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[center [size20 Blooming in adversity.]]
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[center [size10 Me when a new episode of BNHA is out!!!!
  Sakura / 8d 13h 17m 52s
  / Sakura / 8d 12h 27m 45s
[center [size10 I need to work on my mood today but reading this article on tumblr didn't help. Despite being the Sakura of ES, despite loving Sakura and coming to be able to tolerate SasuSaku-- I just.. [i dislike] the fucking ship still. I see my otp, Sasuke and Naruto... I just.. [i dislike] SasuSaku so bad, all over again.]]
[center [size10 There is nothing that will ever convince me that Sasuke loves Sakura truly as a romantic partner. He [i loves] Naruto, not Sakura. It's so easy to see.. even heterosexual guys see it, they just express it by cracking jokes about it or they say "something ain't right here" cause yeah. Literally, most people dislike SS. The only people who truly love the ship are self-inserts... or just shallow.]]
[center [size10 I will forever love my otp..]]
  。♕・:*:・✿ / Sakura / 8d 17h 14m 35s
[#ffffff If you can read this it means you probably shouldn't be in here.]
[#ffffff x]
[#ffffff x]
[#ffffff x]
[#ffffff x]
[center [size10 I can't sleep, I'm so excited [#e7beda ♡]]]
  ᴜꜱᴀɢɪ / SailorMoon / 9d 5h 6m 52s
[center [size10 When bae loves you and spoils you by buying you a passport and round trip tickets to Toronto, Canada. I can't wait to hang out there with my best friend and love of my life.. ]]
[center [size10 Blessings, so loved ... I love my moonlight.]]
  ☾♡☽ / SailorMoon / 9d 6h 18m 52s
[center [size10 Selena Gomez songs are amazing, idgaf what anyone says. Her music speaks to me.]]
  МЈ / Sakura / 10d 13h 1m 48s
[center [pic]]
[center [size10 My fucking face right now after finding out details about this GD concert that I didn't know.]]
  Sakura / 11d 15h 11m 44s
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[center [size10 [i If it wasn't for you..]]]
  Sakura / 11d 21h 7m 4s
[#ffffff xxx]
[#ffffff xxx]
[#ffffff xxx]

[#ffffff xxx]
[#ffffff xxx]
[#ffffff If you see this, hi]
[center [i [#e3b9b5 "i love how you always leave me breathless"]]]

[center [ ♡]]
  / Sakura / 11d 21h 34m 47s
[center [size10 From here on out, I won't be dragging anyone anymore. I should've looked the other way back then-- each time something happened, I should've really not bothered to look back. I've decided to forgive it. No more dragging her or anyone else. I'm not someone who has enemies or lives a life of drama.]]
[center [size10 None of it was worth it.]]
[center [size10 Only positivity, empowerment, love and support.]]
[center [size10 I don't care who calls me names, takes my whatever, gossips about me anymore. Not that I've had much problems anyway-- this website was the only place I even had SOME form of drama. It was never worth it. It's not a problem right now but I did some thinking for a very short time and I've decided.]]
[center [size10 Again, positivity, empowerment, love and support.]]
[center [size10 Good vibes, happy life, boring eliteskills, yeah!]]
  ᴄ.ᴄ. / Sakura / 12d 7h 29m 1s
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  Sakura / 14d 4h 44m 9s
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[center [size10 I'm such a fan of Wonder Woman but I love Supergirl, I forgot how much I love her, I've mained her on Injustice 2 and it's been so fun, soon, maybe I'll almost perfect her.]]
[center [size10 Now to go to my sleepy jerk ❤]]
  Sakura / 14d 5h 19m 49s
[size10 So it seems like it's trying to become a thing again.. trying. Slowly. Interesting how it happens right before my period too. I'm going to not let it happen again, it's weaker than the last time and I hope it stays weak till it fades away again. It's honestly just... frustrating? Because I know myself well and I know I'm not weak. I am not repeating that again, fuck that.]
  ʜᴀʀᴜɴᴏ / Sakura / 14d 14h 58m 47s
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[center [size10 #Mood]][center ♡]
  Sakura / 16d 6h 27m 14s
[center [pic]]
  Sakura / 16d 8h 15m 45s

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