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They met after Christmas Vacation their Senior year in high school. Yuri, a rather quiet wallflower his whole life. He wasn't really bullied or teased. Just, unnoticed. Him being so quiet and rather awkward made it hard for him to connect with others and for others to connect with him.

Then he met _____, neither of them new to the school just never had the chance to meet before. _____ is loved by all in the school. He was kind, funny, great looks, everyone knew him and wanted to be his friend.

Both bumped into each other on their way out of school to head home, and dropped some things. They noticed that they had some logos of some underground show or band and started talking. Realizing, they should have been friends a long time ago.

With ____'s bright and outgoing personality, Yuri was so drawn to him so quickly. Wishing he could be more like _____. Where _____ finds Yuri's sweet timid personality refreshing and lovely. The two, get closer.

Now _____has had relationshions before no secret there. Yuri, no. Neither have crushed on a boy before. But it felt right. Being attracted to the other, felt right. Love, felt right. The two fell hard and fast. Never apart and the school actually shipped them. Thought it cute and supported them. Yeah there were haters but nothing they couldn't ignore. Everything was going perfect.

Till _____ started, getting bored like most youths do. Or thought it was just a phase. They dated for nearly six months, and ____ just ended it. After the high school graduation. Yuri, was heartbroken and felt stupid and blamed himself. One day he was talking and loving his best friend, then they just stopped talking. Yuri was going to give himself to ______ and was planning a big date for weeks. He blames his clinginess.

Two years later Yuri is a sophomore in college. His life has been nothing but dark. Those six months with ______ were the best of his life. He was heading back to his dorm to not be late when he bumps into someone. A shirt with that old logo in his face, to see it was _____. Instantly the two catch up. When they are interrupted by Yuri's current boyfriend. A real piece of work he is. He didn't have to say much or do much to make it clear he was posseive and controlling. Yuri was hardly allowed to talk when he was around and the guy spoke so degrading to Yuri.

How will things go and turn out? Could and flame be relit? Is Yuri in danger with this boyfriend of his? Did he ever stop loving ____?

Sorry for that being so long just wanted to set it up you know? But yes. This is a Yaoi!! XD


I post from 2000 cherries on average to more so I kinda want that in return. I know falling short happens sometimes.

This is going to have mature subjects and themes

Anything heated up will be taken to chatzy

I'll be playing Yuri I'm looking for someone else to play the other male.

Anime pics

Plot twists are welcomed!!

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Yuri had been looking at some shirts, not shortly after asking what they should wear. When he suddenly felt the strong arms of Viktor wrapping around him from behind. Getting this loud gasp but big smile on his face as his hands went to hold onto Viktor's wrists for support. Not sure what he had said or done for this? But loves it none the less. While laughing, Yuri asks, [b "Say what? What I say?"] He giggled more being set back down on his feet. The smaller male turned around with a raise brow and a hand on his hip watching the other curiously. But with all the more love in his eyes. Viktor was always full of surprises. Amazing, lovely, and beautiful surprises that made him stand out from any man he has ever met. Only his Silver Prince seemed to be romantic and cute. It was those little things Vitya did, that made Yuri love him. From little hugs like that, and the random kisses on his fingers. He loved how VIktor showed his love in more than one way. Actions speak louder than words, not that hearing sweet words didn't mean anything to Yuri. No, those matter too.

[b "Our matching sweaters it is then."] The smaller male giggled and took Viktor's hands in his before leaning up on his toes to meet his lips up with the taller boy. Pouting that he was just a tad too short, still. Even over the couple of years, Yuri did get taller, but so did Viktor. [b "Don't you dare get any taller."] He eased before the two shared a sweet kiss in the store. The last time they were out shopping, they got their sweaters and ran into that rude homophobe. Yuri was with Levi at the time. But now, he was with Viktor and it felt amazing. He wasn't so scared. Slowly getting better with the help of the strongest person he has ever met. Viktor.

To his surprise, he heard Viktor then telling him that if he ever came off, too much basically. For him to tell him. And that if Yuri needed his space, and he will, introverted with social anxiety. Oh yes. There will be days when Yuri just wants to hide. That he isn't in the mood for the world. A lot of people think him anti social, which is isn't. It's just scary and with the right people, or person. He can do baby steps. He'll just get tired of faster and need to recharge back at home on his own time. [b "Vitya, thank you. You're the sweetest and most understanding person I have ever met. No one get me like you do. I will, I will be honest with you. But for the most part I love you being you. Your touch is different. It's not scary or possessive. Not like...his. Not that I'm saying you're not allowed to be protective. You're just total opposite of him. So if you're worried about, I don't know, triggering something. Relax. The thought of comparing you two, would never happen."] He hoped he put some ease to Viktor's own little worries with that. For when he was out with Levi, it was so night and day between him and Viktor. Levi would always have his hand on the back of Yuri's neck, tightly. So if Yuri was just the smallest out of line. It was just a firm grip to get the smaller boy back in line. It was a bold move in public but it always just look like cute couple stuff and no one really thought much of it. He was always yanking Yuri to him with firm grips. Where Viktor sort of feels like he's guiding Yuri to him. But with the option to stop it if Yuri saw fit.

Yuri knows he can tell Viktor no. He couldn't tell Levi no. Never.

The two had picked out some things they liked. Their sweater's are green with giant gift bows on them and the classic ribbon around the gift box, making them look like gifts themselves. It was so stupid and cute and ugly all in one. So he went with this red collared undershirt for a pop of more color. When he tucked that in that cart he saw Viktor facing him with a big fluffy blanket and Yuri loved it. This soft pink glow to his cheeks as the other male goes on about the blanket reminding him of himself. That man always knew how to make Yuri blush and feel all bashfull and embarrassed.

When shopping came to an end, getting a cute curtain and this big fluffy soft blue rug too. Yuri was going to pay, but Viktor insisted that Santa was covering this for him. How could he say no to that face? The raven hair boy rolled his eyes smiling and wrapped his arm once more around Viktor's arm and nuzzled his cheek against the strong arm. [b "Thank you, my love."] He spoke softly and love stricken. It just feels like fuzzy butterflies were always in his stomach when the two were together.

As if Viktor couldn't get any cuter, he was singing Christmas songs, loudly. Oh how Yuri loved hearing his accent as he sang. The boy swooned each time. Then there was how gentle he was when he played with Yuri's hair with one free hand. Viktor was the boyfriend everyone wanted. Anyone who wanted a good boyfriend anyways. Those little things add up for Yuri. Plus, the feeling of his hair played with like that was amazing. It, startled him for a second. But only a second! [i no. It's Viktor. It's okay. It's okay. It's different. Crap crap! You told him that nothing he would do would trigger anything. You like this. You love it actually.] He caught it early, he forced himself to stay calm and to not over react. Which is hard as hell for him. But he did it, for Viktor. It was a small victory and that alone made him feel the most proud of himself in what felt like for ever. [b "I, like it when you play with my hair."] Yuri flashed his sweetest smile and enjoyed the rest of the drive back to his new home.

Now back in his new little room, with the two of them there. They got all his new stuff set up and once the bed was made, Viktor crawled in and invited Yuri to join him. Oh geese he looked good. With that smirk and his eyes on him. The red wasn't leaving his cheeks anytime soon as he crawled into bed next to him. His right arm stretched over Viktor's stomach to hold onto his other side. Then his cheek and chin gently nuzzled on his chest so he could get as close as he could to the other. Both snuggled up in a big fluffy ball. Their body heat radiating under the sheets to keep them warm and drift into a nice nap easily.

Some time later, Viktor was waking up. But Yuri was still sound asleep, though he heard Viktor's voice, he thinks? It was hard to tell since he was still in a deep sleep. But the warmth of soft lips on his forehead made his eyes twitch a bit but still not all the way up. He was always hard to wake up out of the two of them.

