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[center [pic https://s19.postimg.org/xe7w2cakz/slow_down.gif]][center [b [size11 A Flash / Arrow Roleplay for TheGreatEscape and -UnbreakableBond]]]


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[center [font "Segoe Print" Thackery happily followed after Mischa as he was lead into the lab. Hoping that he was going to be able to find some tiny bit that was similar to the case before. It was a long shot but one that Thackery was more than willing to take. Hoping and praying that he was not going to be fighting this for to terribly long. Especially since things like Joseph's powers could potentially be on the line. The last thing they needed was for this thing to hit the speedster.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Jackson's brow furrowed as he noted what the speedster was doing. His fingers pressed into his chest and he looked a little bit like he was in pain. Yet it was none of Jackson's business and instead of getting yelled at he wouldn't bother to ask. [+ForestGreen "A refresher would be nice. Haven't really been here since we were fourteen and our dad's decided to throw a party for all of us together."] It had been a nightmare waiting to happen. Jackson and Joseph had gotten into it and their fathers had ended up dragging them outside.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Jackson had been read the riot act by his father about how he should be nicer since they were a guest in the city. Jackson had, very reluctantly, agreed. Now here he was, years later, agreeing to help the speedster with what was going on. He would have to, unfortunately, go out with him on patrol tonight to try to see what was going on. Hopefully they would be able to find something soon and he wouldn't have to worry about being stuck here to long.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [+HotPink "Are you alright Joseph?"] Fiona spoke up catching Jackson off guard. He was grateful that she was the one to mention him, rather than himself, so he wouldn't deal with attitude or 'checking him out' comments. The look on her face was of pure concern and her eyes were fixed on the spot that he seemed to keep rubbing on his chest out of pain or something similar. She wasn't sure exactly what it was though and that was what concerned her.]]
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[size11 Joseph could never get enough of picking at Jackson, but he knew there were bigger matters at hand here. There was a reason the archer team was here, and that was because they needed their help. [#ccb400 "I don't mind at all. We can use all the help we can get. I'm sure they will be very helpful."] He smiled at both Tony and Fiona, glad to know that they were going to be along for the ride. More people to talk to that weren't Jackson Queen. Although he knew that they were could to have to interact sooner rather than later. They were the active heroes on the teams, which meant they would more than likely be out in the field together at some point. Hopefully neither of them would try to kill the other.]

[size11 Turning his eyes to Thackery when he asked about blood samples, and he nodded. [#ccb400 "Yeah, we've got a few in the infirmary right now. Where Nora stormed off to."] He pointed toward the door where his sister had disappeared a few minutes ago with a smirk. The thought of Thackery working closely with his sister was amusing, if only because he knew that the Queen boy had a crush on Nora. He didn't mind, in fact, he liked the idea of it. They would make good partners, if only either of them would admit to their feelings.]

[size11 [#ccb400 "Misha."] Joseph addressed the boy with glasses still staring at his computer screen. [#ccb400 "Why don't you take Thackery to the infirmary and show him all of the science-y stuff you've been doing?"] Misha was definitely the smart one of the group, his mind built for science of almost every kind. Seemingly thankful for something to do, the black haired boy stood from his chair and pushed his glasses up his nose, walking over to Thackery.]

[size11 [#2256aa "Come on. I've got a few samples from the people we've got, but you're welcome to take anything else you need."] He motioned for him to follow and made his way to the door, happy to talk to someone that could keep up with him about this stuff. The rest of the team weren't exactly as intelligent as him.]

