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Jacob collapsed on the ground, panting for air. All that was left was Aro. Jacob just needed a minute to regain his strength and Renesmee knew that, this was a distraction. He needed to get the right angle or Aro would kill him.

Jacob locked eyes with Renesmee. Then he saw Sam, the giant black wolf went flying over Renesmee's head colliding with Aro. Jacob could barely breathe, he felt like he was dying but he had to protect his tribe, his family.

He wheezed and Bella ran to Jacob, "Jake stay with me, keep breathing, keep your heart beating." Jake heard her and all he could do was focus on breathing. He was still in his wolf form. He couldn't focus, he couldn't breathe. He was dying.

Bella shook him. "Jacob stay with me, Renesmee needs you, your kids need you, stay with me." Jacob whimpered.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 1d 6h 34m 9s
Renesmee stood back, watching. She was amazed that Aro was still alive at this point. She knew that he and Jacob would fight to the death. She had to do something and fast.

She watched them fight. She was having flashbacks, their first date, their prom, the first time Jacob had ever kissed her, the day the twins were born, the day the adopted Embry, last night.

She shook her head, she knew Jacob couldn't hold on. She knew no one would agree with her decision, but she had to save her little family.

[b "Aro!"] , running to stand in front of him. [b "I surrender."] she said [b "I will go back to Volterra with you. I will join your coven, but you have to promise me that the Cullens, the Quileute, and my children are never harmed."] she said. [b "I'll go with you willingly. We can rebuild your guard, together."]
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 1d 6h 43m 10s
When the dust settled there was one of the Volturi left, no one had been lost on the Cullens or wolves side but there was one wolf on the vampire. Jacob. One of them would die.

Jacob growled, ready to pounce. The wolves had been the weapon that no one was counting on, the Volturi hadn't known that their numbers had grown. Jacob crouched and attacked the vampire. He knew Renesmee had never seen him this...primal.

No one had. He was protecting his family, his life. He saw Renesmee watching him and wanted her to run, run to their kids, run away from this. He didn't want her to watch him die. He was too weak. It was wearing on him. He whimpered and the vampire broke one of his bones but he ripped off its arm.

Jacob was fading fast, no one could step in, in fear of hurting Jacob more than he was already hurt.
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Renesmee looked back toward the house and nodded. The babies along with Seth, Brady and Collin were all in her jeep, ready to smash through the garge and get the hell out of Forks. She knew that her family wouldn't stop fighting until the six of them had reached their destination. [b "Jacob, don't give that to them!"] she said. [b "They deserve to die."]

[b "Aro. You need to leave."] she said, perched beside Jacob, she was ready for this.

She prayed to the spirts and ancestors that they would make it out on time. Bella's shield was hiding the scent, but it couldn't block Aro from seeing that they were leaving.
She watched as the guard started to run after them, but then the rest of the pack showed up.

As soon as Jane headed for them, Renesmee pounced. [b "Don't even think about it."] she said. Jane was strong though, it would be a struggle.
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 1d 6h 55m 14s
Jacob growled, he didn't trust them one bit. He looked to Collin, he needed to run and run now. When the threat was gone he would find them. They had talked about this but never thought it would need to be carried out. The Volturi were tricky and Jacob had a bad feeling in the pit of his stomach.

Aro looked to them, "We will leave if you help us or we will take one of you with us, your choice." Jacob pulled out some of his fur and put it in Jane's hand. She used her gift on him. Pain.

He howled. Little did the Volturi know, Bella and Edward were hiding in the trees. The Volturi could use the fur to make a cure but they had another motive. One that Collin was outrunning right now.

Bella used her shield on Collin and the kids, making sure no one could track them. Jacob could smell her and silently thanked her.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 1d 7h 2m 26s
Renesmee nodded slightly. She understood what Jacob was saying.

She looked over at Collin. [b "Listen to me."] she said. [b "Seth and Brady are going to meet us at the Cullens. I need you to promise me that you three will protect the babies with everything in you. I don't care what happens to me, you protect Dawson, Ember and Annabell."] she said. She didn't trust the Volutri, she never would.

