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Nodding his head a little Kai, carried on watching the T.V then looked over at the window as it rattled the wind had really picked up.
  Kai / Midnight12 / 43d 23h 47m 13s
"They do this every day. And a few times a day." She said and smiled softly.
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 44d 3h 37m 21s
"So do they only go out in that weather to get lots of money?"
  Kai / Midnight12 / 45d 23h 23m 7s
"They also get paid well. And even if they mess up they get paid. Like if they say that today is gonna be sunny and it down pores like this. It isn't their fault."
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 48d 5h 24m 31s
"Really they are trained to go out in really nasty weather like that, I feel kinda sorry for them being stuck out there."
  Kai / Midnight12 / 50d 18h 43m 33s
"They will be okay." She said and smiled softly. "They are trained for this."
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 52d 59m 41s
Watching the people talk about the storm, Kai jolted when he saw one reporter getting blown around by the wind. Looking at Lilith, Kai tilted his head a little, "will that person be ok it looks really nasty outside now."
  Kai / Midnight12 / 57d 23h 25m 47s
She smiled at his amusement and continued to walk. She watched as the people talked about this storm passing through quickly.
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 58d 20h 51m 8s
Looking at the table, Kai blinked a thew times then tilted his head he couldn't remember the table being set. Seeing Lilith turn the T.V one, Kai sat down happily then started watching it he always found it kinda cool seeing people appear on a screen.
  Kai / Midnight12 / 62d 12h 24m 24s
"It is already set, my dear." She said and smiled. We sat down on the couch and turned on the tv.
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 62d 16h 34m 4s
"Really that's kinda strange, oh should I set the table for you Lilith?"
  Kai / Midnight12 / 62d 22h 29m 49s
She nodded her head "it is also never the same. It is always different." She said and smiled.
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 63d 16h 37m 23s
"Really so other people like it really really spicy, and some other people don't like it really really spicy?"
  Kai / Midnight12 / 63d 20h 57m 54s
"This one isn't too spicy. But some make it spicy, others dont." She said and smiled softly.
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 64d 16h 25m 58s
"Lilith what is chili?" pushing himself Kai walked over to the kitchen then sniffed the air a little. "It smells spicy to me is it a spicy food?"
  Kai / Midnight12 / 65d 8h 25m 32s

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