[size11 Joseph made his way over to the chair that Misha had abandoned and sat down, turning his eyes to Jackson. [#ccb400 "So I figured we could go out and scope things out tonight, you now, since I know you prefer to lurk about in the shadows. It's been a while since you've been to Central City, so I'm sure you need a refresher on the layout. I'll show you where the attacks have happened so far and we'll see if you can find some kind of pattern. Though I doubt it, since we haven't been able to."] He lifted a hand and pressed it to his chest, rubbing it absentmindedly as if it hurt, though he tried not to put it over at all.]
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[center [font "Segoe Print" Everyone bid a hello to Marcos, giving a small greeting. Fiona noted the soft pink that came to the male's face as he said hello to them. His eyes moving onto her as his cheeks gained color. It wasn't abnormal for boys to blush around her, especially since her father had always told her that she was pretty. Though it took not more then two second and she heard Nora start in on Jackson. The brunette wanting to smack him slightly for his lack of control of his tongue.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Jackson snorted, ignoring Nora's sharp tongue at him. His eyes traveling up as Joseph walked in, or more ran in, to the building. The brunette didn't utter a word to the speedster, opting to ignore his jab at him instead. Thackery on the other hand let out a soft breath that he'd been holding. His head already starting to hurt at the thought of this turning into nothing but a war between the two boys. It was no secret that Jackson and Joseph didn't get along and he only hoped it wouldn't get in the way.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [+Goldenrod "It's no problem really."] A small smile slipped onto the younger male's features as he nodded to the others in his team. [+Goldenrod "I hope you don't mind that we brought the whole team. That's Tony, he's our cousin but he's fairly good on the streets."] Thackery paused to motion to the male who gave a small wave. [+Goldenrod "And this is Fiona. She's the one who get's us out of trouble most of the time. She's pretty good with fighting. Better then most."] Thackery motioned to Fiona with a small grin.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" After a moment, Thackery turned his eyes back onto Joseph's face, glad his brother was staying silent. [+Goldenrod "Well what I've found says that this stuff is inhaled. It like goes through your nose and drains you entirely of your powers then vanishes. It wasn't a pretty site and it wasn't easy to take down from what I could see."] Thackery paused to bite his lip. [+Goldenrod "Do you have contact with anyone who was drained? Someone maybe we can get a blood sample from? Or do you guys already have one?"]]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Thackery was careful with how he was wording things, afraid of offending anyone. Things were already tense enough and the last thing the younger Queen twin wanted to do was make it worse. His brother had already stuck his foot in his mouth and gotten screamed at and the last thing Thackery wanted to do was get yelled at as well. [+Goldenrod "I've got patterns printed from the victims of the first time this happened so I was hoping we could compare the two. Maybe it will be a place to start getting answers from."]]]
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[size11 Misha missed Thackery's nod to him entirely, continuing to stare at his computer as if it was going to give up the answers for him if he kept looking at it. None of them really knew what to think about this, or how to stop it. Even if Thackery had some idea of how his parents went about it, they were still only guessing. This could be different, a new strain, something stronger. Or it could be something else completely that just did similar things as what happened in the past. Either way, they were stumped, and Misha didn't like being stumped. It wasn't something that happened to him often.]

[size11 [#aa2234 "It's very nice to meet you all."] Marcos said, looking around to each of them when they were introduced. He couldn't believe he was finally meeting the arrow team. How cool was that? He'd wanted to meet them for ages, ever since Nora had told him that her brother was Rush and that they were all good friends. It didn't even register to him that Jackson was being cocky. Hell, he deserved to be cocky. He was a hero, after all. But when his eyes fell on Fiona, he couldn't help but stare for a moment before looking away, embarrassment showing through a light pink flush on his cheeks.]

[size11 However, when Jackson quipped about acting before Joseph was affected by whatever was going on, Nora rounded on him, eyes narrowing. [#7f22aa "Don't you think I've thought of that?"] She insisted, obviously put out by the suggestion that her brother might fall prey to this disease because he was a metahuman. When Thackery started to butt in and apologize for him, she held a hand up to him to quiet him. [#7f22aa "We've been working our asses off to stop this thing, no one more than him. He's out there every day putting himself at risk trying to keep the other metas safe. I get that you've got some kind of deep seeded problem with each other, but don't you dare even suggest that we haven't been doing everything we can to stop this before coming to you for help."]]

[size11 With a flash of red lightning, Joseph entered the room, standing beside his sister, who was still glaring in Jackson's direction. Judging by the color of her face, she was royally pissed off. [#ccb400 "I see things are going well."] He removed his mask and Nora crossed her arms over her chest with a huff and stalked out of the room toward the infirmary, muttering about checking on patients so that she could get some fresh air. Joseph couldn't help but smirk, looking at Jackson. [#ccb400 "Put your foot in your mouth again?"] He teased lightly before looking at the other three of his team, the people he never had any trouble getting along with.]

