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it has been a horrid winter, but [B Muse A] is determined to save their roses from the snow. Unbeknownst to [B Muse A], one of the roses is not normal, and is actually a form of a predatory plant known as an Alura Une, aka the Venus Weed.


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Vix gave a slight chuckle and wave as if to dispel the very notion of it when in reality, she was very tired. It had been a busy couple weeks and she had a lot on her mind. Including the cartridge now. She looked at it again and shuttered gently. Whatever Alura told her, she usually trusted. Her plants had never lied to her before, why would Alura be any different. She smiled at Alura.
"[#a6215e Okay. If you say so. I am going to put the cartridge in the trash, really don't want anything "lurking" about.]" She smiled trying to crack a joke but it came out more nervous than funny. She wished Alura goodnight and left the water and soup in the greenhouse incase Alura got hungry.

She closed the greenhouse door behind her when she left, making sure it was locked, knowing that it didn't really matter but it made her feel safer anyway. It made her feel like no one could get in to hurt Alura and she knew Alura could get out whenever she wanted anyway. Vix made her way towards the house only stopping by the trash cans at the side of the house. The cartridge was so strange and Alura's sentence haunted her slightly. She grabbed the garbage can and drug it to the curb.
"[#a6215e [i All this for a silly game cartridge.]]" She thought to herself but she still felt Alura's words and a strange chill on her shoulders. She wanted to get rid of it. She placed the can on the curb and threw the game inside without looking and hurried back to her house, trying to put it out of her mind.
  Vix (Roses) / Avix / 1y 33d 14h 36m 7s
[B I can handle myself Vix...but something is lurking around that thing you found recently...] she said, then she looked around, seeing if she could find the eyes again, but she had no luck of seeing them again. [B You should get some look tired...] she told Vix, looking worried about her.
  Alura Une / SilentHiller / 1y 33d 16h 1m 48s
Vix watched Alura look around as if something was bugging her. She didn't know if it was her strange behavior or something else that made a cold shiver creep up her spine.
"[#e1333c A-Are you going to be okay here? I can stay out here tonight if you want. It is my day off tomorrow.]" Vix smiled at Alura and picked up one of the glasses of water.
"[#e1333c I brought some soup and water if you were hungry.]"
  Vix (Roses) / Avix / 1y 34d 11h 16m 9s
Alura looked around, feeling as if something was sneaking around, hidden in the shadows. [B No...not that I can think of...] she told Vix, sounding distracted, and even at one point, she thought she saw a pair of glowing eyes, but when she blinked, the eyes were gone, and she looked around nervously.
  Alura Une / SilentHiller / 1y 35d 14h 23m 2s
"[#e1333c How strange.]" Vix remarked, turning the game over and over in her hands. "[#e1333c I don't even own any game consoles. The only game I play is Solitaire on my phone.]"
Vix chuckled a little at her own joke and stowed the strange game in her bag. Perhaps she could sell it later.
"[#e1333c So, anything else strange happen today?]"
  Vix (Roses) / Avix / 1y 44d 13h 7m 53s
Alura told her that this strange plastic object with metal in the bottom had just randomly showed up. [B I don't know what this object is...or what it can do to us...but it seems harmless as of right this very moment...] she told Vix, handing it to her, and that's when Vix saw it was an old SEGA Genesis cartridge of Sonic the Hedgehog.
  Alura Une / SilentHiller / 1y 45d 14h 16m 18s
Vix walked into the greenhouse from her own house, bringing some soup she had made along with two glasses of water.
"[#e1333c Hey Alura. How's your day been?]" She shut the door behind her and turned around to see Alura glancing curiously at a lumpy gray shape. It seemed familiar but at the same time, different.
"[#e1333c What's that you have there?]" She asked, putting the food down on the counter behind her.
  Vix (Roses) / Avix / 1y 46d 5h 24m 54s
Alura looked outside, and she heard something clatter to the ground, and saw it was an old Sonic The Hedgehog SEGA GENESIS cartridge, and she shouted for Vix to take a look, but the cartridge was strange, the image was altered, and it had some weird energy coming off of it. [B What is this?] she asked.
  Alura Une / SilentHiller / 1y 46d 13h 32m 54s
Vix smiled gently and thanked her, thinking briefly about bringing on to Wilson but quickly thinking otherwise. She didn't want to chance questions or someone seeing Wilson with a giant strawberry. She went inside her house, stashing the fruit in the fridge and running upstairs to take a quick shower before work.

