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She laughed softly as he did this. "We have plenty of time, no need to run."
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 6d 21h 29m 49s
Picking up another sheet, Kai looked around then happily ran over to an empty space then hung it up.
  Kai / Midnight12 / 7d 10h 28m 34s
She smiled and took the sheet before hanging it up and then reached for another.
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 8d 9h 42m 15s
Looking back at Lilith, Kai picked up a sheet then handed it to her then smiled happily.
  Kai / Midnight12 / 9d 7h 47m 1s
"It isn't often, but sometimes." She said and continued to hang up the clothing.
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 11d 11h 54m 18s
Nodding his head a little, Kai rubbed his head then looked over at the other animals. "D..do any of the other animals fight like that?"
  Kai / Midnight12 / 11d 12h 1m 52s
"Yes. I am positive." She said with a laugh. "They can look that way."
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 11d 12h 4m 47s
"R..really it looked like they wanted to kill each other for a moment then it scared me a little."
  Kai / Midnight12 / 11d 12h 7m 45s
She smiled softly. "Sometimes they get a little rough in their play." She said softly.
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 26d 18h 7m 1s
"huh that was playing, but it looked like they was really hurting each other though.." Looking at the chickens again, Kai sighed a little then sat on the ground and dropped his wings to rest on the grass.
  Kai / Midnight12 / 29d 12h 11m 26s
She laughed softly. "Sometimes they play like that." She said which wasn't a lie.
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 30d 11h 36m 15s
"Yeah they do, there really soft and fluffy as well" looking over at the chickens, Kai jolted a little when he saw them fighting. "Hey don't do that!" running over to them all Kai shooed them away from one another.
  Kai / Midnight12 / 30d 16h 31m 3s
"The chickens all like attention." She said as she finished hanging up the clothing.
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 31d 21m 8s
Looking over at Lilith, Kai pushed himself up then walked over to her then looked at the racks of clothing.
  Kai / Midnight12 / 31d 11h 27m 30s
She finished washing the clothing and then put it on the wracks to dry outside.
  Lilith (demon) / Darkelfprincess / 31d 11h 42m 22s

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