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[center [font "Segoe Print" [size15 After the death of the king, seven kingdom's are called together to figure out who will take the central throne. A ball is hosted the first night and then trials to decide the next king or queen. A week into the trials a prince is murdered, and by the second week so is a princess. When the remaining four hear about the murders they know they have to try to get out alive. Even if they escape they may not be safe from the threat that is the Siren Princess turned self proclaimed Queen. What will happen? Only we can decide. Read if you want but this story is ours. It's contents are ours. Do not take anything from it.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [#d80808 #d80808=Jemma] [+Goldenrod Goldenrod=Rylan] [+teal Teal=Emalia]]]

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[center [font "Segoe Print" [size20 The Cast]]]
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[center [font "Segoe Print" John bit his lip, trying to keep his cheeks from heating up at the idea of teaching the other to dance. Like the skinwalkers, the druids often mingled together regardless of sex. Men danced with men, women with women, and traditionality was lost. It mattered little to them the traditional roles for male's could bare offspring with anyone, just the same as the females could. In fact his grandmother had married a woman and produced his father and eighteen brothers and sisters for him. His father had married a man and produced twelve older brothers & sisters and one younger sister.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" It was a relief to hear that John wasn't the only one uncomfortable with being here. Yet John had to agree with the skinwalker, it would bring his father joy and so he was doing it. John's father earned for his son to take part in greatness, to rule the land like never before. He hoped that with his son on the throne they would be able to restore some form of nature to the modern world and destroy some of the infrastructure that came with it. Bringing some tiny, small bit of nature back]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [+ForestGreen "Hopefully there will be a place to worship. I can try to show you to dance but I can't promise I'm a good teacher at it."] John spoke softly, trying not to let his cheeks turn red. What on earth was going on with him? It wasn't like he was attracted to men so it would be no big deal to show one to dance right? It wasn't as if the other male was hitting on him. It was simply conversation to keep them away from the snotty others that did not rely on nature quiet as much as they did.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [+ForestGreen "Do you want me to show you to dance as the man or the woman?"] It was simply in means as the one who lead. One would lead and the other would follow, John would try his best to show him and then hope a young lady cut in and could show him the rest. The idea of being so physically close to the male seemed to mess with John's head, and he didn't understand why. He didn't understand why it made his cheeks turn pink or his heart pound in his chest. It wasn't like he was interested in men, at least that's what he kept telling himself.]]

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[right [pic http://i.imgur.com/UMM4F1P.jpg]] [center [font "Segoe Print" Marissa narrowed her eyes at the siren, twisting on her heels. She had no issue showing her back or stalking off, and stalking off she did. She went after Laken, trailing on her heels as her dress swayed around her. [+SeaGreen "Laken wait. I'm sorry about her..she's just something else."] Marissa hoped the other woman wouldn't mind her following, or the fact she seemed to be so interested in making sure that she was alright. For some reason Marissa found herself drawn to the gargoyle female for reasons she couldn't explain.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Her chest puffed in her dress and she could barely keep it from falling off her shoulders as she finally caught up to the young woman at a water fountain. Her chest heaving and her dress off on one shoulder. [+SeaGreen "I'm sorry about her. She's just an awful person with her mind on one thing. Are you alright?"] Marissa was sure that Jemma hadn't followed her because her sites set on the couple of druid male's talking in the corner the moment that Marissa brushed past her.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" As charming as Jemma could be, her charms were less effective on Marissa. Who was able to see right through her bullshit with her abilities as a nymph. While she could allure people if she wanted, Marissa did not use that ability. It was also thanks to that ability that the siren's lures did not work on her. Instead she was able to ignore her and focus on what really was going on, which was complete and utter bull shit.]]
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[size11 Ember was happy to see that he had not offended the Druid prince. His kind were rather blunt people, having no concept of beating around the bush or saying things just to spare the feelings of others. Honesty was important and very much valued. He knew that John was right about what the others thought of them. They probably looked at both of them and their races and considered them far too archaic to even consider running the central kingdom. After all, they operated in nature, which they were far from here. Ember was only hopeful that he would be able to find a place to speak with the gods while he was here, somewhere undisturbed by the modern world.]

[size11 [#cc7a16 "I fear I'm not what most here would consider very smooth of tongue either. I doubt I could fit in with their conversations if I tried."] He didn't see that as a bad thing, though. He didn't want to be like them, so swept up in material possessions and completely blind to the spirits and natural world around them. They had all forgotten how things are meant to be in favor of leading lives full of greed and lust. He would not wish to be like them. [#cc7a16 "But perhaps you could teach me a dance or two. At least so that I am not stepping on any toes. It would give us an excuse to remain unseparated if we are dancing together."] There was a possibility that someone would attempt to cut in, but Ember would take that chance. In the skinwalker culture, it was not odd for two men to do things together that a man and woman would traditionally do.]

[size11 John's question threw him off a little, as he wasn't expecting it. He tilted his head a little at him, his braided hair moving about his shoulders as he did. Did he want to be here? It was a question that had a lot of factors to it. While he considered it, the other male answered his own question in turn, revealing that he hadn't wished to come to the central kingdom, but that it was his birthright. Ember had never heard of such a thing as the youngest son inheriting everything, but he would not question their traditions.]