She left Wilson's with a sleepy wave. She yawned and stretched, Wilson's words echoing in the back of her head about how she came in more and more tired everyday. She had assured him it was just she out of control reading habits. He laughed it off, shaking his head and his finger. She liked Wilson a lot. She headed towards the cafe again and pushed open the door.
"[i Vix!]"
She was taken back and startled by the sudden call of her voice and looked over at the barista boy, waving at her. She took a deep breath, holding it and walked over.
"[i Hey! I saw you coming and you looked tired. I made your usual with an extra shot of expresso for you!]"
"[#e1333c T-Thank you... But I can't take that.]"
"[i Sure you can! On the house! Well, on me.]" He smiled and pushed the cup towards her and she took a step back, stuttering.
"[#e1333c N-n-no... I mean... I can't drink a double shot. I-It tastes bad and it's too heavy, and I shake, and it's just... I'm so sorry, and ...]"
"[i Whoa hey, I'm sorry. Let me make you a new one. Seriously.]"
He disappeared and Vix felt her eyes watering slightly. She stood in the corner quietly, looking around her. A couple people looked at her, not for long but long enough that their stares felt like daggers cutting into her skin.
"[i Vix!]" The call was softer this time and she looked up at the barista holding her usual cup. She walked over and pulled out her wallet.
"[i No please. I was acting like a fool. Please take this cup on me.]"
Vix looked up into his eyes. They were bright green. She never noticed before.
"[#e1333c Thank you.]" She said steadily. He smiled and patted the counter before getting back to work. She hurried outside with her cup and took a hefty sip, burning her tongue only slightly. She looked down at the cup.

[i My name is Allen. Call me sometime?]

Below that was a phone number. Vix took a shuttering breath and clutched the cup with a tiny smile. Not many people were ever nice to her before and this simple gesture made her happy. Very happy. She decided to hurry home to have the rest of her nice coffee and one of her nice strawberries.
  Vix (Roses) / Avix / 1y 47d 10h 14m 18s
Alura told her that she knows the tactical mistakes her ancestors have made, so she will be able to catch a hunter with no problems whatsoever. [B You must trust me, I'm not a curious little flower anymore, I'm an alraune...and a healthy one as well...] Alura reminded her, then one of the vines handed her a large container filled with ten of the massive strawberries.
  Alura Une / SilentHiller / 1y 47d 13h 39m 25s
Vix looked where Alura had glanced, the sun coming up over the horizon.
"[#e1333c [i I seriously spent all night here. And I have work in the morning.]]" Vix sighed gently and rubbed the back of her head, fingers messing with her own hair.
"[#e1333c We will just have to think of something. We can always take down the greenhouse doors. I know you can take care of yourself but ... I feel like if they know your kind and are hunting your kind then they will know how to maybe even get pass your defenses. That's what worries me.]"
Vix placed a gentle hand on one of Alura's leaves. "[#e1333c We will think of something. I have to go get a quick shower and leave for work. Want me to bring anything home?]"
  Vix (Roses) / Avix / 1y 48d 8h 22m 33s
Alura shook her head, since she was so large. [B I cannot fit through the doorway, and I am able to take care of you can see, I have thorns and vines to stop those who attempt to harm me...] she said with a slight smile, then she looked around, sensing that day was to approach soon, and she sighed.
  Aeon / SilentHiller / 1y 48d 11h 19m 3s
"[#e1333c But what do we do?]" Vix said quietly. She gripped the strange pocket watch in her hand and clenched her teeth slightly. It was so odd. All of it was very, very odd. Vix breathed out and turned to Alura.
"[#e1333c I don't think you can stay here anymore. I think that... I need to hide you somewhere, perhaps inside my house where it's harder to find you or even see you from the street. Do you think we can do that?]"
  Vix (Roses) / Avix / 1y 49d 8h 50m 55s
Alura looked worried. [B What should we do to keep what he said from happening?] Alura asked with a startled voice, not accustomed to hearing someone deliver such unsettling news with such a calm manner. [B We need to prepare ourselves in case the person attempts to find us, and in case they do find us...]
  Alura Une / SilentHiller / 1y 49d 15h 22m 44s
Vix blinked for a couple seconds, the shears still ready in her hands. The night was silent for a moment, no crickets or even the sound of a breeze and then, like the earth breathed out again, all the noises resumed and Vix was brought back into her head.
"[#e1333c A friend of yours?]" Vix joked wanting to throw the shears down but her shaking hand wouldn't let her. She breathed out and straightened her legs beneath her so she wouldn't slide to the ground.
"[#e1333c Are you okay Alura?]"
  Vix (Roses) / Avix / 1y 50d 23h 19m 1s

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