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The year was 20XX, a year where both man and machine lived in harmony, a super fighting robot named X was created. Over the years, X had stopped the evil plans of Sigma and Doppler, two beings whose goals were to enslave or destroy the human race, and then take over the world itself. The time of peace had finally become true, and X was now inactive inside a cryogenic pod, there to remain inactive until needed once more for his righteous sense of justice. But he had no clue as to what would happen here soon, as it would defy the laws of space and time. [I Cryogenic Pod feed deactivated. Initiating Maverick Hunter X.] a feminine computerized voice spoke as the pod began to shut down. [I Maverick Hunter X online, initiating systems diagnostics...] the computer stated, analyzing the male robot's built in systems for any bugs or viruses. When the computer finished, it had found no problems with X's systems. [I System Diagnostics complete. Maverick Hunter X ready for deployment.] the computer droned on, then the pod opened, allowing the groggy X to emerge from the pod.
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