[size11 [#ccb400 "Thanks for coming guys. It's a real shitshow out there."] He pushed his hand through his hair and sped away. In a few seconds he was back, changed into street clothes and fixing his leather jacket on his frame. [#ccb400 "So, what are we going to do about it?"]]
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[center [font "Segoe Print" As the group stepped into the labs it became quiet clear how hopeless everyone seemed to be. The looks on their faces told stories that not even Jackson could of guessed. A soft sigh escaped him only to be interrupted by the sound of someone stumbling in. A shocked look was over a young man's face and he was staring at Jackson in shock, mumbling something that the male couldn't make out. A grin crossed his features as he stood up straighter and held a hand out to the nervous young man.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [+ForestGreen "Jackson Queen at your service. It's a pleasure to meet you Marcos."] From the corner of his eye, Jackson could see Thackery rolling his own. The younger twin shaking his head and patting him on the arm. [+DarkGoldenrod "I'm sorry for my twins behavior. I'm Thackery Queen, this is our cousin Tony Harper, and our childhood friend Fiona Diggle."] Thackery tried not to seem as intimidating or gloaty as his brother was. Knowing that when the speedster finally came in there would likely be fights between the two.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [+DarkGoldenrod "I have some info on the thing that did this before. My mom helped out fighting against this dark mist that stole powers. IT would cause the people to go comotos or die."] Thackery had gotten as much out of his mother as he could without raising an alarm. Though Felicity was smart and, as he was leaving, warned him to be careful with this type of thing. Nodding to the baffled young man, Thackery flashed him a small smile in comfort. It was obvious that Misha was stumped.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [+ForestGreen "Well seems like speedy is late again, as always"] Jackson spoke up gathering attention to himself once more. His eyes flickering around the lab as if he hadn't just insulted the son of Barry Allen. Jackson crossed his arms and leaned back against a wall letting his eyes move around the room. [+ForestGreen "We better act quick before whatever this is gets to him too."] Jackson was blunt and it brought a worried look to Thackery's face.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [+DarkGoldenrod "Jackson I don't think that's appropriate..I'm sorry for my brother. He's moody because we got called out last second last night before coming here. Doll-maker's son."] Thackery flinched at the memory of the male. He was tall, large, and with dark hair. He seemed to be content with continuing his fathers line of work and they had barely saved a young woman before she was turned into a stuffed doll.]]
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[size11 The next few days passed incredibly quickly due to all of the things the team had to deal with. Another metahuman was taken out, a woman that went by Cataclysm due to her ability to cause devastating natural disasters just with her mind. It hit her hard, putting her near death, and landing her a place in the small contained hospital room the team had created for all of the villains that were close to dying. The total had risen to 8 in comas, and 5 more in the pipeline that had simply lost their powers and weren't in any danger. They were only in the pipeline in case their powers suddenly decided to resurface, so they wouldn't be a danger to anyone.]

[size11 Nora answered the door when she heard the knock, letting the Archer team into Star Labs. Normally she would have a bright, welcoming smile that was a mirror image of Barry Allen's own, but today she looked grim, concern written all over her features. [#7f22aa "Hey guys. Come in, come in."] She shut the door behind them and motioned for them to follow, leading them to the main labratory where they spent the majority of their time. At the moment only Misha was there, sitting behind his computer, staring blankly at the screen because he was so thrown off by all of this.]

[size11 [#7f22aa "Joseph will be here soon. There was a fire downtown that he needed to take care of."] She crossed her arms and leaned against the desk, looking at the four of them. She smiled softly at Fiona. They were they only girls that had gotten pulled into this superhero club, and Nora considered her a very good friend, maybe her best friend outside of her brother. Suddenly, a clatter sounded outside the room, followed by clumsy footsteps before a frazzled looking young man came into the room.]

[size11 [#aa2234 "Sorry, sorry, I know I'm late, I just..."] He stopped, pushing his hand through his hair, as his eyes landed on the four newcomers. Marcos had been a part of the team the least amount of time and had yet to meet their friends from Star City. [#aa2234 "oh- oh my god. It's you."] He looked at Jackson, his fingers tapping on his camera bag before Nora came over and touched his shoulder.]