[size11 [#cc7a16 "Did I want to come to this place and leave my home? No, I didn't. I would much rather be running through the forest or spending time with my brothers or sparring with the other warriors. But do I wish to make my father and my people proud by being here? More than anything."] He wasn't sure, looking around at them all, that very many of them had much choice in coming here. Parents were often a driving factor in many decisions. If there was one person he would say wanted to be here and to take the throne of them all, it was the siren princess. She seemed more than eager to get her hands on what she couldn't have. A soft smile formed on the skinwalker's lips.]

[size11 [#cc7a16 "Let us try to make the best of this experience. Only one of us can claim the throne, but that doesn't mean we can't form alliances and make new friends while we are here. I think the two of us will get along well. And maybe we could go together to worship, if there is any place around here to do so."] If there was one thing he knew about the druids, it was that their beliefs were very much the same as his own people's. If anything, they could at least share this one good thing while they were here, a place neither of them wanted to be.]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/gCPKhGn.jpg]]
[right [pic http://s19.postimg.org/g9vmws903/Laken1.jpg]] [size11 Laken didn't know the siren princess personally, but there was something about her that made the redhead uneasy. Just watching the way she smiled and how she spoke didn't sit well with her, and she was happy when Marissa made an excuse for her to leave, if only for a moment. She would be happy not to have to deal with Jemma while they were here, but since they would be sharing a room, she knew that she would have to see her more often than she wanted. At least Marissa seemed to share her uneasiness about the whole thing, though.]

[size11 As she began to talk about what she'd rather be doing at the moment, Laken could feel her cheeks heating up again, and she fought not to move her eyes down the nymph's body at the thought of her being naked in the water. She was very beautiful, but she didn't have the same powers of seduction as the siren princess... So why was Laken so drawn to her? [#9746dd "I'm not much of a swimmer. I prefer to be in the sky."] She said stupidly, kicking herself mentally for being so awkward. She didn't have a chance to say anything else, though, before Jemma was joining them again.]

[size11 The siren princess showed off her body to her every ability and Laken caught herself looking for only a second before she pulled her eyes away again. The pheromones the siren gave off were hard to ignore and Jemma knew very well what she was doing, and she liked it. She liked the way that the others couldn't resist her. The gargoyle was going to hate staying in the same quarters of her. What was going to stop the siren from crawling into any of their beds and using her magic to get them to sleep with her? She could seduce anything from them. Secrets about the competition, even a promise of marriage if they were to win. The very thought gave her chills.]

[size11 [#9746dd "I... I don't..."] The gargoyle was not good at these kinds of situations. Her entire body felt like it was on fire, probably close to the same color as her hair. Jemma seemed to sense her weakness and closed in on her like a fly caught in her web, but Laken slipped away from the corner just in time to avoid her tough. [#9746dd "Please, excuse me."] She said quickly, waving a hand and making her way toward what she could only assume were restrooms. She needed to splash some cold water on her face, and while she felt bad for just running off, she couldn't stand there another moment with the siren princess being so suggestive.]

[size11 [#d80808 "Oh, the poor little flower."] Jemma chuckled deviously, crossing her arms beneath her full chest to push them up more as her eyes turned on Marissa. [#d80808 "Do you think I should go after her? I could just eat her up."] She leaned closer to the nymph princess. [#d80808 "Unless you prefer I stay here with you, lover."]]
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[center [font "Segoe Print" John felt a rush of relief as the Veela Prince rushed off to talk to the Nix Princess. Though the words that came from the Prince Of Skinwalker's mouth caught him off guard. Show weakness? Was he really showing weakness? John was never very good at a poker face, one of the few things that got him in trouble. His father was forever scolding him to hold a face of illusion. To not give away ones weakness to your enemy but wasn't that more helpful? Others would see him as weak and thus they wouldn't bother with him.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" A small chuckle escaped the blonde when the other admitted he didn't know how to dance. [+ForestGreen "Well if you stick by me, they might leave it well enough alone. After all most of them think of our people as savages anyways. So I bet they count on the fact that we can't dance."] John spoke softly letting his eyes wander the room. It was evident how elegant the rest of them looked compared to himself and the skinwalker beside him looked even less elegant than he did. A part of the culture, he supposed, was that they did not believe in fine things.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [+ForestGreen "Might give us an advantage really. Though I can dance I'm not a very good talker."] John hadn't ever been gifted in speech-craft, there was no point in it. He lived by nature and natures laws. He prayed to the old gods of the forest for their gifts of magic. His people lived off the gird and away from others in secret locations that made it hard for anyone else to find them. He was sure the same could be said about the Skin-Walkers. [+ForestGreen "So did you really want to come here?"]]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" John trailed off from the question for a moment before speaking up quietly. [+ForestGreen "I didn't, not really, but they couldn't send my siblings. I'm the youngest son, you see, and the youngest son inherits everything."] It was a backwards tradition that no one really understood. The elder sons would fight wars and be great leaders, and their youngest brother would sit on the throne. In the world of the Druids, it was less valiant, as he was doing less for nature and for peace than they where.]]