It wasn't till he thought he heard the door opening and closing again, for the second time and some ruffling in his new room. The buzzes though, he heard those on the table and he slowly sat up with his eyes barely open. Too sleepy to even stretch yet. Though the room was dim and his eyes opened a bit, he thinks he saw a shirtless Viktor in his room. That got his eyes to blink a few times and rub the sleep out to confirm what he was seeing and in fact, it was a shirtless Viktor indeed. Yuri watched closely, to the best of his abilities since he was still adjusting to the darkness of the room. But he saw Viktor's back muscles and his curves as he finished getting his tops on. Then when the other turned around to see Yuri sitting up. He squeaked a little and yanked the blankets up to cover his face.

[b "I..umm, Sorry. Oh geese. I didn't mean to stare. You're just like...a dream. You should do modeling if any of your plans fail after college."] He peeked just his eyes out and pushed his glasses up. He fell asleep with them on, something he does now and then. [b "You got hotter."] Those copper eyes fluttered a bit as he bit his lip a little more and slowly stood up himself to go grab a towel and his wash stuff. [b "I need a shower. I feel all the hair from hair cut all over me. Give me ten."] He held his belongings to himself and snuck a kiss on Vity'a cheek before dashing off a blushing fool to shower off for the party. Not believing he had sad those things to Viktor, but he was allowed right? They were a couple now. Finally, again. He has loved him all this time. So he's allowed to talk like that? Oh he felt bad now, he didn't really ask if that was uncomfortable for Viktor. He was so bad at this dating stuff. Yuri honestly doesn't know what he has done to earn Viktor's love. But he's sure glad he has it.

After the quick shower, Yuri had a towel around his head and one of his waist. That's when he stepped out of the showers and saw himself in the mirror. Still a bit bruised up and how slim he was. It caused him to frown but to quickly run back to his room and shutting it quickly. Not wanting anyone to see him all bruised still. He let out a sigh of relief to be in his room and turned around. Seeing Viktor still there. [b "OH! I thought. Oh!"] THis time his blush spread down his neck and to the tips of his ears. He didn't bring his new clothes with him cause he didn't want to get dressed in the shower. They could have gotten wet. The male felt ugly compared to Viktor. In this state anyways. This was not the boy Yuri wanted at all. Looking half starved and bruised. He quickly took his towel off his head and tried to hide himself. Not seeing his new shorter hair sticking up in every which way. [b "N-no peeking!"] Then he dashed to his dresser to grab some clean boxer shorts and to the closet to get his new clothes. Doing his best to hide in the closet to dress.

All he could think about was Viktor seeing him like that. He felt awful and so unworthy and disgusting. Where Viktor was just breath taking and heart stopping gorgeous.

A few deep breaths and he came out from hiding behind the closet door all dressed up. Some cute light blue jeans that fit the form of his legs, and his red collared shirt poking out from under his matching sweater with Vitya's. [b "Ta-da!"] He held his arms out giggling and then went to his mirror and brushed his hair, letting it just do what ever it wanted on his head. [b "You ready!? I'm nervous."] It sunk in a little bit, he was going to a party. They weren't really his scene but this could be very good for him. He sure hopes so.
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Viktor followed Yuri to the clothing department, the brightest smile on his face. He loved hearing Yuri refer to himself as his boyfriend. So much so, that he hugged the smaller male from behind, lifting him up as he did. [+green "I love hearing you say that."] He giggled and set Yuri back down. [+green "My friends already know that I'm a dork so I would be honored to wear matching sweaters with you."]

The silver-haired male tilted his head in thought. He had been very touchy feely with Yuri and while the other didn't seem to mind, he wondered if it was really okay. Would Yuri feel comfortable with this kind of affection in front of Viktor's friends? [+green "Hey...if I'm ever being too affectionate please let me know. Or if you need space or anything. I can tone it down in front of my friends, if PDA makes you uncomfortable."] Viktor had always been that way, but it had been so long since his last relationship that he really felt like he was overdoing it.

He searched through a few clothing racks absent-mindedly and picked out a dark green sweater. The fit looked slim and it was something that would look good with a button-up shirt underneath. Another shirt caught his eye. This one was a cable knit sweater with a funky print. It was something that looked comfy, good for studying and hanging around. He placed both in the cart.

After some more looking around, a fluffy white blanket caught his eye. [+green "YURI. I'm buying this for you. It's so soft and pure. Just like you. Ah, I just love it. We can curl up under it and watch movies."] He happily dropped the blanket into the crowded cart with a smile on his face.

The rest of the shopping trip consisted of Viktor pointing at things excitedly and insisting that Yuri needed them. When they finally reached the registers, Viktor refused to let Yuri spend money. He simply stated that Santa had come early.

On the way back to campus Viktor sang Christmas songs loudly, affectionately playing with Yuri's hair as he drove. Everything about the day was going well. There was even a parking spot close to their dorm when they got back to campus. Viktor helped carry in some of the bags, now humming Christmas tunes as they entered the building.

The two ended up back in Yuri's room. Viktor helped put away a few purchases, ensuring that Yuri had the perfect room. The perfect space for a new start. Once everything was put away, he held up the fluffy white blanket that had excited him in the store and placed it onto the bed. [+green "I don't know about you, but I could really use a nap before this party...and maybe some cuddles."] He plopped onto the bed, smiling and holding his arms out for Yuri to climb into.


Viktor awoke a few hours later. The sun had already started to go down and the room was dim. He blinked a few times before glancing down at the sleeping Yuri beside him. He smiled to himself and tried to shimmy out of the bed, as carefully as he could. The time on his phone informed him that the party was soon. With a gentle hand he shook Yuri's shoulder, [+green "Wake up, sleepy head."] His voice was low and when he finished speaking he placed a soft kiss on top of Yuri's head.

Surprisingly, the hall was quiet as Viktor made his way back to his room to grab his ugly sweater and the pants he planned to wear. He padded back to Yuri's room, shutting the door behind him. In the dim light he changed clothes, swapping the pajama pants for black jeans. He removed his shirt and was reaching to put on his sweater when his phone buzzed. Three texts from Mila. He paused, holding the sweater in his other hand as he responded. [+green "There are lots of snacks at the party. Which is great because I woke up hungry."]

After responding to the texts, Viktor slid the sweater over his head. Just having such a cheery article of clothing on brought him joy. He swung his arms happily, collapsing back onto the bed with a toothy grin.
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Yuri stood there before Vitya, blushing and looking the other bashfully. His right hand reached over to rub his left arm. Standing there all cute as ever wondering what Viktor thinks of his hair cut. So he asked in that soft shy voice of his, "what do you think"? Then saw the other standing up and wrapping an arm around Yuri's waist gently. If the boy's face wasn't red before, it was now. His warm hands slid up to Viktor's chest as he was held so close to the other male. Those burning copper eyes wide and cheeks on fire feeling Viktor's fingers playing with his new and freshly cut raven locks. Being this close to him, his touch, sent shivers down Yuri's body. When Viktor said he loved it, that was all the more proof Yuri needed to believe that this was for the better. To help him move on past those dark times.

Then there was the soft kiss. It took the smaller male by surprise but that doesn't change the fact that he loved it. His eyes had fluttered close and his hands slip up Viktor's chest more to guide his arms around the other's neck carefully. Just something as small and simple as that tender kiss, made Yuri feel better about his life. If Yuri was being honest, he forgot about the hair dresser. That was till their kiss slowly parted and he quickly remembered where they were. So embarrassed and giggly, he hid his face in Viktor's back. Something Yuri use to do all the time. Hide by curling into Viktor's chest or back. He only did that to Viktor for he felt safest with the taller male.

Once everything was paid for Viktor then explains that Yuri needs things to make his room more homey and personal to Yuri. His treat. The kind gesture was the sweetest thing anyone has done for Yuri in the longest time. He took silver beauty's hand and held it tightly in his hand and smiled up at him gingerly. [b "I get the feeling, you aren't taking no for an answer. And I don't have the heart to tell you no anyways."] An even more sweeter giggle left that beautiful smile on his lips as the two made their way back to Viktor's car to get clothes for this party.

