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and Kaden Ra'if Sayegh is two halves of an A-list celebrity couple. Together, they have millions of adoring fans and millions of dollars to spend on whatever they could possibly desire. Despite the occasional tabloid article, (YC) and Kaden seem to be living a Hollywood love story, complete with cozy rendezvous in VIP sections of the hottest nightclubs, romantic dinners at the chef’s table in the trendiest restaurants, and affectionate touches on the red carpet at public appearances. Being as famous as they are, (YC) and Kaden are mobbed by paparazzi everywhere they go. Outside of their glamorous, gated home, the star couple can’t get a moment of privacy. But that’s perfectly alright with them because the truth is that (YC) and Kaden are together strictly for publicity. Behind closed doors, (YC) and Kaden absolutely despise one another and they secretly do everything they can to sabotage the other’s career.

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Jules smiled at the male. Ugh he was perfectly annoying. Everything about him was stunning and damn if she didn't love the accent. That was one thing he had she absolutely adored besides his piercing eyes that made every woman she knew of drool.

As he spoke she raised a brow in amusement. [+red "You might just have to since you offered."] she purred through her smirk. [+red "I've told you before too, Amour, call me Jules. No formalities between lovers."] she said getting quieter. [+red "My name sounds sweet on your lips as yours, Kaden, tastes sweet on mine."] she spoke as his gaze raked over her body and seemed to admire every line she'd carefully worked to perfect.

She let her lips fall from a smile as his secretive ways came up to his plans. He must've figured out she'd fiddled with some schedules after the first couple times. The red head enjoyed times like these. Sweet words exchanged sounded like a fairy tail. She could feel eyes of admirers on their backs and sighing at their apparent perfection as they wished the same for themselves. Little did they know.

[+red "Oh darling how you do tempt me to waste all my time with you. I could definitely go for some alone time with you."] she smiled leaning in towards his face which was already in such close proximity to hers. Dropping one hand to rest on his thigh as she leaned back into his arm. She locked her eyes onto his stunning gaze and smiled ever so sweetly as her thumb drew a small circle. [+red "You could always come by later if you want. I do have a meeting before I can waste my night with you."] she said sweetly into his ear as the waitress returned with her tea.

She let her fingertips drag over the males thigh as she had it back to the table to gather the cup between her palms and raise it to her lips. Watching him from the corner of her eye as she took a sip.
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Kaden quickly glanced behind him when he felt a soft touch, his eyes quickly soften and his stern lips turned upward into a charming smile. He reached for her hand and turned it downward with her palm facing in, with a kiss he greeted her as always. He took a seat once more after she took her own.

" Miss Saphique, I swear that could be passed off as a compliment. If you like, I could take it [i all] off and really show you what is really shiny." He smiled, enjoying the art of bringing her amusement with his words. His eyes slowly cast along her body, making it quite obvious. " You really do not stray from your roots, love. You look quite like a *[i tefel]. Cute as you Americans would say."

Kaden fell silent when the waitress placed the glass of water upon the table and left the moment she received Jules' order.
He brought the cup to his lips before he replied to her. " I do not enjoy discussing my personal life. However, you are [i who] you are, " He paused, trying to find the perfect words to say without offending. Kaden had has found quite difficult to communicate in English. He was often told he was too [i forward]. " I have nothing planned. Rest is what I was told to do and rest I will--unless I am to be with you. "

He eyed her carefully while he rose to his feet and grabbed the back of his chair to place it beside her. Once seated, he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulls her closer to him. His eyes stared into hers, his face mere inches from one another. " Now inform me, what are yours?"

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Jules felt no need to rush. Pulling on some shorts that didn't hide any of her thigh, a belt fancy enough to go to a rodeo, she couldn't hide her roots. A crop top just barely covering her belly button that had the scar still healing of an old piercing. She didn't like to say she was overly confident in herself and her appearance but she knew how to attract the eyes if she wanted. But today it was hot and the sun was beating down. She topped the outfit off with an old beat up baseball cap and shoved her wallet and phone into back pockets.

Walking down the street, enjoying the sights and sounds of it all she spotted Mr. Perfect waiting for her at a table with a cup of, most likely, coffee. He looked like he'd just been to the gym. No wonder he hadn't replied. Though he hardly responded to her either way. He was funny like that. Their agents would set up everything when there was a public appearance and just relay the information. She never actually got to know what he'd rather do than some random walk around town or some place to eat.

[+red "Hey hun."] she said tapping his shoulder as she moved around the table to her seat. [+red "How was your workout? You seem to be shining up to be just right for your movie."] she added. The red head smiled as she leaned her elbows on the table. The waitress noticed her and brought a cup of water to her and asked for her drink order. As per usual in the morning, since she had coffee at her place, tea was her choice. Plus this little place had the best Egyptian tea. No sweetener needed in this cup. It had some kind of natural honey like flavor with a bit of tang after.

[+red "Any exciting plans for the rest of the day?"] she asked sipping her water. [+red "You didn't really talk about your plans for the rest of the day or anything last night."] her bottom lip popped out for a second before she just smiled and leaned back in her seat. Paying attention to the droplets on her glass sliding down the side. And pulling her phone out to check emails again before turning her attention again reluctantly to, sadly, the most handsome man she had the ill-pleasure of knowing.
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Kaden ran into the cafe to get out of the sudden heat. He dumped his gym bag on the floor and sank into the nearest table.

