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Colton was aware of the relationship she had with her Mother.
It came the moment when the two finally ended up together after Colton found her, that Lily spilled everything that had happened.
Together, laying in her bed under a single sheet that Lily spoke on her family.
How she grew up.
Why her Mother left.
Why she was sent away before returning to Point Plains where their story began.

Lily's Mother was..different.
She often believed that she was born for the finer things in life, having a man that would wait on her hand and foot and she did marry well. However when Lily's father became Mayor, it was his work that had his time and Mother felt cheated and alone.
Even more alone when they sent Lily who became an age that she began to become naughty to the finest boarding school to make her a lady.
Only for Lily to come back and fall in love with a boy who was opposite from her lifestyle and did things that would prove she was not being a proper lady.

Colton did infact meet the Witch.
She had heard about him from her ex husband when they dicussed Lily moving to her and she was not going to have her daughter become a harlot so she accepted.

Sitting opposite Colton in the gazebo that was warmly lit and having a romantic feel, the two enjoyed their meal as they spoke about their work, how they were feeling as both of them admitted to being tired, but Lily could never imagine what Colton went through every day at the Hospital.
Looking after people who were sick, forming bonds with patients only to have then leave this earth behind.
Seeing death.
Witnessing miracles.

Holding the champagne flute, the glass was brought to her lips and Lily took a sip as she kept her eyes on the man she loved and listened carefully what he was speaking.
He was good story teller.
Lily smiled as she continued to listen to his words of the sponge bath, only for it to fade when she heard that his wife was no longer around and the condition the older gentleman had.

[i 'It made me realize how grateful I am to have you baby, I love you. And our time finally being together.']
[b "You always had me. Even the time we were apart, you did..."] she spoke.

Shifting up and off from her seat after a request of Colton, Lily took one last sip of the drink and gently placed the glass back onto the table before taking Colton's hand and together, they shifted from the gazebo, removed their shoes and stepped onto the soft sand of the beach.
Every time they were here on a date night, they would do this.

It was what she looked forward too the most.

Both would stand close side by side and just walk.
Speak of love and their past and how happy they were as at times, at home, they wouldnt speak of that due to the work load.

In the distance, hidden away in plain site, a photographer clicked camera and took pictures of the couple by the light of the sunset, Lily having no idea.
It was all the same and she did not expect a single thing.

[i "I missed you today"]

Coming to a stop, Lily turned and the pair stood infront of one another close as she tilted her head up, looking at the tall, handsome as hell Cowboy he would always be and smiled.
[b "I missed you too"]
Then came a nervous laugh.
This worried her a little.

[b "Are you okay?.."] she spoke, smiling as she refused to glance away from him, still holding his hand as Colton gripped a little tighter.
Silence crossed between them.
Lily wasn't going to lie when she could of sworn her heart started to beat really fast and her whole body started to become hot.
Something was going on.

[b "Colton, tell me.."]
[i "From the moment I met you, from the moment we were separated and reunited, I never wanted you to leave my side again. I want to be with you forever…"]
[b "Oh my gosh, Colton..."] she whispered, completely in shock as her eyes witnessed Colton shifting down before her onto a single knee. Knee digging into the sand as he let go of her hands to pull out a box, flipping the top open slowly only to show off a ring that simply took her breath away.
Just like the moment he did when she first laid eyes on him at the age of 17.

[i So, Lily Herondale, will you be with me forever as my wife and marry me?]

Listening to those words, Lily's eyes closed and the moment she did, tears of pure joy and happiness fell. It was only for a quick moment by her heart skipped and fluttered only to open her eyes once more.
It wasn't a dream.
Colton was truely infront of her, kneeling down asking for her hand.

[b "Yes.."]

A single word never meant so much.

Smiling so much, her cheeks began to hurt.
Lily held out her hand, palm down and watched, felt the ring fit onto finger perfectly.
It was meant to be there.
  MeisjeKelly / 8d 21h 5m 48s
[center [font “Times [size12 Colton had been waiting for this moment from the second that his eyes had met hers. From the second they were a pair, a couple, a pair of heroes that could take on the world, he was scared. He was scared for the fact how much of an effect that she had on him. She had created such a perfect world for him from the moment those beautiful curls hit her face to even the teenage years where they had explored parts of their bodies for the first time. It was all in due time that they were supposed to be together… And people around them knew it. From the moment they met. ]]]

[center [font “Times [size12 Now, as they stood at the beautiful gazebo near the ocean, their food was already on the table that he had packed and made himself. He was so nervous, but even more so now as she walked up. She was as beautiful as ever. It scared the hell out of him now. Her beautiful curves, her beautiful smile, and even more so beautiful eyes. She was standing there, a goddess in his presence, and there he was in his normal attire of a button up and shorts since it was warmer. His tanned skin had only gotten darker with the sunkissed days that he spent on the beach with this beauty. She was magical to see, intelligible to talk to, and absolutely adorable when she wanted his attention. She had him wrapped so tightly around her finger and all he wanted to do was give her the world. ]]]

[center [font “Times [size12 With the velvet box in his pocket and the wind blowing in their direction, she came and sat down across from him and together they dug in. He was aware of her relationship with her mother. He could only smile at her words, not entirely the situation. [b Absolutely flawless, huh? My actress strikes again. Where are the cameras?] He laughed softly and he continued to eat. His palms were sweaty and he was dying from being able to ask the question. He had to act normal...He had to act like this wasn’t going to be the biggest night of their life. ]]]

[center [font “Times [size12 As they ate, he started talking about the hospital, hoping to calm his nerves. He pressed his lips together. [b It was funny today, I was making my rounds, checking on patients, and there was this old man that was yelling at the nurse. I could hear his cursing from down the hall and when I walked in, he was just yelling at her because his wife wasn’t the one scrubbing his back for the sponge bath.] He smiled. [b I assured him that his wife was on her way and the nurse was going to make him look good for his wife when she got there. His eyes just lit up and he let the nurse finish her job, but when I walked out the head nurse told me that his wife had passed a few years ago. I smiled and had shaken my head, I read this man’s chart. His memory loss keeps him in 1964 when his wife was still alive and well and having to give him sponge baths after his lost his legs.] He smiled and looked down at his food for a second. ]]]

[center [font “Times [size12 [b It made me realize how grateful I am to have you baby, I love you. And our time finally being together.] He smiled and reach across the table to hold her hand. He said things like this all the least that he could remember. He smiled nervously, but he squeezed her fingers and tried to calm down a little more as the weights were beginning to get a little more heavy on his shoulders. ]]]

[center [font “Times [size12 They finished up their meal and he could see the photographer peeking at him, he reached for her hand again and smiled. [b Wanna take a walk with me?] He asked, smiling at her, hoping to distract her. He pulled off his shoes so then he could feel a little more steady in the sand. He didn’t care that he was going to be getting more sand in his jeep, but it didn’t matter. After tonight, things were going to change, and he was looking forward to it.]]]

[center [font “Times [size12 He walked through the sand and the sun was beginning to set as he laced his fingers through hers and together they walked down the beach side. He was sure that the photographer was getting shots of them walking while trying to hide at the same time as well. He presed his lips together and slowly came to a stop. He smiled down at her and held her cheeks in his hands as he kissed her lightly. [b I missed you today.] He whispered and kissed her again before he pulled away. He let out a nervous laugh as he let go of her hand. [b So I have had this thought on my mind for the past couple of months...well for a longer time than that but that doens’t matter. ] He was rambling on, but he focused again. ]]]

[center [font “Times [size12 [b From the moment I met you, from the moment we were separated and reunited, I never wanted you to leave my side again. I want to be with you forever… So, Lily Herondale, will you be with me forever as my wife and marry me?] He said as he slowly lowered down to one knee. His nerves were now topped off for this moment. He felt the weight as he looked up at her as he had pulled the ring out of his pocket and flipped it open to produce the silver sparkling diamond with hints of purple and blue as decorations on the band, just light hints. It was the sun hitting them just right in reflection of the night sky that was developing around them.]]]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 9d 4h 26m 55s
It felt completely surreal the moment Lily opened the door and her eyes rested upon the man she had loved since she was 17 years old.
For seeing him weeks before in a place that was completely random unexpectedly to right now, him standing in her doorway, there had to be some fate at play.
Lily let him inside and immediantly he removed his coat and shirt for reasons, she didnt ask.
Colton was wearing a suit, a damn nice one at that only for her too remember that he was getting married, well he was married but yet he was here, in her apartment.
Again, she didnt ask.

