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"All you have to do is take some of the food and throw it on the ground for them. Or if you are feeling brave you can hand feed them."
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 12h 51m 27s
Looking at the chickens then at Lilith, Kai thought for a moment then finally nodded a little. "I..I will try...what do I do?" looking at the feed in Lilith's hands he tilted his head a little.
  Kai / Midnight12 / 15h 48m 11s
She threw the food down and smiled softly as she fed them. She looked up at Kai. "Do you want to feed them?"
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 15h 53m 36s
Watching the chickens go running towards Lilith, Kai walked over as well then watched as she fed them.
  Kai / Midnight12 / 19h 21m 45s
She came back with a bucket and watched as her chickens made their way to her quickly.
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 1d 1h 34m 17s
Walking to the corner, Kai looked round then tilted his head a little. Seeing the chicken for the first time, Kai rubbed his head confused the one's he had seen are normally huge and twice the size of him. This one though was tiny and looked rather relaxed.
  Kai / Midnight12 / 1d 10h 35m 8s
She smiled and went out heading for the barn to gather food for the chickens.
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 1d 23h 39m 50s
Nodding a little, Kai walked outside then looked around with cautious eyes. Hearing clucking noises near by he flinched a little but shook his head and walked towards it.
  Kai / Midnight12 / 3d 20h 1m 34s
She smiled. "If they bother you, just tell them to get. They know the command."
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 3d 21h 30m 25s
Shaking his head, Kai looked at Lilith then took a deep breath. "O..oh no it's ok I will be fine."
  Kai / Midnight12 / 4d 10h 45m 1s
"They might follow you, but that is because they will think you have food for them. If you want I can go first and round them up." She said softly.
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 4d 11h 53m 13s
"T..they are..w..will the..chase me..?" moving a little closer to the door he looked out to see if he could spot any.
  Kai / Midnight12 / 4d 19h 47m 22s
She smiled softly. "My chickens are quite well behaved." She said and smiled at him.
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 4d 22h 30m 41s
"Umm w..well I..kinda..have a phobia of chickens.." looking down quickly he was waiting for Lilith to laugh at him.
  Kai / Midnight12 / 5d 12h 1m 53s
She nodded her head. "Is there something wrong with that?" She asked and opened the door.
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 5d 12h 20m 48s

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