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Sierra walked for a while after getting away from the other assassin. It was quiet in town for once and she didn't see anyone else out on jobs or anything at the moment.

She turned to head to the company that usually handed out jobs for assassinations and the like. The building was in a part of town more suited for the slums than any other area and most people avoided it. She made sure no one was watching as she walked through the doors and made her way up to the desk.

[+green "Anything new or interesting?"] she asked as she leaned on the desk, peeking over at the flyers laying out on the table.

[+red "Only if you want to do a yakuza's handiwork or take vengeance for someone else?"] the man at the desk said in a bored tone.

[+green "That's what I do half the time anyway."]

[+red "Nothing is worth enough money for the work, though."] he said.

Sierra sighed and rested her head on the counter. What good would it do to waste her energy on a job that was apparently pointless? She shook her head, [+green "Fine. I'll see what I can find elsewhere."]

He smirked, [+red "You could always play the piano somewhere."] he was joking but Sierra gave him a dirty look before turning to walk out again.

As she exited the building she noticed that someone was following her but she couldn't pinpoint where they were exactly so for the moment she just had to deal with it. Frowning she turned to walk through town, attempting to lose them but they kept following her.

As it was getting dark she found herself stuck in a dead in just before she could jump a wall and quickly realized it wasn't just one person following her but three and none human.

[b "There she is. This is the woman the boss has been looking for."] one of them muttered to the others.

[+red "You sure? She doesn't look like much to me."] another said in annoyance.

The third sighed, [+blue "Obviously that's face. She doesn't have to look like much. She's got some handy tricks that we can use to our advantage."]

The first moved to grab her but Sierra reacted quickly and kicked him in the face, [+green "I don't care who your boss is but I've got nothing to do with any of this."] she snapped and kicked him again in the gut.
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[size12 After looking over the papers he was given, a smirk appeared on Jin's face.] [b "I'm irritated that this is an out of town job but if these reports are accurate, it will be worth it."]

[+red "Those reports came in just last night, actually. They also know about your abilities."]

[size12 Jon grinned.] [b "Since most of the hunter organizations are linked together, it's no surprise they found out about me. Well, shit. With reports like this, how can I refuse?"]

[+red "That's our Jin. I'll let them know that you accepted the offer. If they need anything specific, they will contact you directly. Just know that you aren't going to be the only one they hire."]

[b "They sent a down payment, didn't they."]

[size12 The woman nodded.] [+red "They had a strong belief you would accept it so they went ahead and sent the money with their request."]

[size12 Jin heaved a sigh.] [b "Cheeky bastards. Well, I have some preparations to make. I'll need at least two days. My bike is in the shop."] [size12 He said before standing.] [b "This is one hell of a case. I have much to do."]

[+red "Get going, Jin. I'll take care of the rest from here."]

[size12 And with that, Jin was finally able to leave. He fished out his cigarettes and lighter as he moved towards the door. Once outside the building, he lit one up and stuffed the pair back into his coat pocket. The girl from before and with her was a young guy were standing outside talking. Jin took in a deep breath and let it out, a plume of smoke going with it. He turned towards the pair and walked around them, leaving them to whatever it was they were talking about.]

[size12 After walking a ways, Jin came to an intersection. He crossed over to the left side of the road and kept going. Up the street was a small motor repair shop. He walked into the garage and found his bike, which was a beat up looking Harley.] [b "Yo. What's the verdict, judge?"]

[+red "You did a number on it this time, Jin. Thankfully, I always have the parts in stock for ya. Should be back running in another day or so. Tell me, Jin. Have you ever thought about getting a new bike?"]

[b "I'll get a new bike when this one completely breaks apart on me. Despite all the abuse it went through over the years, it's still holding together."]

[+red "I will never understand your logic."]

[b "Oh, shut up and fix her up, Vern. I've got a job to do in two days."]

[+red "Out of town again, huh. It's just a matter of getting parts replaced so she'll be ready to ride by then."]

[b "Good. Call me when he's ready."] [size12 And with that, Jin left to take care of other things.]
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Sierra glanced up at the guy as she finished up her business in that building. She didn't bother trying to figure out what was going on with him and the woman.

