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Roleplay Responses

[b Kline:] Oh yeah? So what are you? If you don't mind me asking.
  / -Ohana / 3h 59m 37s
[b Nala:] We have a lot of interesting people around here, that's for damn sure.
  вαвιєѕ / -Dreamer / 4h 2m 45s
[b Kline:] Also boredom. -He takes a drag, exhaling smoke out of his nostrils- Curious about in here as well and seeing what it's like.
  / -Ohana / 4h 3m 49s
[b Nala:] Boredom I suppose. *shrugs a bit leaning against the wall placing the cigarette between her lips* Just wanting to see what the hype is all about here. What about you stud?
  вαвιєѕ / -Dreamer / 4h 9m 45s
[b Kline:] Thanks -He puts it between his lips lighting the tip of his finger and lighting the cigarette- So what brings a pretty lady like you here?
  / -Ohana / 4h 10m 53s
[b Nala:] Sure *reaches into the back pocket for her pack and hands him one*
  вαвιєѕ / -Dreamer / 4h 11m 46s
[b Kline:] Not your fault. -He eyes her cigarettes- Mind if I bum one of those off of you?
  / -Ohana / 4h 14m 21s
[b Nala:] I'm sorry you haven't been sleeping well. That kinda sucks.
  вαвιєѕ / -Dreamer / 4h 16m 32s
[b Kline:] Probably is a mixture of both. Haven't been sleeping well lately.
  / -Ohana / 4h 17m 41s
[b Nala:] It might be a mix of both. You never know.
  вαвιєѕ / -Dreamer / 4h 19m 11s
[b Kline:] Not sure if I'm tired or hungry at the moment in all honesty.
  / -Ohana / 5h 37m 49s
[b Nala:] It's a pleasure to meet you as well. You suppose?
  вαвιєѕ / -Dreamer / 5h 43m 33s
[b Kline:] Doing good, I suppose. I'm Kline. Pleasure to meet you Nala.
  / -Ohana / 5h 49m 35s
[b Nala:] I'm doing alright, how are you? I'm Nala by the way.
  вαвιєѕ / -Dreamer / 5h 54m 40s
[b Kline:] -He looks up- Hello there, how are you today?
  / -Ohana / 6h 38m 21s

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