[center ______________________________________________]

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/UMM4F1P.jpg]] [center [font "Segoe Print" Marissa gave the young woman a sympathetic smile. Before she could respond, though, to the thing about feeling like a doll someone walked over. Marissa's body stiffened visibly and she turned a hot glare onto the smirking princess. She was frustrating and Marissa personally wanted her to just go away. They had never gotten along and Marissa didn't figure that they ever would. [+SeaGreen "Yes we were discussing how nice it will be to have a pleasant ball with some food before things get to rough."]]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Plastering on the best fake smile she could muster, Marissa cocked her head. [+SeaGreen "Besides which I think Prince Rylan is giving you the once-over."] Marissa watched the woman turn around, a smile growing as she sauntered over to the prince. Like Veela, Siren's loved attention and when they got it they asborbed it quickly. Marissa knew this wouldn't last long and it wouldn't be long before Jemma was back over to them to start bugging them again. It was what she did, following Marissa around, and attempting to make her life as miserable as possible.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [+SeaGreen "I understand how you feel."] Marissa got the words out quickly and quietly. [+SeaGreen "I hate being dressed like this myself. I prefer flowing skirts and a bikini top beside the ocean. Able to cast aside my clothing and dive into the water whenever I want to. Feel it become one with me."] Marissa knew it sounded bad and probably slightly suggestive. Yet nothing felt better to her than swimming nude in the water. The way it moved a-crossed her skin was more than she could ask for.]]

[center [font "Segoe PRint" A sharp giggle brought Marissa from her thoughts as Jemma made her way over, again. A smile plastered on her face and she leaned forward basically falling out of her top. [#d80808 "Where were we ladies? Ah yes how nice tonight is going to be. Do you lovely ladies think we will have more fun then just talking and dancing?"] Marissa felt her ears burn at the mention of it, trying not to look at the woman. She didn't want to think about what Jemma was suggesting but of course she'd suggest it. It was the one thing she enjoyed more than life itself.]]
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[size11 It was now time to intermingle with the other six heirs that he would be competing against before the time that the ball actually began. He was thankful for a bit of time to prepare himself to be basically shown off to the people of the central kingdom and have to dance with them and entertain them, prove to them he could be their next king. He also felt it was a rather mournful occasion. They were not only celebrating a new ruler, but grieving the loss of a king. He couldn't help but feel that their arrival may have overshadowed that a bit. Where he came from, death was to be a celebration of life. This party should have been to celebrate the king and his many attributes, not them. He wanted to give the queen his condolences, but before he was able, a voice said his name and caught his attention.]

[size11 [#cc7a16 "I am. It's an honor to meet you."] He gave a slight bow of his head to them both, nothing as low as he gave to the queen as they did not hold as much respect as she did for him. They were all equals, even if Prince Rylan had his nose so high in the air Ember was surprised he could see any of them standing in front of him. [#cc7a16 "It seems so."] He agreed, looking at John and catching how uncomfortable he looked. Ember had that same feeling on the inside, but maintained his strong facade on the outside. He wouldn't allow anyone to see signs of weakness in him when they already thought so little of him.]

[size11 [#cc7a16 "Prince Rylan."] He addressed the veela heir and made eye contact with him out of respect, despite the naturally alluring nature of their kind. [#cc7a16 "I think it would be beneficial for us each to make our rounds and meet the others. Princess Emilia seems to be holding conversation with Princess Jemma, but she keeps looking this way and I believe she is trying to get your attention with some subtlety."] Ember knew that if there was anything the man couldn't resist, it was attention. The smile that bloomed on his face proved his theory, and the veela excused himself to go and say hello to the ladies, leaving Ember there with the druid boy.]

[size11 [#cc7a16 "They will eat you alive if you continue to look like a lost wolf puppy that wants nothing more than to run back to his mother."] It wasn't a particularly kind thing to say to someone, but the way he said it was somehow sweet and considerate. He looked at John with his dark eyes and offered him a soft smile. Out of the other kingdoms, he felt most comfortable with the druid heir, given how similar their people were. [#cc7a16 "Perhaps we can help one another get through tonight. It's possible if we stay close others will leave us alone and we might be spared a night full of boring small talk and dancing."] He leaned a bit closer. [#cc7a16 "I don't know how to dance, you see."] While it could have been a mistake trying to make some kind of alliance or friendship with his competition, he did not see John as much of a threat. Instead, he wanted to see if they could help one another, and hopefully get through the ball without much embarrassment for either of them.]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/gCPKhGn.jpg]]

[left [pic http://s19.postimg.org/g9vmws903/Laken1.jpg]] [size11 As much as Laken tried to make herself invisible, it didn't seem to work. One of the other princesses approached her to introduce herself. But it wasn't the sort of introduction she expected. Instead of seeming excited for the night to come, she looked just as exasperated by this whole mess as Laken was. That calmed her significantly. [#9746dd "Laken Harwell, princess of the gargoyles."] She returned the introduction with the best smile she could manage, though it was still very weak. She would be living with the other three girls for a month, and she had a feeling they wouldn't appreciate her going into her stone form while there, which meant she would have to find somewhere more secluded so she could get out and stretch her wings.]

[size11 Noticing the way that Marissa looked back at the siren princess, Laken's brow furrowed. She looked over to where the other two princesses were talking, soon joined by one of the princes, and then she looked back at Marissa. [#9746dd "It's all very intimidating, isn't it? I mean, look at them. They're all perfect and just what a ruler is supposed to be. They even look better in those clothes."] She wasn't sure what Marissa had against the siren princess, but it didn't feel like it was her place to ask. Instead, she leaned against the wall in away that would make her mother very upset because it wasn't "very lady like" and sighed.]

