Jealousy Is a Dangerous Game

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[center [i [b [+green [size32 PLOT:]]]]]

[center [i [+red The war between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort was now over. It was a year later and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was restored to it's former glory. The students were about to return along with some very familiar faces.]]]

[center [i [+green Draco Malfoy, had decided that he wanted to go back and redo his final year at Hogwarts. After sending owl after owl to Professor McGonagall she had finally got back to him with a letter including all of the books he needed that year.]]]

[center [i [+green Although he knew that he would more than likely get taunted for his involvment as a death eater he wanted nothing more than to finish his schooling. That is why when he caught wind that the Golden trio was returning to Hogwarts as well unsurprisingly of course "Brightest witch of her age" was coming back to finish out her schooling ]]]

[center [i [+green Draco knew that with them returning he would surely have an interesting year. The thought of Hermione Granger returning though gave Draco a feeling that he didn't quite understand. Much to his dismay both Hermione and himself were named head boy an girl...which meant for him that he would be seeing much more of her as they would share a dorm and common room.]]]

[center [b [i [+red What I need from you:]]]]

[center This is going to be a Dramione Fanfic. Draco is slowly going to become jealous of the relationship that Hermione and Ron have and he is going to lash out in different ways to try and draw them apart little does he know he will later find out from an inconvenient letter from his mother that he is part veela and may start to undergo changes...and low and behold his mate happens to be Hermione Granger herself!! I am going to play Hermione so I need a Draco. We can double up with the others as needed but I want this to be a 1X1 plot. If you have any questions please feel free to pm me!]

[center [+green [b [i RULES:]]]]

[center [i I'm not to picky however I do have a few rules and they are as follows]]

[center - No Godmodding. I don't like it and frankly I don't think anyone does.]
[center -Atleast 1,000 characters please. I am fairly literate and I don't think that is to much to ask of someone.]
[center -I'm not a grammar nazi but no text talk]
[center -This is going to be a mature roleplay but there will be no cybering. We will timeskip sexual content.]
[center -Follow es rules!]
[center -Swearing is fine but I want it to be in the typical HP format.]
[center -I know everyone has a life but please post as often is possible if you think you aren't going to be able to post for a while please pm me and let me know, Don't just ditch.]
[center -Last but not least. Have fun!! I am really looking forward to this plot!]

[center [b [i [+blue This is MY plot. DO not steal it! If you want to do one like this with me I will gladly make another thread being as this one is a 1X1. If you want to use this plot you may ask me and we can talk it over but atleast give me credit for it and ask me first. I am very serious about my Dramione plots and this one took me a while to sort out.]]]]

[center [b [i If you have made it this far, Thank You!! Please pm with password Dramione so I know you read it all the way through.]]]

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