Colton said words that dazzled and dizzied her mind, words that were exactly what she needed as minutes before, confusion and contimplation reared her in her mind. Lily needed to find home, little did she know, home was on his way to sweep her off her feet.
Colton carried her into the bedroom as they continued to kiss with passion and hot like fire.
What came next, was 6 years too long.
Lily could always picture the two of them as kids in her mind, making love but over time she forgot what it felt like.

It wasn't long until she was moaning pleasureably under his dick where she finally, caught up and remembered.


Months had passed and from the moment Colton entered her home, he didnt leave.
Lily didnt want him too, but he only did to get his things from New York, to orginize his life so he could live with the woman who made him happy.
Those moment when he was away from her, were the worst.
Lily didnt know what to do wth herself and wondered if he was okay, all the time.

Everytime he came home, opened that door, Lily ran and jumped into Colton's arms with a squeel of happiness and refused to let him go.
The days where she would be working, coming homew - there Colton would be, in the kitchen trying to make something for dinner.
They just...worked meshed well together.

[+green "6 months together, who would of thought?..."] Ruth spoke as she sat by the countertop, looking at Lily who stood on the opposite side, stirring coffee while pinching a spoon inbetween two fingers with a smile on her face.
[b "I knew. I knew since I was 7, we were supposed to be with one another."]
[+green "Ohhhhh..that's so cute. So you have a dress? Nails are done, I see.."]
[b "Ruth, its just a date. We do this all the time..."]

It was true.
The two of them did. It was something they did to reconnect as at times, with Colton being busy with the Hospital and Lily being busy correcting work from the Students, they times were seperated.

It was one of her favorite places to be.
The surroundings were always beautiful. The sound of the ocean near by, the abiance of the stringed fairy lights casted a warm glow.
The gazebo always decked out nicely with flowers along with candles upon the white linen that draped over the table.
Not the mention the food.

Lily went out and bought herself a new dress as a girl always liked to have new things.
An emerald green dress that was almost similar to the one she wore when she when 17 and seeing Colton again for the second time at the party, the night of their first kiss by the pier on the lake.
Hair down in loose curls that danced in the breeze.

Everything was just as normal as it usually was when it came to date night.

Stepping onto the base of the gazebo, heels clicked against the floor as she approached the table and sat down slowly, smiling at Colton who took seat on the opposite side.
Wine was poured, a very nice Sav that always made her warm on the inside and it did just that when Lily took a sip.

[b "Oh, I forgot to tell you. As if this day couldnt get any better. My witch of a Mom, is moving to California. I spoke to her today and I swear...the performance of complete utter devestation, was flawless..."] Lily spoke before giving off a soft laugh only to again, take another sip of the wine. [b "Oscar worthy..."]
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 15d 17h 31m 11s
[center [font “Times” [size12 Colton was lost in translation. It was the movement from being in the cold weather of New York to the bright sun and heat of Florida. It was nice, muggy at times, but definitely worth being in. The temperatures were warming and stable. He liked the consistency already. He was only here a few short hours before he was standing at her doorstep, watiting for that beautiful door to open to expose the wonderful woman inside. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He was ushered inside and there he stood there, his hands caressing the side of her face. His fingertips grazing her skin, feeling the warmth under them. He needed this. It hadn’t been the same with Amelia. That was not his place, not where his home was...where his heart was. But he could see it in her eyes. He could see his very breath coming from his lips in the reflection of her eyes. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He said the words, the words that both of their hearts needed to hear in that moment. And what she uttered next was the final go. He wrapped his arms around her and together they were off in the bliss and passion of love.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He had waited far too long. He was under a spell of another, thinking that it was finally the vitamins that he had needed. His body was finally reaching the nourishment that it needed. It was the feeling that was only a facade. It was now...staring in her eyes that the real drug was right there in front of him. The real feelings of love. The true intentions were back and surrounding him...He was among the clouds…]]]

[center ---]

[center [font “Times” [size12 It was months later. Colton had moved from the brisk and cold of New York to be with Lily in Florida. It was their time to be together. He had gotten a job at one of the major hospitals and he was working as much as he could while still trying to be at home with her. He was going to make a life, and he wasn’t going to have her walk away or be forced away from her ever again.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 His parents had heard of the news, they had seen the messages from him as well as heard his voice. Colton was doing great now. The problems of his past were gone, and was just that, a thing of the past.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 It was now, shifts at the hospital, giving words of hope and wisdom while listening critically for his patients. He worked closely with them, making sure they knew exactly that they weren’t alone. No matter how big the problem seemed to be, there was always another day, always another option, and always another face that would help them succeed if they so chose.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Sometimes, there were days where he had come home drained and exhausted. Lily had always welcomed him with open arms and a warm kiss to keep him happy. Other days where they were both on their last leg, it was a struggle to push through and to continue on, but they knew they were in the right place. They knew that they weren’t leaving each other again. This was the real world, and they were making it, one step at a time. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 And it was staring back at him now...the glisten of the raw cut diamond. It was surrounded in silver, sure to be striking next to her tan skin. It curved in such a way, but was not big enough to over take her hand, but not small enough that you could mistake it for a thin line. He knew from the moment that she allowed him back into her life that he was going to do everything in his power to keep his place. And He wasn’t going to allow anyone else over step his place.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 It didn’t take him long to purchase the ring. He had known her ring size before as she had shown him some of her new rings that she had purchased for the many outfits that she had bought as well. It was a gesture that he was very curious about always. It was life living in a dream.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He had everything planned, everything was set up. He had the photographer placed, the beautiful lights and everything. Many a time he had taken her to this specific place. It was a large open area with a gazebo not too far from the ocean. They were able to feel the breeze but not be interrupted. They had had dinner nights there before. She had said that she was going to have her nails done and was purchasing a new dress just to be a little more comfortable. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 It was like any other night. It was as if everything was like normal…]]]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 15d 20h 46m 13s
Florida was indeed nice.
The weather was often sunny, people hustled and bustles along the strip wearing bikini's and swimshort while roller skating, while others enjoyed heading into bars when at night, the buldings shone up like stars and the drag queens took over for a night of sing song.
This was the place Lily moved too, after all the bullshit at Point Plains. Living with her mother proved doomed to fail the moment she stepped into the door of her Mother's home and was forced solitude becuase of her "wicked" ways and shaming the Herondale name with a boy of no status and who shovelled manure for a living.

Quite honest, Point Plains was where she was most happy despite her Father, but he wasn't so bad. He loved her, unlike the witch in Florida.

Ruth was like a Mother to her.
The day Lily moved in, Ruth came over with a bottle of wine and two glasses and they spent the day chatting, getting to know one another while Lily tried to unpack.
A girl needed her toiletries and bed linen.

She was happy, finally.

She became unhappy again upon breaking with with the parner of 2 years and again unhappy when she said goodbye to the man she ever loved but however somewhat confused the moment her eyes latched onto his own the moment she opened up the door and saw him again weeks later.

[b "Come in...."] she spoke, unable to look away, stepping back only to open the door wider, watching Colton follow orders along with watching him shed clothes right off from his back.
Clothes that looked fancy.
A nicely made Tuxedo that he couldn't wait to get off his body.

Clearing her throat, Lily looked away and closed the door - locking it nice and securely before turning back - Colton now without a shirt.
Damn that man.
Coming into her life again, stripping off fabric to show off that body that she remembered the first time seeing him in the barn that one afternoon.

Damn that man.

[b "What's going on?..."] she spoke, standing there waiting for an answer as she witnessed Colton turn around and aproached her in a way, seemed different.
He seemed alot more confident. Still a little unsure like he was at the resort but confident none the less.
Words soon escaped his mouth that captured Lily. Tilting her head up - the two stared deep into each others eyes whileher eyes listened to everything he said.
Words that did infact make her heart flutter but return back upon hearing what Brent did to his best friend of the longest years.

[b "He did what?...."]

Colton didnt answer but continued to sweep Lily off her feet.
[i I want you in my life forever. I will never let you walk away from me again. I love you.]

That was when he kissed her.
That was when she kissed him back in such a passionate way, trying to catch up for the 6 years they had been apart.

Feeling his hands upon her body, Lily lifted herself up with the help of Colton's strength and wrapped her legs around his waist, keeping him tight only to kiss harder, letting soft moans escape throat before letting go, pulling back.