It had been a tough workout. It had been a month of tough workouts, but he was in training for a part for an action movie after this month of rest and he was determined to get it.

The outdoor cafe was filled with people, tourists, and locals alike, all searching for a small piece of blessed shade in which to escape the brutal noonday sun. On the spice-laden breeze drifted snatches of conversation in a dozen languages, most of them unfamiliar to Kaden but he found the rhythm of the strange words oddly relaxing.

As he took a sip of the strong, sweet brew that passed as coffee in these parts, he glanced over the many patrons and amused himself by trying to guess where they were from. In one corner, sat two Americans carrying on a friendly, of a somewhat heated debate with a German while in another corner a Japanese couple snapped pictures of anything that moved.

He did not bother dressing up since most all of L.A. knew of his exercise regiment never willing to break. Especially when a part he most desires was coming up. Taking another sip from the scalding hot coffee, he relax waiting for the woman of his 'dreams' to join him.
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Jules was up before her alarm. Staring at the ceiling like it had a thousand stories on it, not one intrigued her. Last night at dinner had been as awkward and as fake as they had usually been. Publicity was the goal, her happiness, well played. That’s what was expected of her, and her so called boyfriend. It was supposed to be romantic. The perfect couple. Both stars in the eye of the public. With so much loathing between them, she didn’t know how they lasted as long as they had. The paparazzi loved them, loved their relationship in the public eye so feeding them something to get them to leave them alone when they weren't together was hard. If it wasn't already. Not to mention her agent wanted her to start taking pictures with her reluctant partner to post on her social media accounts.

Jules Saphique had made herself a name through her voice and ability to drag eyes across a screen. Her curves ones people dreamed for, her hair as flawless as could be thanks to her stylists. Her eyes and smile caught the attention of men and women, not as much as... you get the point. She cut off ties to her family when she turned 18 and despite their efforts to reach out to her, she continued to ignore them. It wasn’t that the red head hated them, but she didn’t love them either. In fact she’d convinced herself she was incapable of such a feeling. Which made faking it even harder. The man she was supposedly head over heels in love with, Kaden Sayegh, wanted her career to crash and burn almost as much as she wanted his to. As beloved as he was, he seemed like your average cocky bastard to her.

When the alarm did go off she groaned in the back of her throat and smacked the small device on the side table and sighed as now she lay on her stomach. [i Time to get up…] she thought to herself as she managed to lift her torso and sit on the edge of the bed. Fingers scratched her scalp, making her messy hair even messier. She giggled to herself and messed it up even more. Stopping with a faded smile on her lips she blew a puff of breath to get it out of her vision.

Grabbing her phone, she checked her messages and rolled her eyes. Food sounded good thou. Shooting a quick text to Kaden: [i Hey you, ready for some breakfast? ;)], she stood and smirked to herself as she stripped on her way to the shower and started the hot water. Once finished she came back out wrapped in a towel to get ready. Just another day in paradise right?
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Kaden Ra'if Sayegh had forgotten what it felt like to be happy. He had been walking the same path over and over so many times that he no longer knew where he was going, if anywhere at all. A life where his career had made up his entire life, where nothing else would exist. It was when the job offers eased, leaving him in an empty world of his own, that he had realized his value or rather how worthless he really was. But just like the ugly duckling had turned out to be a swan, so had the duck Kaden turned out to be the swan. He had become more than the pond was worthy of and moved to a new world away from the United Arab Emirates, where he was appreciated for the talents and skills he had. The Dubai 'Bad Boy' wasn't a worthless parasite living off the system, he was most certainly beneficent to society.

Los Angeles, California was the beginning of many great things for Kaden. Over the years, he managed to win most of the roles in big action movies as the handsome villain who wished the death of the heroine/hero. After being nominated for five awards and only won two. He opened his own clothing and cologne line, awarding in millions and covers in magazines. For the last three years, he was selected as one of 20 the richest and handsome bachelors of Hollywood. However, it wasn't until last month that status changed. The heart of Actor Sayegh belonged to A-lister Jules; the most beautiful woman alive named by Esquire and the same woman he out to ruin.

Kaden woke up, enjoying the few minutes of silence within his postal bed and his month of vacation. The last five months was an adventure, there was no moment of rest as he finished filming, interviews, advertisement and premiere for the action-drama movie. However, it was never a day off for the actor. There was always an opportunity to grasp.

Sitting up, he let his hands slide through his hair, before reaching up and stretched. It was good to be alive. Perhaps today, he could go out and have a peaceful breakfast. There was a small sign on the screen of his, which caught his attention. He read the text notification off of the giant screen, pressing it and began to read. A small sigh escaped his lips and rubbed his face with his hands to ease the building stress within him. It was a reservation for two to have brunch today which was made by his agent.

It appears dinner with Jules last night was not enough of publicity. Another morning about to be ruined by paparazzi and her. Lifting himself off the bed and headed straight to the bathroom to get ready. Whether or he enjoyed it, the man was hungry and food sounded just about right.
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