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"I've only been exploring up until now, which now is being lost, very, very lost." Lucky explains. "So, in other words, the only preference I have right now is getting unlost."

[i Is that even a word, unlost... maybe, say, inlost... imlost... am I even getting close?] He wonders. [i Not exactly the point right now though, I should focus more on leaving this blasted area.]

"I don't know if my nose would be of use when all these scents are very new to me." He says. "All... so... new... maybe in due time I will be accustomed to them but right now I am not."

[i That being said, I do hope I won't be forced into having to identify scents by not being able to leave when I want.] He thinks. [i Still can't get over that gang trying to keep me with them like that, that wasn't that nice.]
  Lucky the Lucario / Okimichi / 3y 164d 15h 20m 21s
Roxy lifted her head to the sky and took a few experimental sniffs, hoping to pick up the trail, or any scents, but the fog had cleared most scents.

She put her head down and huffed out a sigh.

"I can't smell anything and..." She paused, looking a little dejected. "I don't know where we are... But maybe with our noses combined, we could find our way to somewhere I recognize? But where are you going? If we're going the same way, it'll be helpful for both of us to stick together..."

She had relaxed a bit as she looked around, hoping to find something that looked familiar, but she knew she had to work with this lucario if she was well and truly lost...
  Roxy (Lycanroc-Midnight) / CreativeRed / 3y 166d 14h 57m 4s
"Ah good then you must know how to get out of this fog then, right?" Lucky asks.

[i I really hope she isn't trying to set me up in a trap in the long run.] He thinks.

"I haven't seen a single soul other than you in this cursed fog." Lucky answers. "I'm guessing that you just lost them in this fog..."

[i I hope she will find her friends soon, I hope even more that she will get me out of here.] He thinks to himself. [i I might go insane if she leaves me to be lost here forever...]

"Can you lead me out of this place?" He asks. "I'll help with finding who you're looking as thanks if you want."
  Lucky the Lucario / Okimichi / 3y 201d 13h 19m 31s
Roxy's head tilts to the side as her face falls to a confused look.

'Wait....He's not trying to attack? He's....Lost too?' She thought to herself as she approached, still a little weary.

"I live...Used to live...Somewhere around here..." She admitted. She was still not sure about this lucario, but she did know that she needed to find her pack. She wasn't sure if they would be missing her by now, as she did tend to wander off and do her own thing a lot...

"Did you see any other Lycanroc or Rockruff pass by?" She questioned, glancing around for any other sign of her pack.
  CreativeRed / 3y 204d 13h 57m 3s
[i The fog is clearing up a bit it seems... that's one sigh of relief I can let out.] Lucky thinks to himself. [i If only my sense of direction wasn't completely turned around from all the wandering...]

Lucky's ears perk up at the sudden voice he hears.

"Huh?" He says as he turns to face the owner of said voice and sees a Lycanrock.

[i Is this one going to hurt me for some reason or another?] Lucky wonders. [i I hope not...]

"Are you a local by chance?" Lucky asks. "I'm hopelessly lost right now and I'm new to the area so that doesn't help..."
  Lucky the Lucario / Okimichi / 3y 210d 18h 36m 19s
Eventually, the fog does clear a bit, and Roxy finds herself staring at a figure in the far distance. She still can't smell too well, with the remaining fog dampening her senses, so she approaches, hoping it is a member of her pack. She knows better than to call out, in case it isn't another lycanroc, something that might attack her, but it does have about the same size and shape...

As she approaches, the fog clears more, and she can tell now that it's not another lycanroc, but a lucario, and she approaches cautiously, sniffing the air to try and see if this lucario is friend or foe. Her hackles raise and she stands on her hind legs, and with her large mane, it puts her at a height advantage now.

Finally the fog clears enough to clearly show the surrounding area, and it is not any area she is familiar with.