[size11 [#9746dd "How easy do you think it would be to throw the entire competition?"] The question was out of her mouth before she even realized what she was saying. It could have been dangerous to let it be known how little she wanted to be here. Although some of the others could think that she was just trying to throw them off so they wouldn't expect her to do well. Gargoyles were known for their strength and their ability to fly and the fact that they were such good protectors. They made excellent warriors, but that didn't mean they would be good rulers. Her cheeks tinted a light pink and she shook her head. [#9746dd "I feel like a doll in this dress. I just want to go flying and get out of here. This..."] She motioned at herself. [#9746dd "Just isn't me."]]

[size11 She wasn't sure why she felt so comfortable speaking to Marissa in such an honest way, but she promptly stopped speaking the moment the siren princess Jemma joined them in their little corner. There was a seductive smile on her lips and her revealing dress drew Laken's eyes for a few seconds before she looked away again, blushing all the harder. [#d80808 "And what are you lovely ladies talking so quietly about? Someone might think you're telling secrets."] The way she spoke gave Laken chills, and it didn't help that she insisted on standing uncomfortably close to them both, as if her pheromones might affect them somehow. She did notice that Jemma put her hand on the bend of Marissa's elbow, which would suggest the two may be close, if not for the way Marissa had looked at the other girl earlier.]

[size11 [#9746dd "We were just saying how lovely tonight is going to be."] Laken lied, though she wasn't sure how convincingly, so she looked to Marissa for support. She really hoped that her feeling that the girl could be a trusted friend wasn't way off.]
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[center [font "Segoe Print" John watched quietly as the queen moved down the line. Each and every prince and princess introduced themselves in a regal manner, save for Ember Greysky. It was relaxing to know that someone else was there that was not quiet so formal, unlike the rest. As the Queen rounded them to the front, John could feel his throat running dry. The woman was beautiful, there was no doubt about that, but she also looked sadened by having to pick a new king or queen for the throne.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [b "Well now that we have introduced ourselves, why don't we greet one another? Go ahead. Say hello."] John could feel his stomach drop as the woman spoke. It wasn't as if they could defy her and she was in charge of them. Yet what was the point of all these pleasantries? They would all be competing for the same thing. Friendliness would likely not be something seen again outside of this ballroom. [b "I should also like to tell you."] John's blood ran cold as the woman spoke, sharply and with a point.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [b "You will all be sharing bedrooms. The three young men will share the largest of my rooms. It has three separate bedrooms off of it and one common room in the center. The same for the women but with four bedrooms."] Living together? That seemed absurd to John but what could he do. Though when the prince really thought about it, it did make sense in a strange sort of way. They would have to keep alliances with the outlying kingdoms once the new king or queen was crowned.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" A soft hand on John's shoulder caused him to turn. The prince's cheeks heating up as his eyes fell on the prince of the Veela. The man was beautiful, there was no doubt about that, but that was part of their draw. They were meant to enchant others into a stupor so that they could win. Beautiful and flawless, yet dangerous all at the same time. [+Goldenrod "I'm Rylan. Prince of the Veela. Your John are you not?"] John could only swallow and nod slightly at the man.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" John barely had time to register what was happening before a large warm hand wrapped around his own. The prince did not have time to protest as he was lead over to Ember Greysky. [+Goldenrod "And you are Ember Greysky correct? I am Rylan, Prince Of The Veela. And this is.."] Rylan stopped speaking and John found himself swallowing hard. [+ForestGreen "John Peterson. I'm the prince of the Druid."] [+Goldenrod "It seems we will all be living together."]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/gCPKhGn.jpg]]

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/UMM4F1P.jpg]] [center [font "Segoe Print" Marissa's heart was racing as the Queen instructed them to introduce themselves. While the Princess of the Nix introduced herself to the Princess of Siren's, Marissa opted to avoid them. The quiet young woman carried herself over to the red-headed princess closest to the wall. With a small clearing of her throat, she held out her hand as a sign of peace. [+SeaGreen "I'm Marissa Waters, Princess of the water nymphs. You are?"]]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Marissa tried to avoid being rude but everything felt so strange to her. Her head was spinning and the Queen staring at them all made the feelings worse. It was so strange, this meet and greet, and next they would have a ball. The woman beside her did not have time to answer though before the Queen clapped her hands together to gain attention. [b "I will leave you to mingle for about an hour as the festival preparations are made. For thirty minutes you will chat here and get to know one another. For thirty more you will be taken to your quarters to prepare for the ball."]]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" While most where dressed for the ball, Marissa had a feeling the Queen was up to so much more than that. A soft sigh escaped the girl as she turned her attention back to the princess of the gargoyles. [+SeaGreen "It seems she wants us to all get along with one another."] Quietly glancing over her shoulder at the siren princess, Marissa felt her stomach drop. [+SeaGreen "I just hope that it works out that way."] Marissa had met Jemma quiet a few times in her life due to their kingdom's both belonging to the sea.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" This was who she would marry if she did not prove herself worthy. The insane woman with the ability to drowned men. For some reason her parents thought that a union between their nations would provide useful. Bring more of the sea into the bloodline, but what good would it do. It would only bring more fear of them and destroy their chances of being able to compete for the throne again, if it was to ever get that far.]]
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[size11 The other princes and princesses looked incredibly regal and much more suited to be in the castle than Ember himself. He could feel the eyes on him, the sneers at his bare feet and his long, untamed hair. Even in its braid there were strands that stuck out and pieces that refused to stay in place. He was much unlike the others, and he looked at each of them. The women were all clad in the finest fabrics, showing their glorious forms that mirrored that of goddesses in his mind. The prince of the veela was equally as beautiful in his way, though Ember had been warned of the allure of his people. Looking for too long could spell out trouble for him, and he could not afford such distractions.]