[b "Collin. You all need to be ready to leave in a moments time. Take the kids and run. Everything that you will ever need is in the dash of my jeep."] she said, before grabbing Dawson and Ember and making her way inside the Cullens. [b "Why are they coming?"] she asked.

She stood outside, prepared to fight with Jacob. She smirked when she saw Jane. Oh this fight would be good. She listened to Aro, and just laughed. [b "You actually had the nerve to come here and ask for our help?"]
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 1d 7h 10m 12s
"No Ness, I'm not coming, I have a duty to my tribe, I will protect you and the kids, no one will hurt you. I promise, you keep Collin with you and the kids, hes more usefull there. Sam is going to help me this time." Jacob said making sure that she and the kids had everything they needed.

The moment that Jacob stepped outside he knew, "Renesmee, take the long way to the Cullens, it keeps you away from the Volturi, I can smell them." When Jacob made sure they were out of harms way he phased. It felt good but hurt him at the same time.

20 minutes later Jacob was outside of the Cullen house, making sure no one got in. Carlisle went to make peace and find out what the vampire clan wanted. It wasn't Jacob and Renesmee's kids. It was their help... There was a wolf outbreak in italy, actual werewolves. Too many for the guard to handle. They needed a cure and needed one fast.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 1d 7h 22m 3s
Renesmee just looked at Jacob. She was scared out of her mind right now, endless possibilities running through her head. [b "Jacob. I don't like this. Something is off."] she said. Right now, she was thankful that Sammy wasn't with them anymore, Leah had picked him up earlier. Renesmee didn't want anything to happen to him because of what she and Jacob had done.

[b "Give me fifteen minutes."] she said, running upstairs, she threw things in backpacks. [b Collin!"] she yelled, making sure he was still there. She looked at Jacob. [b "You aren't coming with us, are you?"] she said, her eyes getting watery. She leaned up and kissed his cheek. [b "I love you."] she said, she slung the backpacks over her shoulder. [b "Collin, get Dawson and Annabell to the truck, I got Ember."] she said.

She looked back at Jacob once more, before running to her truck. She made sure all the babies were buckled in, and then raced to the Cullens. Emmett and Jasper were waiting for them at the begining of their very long drive way, they ran next to the truck. [b "Whatever happens, it wont be pretty. I've got to come up with a plan."] she told Collin. [b "The babies can't be here for that long"]
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 1d 7h 32m 53s
Jacob shook his head and said, "I don't know Ness but hes only 13. Hes the youngest I've ever seen phase, remember I was 16. He's scared too, I can feel it." Jacob looked worried. "I'm going to increase patrols. I can't risk anything getting through."

Suddenly Renemee's phone rang, it was Alice. "Nessie, get the kids and Jacob here now." Jacob could hear the conversation and was packing things for the kids quickly. The Volturi were coming.

No one knew why but Jacob had an idea that his kids were somehow involved. A hybrid with the wolf gene was unheard of and invaluable. A vampire that could sense wolves and vampires, hear for miles, outrun a normal vampire. Most covens would kill for that."

Jacob put Annabell in Collin's arms. "I'm trusting you to get her safely to the Cullens. I need to be ready to phase." He hadn't phased since the accident but he was preparing for it.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 1d 7h 43m 29s
Renesmee smiled softly and just nodded. [b "Thank you."] she said softly. She followed Collin upstairs, carrying the only bag that Collin left. [b "Listen."] she sat down on the her bed and sighed. [b "I know I'm always giving you all kinds of hell and stuff. But I'm really thankful that you imprinted on my daughter. I'm so lucky that she got a good one, unlike other people. I'm not going to mention names. But if she ended up with someone, like say Paul, well we would still be living at my parents house."] she said, smiling. [b "I know you'll always do everything in your power to protect her, and for that, I'm forever thankful."]