[size11 [#7f22aa "This is Marcos, he sort of stumbled into the team. Marcos, this is... everyone."] She patted him on the shoulder as he stood, trying to keep his composure. [#7f22aa "How have you been?"] She asked the four of them, just trying to make general conversation while they waited for her brother. As the fastest man alive, he sure knew how to be fashionably late for everything.]
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[center [font "Segoe Print" Thackery gave a nod to Joseph in response. Though before he could speak it seemed that his brother and the speedster where snipping at one another. It took everything Thackery had not to roll his eyes at the obvious attraction between the two. While they where oblivious to it, Thackery could see the chemistry as clear as day. [+DarkGoldenrod "Yeah she did. I've got her journals on it stored in the desk drawer, so I'll bring them with. Perhaps they can help."]]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Jackson rolled his eyes at Joseph's snip at him. The brunette male leaning against his brothers shoulder for support. [+ForestGreen "On the contrary I have as many people helping me as my father did him. So yes, actually, the city [i could] fall apart without me and my team here."] Jackson wanted to say more but the speedster began telling Thackery about his sister and how she was doing. It was quiet obvious by the look on his face he was interested.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" The fact that Thackery had a crush on Nora was a well known one. Thackery liked to pretend he didn't but his brother could see straight through him. Before Jackson could say more though, the Speedster bid them to come in a few days time. Jackson snorted as the trail of dust flew through the room. [+ForestGreen "Let's call together the team shall we?"] With a nod of his head, Thackery lifted the head-set to his ears sending out a message.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/gCPKhGn.jpg]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" After what felt like a thousand years on the train, the Archer team found themselves heading for Star Labs. Their equipment packed into black suitcases along with a few sets of clothes. Jackson had made some sort of excuse to his parents as to why they were leaving, hoping they wouldn't catch on. With a sigh the young man shook his head as they approached a door. Stopping and hesitating, he waited for Thackery to knock once, then twice. A sign that they had arrived.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" Behind him his cousin stood waiting, shifting from foot to foot. Jackson hadn't wanted to bring him along but he couldn't get out of it. His father had insisted he show his cousin how business really works. A sign that Oliver knew exactly what his twin sons where up to. Fiona had come along as well, determined to keep the boys out of trouble. So the four stood, waiting, to be let into Star Labs. Things seemed grim enough around the city with whatever it was running loose.]]
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[size11 If Joseph had it his way, he would only be here asking Thackery for help. He was convinced that he didn't need help fighting whatever or whoever was doing this, but they did need help figuring out what the cause was. Thackery's brilliant mind was an asset, but he couldn't see any bright side in working with Jackson. Especially if, as soon as they got to Central City, he would just try to take over the entire operation, telling Joseph's team what to do as if they were his own.]

[size11 [#ccb400 "Really? You've seen this before?"] There was some hope in his voice that it would really be so simple as that. If Felicity had seen in it in her days working as Overwatch then maybe they already had an answer at their fingertips. Nora couldn't figure it out because there were no traces or evidence to analyze, nothing to go on. Even Misha was stumped, and that was an incredibly rare thing for such a smart guy. But with Thackery's help he was sure the two of them could easily figure out a cure, or how to beat whoever was doing it. And then he could clean it all up with his speed.]

[size11 Turning to look at Jackson again when he piped up, he ran his eyes over him. [#ccb400 "Last I checked you weren't the]] [i [size11 [#ccb400 only]]] [size11 [#ccb400 hero protecting this city like your father was. So you shouldn't have such a big head about leaving for a few days. I doubt it'll fall apart without you."] If he had any say, he would have gladly left Jackson here and just brought the useful brother back with him, but Nora would not be happy with him if he did that just because of his own personal feelings. The city was more important than his feelings, or that's what she told him constantly. And while he definitely wasn't the only good meta in Central City, he knew that his speed made him invaluable, especially with a few heroes already having lost their powers at this point.]

