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[center [size20 .. in adversity.]]
[center [pic]]


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[center [size10 It's my 2nd birthday today, Sakura's birthday too ~ lmao]]
  Sakura / 2d 1h 54m 2s
[center [size10 I'm so fucking angry, I'm going to literally just cry all fucking day. I hate this. i hate. i hate this so fucking much !]]

[center [size10 I give up... nobody even supports me anyway... no matter what i do.. I give up, I give up..i'm tired... my heart hurts so fucking much..]]
  Sakura / 2d 6h 8m 55s
[center [size10 You're asleep and all I could do is think about that questioned you asked me, you really like messing with me, don't you? You're pretty cocky, ya know? So confident with yourself.. who is to say but really, it isn't the first time but you get the same reaction out of me every time..]]
[center [size10 Jerk..]]
[center [size10 I think it's time I fall asleep too now.]]
[center ✿]
  Sakura / 2d 16h 48m 5s
[center [size10 I want more, I'm satisfied but at the same time I'm not-- what do I do with myself.. Mmm..]]
  / Sakura / 2d 19h 14m 22s
I'm for sure gaining weight after today..

Like a good 2-3 pounds, very possibly..
I have a week to lose it.

This is why I hate parties..

Oh mannn, oh well..
Back to hard work tomorrow.

Sigh, I feel like I'm never going to get out of this area of weight..
Like, I feel like I've been set up
  / Sakura / 2d 21h 43m 8s
[center [size10 Oh my god??? FOR THE FIRST TIME, I've decided to watch Amrezy's snapchats... and.. I am MIND BLOWN. MIIIIIND BLOWN. I'M SHOOKEN..... Amrezy!!!!]]
[center [size10 Bitch.. YOU ARE NOTHING LIKE I EVER IMAGINED LOL but I love ya still.. like, you aren't proper in any way but it's probably cause I watched her rants I have that impression? I dunno.. wow..]]
[center [size10 I mean.. I'm still following her cause her style is goals.. but I'm just.. speechless but amused overall ...]]
[center [size10 It's crazy.. you think you can sorta like.. know somebody with pictures alone but you really don't. Amazing.. I wonder what people think of me???? People who don't know me, I mean. I don't actually care but it's got me thinking a tiny bit.]]
  / Sakura / 3d 19h 16m 15s
[center [size10 I'm sitting here watching music videos, on spanish music and man.. hispanic/latin girls are beautiful, stunning, just out of this world. I'm not just saying this because I'm hispanic myself-- I mean, I'm not anything like these spanking speaking beauties...]]
[center [size10 Can't even compare. Man, what's it like lol but I found this song, I've replayed it so many times now.]]
  / Sakura / 3d 20h 5m 41s
[center [size10 Estoy un poco molesta pero no es una cosa grande, ya se como esta la cosa. Tanta gente se mete en mi personal que me tengo que cuidar.]]
[center [size10 Se como empiezan estas cosas-- Y sabes que, estoy un poco paranoico porque no valgo nada. Hay muchisimas mejores mujeres y hombres que yo. No soy bonita y no tengo nada que ofrecer, nada.]]
[center [size10 Estos pensamientos son ridiculos, debo parar..]]
  Sakura / 3d 21h 49m 38s
[center [size10 The plan for today is subway and work out. I need to be strong, mentally.. cause I know my family is going to want to eat horrible but I have to make sure I maintain this number I'm at, it was too difficult to get here, I don't want to lose it now. A dangerous week though.. Sunday is my cheat day, meaning I want panda express. Monday is Samantha's birthday party but I'm taking something for it to avoid gaining, I hope it works!!]]
[center [size10 Wish me luck lol]]
[center [size10 This song is everything..]]
  / Sakura / 7d 17h 42m 4s
[center [size10 She sounds like such a valley girl, honestly. I think it's more annoying on her though, it's just weird AF especially when it isn't a white girl lol I don't know how I'm supposed to get along with her, I already don't like her now tbh]]
[center [size10 Everything about her, everything I've heard so far, why should I?]]
  / Sakura / 8d 2h 21m 17s
[center [size10 You both have stick up your asses.
Conceited for absolutely no reason.
Fuck outta here, fucking losers..

Don't know what stupid bitches fed your egos.
Probably fed off each other..

Don't fuck with no fuck bois..
A bunch of nahs..

I'm going to bed now~
But ya'll probably not familiar with that feeling huh?
  DIVINE / Hinata / 8d 17h 52m 24s
[center [size10 Okay before any misunderstandings take place-- I just realized this might be read, most likely, I mean it in a non-shady way. I found it amusing cause I got confused for like two seconds.]]
[center [size10 I totally don't mind. No sarcasm.]]
  / Sakura / 8d 18h 44m 59s
[center [size10 When you see A2 on here and you're like wtf who got into my account ?? but then you remember you got rid of the name, duhhh. Lmao I'm not mad at all, I wasn't going to use it anyway-- which is why I said bye to it in the first place. It's in good hands.]]
[center [size10 My photoshop is a hot mess right now.. I have so many files open!! I have so much to edit still but you know what, screw that. I don't feel like it.]]
[center [size10 I forgot what I was going to really post about!! Oh well..]]
  Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ / Hinata / 8d 18h 55m 21s
[center [pic] [pic] [pic]]
[center [size10 He so in love though.. I know the feeling Narudo ~]]
  Sakura / 8d 20h 37m 5s

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