The drive around to the store was a nice relaxed driving. Yuri would peek at his new look in the sun visor mirror and it would make his cheeks flush more. He was obviously loving the new look. Looking a bit more like that old Yuri back in high school. He was taken back when Viktor mentions Christmas shopping and it gets him chuckling. Soon reaching over to pat Viktor's thigh playfully. [b "I'm sure Santa and I both agree you have been especially good lately."]

Being like this with him again, was amazing. It felt great to have his love once more. To be able to touch him and hear his voice again. The soft giggles between the two. The hugs and kisses. Viktor has made Yuri feel wanted again and special none the less.

When the car was parked out in the parking lot, Yuri couldn't help but laugh at seeing Viktor run to his side of the car to let him out. All the while bouncing to stay warm out in the cold. Once Yuri got out, he wrapped an arm around Viktor's arm once more and scurried into the warm store with him. With a few huffs to catch his breath then turns to face him as he grabs a cart for them both. [b "So what did we settle on wearing to the party? I'm fine with our matching sweaters. Unless you don't want to be teased out for being dorky, with your boyfriend."] Yuri grinned and raised a brow teasing him and strolled on down to the clothes department. A few shirts catching his eye now and then all the while keeping eye out on a few home deco things too.
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Viktor took a seat in the salon lobby after Yuri was led away by the hair dresser. He picked up a popular fashion magazine and leafed through it lazily while he waited. The magazine was already bouncing ahead to spring fashion. There were skirts and floral tops. Lots of floral tops. Viktor flipped past the women’s fashion, stopping when he reached the articles about men’s fashion. A lightweight lavender sweater caught his eye. He noted the brand name and kept flipping through the magazine. Eventually his mind wandered off, thinking back to him and Yuri’s conversation in the car. It had sounded a little bad when Yuri said he was glad Viktor hadn’t fallen for someone else. But Viktor was glad too. What if he had fallen for someone else? The reappearance of Yuri in his life would have shaken up everything. Yuri wasn’t just someone you could get over. Their relationship had meant so much to him. Viktor probably would have ended up hurting the other person if he had been dating. A small smile brightened the pale male’s face. The feeling of being in love again was so wonderful.

Blue eyes glanced up from the magazine and to the chair where Yuri sat. He didn’t have the greatest view of the chair, but he could see the woman snipping away at the dark locks. He smiled again out of happiness for Yuri.

When the haircut was finished Yuri made his way back to Viktor, who set his magazine down and stood up to get a good look at the other’s hair. With one swift movement he wrapped his arm around Yuri’s waist, pulling him closer. His other hand ran through the soft locks. [+green “It looks magnificent! I’m guessing you like it too by how happy you look. I’m glad.”] He planted a soft kiss on Yuri’s lips despite the fact that they were in a public place. The hair dresser didn’t seem to mind. She even smiled when he looked over at her. A pink blush came to his cheeks and he let go of Yuri’s waist, rustling his hair one more time as he did. [+green “Hmm…you need some things to make your room comfy. My treat! We can go to Target since they have everything.”]

Once the haircut was paid for and goodbyes were said Viktor took Yuri’s hand, swinging it childishly as they walked to the car. He opened the passenger door and blew out a puff of cold air. [+green “Geez, I was so warm in there but as soon as I come outside I feel like I’m turning into a popsicle,”] he whined as he climbed into the driver’s seat. He turned the volume up slightly as a catchy pop song began to play, but didn’t sing. [+green “You know, I think I may do a little Christmas gift shopping on this trip. I’ve been so focused on studies that I haven’t had time. Which is crazy for me since I love the holidays.”] His head bobbed to the rthym of the music. [+green “Maybe I’ll even buy a little something for myself. Santa says I’ve been good.”]

The black car pulled into the snow covered parking lot carefully. Viktor jumped out of the car quickly to open Yuri’s door and did a quick jog to the entrance, not wanting to say outside longer than necessary. The inside of the store was warm and inviting and Viktor sighed in relief. He grabbed a cart and removed his coat, placing it neatly inside. The dollar section caught his eye first as it always did. It was the first thing in front of the door. Viktor squealed at the small Christmas themed notebooks and pencils. He threw a pack of pencils into the cart and a pair of reindeer socks, flashing a dorky smile at Yuri as he did.
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Their little public display in the diner had Yuri's heart fluttering. With Levi he hated pda. He didn't want other's seeing him with that monster. That side of Levi was not the real Levi. People would say they were the cutest and Yuri would have to awkwardly be flattered. Though he wasn't. But this hug and little kiss, was amazing. Yuri and Viktor were a couple now and Yuri was going to do his best to not ruin it by being, well his usually over thinking social anxiety ridden self. He was going to work on being that Yuri Viktor fell in love with back in high school.

The two lovers walked to Viktor's car holding hands and Yuri had the biggest smile on his lips, watching the other going on about what he was going to wear. That goofy face the taller male made when mentioning their matching sweaters made Yuri blush and glance the other way innocently and bashfully. [b "Awe, should we go in our matching sweaters?"] He giggled along with the other. Then just before they got in the car Viktor agreed to the hair cut. That was all the boost of confidence Yuri need. Viktor wasn't wrong after all, it's a great idea to get himself detached from Levi. [b "Perfect! It's settled, a hair cut."] The smaller male sat down in the car next to Viktor and his hands rubbed his belly and this happy smile on his face. [b "I'm so fool. It's amazing. Mmmm. A wonderful breakfast."] He said gently and leaned over to leave a soft kiss on Viktor's cheek. Yuri knows he's been a bit affectionate. Even with them just starting to date again. But it's not like he didn't know Viktor. They knew each other, had history and Yuri missed kissing him. Someone he actually wanted to kiss, has always been Viktor. [i Oh God, I did I really tell him that he was the only one I've ever that WAY!] It now just hit him that he said that in the diner, and Viktor called him CUTE! Those copper eyes widened as he bit his lip with red cheeks and his face in both is hands suddenly. THis man, it's always been Viktor to drive him crazy.

This day started off a little rocky. With that little break down and both them crying for a second there in Yuri's door way. But it all turned out for the better. They both got some closure about their lives. Though Yuri didn't say anything in the diner. He knew Viktor was depressed when they were apart. The random hook ups. Yes Yuri was jealous, but that wasn't the big picture. It was Viktor trying to make himself feel good and to try and connect to someone else. But it didn't work. Thank goodness. If Viktor had fallen for someone else, Yuri would probably be stuck with Levi still. That thought made Yuri turn to look over to the driver of the car, that tiny smile on his pink lips as his cheeks burned again. [b " going to sound bad too....but I'm glad you didn't fall for someone else while we were apart. I know! That's so awful to say! I know!"] His fingers rub the back of his head as he looks down so embarrassed. [b "But it's true. I'm glad you didn't. I don't know what I would do if you were in love with another. It's a scary thought. If you were ever curious, no. I never loved Levi. Sure a crush started at first. But I realized I wasn't done loving you. I still missed you so much."]

The small male scratched at his cheek feeling so silly for sharing that. Then he noticed the car had been parked and they were there. He was a little worried if that made him look selfish now, but seeing Viktor open the door for him made his lips grow in a bigger smile.

Now both walked in and Viktor seemed to know everyone in this town around their college. Yuri has been here just as long as him, but hasn't been brave enough to go exploring. Nor did he felt like it. After the lady and Viktor spoke for a bit, Yuri was able to get one now and he fidgeted a bit nervously and nodded his head. [b "O-Okay."] He gulped and followed the new lady and was told to take a seat. His glasses were removed and he squinted hard into the mirror before him but he could barely make out it was him. The lady asked what he wanted to do with his hair and he tilted his head a bit. [b "It's too long. For me. I need it cleaned up.. and um just short on my neck. Like I can make tiny ponytails. I don't like that..."] He knew it was simple but he liked it on him.

THe girl tried to make small talk while getting his hair cut and he gripped at his palms and gulped hard. Trying to talk but small talk was so boring to him. [b "Oh, umm computer software is my major."] He glanced over to Viktor and felt the warmth return to his cheeks. Though his attention was dragged back to the lady when she held a mirror to him and asked him if he liked it. Yuri couldn't stop smiling as he looked at the new hair cut. He loved it. [b "It's perfect. I love it! Just what I needed!"]