[b "You found me..."] she whispered, smiling a real, non faked smiled for the first time in a long time as Colton ushered them both through the apartment and into the bedroom with direction.
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 16d 22h 9m 48s
[center [font “Times” [size12 Florida was nice...Florida was warm, the breeze carried across his lighter skin. It reminded him of the many springs that he used to deal with when he was younger. The stickiness of the humidity bubbling on his skin, and the colors of everything around him. It was like he was walking in a dream, as if this really wasn’t happening. That he didn’t just run away from the bride that supposedly had promised her life to him only to find out that Brent had been fucking her the entire time…]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 It was without mention though that Brent had only looked at him once. Perhaps they got married then. Perhaps he was leaving his entire life away. He had left his phone in the taxi that day when he pulled himself out. He no longer needed the past. His father...his mother...they would find him one day, but that day was not the day they would. It would come around.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Stepping out into the street, his tux sweaty from the drive and the lack of good AC. He was not dressed for a Florida Summer. He was dressed for a brisk New York Hills morning. He was in the thickness of clothing while the Florida people looked at him with unknowing wonder as to where in the hell that he came from. But he was on a mission. A mission to take his life back. A mission to get the girl. He wasn’t going to ever let her go again. He was going to paint the world a new color that day. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Knocking at the door, he waited patiently as impatiently as he could as well in this warmer weather and thick clothes would stand him. He was prepared to be thrown out, it was all rushing through his head in that moment. What if she didn’t open the door? What if she was moaning under someone else’s dick? What if it was all a lie and he was going to wake up on the floor back in New York after a hard crash? It was all going to be a dream as the minutes ticked by...but really they were just seconds---]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [i Colton...what are you doing here? ] She looked beautiful as ever. [i Come in.] She said, her voice carrying over his ears. His heart was in his stomach at that moment. He was still in his tux. He had given the box with his wedding band to give to Amelia to a darling couple that was on the plane. He had given his entire life away in that moment to start fresh. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He stepped passed her, stripping of his jacket and letting it fall to the floor quickly before ripping off the linen of the shirt. He needed to breathe, and that woman was all over that tux. They had picked it out together. Laughing over someone else...but now it was all a blur as he looked back at Lily. .Lily Fucking Herondale...The one who captured his heart. He hesitantly, reached for her face, holding his breath in this moment as he stepped closer to her. [b I should have dropped everything. I should have ran after you. Both times. Watching you walk away, as gorgeous as you are walking away, it broke me. This fake world was all there...I couldn’t cover up the pain any longer. I had a realization as I saw Brent’s arms around Amelia that there is someone for everyone. Amelia was a fake. A painting hiding the true prize underneath. Lily Herondale, Lily…] He was out of breath for a moment. [b I want you in my life forever. I will never let you walk away from me again. I love you.]]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He again, wasn’t going to let the female walk away from him. Andn there he reached around her, hopefully with her permission...and gave her the kiss that he had been waiting for his entire time spent away from her. ]]]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 17d 5h 10m 49s
It should never of happened.
The whole kiss upon the cheek, it should never of happened and that was all Lily was regretting right at that moment when she approached her cabin door.
It wasn't terrible.
It was not the worst thing in the world to do.

It was the complete opposite.
The kiss was quick but perfect.
The kiss left that ... lingering feeling that she had all those years ago and thought she lost, never to return. It was the best thing to do.

[b "I'm such an idiot...."] she muttered to herself as she placed a hand onto the handle and pushed open the door after unlocking. There was a fleeting notion that with what Colton said, perhaps he would find her cabin and speak to her about it all. Bringing up the past and the present, to try and fix ..whatever it was that needed to be fixed.
Stupid Lily, she waited and hoped for it but it never happened.

Several wine glasses later, Lily called it quits as all signs pointed to Colton moving on with his life and that was when she turned off all the lights and hopped into bed and had the most disastrous sleep one couldn't of ever imagined.
The next day was anxiety. It was a small resort and one was sure to bump into the other, but like the night before, it didn't happen. News spread between the girls that Colton had up and left the next morning and once Lily heard the news, it made her feel worse.
It was her fault.

She came on too strong, wanting something that was dead a long ass time ago.

The trip wasn't the best she ever had but it wasn't the worst. She saw Colton for the first time in six years and she was happy that he was happy and doing okay in his life.
Now she had to live hers.

Closure - that was what he wanted, that's what they both got.


[+green " was your trip?..."]

It had been a good solid two weeks after the trip and with festivals all over Miami, it was the first time that ily got back tht she actually saw her neighbour across the way.
63 year old Ruth, never looking a day over 45.
Botoxed, tanned like an orange and a go get attitude, Ruth wandered into Lily's apartment on the floor, following the girl who stood tall, having a new outlook on life into the kitchen and sat down on a stool, pointing to the kettle as Ruth began to make them both one.
Staring at the older woman, Lily smiled.
Ruth was the twin of the older woman in "something about Mary". Lil always thought it and that..made her happy.

[b "It went....fine..."]
[+green "Fine? You love Denver. Every time you come back, you have a glow..a pep in your step. Now your stepping without know what I mean..."]
[b "I guess Denver isn't the place for me anymore.."]
[+green "No...there is more too it. Spill..."]

Lily sighed and lent down - resting her forehead upon the counter top letting out a grown for a moment before leaning back up - looking at Ruth, giving a shrug.
[b "Remember that story I told you about what I was 17 and that boy?.."]
[+green "The boy that was the Cowboy? Handsome.. great body, big dick..."]
[b "Ruth! .... Yes...'"] Lily replied. [b "And the time I knew I was in love love. The man who I have thought about for 6 years. Left my boyfriend for because I felt unfaithful thinking about Colton all the time."]

Ruth nodded as she stirred the tea, pushing a mug to Lily to which she took and brought it to her mouth and blew on it gently to cool it down before taking a sip.
[b "He was there. In Denver. Where I was. Only for me to find out that he is getting married. Well, he got married yesterday actually..."]
[+green "Oh boy.."]
[b "We spoke..sorted things out or so I thought. I did a stupid thing and kissed his cheek and ...I wake up the next morning only to hear that he left and ..I feel like a fuck up.."]
[+green "Lily, I think we can both agree you are not a fuck up. You are a strong, selfless, beautiful girl who would never admit to being a fuck up.."]
[b "I did fuck up though. When I left at 17...I tried to get Colton back. I even spoke to his best friend and told him where I was. He never told Colton so this whole time, I thought Colt never cared.. but he did.."]
[+green "So his best friend is the fuck up?.."]

For a good solid hour, Lily and Ruth spoke about it all. From beginning to the end where they both stood at the door and hugged each other. Turned out Ruth had a date to get ready for and soon, she took her leave only to leave Lily in the apartment that felt empty.
Stepping in, Lil looked around at everything she owned and it dawned on her that was no longer happy in Miami.
The only truly good place she was happy was in Point Plains, with her Dad..even if they did celebrate a fruit such as the Peach.

[i Knock Knock..]

Lily turned around and smiled, shaking her head and wandered towards the door in her torn jeans, white shirt, bare feet and her hair down unbrushed along with a bare face of no make up.
[b "Ruth, go get ready for your date. I'm o-"] she spoke, opening up the door and stopped movement, eyes glancing at the man who as all too familiar.
For a moment, she felt her heart stop.

[b "--kay. Colton. What are you doing here?...."] Lily replied, keeping her eyes on the man who would always be the cowboy in her mind, even if he looked like a Hipster from New York.

[b "Come in..."].....
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 17d 10h 37m 44s
[center [font “Times” [size12 That night was more than a blur. The liquor was hitting strong, and no one could have thought that the events that happened were unraveling in front of them. From the sighting of the woman who had driven him wild from the moment they laid eyes on each other...the secret of Brent not passing the messages on, to the very moment that an Amelia would be calling so precisely at the right time. It was like slow motion in his head. Colton could barely handle everything that was happening. He was starting to lose grip when he once thought that his world was finally starting to become stable.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 The woman standing in front of him, the shadows cascading over her beautiful curvature and features, he was falling in love with that worry, with that curve of her lips all over again. He wanted to take her pain away, and she had waited for him...Supposedly she was single all this time, but a beautiful woman like her couldn’t be all innocent. His mind was in the here and now and clouded with the past. The nerves were working, the heart strings were being pulled, and his electric pulses were reaching and jerking his limbs. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 The phone was shoved into his hand the moment it was left cold when he heard the solid word, [i goodbye]...He watched her hair fly behind her as she ran away, as she retreated from the scene, pushing past Brent who stood there with only a firm foundation and the strong arm that held the device to the other side of the world. One where his clarity was playing out, waiting for his response and card to continue the playing of the perfect world. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He took the phone, his mind stricken. [b Hi Amelia.] He said as unslurred as he possibly could.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [u Hey baby, Brent called me saying you were upset. Something about high school? Everything okay?] She said. Her own light and bubbly voice was point of focus that he had during the darkness during those two years that she put up with him. He gripped it, moving to sit down and Brent shoved his hands into his pockets. She was the one to soothe him, to care for his physical wounds when he couldn’t handle mentally that the world was throwing at him. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Everyone had torn him apart after she had left. He had already dealt and moved up from the shit from when he was younger to get to where he was. He had moved on to his graduate degree, and he was now assisting patients who had their own addictions and problems. Now...looking to succumb to those addictions again.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b I am just not mixing well with the well whiskey here. I’ll be headed out in the morning. When will you be home?]]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 She seemed flustered. [u You’re heading out in the morning? I won’t be home until Wednesday.] She said sofly. [u You should enjoy yourself darling.] She whispered. Colton shook his head. [b I just need to come home. You know me and my waning issues.] She cleared her throat. [u Yes baby, I’ll see you at home then….Can you hand the phone back to Brent?] Colton nodded and handed it back to Brent. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He turned away, the alcohol in his system. He got up, leaving Brent to talk to Amelia and do whatever. He walked. In the same direction that Lily had ran away, but he ended up at the doorstep of his own cabin. There, he pulled out the hard ball that he had been hiding in his bag...he was failing all over again….Behind him, he shut the door and locked it. The men could find beds of the women they found. He was in solitude.]]]