"Hey. You." She finally says, still not sure if he means no harm. A lucario could easily use aura sphere or metal claw to attack her, and the only defense she would have would be reversal, which would only help her if she was already weakened....
  Roxy (Lycanroc-Midnight) / CreativeRed / 3y 211d 22h 58s
Lucky wakes up to see fog all around him. He had been sleeping against a tree in this eerie valley after traveling around to only find himself lost in this unfamiliar land.

[i Just my luck for there to be such heavy mist...] He thinks to himself. [i Another day of wandering around aimlessly, even more so now.]

He gets up and starts walking forward, or as forward he could get without being able to see what would be in front of him.

[i How did I get so lost... oh that's right, I decided to not ask for directions from anyone because I wanted to do this on my own.] He says in his head. [i That was so stupid of me, why didn't I ask that helpful Ninetails I passed by a few days ago for help with this, why was it so hard to do that?]

Lucky then notices that he is even more lost than before. He had been going in random directions instead of straight ahead of him without him realizing.

[i I'm going to be lost here forever, aren't I?] He wonders as he falls to his knees. [i I doubt anyone would find me anytime soon... what is there that I could do besides just keep moving and hope that I will find something that will help... or just wait to see if the fog clears up soon.]
  Lucky the Lucario / Okimichi / 3y 213d 23h 12m 22s
The rising sun was slowly making its way up the sky, barely cutting through the early morning fog that blanketed the region. One could barely see more than a few feet in front of their eyes, or eye in the case of some pokemon, but few were even awake at such an early hour to see such a fog. Most pokemon were asleep at this time, still slumbering deep in their homes, wherever they may be. They wouldn't awaken for a few more hours, and the silence of the morning truly punctuated how early it was. The only sound that could be heard was the soft rustle of nearby trees, occasionally swaying in a breeze not strong enough to dispel the fog.

The valley was usually teeming with life, and later in the day, perhaps it would be, and from the current vantage point, some ways up the far mountains, a pokemon could truly see the whole of the valley. It was once a lush paradise, full of trees and streams, teeming with wild pokemon. But lately there seemed to be less and less pokemon, the trees weren't producing enough fruit, and so the prey pokemon had moved on. Some stayed, but not nearly enough to feed the predators, and so they moved on as well. A pack made up of Lycanroc and Rockruff were one of the last few to leave. They had resided on the rocky mountain for so many moons, so many generations, and their traditions and life was so ingrained in that valley, that they did not want to leave until they absolutely had to. The valley was dying, as if the guardian legendary, Virizion was gone from the lands. Each area of land had a patron legendary or otherwise stronger than average pokemon. The legendary pokemon were guardians of their respective pantheon, with Xerneas and Yveltal guarding over Life and Death, Palkia and Dialga over time and space, Lugia over the seas, and Ho-Oh over the land. Other legendaries had domain over the other things in the world, all stemming from the creator, Arceus, and some places would have a smaller guardian, for example the icy mountain known to house a ninetails made of ice.

This guardian seemed to have lost interest in the little valley, and so it was time to move.

Roxy was a lycanroc, known to the pokemon world as a night lycanroc. She had evolved at night into a strong protector of her pack. Night lycanrocs were the hunters and protectors, going out at night and using their superior nighttime vision to hunt prey. Day lycanroc gathered, scouted, and watched over the pack and the surrounding lands. They were the ones who watched over the young during the night when the night lycanroc left to hunt.

Today was the day she would be following her pack to new grounds, in hopes of finding more food. They had decided that early morning would be best to start the journey, and so she trudged along, barely able to see in front of her face, only knowing where she was going by the dulled scent of her pack. She hadn't wanted to move, but she had no choice in the matter. Day lycanroc made the decisions, not the Night lycanroc. Her duty was to protect and provide.

Roxy had always been a unique lycanroc, doing as she pleased, and often getting scolded for it. She liked to let her mind wander, and it was now that it was truly getting her into trouble. As she pulled herself out of her thoughts, she realized she could no longer smell her pack. Panicked, she took off in a hurry, trying to find her pack's scent once again, traveling through the still heavy fog.
  CreativeRed / 3y 214d 19h 5m 43s

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