Once he was dusted off and was all set, he strolled over to Viktor and held his hands behind his back with pink cheeks turning his head from side to side. [b "What do you think? Does it look good on me? Do you like it?"] He was bouncing on his toes practically waiting to hear what Viktor had to say for his hair then goes to reach for his wallet to pay the girl. [b "Now time for some shopping? Where too handsome?"] The raven haired boy turned to face the other once more when he took care of everything.
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Viktor was relieved to hear that Yuri wasn't judging him. Random hookups were meaningless to him. Usually they happened after a drunken night out. There were no feelings or emotions involved. The exact opposite of what Viktor really wanted. The silver beauty's eyes widened after hearing the other say that Viktor was the only person he had wanted in that way. His cheeks reddened and he chuckled, [+green "You're just the cutest, Yuri."]

The other male went on, talking about how he liked when Viktor mentioned his imperfections. How it made him human. Yuri even called him Vitya. It felt like forever since he had heard the male say it. His heart swelled with happiness. He always felt so much pressure to aim for perfection, he had been doing so since childhood. Letting go of all of that and being himself around another person was so freeing. Mila was the only other person he trusted enough to open up to. And now the person he trusted with his heart was back in his life. Viktor smiled in the most loving way as he gazed at the small male across from him.

Afraid that his food would get cold, Viktor quickly finished up his omelette and started working on his last waffle. It didn't surprise him when Yuri began to tear up after hearing that he would introduce them as a couple. He remembered Yuri being emotional. The trait had never annoyed him. [+green "I love how freely you express your emotions. Besides, your happy tears are cute."] Viktor laughed and reached a hand across the table to wipe away the tear that had snuck out of the corner of the other's eye.

The time to pay for the meal finally came and Yuri insisted on contributing. The waitress chuckled, calling their discussion about the bill 'cute'. After the meal was all paid for it was time to head out of the diner to shop. The feeling of Yuri's arms wrapped around his waist was a surprise to Viktor. He looked down just as the male rested a cheek against his chest. In response, Viktor wrapped his arms around Yuri's back. Completing the hug. He placed a kiss atop the male's head, showing how happy the hug made him.

After the little display of affection the two strolled hand-in-hand towards Viktor's car. [+green "I was planning on going semi-casual. A button-up shirt with black pants...I'll probably wear a sweater over the shirt. Maybe my new ugly Christmas sweater?"] He wiggled his eyebrows and smiled at Yuri. [+green "Hm, a haircut? Sure! You're right, screw him! You're taking control of your life and why not start with a haircut! A change in appearance always helps transition into new stages of life."] Viktor slipped into the driver's seat and immediately turned the heat on. He longed for better weather, despite his love of sweaters.

Blue eyes flashed to the car clock and Viktor nodded. [+green "We have plenty of time for a haircut and shopping. Is there anything specific you want or need for your new room?"] He pulled out of the diner parking lot and headed in the direction of the nearest salon. It wasn't anyplace fancy, but they accepted walk-ins and cut hair well enough. Along the way Viktor pointed at small cafes and restaurants, telling Yuri which ones to try and which to avoid. He talked happily about how he looked forward to their dates when neither was busy. The drive was short and Viktor was soon opening the passenger door for Yuri.

The inside of the salon smelled like a wonderful blend of shampoos. A short blonde woman greeted them both as they entered the door before asking if they had an appointment. [+green "No appointment, just a walk-in haircut for him."] He smiled lovingly at Yuri and motioned for him to go with the woman at the desk who confirmed that she could cut his hair right then.
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It hurt, it did. To hear that Viktor has been with more than one. It sucked. Makes Yuri wish he was one, but now he has no idea what he thinks about, love making. Yuri doesn't feel like he's ever. But was he still technically a virgin. Not wanting it doesn't mean it counted? Right? Yuri gulps if he could even ever try again. Viktor has been respecting his boundaries when it comes to that and they haven't even mentioned it yet. Good, Yuri wasn't ready to talk about that with him Not at all! Plus hearing Viktor was only sleeping with others was trying to fill a void of missing him. That was one way of doing it, Yuri guesses To try and fill the void that Viktor has left for him he just drowned himself in class work and cut out the world basically. Not even thinking of dating or love in general. Maybe it was because Viktor did the leaving and Yuri was the dumpee? This was too much and this wasn't the time to talk about that! They have only just started getting together, sure they have kissed but it's all be respectful and Viktor has been the perfect gentlemen about it.

[b "It's okay, I get it. You were lonely. Where you were trying to numb that pain. I needed the pain in a weird way. To keep me from trusting anyone again and risk getting hurt again. It worked, till HE tricked me. Ugh, I'm stupid. Naïve. You were my only experience for dating."] He leans back in his seat with his eyes closed and took in a deep breath and let out another slow breath. [b "I don't' judge you. But lets...not talk about them...cause try as may to not get jealous. I am."] Blushes with a little silly smile. [b "Because you have been the only person I have ever wanted like that."] He added before taking another sip of his milkshake not thinking too much of what he had just said. Not thinking that was a big deal.

Then Yuri glances to Viktor who held his hand tighter, explaining that he in fact wasn't done thinking of him. His voice and words with how he said that made Yuri's heart flutter and head spin. [i So, as hard as he tried to get over me. He didn't?] It moved him so much, all the more reason why Yuri loved Viktor. To him it just felt right to love him. That the two of them were meant to be together. That's when Viktor took his hand back slowly and mentions this perfect mask and how it was slipping off. Yuri just tilts his head a little and smiles more sweetly with half lidded eyes. [b "The fact that you mention your imperfections, makes you all the perfect to me. For imperfections are what make you human Vitya. Make you, you. You dealt with the problem on your own in your own way. You worrying about if I would judge you for them. Just shows how human you are. You're imperfections, are perfect to me. Beautiful."] Hearing him say such things made him chuckle and rub the back of his head. Knowing he must have sounded cheesy. Even slipped in "Vitya" in there. Since they were talking about high school on their way here. Yuri use to call him that then, knowing how much he loved it.

The seriousness of their conversation, though needed, was dealt with. They were able to get themselves back to smiling and enjoying their late breakfast before they were going to go shopping around to get all nice and spiffy for this party. Which Yuri was still pretty nervous for. But he hopes that maybe this will do him some good. To try and get to normal again. TO put all that evil behind him and to focus on the best thing in his life. Viktor.

Yuri just ate happily and smiled watching Viktor go on and on about his friends, warning him about how some are that event he grabby one was just like that. It wasn't meant to be anything bad. Yuri nodded remembering that. If Viktor likes and trust these people they cant be all that bad. No way Viktor would keep evil people in his life. Though to hear that if it is asked, that he will most certainly introduce him as his boyfriend. It felt so good to hear that again. It was just too much. Yuri smiled and let out a deep breath to fight the urge of his eyes watering. [b "No no. Don't cry. Oh God, it felt so good to hear you say that. It's all I've ever wanted. For the longest time."] Giggles with tears and hides his face in his hands feeling so silly for crying over every emotion. Mad, sad, happy! Any emotion leaves the boy crying. He cant help it. [b "Ugh, must be annoying. But I've always been like this."] Laughs a little harder as a tear sneaks out the corner of his right eye. The smaller male was just so happy to hear that him and Viktor were really back together. He was Viktor's once more.

Their late breakfast slash early lunch had ended and Yuri had just about ate all that food he had gotten. He wasn't taking no for answer this time, he wanted to help pay since he ordered so much. Once that was taken care of Yuri wrapped his arms around Viktor's waist and rested his cheek on his chest for a bit. Just needing to hear his heart beat for a bit. His little Yuri way of thanking and showing his love. Sometimes Yuri has a lot to say, sometimes he doesn't. Sometimes he's just better with his actions to express himself. And he wanted to hug Viktor.