[size11 His eyes finally came to the prince of the druids, and he found himself most interested in him. Out of every kingdom in attendance, he was the most like himself and the skinwalkers. His clothing was practical and not overtly fancy like the others. The colors reflected the nature that both their people held so dear, and he knew their beliefs were very much the same. The only thing that really differed between them was their complexions, skinwalkers tended to be much darker than druids, and their powers. Their eyes met for the slightest second before the queen spoke and Ember nodded at him before looking forward again to give the ruler of the central throne his undivided attention.]

[size11 Her speech was short, informing them that tonight would be a time to relax and get to know one another, to have fun. Ember had never been to a ball before, and he doubted that he would fit in well. He did not know the elaborate dances that the others were probably taught from a young age. He wanted nothing more than to get to the trials, to prove his strength and aptitude for solving problems, not spend a night standing and watching and talking. But it would be a good chance to get to know those that opposed him for the throne, and knowledge was most certainly power in this case. The more he knew about them, the better equipped he was to beat them.]

[size11 There was a quiet murmur when the announcement was made that the siren princess would not be eligible for the throne, due to her power of seduction, and almost every eye turned to her for a fraction of a second. Ember could feel the tendrils of her influence just from looking at her for a moment, the way everything about her tried to draw him in. He looked away again, knowing he couldn't allow himself to be distracted. The seduction of a siren was unparalleled even by the veela, and they could literally make a person do whatever they wished with a simple song. Recomposing himself, Ember did as he was told and turned to his brother, nodding to him. The guard and the rest of the court left the room, leaving only the seven heirs in front of the nobility of the kingdom to introduce themselves to who might one day be their people. Being alone only made Ember more uncomfortable, but he was going to try to make it through this night without complaining about it.]

[b [size11 "And you?"]] [size11 The queen had come to him, looking at him expectantly to introduce himself to the rest. Ember took a step forward and gave the formal greeting of his people, though there was nothing very formal about it. He brought his hands up to his shoulders, crossing them over his chest, with a rather solid smack and then brought them back to his sides before bowing at the waist and standing straight again.]

[size11 [#cc7a16 "I am Ember Greysky, eldest son of Chief Halfmoon of the Skinwalker tribe. I have come to prove the capabilities of my people and to secure the throne for the pride of each of them."] Following his introduction, he stepped back again, keeping his eyes on the queen who seemed more interested in moving on to the next heir. No one took them very seriously, he knew that, but that was why he was here. They would all underestimate his ability to rule, and perhaps they were right, but he knew he could outdo them in other things. When it came to strength, hunting, dueling, he was sure he would have the upper hand on a good majority of them.]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/gCPKhGn.jpg]]

[left [pic http://s19.postimg.org/g9vmws903/Laken1.jpg]] [size11 Laken felt so small beneath the gaze of the queen. Her guard had touched her elbow before leaving, attempting to provide her with some comfort. He had been protecting her since she was only a child, she still felt like a child now, and having him leave made her feel very vulnerable. In her kingdom, Laken was known to be outspoken and strong. She was a gargoyle and her primary purpose in life was to be a protector of precious things, not to wear a dress and stand beneath the gazes of so many noble people and races that she had never met, who knew nothing about her. They wouldn't look at her and see a warrior, just a slight ginger girl to take advantage of.]

[size11 There was a quiet chatter around the edges of the room following each introduction, more than likely passing about rumors they had learned about the heirs, and she was sure there were many. Things in the central kingdom were so different, a melting pot of different species and ranks that only knew splendor. They wouldn't know what it was like to live in the beauty of the gargoyle kingdom, because they kept themselves isolated here in their perfect sanctuary. Now she would have to spend a night trying to appease them, make them think she was one of them, that she belonged here. She hadn't even been able to convince herself of that.]

[size11 It came time for her to introduce herself, she had missed most of the speech because she was so stuck inside of her own head, and she swallowed thickly. Everyone was looking at her in that green dress that fit a little too snuggly and the elaborate jewelry that she'd never pick out for herself in a thousand years. They were looking at her but they weren't seeing her, and that made her feel so fake and yet so exposed at the same time. She hated this, but she knew she had to go through with it.]