[center [font “Times” [size12 That next morning he was on a plane. That next morning, he was on the high status of the drugs that he continued last night. His eyes were shot red, but he blamed it on the tears. He blamed it on the jet lag of a rushed trip. No one even looked at him twice. Colorado, weed was allowed and red eyes were a normal thing.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He walked single step after single step until he was on the plane flying back to New York at his apartment. Brent fought hard to fly back with him, but Colton refused to see anyone and was alone until he was at home. He was going to go back to his life. He was going to go back to the bubble that he had created. And by Wednesday, he had moved only a little bit. He had the entire week off from work, and Amelia was walking through the door, a smile on her face as she was carrying shopping bags and luggage from her own trip. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 She rushed to him, but he was under the influence of something else. He couldn’t even tell her and she was immediately working him and putting him in the car and driving to her place of work to hospitalize him.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He had taken too much cocaine that night. He had mixed with alcohol, adderol, and other meds that Amelia had stored in the cabinet. He was out of it. He was almost to the very end of his life. It was as if it was happening all over again. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Under the fluids… more rehab...he was going to get better. At least that was what he was told. ]]]


[center [font “Times” [size12 It was weeks later. Colton had improved. He was finally starting to think clearly. He had taken care of himself again. The leanness due to the drug addiction was back, but he was eating healthier now, and he was more muscle toned than before. He had taken a few vacations with a reluctant Amelia who didn’t want to leave New York for some reason, but she had enjoyed their time away. He was learning her quirks all over again, and he was enjoying her body once more. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 It was the day of the wedding now. In the mirror, he was standing there, tying his bowtie and fixing the boutineer that was affixed to his jacket. He gulped. He was saying goodbye to the drug life. He was saying goodbye to the past...and now he was going to move on with a life next to Amelia.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Luke came walking in, his own suit hanging on his shoulders. [i It’s time for the bride and groom to share their notes before the wedding. We are waiting. ] He said with a smile. Colton smiled back, giving himself one more look in the mirror until he was directed to find the brides room. They had practiced this and were set in an area that would look good for the photos later on. As he walked up though, words were spoken behind a half closed door…]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [u We made it, darling….Just a few more days. ] He could hear Amelia’s voice. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Colton’s brow furrowed. He was standing alone. The photographer was down a ways the hall getting photos of other things, and it was just him, Amelia who was in there, either talking to herself? [i I love you, Amelia. Then we can go away. And you can leave him.] Brent….]]]
[center [font “Times” [size12 Colton’s eyes saw nothing but red. He ripped the door open, seeing Brent’s arms around a woman in white. The woman that he no longer knew. [b You bastard and his bitch.] He looked at both of them and Amelia’s face turned red. [i Colton come back!] Colton was out the door running out of the church. Through the crowd. He ran forward. He ran hard. Past his father, past his mother. Past her family. [b You will be nothing but a whore Amelia!] He said as he slammed himself into the truck. He left the keys in the console because it was going to be the vehicle he was going to drive to the airport. It was decorated, but he didn’t care. He ripped out the drive, barely missing a few late comers in the driveway.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 The endless hills surrounded him and he sped down the highway. He wasn’t looking for anything and it wasn’t until he was at the airport, he bought a one way ticket. With nothing on himself but the clothes on his back. ]]]


[center [font “Times” [size12 A few hours later, and a few calls, he was standing at the door of the woman that he should have been with to begin with.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He lifted his knuckles to the door and with just a few light taps...He waited for her to open up the door.]]]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 17d 15h 26m 54s
[i Come back to my cabin with me?..]

That was what she said?
Out of all the things she could of said to him right there in that moment, she had to come off as that kind of woman?
Deep down inside, there was a major part of her that desperately wanted to go back to her Cabin wether it was with Colton, or her being alone as there was only so much a girl could take.
1. For 6 years, she had been without the man she loved only for him to pop up in Denver out of all places, in a resort she went with her girls at least 3 times a year.
2. Seeing Colton and truely seeing on how beautiful and wonderful he was because she was without him.
3. Finding out he was getting married, to someone else who he obviously loved enough for him to put a ring on her finger.

Colton remained silent throughout her speech on what exactly happened that day, way back when she came back to get her things. Everything she said, was true and it was never a lie as she had no reason too.
Silence lingered for a moment until finally, Lily's ears perked up once hearing a response. A response that made her question everything. Brent never told him.
Brent never told his best friend, the one who was hurting just the same as she, where Lily was.

She too, felt betrayed.

[b "I don't understand. He assured me that he would give everything to you. Brent said you were very upset and he would relay the message because he couldnt see you you were..."] she spoke, turning her head just as Colton did only to glance at Brent who was on the other side of the pool, with friends - minding his own business.

Lily didn't hear his remark on killing his friend.
Too be quite honest, her heart was beating fast and blood boiled to the point she was about to scream in anger, and she was close too, just in time of Colton grabbed her hand and asked a simple question, calmly of them going for a walk.

With a robe placed upon her body to keep her warm that was kindly offered by Colt to which she accepted, it wasn't long until the two of them, hand in hand exited the pool party and began to wander the quiet halls.
Halls that had people walking through, but not many as the guests were attending the party across on the other side.

Lily and Colton remained quiet and all the while - the amount of things that were running through her mind from memories to ...getting the feeling back on when they were together in bed making love, too all the things she wanted to say.

The landscape that surrounded them was indeed beautiful, dispite the darkness. Little flickers of the lights glowed off in the distance and it was standing by the glass that she turned her body and looked at Colton who raised her hand and gently caressed her knuckles with his lips, an action that made her heart flutter.

[i "I want to rip off that robe right now… and show you what you and I have both been missing, but I need closure…"]
[b "Closure?..."] she replied in repeat, raising her left eyebrow in concern, confusion ...
It wasn't long until Colton spoke and somewhat gave an answer to her question on closure.
Everything he said had reasonable meaning.
Everything he said, was right.

If only if it had been that simple.

[b "Colt, you have every right to be mad. You have every right to stand there and say what you just said to me..."] she spoke, biting her lower lip, unable to look away from the man of her dreams. [b "My Father wasn't the one I had to worry about. It was my Mother. I got the absolute hiding of my life when I saw her. She said... that the ..[i Herondale name was now covered in mud...and shit"] because of what I did."]

It was her Mother, not her Father that Lily was afraid of. Lily was becoming too much of a rebel child and the Mayor began to lose control of his own daughter. Sending her away back to her Mother to get back on track was the only option..

Looking down for a moment, Lily sighed as she closed her eyes and felt tears fall down cheeks; only for the girl to raise a hand and wipe them away before glancing back at him.

[b "My Mother banned me from doing alot of things and I tried, believe me... I tried to get in contact with you because it wasn't over for me. You never got in contact with me either and I thought it was because you hated me .. so after a while I gave up because I thought you did. Now I find out Brent obviously never told you and now look where I am... single... alone, hearing that you are getting married."]

Colton looked down at their hands that were holding together again once more and all Lily did, all she could do was stare upon him, refusing to blink as if she did, more tears would fall.

[i "Is it best if were meant to be together again, again I don’t know...What I do know is that my feelings never fled, they are still here--"]
[b "Out of all places to be, here you are at the same time I am. I knew we were meant to be together when I was 7 and I saw you for the first time. Ive loved you since I was 17 years old, Colt...."]

[+green COLTON!]

It was hearing a voice all too familiar that Lily turned her head to the side and watched as Brent wandered down the hall in a hurry.
A phone in his hand.

Lily narrowed her eyes at the Deceiver the moment Colton spoke a word of "yes" only for her ears to hear - [+green Amelia would like to speak to you...]


