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[center [font "Century Gothic" They went a long way back. Friends since childhood. Tatsuya had been around almost all of Boy's life. Even when high school came they stayed close. Normally high school could split friends up pretty easily, but Tatsuya and Boy's bond seemed rather strong until Boy made a new friend. A friend that was too close for Tatsuya's liking. Of course Tatsuya stayed silent about it and hung out with the two as if he was hanging out with Boy and his normal friends. As a few months passed Tatsuya could see that this friend wasn't going to just up and leave anytime soon. Instead it seemed as if this friend was going to try and take what belonged to him. Boy's heart was something Tatsuya had wanted for years. Now someone else was moving in on it. He couldn't allow that.]]

[center [font "Century Gothic" Tatsuya's plan was simple. He began to threaten and be cruel to Boy's other friends without Boy knowing. Of course his threats were taken seriously. He had been violent before without Boy knowing it. Quickly several friends disappeared from Boy's life and then a few more. It wasn't long before Boy was left with Tatsuya and the newer friend he had made. The newer friend seemed to suspect that Tatsuya was the one that was doing this, but when he said something to Boy... He wouldn't believe him. Instead Boy defended Tatsuya. Tatsuya was his childhood friend after all. He would never do something so terrible.]]

[center [font "Century Gothic" The friend dropped talking about Tatsuya and decided to focus back on winning the Boy's heart over. Tatsuya could see his plan was failing. He had hoped Boy would think his new friend was the one that got rid of all his old ones. Angry that it had failed Tatsuya began rethinking things. To put his new plan together he would have to wait awhile. He had hoped to have the new friend disposed of before Boy got any closer to him, but he had waited too long. Boy and this new friend started dating. This pissed Tatsuya off. What made matters worse was Boy started to blow Tatsuya off to hang out with his boyfriend.]]

[center [pic http://67.media.tumblr.com/38096883a3fd27729f8f7dd6f4c02664/tumblr_ntps90nJzQ1uem9ano1_400.gif]]

[center [font "Century Gothic" Tatsuya doesn't lose so easily though. To Boy Tatsuya was always sweet, but he was about to see a side he didn't know about. Boy had just had a good night with his boyfriend. When he went home to bed he didn't think anything was off. However he was awaken to discomfort. He was on the floor tied up. Standing before him was Tatsuya. The faint light in the room glittered off a blade that the blonde held in his hand. A smirk was on his lips. Across the room tied to a chair was Boy's boyfriend. Seemed Tatsuya had them both, but why was he doing this to them? The boy didn't understand, but that was alright... Tatsuya would make him soon enough.]]

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I sighed and pulled the phone from my back pocket. Still un-aware of the picture I had looked at of Tatsuya before going to bed. I stayed stretched out on the bed waiting for a next command.

I yawned slightly, still not scared at all of the blond being here. I understood I have hurt him.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 26m 4s
The blonde watched him with those cold odd green eyes. Not a feeling lingered in them. He moved closer to the bed. [+orange "Give me your phone."] He demanded. The blonde seemed to be waiting for the phone. Those eyes narrowed. The pink pupil glittered brightly. He was enjoying himself. He enjoyed being the one with the power. Being the one that could hurt someone. He hated being the one that was hurt and this was exactly what this male had done to him. He had hurt him. In Tatsuya's head it was on purpose.

Of course an accident wasn't something the blonde had heard of. [+orange "I should have always came first... If I had... None of this would be happening right now."] He stated. He offered his free hand out still waiting on the phone that he planned on smashing.
  |Yandere| / Ennard / 21h 39m 12s
I flinched slightly as I slept. I felt as if I were being watched. I opened my eyes, only to be looking to the wall. I shook my head and stretched, going on my back. Only to see the blond male with a blade in his hand. Hearing the soft 'I'll die here' my heart didn't race and I wasn't scared.

My hand slightly twitched as I closed my eyes "If your going to kill me. Kill me, as long as you know. I'm still loyal so I won't tell you" I muttered, feeling betrayed about my loyalty.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 1d 18h 38m 15s
After about an hour he got out of the tub and dried himself off. He dressed himself and began cleaning up the house. Once that was done he grabbed his bag and began throwing things in it. There wasn't much he'd need. There never was. Sighing softly he finished with that. He couldn't trust the male not to call the police. He knew that. Slinging his bag over his shoulder he headed to what use to be his best friends house. He would regret leaving. He wasn't going to let anyone get him caught. It wouldn't work that way.

Once there he slid inside. How? Why the boy had a copy of the key. He dropped his bag by the door and walked to the males bedroom. He had a blade in his hand. A butterfly knife. One of his supposed collection pieces. He'd used it a number of times. He got to the males room. He stood before the male those green eyes glittering with malice and hatred. [+Orange "I hope coming here on your own was worth it... Because now you'll die here."] He said cruelly. Hatred dropped from his words.
  |Yandere| / Ennard / 2d 23h 33m 44s
I yawned slightly as from talking to the blond tired him. I just mumbled to myself "Continue talking, I yawn when i'm interested" I laughed then flipped my phone out. Thinking to myself :Should I tell? Or keep it a secret?: I didn't know what to do.