[size11 [#9746dd "My name is Laken Harwell. I am the princess of the gargoyle kingdom. I've come to stake my claim for the throne, in the name of my parents and my people."] The words felt so foreign as they left her red stained lips, and she quickly lowered her eyes when she was finished. There was that murmur again, and she caught only one wherein someone commented how they always imagined gargoyles to be brutish and ugly. While her human form was lovely, her stone form was just as hard and unforgiving as any other gargoyle. She sometimes enjoyed that form more, and part of her wished she had it to protect her now. That she could shift and show them all what she really was, not this slight wisp of a girl that no one saw as a threat. But she couldn't ruin her chances so early, not if she wanted her parents to be proud of her.]
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[center [font "Segoe Print" John stood watching as each nation entered the room one by one dressed in splendor. Each outfit seemed to represent the nation and the race that belonged to that Nation. John himself was dressed in loose but fine clothes. A leaf broach holding his cloak around his neck, the green cloth embroidered with tree's and leaves to represent the Druids. Hung on his side was a book of spells meant to protect him if anything where to go wrong.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Gasps filled the room as Marissa marched in first, dressed in the splendors of the nymphs. Her seagreen dress hugged every curve of her body and dipped low to show off her ample bosom. Her hair was done with blue and white beads that dripped like sapphires and pearls. A true reminition of the ocean and the nymphs themselves. John bit his lip as the trumpets sounded again and this time entered the Veela. The prince marched in with great splendor, his golden hair pulled into a ponytail. A sheer see-through shirt hung on his body showing off just how muscled he was and black pants clung to his legs. The banner of his people flew behind him as he took his place in line beside John.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" It was nearly impossible to turn his eyes away from the man but wasn't that the draw of the Veela? It wasn't until the next trumpet sounded that John turned his head. This time a man marched in dressed in the clothes of his people, the prince of the skin-walkers had just arrived. Much like the Druids, the skinwalkers clung to nature and to the old gods. They lived as feebly as they could and while they didn't truly function as a kingdom they were still considered one. Once more John found his eyes locked onto the male as he marched in as if in a trance.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" After a few moment's John shook his head to clear his thoughts. God what was wrong with him? The male didn't have time to think before in marched the third to last of the kingdom's. The princess of the Nix was next dressed in fine silks that slid over her body like water, a fine baby blue in color. Her hair was pulled into a pun and adorned with aquamarines that dangled beautifully. Her dress hung loosely from her body hiding her curves and her figure, flowing as the sea would. The mood seemed to shift as all eyes turned towards the door and a darkness fell over the room in a hush.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Dressed in something barely appropriate came the Princess of the Siren's. Her short dress holding a slit up the side and the neckline so low she may as well of not been wearing a shirt. It was appalling to see but there was not much that Greg could do but watch, his stomach lurching. After a moment the final princess entered and they all stood before the queen who stared down at them with stern eyes. [b "You have all been called here because my husband has died. Over the next month you will remain in my palace and prove to me which of you is suited to take the throne."]]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Greg could feel his heart rate increasing as his throat grew dry. Could he really do this? Compete against all of these other gorgeous people? He wasn't entirely sure but what choice did he have? He was stuck here at the Queen's mercy unable to do anything but stare in awe as she spoke. Things where about to get interesting and he couldn't curb the feeling of someones eyes locked onto his frame making him swallow nervously.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/gCPKhGn.jpg]]

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/UMM4F1P.jpg]] [center [font "Segoe Print" [b "You have all been called here because my husband has died. Over the next month you will remain in my palace and prove to me which of you is suited to take the throne."] Marissa swallowed a little as the Queen spoke, her nerves starting to get the better of her. She stood beside so many people dressed beautifully, of course that was because of the ball about to take place. [b "Tonight though, we will relax and celebrate with a ball. Tomorrow morning you will be brought in here again, each with one personal guard granted to them, and we will discuss your trials."]]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Marissa felt her head spinning. They weren't discussing them tonight? It would make sense but at the same time the princess of the nymph's wasn't sure why they should wait. Perhaps though it was so that the queen could observe the behavior of the princes and princesses before her? [b "One more condition."] The Queen's booming voice broke through Marissa's thoughts, dragging her eyes back up onto the woman who stood towering over them. Her eyes locked on all of them with such seriousness that it sent shivers through Marissa's spine.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [b "Only six Nation's can compete for the throne. The nation of the Siren's is uneligable due to their ability to seduce anyone. It is unfair to the other contestants who do not possess such abilities. You may remain here to see the outcome but that is it."] Nervously Marissa glanced towards Princess Jemma only to catch an obvious scowl on her face. Her body language screamed anger but what could she do about it? Nothing. They were all stuck here just the same. The loud sound of clapping as the Queen fell into the throne caught Marissa's attention once more.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [b "Prince's and Princesses please dismiss your guards and we shall allow the ball to begin. I ask that you please all step forth and introduce yourselves. Starting with you young lady."] Marissa blinked as the woman pointed towards here making her heart rate increase. Great. She was already nervous enough as it was and this was not going to make it any better. [+SeaGreen "My name is Marissa. I am the eldest daughter and crowned heir to the throne of the Nymph nation. In the name of my kingdom I wish to compete for the central throne to bring my family great honor."]]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Marissa had to stop herself from rolling her eyes. Honor? Yeah right. She was only doing this because her parents where making her. No.. she was doing this so she could marry who she wanted. So she could have the freedom to pick her bride instead of being forced to take a bride her mother chose for her. It was her warning, her punishment. If the central throne was not hers in the end she would be forced to marry a woman of her mother's choosing. Not the woman she wanted to marry. With a small breath, Marissa turned her head to see what the others would do as she curtsied down before the Queen.]]
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[size11 Out here it was different. The life of a skinwalker was led in a much less materialistic fashion, royalty or not. Ember had spent the morning among the trees asking for guidance from the spirits that dwell within them. They had watched over him since his birth and he had faith that they would watch over him now as he went into what would be his most daunting task. Ember was a prince, technically. He was the oldest son of the leaders of his tribe, which made him an heir of a sort. How that made him eligible to run anything like the central throne was beyond him. But the pride of his people was at stake, and he wasn't going to give up the chance to prove that they were just as capable as everyone else. People often joked about how they lived, but they wouldn't be joking when one of his kind was their king.]