Lily closed her eyes and there were the tears - they fell.
Pulling her hand back out from Colton's own, she remained quiet, wiping the tears away once again and took a step back.
It was time.
Colton wanted closure.

Leaning in for a brief moment, Lily placed a quick kiss upon Colton's cheek before pulling back.

[b "Goodbye.."] she whispered.
It was with a disappointing, heart broken semi smile that she offered Colton that came the moment the girl began to take her leave.

Walking down the hallway, around the corner and away from sight of prying eyes, that she backed up against the wall and cried.
Hands upon her face.
Hunched over to ease the heartache.
This time, it hurt much much more than it did the first go round.
Back then, she believed Colton would come back as he loved her and only her.

Now, she knew he wouldnt - because it wasn't her anymore that he loved, but only his Amelia.

Lily couldn't of gotten out of there fast enough.
Walking fast, passing the pool, the party and her friends - she didnt call out for them but rather made her way across the resort towards the her cabin.
  Lily Herondale ---- / MeisjeKelly / 18d 5h 36m 38s
The man who was taking eyes on the woman that Colton has loved for years was now walking away. And the warmth that the woman had for him was now wrapped around his waist. However, the woman’s words and voice sounded no longer warm, no longer longing for his touch or his own touch, but it was cold as the ice that was on the outside of the windows of the place they were standing. Colton’s eyes turned to look at her, and the buzz that he had from the drink holding in his hand was slowly sobering him.

[b Excuse me?]

He was shocked. He had cock blocked her? He had kept her from regretting her decision in the morning...and he was protecting himself from watching her fall for someone else in front of him...He had watched that once before and now that she was standing right there in front of him. Her hands had moved from around his waist to rest both of her palms on the skin of his chest. He felt weak….His lips were slack from the movement and he couldn’t find the strength to come up with a witty smirk that he had been dying to make after she decided to try and put it upon him. It was like she was a different being...She was inhuman who didn’t feel anything, but there was still so much emotion in her eyes as she looked up at him.

The words that she spoke, the entire dialogue that she was putting through those pouty lips were now ripping him a new hole in his heart. It was no longer warmth that he felt in his heart and stomach, and there was no longer a rush in his veins when she spoke those simple words. It was more of like a stab of the ice as it ripped through his strong skin, and the wetness of the ice was creeping down his spine, reaching every nerve that he had in his body. He was getting married...she was single...and she was trying to let go of him…

She had the fucking nerve to speak to him like that?

The anger was beginning to cause his breathing to increase and his heart to beat heavily in his ears. He was almost about to push away from her, but more importantly from himself as she spoke the truth, more than what he didn’t want to hear. However, he still hadn’t been able to talk and her pouty lips that needed to be pressed against his began to speak again...That velvet voice coming across her lips, onto his ears, and caressing his skin all over again.

The confusion spread across his face as she spoke that Brent had gotten the number and the address in Miami where she was….He would have flown every single day that he could afford to. He would have wrote every single moment that he could in between times that he worked. He would have built a life for her to come back to. He would have done anything to see her again, but no one would tell him where she was...and his best friend was harboring the one secret that could have given him life. Instead, the man that stood across the pool unknowing that the lies that he had spoken were now running red as his hands were covered in the blood that was shed over the years.
[b I didn’t know...Brent never said anything to me...I didn’t ignore you. I tried. I fought! I fought more than once to try and find you, to get any information to reach you….] His breath was rough against his lips and he shook his head, but her hands moved slowly over his chest and he felt the calm that it spread...the longing that he had felt all these years was back. All the touch that he was desperate for...that Amelia couldn’t fill was being filled with single touches...right there in front of him…

[b “I’m going to kill him…”] He whispered…

Colton looked back at Brent for a second and Brent was talking to the guys, but for a split second he glanced up and Colton just shook his head. Brent’s face slowly turned white and Colton turned back to Lily whose arms were now reaching his navel. He reached for her hand and held it tightly in his own as he looked down at her. He felt his defenses falling and failing.

[i Come back to the cabin with me…?]

The question that crossed his ears was a question that he could have seen coming, but then he felt completely taken back. He could already picturing himself in her arms all over again...He pressed his lips together, [b Take a walk with me, Lily.] He said, again holding her hand in his own as they walked away. He was sure that many were going to think that he was going to have his way with her...have his way for the last fling before the ring. However, he had other plans… He had other thoughts in his head.

Holding her hand, he grabbed a couple of robes on their way out and he draped one over her shoulders and then did the same for his own as they made their way through the hallways. It was quiet, with the songs that was giving his body ideas slowly faded through the walls to a quiet thump. It was then they were walking the darkness of the glass edges that were at the other end of the main hall. Very few people had walked this way, but he was exploring through the halls, feeling his heart racing in his chest. Everything was right there, everything was perfect...everything was right where they were supposed to be...but in the back of his drunken head was the eyes of Amelia staring back at him.

He bit his lip as they finally came to the edge where in front of them was glass that overlooked the mountains...the slopes...the beautiful city lights of Denver below. It was cascading lights that sparkled over the snow. The eeriness of the darkness surrounding them. It was dark in this area of the building, but the moon in the sky kept it bright. He held her hand tightly as he stood there, bringing her skin up to his lips. The knuckles brushing against lips. [b I want to rip off that robe right now… and show you what you and I have both been missing, but I need closure…]

[b Even after all those times of giving the messages to Brent, the addresses, the phone could have written me. You could have called me and let me know...but you also didn’t. I waited there for you at the tree, and watched you leave. My heart sinking as you drove down the road...The windows were so tinted, they were dark and I couldn’t hardly see your face…]

He looked down at their hands.

[b But that is all in the past now. Our betrayals...the lack of communication...we are here now...years it meant to be I don’t know. Is it best if were meant to be together again, again I don’t know… What I do know is that my feelings never fled, they are still here--]


He could hear Brent around the corner. Colton felt his heart beat in his ears again and he looked backwards as Brent walked around the corner to see them. They weren’t doing anything, but there was a phone in his hand and he wasn’t sure what he had spoken to on the other side of the phone. [b Yes?]

[u Amelia would like to speak to you.]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 29d 17h 3m 56s
[center [b "Please, we need to turn around! .. I can't leave without saying goodbye.."]]

[center Lilly turned her head only to stare out of the back window of the car that began to drive away from the home that now only resided her Father.]
[center That was the day she truly knew what heartbreak was, as there; standing by the tree on the other side of the road, stood Colton, the greatest love of her life - watching the car speed from his own world. Sure they both were young and foolish in getting themselves wrapped in the binds of love, sure, after all this, people would talk now that it was all in the open and certainly they would say that what they had was puppy love, but they were wrong. The two knew what it was. It was love. Dive infront of a bullet, die for one"]

[center [+red "You know I cannot do that, Miss. Your father told me to take you to the airport and come straight back...I'm sorry Miss, Mr Herondale's orders.."]]

[center With rejection, came anger, confusion and sometimes impulsiveness for the worse. With upon being rejected by Grant, that night on the dancefloor of the Festival, seeing his girl go to Colton; that was the last straw. It was Grant that went to Mr Herondale that night and spilled the beans on everything he knew. Everything from Lilly kissing Colton that night on the pier, to them dating them both losing their virginity and having sex more and more. That night, Lilly and her Father and a full out war of a fight and she was made to leave the town as he was ashamed of his daughter. A Herondale, fooling around with a Daniel's boy. Ashamed on now what the town would think of him if she stayed, so it was with a hard choice, the next day, Lilly was made to go live with her mother in Miami.]


[center Thank you was all Colton could speak.]
[center To be honest, it was more than she thought he would say considering on how long it had been from the two of them seeing of even speaking to one another. Lilly was surprised more than word came out of her mouth just the same but tried desperately to hold her composure - trying to make sure she wouldn't run and jump into the arms of a man who was soon to be wed. Sally came to save the day and before she knew it, she and her girls were on the other side of the steaming warm pool, undressing to reveal the suits that rested underneath. With Lilly's, nothing was left to the imagination. It was upon taking it off and turning around, her eyes didn't notice others staring at her but instead, they honed onto the man of her dream on the other side where she just stood, enamoured and still very much in love - hiding it well.]
[center [+red "Your drink, Miss..."]]
[center [b "Thank you very much. Just put it on my tab, Cabin 11..."]][center The waiter nodded and did exactly what she had told. Staying there for a week after all of this, the tab was going to be a severe amount of money. Alot of drinking would surely make her feel better about this situation, right?. Glass being brought up to her pouty lips, the scent of whisky filling her nostrils, her eyes continued to glance upon Colton only now for an eyebrow to raise. The sweater that was keeping him warm was now removed and set down. His body made a urge...a feeling swirl in the pit of her stomach. A tingle inbetween her legs to which she had to look away the moment Colt waded in the pool towards her.]
[center He was coming over. A movement that made Lilly smile in her glass before taking another sip of the matured whiskey, cheeks blushing and butterflies to form in her tummy as she placed down the drink onto the glass top table beside her. However it wasn't long that while Colt was making his was over - that another young man, handsome and tattooed, which was always nice, stood infront of Lilly and asked her a very simple and kind question.]