[size11 His attitude settled when Thackery spoke again and he smirked, nodding. [#ccb400 "She's doing good. Just had an interview with a pretty big magazine about being a reporter for them, though now she's too distracted by all of this to be excited about it."] He was well aware of the Queen boy's crush on his sister, even if both Thackery and Nora were oblivious to any feelings they might have had toward one another. He wasn't going to push it, though. He wanted to see if they could work it out for themselves before shoving it in their faces that they were practically made for one another.]

[size11 [#ccb400 "I need to get back and make sure nothing else has developed."] His eyes switched between them before he put his mask back on over his eyes. [#ccb400 "Take care of whatever you've got going on here and then come to Star Labs as soon as you possibly can. Bring everyone if you want. The more minds on this the better. It's best to nip it in the bud now before it decides that Central City isn't enough."] That's the last thing anyone wanted, to let it spread to disastrous levels. With that, there was a streak of light and he was gone again, on his way back home, knowing he would see them soon enough.]
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[center [font "Segoe Print" Jackson's brow furrowed as the male turned his eyes onto Thackery, obviously avoiding looking at him. All of which was fine by Jackson. The annoyingly fast jackass drove him nuts most of the time anyways. Constantly making snarky remarks towards Jackson for his behavior. Of course Jackson was going to be cocky and confident, his father was Oliver Queen after all. Yet now here he was, groveling to them for help. The thought brought a smirk to his face despite the fact that Joseph couldn't see it.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" As Thackery stood from his chair, Jackson felt himself shadowed. While Jackson stood at five foot ten, Thackery towered over him at six foot two. His broad shoulders and thick muscles would make for a great hero if only it wasn't for his love of tech. Thackery hated the idea of fighting, and hated the idea of leaving his brother without help. So he stayed put behind the computers helping him at every chance and moment that he could.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" The confused look on Thackery's face meant that his mind was working to understand. [+DarkGoldenRod "You mean people are loosing their powers? That's strange.. but we can try to help. It sounds like some sort of mist or darkness that's taking over people. I've heard of it before, it swoops in and steals away their lives or powers. It attached here in Star City once. I recall our mother talking about it."] Thackery's face said he was convinced that was what it was but Jackson wasn't so sure.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [+ForestGreen "So what you want us to return to central city with you? Leave Star City undefended from evil?"] Jackson was about to make a smart ass comment when he felt an elbow directly in his arm. A grunt escaping him as he snapped his mouth closed. [+DarkGoldenRod "We will help you the best that we can."] Thackery paused seemingly distracted for a moment as he turned his eyes onto the male before him. [+DarkGoldenRod "How is Nora doing?"] Jackson had to do anything to avoid snorting out loud.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" There was no secret about Thackery Queen's large crush on Nora Allen. At least not to Jackson who knew everything about his brother. [+ForestGreen "Alright Rushy-Boy we will help you figure out what's going on."]]]
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[size11 This was his least favorite thing to do. He couldn't imagine a worse thing than standing in front of Jackson Queen and asking for his help. He told Nora just to call them, but she insisted that he go and see them in person. He'd probably get there before the phone call did, is how she put it. After quite a lot of arguing, during which Marcos and Misha sat by watching in awe, Joseph was beaten into submission by his sister's reasoning and took off for Star City. He did so begrudgingly, though. He just knew that when he asked for help he was going to see that terrible smug look on Jackson's face. He was going to think he was the best thing in the world, and Joseph couldn't stand that. So, after a moment of just staring at him, he turned his eyes to Thackery, because he would be much easier to address. Joseph didn't hate him.]

[size11 [#ccb400 "There's something weird going on in Central City. I didn't realize it at first, but it's gotten pretty bad and we don't know what's causing it. Metas are starting to lose their powers, one by one. It's like some kind of disease or something. Some of them are reacting worse than others. I've seen a few go into comas because of it. And I know what you're thinking... maybe it's not such a bad thing if metas didn't have their superpowers, but that's just the thing. This virus, or whatever it is, isn't picky, and it's not just targeting the bad guys. Two other heroes have already lost their powers, and we haven't found a single thing out about it. It's like it doesn't even leave a trace behind. It just takes their powers and vanishes."]]

