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Esme fed Seth some light food, Carlisle didn't want him eating too much for a few more hours but it was obvious that the boy was starving. He was allowed only water to drink or liquid vitamins that he did not like very much. He missed Renesmee more and more every second that ticked on by but he knew she would be coming back.

His blood pressure spiked but Carlisle got it under control and he didn't have another spike the rest of the night. Seth was in good health otherwise so he would pull through, he just hated people waiting on him hand and foot. He would much rather get things himself and suffer through the pain. He didn't want to be a bother to anyone.

Bella came and checked on him a couple times and he drifted off to sleep waiting on Renesmee to come back and see him....he loved her very much.
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Renesmee went and checked in on Leah. She was pleased that the girl was doing a lot better than Seth. [b "I still can't thank you enough, Leah."] she said softly [b "You gave me more time, I'm forever grateful."]

She knew that the girl would need her rest, so she headed out to the parking lot, she had to go check on her babies and change her clothes, then she would head back to the hospital. She mainly just wanted to love on her children right now.

[b "Hi my sweet babies."] she said as she walked into her house. She looked at Rosalie and Emmett and just smiled. [b "He's fine for now."] she said. [b "The first twenty four hours will be the hardest, but then we're okay. He's awake and I heard him tell Carlisle that he was hungry before I left."] she laughed at that. [b "I'm gonna change and head back over."]
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 1y 42d 15h 4m 22s
"Hungry." Seth muttered and reached for his cup of water. He winced and said,"Can't do that." He wanted the pain to stop but he had an organ ripped out and a new one put in its place, it was going to hurt.

He missed Renesmee but understood she had things to do and had to check on the kids. "Baby..." He really just wanted to be around her. His mom came in and hugged him and told him how thankful she was that he was okay. Seth just nodded. He loved his mom but right now all he was thinking is, "I WANT RENESMEE!"

Carlisle came back in the room and checked his IV and asked if he needed anything and he nodded, "Something to eat and my girlfriend please....I...I miss her." Seth was vunerable and she made him feel safe even if he was the one protecting her most of the time. He saw Bella and smiled. He was safe.
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Renesmee smiled softly when she heard Seth say it back. It always gave her butterflies. [b "You'll get better soon, baby."] she said softly, looking up at Carlisle she nodded. [b "Will this interfere with phasing?"] she asked. [b "I mean, I know he wouldn't be able to phase for at least a few months.."]

[b "Leah is fine. The children are with Rosalie and Emmett."] she said [b "Leah is awake, and already saying that you owe her. I'm thinking she wants a weekend without children."] She leaned over and kissed Seth's forehead. [b "Your mother is outside as well."]

She stood up and headed out the door to the waiting room. [b "He's awake, Sue. I'm gonna head over and check on Leah for a few moments."] she said, smiling. [b "We're almost out of the woods. Carlisle said if he makes it through the first twenty four hours, then we're good."]
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 1y 42d 21h 50m 27s
"I love you too Ness." Seth said smiling, "It hurts alot." Carlisle nodded and said, "You have an incision, it will hurt but there is some cream I can put on it later to dull the pain, hopefully your wolf genes will kick in and speed up the healing process."

Seth looked to Renesmee and asked, "Where are the kids? Is Leah okay? " He was always worried about other people over himself. Carlisle brought in a small cup of pills and said, "Take these, you'll take one pill the rest of your life but if we monitor you and make sure that everything works as it should, you shouldn't have any more problems."

Seth's mother, Sue, was waiting to come in. She had been worried about him but thanked Carlisle for everything he did for Seth and thanked Leah for saving her brother. Leah was almost fully healed, her wolf genes acting for her.
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Renesmee sat around the Cullens house all day, the day of the operation. She and the entire pack, except for the ones that were running patrol, were in the hospital waiting room. The babies were with Rosalie and Emmett.

She looked up as Carlisle walked out. [b "Is he okay?"] she asked. The past couple of days had been really hard on him. She didn't know if he would make it. She nodded and listened to him, then she went to check in on Leah, and to thank her before she went to camp out in Seth's room.

[b "Leah's already awake. She's fine."] she said [b "We're going to monitor you for a couple of days, actually."] she said looking at Carlisle. [b "I didn't think you were going to make it. The past few days had really been rough on you."] she said, leaning down she kissed his forehead. [b "I love you."]
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 1y 44d 21h 38m 29s
The quicker they got the operation done, the better Seth could get. It was a couple days until they did the operation and it seemed like Seth was on his last leg when he went in. 4 hours later Carlisle came out and said ,'Leah is in recovery and so is Seth, the operation went well and he should be waking up soon, Leah is already awake." Carlisle hugged Renesmee and said, "If he gets through the first 24 hours after with no complications, hes out of the woods."

It was an hour later when Seth woke up. He groaned and opened his eyes. The brightness of the room blinding him for a moment. "Ness?" He asked when he woke up . He was hooked up to machine and his stomach area hurt, and he couldn't set up. "It hurts but...I'm here."

Carlisle smiled and said, "Thats all we ask Seth, the operation went well but we will monitor you until tomorrow."
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Renesmee just watched as Carlisle told Seth the news that they had. She knew that he would be okay in front of Carlilse and then when it was the two of them alone, he would express how he felt and his fears and such.

[b "We'll get through this, Seth."] was all that she could say before breaking down. This wasn't easy on her, much less Seth who was dealing with it all. [b "Outside playing with Rosalie."] she muttered. [b "And Seth, don't promise me that. Jacob did and you see where he is now."]