She walked outside. She planned to look into finding another job for but as soon as she passed through the doors, she stopped and sighed. Someone she recognized from her line of work was standing outside waiting for her.

He was a tall lean young man close to the same age as Sierra, he also had a habit of giving Sierra a hard time when he was around her. A sort of rival in the business. At least that's how Sierra saw him.

[+red "I thought you were the one who had completed the hit on the con."] he said as he leaned on the wall.

She rolled her eyes and walked passed him, [+green "What makes you think that?"]

[+red "Because you only drew the attention of the whole city because you screwed up."] he jeered.

She scowled at him, [+green "What do you want?"]

[+red "I wanted to see if you knew about the crazy shit going down in the next town."] he said. Sierra paused and looked at him. [+red "I take that as you don't know then."] he grinned, [+red "There are demons causing all sorts of hell over there."]

Sierra shook her head, [+green "Yeah, so?"] she asked with a raised eyebrow.

[+red "Oh? I thought you'd be interested in the pay. I guess it's too much for you."]

Sierra shook her head, [+green "I'm not sure the price is high enough to put my neck on the line that much. Besides, I like sticking around my own city."] she said as she continued on her way.

[+red "Too bad, thought it'd be interesting to see which of us could take down the most demons."] he said as he turned to walk off.

Sierra rolled her eyes and shook her head. [+green "Yeah whatever."] she mumbled.
  Sierra / CrazyCasey / 2y 187d 9h 56m 18s
[size12 As Jin was about to leave, he noticed a young girl come in. She seemed vaguely familiar and yet he couldn't place her. His mind drew a blank.]

[size12 He snapped out of it when someone had pinched his cheek and pulled and pulled hard] [b "Hey! Ow! What the hell?!"]

[size12 A giggle sounded as his cheek was released. It was one of the other contractors, an older woman.] [+red "Glad to see you never change, deary."]

[b "Jeez. For an old woman you still have an iron grip."]

[+red "Oh, but of course! Come. I have some details of your next job. You'll want to have these in your knowledge before you go."]

[size12 Jin heaved a sigh and followed the woman into one of the private rooms. The woman closed the door as Jin took a seat on the couch.] [b "What beans do you have to spill this time?"]

[+red "It seems there are more clients going through other companies to get to ours for certain job types. We asked why and all they would say is something along the lines of 'You have the unkillable'. And these companies are not as legal as ours is."]

[b "And that means what to the job?"]

[+red "This job was ported over to us by one of these companies. And it seems they ported over a second as well. The city you are going to be visiting is trying to shut down one of the hunter companies there that seem to be dodging legalities. The job is a double whammy. Not only do you have a bounty to collect but you also have detective work to do."]

[b "Since I'm the only one with the knowledge.]

[+red "Exactly. The client is one of the advisers of the city and is in charge of keeping track of law and order there. He has offered twice the fee to deal with both problems. These are the files that you should look over."] [size12 The woman handed an envelope with the files in it to Jin and he took it.]

[b "Alright. I have no choice in the matter anyway. I'll be sure to take care of it."]

[+red "Just be careful. The man suspects another adviser has contacted another company with twice the price for just the demon issue."]

[b "Yeah. Yeah."] [size12 Jin grumbled before he stood up and was finally able to leave. He walked out of the room, glanced over to the unknown girl and headed out the door.] [b "A twofer. Just my luck. The investigation alone will take a couple weeks at least. Fuck me."] [size12 He grumbled to himself as he glanced at the files he was given.]
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Sierra went home after taking out her target for that night. She'd made sure she wasn't followed before strolling into her one bedroom apartment. The place wasn't old but it wasn't new either but it was comfortable and Sierra loved it for the view it gave her of the city.

The apartment had the essentials, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and a sitting room. She had it mostly fully stocked minus a few things but she also had an upright piano that sat in the living room. Her closet was filled with different types of clothes and even a safe where she kept her weapons some emergency cash.

The next morning, Sierra was rushing around her apartment, throwing simplest thing she could find. A dress and some tights and her usual knee high boots. A dagger was strapped to her calf inside her boot then she ran out the door after gathering a few other things she'd need.

She had to go pick up her payment for completing the job, luckily for her, her apartment was just up the street from the office she had been meant to meet the contractor for the cash.

