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This seemed to anger him. He didn't move out of his grip, but he was clearly unhappy about it. [+Orange "I don't trust your motives."] He said coldly. He really didn't. Why should have? He knew what he had done and most people would have tried to hurt him. He expected it.
  |Yandere| / Ennard / 7d 18h 59m 39s
I thought for a bit |~| Okay the confusion is working, now for a small move |~| I shrugged. My hands landing on his waist softly "Who knows? I do....heh obviously" my voice purred.

I held him in the position for a bit waiting for a reaction or an answer. My hands staying on his waist with a slight grip.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 7d 19h 8m 0s
Tatsuya frowned. The boy loved him of course. Why did that matter now though? He stood there silently not answering for a long time. [+Orange "Why do you care to know about that now?"] He demanded. He seemed angry and a little confused. Normally things didn't work like this.
  |Yandere| / Ennard / 7d 19h 11m 50s
I frowned slightly at the sudden opportunity to leave. Wanting to do something else other than....leave. I got up and walked behind him. Shaking my head, I whispered ever so softly into his ear

"Do you still love me?" my breath said to him. My hands in my pockets as I smiled devilishly.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 7d 19h 58m 7s
Something about this angered him. Others. There had been others. He ran his hands through his hair. He looked away from him. He didn't seem so interested anymore either. Taking a deep breath he slowly let it out. [+Orange "Get lost."] It came out cold and cruel. He turned away from him no longer caring what he was doing. He patted his pockets down to see if he had any matches but he didn't. He'd have to go and look up stairs. He shook his head slightly. Whatever. He wasn't going to burn the body. They wouldn't be finding it anytime soon.

When they did... Tatsuya would be gone like always. He pulled his phone from his pocket and checked it quietly. He would be destroying it soon. He soon pushed it back in his pocket.
  |Yandere| / Ennard / 7d 21h 11m 45s
I listened, the shrugged "I have been in many positions like this" I mumble "With many other people like you". My eyes looking at him then over at the dead male.

I then whispered to myself "Such a shame to see these many people die over me.....I don't understand" I muttered. I held my head up with one of my hands. Looking down, and closing my eyes.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 7d 22h 34m 2s
The blonde stood before him quietly. He seemed to be thinking. Nothing the male said seemed to faze him. He closed his eyes for a moment. This was suppose to be easy. Usually even if they broke free it was. He didn't like challenging things. That's why he knew he could never compete with the guy that Tsuya had chosen for a boyfriend. He had been better than Tatsuya in every way and of course the blonde couldn't have that. So he knew he had to be rid of him. It had been easy honestly. Drugging them and getting them here.

Why did everything have to change once they were here? Slowly those eyes opened. Beautiful eyes though odd in their colors. [+orange "Honestly I don't understand... If you could have gotten free... Why didn't you do it and save that idiot before I slit his throat... Why pretend to be scared?"] He demanded. He enjoyed when they were scared, but it wasn't like he got off on it or anything. It just felt good to be the one that was important now. The one that controlled their lives. It appeared in this scenario that wasn't quite true. Something was off here and honestly he didn't like it.
  |Yandere| / Ennard / 7d 22h 52m 47s
I lift my hand and fold them and put them on my lap "You should use wire binding" I said to him "I have done this before once or twice" I growled. This was when I loved girls. I killed many males who hurt females.

I shrug "Your rope is a bad idea to use, and what I said is a good idea of burning the body" I said. "It got me out of many things" I said.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 8d 8h 1s
The blondes eyes slid towards the male and his frown turned to a cruel sneer. [+Orange "Why are you helping me?"] He demanded. He soon turned towards him. So the male had gotten loose. He knew he should have used something else. [+Orange "Somehow they almost always get lose. You'd think I'd stop using rope."] He said. He advanced towards him the blade still in hand.
  |Yandere| / Ennard / 8d 8h 3m 52s
"Burning down a a house wouldn't be very good" I said to him. Giving him idea's "Maybe....first disposing the body by burning it. Using the ashes and keeping them for fires. Then giving the bones to dogs or something"

I looked at the male and was about to move. I just needed the right angle and I would be able to pin him to the wall of something.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 8d 8h 7m 20s
The blonde seemed deep in thought. This wasn't his house. He had been smart when it came to that. He would never do something like this in his own home. He didn't seem to realize the male had freed himself yet. He was focused on his task at hand. There was a lot he could do in this moment. He hummed lightly to himself. [+Orange "I should have planned better for this... It's such a mess to kill someone... I should have remembered... The first time wasnt easy either..."] He grumbled lightly to himself.
  |Yandere| / Ennard / 8d 8h 12m 11s
My hand finally loosened up the binds. They slid off my hands as I felt relief in them. I didn't know what to do know, either pin Tatsuya. Or run which was my death wish. Pinning Tatsuya was the only good time. I just needed a good angle.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 8d 8h 16m 32s
Tatsuya walked over to the chair and cut the bindings from the dead male. He then shoved him off of the chair and to the floor. He sighed softly and leaned back on his heels. He seemed to be thinking again. What to do next? The body would have to be removed. That wouldn't be that difficult. He had a few ideas of what he could do. Then again this was a lot of work. He should have planned this out a bit more. Well he could always burn the place down.
  |Yandere| / Ennard / 8d 8h 20m 30s
I sigh and stay quiet. Feeling around on my hands. I thought :The bind....there loose.....: I fiddled my hands around, getting a not untied. But getting into another one. I looked back at the blonde with soft lustful eyes.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 8d 8h 28m 43s
Tatsuya cocked his head off to the left. Those colorful eyes narrowed. [+Orange "Would have chose me over anything huh?"] There was a coldness to his voice. [+Orange "You are lying to me. You chose him. You loved him... Well now... He's gone... Now your heart will belong to me. Like it should have."] He snarled. Anger glittered in those eyes. Slowly he stood up and continued looking down at him. The blonde was angry. Anything the male said didn't seem to matter anymore. Quietly he looked over at the male in the chair. Dead and gone. Yet he felt nothing.

There was no reason for remorse. He would have to remove the body. He didn't seem like the type that would be able to do this on his own. He tapped his chin lightly thinking. It was a good thing he had prepared for all of this. A lot of research. So much that his head had hurt after reading it all. He looked back to the male that use to be his best friend. [+Orange "Things like this wouldn't have had to happen if you had just played by my rules..."] The blonde said softly.
  |Yandere| / Ennard / 8d 8h 46m 3s

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