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I gulped slightly "Not good enough? Honestly, I would have chosen you anything Tatsuya....but..." I shook my head and chuckled softly "Never mind, it wouldn't matter" I said to him "It hurts to see one fight for me..." I said.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 8d 8h 59m 22s
Tatsuya watched him. Now he was asking him more questions. He sighed. Why did he have to give him answers. It wouldn't make anything different. It never would. Sighing he leaned back on his heels playing with the knife he held in his hands. The blood on it dripped slowly to the floor. This floor would be stained with blood by the time he was done. Should he answer? Would the male even began to understand. The blonde suddenly laughed. It was true. He was fucking crazy. He had lost it. That didn't matter though.

[+Orange "He needed to die and now... It's only you and me... Like how it use to be."] He said. He walked over and knelt down in front of him. He tilted​ his head slightly. [+Orange "You only wanted to be with him... I was never good enough."] He said coldly.
  |Yandere| / Ennard / 8d 12h 41m 52s
I clenched my jaw as I saw blood pour from his neck. My chest lurched with pain as I saw it. I looked down "It was my fault.....why did I choose him?" I said to myself. Which was loud enough for Tatsuya to hear.

I shook my head as tears fell from my eyes. I didn't understand, why was it hard to choose? Just to choose, life or death. I look at Tatsuya and mumble "Why did you make this decision? Why did you want to kill him? Hmm"
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 8d 12h 54m 58s
Tatsuya watched the male as he was making the choice. He frowned lightly. So he chose the easy way. Get rid of the boyfriend quick. Alright. That was no problem. He walked over to the boyfriend and ran the knife under his throat. It was just a little cut at first. It bled a little, but not much. [+Orange "I had wanted to torture him... I guess I'll just have to save that for you."] He said looking to Tsuya. His eyes returned to the boyfriend and he grabbed him by his hair forcing his head back. He slit the male's throat without a second thought. He didn't care. He wanted to kill him. Wanted to hurt him.

Once he had done that he releases the male's head letting his chin fall against his chest. Tatsuya looked back to Tsuya and smiled lightly. [+Orange "Remember this is your fault. Had you just paid more attention to me..."] He said frowning.
  |Yandere| / Ennard / 8d 13h 5m 26s
His heat went cold, he couldn't choose. He loved his boyfriend. He thought. But if he wakes up, it'll be painful "J-just kill him now" he said in defeat. Not able to watch him die alive. So it'll be easier than life was.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 67d 23h 18m 16s
[center [font "Century Gothic" |Tatsuya looked down at the male. Looked like he had woke up. How lovely. He had hoped he'd sleep a little longer. At least when he was sleeping he couldn't see the monster his best friend was. Sighing the blonde walked towards the male a blade in his hand glittered in the dim light. He smirked faintly his head tilting off to the side. [+orange "I believe I have grown tired of how you treat me."] The blonde said. He knelt down a bit and watched his best friend with cruel eyes.|]]

[center [font "Century Gothic" | [+orange "You are in a lot of trouble right now my friend. If only you had paid more attention to me."] The male smirked faintly and then slowly stood up fully. He turned towards his best friend's boyfriend and his eyes seemed to grow colder. A lot of things would be happening tonight and one of the main ones would be the death of the male tied to the chair. [+Orange "So... I'll let you choose. Thought I'll warn you... You don't have much time... I can kill him now... And he won't feel a damned thing... Or... You can wait and when he wakes you guys can try talking among yourselves about escaping... Or whatever you think you need to talk about and I'll kill him why he's awake and I'll make it painful."] A smile came over his lips and he looked down at Tsuya with bright eyes.|]]
  |Yandere| / Feral / 80d 20h 59m 27s
The blue haired male opened his eyes. Looking around and not knowing where or how he got here. When he tried getting up. He couldn't, due to his hand being tied up. He thought of who could of done this. But he was flipping out as he saw He couldn't move. But he sat up "Ah?? Hello? Anyone here?" he said aloud. Scared but confused. He looked up to see Tatsuya. "Tatsuya? what? Why am I here?" he said with confusion to his friend.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 88d 20h 22m 59s
[center [font "Century Gothic" |It had been so easy. Capturing his friend and his friend's boyfriend. Both had never expected... well... Maybe the boyfriend had. It didn't matter anymore though. He had them now. They would pay for what they had done. First he would take out the boyfriend. Than he would work on his so called best friend. He stood quietly looking over his work. The boyfriend was tied tightly to a chair and still sleeping. Looks like he had drugged him a bit too much. He was going to have to do something about that. Next time he would learn to use a little less. Then again it didn't matter. If the male died that was alright. The only one he was worried about was his best friend. He didn't want him to die.|]]

[center [font "Century Gothic" |The blonde had put everything into action. It would all work out... And if it didn't... Well... A small smirk came over his features. Murder was always an option to make it work. Then he would move on again. He crossed his arms over his chest and looked down at his best friend who lay tied up on the floor. The abandoned house they were staying in was the one that everyone thought was so haunted. The blonde had never seen anything here though. It was just a place for idiots to test their courage. Most of them failed. Nobody could be that brave could they?|]]

[center [font "Century Gothic" |The blonde wasn't afraid though. Tatsuya thought of himself as something to fear. The boy had always been that way. Even when he was younger. This is what happened when you ignored his feelings.|]]
  |Yandere| / Feral / 90d 20h 0s

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