[size11 [#258e12 "My son."] The voice came from behind him, deep and familiar. Ember turned his head, looking up at his father from where he sat on his knees before the oldest tree in their land. They both shared a similar smile. [#258e12 "The sun shines upon you this day, and may the moon guide you through the many long nights."] The older man set a steady hand on his shoulder, giving a gentle squeeze that betrayed his emotions. Ember reached up and set his own hand on top of it. He was going to miss him too. While he was in the central kingdom playing games with the other heirs, his parents would remain here in their land to continue to watch over it. Ember didn't like the idea of leaving them, but he knew it was something he had to do.]

[size11 [#cc7a16 "It's nearly time."] Ember stood from the ground, brushing long strands of hair behind his bare shoulders. They began to make their way back toward the village arm in arm. [#cc7a16 "I've already said goodbye to mother."] Not that it felt like enough. [#cc7a16 "And the others."] He spoke of his six siblings, all younger than him, who were incredibly difficult to leave behind. He loved them all dearly and hated to leave them. The only one coming along with him was his brother, the one closest to him in age, as he was now a warrior in their land and would be tasked with helping to protect him. At least he would have a little piece of home with him.]

[size11 [#258e12 "You are going to do wonderfully. I know you will make us all proud."] They stopped on the edge of the village and his father looked at him, tilting his head a little to the side. [#258e12 "Something troubles you. Please, speak your mind."]]

[size11 [#cc7a16 "It's just that... I've never been away from home. What if I can't handle myself out there? They are so different from us."] There was obvious concern on his face, but his father smiled lightly. He reached up and untied the leather strand around his neck and brought it to Ember's, his amulet carved with the head of a stag resting against his chest.]

[size11 [#258e12 "There is nothing wrong with being different, so long as you don't allow it to change you."]]

[center [pic http://i1232.photobucket.com/albums/ff375/Zumirio/stock-vector-elegant-rule-lines-design-elements-can-be-ungrouped-for-easy-editing-36156691.jpg]]
[size11 The castle was already beginning to fill by the time Ember arrived with the members of his court tasked to accompany him. He could already feel the eyes on him as he entered the room, as he looked starkly different from those around him. The skinwalkers were clad in the loose fitting, light fabric of their people, his shirt long sleeved and the strings at the top of the front leaving it open enough to show off a bit of his tan chest. He wore a beautiful fur over his shoulders made from the hide of a black bear he had claimed for himself. His long hair was tamed into braids and adorned with golden feathers. Those behind him were dressed much the same, their clothing allowing for just as much mobility. Ember stood at the front of them with his brother just behind, holding the flag that bore the sigel of the stag that denoted his family. He didn't look at anyone else, simply straight ahead, waiting for the night to officially begin.]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/gCPKhGn.jpg]]
[left [pic http://s19.postimg.org/g9vmws903/Laken1.jpg]] [size11 The absolute last thing that Laken wanted to do was to go to this stupid ball. She didn't care about the crown, she didn't care about the throne, and she didn't want to be queen of everyone. All she wanted to do was stay at home and continue to be the princess of the gargoyles until she eventually became their queen. She wanted to rule over them and them alone. But the gargoyles were a dying breed. Everyone knew that if they kept themselves isolated long enough, they would all end up dying out, and no one seemed to care much if that happened. Gargoyles were not good at socializing, but it was almost necessary to their survival to do so.]

[size11 [#9746dd "Mother, please..."] Laken complained as the older woman laid out her clothes for the night ahead, absolutely giddy about dressing her daughter to be the future queen. [#9746dd "Why do I have to do this?"] When she asked that, her mother finally stopped moving and turned to look at her. They shared the same hair color and the same eyes, though Laken had more freckles on her skin than anyone in her family.]]

[size11 [#ad131f "Because you are the only child of the gargoyle king, and it is your duty."] There was that word again, duty. Laken hated that word and the ideals that came along with it. She must have made a face, because her mother set her hands on her hips and cleared her throat at her. [#ad131f "Listen darling, I know it's going to be hard for you to be away from home for so long, but it's a good thing, you'll see. You need to get out and meet people, have your own adventures, learn new things. It's going to be good for you, I promise."] Laken was surprised she hadn't mentioned kids. [#ad131f "Besides, you need to start making me some grandchildren soon. You have to do your part to keep our kind alive."] There it was.]

[size11 [#9746dd "I doubt I'll even be the one chosen anyway. I'm not suited to be queen outside of this kingdom. We both know it."] Her mother began holding dresses up to her to test the color against her complexion and her hair. She'd had so many made that Laken was surprised there was any fabric left in the kingdom. [#9746dd "Besides, who's going to want to have children with me?"] She knew that it was important. Because of the rarity of their species, gargoyles who mated with anyone ended up having full blooded gargoyle children. Their DNA was strong, but it wouldn't keep them alive if they didn't actually have any children. Laken could breed with anyone and produce a brand new gargoyle heir, but the thought terrified her.]

[size11 [#ad131f "That's the one."] Her mother chirped, as if not hearing anything she had just said. She laid a green dress across the bed and clapped her hands together. [#ad131f "Get dressed, my love. It will be time to leave soon."] And with that, she left the room so that Laken could change. Instead, the princess sat for another ten minutes just thinking to herself about all of the ways this could go horribly wrong.]

