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When 'Teme' no longer means the way it did for me.
Now every time you called me that, or it's mentioned..
I think of him.

I hate that so much.
  Teme / 56d 23h 15m 49s
I miss when I would look forward to telling her about my day.. at the end of the day, and hearing hers the same.
I miss every damn thing, even the best friend feeling-- it's just.. not how it used to be.
I guess it's just cause we're over and calls are gone that I'm this way.. right?
But it sure feels like.. I can't get into those deep late at night talks with her anymore, I don't tell her about my day cause well.. it just doesn't seem like she's interested to hear about it.
I have so much to say.. to talk about.. that I only really enjoy sharing to her.
But she has other people for that now, who she skypes with almost everyday.

I get it.. talking to me like that is messy, I guess.

I'll just.. do my best to turn a blind eye and try to accept it..
  Lucis / 59d 11h 3m 5s
[center [size10 That hurt like hell..
I'm a fucking fool thinking about her all day..
when, she just wants me to get away from her with that.]]
  Teme / 60d 21h 43m 40s

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