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She laughed softly at his reaction. "Is this too much for you?" She asked as she paused the movie.
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 314d 2h 48m 1s
Looking at the tv screen Kai tilted his head a little then jolted when one of the dinosaurs roared loudly.
  Kai / Midnight12 / 321d 21h 9m 31s
She put the movie in the DVD player and press play. As the movie began, she sat down on the couch.
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 345d 4h 26m 49s
Placing the dvd back into Lilith's hand, Kai nodded his head a little then ran over to the tv and sat down in front of it.
  Midnight12 / 345d 20h 6s
She laughed softly. "Okay. We will watch it." She said and stood up putting her hand out to take the movie from him.
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 346d 16h 28m 32s
"Huh it didn't?" blinking a thew times Kai shook his head then reached up to Lilith's arm and took hold of it. "I want to watch it please can we Lilith" looking at her with big puppy dog eyes, Kai lowered his wings a little.
  Kai / Midnight12 / 347d 23h 25m 26s
She laughed softly. "It is just a movie. It didn't really happen. We can watch something else though.'
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 348d 20h 41m 21s
"Dino..saurs what are those?" tilting his head a little Kai had no clue what they was and what they looked like. "Wait eat people!! that's horrible those dinoswars are bad!!"Not being able to say the word Dinosaur he just mumbled the word instead.
  Kai / Midnight12 / 348d 22h 55m 39s
She thought for a moment. "Kind of. It has dinosaur in it that try to eat people."
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 349d 16m 16s
"Jurassic park? what that about does it have scary monsters in it or something?" Tiling his head a little, Kai puffed his feathers up a little then shook his wings a little to get the dust and dirt out of them.
  Kai / Midnight12 / 350d 55s
She nodded her head. "This set here is my favorite." She said and pulled out the four movies for Jurassic Park. "They can be a little frightening at first because people do die." She said softly.
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 351d 16h 45m 52s
Standing up Kai peeked over Lilith's shoulder at the case then tilted his head. "You have lot's of them.
  Kai / Midnight12 / 351d 21h 43m 27s
"It is a story that you can watch." She said and smiled. She stood up and opened her movie case. She had many to choose from.
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 351d 21h 47m 12s
"A movie? what is that I haven't heard of that before."
  Kai / Midnight12 / 352d 59m 35s
She smiled softly waiting for his answer. She looked back up at the tv. "We could just watch a movie if you wanted, though."
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 352d 16h 41m 30s

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