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[center [font "Century Gothic" They went a long way back. Friends since childhood. Tatsuya had been around almost all of Boy's life. Even when high school came they stayed close. Normally high school could split friends up pretty easily, but Tatsuya and Boy's bond seemed rather strong until Boy made a new friend. A friend that was too close for Tatsuya's liking. Of course Tatsuya stayed silent about it and hung out with the two as if he was hanging out with Boy and his normal friends. As a few months passed Tatsuya could see that this friend wasn't going to just up and leave anytime soon. Instead it seemed as if this friend was going to try and take what belonged to him. Boy's heart was something Tatsuya had wanted for years. Now someone else was moving in on it. He couldn't allow that.]]

[center [font "Century Gothic" Tatsuya's plan was simple. He began to threaten and be cruel to Boy's other friends without Boy knowing. Of course his threats were taken seriously. He had been violent before without Boy knowing it. Quickly several friends disappeared from Boy's life and then a few more. It wasn't long before Boy was left with Tatsuya and the newer friend he had made. The newer friend seemed to suspect that Tatsuya was the one that was doing this, but when he said something to Boy... He wouldn't believe him. Instead Boy defended Tatsuya. Tatsuya was his childhood friend after all. He would never do something so terrible.]]

[center [font "Century Gothic" The friend dropped talking about Tatsuya and decided to focus back on winning the Boy's heart over. Tatsuya could see his plan was failing. He had hoped Boy would think his new friend was the one that got rid of all his old ones. Angry that it had failed Tatsuya began rethinking things. To put his new plan together he would have to wait awhile. He had hoped to have the new friend disposed of before Boy got any closer to him, but he had waited too long. Boy and this new friend started dating. This pissed Tatsuya off. What made matters worse was Boy started to blow Tatsuya off to hang out with his boyfriend.]]

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[center [font "Century Gothic" Tatsuya doesn't lose so easily though. To Boy Tatsuya was always sweet, but he was about to see a side he didn't know about. Boy had just had a good night with his boyfriend. When he went home to bed he didn't think anything was off. However he was awaken to discomfort. He was on the floor tied up. Standing before him was Tatsuya. The faint light in the room glittered off a blade that the blonde held in his hand. A smirk was on his lips. Across the room tied to a chair was Boy's boyfriend. Seemed Tatsuya had them both, but why was he doing this to them? The boy didn't understand, but that was alright... Tatsuya would make him soon enough.]]

[center [font "Century Gothic" [b Rules]]]