She looked up when she heard [b "New wolf"] she shivered. That meant there were other vampires near. That meant something was about to go down. [b "Jacob..."] she said softly, shaking her head. What else was going to happen?
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 1d 7h 49m 1s
Collin nodded and said, "Let me help you, let him sleep." He sat Annabell down by Jacob and she cuddled into him too. Jacob was warm. The babies liked that.

Collin made quick work of taking all of the shopping bags up to Renesmee and Jacob's closet. Something switched in him and he woke Jacob up quickly. "Jake theres a new member of the pack?" Jacob looked confused and then read Collin's thoughts.

Jared's cousin, Taylor, had phased. They hadn't even known a fever had set in. Jacob sent Brady to check on the new pack member and fill him in on what exactly he was and how to handle living with it.

Jacob put the kids in their play pen to sleep and he pulled Renesmee into his arms. "Baby I uh think Dawson has a gift like you do, I mean I think he showed me something in his sleep." He was referring to how Renesmee could show you pictures.
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Renesmee spent almost the entire day in Port Angeles with Alice. They bought clothes for everyone, including Collin, Leah, Jared and Sammy. They bought the cutest swimsuits for Ember and Annabell, matching swimming trunks for Dawson and Jacob, Renesmee even got a new black bikini.

Once she got back, she was exchausted. There was no way that she would get all the packing done tonight, Alice had agreed to come over tomorrow and help.

[b "Thanks for staying and helping. I feel like we've kind of taken advangtage of you the past few weeks... But thank you."] she said.

[b "I don't feel like cooking, so I ordered pizza. It should be here within the hour. The babies can have some baby food for once."] she said.

[b "Alice didn't want to upset Jacob. She's coming over tomorrow to help me back. She figured that would be more than enough."]
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"He gets table scraps." Jacob yelled back laughing. Collin hit his arm. Jacob and Collin ended up cleaning up the house and falling asleep while the kids watched Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. Collin woke up with a sleeping Annabell in his arms and saw Jacob asleep with Dawson on him and Ember hugging his leg.

Seconds later the door opened and Collin saw all the shopping bags before he saw Renesmee. "Hey." He whispered smiling. "Jake fed us all grilled cheese, I think its all he knows how to make but it was good. Hes alseep with Dawson and Ember." Annabell was asleep in Collin's arms.

"You do know you can bring Alice here, the house is right on the line, and Jacob is alpha, its not like hes going to say anything against his fiance and her family, he loves you Renesmee." Collin said smiling.
  Jake Black / polkadotrocker / 1d 8h 39m 20s
Renesmee just rolled her eyes and nodded. [b "Yup."] she said. [b "But at least we have enough people going now, we have a person per baby. Collin can be on Annabell watch, you with Dawson, and I get baby Em to myself."] she said smiling. She had a great relationship with all her babies, but Ember was definitely a momma's girl. She wouldn't have it any other way. [b "Make me a list of what you want me to get while I'm out!"] she called.

She texted Alice, knowing the girl would be up for a shopping trip. [b "Leaving for Hawaii in two days. Everyone basically needs a new wardoe. You up for the challenge?"] she texted the girl.
She laughed when she got a reply within minutes. [I Pick me up in twenty minutes.]

The girl quickly changed, just a pair of running shorts with her converse and a La Push football tee shirt. [b "Bye yall! Be home tonight! Jacob, make sure you feed our children, including Collin!"]
  Renesmee Carlie Cullen / BooBear96 / 1d 9h 4m 4s
"We have to take the pup don't we?" Jacob said slightly irritated. He called Collin a pup because he was the youngest in the pack and imprinted on his baby girl.

"Promise me that you'll be careful when your out with Alice, she doesn't seem to like me so make sure you come back. I like the pixie okay but I think its because she can't have her visions around me."

Annabell was hugging Collin when Jacob came back in. "Collin your coming with us to Hawaii but only for Annabell's sake, she wouldn't be able to handle two weeks without you." Annabell was smiling up at Collin, her dark hair hung in her face. She was adorable. Jacob's dark skin and eyes mixed with Renesmee's dark redish brown hair. She would break hearts when she was older but she only had eyes for Collin and Dawson was Jacob's twin, he would have no trouble with girls.
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