[center [u Hey beautiful, what brings you to Colorado?]]
[center [b "I am here with my girls for a little holi-----"]

[center Words were cut off with the coming in-betweens of the man she loved more than air. Colton made his way out from the warm pool only to wander over where she stood - making himself known to the tattooed boy who only wanted to strike up a conversation.]
[center With one asking a question of him helping Colton, the once Famer's boy replied in a way that made Lilly look down, blushing again but this time, not from a huge smile or flirtation, but now from embarrassment.]
[center Lilly remained standing - body next to Colton as he got close as the males exchanged words on now having a name on her. This was when she had enough and tilted her head up and smiled. Stepping in closer to Colton's side, pressing body against him, wrapping a single arm around his waist as she placed her free hand that was empty of a drink she really now needed, placing palm down on his chest. That body that made her want to drop onto her knees and beg for him to ravish her.]

[center [b "I'm so sorry about my best friend. He is really protective of me..."]] she muttered as she looked at the boy, speaking to him before turning her head and tilted it up, looking at Colton. [b "Aren't you?..."]

[center It was there that the stranger nodded his head, spoke on it being okay and wished Lilly a good night before walking away, rejected only for Lily to watch, forgetting that the palm of her hand was upon Colt's body, slowly moving down over his washboard abs, slowly moving down a little more to the rim of his swim shorts and it was there she realised where her hand was and moved her hand away quick. It wasn't her place to touch him like that anymore.."]

[center Stepping back just a little, eyes gazed upon him only to hold out her arms out on either side, a face of confusion.]

[center [b "What was that? ..He seemed nice and you just completely cock blocked me..."] she muttered, unable to understand on why Colton just did what he did. Was he jealous? Did he want her time and her time only? Did he still love her?]

[center [b "The old Colton would never of done that ...but the old Colton is gone, isn't he?..."]]

[center Her eyes softened from anger to wonder. Standing before her, was the man she loved, the man she wanted to marry, start a family with, grow old with.....but he looked different. A more mature boy with guts, a stubble of a beard about to grow on his face, a body that was a lot more muscular than it was when he was just a mere kid at 17. Not that she was complaining. Hair a little darker ..but his eyes and those lips she loved to kiss were exactly the same.]

[center Stepping in closer, not exactly caring who was looking or who was around that this point, Lilly bit her lower lip and raised both hands, placing both on his chest, letting fingertips gently caress his skin as she tilted her head up - looking at the man who in her mind, was still that love struck 17 year old boy - a lot taller than she remembered.]

[center [b "You, will always be that boy who rode his horse to talk to me. That boy who asked to kiss me. That boy who trusted me enough to let me wear his grandfather's hat....that boy, who fucked me good against the wall of the boys locker room....that amazing boy who always told me, he loved me. I know he is in there some where...but you don't have that right anymore to push people from me. You're getting married and it's not to me. I'm single, Colt. I just want to be loved again, like how you loved me before this other woman came into your life...."]

[center Biting lower lip, it was in that instant that Lilly stood up on her tip toes and closed her eyes - resting her forehead against Colt's own, letting her lips brush against his own - her hot ..sweet breath again his mouth - eyes closed - feeling that sizzle of a strong urge]
[center [b "Colt..I've missed you. I never thought Id see you again. When I came back to the town two days after I left to get more of my things, I saw Brent. I gave him my phone number and the address of where I was in Miami. Told him to tell you I loved you and that it wasn't over for me. For you to come get me because it was my Dad who sent me away as he found out about you and me from Grant. ...."] she muttered in a whisper only to open her eyes and stare deep into his own. [b "But you never came...."]]

[center It was the past. It hardly mattered anymore. It was just the two of them now in that very moment and as terrible as it seemed that she was letting her hands caress his body, Lily could not help herself. 6 years was way too long. [i "One in a million by Aaliyah"] played in the background. A sexy, seductive song that only made the girl step in closer, body against body as her eyes continued to stare into his own - fingertips gliding down the front of his torso slowly...]

[center [b "Come back to my cabin with me?..."] she whispered]
  MeisjeKelly / 60d 6h 42m 46s
[center [font “Times” [size12 Colton was a man who was going to stick to his word. Years after the broken off love escipade that he was involved in, he had vowed that he was not going to let himself fall as far as he did prior to that. The drinking...the cocaine...the other drugs that he was so blacked out when he was trying them that he didn’t even know the name of them. He just remembered the feeling of actually being able to touch her in his dreams, but then the trip would turn to hellish within a moment where she was walking away from him all over again. His heart broke every night for years until he finally met someone who was willing to put up with his bullshit and keep him on the right track.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 His path was never clear form the moment that she walked out of it. He was walking in a haze that he wasn’t sure he would ever get out of. Amelia had given him a path, something with restrictions and boundaries that he was finally able to follow. He needed structure. The structure that was Amelia had finally built him back up from the wreck that she had left him in. It wasn’t her fault though. The world at the time was not meant for them to be together. And now...looking at her, Colton was fading once again. He felt the urges try to take over him again. He needed something to keep his calm and good ol’ Brent was trying to be the Amelia of the group and keep him on the right track…]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 The track was falling apart.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [i Colton….get it together….] Brent had whispered as Colton was already moving, moving like an arrow just shot out of a bow, straight to the target. The target being the woman that he had been trying to be with or see for the past 6 years.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 And like that...with only a few steps, the arrow had hit his target…]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [u Hey Colt….] His nickname that she had given him, and many others over the years had just seemed to feel like home the moment that it passed her lips. She was amazing, her lips curled in just a way that he swore heaven had parted and they were singing down upon him. Then he was facing reality that he had put a ring on someone else’s finger, and in that moment, he honestly could not remember her name….]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [u So I hear you are getting married. Congratulations…] ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Yes...Yes he was getting married. He looked dazed and confused there for a moment as he looked at her. He was not sure how things were going to go now. He could barely move his lips to respond back as he looked at her, lost in those eyes, blinded by the glow of her skin, and lost within the waves that her hair had fallen over her shoulder when she moved…]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Married to who? He wondered…]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b Thank you…] Was all he managed to say… Very softly, not with proudness, or bluntness. He was not confident in the words, he was barely holding on to the part of him that had said it. Without a doubt, he was lost in the magic of the moment and all of the sudden one of her friends was pulling her away and she was rambling that she would see him again. And it wasn’t but moments later when Brent was standing by him. Brent had to grip his shoulder. [i You looked like a deer lost in headlights. What the fuck happened?] ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b She is actually here Brent. Lilly Herondale is actually within arms reach again…]]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Brent almost face palmed Colton’s face before clasping a hand on his jaw, forcing the man to look at him. [i Yeah,] He reached into his pocket, already with a photo pulled up and ready to go. [i So is this woman. This woman who has worked so hard to bring you back from the dead from that girl’s hell.] He said, slamming the phone in his hand so he could look at it. It was one of the photos of the engagement that him and Amelia had taken. The smiles were genuine, the love was there, but in that moment...he didn’t feel it. He didn’t feel the attachment to Amelia like he thought. He felt the guilt instead wash over him like a hurricane soaking his entire body. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b Another vodka please.] He said softly as he handed the phone back to Brent and shook his head. [b I’m so lost.] Colton whispered. So many flurrying emotions were running through his head. He was lost in sensations, memories, and above all the haze in his head again. The fog had returned, and he wasn’t sure where the light had gone.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He looked at Brent again and for a moment, he could see practically the reflection of her body within his eyes and it wasn’t a split second later that he was turning his head and there she was...unzipping the black dress that was hiding her bikini and front page magazine shaped body. His face immediately turned red as his eyes darted over the crowd, immediately seeing the faces of the other men as they had set their targets on them.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b Oh fuck no.] Colton said under his breath, but Brent shook his head and grabbed the man by his arm. [i You, my man, are not going to go over there and stake claim on someone you have no right to stake claim on anymore.] Brent said, as the voice of reason.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Colton glared at him. [b What the fuck man? Do you see the way that they are looking at her?] Brent nodded and hit him with a stab of truth right in the middle of the chest, directly into his heart. [i Yes, Colton I do. It’s the same exact look you gave her when you first saw her too. That feeling they’re getting is the one that washed over you too. Then what the fuck happened? She fucking left you.]]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 The truth hit him hard. Continued to wash over the memories and fill his head with the amount of nights and months and years to get over. Nights with random women, some promising him that they could help him get over her, and all it was that the next morning he was screaming at them to get out of his apartment...out of his bed...out of his life. And there, he would be the dick without response.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 And there she was looking at him….]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b I’m going over there.]]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [i You’re thinking with your dick Colton!]]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Colton shrugged as he was walking away drink in hand before he set it on the table, and slowly pulled off his pullover that he was wearing to cover up the hardwork that he had put in the gym all those years they were apart. It was the cocaine that kept him going and the weed that was soothing his muscles between hours of what was not rest, but was just lack of productivity.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He watched her closely, knowing how he responded to her removing her clothing, he wanted to see her reaction to how she was watching him. He stepped into the water, drink still in hand as Lucas came up to him, already a few shots in. [i girls want to meet you.] Colton was watching Lucas stumble, even in the water’s balance to reach the two girls. Colton shook his head and drank on his drink and looked at her again.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b My eyes are set on someone.] Lucas’ eyes widened. [u Colt’s got a girl! I told you this would be fucking awesome!] Colton shook his head and walked away, treading through the water again to her side, just within a few moments of someone coming up to her.]]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [u Hey beautiful, what brings you to Colorado?] The man had asked and immediately when Colt pulled up to the conversation, the man looked at him and lifted a brow. [u Can I help you?] Colt shook his head. [b By standing aside. Yeah. Thanks for asking.] ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [u I don’t see your name on her.] ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 He took a sip of his vodka straight and lifted a brow. [b Doesn’t have to be.] The man looked at him. [u What the fuck does that even mean?] Colton shook his head and rolled his eyes. [b Be a man and know your etiquette. If you can’t hold yourself together in a conversation, move along. Ladies don’t like trash.]]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [u Who the fuck do you think you are?]]]]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 74d 4h 22m 36s