[center [font "Century Gothic" ~ Anime pics only]]
[center [font "Century Gothic" ~ There will be no instant love from your character. Hopefully it'll bloom a little later... If not well then death will follow.]]
[center [font "Century Gothic" ~ Think of the song Smoke and Mirrors covered by Jayn. That's what I listened to when I wrote this up.]]
[center [font "Century Gothic" ~ I can post between 500 characters and up. I don't expect the same from you, but I don't want one liners.]]
[center [font "Century Gothic" ~ Es Rules apply.]]
[center [font "Century Gothic" ~ Sexual Scenes will be Time skipped or taken to email.]]
[center [font "Century Gothic" ~ There will be violence]]
[center [font "Century Gothic" ~ The boyfriend will be a very minor character. He won't last too long so no one really has to play him.]]
[center [font "Century Gothic" ~ Twists and turns are more than welcome.]]
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[center [font "Century Gothic" ~ I understand we all have lives. I don't expect replies to be right away. I will delete the thread after ten days if I don't see a reply though. If you don't want that to happen at least let me know what's going on. If you don't like the rp or the way I rp... That's fine just tell me you want to drop. I will completely understand. Don't just leave without saying anything. It's really fucking irritating. Sadly I can't do anything but bitch you out, so if you do leave without a word I suppose its fine, but I prefer to know.]]
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I stood behind the male. Who didn't seem to look back at me. I blushed lightly and took a step forward. "Please don't kill me" I say to myself. Obviously sure he could here me. I take a slight breath and grab his shoulders, spinning him to face me. I pulled him lightly towards me and my lips met his. I was blushing uncontrollably. I never felt like this before, but now. I just couldn't bare him leaving. I kept a what seemed like a tight grip on his shoulders.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 104d 10h 59m 31s
Then again no one else had survived long enough to run after him. He smirked faintly to himself. So this one was lucky. Here he thought everyone that he would fall for would be unlucky. He always had to be aware that someone may die. Suddenly the male he had been thinking of was stopping him. He sighed softly and stopped walking since there was no point since someone was in his way. [+orange "Yes?"] He asked.
  |Yandere| / -Prompto- / 104d 11h 36m 11s
I sighed as I watched the blond leave. Having a feeling I was never going to see him again. My heart lurched as I sat down on my bed. When I heard the door slam I quickly ran downstairs and ran after Tatsuya. Catching him quickly and standing in front of him "Tatsuya..." I said to the blond. Completely aware of what I was going to do.
  NightSkyFox / 107d 9h 26m 10s
Of course. No one ever stopped him from running. He didn't say anything instead he turned away. He left the room and went directly towards the way out. He grabbed his bag and slung it over his shoulder. He checked his phone for the time once more and then he was gone and out the door.
  |Yandere| / -Prompto- / 107d 10h 12m 10s
"Well.....I guess I know we won't be able to see each other again" I mumbled as I looked at the male with tired eyes yet filled with sadness. I understood that. If he's been doing this for awhile. I would run. But why can't he just do something else. Yet again, I would have to give an example. Which I wouldn't be able to do. I sighed and shook my head "Usually I would say only cowards run....but your no coward..."
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 111d 11h 35m 41s
The blonde sighed, well... This was proving to be boring. Slowly he forced himself up off of the bed. [+orange "Well I guess I should go home... It's late."] He stated dryly. He glanced at his phone again. More like he had to get a move on. Had to get out of this town.
  |Yandere| / -Prompto- / 113d 10h 25s
I shrugged and looked at the blond with troubled eyes "I....don't know actually. Whatever you wanna do" I said and grabbed a piece of paper from my desk and a pencil. Deciding to draw until he thought of something to do.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 113d 23h 27m 9s
The blonde sat up after a moment and looked at his phone checking his time. He sighed softly. [+orange "So what now?"] He asked curiously.
  |Yandere| / -Prompto- / 114d 5h 21m 42s
"Hmm" I hummed slightly and looked out the window. Sighing softly to myself as I stood up and stretched.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 114d 5h 24m 46s
The blonde didn't seem to know what he should say. He soon laid back and looked up at the ceiling. [+orange "I suppose I have always known that's who I am."] He stated. He laid a hand on his chest and laughed lightly. [+orange "I don't get like this all the time though..."] He murmured.
  |Yandere| / -Prompto- / 114d 5h 44m 19s
"Yeah, Yandere....along with...a few other dere's in there" I mumbled. Placing a fist under my chin holding up my head. I shrugged "You seem perfect for a yandere" I said.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 114d 7h 38m 6s
The blonde male watched him. [+orange "In japan there is a name for it."] He said leaning back on his hands. His greenish eyes glittered brightly. [+orange "Yandere... It's an obsessive love I suppose."] He said nonchalantly.
  |Yandere| / -Prompto- / 114d 8h 20m 6s
I sat down in the chair near the desk. I looked at the male with troubled eyes "I'm still confused...your....how do I put this" I said and shrugged "You get very mad when betrayed.....obviously I understand that because you tried killing me..." I said and crossed my arms again.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 114d 8h 31m 39s
The male watched him quietly. He tilted his head slightly. So he didn't have to leave. He crossed his arms and leaned back on his heels. [+orange "Okay... I won't leave."] He responded. He sat down on the bed and looked around the room.
  |Yandere| / -Prompto- / 114d 9h 30m 22s
I sigh softly "No....you don't have to leave" I said to him. Crossing my arms slightly, looking at the blond with soft hatred in my eyes. I didn't mean to betray him. I lik-.no....I loved him more than anything. I didn't confess completely but a little bit.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 114d 9h 33m 20s

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