...."] she spoke, unable to look away, stepping back only to open the door wider, watching Colton follow orders along with watching him shed clothes right off from his back.
Clothes that looked fancy.
A nicely made Tuxedo that he couldn't wait to get off his body.

Clearing her throat, Lily looked away and closed the door - locking it nice and securely before turning back - Colton now without a shirt.
Damn that man.
Coming into her life again, stripping off fabric to show off that body that she remembered the first time seeing him in the barn that one afternoon.

Damn that man.

[b "What's going on?..."] she spoke, standing there waiting for an answer as she witnessed Colton turn around and aproached her in a way, seemed different.
He seemed alot more confident. Still a little unsure like he was at the resort but confident none the less.
Words soon escaped his mouth that captured Lily. Tilting her head up - the two stared deep into each others eyes whileher eyes listened to everything he said.
Words that did infact make her heart flutter but return back upon hearing what Brent did to his best friend of the longest years.

[b "He did what?...."]

Colton didnt answer but continued to sweep Lily off her feet.
[i I want you in my life forever. I will never let you walk away from me again. I love you.]

That was when he kissed her.
That was when she kissed him back in such a passionate way, trying to catch up for the 6 years they had been apart.

Feeling his hands upon her body, Lily lifted herself up with the help of Colton's strength and wrapped her legs around his waist, keeping him tight only to kiss harder, letting soft moans escape throat before letting go, pulling back.

[b "You found me..."] she whispered, smiling a real, non faked smiled for the first time in a long time as Colton ushered them both through the apartment and into the bedroom with direction.
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 133d 7h 30m 11s

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