She jogged down the street and into the office. Vaguely noticing the guy from the night before speaking to someone as she entered the building. She watched him for a moment as she leaned against the desk waiting for the man who'd given her the job. This wasn't where she normally did business but it seemed that the client had wanted to avoid using her company directly.

[+red "Sierra, right? I wasn't expecting that you'd be such a skinny thing. Guess you're tougher than you look."] said the man she guessed she was here to meet.

She shrugged as she took the envelop of money from him, she smiled sweetly, [+green "Of course. If I looked as tough as I am then I'd just be too predictable and this job would just be too boring for me."] She joked.

Sierra took her work seriously but that didn't mean she didn't still get the thrill from the danger.

She waved a goodbye over her shoulder as she turned to walk out of the building. The next thing would be to see about finding another job.
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[size12 Once Jin was clear of the commotion, he skidded to a stop. It was quite a ways that he ran and yet he was barely breathing hard.] [b "That escalated quickly."] [size12 He mumbled before he started to walk off. He reached into one of the inner pockets of his coat and pulled out a pack of cigarettes and a phone. He lit up a cigarette before taking a look at the phone. He hit one of the buttons and the screen lit up. There was a little notice on the screen but it wasn't anything important.] [b "Guess I'll just head home."] [size12 He mumbled before tucking his phone away. He turned left onto one of the streets and off he went.]

[size12 His 'home' was an old apartment with barely anything in it. He had the bare minimum since he was often away on business. It was a small studio and looked pretty shabby but it wasn't the worst in the world. The rent was cheap and the air conditioner worked. It's really all he needed. There was a big weapons safe that was stocked with mostly ammo, a couch, a bed, a couple tables, a couple lamps, and a desk with chair where his computer sat. He kept his clothes in a metal locking box. Despite the place being near empty, he was comfortable. After locking the door and tossing his coat and scarf over the back of the couch, which was his version of a shirt, Jin flopped into the couch. There was a mini fridge next to the couch that served as a side table. He reached over and pulled a beer from the fridge, which was that seemed to ever be in it. He stripped off his gloves, revealing that his nails were naturally solid black. He flicked his thump up on the cap of the bottle and off went the cap. He spent several hours drinking until he eventually fell asleep.]

[size12 Come morning he was at the place bounty hunters got their missions and payment. He was arguing about the next mission, which was another out of town job.] [+red "Sorry, Jin, but there hasn't been many jobs here in town lately. The last mission was completed last night by someone from another company. Besides, it's just the next town over. Maybe 20 miles away if that. They have a demon problem and you're the only one I can think of that can handle that kind of entity."]

[size12 Jin heaved a sigh.] [b "Shit. Fine then. I'll do it."] [size12 He said. The man he was arguing with finalized the mission statement and handed Jin a copy. He snatched it up and stomped out.] [b "And I just got back home not 48 hours ago. Sheesh."] [size12 He grumbled as he went on to get prepared for travel.]
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Sierra watched him once the goon was down. She raised an eyebrow at that comment. So he was familiar with her line of business it seemed. [+green "At least you understand."] she mumbled.

She watched as he plucked the arrows from the goon but she didn't make a move to reach for them yet. Listening as the men could be heard coming their way she glanced back at the man as she heard the arrow slide into her quiver.

[+green "Thank you. You don't have to tell me twice."] she said as she turned to walk out of the bar before pausing. It was a relief that he didn't intend to blow her cover but that burst of speed was surprising.

She blinked, unsure what to think of him at that. She turned and snuck out the back of the bar just as the men chasing her got closer. Sticking to the alley ways and making complicated short cuts to avoid notice on the street.

As luck would have it, she came across her target again only he was on the street and she was currently on a roof top. Smirking she took a second shot at him, this time succeeding and shooting him through the heart with an arrow charged with electricity. She'd gotten the job done and would be paid in the morning thankfully, now all she had to do was get away which she could do since she was extra careful to avoid leaving her scent on the arrow this time.
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[size12 Jin blinked and the guy was down for the count. He struggled a little before hit lights were put out. He leaned over the fallen goon.] [b "Well, shit."] [size12 He looked over to the girl as she explained what was going on. He listened to the girls words before he ran a hand through the loose portion of his hair.] [b "I see. I've had a couple targets like that in the past. Such a pain in the ass when it happens. Pisses me off when I waste ammo like that."]