Nah, surely not.
Out of all the places in country, out of all the states, it was just no way that the love of her past was in the same resort as she was. The same man that kept her awake at night. The very same man that she cried months and months for after she had to leave him.

The world wasn't that cruel.
Was it?

It was with Colton coming into view that Lily narrowed her eyes and stared upon the man who simply took her breathe away, a small gasp became caught in her throat.
There were similarities. His hair was darker than she remembered. He wasn't as tan as he was from all the days in the hot sun working out shirtless in the field.
A clean cut beard was resting upon the skin of his face which Lily raised an eyebrow over. A beard did a lot to a man, it can completely change a man's appearance.
However it was staring deep into those eyes that she knew it was him. The greatest love of her life, the man she wanted to be with, die of old age with, the only man she would marry - and here he was, in the same resort...getting married in 2 weeks to someone else.

[i "Holy fuck..."] words were heard, soft in a whisper but load enough to know the voice.
[b "Oh my god...."] Lily muttered, turning her head, only for her left hand to grip the wrist of Sally who was standing beside her, eye fucking one of the friends
[+green "Ow...what ?..."]
[b "That's him.."]
[+green "Who's him?.."]

By this time, Colton too was being dragged off by Brent.
Good ol' Brent.
The boy who played everything by the book and never did a single bad thing in his life. The boy who was now a man and trying hard to make Colton look away and stay away from the girl that caused his small decent into the white powder episode.

[b "Sally. That's Colton. The one who is getting married ..that's Colton. Oh my god, he is getting married...."]
[+green "Colton...ex boyfriend, love of my life..I will never love another man as much as him, Colton?.."]
Lily nodded with eyes open wide before turning her head for a quick moment to stare upon the most incredible man she had ever seen before turning back - shaking her head.
[b "I gotta get out of here..."]
[+blue "Noooo, you don't.."] Danielle muttered, grabbing Lily by the arm as she was just about to walk away. [+blue "Lily. For 6 years, you have been asking questions with not knowing the answers. There are only a few chances in life..and this is your chance to..get closure. Get the answers and close the book.."]
[+green "Dani has a point..."]
[+blue "I know you loved him. We all know, you still do but Lilly, this really has to end.."]

Lily stared at her girls and nodded slightly.
They were right.
It was time to close the book as now Colton was getting married and a man with respect and morals. He would never end an engagement for a girl he had a fling with back in high school.
Even if their love was passionate and true.

[i Lilly Herondale...Is that you?"]
[+blue "...and this is where we leave. Good luck..."]

As the girls left towards the place that was reserved just for them and the group the boys who were celebrating Colton's engagement, Lily stood in spot, tall and poised, holding the clutch in both hands infront of her body as she watched Colton wander up to her.
It was in that moment that all she could think about was the bikini underneath the dress. How could she possibly go swimming now with what she was wearing.

[b "Hello, Colt..."]

Words escaped her throat when she thought she had none to give.

Fingertips tapped on her clutch purse, biting her lower lip, trying of something else to say. A are you, would of been great but instead, no.

[b "I hear you are getting married. Congratulations..."]

Those words hurt.
It was in that moment Sally, who stared at her girl from the reserved spot, could see Lily's heart break from the look on her face.
Lily wasn't ready to face this.

Shifting from her spot, Sally wandered over and approached the two old love birds and smiled.

[+green "I am so sorry to intrude. Come on Lily, time to drink. We're waiting for you.."]
Lily nodded before smiling at Colton, tried to hide the fact she was shocked, hurt...

[b "It was really good seeing you again. Well, we will see each other again, I mean.... your group and my group are hanging, I guess we will be seeing more of each other.."]
Ramblings of a crazy woman.
Lily sighed and wandered off with Sally, moving past Colton with a hand upon her forehead.
She just made a complete ass of herself and soon, she was about to give a view of ass with the bikini she had on, thanks to the only one she brought as Danielle threw out the polka dot one before they left Miami.

Finding her spot, Lily put her clutch down onto the seat and stood there.

[+blue "You're not going to swim?.."]
[b "No, because thanks to you, the bikini I'm wearing, I am now too embarrassed to wear.."]
[+blue "You're single. There are boys around ...and...your ex so if its time to show off, its now. So stop being pouty..take off your dress and have some fucking fun..."]

[b "Fine... geez..."]

Undoing the zip of her black Gucci dress, her own hands began to push the dress down her body. Over her chest that grew in the last 6 years, bigger than Colton had remembered that was covered in white material, tied behind her neck and around her under bust.
Down past her flat, tight stomach that had a freckle upon her skin, one that she was born with, one Colton should of remembered due to how many times he kissed it, then finally, the dress dropping down onto the ground around her feet.

The bottom half left nothing to the imagination.
The bottom half, was a thong. Perfect for Miami attire.
A bare ass with a little tattoo of a horse shoe, in memory of her home town and ..the man who she just made a fool of herself infront of.

Danielle whistled and laughed.

[b "Don't Dani...come on....."]

[u "Can I get you something, Maa'm.."]
[b "Yeah...double whisky. No ice...and keep them coming..."] she spoke, as Lily stood there, not knowing what to do but drink.

She was afraid to turn around, but she did, moving her long hair to the side of her neck and looked at Colton, biting her lower lip - waiting for the whiskey.
  MeisjeKelly / 86d 21h 18m 36s
[center [font “Times” [size12 Colton had dug his hands into his pocket, adjusting for the keys and the amount of clothing that he was wearing. The texas man was not ready for the cold that Colorado had given them for temperatures. It was beautiful though. The mountains were covered with snow, they were finally filling out the snow banks with the fresh drop from the clouds. The day was slowly turning into night as the men had made it into the resort and were about to go on their first adventure.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Colton was no longer the lanky and muscled football man that he was back in high school. His beard had finally filled out, yet he had just trimmed it up and it was growing back. The darkness of his hair had slowly darkened over the years. His shoulders had trimmed out and his core was still just as tight as when he had known Lilly...He had grown a slightly bit taller, but was not as tan as he was those summers when he was working in the fields. His time with studying all the medical terminology in the dark areas of the library had taken a toll on his tan skin. Instead he had started to lighten up, giving him a different look than what the high school knowing female would recognize him as.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Lucas was walking beside him for a moment, the main man in question was right there on his heel. [i Okay, I say that we hit the pool first, do some relaxing, drink a few whiskeys and then we head up to the bars down in the streets of Denver!] Colton rolled his eyes and shook his head. [b Its all because you saw girls down their earlier, huh?] Lucas slowly nodded. [i Dude, it’s your last hoorah. Amelia will be okay. You will be okay.] He was starting to not like this idea.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b Lucas, you promised me that there wasn’t going to be too many females, or females trying to get on me.] Lucas was now the one who rolled his eyes. [i Trust me bro, will you? I’ve taken care of you before, right?] Colton slowly nodded and within seconds, he was talking about the plan with the rest of the boys before a female popped up right in the middle of them.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Apparently her name was Jess...and she was here on a girl-cation with her and a few friends. Lucas, a single man himself, was already falling for the accent that the girl had. It was almost as funny as girls falling for a guy with a hick accent. Oh how the roles were reversed.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Pressing his lips together, he watched the two flirt, telling each other what they were here for and their plans before she was suddenly pulling on Lucas. And the minutes began to tick by.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Later on that night, Colton and the boys had went to go change into their board shorts to go swimming as supposedly there was a party going on and the boys were already started to go and get relaxed with a few shots. Colton had taken a couple, feeling good, but stopped there. When they arrived, the pool was filled with music, lihts were going in and out in color waves, and the pool was lively. He wasn’t sure how things were going to play out, but he was there for the ride.