He took his hand after their little hug and walked to Viktor's car to get ready for some shopping. [b "How fancy? Or how casual are we going? I think I want to cut my hair. This is long for me, he liked my hair longer and I want to cut it. Cause, cause....screw him!"] He puffed his cheeks as he had a little outburst and blushed with a toothy grin flashed at Viktor. [b "We have time for that? Or no?"] He asked then got in the passenger's side of the car.
  Papa_Death / 31d 19h 32m 29s
Viktor watched the male across from him closely. He was a little uncomfortable revealing his imperfections. Talking about his mistakes. It seemed like a bad time to bring up such a thing, he didn't want Yuri to have doubt about his feelings for him. He stared down at the plate of waffles, slowly cutting a perfect triangle from one and putting it in his mouth as he listened. Yuri's soft hand found its way across the table and Viktor looked up from the food. Holding hands with Yuri made him feel better. His blue eyes met with the copper ones across from him and he smiled slightly.

The fact that Yuri was jealous was kind of...cute. Though he was glad that he wasn't judging him too harshly for things in the past. Viktor's silver locks shifted to cover one of his eyes as he tilted his head to look at Yuri curiously. Wondering what his question would be.

[+green "I thought I really liked the guy at the time. He was charming and handsome, but I think the only reason I wanted to date him so badly is because I missed you. I was desperately looking for a connection. Something to fill the emptiness I was feeling."] Viktor decided to leave out the part where the male, on many occasions, had declared them to be a couple but then went off and slept with other people. He squeezed Yuri's hand a little before continuing.

[+green "So, no. I definitely wasn't done thinking about you. Every man I've been involved with...I always ended up comparing them to you. But nobody could ever compare. And I fell into the pattern of hooking up because I never got over you. I would talk to guys who had no interest in a serious relationship and I would complain about it, but deep down I feared that if I did get into a serious relationship I would end up hurting someone. Like I hurt you."] Viktor took back his hand and used it to hold a knife, his other hand using the fork to work against a waffle. He had never talked about this with anyone. Not even Mila. [+green "The perfect mask I wear keeps slipping, yes?"] A small chuckled followed by a smile.

Even though this serious discussion had been stressful, Viktor was glad it happened. Yuri was so kind and reassuring. The silver haired male was just grateful that the boy hadn't gotten up and walked away. His blue eyes rested on the male across from him with newfound appreciation. He laughed at the face Yuri made after tasting the bacon. There was less tension in the air. [i How did I get so lucky to get another chance with this amazing human?] The thought brought that bright smile back to Viktor's face.

Upon hearing the male mention the party Viktor bounced in his seat. On to happier topics! He laughed at Yuri's questions. [+green "Of course we'll tell them we're a couple! Well...there's no need for a formal announcement but if anyone asks I plan to introduce you as my boyfriend."] Viktor hadn't thought about what other people might say or ask when they arrived. He figured most people would just welcome them to the party, to drunk to care much about anyone else. [+green "Mila will probably have questions. She's a little pushy, but she means well. Other people will probably just want to get to know you. Hm, you've already met Phichit. Who else will be there?"] He swirled the straw in his water, pondering who they could expect. [+green "JJ will probably be there, he's full of himself but isn't too bad. Yurio is pretty moody. It's best if we avoid Chris unless you want to be felt up against your will. Then there's Mickey who is very overprotective of his sister, Sala."]

Viktor went on describing his friends, talking about their positive and negative personality traits. All with a smile on his face. He was glowing. So excited that Yuri was a part of his life once again and that he got to introduce him to people that didn't suck. Though, of course anyone had to be better than Levi.
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That settled touch of Viktor's hand sliding over his on the table. It made Yuri sit back down and sigh of relief. He was over thinking and he didn't have to do that no more. When he dropped his face on the table he heard a little chuckle from Viktor and he looked up to him blushing with a goofy smile of his own. He missed making the other laugh. There was a lot he missed doing with the other. To hear that Viktor didn't want Yuri to worry about making him happy, rather Yuri worried about what made him happy. It's Yuri wanted to hear, ever. He really was free from Levi. Viktor was his total opposite. Those simple words brought the sweet smile to his lips and this warm glow to his eyes. All along with a matching blush to his cheeks. It seems his cheeks are always pink around Viktor. The goofy look of love plastered all over his face. Why, it's Viktor who only gets this look.

It wasn't much longer their food was already being brought. The smaller male's eyes were lighting up just from seeing Viktor's food. [b "Oh wow! It looks good! I've been to bad Ma and Pa diners before. But their food never looked as good as this place."] He licked his lips as now his own food was being placed before him and Yuri grinned as she mentioned he got a little extra hash browns. [b "Thank you so much!"] His voice sweet and genuinely pleased and thankful.

This lead to Viktor debating where to start and he landed on bacon, Yuri's eyes were glued on the stack of giant waffles. They were homemade and buttery. Once he added the right amount of syrup, the boy dug in to the first of many bites to come. The taste had so much more meaning to him. He tasted freedom, joy, and love. Along with the amazing taste of waffles of course. So good, he went for another bite. Every now and then he would shoot a cheeked filled smile over to Viktor, a little Yuri way to say thank you.

Though Viktor mentioned he knew their waitress well, his freshman year of College was a bad one. Yuri wondered why it was so bad and then Viktor so kindly filled him in.

Another guy, Yuri felt his heart sunk and his throat tighten up a bit. [i He, was willing to date another guy?] He calmed down, it was fine. They had been apart for a while, Yuri had agreed to date Levi at a point. A stupid choice but of course Yuri had no idea what Levi was really like. Yuri was a bit curious as to what Viktor liked about this other guy? Was he all, confident and everything that Yuri wasn't? Better than him? [b "Oh, dating. It'..uhh. it's okay."] He added and sipped his milkshake. It was fine really. Viktor said so in the car he didn't like dating. Though his face went a little shocked and green with envy hearing that he was sleeping with this guy he could only assume.

They weren't dating and doing that? Where when they were dating they were so, patient about it? His button nose wrinkled a bit and his next stab to his waffles was a little more rough. But he sighed and let all that go. [b "It's, okay Viktor. We weren't dating. You were a free man. I mean, I technically was...sleeping with someone else....even though it was against my will."] He muttered that last part not wanting to blab that out loud. [b "You must have, liked him a lot to keep trying to date him. He's stupid for just wanting that from you. Stupid."] The awkwardness was clearly there but Yuri was trying to push for it. For once. Though it only made things a bit more awkward so he feared. But he was glad Viktor told him none the less. It was better hearing it from him.

So Yuri just magically reached over the food to hold Viktor's hand again. His eyes so focused on the blue ones across from him. [b "It's okay, I was a little jealous for a second. A tiny second. But jealousy doesn't look good on me. Plus I have no room to judge you for dating. I just, I have one little question....but I don't want you mad at me."] He bit his lip and sunk into his seat a little more. [b " over me then? If you were...uhmm, hooking up."] Oh that tasted terrible in his mouth. But he isn't surprised, Viktor was flawless and beautiful. Everyone wanted him. He knows others wants him. [b "I, just were really done thinking about me if you were doing that? I was most certainly not done thinking about you when Levi asked me. I thought maybe dating would get me to stop thinking of you. It didn't not. Made me miss you even more. So much more. So so much more. Like the break up was fresh again miss you."]

This serious talk, it felt good to actually talk about this. Letting it out now so it didn't blow up later. This was good. For them both. His little hand held Viktor's tighter and that gentle look of love back on his face. [b "It's okay, we're together now. It's okay. Thank you for telling me."] The raven haired boy was more amazing that he knew. He was understanding and he could talk to Viktor about anything. Right before he too started to dig into his bacon now. [b "Sugoi!"] He licked his lips and his eyes fluttered back loving them. [b "So...this party...are we ummm. Telling everyone that we are...umm. A couple? Or? What? Oh God... are they going to have questions?"] He looked a little nervous but then sipped his shake and felt a little more relaxed and cooled down a little bit.
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When the time came to order Viktor couldn't help but smile at how excited Yuri got about all the food he could order. Although he was a bit confused when the male asked if ordering all that food would be okay. However, it didn't take long for Viktor to realize that the question stemmed from the way Levi had treated him. He gave the waitress a reassuring smile. [+green "Ah, he's just worried about being rude. It will be one bill and I'll be paying."] The waitress smiled back before hurrying off to the kitchen to put in their orders.

