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The blonde watched him. [+orange "You are the one that betrayed me."] He said. [+orange "I did nothing of the sort to you. I just hid this side away. No one likes this side of me."] He stated. He leaned back on his heels and sighed softly. [+Orange "If you want me to leave I will now. We can pretend none of this happened."] He stated.
  |Yandere| / -Prompto- / 83d 2h 11m 55s
I look at the blond as he says what he says and looks away "I've had a feeling something like this would happen. Usually does, your with a friend most of your life and they betray you" I mumbled. Crossing my arms and me smiling slightly as I looked at him with my troubled blue eyes.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 84d 3h 59m 10s
Tatsuya watched him quietly. He seemed to have calmed down. Now the talk was normal and the blonde didn't have any murderous intent. He seemed to be thinking over everything that had been said. [+orange "I told you before that I don't dislike you."] He stated. He soon looked away from him. He frowned lightly. [+orange "But you seen a side of me you weren't suppose to..."] He murmured lightly shamefully.
  |Yandere| / -Prompto- / 84d 20h 20m 11s
"Heh.....no wonder why you'r used to it" I said softly. Not wanting to get him mad, I took a step back. "And....you can dislike me. As long as you know I.....still like you.." I said to him. My anger gone and it was just shame and sadness. I smiled slightly as my grey eyes looked at the blond with softness in my eyes.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 84d 21h 29m 3s
Tatsuya looked up and seemed to be counting to himself. [+orange "For about... Four years?"] He asked aloud to himself. He soon shrugged as if it didn't matter. [+orange "Maybe less."] He added after a moment. He soon looked towards the male as he stepped towards him. He didn't seem to know what to do. Sighing he closed the blade that was in his hand and he pushed it into his back pocket. [+orange "It's hard for me to dislike you..."] He said after a moment.
  |Yandere| / -Prompto- / 84d 21h 34m 30s
I fet my heart sink as I looked at the blond "...How long have you been doing this?" I asked him. My eyes slowly turning cloudy with hurt.

He hated it on how he didn't believe him anymore. I told him 3 times. And he still doesn't do anything. I sighed "As I said. Even if you don't like me.....i'll still love you either way" I said taking a step towards him.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 84d 23h 3m 35s
Tatsuya looked at him. [+orange "Because that's all I know how to do."] He responded. He wasn't lying. The others had apologized, but they had drove him so far into anger that he hadn't cared.
  |Yandere| / -Prompto- / 84d 23h 14m 57s
I kept quiet. Slowly uncurling my fist. Not wanting to make him angry, I sighed "Then why try killing me after I said i'm sorry?" I said to him softly. My eyes still cold but I was calming down slowly.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 84d 23h 17m 48s
This conversation was going in circles. Taking a deep breath he slowly let it out. He leaned back on his heels and seemed to be thinking over what to say. [+orange "I don't hate you."] was his response. He watched the male quietly his eyes losing the anger that had been in them. Though it wouldn't take much to piss him off again. The little blonde was a spitfire.
  |Yandere| / -Prompto- / 84d 23h 21m 36s
I looked up. Staying silent. He never said anything about him loving me except for a few minutes ago. I growled "You should have said something and I would immediately be with you! I want to be with you but you hate me now" I said and leaned back against the wall. I mumbled "I wish we could just take a step back and begin again" I mumbled
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 84d 23h 23m 54s
Tatsuya looked at him. [+orange "Why should I believe you?"] He asked. He cocked his head off to the side. [+orange "You loved me and yet you still hurt me just so you wouldn't hurt someone else."] He said.
  |Yandere| / -Prompto- / 84d 23h 36m 21s
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 84d 23h 37m 31s
I gulped slightly and crossed my arms again, blushing lightly as I though of what I said. I felt betrayed and broke the silence "Do you still not believe me?" I growled. Feeling heart broken from my childhood friend.
  NightSkyFox / 84d 23h 40m 34s
Tatsuya looked at him. He didn't seem to know what he should say to that. He didn't want to listen to be honest. Though he said that he didn't believe it. He could just be saying that. He stood there silently.
  |Yandere| / -Prompto- / 84d 23h 43m 7s
I growled "Can't you hear me?!" I said loudly now. My anger rising "I told you when you were about to kill me. Then you let me go. Now I just told you. But you can't hear. I keep repeating what I said. I told you that I love you!" I yelled. My eyes colder than before and my hands clenched into a fist.
  NightSkyFox / 84d 23h 47m 39s

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