I looked at the time and yawned again, standing up and stretching. I walked upstairs into my room. My mother and father being out on vacation. I had the house to myself. I sigh and throw my shirt off. Placing it on the table and laid down in my bed and closed my eyes. Still thinking if I should tell the police. Or not.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 3d 23m 5s
It was a long walk, but it was almost over now. Quietly the blonde checked his phone. He sighed seeing the time. It was going to be a long day and a even longer night. He wasn't going to enjoy it. Packing and moving again. He wondered what he would do when he ran out of places to go... Or the big one... Money... A sigh escaped passed his lips and his shoved the phone back into his pocket. Someday he figured he would end up getting caught... What would he do then? He laughed faintly to himself. So what.

No one had caught him yet. He was careful. He forgot things but when it came to clean up and hiding... He was very good at that. Sighing he looked ahead. After what seemed like hours he finally got home. He went inside and stripped off his clothing and headed for the bathroom. He didn't care if he left his discarded clothing on the floor. He lived alone. He would pick it up later when he felt like it.

Taking a deep breath he slowly let it out. He started the water and watched as the bathtub filled. He didn't feel like showering today. He just wanted to soak in the water and think for awhile. It wasn't like he had to be out of here right away or anything.
  |Yandere| / Ennard / 3d 22h 25m 0s
() After awhile I got home. Slumping onto my couch and chuckling "I actually got home...ALIVE" I said. Turning around, I laid on my back. For one. Freaking myself out because I was thinking of the only blonde I liked.

I shook my head and pulled my phone out. Scrolling down my contacts and finding Tatsuya. Wanting to hit the call button. I put my phone on the table and sighed.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 4d 23m 14s
Tatsuya watched him go with hateful eyes. He then headed up the steps and left the place far behind. He needed to go home and start packing. He could find another. It wasn't hard. He had done it before. He walked home even though it was going to be a long walk. He sighed softly shoving his hands into his pockets.
  |Yandere| / Ennard / 4d 17h 55m 55s
I quickly let out a breath "I'm not trying to hurt you" I said. Clearly not trying to lie. I shrugged "I'll leave. But I guess it leaves you with nothing" I mumbled and left, walking through
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 4d 21h 16m 35s
Tatsuya frowned. He seen something in this that he didn't like. [+orange "But it's okay for me to be depressed and sad. It's okay to break me, but not break someone you hardly know?"] He demanded. A different question. There was no more confusion. He wasn't relenting in his anger. There was no reason for him to. This male was trying to get something out of him. Trying to get him to let his guard down. He didn't trust him. Quickly he moved away from him. He didn't want to be close to him.

[+orange "You are trying to find a way to hurt me aren't you?"] He demanded. The blonde cocked his head off to the right. [+orange "I told you... That you could leave... I have no interested anymore."] He said coldly. [+orange "Nothing you say... Is going to make what you have done to me alright... Since others have done this to you then you can find someone else."] Jealousy dripped off his words like venom. Clearly he didn't like when someone had already been in these situations before.
  |Yandere| / Ennard / 5d 6m 58s
I thought for a bit :Okay, it seems he's getting more confused. Good: I frowned a bit

"I already told you, I didn't want him to be sad or heart broken. So when he asked. I said yes" I mumbled into his ear. There was a slight bit of anger building up in me as he kept asking questions I already answered.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 6d 24m 16s
Tatsuya stood in silence. He didn't know what he should say to that. It didn't make him any happier though. His frown deepened. His eyes narrowed. [+Orange "Then why didn't you choose me?"] He demanded. He wanted to know now.
  |Yandere| / Ennard / 7d 15h 36m 44s
He smiled "Because, it's not my fault. He was the one who took me from you. I would have chosen you, and I hate having people sad so I said yes. I obviously knew it was a bad choice" I said to him.

My hand hugging him.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 7d 18h 39m 57s
Tatsuya growled lightly. [+Orange "You were dating someone else... I was right there."] He stated angrily. he narrowed his eyes slightly. [+Orange "I was always there and you chose someone else."] He stated. He was getting more angry by the moment. [+Orange "If you didn't want me then... Then why want me now?"] He demanded. He wanted to know and he refused to let his guard down until he knew the reason.
  |Yandere| / Ennard / 7d 18h 42m 8s
"Don't trust me? I don't understand what I did so much to hurt you" I said. My left hand sliding onto his shirt and to his waist. I smiled as he seemed not so much to do anything. He didn't move, but he didn't look to be enjoying this.

I lowered my mouth to his neck but stopped a bit to wait for a reaction.
  Tsuya / NightSkyFox / 7d 18h 52m 43s

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