Viktor rested his chin in one hand and focused on the male across from him. He listened as Yuri explained how he had needed permission from Levi whenever he ordered food. This caused the silver male's face to scrunch up in distaste, though the expression soon melted away as Yuri flopped against the table. Viktor chuckled at the male. The action reminded him of the Yuri he knew back in high school. [i cute.] His stomach was all a flutter. It all felt so right.

Yuri debated going to change his order, but when the male actually put his hands on the table in order to get up Viktor moved to stop him. A slender hand slid across the table and on top of the other's hand. Viktor shook his head at Yuri. [+green "Don't worry what I think or what makes me happy. What makes [i you] happy? I just want you to be comfortable and happy in your own body. That's what's important!"] He smiled up at the male, eyes sparkling.

The waitress reappeared at the table carrying a tray of food. She set an omelette, bacon, and a plate of waffles in front of Viktor. Then she set Yuri's waffle, bacon, hashbrowns, and fruit in front of him. Along with a chocolate milkshake. [+red "Had them put a little extra hashbrowns on the plate for ya, sweetie. Let me know if you need anything else."] The waitress winked at them before disappearing into the kitchen again.

The silver-haired male clapped his hands together as he stared at all the food. What should he eat first? His eyes stopped on the bacon. It smelled divine. He picked up the longest strip and crunched off a piece in his mouth. [+green "Our waitress, Norma, is really nice. I had a rough freshman year. There was someone I was interested in, but he was only interested in hooking up. He would always string me along or only text to hang out late at night, usually when he was drunk. He was a senior and I was stupid. Lost and confused. Although he knew that my parents weren't very accepting and kind of used that as his reason for why we couldn't date. I would come here a lot to think. Norma gives good advice."] He chuckled and stabbed at a piece of his waffle with a fork.

As he chewed the soft breakfast treat he wondered if he should have refrained from mentioning the exploit from his first year of college. [+green "Sorry if that...maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that? I guess I just want to be open. And I don't want you to hear something from someone else and worry."] Someone else being Mila, later at the party. She was talkative sober, but when she drank she never shut up. Chances are she would poke fun at Viktor and insist on filling Yuri in on details of his life.

Viktor chewed silently thinking about all of the things he had done since college. All of the mistakes he had made. Some minor, some major but mistakes all the same. Would Yuri's image of him start to crumble? Viktor's hand shook as he picked his fork up again. He separated a small piece off of his omelette and slowly lifted the fork to his mouth. But he had more to say, so down the fork went. [+green "It's just that in the car you said you were glad I didn't like dating others. I don't want you to think that I haven't been with--I mean slept with anyone. Letting you think that would feel a little wrong."] His cheeks reddened and he covered his face with both hands. He took a deep breath before lowering his hands. [+green "God, sorry. That was awkward. Just ignore me."] He laughed awkwardly and returned to eating. The last thing he wanted to do was disappoint Yuri, but he didn't want to keep anything from the male.
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Oh amazing that hug felt, Yuri needed it so badly and he just melted into Viktor's strong torso. Blending and felt the warmth of their bodies morph into one. His heart beat beating against his own, turning into one. It was amazing. Then the kiss on his forehead was purely perfect. The smaller male had sighed of relief from the kiss and hug and he looked ten times better already. The handsome man before always knowing how to calm him down his worrisome soul. He was unable to stop himself from reaching up to wipe a stray tear away from under his favorite pair of blue eyes. His little way of letting Viktor know, it was okay and he wouldn't judge him. That he wasn't alone and Yuri would be there to wipe them for him. Such as Viktor was always there to wipe his.

[b "I love you too, Viktor."] His smile lit up the embers in his copper eyes and his cheeks always flushed this soft pink when he said those three words to him. They did then, and it seems they still do.

To surprise Yuri, Viktor had mentioned the party. Not taking no for answer and the nervous was very clear to see. Yuri began fiddling with his fingers and biting the corner of his lip. His copper eyes glancing down to the side as the thought scared him. [i Party... oh gosh...But Viktor believes it might help.] He took a deep breath and slowly exhaled with his eyes closed. Doing this a couple of times actually. Seeing how excited his lovely lover was, how could he say no? [b "Okay, I'll do it. But uhh, does become a little too much. Can you promise me that we can leave. To just snuggle up and watch more movies... If you trust these people, then they cant be that bad. Its just the back of my head. Keeps picturing Levi and hearing his stupid rules. I went to a party with him once and it was awful. It was off campus, in some near by town. He just, held me close and talked like, like a pig about me in front of his friends. I hated it. And he just..gah."] His expression went to not sad and scared but more angry. A good sign that he's letting the anger out and going from the sad stage to the angry stage. [b "I trust you though. So much."] Yuri's face went soft with a gentle smile as he held Viktor's hand happily.

It was settled, breakfast and shopping for the party!

The car ride was relaxing, music down low so it didn't distract them from talking. Which they talked about everything. Laughing about things from high school. Even about his relationships when they were apart.

[b "I, didn't even think about dating when we apart. Remember when I told you how I thought you broke up with me cause I was a bad boyfriend? So, that kept me from dating. Plus, I freaking missed you."] THen he blushes suddenly so embarrassed. [b "This is going to sound so bad, but I'm so glad you didn't like dating others."] He chuckled as he hid his face in his free hand and the other that was holding Viktor's squeezed back a little tighter.

Their chatting continued how Viktor's Mom may be more understanding. THen there was the mention of his father. Yuri furrowed his brows and frowned with this puff to his cheeks. [b "I'm furious at your father. He's why we have been miserable. Not being able to accept his son for who he is. Though I will parents adored you and accepted us. But when you left like you family...were shocked what he did. My parents will probably understand how your father is to blame. But Mira, my sister. She's uhh, rather mad at you."] Yuri rubbed the back of his head and the two talked about how they are going to have to deal with her parents one day. Not yet.

At the little restaurant, the smells just attacked Yuri's nose, mouth, and stomach. His mouth watered and his stomach growled hungrily. He was hungry and sat down across from Viktor, happily loving the view of watching Viktor. Loving how he carries himself. How he smiles and those eyes simply take Yuri's breath away. He was crazy about this man.

Then came his chance to order and he wanted a chocolate milkshake, since they were pushing noon now. Thanks to his little episodes. But the food, all of it looked so good. He was allowed to get something other than a stupid egg. [b "Waffles! Bacon! Ooo! Hashbrowns!? I'll ned some of those. Oh Gosh it all looks so good! A bowl of fruit too please!"] THen he paused with his face so white from noticing how he may have gone a little over board. [b "I mean, umm. Is that okay if I get all that?"] He noticed how weird it was to ask that, of course after he said that. Gulping when he saw the waitress thinking it was weird too. [b "Uh, I'm paying for me so yeah it's okay, I mean."] THe small male was all red in the face as he handed the menu over to the waitress and hid his face in his hands with his elbows on the table.

[b "Sorry, about that. It just became a habit of asking for what I was allowed to eat. He would literally would have a huge fit on the car ride back home cause I didn't ask for permission. And I just want to make sure you don't think I'm gross too. Oh maybe I should go change my order. That was so much. I just missed all those foods so much!"] Yuri flops his face on the table, adjusting back to being his normal self sounded and felt weird. It's like he has to try and remember what he was like. He then lifts his head up so his chin was on the table. [b "You...didn't care that I was chubby back then...did you? I were always grabbing. IN A SWEET LOVING WAY! What about now? Am I still.....attractive like this? Should I stay like this? Would that make you happy? That's it I'm going to change my order."] He sighs getting all frazzled and sets his hands on the table to push himself up to go catch the waiter.