[size12 He watched the girl as she settled her weaponry in place. He turned and plucked the arrows from the creature. He moved towards the girl and held out the arrows.] [b "If this human target of yours has critters like dead guy over there then running might be a good idea. As far as your cover goes, I've never seen you in my life. I may be an ass but I'm not that big of an ass."] [size12 Jin paused for a moment to listen. He turned back the girl and shoved the arrows into her quiver.] [b "Better get going. I can hear guys coming this way."]

[size12 It was a ways way but the shouts of men could be heard coming closer and closer. Jin made a concerned face.] [b "Crap. There's too many of them. And I didn't think to bring extra clips. Shit. I'm getting the hell out of dodge. Good luck!"] [size12 Jin gave a farewell salute and with a burst of inhuman speed, he was out the door and gone.]
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Sierra kept her eyes on the monster until she heard someone stand. Her gaze shifted for only a moment before turning back to her target. She worried for a moment if he planned to stop her and relaxed as soon as he said he didn't care.

She released the arrow before the monster could make a move toward her and shot him in the shoulder. The arrow burned where it hit him and in another moment he was falling over lifeless. Sighing, she looked up at the man as she moved to pull on her cloak again.

[+green "It's nothing you should be worried about but if you have to know, I underestimated a human target's luck and resources and it's gotten me in some hot water."] she said as she pulled her quiver over her back and hung the bow on her shoulder. [+green "Now I'm getting out of here before they come to pick up their friend here."] she said before pausing and looking at him again, [+green "That is unless you plan to blow my cover."]

There was something off about this guy so she didn't think she wanted to pick a fight with him but she definitely didn't want to risk having the world know her face and being able to match her as an assassin. It was safer for her that way.
  Sierra / CrazyCasey / 2y 202d 6h 36m 54s
[size12 It had gone rather quiet for a time. However, Jin was now on alert. He knew something was up but didn't really fret over the details. He kept an eye and an ear out for his surroundings but kept his behavior casual.]

[size12 The sound of people running around could be heard outside but they were no longer interested in the bar. at least, for now they weren't.] [+red "Yo. Jin. It's getting a bit too hectic for me. I'm going to head on back home."]

[b "Alright. Later, Gator."] [size12 Jin said to the other man, whose was apparently named Gator. He rolled his eyes as he paid for his drinks and then left, leaving Jin to sit alone at the bar. He got another drink, which had to be his eighth or ninth one, and heaved a sigh. He had stubbed out his cigarette and lit up another one. He had a bored look on his face at that point.]

[size12 His boredom didn't last long though. He heard the sound of fast running, too fast for a human. Moments later, the door crashed open and in came a strange looking fellow. Jin turned to look at the new arrival and noticed it clutched an arrow in its hand. Or maybe it was a claw. The woman seemed fine up until that very point. She spoke and swiftly had her bow with arrow ready to fire.]

[size12 Jin knocked back his drink in one gulp, stubbed out his smoke, and stood up. His long coat reached down to just above his knees and hung heavy in a couple spots in the back. The other patrons had either moved away or made a break for the door. Some were just too drunk to care or out cold. Jin moved up to stand between the two but not in the way of the arrow.] [b "Call me Curious George, but what the hell is going on?"] [size12 He looked to the girl with the bow.] [b "I had the assumption about this before but no I know for sure you're involved. Not gonna stop you or anything. You can turn him into a porcupine or pin cushion for all I care. Just enlighten me."]
  Jin / -Serenity- / 2y 203d 10h 53m 46s
Sierra watched the man closely as he questioned the others and turned to look at the blue eyed man as he helped her out and the man slowly exited.

Once the danger was gone, she slowly slipped her knife back into her sleeve and eyed the man who had helped her.

She knew for a fact that he'd noticed her when she came in so she had no doubt that he knew she was the one they were looking for. She didn't trust his reasons for helping her though. From her experience, when someone helped out another person it was to get something in return.

Nodding back to him slightly, she went back to sipping her drink and glanced out the door of the bar once again as men ran by. She sighed. It was obvious they were still searching for her so she couldn't leave yet.

