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Hello there fellow roleplayers. If you are reading this still, then please look at the suggestions that I have listed below. Any of the suggestions in bold are things I am very interested in trying. I prefer anime/illustrated images, but I don't mind what type of pictures you use.

[B [U Things I am interested in]]

[B Maverick Hunter x Human]

Video Game Crossover

Demoness x Human

[B WWII German Soldier Girl x American Soldier]

[B The Little Mermaid (OCxAriel)]

[B Fallout OCxOC]

Sonic the hedgehog


I am open to more ideas, just send me a PM, and we can come up with something.

[B [U Things I am NOT interested in]]

Slice of life


College/High School

[B [U Rules]]

Basic ES rules ALWAYS apply, and I will not cyber on any site, but I will let you know if you are cybering or not.

Be polite, which means no getting mad, no being rude, and absolutely no insults to any other roleplayer that you are with. If you do not follow this rule, I will delete the roleplay and I may possibly be forced to block you if you keep being impolite.

Must be able to post at least two times a week, if you need more time, let me know.

Must be able to post in the Roleplay Chat section without much issue.


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