[size11 Joseph realized that his explanation sounded crazy and far fetched, but it was also entirely the truth. Misha was still running tests on one of the heroes that had lost his power to replicate himself, and he couldn't find anything wrong with him, which only made this more scary. [#ccb400 "So, yes, I need your help."] His eyes moved from Thackery back to Jackson. [#ccb400 "Nora insisted."] He added that on to make sure that Jackson knew it wasn't his idea to come here looking for his help. But they were lost in this and the Queens were literally their last attempt at figuring this thing out. Joseph crossed his arms over his chest. [#ccb400 "Is that something you think you'd be capable of?"]]
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[center [font "Segoe Print" Jackson hadn't been paying much mind to anything that night. Instead the brunette was dead determined to stare down and find the culprit for last night's attacks. A dear friend of his had almost gotten slain and her brother had been killed in the cross-fire. Some villain who thought he could make off with expensive jewels had struck and now he had a target on his back. In the chair below him, his twin Thackery sat staring at the screen slightly annoyed by his brothers leaning.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [+Green "Jackson must you stand like that?"] The words came out so soft they almost startled the young man, who in turn took two steps back. It had been a while since Jackson had taken over under his fathers name. When Jackson turned ten his father had all but given up the name "The Green Arrow". The entire team retired to try and live a normal life. It had been an accident that Jackson and Thackery had stumbled upon his fathers old work out facilities and lab beneath their aunts bar.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" A boring night gone wrong had lead them here and from that point on they decided to take on the challenge. Now Jackson wore the green hood but he went by the name of Archer instead of arrow. Thackery acted as the brains of the group and would often hack information up for them. Their cousin Tony, Thea's son, often would go on the streets with Jackson if he could slip away just long enough. The lot of them would be dead if their parents found out but at this point they didn't care.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [+Green "What on earth.."] Thackery barely had time to finish his sentence before the two heard something enter the building. Twisting on their heels both found themselves staring into the eyes of Joseph Allen. The son of Barry Allen and the new 'flash' under the name of Rush. Jackson could of almost fallen over when he heard the words coming from the others mouth. While they had known each other growing up, Jackson and Joseph had never really gotten along. Jackson was stubborn and refused to let anyone help him. Something that caused friction between the two.]]

[center [font "Segoe Print" [+forestGreen "Did I hear you right? Are you asking us for help? What happened?"]]]
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[size11 If his mind were as fast as his body, he would have been smart enough to ask for help before now. It had started a few weeks ago, more of a whisper than a bang, introducing something new to the environment. Joseph hadn't been the first to notice it. His sister Nora had seen it first, the not so sudden effects of whatever had been released into the air. She was the brains of their operation, though, so it wasn't much of a surprise that she'd seen it before him. He was just the fast guy, the one racing about saving whoever he saw that needed help. Unfortunately, he had inherited his mother's stubbornness, and so he always waited until the very last minute to ask for help.]

[b [size11 Especially]] [size11 from the likes of a Queen.]

[size11 Joseph knew that his father and the twins' father had been incredible friends back in the day. Hell, his own middle name was Oliver and Nora's was Felicity just because of how much the couple had done for Barry when he was the one fighting crime on the streets of Central City. But things had changed. The Flash had been gone for two years and the only speedster around now was him. Rush. And he personally found the Queen twins to be arrogant and impossible. Jackson was the worst, thinking he never needed anyone's help, even when he was in Joseph's city. The last time he'd asked him to come to help, he'd tried taking over the entire operation, and that's when he vowed never to ask again.]

[size11 But desperate times call for desperate measures.]

[size11 The streak of red and gold was barely perceptible to the human eye as it moved through the streets of Star City and to the secret base of the Queen operation. Joseph had been there before and it was simple enough to get in. He came to a stop in the middle of the open area, standing up straight and looking around. His costume was very near that of the one his father wore, crimson in color with a golden lightning bolt emblazoned on his chest. Unlike his father, he didn't wear a full cowl, only a mask that covered his eyes colored the same crimson and outlined in gold around the edges. It was more comfortable and, honestly, kept his hair from getting ruined. He reached up and removed his mask from his face, blue eyes switching between the two brothers before finally settling on Jackson. Something like contempt welled up in him, but he swallowed it down for the sake of his city.]

[size11 [#ccb400 "I need your help."]]
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