One thing was good though, it didn't seem as if anyone was going to find her. She focused on finishing her drink. She was still technically working so too much to drink would get her in more trouble.

She glanced up again only to hear someone run into the bar and lock eyes with her. Staring back at her was a very unhuman creature holding the arrow she'd attempted to kill the con with. The surprising fact wasn't that she could tell he'd tracked her scent there with the arrow but that he'd manged to find her scent on it. Sierra went through great lengths to hide her scent or to at least cover it so this hound of sorts managing pick her scent up from the strong order she planted on the medal arrow as well as the little blood from the con she'd fired at was impressive to say the least.

[+green "More trouble than he's worth.."] she mumbled as she snatched her bow up and pointed an arrow to the creature.
  Sierra / CrazyCasey / 2y 203d 11h 48m 28s
[size12 Time was just ticking by as the two men chatted. However, something caught Jin's attention. The sound of footsteps made him turn towards the entrance of the bar. In the window was a darkly dressed man peeking in.] [+red "That guy looks like bad news to me."] [size12 Jin's buddy whispered.] [+red "Can you tell if he's human?"]

[b "Yeah. Bad news indeed."] [size12 Jin whispered in reply. He flexed his ability to sense energies and got a reading before shutting it down.] [b "Human as far as I can tell. But there are blockers out there that I can't get past."]

[+red "lockers? Oh. You mean those weird charm thingies that mask energy to make it appear human?"]

[b "Yeah. Those thingies. But just ignore him. If he causes any trouble..."]

[+red "You''l fill him full of holes?"]

[size12 Jin grinned and couldn't hold back a laugh.] [b "Like a block of swizz cheese!"]

[size12 The pair laughed and downed more drinks, which Jin could drink pretty much anyone under the table. As they goofed around, the guy peeking into the bar came in. The first person he went to was the girl that had come in just moments before. Jin watched out of the corner of his eye as the pair spoke for a moment or two before the man moved off to question others. Most were too drunk to reply or just didn't notice anything. However, Jin was far too sharp to not notice.]

[size12 The man came over to him but Jin was was already talking before the man got to him.] [b "Sorry dude. Haven't seen your chickadee."]

[+red "How do you even know what I'm going to ask?"]

[size12 Jin turned around in his seat to lean his elbow up on the counter top, drink in one hand and a lit cigarette between his lips.] [b "I'm not deaf you know. The gal you're looking for could be long gone by now."]

[size12 The man heaved a sigh and simply left. Jin turned towards the girl and lifted his drink towards her with a smile. Having been a detective once, he knew how to spot trouble. He also knew just how to get out of it as well. The situation could be different but he had a feeling the girl was definitely involved.]
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Sierra glanced as a waiter asked her if she'd like anything to drink. She mumbled an answer but she couldn't be sure what she'd said. It wasn't as if she planned to be their long and she had more important matters on the mind.

Her green eyes scanned the bar. There were only a few people, some more noticeable than others. Two men at the bar seemed to be paying attention to her but she ignored them for the most part.

Smirking to herself as she heard her pursuers run past the bar. So far so good, that is until one of them stopped and stared inside for a moment. Sierra quickly turned to smile up at the waiter as he set her beverage in front of her, pretending to not notice the look.

It was the same man who'd come into the room after she'd made her attempt on her target. She couldn't imagine that he'd gotten a good look at her face and even if he did all he would have seen would have been her mouth and nose. Maybe enough to tell him he was searching for a woman.

Suddenly she heard heave footsteps coming toward her. Sure enough, it was the goon who'd been scrutinizing her before. Sierra looked at him with a raised eyebrow, [+green "Can I help you?"]

The man was twice her size and very definitely had more physical power than her but she knew she could out run him or even take him down if there weren't so many witnesses in this place. [b "Maybe you can. We're looking for someone. A woman, about your size. Maybe you saw her run by or something?"]

[+green "I can't say that I have."]

He tsked, [b "Well that's too bad. So what's a pretty girl like you doing here by yourself, especially at a time like this? You know it can get pretty dangerous for women like you."]

[+green "I'm just waiting for a friend."] she said simply, biting back the come back she wanted to say. It pissed her off when people acted as if she needed looking after just because she was a woman.