[center [font “Times” [size12 It didn’t take long for Lucas to find the group of girls that he was trying to talk into coming over. Watching them, Colton shook his head and started taking off his jacket, removing his shirt, leaving him in just his board shorts as he walked into the steaming pool as he was going to look out the infinity edge of it when he had heard Lucas calling his name.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 The other boys had climbed in already too, some of them already with girls beside them. Only a few had to say they had girlfriends, but it was nice to get some attention. He ran his fingers through his hair as he came up to the stairs as Lucas had introduced everyone in the group, leaving him for last to point out that he was getting married in two weeks and thats when it happened. ]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 His eyes met hers.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 She looked oddly familiar, the same twitch of hazel eyes. Her skin was not as light as it was. She was not as fragile as the years before when he had to be careful with her against the wall. No...this woman wasn’t who he thought she was right?]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 Jess had perked up and began to introduce the girls to the boys when the name came across the table like it was a bowling ball...straight into his stomach.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 After introducing the boys to the girls, Colton’s eyes were still fixed on the beauty at the end…[i And guys, this is Sally, Danielle, and Lilly!] She had immediately looked at Lucas. [i I am so excited you invited us--] Everything bean to blur. Lilly? The shots were coming on a little strong now, but he resisted the urge.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b Holy fuck.] Colton whispered, unknowing it was coming through his lips. Brent looked at him and lifted a brow, but knew exactly what was going on. [i Lilly...Lilly Herondale?] Brent asked before Colton could.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 She was beautiful. The black dress had clung to her curves like anything else. It was as if she had just thrown it on and everything else was falling into place. He could have sworn that the world stopped spinning in that moment. For a moment, the world had stopped and his mind completely cleared of anyone else in the world for that moment. It was just him and her.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b No…] Brent immediately pulled Lucas from the water, pulling him away from the crowd and away from the woman that had ruined his life and Brent had to watch it all. [i Get it together man.] Colton shook his head. [b What the fuck man? She’s here! 6 years later and she’s here. Standing right there, sexy as hell. What the fuck?] He repeated and kept glancing toward her.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [i Get a grip. Talk to her. Tell her how awesome your life has been. You have Amelia now. Amelia’s great--] Colton was already walking away while Brent was talking about how great Amelia was.]]]

[center [font “Times” [size12 [b Lilly Herondale...Is that you?] Colton said again.]]]
  Colton Daniels / AWritersLove_ / 87d 4h 43m 48s
[b "Danielle, I seriously cannot find that swimsuit..."]
[+red "You better find it. There is no way we are going on this vacation with the girls only for you to wear that hideous red polka dot onesie.."]
[b "I don't even know why you hate it so much. Its cute.."]
[+red "It makes you look like you have the measles..."]

Lily rolled her eyes and shook her head as both of her hands were digging into the drawers of her elegantly set out dresser, throwing the pieces of clothing over her head to land onto the floor behind her, one at a time.
[b "I'm going on this vacation Danielle because this is what us girls do every 6 months. We take a week off and go to Colorado. It's a girl-cation. I'm not going there to hunt for men."]
[+red "Maybe not you, but I do..and I wont pick up any men with my best friends looking like she has a disease..."] Danielle spoke to which Lily stopped moving and sighed, seeing her best friend shift and park her ass on the end of her bed.
[b "I just don't ..feel like hooking up with anyone.."]
[+red "You really need to get over your last relationship. Hell, you really need to get over your very first relationship. You know, the one you had when you were in Peach Loving Town.."]
[b "I know. You keep telling me. It's been 6 years since we broke up but it still feels like yesterday we went apart. It'shard, you should that better than anyone.."]
[+red "You're right, I do. Lilly..."] Danielle spoke as she shifted from the bed and knelt down beside the girl who was drenched in a sea full of clothes and stared at her - deep in the eyes. [+red "I did lose Henry, and I thought I would never..ever get out of bed or ever be myself again. I laid there day and night, refusing to get up and then just one day, I realised I couldn't live like this anymore. I was losing myself..and it was all because of a boy. A boy, Lil, when all I needed was a man. It's been 6 years since that ...Colton or whoever that boy was. Its been 4 months since your breakup with Markus, time to move on, have fun with your life. It's the only one you have. Get drunk, take chances, sleep with men. Life is too short..."]

Lily gave off a little smile and lent in - hugging Danielle close and hard. She was right.
It was time for Lily to scrape her knees, get dirty, have an adventure and let all the past go.

It was 2 days later and with all bags packed, found bikini and the measle onesie in the trash, the 4 best friends were on the flight heading to the resort they loved in Colorado.


The way the two broke up was the hardest thing she ever had to do.
After the Peach Festival, the fight did in-fact put a strain on their relationship. Lily's father found out about the little tussle and the intimacy's of the couple because of a certain popular boy who was rejected and it was because of this, Lily and Colton never had the chance to get back together, to apologize or to talk it all out. Lily was on the next flight out of town to live with her Mother.
Lily remembered that day.
It was stepping out of the house heading towards the car that her eyes met upon Colton who stood on the opposite of the road with his heart breaking. Tears fell from her eyes, she mouthed the words on loving him always and again, like she was a child - a gust of wind blew a ribbon out from her hair, a ribbon again she could not sav as she was ushered into the car and exited his life.

The world was dark from then on.
Up until she met Danielle and the 2 other girls that would make her life smile again with laughter.
And Markus of course.

But that love was over.


Upon reaching the destination, the plane landed, the cars that waited became full of luggage and they set off to the resort that called their name for a holiday of fun and mistakes.

[b "Lily Herondale, checking in.."] she muttered as she reached the counter, patiently waiting as the woman behind the desk did all the checks - took a copy of her credit card before passing the room key and information booklet on the activities the resort had to offer for the upcoming week.

It was grabbing her bag that she met up with Sally and Jessica who already had checked in, waiting for Danielle only to notice Sally give a nod behind Lily.
[b "What?"]
[+green "She has already started.."]

Turning around Lily smiled and laughed. [b "We haven't even been here 5 minutes.."]
[+blue "She's lost her touch. She usually gets a guy in 3 minutes flat."]

The women laughed as Danielle approached them.
[+red "What's so funny?.."]
[b "Who is he?.."]
[+red "Lucas..something....He is here with a group of boys. His best friend is getting married."]
[+green "How exciting.."]
[+red "And ..he has invited us to go to the bar club by the pool tonight to drink and have fun with his friends.."]

Here it goes.
The girls agreed, including Lily with a little nudge and it wasn't long until they were settling into their cabins - opposite another group several metres away and relaxed a little bit before it coming time to get ready for a night of letting hair down.

Tanned skin.
Long hair.
A body not like when she was in high school but now fit and filled out, Lily looked t the bikini for a moment before putting it on.
A simple, white..string bikini that left nothing to the imagination. Danielle's choice. There was just no saying no to that woman.

Heels upon her feet tat were well manicured like her nails, Lily placed on a little black Gucci dress - grabbed her purse and wandered out of the room, meeting the girls and wandered towards the pool area where the music was already playing and voices flowing as the part had already begun.

Heels clinked upon the ground and it was with turning a corner, Lily raised an eyebrow and stared upon the scene.
It was night time but the different colored light shone. People danced to the music while holding drinks in their hand, people were swimming in the pool, it wasn't long until Danielle and the girls were approached by the man who invited them earlier.

[u "Hey! girls made it!.."]
[+red "Here we are..."]
[u "I'm Lucas..."] he spoke towards Lilly, Jess and Sally.

Each of the girls said their names before being ushered towards the sidelines of the pool, in a very cozy set up area but nothing would prepare her for what she was about to witness in the seconds to come.

[u "I want you girls to meet the boys. That's Matthew, Brent, Alan, Jesse and Colton. Colton is the one getting married in two weeks!.."]

  MeisjeKelly / 87d 10h 59m 12s

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