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Jacob was up in the tree in two leaps. "What? your not the only one that can jump, I am the alpha, I am bigger and stronger than the other wolves. Superior than them."

It was true, Jacob was much larger than the rest of the wolves, human or not.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 13h 32m 28s
Ghosts? That was something. She sat down on the branch and looked to him thoughtfully.

"That's lucky you get that second chance, then," she gave a smile. "I'd come down...but...I don't need to see that. Don't take that personally. That's just not comfortable. Still want to come up?"

The sunset was just about here- she couldn't stop that wide smile from crossing her face.
  Raindrops / Faust / 1d 5h 44m 46s
"I.....I saw Bella." he muttered shocked and scared, unable to move. He had no idea what it meant or why he was having visions of her but he thanked God silently that he had let him see Bella even for a second. She gave him strength.

Strength was something he was certainly lacking lately. He wasn't the same man he had been.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 1d 6h 10m 42s
Lucia had nodded, starting up the tree with still a bit of energy. She was about half way up the tree when she noticed he was still standing there back in human form. The trees obstructed most of the view. She looked away, not needing any imagery to add to her problems. "You alright down there, wolf?"

She moved up more to the top. The sunset would be close and she was eager to see it from a tree. Glancing in his direction she waited patiently.
  Raindrops / Faust / 1d 6h 14m 17s
"I can get to the top on my own, I might be rusty but I have paws and you don't, paws have claws that grip." Jacob said phasing on the spot. His vision blurred, that never happened before.

Suddenly Bella stood in front of him. She was glowing. Was he seeing a ghost? This couldn't be real. He blinked, she was still there. To Lucia, Jacob looked like he was staring off into the woods. Were the spirits trying to tell him something?

Bella had a hand on her stomach and she said, "Protect Aria, Live again Jacob, We're okay." It shocked Jacob so much he phased back to human. He looked up at Lucia, "I don't know what just happened."
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 2d 8h 27m 54s
"It's called, tough love, caro..." Lucia gave a small grin to him. She'd do this for Ari. He wanted to protect her, she'd help him get back to where he needed to be to be the protector her needed. "We'll start with a run off the beaten path and move on. Then, I wanted to show you something."

The run seemed like a simple idea, but it was really grueling. A mile and there were obstacles. "Gabe helps train, but there's an old man who does most of it. He always says that if you can't kill outright, you play with them till their exhausted. Therefore, we did five miles a day for endurance and worked on speed. That's what we need to do...for another purpose. And here we are..."

There was a large tree, but it was easy to climb. It'd hurt but she needed to work with her muscles. "I'll help you to the top," she smiled.
  Raindrops / faust / 3d 4h 43m 33s
"Ari wasn't an excuse but I will train with you but I'm slower than you so don't kill me too bad, I hadn't phased in over a year when I met you, when Bella died, I stopped and now I have started again and all my bones ache, I'm not used to it anymore." Jacob said stretching his arm muscles out.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 3d 4h 53m 45s
"Then tonight, the sun sets at nine, she goes to bed before that. Your out of shape, mister. I'm here to get you back in gear," she gave him a smile, teasingly poking his stomach. He really wasn't, but the pack needed the practice. That little girl sure got up early. She probably would rest more before tonight. She needed to get back into her peak shape, physically and mentally.

She spent the day learning a little more, a lot of it with Aria and his mom while Jake worked. That little girl and her were already becoming friends, plus she had the energy to play with her to her hearts content.

After bed, she waited on him, with a grin. "You've got no excuse now, c'mon."
  Raindrops / faust / 3d 4h 55m 51s
"I can't today." Jake said sighing, "Theres no one to watch Aria today, Embry came by this morning, hes got his graduation test and my mom is working with the council on our situation. I have Aria all day, I can't bootcamp with a toddler Lucia."

He sat up and asked, "Unless you have another solution." As if on cue Aria waddled into the living room. "DADDY!" Jake smiled wide, his first genuine smile in awhile. "Hey baby girl, daddys here." He looked to Lucia with sad eyes.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 3d 5h 15m 27s
Seeing Jake asleep after she had a very cold shower, she watched him for a moment. She was what she was and he was offering her friendship. The likelihood of more was not high at this point. What was she? Right now she was tired and sore but her mind was wide awake. Finding a blanket, she covered him, before finding her tree and gazed to the stars.

In the morning, she made up her mind. The Cullens seemed to have this figured out. Once she figured out how to get there.

Waking up Jake at dawn she leaned over him. "Time for boot camp, buttercup. Hurt or waits on no one." She gave a grin. She was already healing, sore, but she had to keep pushing past the pain.
  Raindrops / faust / 3d 5h 20m 32s
"Lucia, let me in and let me help you. I'm not going to hurt you, wouldn't you think if I was going to hurt you I already would have? I'm a wolf yes but I'm not a monster and neither are you." He said helping her up and into the house.

His mom found her some clean clothes and slippers and Jacob ended up falling asleep on the couch. He was exhausted.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 3d 5h 52m 56s
"Why? Why would I even try?" Lucia asked him calmly. Looking to the clothes, they were ugly anyway. She had clothes though. There was little reason to try, rather, enough to the point of ridding herself of that clan. Still, his hope was cute. She gave a half smile to him. "Thanks, Jake. You've got a pack and a family, you'll be okay."

She placed a hand on his shoulder, wincing immediately. Wrong arm. A shower and maybe a visit to a tree, that was a safe spot.

Maybe it was time to go to the Cullens. Could they help her? She wanted to be much more like others.
  Raindrops / Faust / 3d 6h 5m 25s
"The shower is down the hall to the left, I'll have mom find you some clean clothes, and I'll wash these, you can't wear the same thing everyday." He sighed, "I'll be here to make sure that he doesn't break you, you see my problem was and is that I have people to lose. I had Bella and Aria to lose. Hes taken one of them from me. Embry and I won't let him get near Aria."
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 3d 6h 31m 28s
The smallest sound came from Lucia, his hand felt amazing on the bruise. That needed to be taken care off immediately or the next few days was going to be terrible. Looking to him with fire and hatred in her eyes, not directed towards him. "He hasn't broken me, not yet. And he hates that. I will destroy that son of a bitch," she spoke hard before regretting moving. Her body wasn't quite up for this yet.

The contact was strange, but she didn't fight it. She didn't want to move that much. She stiffened though, trying to tell herself to relax more. "I'll do my best. Maybe to the shower though."

He was a good guy, it was why she couldn't marry him.
  Raindrops / Faust / 3d 6h 34m 57s
"I've killed people too Lucia, this Gabe person, he killed my wife, I'm out to finish the job on him, he broke me. No one ever broke me, I won't let him break you. Not anymore." He said letting his hand graze the bruises. "Abuse isn't something I take lightly Lucy, no one will hurt you like this again." He gently took her into his arms. He was warm.

"I know you don't love me and I'm not asking you to, I'm just asking you to let me in, and help you."
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 3d 6h 48m 57s

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