The boy just wants to be good enough for Viktor.
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Viktor fell back slightly as the door opened behind his back. He turned his head to see Yuri standing there with puffy eyes and a tear stained face. The silver-haired male wiped at his own eyes as well, feeling a little self-conscious for crying in an almost public space. He listened as Yuri explained himself. It felt good to know that Yuri didn't want to run away and that he hadn't meant the things he said. Viktor breathed a sigh of relief. Tension that had been building in his shoulders melted away. There was still a chance at a relationship with Yuri.

A smile lit up the tall male's face as he stood up from the floor. He didn't need Yuri to say he was sorry again. It didn't matter. He wasn't angry at the boy and was pretty sure it would be really hard for him to get angry at the gentle male. Before he said anything he wrapped the shaking Yuri in his arms. It was clear that he needed a hug. They both did. He stood there saying nothing for a good minute before finally speaking. [+green "There is nothing to forgive, Yuri. I don't think this transition will be easy, but you're trying and I'm trying. That's all that really matters. I love you."] Viktor kissed Yuri's forehead before breaking away from the hug.

Silver hair shifted to the side as Viktor tilted his head in thought. There had to be some way to make Yuri feel more comfortable being around him in public. His eyes brightened as the party came to mind. [+green "The party tonight! You have to come with me! I won't even take no for an answer. I'm sure that you had some negative thoughts about me going alone, right? Ah, I'm so sorry! No, you have to come with me so that you can meet my friends. And then they can start to become your friends! I promise that not everyone in college is as horrible as Levi."] Viktor was back to his bright, bubbly self. He bounced on his toes and talked quickly, like a child that was trying to convince a parent to buy them a toy. [+green "Mila will be so excited to meet you! I tell her everything so she'll probably hit me for not texting her immediately about the last few days. She was so upset when my parents wanted me to end our relationship."]

Viktor quickly whipped his phone out of his coat pocket and typed out a message to Mila. The message was vague but confirmed that he would be there with someone very special. He glanced at the time before sliding the phone back into his pocket. [+green "We have the whole day ahead of us still! Breakfast and shopping here we come."] He shot a wink at Yuri and grabbed his hand, leading him back outside.


In the car Viktor reminisced about their high school days. Asking Yuri if he remembered this or that. He talked about some of the people he had dated, all girls, and how he had always felt uncomfortable in his relationships. He even talked about how his parents had liked Yuri the best out of everyone he had dated. How if it wasn't for his gender his parents would be on board with their relationship. But how his mother was secretly accepting of Viktor's sexuality. It was his father that would take some convincing. The whole ride Viktor kept one hand on the steering wheel and one hand on Yuri's hand.

The diner was moderately busy when they arrived, though it looked like it was starting to clear out. A middle-aged waitress led them to a booth near the window and handed them menus. Viktor plopped down and didn't even bother to look at the menu, setting it off to the side for the waitress to retrieve when she came back for their orders. [+green "I already know that I want a veggie omelette with bacon and waffles. Hmm...with whipped cream on the waffles. I'm starving."]

The waitress came back briefly to bring waters and ask if they wanted anything else to drink before hurrying off to a packed table that she was serving. Viktor removed a small piece of paper around his straw, blowing into the straw to shoot the rest of the wrapping at Yuri. He giggled, dipping the straw into his water.
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[i How could you be so stupid to think you deserve him? He's such a blessing. Where you, you are filth...He could never really love you again. Not after what Levi has done. You're a joke..a burden. You'll only bring him down when he's meant to be this amazing person.]

The thoughts just kept going on and on, not stopping to pause for a second. It all hurt. Yuri so desperately wanted to be with Viktor. To have his hugs all to himself. To hear his voice all day. Even the smallest of acts, Yuri wanted them all. But what could he give Viktor? Worry? Stress? Frustrate him? What good could he be to Viktor? [i I'm sure if you leave him alone long enough..he will find better than you. Like he deserves.]

Yuri flopped onto his back and stared at the ceiling now. Tears now silently rolling down the sides of his face and into his hair. Those copper eyes all red and puffy from the crying. His throat tense and clogged from the sobs. How does one recover from what Levi has done? Does one even recover? [i Viktor is probably so sick of trying to cheery you up and is losing patience with you. Like everyone else...] The smaller male sits up on his bed and curls himself up. Wrapping his arms around his legs and tucking his face down to his knees. A scary thought crossed his mine, one of that Viktor might be better off if maybe he was gone all together. It was a thought he has never really thought about before. Not so strongly. It scared him and the fact that there was a knock on his door so suddenly. The boy gasped and looked up at his door. More surprised to hear the familiar voice he loved so much. The one he wants to try and protect.

Yuri sat there listening to Viktor. His eyes widening and the tears still rolling down his cheeks as the other explained how he only cared what Yuri thought of him. How he wanted there to be a them. Yuri's heart skipped a beat, would speed up, slow down. That man outside his door always had such effects on Yuri. Then Yuri heard it, it was settle, but he knew Viktor was crying himself.

Those words Viktor had said were like nothing he has heard before. Slowly Yuri gulped on the spit in his mouth and started to get on his feet. It was so hard to try and keep himself from Viktor, when Viktor was all he ever wants. To hear VIktor thinks he's not perfect actually, in a way felt refreshing and made him all the more beautiful. Now he stood right on the other side of the door just listening to the other. When Yuri heard Viktor say he would never regret loving him, the boy lost it. FOr he felt so stupid for running away. For making something as love, so complicated. People say it is, but it really isn't. You just love each other. Through thick and thin. There are no fancy tricks, it's not hard if you really love the other.

His little hand opened the door and the other wiped his eye as he saw Viktor there. [b "I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry! I just got so scared. I didn't want to run away! I didn't mean what I said! I hated saying that! I'm so sorry!!"] He kept trying to wipe his eyes over and over but it was a battle he wasn't going to win. His lips quivered and he stared at Viktor just wanting to hug him and work on them. [b "Of course I want there to be an us. It's all I've ever wanted. For years! I know I have my problems, but I know you have yours too. We can work through them together. I'll be more patient with myself as well. I-I'm so sorry!"] The raven haired boy was shaking and his eyes were begging for Viktor to just hug him. [b "I love you Viktor, please, forgive me."] His voice shook and sobbed as he stood there wondering what Viktor would do next.
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Yuri told Viktor that parties weren't really his scene and that it would be no big deal for Viktor to attend the party. The silver-haired male wasn't entirely convinced that it would be okay. He remembered that Yuri had never been a party person which is why he didn't want to pressure him, but leaving him alone after they had just gotten back together seemed rude. Viktor’s brow furrowed, however a smile replaced his concerned face when Yuri’s warm hand met his. The smaller male even placed a kiss on his chin. [+green “Do you remember me talking about my friend Mila when we were in high school? She didn't go to our school but we've been friends since childhood. Our families even moved to America at the same time. I actually went to this college because of her, even though this isn't the college my parents had in mind for me.”]

He felt like he needed to explain why he was going to the party. Wanted to let Yuri know that this wasn't just some random party of someone he barely considered a friend. [+green “It's Mila’s party and she has one almost every week so it's actually no big deal, but she's definitely annoyed with me for not hanging out with her lately. Or I guess she's more worried than annoyed.”] Viktor wondered if he should go on. Tell Yuri about how his closest friend was growing increasingly concerned by his antisocial behavior. Even Viktor couldn't explain the mood he had been in lately. He chalked it up to the winter weather. But now that Yuri was back in his life he felt so...exhilarated. like anything was possible.

Viktor was pleased to see the sun out as they strolled towards his car. It felt like everything about this day was going to be perfect. He talked about how hungry he was as they walked hand in hand. Until Yuri yanked his hand away. Viktor looked down at the smaller male, concerned to see the wide-eyed look on his face. Had something happened?

[+green “Yuri, are you alright? What's wrong?”] Viktor looked around frantically, half expecting Levi to be standing somewhere near. However, he was nowhere to be seen. There were just small groups of people walking and chatting. Viktor opened his mouth about to ask Yuri if he was alright again, but stopped when the male began to speak.