[center [pic http://prakashamte.com/Images/line2.png]]
[size11 The castle was huge and Laken was already on edge because she'd had to be taken there in a carriage. She wasn't allowed to fly because it would mess up her fancy hairdo and her brand new dress. She held the delicate green silk between her fingers as she climbed the steps to the door, the dress draping against her slender frame in a way that highlighted every curve of her body, including her moderately sized breasts. She wasn't pleased about the low cut neckline that showed off her freckled chest, but double sided tape kept it from showing anything indecent and a way too fancy necklace hid a lot of her freckles from sight. She entered and found that she was the last of the seven heirs to arrive, which brought a bit of color to her pale cheeks. She'd managed to get away from her mother without being loaded down with makeup so she couldn't blame the color on anything other than her embarrassment. She stood quietly by the main guard that had been sent with her, and glanced up at the flag of her family. What she wouldn't give to be back home right now. Or at least anywhere else.]
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[center [font "Segoe Print" Soft warm wind blew through the open palace filling it with the scent of nature. Tree's stood solemn outside like ancient guardian's protecting the residents of the castle. Nestled in the bough of one of the trees, a young man slumbered. His blonde hair a mess and his arms and legs dangling freely without any fear of falling. Below him a young woman stands with her arms crossed, eyes narrowed up the tree.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [+HotPink "John!"] A shrill squeak echoed through the open area making the young man jolt. With a yelp John found himself tumbling out of the tree and straight onto the ground where he landed with a thud. A groan escaping him as he peered into similarly pink eyes. [+HotPink "You have to get ready to go! Mother and father are counting on you to get the throne."] Another grunt came from the man's lips as he pushed himself up and off of the ground. Eyes narrowing at the shrieking female.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [+ForestGreen "For heavensakes Beth I know. You need to calm yourself down."] John shook his head at the woman watching her face sour in annoyance. She did not seem terribly pleased with him, not that John really cared. The last thing he wanted to do was get ready to go to this 'meeting'. The last king had died and that meant the central throne was up for grabs. Any nation could claim it and John's family hoped to get their son in on it. To claim total power was the only thing his father seemed to care about anymore.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" With a heavy breath, John found himself stepping inside the walls of the castle. His feet carrying him straight for his bedroom where he would be collecting his things to leave shortly. The prince was not looking forward to it. It meant dealing with people, something he was not found of. Not to mention his parents would insist he find a bride. It wasn't that women weren't pretty to John, oh they where, but they never seemed to do anything for him. Not that he would tell his parents that. John wasn't gay, there was no way.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/WqqbQGc.png]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" After what felt like a thousand years later, John found himself standing in the center of a large and very closed off castle. The ballroom he stood in was large and lined with people on either side. John stood at the head of a line, an army behind him. A banner with his kingdom's sigel on it flew behind him as he stood in his finest dress clothes waiting for the others to arrive. Once everyone was here they would begin the ball that would lead to them staying at the castle for awhile. John did not know how the king or queen would be decided and right now he did not care.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/gCPKhGn.jpg]]

[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/UMM4F1P.jpg]] [center [font "Segoe Print" The smell of the sea filled the castle as the young woman bustled about. Her blonde hair wet and hanging loosely around her head. A robe hung loosely off of her shoulders as she stared at the wardrobe before her trying to decide what to wear. Today was the big day, the day she would make her mother proud of her. The Queen had decided that her oldest daughter would go represent the kingdom in the battle to gain the central throne and Marissa had gladly accepted.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Like tradition stood in the kingdom, Marissa would become queen someday. She would find herself a nice young nymph and settle down to start a family. As times had changed so had the nymph's reproductive process. Instead of relying on the centaurs to give them children the nymphs discovered a magic that would allow to women to have a child together. Marissa, expected to serve as the top Queen, was not only gifted with the ability to get pregnant but to get others pregnant as well.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" If she could prove herself to her mother, she would be allowed to take any wife that she so chose. [+Blue "Sister what's taking you so long?"] A soft voice came from behind Marissa causing the young woman to turn around. A soft smile slipping over her face in turn. [+SeaGreen "I'm trying to find the perfect dress to wear. I have a chance to be queen Lizzy, so I have to look nice."] The younger female only let out a soft laugh, like church bells ringing.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Quietly the younger female moved up beside her sister pointing out a lovely blue dress. [+Blue "Wear that one Rissa. It reminds me of the sea, of our home. I think it will be nice enough to present to kings and queens."] A grin covered the woman's face as she pulled it out of the closet, holding it up to her chest. [+SeaGreen "This is perfect, thank you Lizzy."] Wrapping her arms around her sister, Marissa gave her a big squeeze before releasing her.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/Onv4ryW.png]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" As Marissa marched into the ballroom of the castle, a line of women in battle armor behind her waving the flag, she could feel her stomach drop. A blonde man stood to the left of her flying the sigel of the druid. The only five left to arrive where of the remaining five kingdoms. The kingdom of Gargoyles, the kingdom of Skin-walkers, the kingdom of Veela, the kingdom of Nix, and finally the kingdom that Marissa dreaded the most.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" The kingdom of the Sirens. Unlike the kingdom of the nymphs, the kingdom of Siren's was far more dangerous. Their songs powerful enough to seduce anyone into doing their bidding. Due to this they were only appearing to represent their kingdom rather than compete for the throne. Only Marissa, Prince John of Druids, Princess Laken of Gargoyles, Prince Ember of Skinwalkers, Prince Rylan of the Veela, and Princess Emilia of the Nix could compete for the throne. Princess Jemma of the Siren's was not allowed to compete for the throne despite the fact she would attend the ball tonight and remain with the others.]]
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