[b "Is that so? Well I guess I better go ask some of the others in this place if they saw who I'm looking for."]

Sierra waited till he turned his head to glance around the place to allow a small blade to slip out of her sleeve but she made no move against him yet. Just remained in her place with the knife hidden in her lap. It was obvious he was suspicious of her and she couldn't guarantee that no one else here noticed when she entered.
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[size12 It was like any other evening. Sitting at the bar, having a few drinks and chilling with some of the other patrons. Just another average evening. However, the man enjoying said average evening was anything but average.]

[size12 Jin looked more mafia than bounty hunter. The part that sets him out from the rest really isn't his looks. It's what he was. He didn't look it but he was a half demon. The only thing that might make people question what he was is his eyes but they were so close to normal, besides the two black rings in each of his irises, it was hard to tell. But if someone saw him fight, it was easy to tell he wasn't entirely human.]

[size12 Many people were often intimidated by him. No surprise there. He's not as bad has his appearance makes him seem though. Once people got past that, they were fine with him. Well, if they could get past is damn personality. He was such an ass most of the time. Tonight was one of his calmer nights. He laughed with one of his buddies and talked about current events. The bar was nearly completely empty.] [+red "Dude. Have you heard about the crap that's been going on lately? There's a conman causing trouble left, right and center all over town."]

[size12 Jin knocked back a glass of bourbon before speaking.] [b "Yeah. I heard about that. I'm surprised no one has contacted me about it. I'd have the guy deader than roadkill on a hot day."] [size12 He said as he got another glass of bourbon.]

[+red "I believe you on that one."] [size12 The man said with laughter.]

[size12 The two men kept talking. After a while, the door sounded. Jin looked over as he knocked back another drink. Judging by the way the person was acting, the hooded figure was being chased. The figure took their hood off, revealing them to be female. Jin rose and eyebrow as he watched the girl move. She tucked what looked like bow and quiver under the table before sitting down.] [b "Well, I'll be damned."]

[+red "Well, ain't she a pretty face."] [size12 The man slapped Jin on the shoulder.] [+red "What you think, Jin? Think there's a chance?"]

[size12 Jin simply shrugged as he sipped on yet another glass of bourbon. He ran gloved hand through the loose portion of his hair.] [b "Maybe there is. Maybe there isn't. With her type, it's hard to tell. But hey. You know me. I'm a ladies man."]

[+red "No. You're just a perverted asshat with a rotten sense of humor."]

[b "That too."] [size12 The two guys laughed and kept on drinking. However, Jin was also listening to what was going on outside.]

[size12 Yelling sounded through the door.] [+red "Dammit! We lost them! Shit! Let's go!"] [size12 It was a man's voice and sounded commanding. Jin glanced back at the girl and suspected she was involved somehow. But he didn't ponder on it. He had drinks to drink. It was a rare night off. Might as well live it up.]
  Jin / -Serenity- / 2y 208d 8h 58m 29s
Sierra swore under her breath as she peeked around inside the window. Currently she was crouched on a ledge of a building listening in on her target as she waited for him to be alone. She was hired to take down a certain criminal who had been causing trouble in town lately. Unfortunately for Sierra, it seemed he was a part of an organization and one she would prefer not to make an enemy of. Also, the windows of this building were so close, it made her more vulnerable than she liked.

Once the target was finally alone, she tugged her hood down further and drew her bow. Acting quickly before someone else showed up, she released an arrow but the target chose that moment to move. The arrow whizzed pass his cheek, grazing it in the process. He turned and looked at her as someone shot into the room with him.

Sierra jumped from the ledge to the fire escape of the building across the alley just as people began flooding the target's room and making moves to come after her. [+green "Damn it! Should have poisoned it!"] she grumbled to herself as she slid down the fire escape as fast as possible. At the last possible minute, she leaped and hit the ground rolling only to get to her feet just as men exited the building. She sighed as she turned to run down the alley again, [+green "How does a con man manage to get so much protection?"]

Climbing a fence, she darted into another alley. She tried to keep her route as complicated as possible so her pursuers would have more trouble finding her. When she finally saw no one nearby, she ducked into the nearest building, pulling the cloak off along with the bow and quiver and stuffing them under at table at the back as she took a seat near a quick exit if necessary.
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