The silver-haired male felt his heart drop at the words Yuri spoke. He was worried that people would think of him as disgusting. [i I don't deserve you.] [i I'm gross.] [i I'm broken.] Viktor felt his chest tighten when Yuri said that they couldn't be together. And then, before Viktor had the chance to speak, Yuri had ran back to the dorm building. The silver beauty stood there in shock. What had Levi done to Yuri? If he wasn't so hurt at the moment he would be angry. Angry at Levi for the manipulation. Viktor had set the goal to help Yuri get back to his old self and to hell with everyone else and their opinion. But what if he couldn't help Yuri?

Even if he couldn't help Yuri get back the confidence that Levi had taken away, he had to at least try. He couldn't let Yuri go again.

Viktor returned to the dorm building and slowly approached Yuri’s room. He could easily get the master key and open Yuri’s door, but that felt intrusive. Especially with everything that had just been said. Instead, Viktor knocked on the door and waited patiently. He would wait all day if he had to. The tall male sat down with his back against the door and talked. [+green “I don't care what random people think of me, Yuri. I care what you think of me. I hope...that there can be an us because I can't lose you again. And I should have never lost you in the first place and I'm still dealing with that...but please. Knowing that you think so horribly about yourself really hurts. I can't just leave you alone after all that's happened. After all that you've been through.”] Viktor’s voice was soft, yet loud enough for Yuri to hear through the door. He paused trying to gather himself but the tears had already started. Luckily no one else was in the halls. [+green “Hearing you say that stuff about yourself hurts because I used to think the same things about myself when I was younger. When my father would leave bruises I would look at myself in the mirror and think ‘You are broken and no one will ever love you’. I would starve myself and think that maybe I would fade away. God, how I wanted to disappear. And I thought like that for a long time. I know maybe you think I'm so strong or so perfect. But I'm not. I always bury my emotions and never tell people how I'm really feeling. I can’t make any big life decisions without worrying how my parents will feel. I've been seeing a therapist since I was thirteen. Maybe you're worried about my reputation but please don't worry about it. I’ve done stupid things in college. Things I regret. Things people have judged me for. But I will never regret the decision to love you.”]

A pale hand wiped at the tears running down his cheeks. Viktor took a shaky breath and leaned his head against the door. [+green “I always feel so trapped, Yuri. And you make me feel like a caged bird set free.”]
  viktor / mephistopheles / 47d 7h 24m 23s
Yuri had dug out the makeup he has been using for cover ups and was working on his face first, when Viktor once again snuck up behind him. Resting his chin on Yuri's head and just stared at them in the mirror. Yuri would always jump and flinch when Levi would try such stunts. But with Viktor he didn't. This was Viktor. He didn't have too. His fingers blend the skin matching makeup on his cheek and at the corner of his eye. Viktor's shocked expression to hearing how much Levi just controlled Yuri's life, from what he wore and ate and how much he worked out. And even wondered why he looked so thin. This causes a little smile from Yuri as he remembers back in high school.

Viktor use to love Yuri's little extra weight. Weather it was a little extra, or more than a little extra. To when he was thick but toned. The boy had always been battling weight since he was a kid. So Viktor loving no matter what form he was in, made Yuri love him more. [b "I...don't like being this thin either.."] A frown in his brows, eyes, and lips. It was true. Yuri hated looking like this. But now! He can start working on being that old Yuri again. That one he had to lock up around Levi.

Now the silver haired male was asking to go in his pajamas and Yuri turns around to lean a bit against the table. His face covered up and done, looking not bruised or hurt. As if the suffering had never happened. [b "I'll wear mine if you wear yours."] The sweetest of giggles in a long time left his pink lips as he returned to the last few touch ups on his neck. Laughing just a bit harder seeing Viktor dancing around and smiling. Was this cause of Yuri? That they were back together? [b "Oo! Okay! Little shopping on our lazy day off? In our pajamas it is."] He giggled slipping his shoes on with his little dark blue thin pajama pants low on his waist and a sweater pulled on over. [b "Its cold out you know."] He wrapped his arm around Viktor's arm to hold them close to each other. If Viktor was so comfortable with them being all touchy so quickly, so was Yuri. It's been so long since the two had touched each other. Plus with those kisses last night in Viktor's room. Was the happiest he's been in years. Just thinking about kissing Viktor again made Yuri's cheek flush.

Now they were about to head out when someone was standing outside the door. Viktor was quick to greet the friendly face. Who seemed eager to figure out what was going on in the room across from him. This boy was so outgoing and Yuri awkwardly smiled and clung to Viktor's arm a little tighter. [b "I-I'm Katsuki Yuri, eeh...I mean..Yuri. It's nice to, to meet you."] It's been so long since Yuri has been able to talk to anyone. Not that it was easy for him to begin with. It took Viktor forever to get Yuri to talk to him when they first started hanging out. [b "O-okay! I'll keep that in mind. It's very nice to meet you. Ah, I said that already."] He blushed embarrassed and rubbed the back of his head. Then something about a party somewhere was mentioned and the new friendly face was on his way.

Yuri blinked and looked up to Viktor, who's face was expressing that he was thinking about something. The party? Viktor explained that he has been putting off parties with this friend of his and that he really needs to go with this one. Yuri's head was instantly starting to picture what that could mean. Being stuck used to the life of living with Levi, it was nothing positive. [i Already wanting to leave me behind? No no! Stop! this is Viktor. Your Viktor.. But, but it's a party...and...he's so...beloved by all. What if someone prettier- no no! Ah! No! It's okay! It's just his friends. It's just friends. Besides you hate parties. Look, even he knows that.]

[b "Ah, yeah. They aren't really my scene. You can go ahead. Really. I'll get work on getting my room all homey and play some games probably. Really. It's no big deal."] He smiled brightly and took Viktor's hand in his. Wiggling his fingers in between Viktor's and leaned up to plant a warm kiss on his chin. [b "Yes, lets get breakfast and get to shopping so you have time to come home and go to the party. I'll be fine Viktor."] The boy was always so understanding.

Now the two were out in public on this fine Saturday and hand in hand as they strolled down to Viktor's car. It was one of those bright sunny days with snow all around on the ground. THough something was off. Yuri felt like, he was hearing whispers and felt eyes on him. More than usual. He would glance to the right to see people sitting on benches whispering and when they see him looking at them they would glance away. He was just making things up. Though as they walked with Viktor, close to him and their hands holding each other, it happened more than once. Three times actually. Once he swore he heard his name and Levis. The fourth time, he swears he saw them making faces at Viktor. [i Oh no. Oh no. Oh no!]

Panicking, he yanked his hand out of Viktor's stood there wide eyed and frozen. It's what he feared. He was going to hurt Viktor's reputation. His image. Levi was known all through out the campus and has already probably been spreading lies. [i Oh no. Oh no. Oh no. Am I just making this up? They cant be talking me. Right?] His eyes kept looking around and in his mind he saw everyone looking at him. They were laughing, judging, thinking terrible nasty things about him. He could hear their thoughts. His heart started to beat in his throat and tears filled the rims of his eyes.

Levi has damaged Yuri more than he may be aware. He truly believes he has no self worth and was just an absolute piece of garbage.

He has been standing there just staring out with wide eyes and taking deep breaths trying to shut his head up. But it was a battle he has never good at winning. Not since Viktor left.

[b "They...they will think you're disgusting! They will think you're DISGUSTING!"] He gasped out loudly and took a few steps back with fear in his eyes. [b "No no! No! I, I! I don't deserve you! I'm gross! I'm broken! Oh GOD! What was I thinking!? Oh God! I cant do that to you! I, I..cant do this! There...there cant be an us! I'm sorry!"] Wide copper orbs poured tears as he gulped and tried to control his breathing. Hearing laughter in his head louder as he took more steps backwards. [b "Thank you for your help! But, but I wont bother you no more! I'm so sorry!"] He huffed and just ran back to his new room. Not stopping or slowing down till he was safe and locked his door and threw himself into his bed and cried. Cried the hardest since he first lost Viktor.
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