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Roleplay Responses

Well yeah chu has been on FB buuuut gone soooo long from ES. And yay for sister being there now for you!

*pokes Manny and Meggies*
  Icy / SheDevil / 2h 50m 48s
Bahaha. I know! Can't help teasing. Fine, let's rephrase that to "NO ES GHOSTIE FOR HANA" then.

Doing okay and how you all?
I'm sure you'll be able to see it soon. Or become a skeleton waiting xD

Good that chu be goods.

Hiya Manny
  Icy / SheDevil / 3h 1m 40s
I be good.

Ewie. I'm sorry Hana. </3 That would drive me nuts.

I be good. How be Manny?
  / -Ohana / 3h 2m 4s
Yay for no ghost Hana!!

How is everyone? [i Gives a smile.]
Oh, for sure. If I can ever watch it. MY sister is taking FOREVER.
I be goods :3 And chu.

Yays for no ghostie Hana! And you sooo gotta tell us about the movie!
  Icy / SheDevil / 3h 7m 36s
Ohh tell me if it's any good! I've heard it is but nto seen it yet.

How are you darling?
  / -Ohana / 3h 10m 34s
Nope, I'm not a ghostie.

We're watching the new underworld movie.
*woofs and wags tail* Hi hi sissy!

Nana hi! You didn't go ghostie!
  Icy / SheDevil / 3h 15m 19s

Awe what movie you watching? Or movie series?
  / -Ohana / 3h 19m 8s
*sneaks in and sits in the corner, watching*
  Icy / SheDevil / 3h 20m 57s
Nope, I'm off. Just waiting on my sister for a small movie night.
Than get some sleep girl? Unless you are at work right now. :P
  / -Ohana / 3h 23m 51s
Maybe I am. You don't know my life...or afterlife in this case. Lol.
I need sleep. Zz

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