She looked up as Collin ran in the house. She shook her head as she listened to him. This was all they needed, more people phasing meant there were other vampires near. [b "Teach him the ropes, with more phasing, that means someone is near. We need to be ready for whatever comes."] she stated. She wasn't risking more lives.
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 1y 45d 13h 51m 59s
Carlisle nodded and said, "Seth... remember your dad had kidney disease...Seth your kidneys are failing, your not exhausted, Leah has agreed to donate one of her kidneys but you may not phase anymore, it would be too much strain on your body. You will still be alpha and make the alpha demands but you can't phase."

Seth looked to Renesmee. "Ness.... I....I don't know what to say, whatever it takes always said I had a hard head and I was too stubborn to Carlisle fix me."

He managed to smile at Renesmee and whispered, "Baby I'm going to be okay, I can promise you that." Sighing he looked around, "Where are the kids?"

Collin ran in, seemingly out of breath, "New....Wolf.....phased." Seth looked at him and asked, "Who?" and Collin said, "Trey, remember the scrawny kid?" Seth nodded and said, "Collin, explain to him what he is and how things work."
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Renesmee just sighed and listened to him. [b "I'll talk to Leah, but right now. Our main focus is Seth, not if I can have another baby."] she said, hanging up the phone, she grabbed a gaterade out of the fridge and walked upstairs, placing it on the beside table for Seth. She leaned over and kissed his forehead, sighing slightly.

She walked downstairs and looked at Rosalie. [b "It's not that I don't trust or have faith in Grandpa, but I've already lost Jacob and my children lost their father, I don't think I'm strong enough to go through that again, Rosealie."] she said. [b "Bad things always happen to the people that I love..."]

[b "She said she would do whatever it takes."] she told him [b "But we have to tell him what we think. Grandpa, we can't keep this from him. He knows something is wrong, just not what."]
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 1y 45d 22h 7m 41s
Carlisle sighed on the other end of the phone, "I won't let you lose him Renesmee. If Leah won't or can't...this is where Jasper's expertise comes know what your Uncle Jasper did before he came to me....he will get Seth what he needs but this doesn't leave me, you and Jasper. You talk to Leah tonight and I'll be over to examine Seth and we will find out if you can have another child. Make sure hes drinking alot of fluids. He needs water."

Seth ended up falling asleep and was in a deep sleep. He needed the rest, that was one thing he didn't get enough of was sleep. Rosalie helped with the kids and said, "I'll watch him and you can go do what you need to do Renesmee....don't worry your not alone and you never will be."

The next morning Carlisle came over and examined Seth and pulled Renesmee into the other room, "What did Leah say?"
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Renesmee listented to Seth. [b "I'm fine."] she said. She leaned over and kissed his cheek. [b "We ran into boogies, whatever that is."] she stated [b "One almost got me, but Collin had my back. He didn't leave me side."]

She listened to him speak about Carlisle, and then she remembered that she needed to keep an eye on Seth. She wasn't quite sure how she was supposed to take care of three kids, the pack and Seth. She needed help. She needed her Mother.

[b "I'm gonna go make a call."] she said, getting up out of the bed, she walked outside. She needed to call Carlisle, Seth was getting worse. He needed a kidney transplant.

[b "He's pale. He's getting worse, Carlisle. You have to fix him."] she said [b "I can't loose another one. I can't go through that again. You have to do something!"]
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 1y 47d 14h 54m 49s
"I had a dream, a bad dream, a nightmare....I haven't had a nightmare like that in a really long time, I just I needed to see you and make sure that my mind wasn't playing tricks on me and that I was still here with you...I love you Renesmee." He said hugging her tightly. He was the same old Seth. Just he seemed a little more fragile now...not as much of a big strong wolf.

Seth needed her and she needed him. "Carlisle is coming over to check on me in the morning, at least thats what Rosalie said, she also threatened me to stay in bed but thats besides the point....I'm stubborn I know."

He looked sick, not just exhausted, his skin looked paler, he looked like he needed a doctor. He took another drink of gatorade. "Ness is something wrong? Did I do something?" Seth didn't let go. "Why do you have to patrol...its not fair that because I'm sick you have to patrol."
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Renesmee groaned as she walked into the house, she looked at Rosalie and thanked her for holding down their house. She knew that Seth wasn't an easy person to keep still. [b "Thanks a lot Rosalie. You've helped me so much in the last couple of days.."] she said. [b "I don't know how I'll ever repay you... You've jumped in and taken over what my Mother would've been doing without a second thought.

[b "Carlisle and Esme said I could bring the babies over tonight so I can patrol again. Leah's going to sit with Seth."] she looked back, and thanked her again before walking upstairs. [b "I'm here Seth."] she said.

She walked into her bedroom and smiled. [b "I'm right here."] she said as she crawled into bed. She looked over at him, not understanding why he was crying. [b "I'm fine."] she said. [b "We had a run in, but I'm okay."]
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 1y 47d 15h 11m 8s
Seth was awake when he heard Renesmee come in, or he thought it was Renesmee, "Babe?" Collin chuckled and said, "No just me, shes on her way back though, ran into a couple bogies, its take care of though Seth, go back to sleep."

Seth did just that, waiting on Renesmee. He trusted Collin to know what was a threat and what wasn't. He woke up an hour later, "Ness? Nessie?" He had had a bad dream and he needed to talk to her. Make sure she was safe and that he was alive and that his dream hadn't been real. He had to confirm it. He had tears in his eyes.

"Nessie...." He was almost crying now. Rosalie looked at him from the other room, she didn't know how to calm a wolf, especially Seth he was....sensitive... more so than any of the other wolves. He was different, a good different though, the world needed Seth.
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