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Kai sighed and said, "it probably is, but I just got you two back, I don't want to waste a second." To stop the ringing he answered it sighing, "Yes Paul you bleed the brakes, bye."

He shook his head and said, "I swear Paul knows nothing about cars, you remember Paul from high school, he works for me and I only hired him because I know him."
  Kai Anoai / polkadotrocker / 2y 82d 9h 34m 44s
Addison smiled happily "Awiel! Awiel dada!" She demanded with big eyes. Odessa smiled gently to him, watching Addison seem right at home with her father. The ringing of the phone made her jump from her thoughts, looking to see Kai turning it off. Addison held onto her father, sticking her tongue out at the phone "Go away! My dada!" She squeezed him. Odessa tilted her head "Kai, what if its work?"
  [O] Female / WhiteLove / 2y 82d 9h 38m 53s
Kai picked her up and said, "Hey princess." he looked to Odessa, he had wanted this with her and now he finally had it, even if it was a few years late.

His phone rang and he ignored it and put it on silent, throwing it down on the table. Kai only wanted to spend time with them, he didn't need to talk to anyone else but his girls.
  Kai Anoai / polkadotrocker / 2y 85d 13h 11m 46s
Odessa stood with Addison, who was begging to watch the Little Mermaid for the hundredth time. Odessa didnt mind, she was far to happy with the day to care what movie they watched. Addison ran between the rows of seat, laughing as Brownie chased her around before she ran and hugged Kai's leg as he arrived "Dada! Awiel!" She reached up to be picked up by her dad.
  [O] Female / WhiteLove / 2y 86d 6h 30m 43s
Kai chuckled and said,"She's pretty darn cute." He kissed Odessa and said," They've never seen me happy but it was a change for them."

Later that night they ordered pizzas and also told Addison and Odessa to check out the home theatre and pick a movie or two.
  Kai Anoai / Polkadotrocker / 2y 86d 6h 36m 45s
Odessa smiled to him "Of course I mean it. Kai I never wanted to leave to begin with." She placed a hand on his cheek before hearing the patter of footsteps. Addison ran into the living room and tried to crawl into her father's lap "Dada! Uppie!" Odessa smiled gently "I think they'll be more surprised about her than me, love." She said but did find it funny. If they were shocked just seeing her, knowing she was Kai's would knock them on their asses.
  [O] Female / WhiteLove / 2y 86d 6h 42m 23s
"Really? You mean it?" He smiled wide and said," Can we have our first date here tonight with Addison, I mean I do have a home theatre here and I've never gotten to use it."

He wasn't trying to show off he just wanted to share everything with her and his daughter. He wanted to spoil them and never wanted them to want for anything and like an awesome bonus he was dating a model.

"Wait until the guys at the shop find out we're dating and for a model....I mean did you see their faces babe?"
  Kai Anoai / Polkadotrocker / 2y 86d 6h 51m 23s
Odessa looked at him with large green eyes as he spoke. She felt the heat on her cheeks but also the sting of tears in her eyes. Nodding rapidly, she leaned and hugged onto him tightly "Yes...of course Kai..." She whispered into his neck before squeezing him. She remembered when he first asked her out. It was about two months or so after she transfered to their high school. She had already been the victim of bullies, especially jealous girlfriends who caught their boyfriends staring and drooling over her. But Kai was also there, showing her around, walking her to class even after she knew she wouldn't be lost, eating lunch with her. He was her first American friend and she was so grateful. They were having lunch together on the bleachers when he asked her out. She was stunned for a good minute before saying yes. They became the most beloved couple in the school.
  [O] Female / WhiteLove / 2y 86d 6h 56m 2s
Kai sighed listening to her. It was a lot to take in but he wanted to get his question out of the way before she got scared and ran away again.
He took a deep breath and asked," Odessa will you go out with me?" He felt like he was in high school all over again asking her out on the bleachers. She had been the beautiful new girl and he was the guy who was sure he was going to strike out but had to ask her anyway because she took his breath away.
  Kai Anoai / Polkadotrocker / 2y 86d 7h 18m 11s
Odessa nodded as she sat carefully, looking as Addison squealed in laughter as the poodle licked her face "She was born early. Had to be in ICU with her. They only gave her a fifteen percent chance to make it but god did she fight." She smiled lightly "After I had her, my mom helped me raise her since she was still so fragile. I started modeling to make money for her operations. Ended up continuing since the money is good." She looked at the ceiling "We actually don't live far from your work, a small one bedroom apartment. It isn't anything amazing but I've landed a few big company shoots."

She smiled to him lightly "Addison loves stuffed rabbits and Disney movies. You should hear her sing along. She also likes playing in the park a lot and she always comes to work with me." She laughed faintly.
  [O] Female / WhiteLove / 2y 86d 7h 39m 16s
Kai chuckled and said, "She can come visit me anytime, lets let her play and we should talk." He flipped on the lights and led her to the living room and said, "Make yourself at home Odessa, so, tell me more, tell me about Addison and tell me about your lives and where you went."

He was curious and honestly he deserved to know since she up and left him with no explaination but he was happy that shes back in his life.
  Kai Anoai / polkadotrocker / 2y 86d 13h 49m 41s
Addison ran into the house, looking at the poodle. She gasped excitedly and sat in front of the dog, her green eyes big "Hi puppy!" She said excitedly. Odessa smiled lightly "She's always wanted a dog. Our apartment won't allow it." She said as she watched over her child.
  WhiteLove / 2y 86d 13h 59m 51s
Kai laughed and said, "Yes Princess Addie you can see Brownie, shes at home." He put her in the back seat and buckled her in and opened the passenger door for Odessa. Once he got in the car and backed out he smiled, "I don't think my employees have ever been so shocked, its because your so beautiful."

When they got to his house he pressed a button and a code on the gate and the gate swung open, he pulled up the long drive and parked in front of the door. It was a mansion. He smiled to Odessa, "This is where I live, make yourself at home, obviously we have to catch up but I figured it would be better in private."

He unlocked the door and let Addison in who was met with a small brown poodle named Brownie.
  Kai Anoai / polkadotrocker / 2y 86d 16h 45m 27s
Odessa smiled as Addison held onto her father, smiling happily. As they walked into the garage, all eyes were on them. Some of the men blushed as she looked to them, one dropped his tool as her fingers brushed her hair over her shoulders, others looked lost why their boss was carrying a child.

Addison looked at the people and waved excitedly, smiling widely. Her mother smiled faintly to Kai, placing at hand on his arm "We can speak about this when we get home. I think we are distracting your workers." She glanced to the watching eyes, shifting to press more into the tall males side. Addison held onto Kai's long hair with her small hands, looking excited "Dada, can I see the puppy? Please?" She begged with big puppy eyes.
  WhiteLove / 2y 87d 5h 39m 8s
Kai smiled and said, "We need to go put that on daddy's fridge." He looked to Odessa and said," When were done here we should head to my place, just to talk, plus I do have a dog who would love to play with Addison."

When they were done Kai paid and left a generous tip. He looked to Odessa for permission before he picked up Addison and carried her to his car that was parked at the garage.

"Remember the Fuhr Mansion that we always thought we would buy? When I got my inheirtance, I bought it, and remodeled it. I live there now and mom lives down the road in her own house. Its a big house and its just me. Its always been just me." His eyes fell, he was lonely.
  Kai Anoai / polkadotrocker / 2y 87d 14h 40m 39s

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